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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> bye.
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will not rise rice test. two never before seen children, born in captivity. nbc's andrea mitchell has details. >> today is december 3rd, 2016. >> reporter: a propaganda video, newly released by the taliban. american hostage caitlin coleman and her canadian husband joshua boyle. captured while hiking in 2012. for the first time, now shown holding their two small sons, both born in captivity. >> my children have seen their mother defiled. >> reporter: caitlin reading from a paper, u.s. officials believe a script, from a taliban hide-out, u.s. intelligence believes in pakistan's tribal region, bordering afghanistan.
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appealing directly to president obama. >> please don't become the next jimmy carter. just give the offenders something so they and you can save face and we can leave the region permanently. >> reporter: and to the president-elect. >> we ask that you are merciful to their people and god willing, they will release us. >> reporter: the terrorists demand the release of taliban terrorists held in afghanistan, something president obama did to rescue sergeant bowe bergdahl, despite saying he won't negotiate with terror groups. >> to include children in the video is specifically despicable to do. >> reporter: in caitlin's tiny hometown of stewartsville, pennsylvania, friends and family say they had no idea the young couple was going to afghanistan. holly saw her days before she left. >> she was actually pregnant then and hadn't told her friends or family. that was unfortunately something that they didn't find out until after she was kidnapped. just adding to this nightmare. >> reporter: caitlin's parents,
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last june, appealing to their daughter's captors. >> we desperately want to be with and hold our daughter and grandsons, who we long to meet and care for. now a glimpse of the grandchildren they've never seen. andrea mitchell, nbc news, washington. tonight the trump transition team is pushing back after a new controversy involving the president-elect's sons, after reports surfaced that are raising questions about whether they were planning to swap big money charity donations to gain access to their father. we get late details on this from nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: tonight, pushback on a chance to party with the president-elect, the day after he's inaugurated, at least for donors who give a million dollars to a newly formed charity, called "opening day." if they do, this initial brochure, obtained by tmz, says they get a photo-op with donald trump and a hunting or fishing trip with donald trump jr and/or eric trump, both avid outdoorsmen, and both
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listed as leaders of the non-profit. >> for a charitable event such as this, it just looks like you're selling yourself on the auction block. >> reporter: the perception that charity donors might pay for access to the president-elect is exactly what trump himself accused hillary of during the campaign. >> more pay for play. >> reporter: now he's the one facing questions about access to him and his family. earlier this week, a charity auction to win coffee with ivanka trump was apparently canceled. late this afternoon, the trump transition team released a statement, saying the opening day events, quote, are merely initial concepts that have not been approved or pursued by the trump family, adding, the trump sons are not involved in any capacity. a new final event brochure obtained by nbc news, now shows no photo ops or hunting trips with the trumps. the brothers are named as managers of the non-profit, but a transition official tells nbc
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news, don and eric weren't aware they were being listed as directors of this newly formed entity, adding, their names will be removed from the filing. outside lawyers say that shows good judgment on behalf of the trump brothers. a spokesperson for opening day tells nbc news neither son will be involved in the day-to-day operation of the non-profit. lester? >> hallie jackson tonight, thank you, hallie. and now springing into action during an emergency in the air, richard marx and daisy fuentes with their tale of a violent passenger and flight attendants unable to restrain him. we get details from miguel almaguer. >> reporter: it's not your typical snapshot of grammy singer richard marx who was
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helping to subdue a crazy passenger. these photos show marx springing into action as a flight attendant appears to be holding a stun gun. marx's famous wife, daisy fuentes, also aboard, posting a guy sitting in the rex row from us got crazy and started attacking the flight attendants and passengers when he started pushing the female staff and pulling them by the hair, richard marx was the first to subdue him. the flight on korean air lasted 4 1/2 hours and so did the drama, wrote the couple. fuentes, "they never fully got control of him. they didn't know how to use the taser." the flight landed safely with marx and fuentes continuing their journey home to los angeles. korean air says the passenger was turned over to authorities. tonight, the singer saying no big hero move at all giving new
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movement to his famous lyrics ♪ i'll be right here waiting for you. >> still ahead tonight, a mystery condition that often goes undiagnosed. why pregnant women in particular should listen up. also, the shocking thing that police say a suspect did in the middle of a high-speed chase.
