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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11: a deadly confrontation in vallejo. at this hour, the search continues >> right now at 11:00, a deadly confrontation in vallejo. at this hour the search continues for two suspects. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us . i'm jessica. >> i'm roj. some key clues of the suspects. one of the first reporters on the crime scene and joins us now from the vallejo p.d. cheryl, what do we know? >> well, detectives here at the
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vallejo police department aren't saying much, but people familiar with the pawn shop are telling me there were a lot of cameras inside and that will be key to solving this fatal shooting. >> there's nothing in there that's valuable, more valuable than someone's life. >> reporter: chriss adams owns three pawn shop in the bay area. and he knows the owner of this one. two people were shot inside this vallejo pawn shop late this afternoon, just days before christmas. one of them died. >> this guy is trying to run, make a living, you know, running a pawn business and doing something for community positive. this is a good part of vallejo. >> reporter: now this area shaken by the death of a man and a dog. police say another shooting victim is in serious condition after two suspects ran in the shop and started shooting. >> the only description that we have are two males wearing dark colored hooded sweatshirts and one was armed with a hand gun. >> reporter: there is no description of a get away car. >> we believe the owner of the
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pawn shop is deceased? >> yes. >> reporter: he said the owner uses a wheelchair and the dog belongs to him. adam says safety is a big concern in the pawn shop business. he also says a lot of shops only allow customers in through a buzzer. but here people are free to walk in. only one of his shops has a buzzing system. >> i think i'm maybe changing that today. i have kids and stuff, and this is scary. >> reporter: and this will be a tough case to crack because it is unclear how the suspects got away, on foot or in a car. reporting live in vallejo, i'm shared cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. we're also following developing news at this hour on the peninsula. a man has been hospitalized this evening after he was hit in a crosswalk by a car on el camino real in millbrae. this happened at 9:00 near sfo. witnesses telling police a red suv similar to a rav 4 hit that man and then drove off. police say the man who is in his
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30s is suffering from major injuries. >> tonight in mexico people there still trying to come to grips with the massive chain reaction explosion that killed 29 people at a fire works market. i have to tell you, the video you are about to see is simply stunning. a massive cloud of smoke punctuated by flashes and thunder rust explosions. this is about 20 miles north of mexico's capital. the fire works market especially packed this afternoon with holiday shoppers buying fire works for their tra additional mexican holiday. state health officials say in addition to the dead, at least 72 people are being treated for injuries, some with severe burns on 90% of their bodies. witnesses described the scene as everything around them exploding. they're now trying to track down what sparked that first fire ball. tonight german police are still hunting for the driver of the truck which slammed into a berlin christmas market monday
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night. a man was taken into custody at the scene, but he's been released. authorities say there's no evidence that that man was at the wheel of the truck that killed 12 people and injured 48. meanwhile the streamist group isis has officially claimed responsibility for that attack. >> new at 11:00, a big rush to buy new guns, sales are spiking across california. this is happening in part because of new gun laws going into effect january 1st. nbc bay area's ian joins us from san jose this evening with the numbers and what types of guns are being sold. ian. >> yeah, raj, and the deadline to buy one of these guns is tomorrow because you have to pass a ten-day background check and you have to pick it up before the new year. tonight we found out that it's nearly impossible to even find one of them left to buy in the bay area. amber and smither sporting goods in san carlos is one of many stores sold out of these so-called military style rifles.
