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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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as the manhunt intensifies for a tunisia suspect wanted in the deadly berlin market attack. officials warn he could be violent and armed. republicans in north carolina rene on a promise to repeal the state's so-called bathroom bill, restricting rights for transgender people that cost the state millions. >> plus, new concerns about the health of queen elizabeth. >> the world's biggest lottery gets tunder way, and how campin out at ikea is apparently a thing. "early today" starts now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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police in berlin now have the face and name of the man believed to be the suspect in the market attack that left 12 people dead and nearly 50 injuresed. this as investigators are sweeping across europe looking for the suspect. it seems the man now known as 23-year-old anis amri, a tunisia asylum seeker has been on authorities' raider for some time. he has been under surveillance under suspicions he may had been planning an attack. now they warn he could be violent and armed as they comb through evidence in an all-out manhunt for him. we start with matt bradley in berlin. >> thanks and good morning. we're getting word that german authorities have conducted raids across the country. several in the western city. that's outside of deuceal doef, which is near the border with the netherlands, and we're not sure what that raid or the others were about. what we do know from german media is that the suspect spent
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some time there and that's where he made connections with jihadists, some which have been recruiters for the islamic state. the islamic state claimed responsibility without any evidence. they're saying he's the primary person of interest, but he already has a $100,000 bounty on his head. and there's a massive dragnet, not only here in berlin or germany, but across europe. what police are looking for is a potentially injured man. there was clearly some sort of fighting going on inside the cab of this truck. either before or after it jumped the curb behind me and ran into the christmas market. police are looking into hospitals, they're looking at refugee camps and wondering exactly how this man who was so clearly identified to officials here in germany was only to not only evade capture but launch a
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massive terror attack under the nose of german law enforcement. >> still many questions there. matt brad lay, thank you. >> the death toll from tuesday's deadly explosion in mexico has risen to at least 33 people. video shows an arsenal of fireworks exploding at the market while a massive plume of smoke rises into the sky. the thousands of exploding fireworks dex mated an area the size of four football fields. dozens of people are still in the hospital, and some children with severe burns were sent to texas for specialized treatment. this wasn't the 1st explosion at the market. there were two major ones there in 2005 and 2006. meanwhile, here at home in columbus, ohio, this. a gas line rupture ignited in a ball of flames flattening a domino's pizza shot. only one person was injured there. >> this morning, gay and transgender rights groups are condemning north carolina lawmakers after they failed to repeal the hb-2 bathroom bill.
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that banned people from using bathrooms that don't correspond to their gender on their birth certificates. here's the reaction after the bill failed. >> shame! shame! ? >> governor elect roy cooper was also upset about that decision. take a listen. >> the legislature had a chance to do the right thing for north carolina. and they failed. >> there was also reaction from charlotte city council, who was particularly disappointed as it had repealed its own discrimination ordinance. >> news from the trump transition team. kellyanne conway has been formally tapped to serve as counselor to the president-elect. it comes after conway says she turned oun the role of press secretary. as of this morning we're less than 30 days out from donald trump being sworn in as the nation's 45th president. it's been five months since the president-elect held a press
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conference. often communicating via social media or touting his policies and recent cabinet picks at its thank you rallies. when he spoke to press yesterday, he was bound to make news, and headlines were definitely made with new thinking from the president-elect on matters ranging from the berlin truck attack to the final presidential election tallies that have him trailing hillary clinton by nearly 3 million votes. kristen welker has the report. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump tried to put on a show of strength as his inauguration fast approaches. emerging from national security meetings and casting the acts of terror in europe and turkey as an attack on everyone. >> an attack on humanity is what it is. it's an attack on humanity, and it's got to be stopped. >> reporter: and thumping his chest when asked whether he would re-evaluate his plans to create a muslim registry or ban, a plan his aides have continuously tried to walk back. >> you know my plans, all along,
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and i've been proven to be right, 100% correct. >> reporter: but also aiming to look tough on another recent promise, getting boeing to lower its price for making two new 747 air force one planes. earlier this month, he threatens to cancel the order, saying it would cost nearly $4 million. the boeing ceo vowed the price will be lower. >> we're going to get it done for less than that. >> emerging later flanked by generals, mr. trump also weighed in. >> looking to cut a tremendous amount of money off the price. >> earlier, mr. trump took to twitter to flex his missiles, with hillary clinton leading with nearly 3 million votes in the popular vote, trump insisting, i would have done even better in the election if that is possible if the winner was based on popular vote, but would campaign differently, and moments later touted that he spent far less money on the win than hillary on the loss. >> that was kristen welker reporting. clinton's vote total shows more americans voted for her than any other losing presidential
