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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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day. >> it was so nice. today, pretty much like that. if you can call your boss and say, hey, i need to get on the road a day early. take off tomorrow. get on the road today if you can. why not? you'll have an extra day for the holiday. it will be really hard to get around by tomorrow this o time. we are saying this will be the last good day for some travel, shopping, whatever you need to do before the holiday rolls around this weekend. it will be up to 60 degrees today for the tri-valley and the peninsula. 59 in san francisco and the north bay. you'll see the clouds rolling in later today. we'll talk about the storm system arriving tomorrow. that's coming up in a few minutes. as we head over to mike, tracking some possible fog in the north bay. >> kari, you and i talked about this is possible for fog. not showing up on my road weather index. not a lot showing up because the roads are moving so well. we'll tell you about the temperatures through napa, sonoma county. the possibility of frozen fog. chp says around miert island,
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there was fog overnight. bear that in mind. no delay commute for this folks right now. new this morning, a wild crash in the east bay. right now the search is on for the driver who left that mess behind this morning. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live in san leandro where it happened with a closer look at the damage. we'll check in with him in moments as he's gathering new information from the scene as the investigation continues. >> right now there is a deadly hit-and-run to tell you about on the peninsula this morning that has neighbors on edge. they say it was only a matter of time before something like this happened at such a dangerous intersection. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos there live. we understand they're still looking for the driver. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. yes, they are still looking for that driver. we're in millbrae off el camino real. this is where the man was walking where he was struck and killed. i want to say this woman we just
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talked to said folks travel at high speeds. i actually see folks traveling behind me between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. this is an ongoing issue. ak kroding to the san mateo sheriff's office, they're saying this man was hit by an suv around 8:30 p.m. this man was walking eastbound, the suv traveling southbound. he was lying in the roadway and taken to the hospital where he passed away from the injuries. as i mentioned, residents are concerned with this crosswalk, saying there needs to be more lighting in the area. they are saddened by the news, but aren't surprised. >> one of the worst intersections around. i'm not sure if it's the lighting or what it is, but nobody sees you. >> this is actually a very dangerous intersection. they need to do something about this. it happened more than once. >> reporter: there's actually a lighted crosswalk down the road. they're hoping that that happens at this crosswalk as well soon. here is the car they're looking for. a small silver or light-colored
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suv, similar to a toyota rav4. this is still an ongoing investigation. if you have any information that can help out with this case, contact the sheriff's office. live in millbrae, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. let's go back now to the story we were just telling you about. this is in san leandro where a driver plowed a jaguar into the side of a thrift store there. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live there to tell us the very latest for the investigation. they know who did it? >> reporter: not yet. law enforcement is still on the lookout. good morning, laura and sam. we're here in san leandro. you can see where this jaguar entered this building. this building holds a thrifttown thrift store. this looks like an office of a smaller company that's not associated, but in the same building as the thrift store. looks like it's val vag corporation. this happened just before 1:30 in the morning, so no one was in
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here, for natalie, at the tiny* jaguar lost control, something happened, but they did come after the road, plowed into this building. according to a witness, at least one witness saw several young people leaving that car. that includes the driver and at least one passenger. they left the jaguar in here. it's considered to be a hit-and-run. the chp has also noted they are trying to get in touch with the registered owner of that jaguar, a possible indication that this car might have been stolen. reporting live in san leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the latest there, bob. it's 5:04 right now. a man accused of assaulting his neighbor with a baseball bat has turned himself in. morgan hill police say mark weber beat his neighbor. the victim says weber had a problem with their dog barking. the victim was treated for possible life-threatening injuries. he could face charges including attempted murder. investigators in sonoma
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county say they found no credibility to a threat from a student to shoot and kill people at the forest hill high school. the student is still in a lot of troebl and is in juvenile hall. it started with a note written by the boy. he's facing a charge of making threats. >> the christmas market in berlin is back open this morning. you see a lot of people gathered there. these are live images from germany after that monday deadly truck attack. the barricades were moved. the gates back open. everyone doing shopping. you see plates of food there. earlier people were seen wandering through the empty stands where a dozen people had died and more than 70 were injured. a manhunt is still under way for this man. anis amri who police suspect was driving the car. police say that tune's man is believed to be armed and dangerous and has ties to islamic extremists.