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>> every time the state passes laws we go a little crazy, kind of bonkers. >> reporter: starting next year certain models will be banned. part of sweeping gun legislation signed in july spurred by mass shootings like the one in san bernardino. >> when governor bround signed it we went crazy. it slowed down a little bit, then spiked now i'm getting calls left and right. >> reporter: they sold five times the amount of ars they normally do. the sales ban includes semiautomatic rifles with features like detachable magazine. ron watkins bought two before the deadline. he'll have to register them as assault weapons with the state by 2018. >> because it's my right to own them and california is going after our rights. >> reporter: they come in a pin where most are not convinced the new laws will solve crime. >> citizens buy it from me because i'm dealing with the legal system. >> reporter: the fbi statistics show that since that legislation
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was signed, background checks for people trying to get a gun is up 21% compared to last year. reporting live in san jose, ian cull, nbc bay area news. >> ian, thank you. san francisco now has a new police chief and he's an outsider. mayor ed lee picking bill scott, a veteran of the l.a.p.d., among his top priorities revising san francisco's use of force policy. scott telling reporters this afternoon the change will be the biggest challenge and he will be drawing from his own experiences down in l.a. >> what worked for me was a chief that made me believe that he was supportive of me getting the job done by giving me what i needed to get the job done. >> chief scott will earn a salary more than $300,000 per year. >> new details tonight, test driverless cars in san francisco. according to the business journal, lawyers from uber, the california attorney general's office, and the department of motor vehicles will meet tomorrow afternoon. the dmv is threatening legal
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action against the ride share company for continuing to test driverless cars in san francisco without the proper permit. uber argues its cars are within the city's regulations and that it will continue testing them. a move that's prompted the state department of justice to get involved. now, this meeting comes as these safety issues about driverless cars emerge in the city. nbc bay area live in san francisco, jean in this case, cyclists say they're feeling marginalized again. >> reporter: well, jessica, the san francisco bike coalition, the bicycle coalition says when those driverless cars turn right, they turn way too far away from the curb, leaving lots of room for bicyclists to be injured. the coalition says those uber driverless cars are not ready for the road. with safety in mind, the san francisco bicycle coalition hands out free bike lights. it's also shining a light on what it says is a dangerous flaw in uber's self-driving cars. >> i think it's the responsible
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thing to do when launching a new technology like this on our city streets to make sure we get it right. >> reporter: bicycle coalition executive director brian says during the demo ride his car didn't follow the law when turning right, putting cyclists in danger. he shared his concerns with uber and isn't satisfied with the response. >> we've been told by uber that they they have instructed their safety drivers to disengage self driving mode when these vehicles come to this type of turn. but the technology itself has not been fixed yet. >> the coalition is circulating a petition asking uber to curb the service until the technology is fixed. in a statement, uber says, "we can detect people on bicycles. we're working on a software fix for right hooks which has already been fixed operationally, meaning that all of our vehicles operators have been instructed to take over vehicles when they're making these turns." cyclists are hoping for more. >> it would be really nice if
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they stopped until it was perfect. i'd love that. >> reporter: the bicycle coalition says it also plans to send a letter to the dmv urging regulations for uber and these self-driving cars. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> an online petition kalg for a temporary halt of fire inspections will be delivered to oakland city hall tomorrow morning. this stem from the recent warehouse fire in oakland. the petition requests no unsolicited inspections of artist buildings across the bay area. it also asks for authorities not to be heavy handed in inspections and enforcement. the petition's author says people in oakland claim that eviction notices at warehouses and underground spots started to rise dramatically after that warehouse fire. at last check, the petition has more than 10,000 signatures. >> well, who disciplines kids at schools, p police officers or
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educators? white house responds after kids end up with criminal records. >> also who killed a missing reality tv star? her body was found in a shallow grave. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. sunny skies tomorrow, but it will be hazy as we have more poor air quality especially for the north bay. a spare the air day in effect. however, rainfall is still in the way by friday. i'm tracking this storm. we'll have the time line totals in about eight minutes.
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>> the obama administration is making a final push for reform before president trump moves into the white house. it comes after a series of reports students are leaving school with criminal records for what some describe as just childish behavior. >> as a result of our investigation, more than 30 schools are now trying to define the role of their campus office. >> this will surely impact thousands of students. now joining us is investigative reporter beget shabaz. >> reporter: in one of its final acts of power, the obama administration is trying to teach a lesson to the country's more than 95,000 public schools. in letters, the department of education and the department of justice urged educators to stop over relying on school police officers, saying, unnecessary aa rests and improper involvement in routine school discipline matters can have a negative
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impact on students. the federal government is now pleading with school districts across the country to create written agreements with law enforcement to detail the role of campus officers. so, we traveled here to d.c. to hear directly from the obama administration in hopes of learning what these new policy recommendations could mean for the safety and security of students in the bay area. >> we worry about districts that are violating student's civil rights. >> reporter: john king, jr., heads the u.s. department of education. he spoke with us about the new recommendation and our ongoing investigation into the misuse of school officers. >> we found some schools in the bay area where students are getting criminal records before they even hit puberty. >> that's right, it's very distracting. and, association one of thing we want to do is make sure students aren't facing arrest for what really should be classroom management issues that are dealt with by principals and teachers. >> reporter: and you think it is going to impact the safety of some students? >> we know that's true because we know we've had incidents around the country.