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candidate in u.s. history. but trump also made some news with his latest hiring decision. he's bringing on carl icahn, the american business magnate with a networth of over $16 billion. as an adviser on regulatory overhaul. he will be tasked with bringing about trump's pledge to, quote, break free of excessive regulations. >> it seems like we're hearing about a road rage incident every day. here's another case of alleged road rage nearly turning deadly. this time in porlt lnld, oregon, where police arrested a man for allegedly opening fire on a car full of kids, grazing an 8-year-old girl with a bullet in the ros. it comes days after another road rage case left a 3-year-old toddler dead, and that assailant still on the run. miguel almaguer has the details for us. >> this was a shooting. >> arrested after the shooting, portland police say joshua konstantin could have killed an 8-year-old girl. firing a single shot into a car loaded with three children and
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two mothers. an apparent case of road rage during a holiday shopping trip tuesday afternoon. >> very aggressive and angry. >> tina suarez was in the car when the little girl was grazed in the foot. >> the worst thing in life as a mother is to hear a kid say, mom, he shot me. >> with konstantin in court, this comes after a three-year-old was shot and killed in arkansas. >> he's been shot. oh, my god. >> local police are trying to find the road rage gunman who murdered acen king. experts say road rage incidents like these can go into overdrive during the holidays. as a growing number of americans pack the roads and parking lots. while aaa says 80% of drivers experience some sort of road rage this year, statistics show deadly encounters are on the rise. 425 deaths in 2014. the holidays may be here. but the christmas spirit is not
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a given on the road. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> when passion and anger gets the best of people. >> too many incidents. >> coming up, tense moments on a city bus when an electronic cigarette goes haywire. >> and check out this video of old faithful putting on a show. the geyser is shooting a cloud of hot steam in the air. >> meanwhile, some parts of the country could see a white christmas. we're joined by bill karins with the details on all that. >> mountains looking really good in the west. impressive rain storm over night. still raining pretty hard over downtown los angeles. heavier rain, vegas area southwards, and phoenix is getting a break, but you had heavy rain overnight, too. a lot of slow drives this morning on wet roads. the snowy part will be later on today into the mountains of utah, colorado, and albuquerque. then the storm will move across
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the country. then storm number two will move ke the worth is over for you as the precipitation starts to move out. northern california and central california missed out on this event. it's been exclusively to the south. we'll give you a breakdown of the next storm, even bigger than this one, on friday and saturday. >> thank you very much. just ahead, as the world's largest lottery jackpot with over $2 billion in winnings, and it's happening today. we'll tell you how and if you can get in on it. >> and we'll do that when "early today" comes back in two. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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53-year-old man on a city bus in fresno. the device in his pocket burst into flames in just seconds. he jumps around, reeling from the burns. burns to his right hand and thigh. he was brought to a local hospital for minor burns. no other passengers, though, were injured. scary how it can happen immediately. >> overseas now, england's queen eelizabeth and her husband had to postpone their trip after they announced the royal couple have come down with a heavy cold. the two who traditionally spend the holidays with the rest of the royal family, will stay put until they recuperate. we're live in london with the latest details. good morning, chapman. >> the queen and duke cancelling their plans, as you said. front page news over here, particularly for the tabloids. they canceled their plans last-minute. they were due to travel by train. they said they have heavy colds and have decided not to travel
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today. that's the traditional christmas location for the royal family where they spend, and the queen is said to look forward to this week every year. one of the highlights on the royal calendar. crowds gather to see them at their christmas day church. at 90 and 95, they do keep very busy schedules. it must be said, it was announced recently, the queen was going to be stepping down as the patron of some 25 charities, but they point out she remains the head of some 600 other charities. lightening the workload is a light statement, but they're expected to travel when they feel well enough. they look forward to this every year. >> chapman bell live in london, thank you. >> we have all heard of el nino. you have most likely heard of el chapo. how many of you have heard of el gourdo. that's spanish for the fat one. it's not in reference to food. it's actually in reference to
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spain's annual christmas lottery, and this year's prize will total a whopping $2.4 billion. that is with a "b." the world's richest sweepstakes and taking place today. one catch, though, you knew it sounded too good to be true, right? no one person walks away with the billions. instead, almost 15,000 lottery goers are going to end up with some kind of winning ticket, and by the way, you don't even need to be from spain to play. you can play it from wherever you are around the world. some of our crew got excited about that. unfortunately, the deadline has come and gone. we should have done this story last week before the deadline closed. unfortunately, the kledeadline over. we we're telling you you can't participate. >> have a lottery in the billions in itself, that is something. >> just ahead, how uber is turning your friends into destinations, but first, an especially krut showdown. this panda cub at the toronto zoo who is loving winter weather, playing with a little buddy, the snowman.