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we're back with eye-opening information about heart health, specifically a leading cause for heart attacks striking seemingly healthy younger women, many who have just given birth. we get the latest from nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: ann marie was only 40 when she had her first heart attack. >> i remember saying to the nurse, i have to be okay. i have this 17-day-old baby. >> it was a rare postpartum complication but six years later, the same chest crushing pain. >> reporter: you almost died? >> i don't like to think about that but, yes. >> reporter: for the second time, she had something called a scad heart attack, a tear in a blood vessel going to her heart. >> ten years ago, we assumed wrongly, it turns out, that all heart attacks were due to blockage on the
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inside. >> reporter: the average scad victim is just 42. 10 to 20% have just given birth but it can also affect men and typical heart attack treatments like stints could tear the artery further. >> watching and waiting may be the best thing. that's an important learning, because we were making things worse in the past. >> reporter: doctors still don't know what causes scad. their best advice is know the symptoms of a heart attack, chest, jaw, or arm pain, shortness of breath, cold sweats. ann marie now takes medicines like blood thinners to help prevent another attack. she avoids strenuous exercise and won't have more kids. >> you can't help but sit at an event and think to yourself, what if i wasn't here? especially when you come that close to not being there. >> reporter: now hoping her story could help save someone else. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, minneapolis. we're back in a moment with the tennis star victimized in a
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terrifying home invasion.
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a wild high-speed chase caught on camera. police in kansas city pursued a man in a stolen truck after he allegedly hit a police car and fled the scene. the chase reached speeds up to 100 miles an hour and police say the suspect ditched the white truck and carjacked another one to continue on. after an hour-long pursuit, he was stopped and taken into custody. overseas today a frightening scare for one of the top tennis players in the world. two-time wimbledon champion petra kvitova was attacked inside her home in the czech republic by a robber, brandishing a knife, badly injuring her hand in a violent struggle to escape. kvitova underwent surgery to repair tendons and nerves, knocking her out of the sport for at least the next several months. tonight a group of music legends are about to join a very exclusive club. the newest list of inductees into the rock and roll hall of fame -- pearl jam and
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the late tupac shakur leading the group that includes journey, yes, joan baez, and electric light orchestra. the 32nd annual induction ceremony takes place on april 7th, here in new york. when we come back, the surprise reunion on the basketball court that's warming so many hearts. two people shot inside of an
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east bay business. plus another disturbing discovery inside. ===janelle/vo=== also ... burlgars hitting a south bay neighborhood. the huge pool of suspects in
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this "whodunnit." ===janelle/next close=== next. ==janelle/take vo== right now at 6: we begin with finally tonight, families all over the country will soon reunite for the holidays. this year, a notre dame basketball player thought he'd have to celebrate without his brother, a soldier serving in afghanistan since may. but after last night's game, he got a big emotional surprise. our kevin tibbles has more in our "inspiring america" report. >> reporter: on the court, notre dame point guard matt farrell marshalls the troops. but the 21-year-old junior discovered the inspirational power of family and team as the irish celebrated last night's victory. a surprise guest overhead on the jumbotron, matt's older brother bo, his childhood hero. a first lieutenant in the third cavalry who he hadn't seen for more than seven months. bo was supposedly live
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from afghanistan. >> i look forward to being home with you soon. >> reporter: 26-year-old bo was actually in the locker room. when that curtain opened and i saw him and the other players on the court turn around, that was probably the greatest moment of my life. [ applause ] >> reporter: all part of a top-secret homecoming deception, that only a few, including grandma, were in on. >> that week was the longest week of my life. i had to keep, not only everything away from him, but i had to keep everything away from my family. >> reporter: matt could not control his emotions. >> my teammates know about this guy, he's all i talk about. >> reporter: back home in new jersey today, kids again, in a pickup game in the driveway, reunited for the holidays before bo ships out again. >> everybody's so excited to see him. we're going to have a great christmas. >> reporter: and that's a slam dunk. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. and that's going to do it for us on a tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank
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you for watching and good night. right now at 6: we begin with breaking news. gunfire inside a pawn shop in the east bay. ==jess/2-shot== the news at 6 starts now. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang... in for jessica aguirre. ==raj/2-shot== and i'm raj mathai. a violent confrontation -- at a local business. our crews -- just now arriving on the scene. ==raj== it's a story we've been tracking since our 5 o'clock newscast someone shot two people -- and a dog -- inside a pawn shop. let's bring nbc bay area's cheryl hurd w/ more details. cheryl? ==raj/chy==
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the pawn shop owner. the shooting happened just after 3:00 this afternoon. a friend of the pawn shop owner says three people were inside on rolling wood drive and springs road. we have no information on suspect or suspects and people working in the busy intersection said they did not hear a thing. pawn shop owner's friends spoke out tonight saying this industry is very close knit. >> in the pawn industry we have a rule. if it they come in, you give it to them if they want it. you don't resist. and it's not like there was anything valuable. life is too precious. th


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