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>> he does not deserve to be in no handcuffs. he isn't in here with a knife or gun. >> reporter: in michigan this student was handcuffed in his after school program. in kentucky this school resource officer is now at the center of a federal lawsuit after handcuffing an 8-year-old boy for misbehaving in class. >> right here, i was probably running. >> reporter: here in the bay area we introduced you to ta a y segura who was arrested for doing summer salts. >> they should have called 911. >> reporter: adrian crosby attended the same school district. he's autistic and at 13 he was also arrested at school after etching his initials onto a sidewalk. adrian washed it off with soap and water, but much harder to erase was the impact. >> i thought maybe someone would look at it and say, oh, look, a legend, or look, a legend.
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this is so cool. a legend was at this school. but then they called me to the office and said, hey, you did something wrong. i think we have to call the cops on you now. >> reporter: adrian wasn't happened cuffed, but hwas cited for vandalism officially giving him a criminal record. his school district san jose unified regularly has officers on campus. but we learned school officials have no written policy detailing how those officers should be used. why not put that in writing? >> it's just something we haven't put into writing. >> reporter: he over sees discipline for that school district. earlier this year he told us his schools only use officers when it's appropriate. even though there's no written policy to explain what that means. do you think that message has been made clear at every school in your district? >> oh, yes, absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: across the bay area's nine counties, we discovered nearly 230,000 students attend a school district that fails to define
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the roles and responsibilities of their campus officers. does that surprise you? >> distracting. there need to be policies in place to make sure that the officers themselves understand what they're expected to do. >> reporter: 47 school districts in the bay area regularly have officers on campus. but we discovered more than 40% fail to define the duties of those officers. we contacted each one and learned 15 school districts still don't have plans to change their policies. despite the recommendations from washington. >> they don't see it as necessary. what would you say to that? >> i think they're making a mistake and that's a litigation risk for districts and ultimately a risk to their long-term success for their students. >> reporter: president-elect trump recently announced betsy devos as his secretary of edge kapgs. she wouldn't comment on our story but is known for supporting more local control for school. right now you can log onto our website to find out which school
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districts in our area define the role of their officers and which don't. you can easily search by county. that's all at guys? >> okay, good information there. thank you very much. if you have a tip for the investigative unit or for begad, you can call him, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to >> jeff is here with our holiday forecavity. -- forecast. i went shopping today. i have several days to go. >> you are good to go. now, friday that's going to be the day we need to watch if we're doing traveling on the bay area roadways or for that matter across california with our storm system still on the way. so, for tomorrow morning it will start off chilly again but not expecting anything at the freezing mark or below. we'll begin with sunny skies and 41 in the south bay, 43 for the peninsula and 38, still cold in the tri-valley. north bay 43 did he zbreez. san francisco 45, and the east
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bay 43. micro climate forecast tomorrow. doesn't have any big changes, still light winds, mostly sunny skies. temperatures just a little bit below average, 60 in morgan hill and 63 in east san jose. coop couper tin owe cooler at 59. contra costa, alameda counties, anywhere from 57, liver more and 57 in hayward. upper 50s, palo alto, 57 expected in belmont. san francisco 57 along the embark dare owe and a little warmer on the marina at 60 degrees. the north day 58 in mill valley, maybe you have an extended vacation for christmas up into wine country. looks great again through tomorrow, 61 in sonoma and 62 for napa. now, what about this rainfall coming our way? the latest update just as of about an hour and a half ago, still has this storm system arriving on friday. we did not see any huge timing changes. so, the good news, everything is on track. it dnz to up our confidence on
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this event actually happening. it really looks like the heavy est rainfall should start to arrive by 1:00 on friday, up into the north bay first, then down towards the south bay. we think by about 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00. this is an event where everyone is expected to get wet weather. now, the higher resolution model has also started to break apart the expected rainfall totals. lot of colors on the this map. at the top, find your city and you'll be able to see a lot of red and orange up into the north bay. that correlates with about one to maybe 2 inches of rainfall for the east bay, three quarters of an inch to possibly just over an inch. for the south bay we're good for about a half inch. and san jose maybe a little bit higher. the sierra headed to lake tahoe, you kind of hit the jackpot on friday. 1 foot of snow likely up at lake tahoe, also for mount shasta. we could even see these totals hit maybe around 2 feet. again, the storm day is on friday. here is the extended forecast. so, lingering shower into