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the dow misses the elusive
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20,000 mark. uber offers a new destination, and ikea wants people to stop spending the night. landon dowdy joins us to hash it out. good morning. >> hey, there. good morning to you both. it may take a bit longer for the dow to reach 20,000. stocks slipping from record levels yesterday with the markets trading in a very tight range, amid volume ahead of the holidays. you want to look at unemployment, durable goods, and spending. >> meanwhile, uber's app got more snappy, the ride sharing company has added new features, the ability to use a friend's location as your destination, and you type in the name of the friend that you're meeting with and the app routes the ride to them. while you're waiting to get there, the app can also send a snapchat to your friend complete with custom filters showing your arrival time. >> and ikea has a warning for some customers -- stop sleeping in our stores. the furniture chain has
4:20 am
discovered at least ten nonsponsored sleepovers with people hiding in stores after hours. while ikea said it appreciates people are interested in the stores, safety is a priority, and sleepovers are not allowed. >> i think the nice thing is you get to spend a different night in a different room. >> a different bed. >> not to mention you can go to the cafe and get meatballs. you're all set. landon dowdy, thank you. still ahead here, we have a tragic story of a jeopardy champion who didn't live to see her episodes air. and this is "early today." per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll.
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bounty, the quicker picker upper our returning champion, a science content developer from austin, texas, cindy stowell. >> cindy is a six-time jeopardy champion, and a true inspiration. she died december 5th, eight days before her first episode aired. she battled stage four chancer while taping her appearances, and her boyfriend shared this about her. >> when the lights were on, i think call it a surge of adrenaline or what, she was able to fight through all that was going on. >> she won over $103,000, and her dying wish was to have her winnings donated to cancer research. we know in her final days that jeopardy sent her advanced screenings of the episodes. >> it was her lifelong wish to be on the show. a very nice tribute there.
4:24 am
>> lots of holiday cheer at a children's hospital in los angeles. katy perry and orlando bloom made a surprise visit dressed as none other than mr. and mrs. claus. the couple celebrated the seizing with kid patients and their families. they read stories, sang christmas carols and handed out gifts. not a bad person to sing christmas carols. she can bump out a tune or two. >> i'm sure the parents loved it just as much. talk about parents loving this, how is this for the ultimate stocking stuffer? baby nursery looking more like santa's workshop. look at these babies in an iowa hospital dressed in elf hats and in stockings. babies born in the days leading up to christmas will be swaddles in a stocking. >> and more festive. >> as festive as possible. this is "early today." per roll
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well, let's talk the travel forecast into friday. this is when the storms are coming into california. another rain soaker in san francisco, all the way down through southern california once again. may see a little wintry stuff in the middle of the country, but the real snow storm will be through christmas eve into christmas day. in the rockies, especially the higher elevations. more rain in the phoenix area. another significant rainfall. two in three days. on christmas day, how about a blizzard? expecting 1 to 2 feetdakotas. windchills in the negative numbers on christmas day. going to be brutal. >> as long as you're inside, start the fire and watch it. >> maybe a fun time to do sledding. >> i bet some of our viewers are packing, getting ready to hit the road or take the flights.
4:27 am
there that's not surprising because aaa came out with its year-end forecast predicting that the highest number of holiday travelers ever will happen this week. over 103 million people, almost 1 in 3 americans at 1.5% increase from last year. chris pallone is live for us in atlanta, one of the busiest airports in the country. how are the roads and tlaraffic looking out there? >> reporter: yeah, hey, ayman and frances. over the last couple hours, we started to see a lot more traffic starting to head out on i-75 and i-85, always a busy path right through midtown atlanta, and it should only get worse as you mentioned we're expecting a record number of people to travel during this holiday week. if you're leaving home for the holidays, get ready to have company. >> where are you going? >> we're going to spokane, washington. >> new jersey. >> reporter: the vast majority, 93 million, are driving. low gas prices fueling those
4:28 am
road trips. and you won't find relief in the crowded skies either. aaa says the number of flyers will be up 2.5% over last year. >> we're really attributing this to improvements in the economy, the labor market is doing well. wages are up. we see that consumers are more confident, so they're spending and traveling more. >> if you're joining the masses, leave extra time, pack an extra dose of patience, and keep an eye on the sky. a winter storm could bring snow to the rockies and northern plains on christmas day. >> first christmas, first flight. how did she do? >> first one was rough, the second she slept. that was good. >> remember, with a little luck and planning, we'll all get there eventually. so where are all these people going? well, aaa says mostly to warmer climates. their top five destinations being booked right now, las vegas, orlando, new york city, san diego, and anaheim. live in atlanta, chris pallone. back to you. >> thank you very much for that. >> all right, and thank you for
4:29 am
joining us this morning. i'm an early morning "hit- and-run"
4:30 am
in the east bay---- with the evidence left on scene. that evidence is a jaguar...that a driver smashed into a thrift an early morning hit-and-run in the east bay with the evidence left on scene. that evidence, that jaguar a driver smashed into a thrift store. police want the know-how this happened. >> a woman in the south bay hails a cab late night and wakes up in the driver's home sexually assaulted. the one piece of information investigators see as critical as they look for the person responsible. a brand new use of force policy pushed through the san francisco police commission. why the new outline directly defies the wishes of the police union in some cases. "today in the bay" starts right now. good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for joining us this morning. we'll get to that morning mm


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