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saturday morning. then we'll see it dry through saturday afternoon, into christmas day. and then it looks like a spotty shower returning christmas night into also monday's forecast. and a lot to fit in there, but it is also officially winter tomorrow morning, 2:44 a.m. >> it has been feeling like winter already. >> i know. mother nature is ahead of schedule. go figure. it's a few hours from now. let's stay up and welcome in winter. >> going to be a late night. thanks, jeff. >> up next, it doesn't take long for your holiday to go up in flames. watch as fire fighters show us just how much of a hazard a neglected christmas tree can be. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, tonight we have matthew mac onaghy. and a fun christmas song and the cast will sing. with paul mccartney. do not change the channel. paul mccartney. >> and happening now on our facebook change, southwest
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airlines website is working again after it went down for several hours. the glitch also impacted online check-in and bookingment more than 930 flights were delayed. on our home page, a compton woman in southern california wins a half a million bucks from a lottery ticket that she doesn't even want. she said the cashier handed her the wrong scratcher. we're back in a moment. the body of a missing former
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reality show contestant has been found. =v >> well, the body of a missing former reality show contestant has been found. investigators say the body of lisa marie nagel was found in a shallow grave in the backyard of the suspect's home. she was last seen leaving a
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party in torrance sunday morning reported missing sunday night. >> there is a family grieving tonight and we have to be sensitive to that while we understand the immense interest media interest and public interest, we have a responsibility to lisa's family and the criminal case. >> she was a contestant on the reality show back in 2010. >> volkswagen planning to buy back cars impacted by the emissions cheating scandal. they admitted to using software that duped air pollution tests. right now there is an estimated 80,000 of these cars out on the road. as part of the settlement with the government announced today, volkswagen will buy back about 20,000 of these cars. the company plans to recall and repair the remaining amount of cars. the buy back and repair will cost vw about a billion dollars. >> it can happen fast.
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doesn't take long for a holiday nightmare to develop. you're looking at a christmas tree safety demonstration. as they do every year by the san francisco fire fighters. they say a tree that's not properly watered and cared for can turn the inside of a home just into an infern owe. at least 250 house fires each year are caused by christmas trees with either unattended lights or that are just too dry and brittle. >> okay. up next, special guest invited onto the floor at the warriors game in oakland tonight, and she rocked it. we'll show you that. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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wait, he won? the dancing sweater lady from the peninsula... cconaughe >> wow, that's impressive. >> he looks good. still got that sweater. she's back and she's gone mainstream. the dancing sweater lady from the peninsula is out of the stands and on the floor with the warriors game. the players are also playing. draymond green. the shot of the night, fan from half-court gets 5,000 bucks. steve kerr loving it. oh, by the way, the warriors beat the utah jazz 104-74. >> okay, we have the sharks a
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dazzling night in san jose. sharks scoring all four of their goals in the second period. >> donskoi, one of their young stars scored two of those goals. sharks beat the flames 4-1. the first place sharks have won five of their last six games. a lot of good news tonight. the nfl, the pro bowl team has announced today and seven raiders were named to the team. the most pro bowlers the raiders have had since 1 # 0. what were you doing in 11? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> i was at san diego state. among the pick, derek carr, amari cooper, and line barker khaleel mack. they host the colts christmas eve at the coliseum. >> going to be a nice -- call me back. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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>> ooh, is it time? some big swales headed to half moon bay. the area could be hit with 20-foot waves and that has caused organizers to put out their potential swale aa lert. that means condition could be there for the famous competition, but they're not ready to say that the competition is on yet. no time to hang ten just yet.
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>> so, this is a potential alert. >> potential, potential. we'll have to hear from jeff, too. >> okay. and jeff -- why don't you finish this off here. >> yeah, tomorrow 15 foot waves. we've seen better so i'm thinking they may hold out. we could get it a little bit rough in early next week. here's the deal. storm system arrives on friday. wind 20 to 40 mieles per hour. half inch to 1 and a quarter inch. christmas day we should be dry through the day, maybe a shower by 2:00 p.m. >> a lot happening. >> and winter starts in three hours? >> yes, 2:44 a.m., you guys. >> good night. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- matthew mcconaughey, janelle monae,


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