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amri was facing deportation prior to the attack. police are looking into the refugee areas that he passed through. 100,000 euro reward, about $105,000 is being offered for information leading to his whereabouts. a patient thief walked away in the sears in sun valley. authorities say the man seen in this surveillance video is holding a bag filled with 127 stolen rings. it happened friday about 2:00 in the morning. police say the thief may have been in a storage locker or storage room in the back of the store waiting until the coast was clear. right out of "home alone 2." i feel like i've seen that before, but only in the movies. >> authorities say because the suspect didn't hide his identity, they're hopeful someone will recognize him. this here is a look at a man who san francisco police say
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impersonated a pest control worker. this happened about a week ago at a commercial building on franklin street in the haze valley neighborhood. police say the man showed that ortho card to get inside the building. then e when he tried to take laptops, security officers ended up chasing him out of the building. >> let's check in with kari. the time is 5:07. clear skies all across the bay area. the cool weather really starting to settle back in. it's at 37 degrees now in the tri-valley. 49 in the peninsula and 47 in san francisco. you do need to bundle up as you head out this morning. also tracking freezing temperatures and fog in the north bay. later on it reaches 61 degrees in napa and santa rosa. also at 61 for palo alto, san jose and morgan hill and some upper 50s for san francisco and livermore. we'll take a look ahead to a storm system moving in and start to see the rain by this time tomorrow morning. that's coming up in about ten
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minutes. mike is already tracking some activity in san jose. >> we have very light activity around the bay. let me clarify that. first of all, make sure you know what to expect. not a lot of company. northbound 280 just past highway 87 in san jose outside of downtown, reports of a crash right there and there may be one lane blocked. i've been tracking this for just under five minutes, haven't seen any slowing sensors just yet t. bay bridge toll plaza, no backup there. in fact, we expect a lighter traffic flow as we have all week. all week these metering lights have been turned on at the regular time and then off again before 9:00 a.m. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. up next, the bill stands. north carolina's controversial bathroom law isn't going anywhere. the decision that's going to keep that law in effect and what this means moving forward. there are changes for uber this morning. it's backing down on a self-driving car. we'll take a look in business and tech. fun in the sun, only with
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snow. the video that's sure to make you smile on this thursday morning.
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=kari/wsifull= kari weather tease good thursday morning. here is your toyota tahoe report. it will be very cold this week and the snow gets going tomorrow, and it will be coming down quite heavily. we will see up to two feet of snow in parts of the sierra. squaw valley looking at at least
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ten inches. it will be winding down by saturday. sunday a mix of sun and clouds for christmas day. we'll have a complete look at the microclimate forecast in the bay area coming up in about five minutes. over here we're looking at a smooth drive. a little slowing out of the altamont. highway 84 actually not showing slowing past the construction zone. not sure if they're working on the lane expansion overnight. a little unusual slowing off the dumbarton bridge. we'll check the peninsula coming up. thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:12 on thursday morning. the controversial bathroom law stays. last night north carolina lawmakers voted to reject the law. edward lawrence joins us with a look at what's next. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, laura. there was a deal that this would happen, and it fell apart. the vote in the north carolina senate wasn't even close. it was 16-32 against repealing the law. the north carolina house didn't even bring the bill up at least.
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the north carolina special session ended. there was a lot of protest in the chamber and outside. the actual sticking point on this was a provision in the bill that would ban other cities in the state of north carolina from passing their own version of the bathroom bill, that north carolina lost millions of dollars because of this. the ncaa pulled out of seven different championship games that were going to be played in the state, concerts have been canceled, and the nba will no longer play an all-star game scheduled to play in charlotte. the center for american progress estimates that north carolina lost about $88 million because of the boycott and also the cancellati cancellation. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> 5:13 on your thursday morning. one thing you're not going to see on your drive to work this morning after a meeting yesterday is self-driving ubers. >> the company pulled those cars off the streets of san francisco after meeting with the dmv.
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scott mcgrew joins us to tell us what happened. >> the dmv apparently pulled the registration permits from those cars. that was enough to convince uber not to put them out on the streets. this was not the first time dmv said stop, though. the department said uber lacked the proper permits to operate self-driving cars. uber said it didn't need the permits, but it does need the registration, so uber backed down which is rare for uber. in a statement the company says it's still committed to bringing self-driving cars to california. uber started itself-driving tests in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, using fords. that test is still under way. why pittsburgh? that's where you'll find carnegie-mellon university. uber snatched professors and researchers from the school to work at uber. shares in twitter fell 5% wednesday after the company once again announced executives were leaving, including the chief technology officer. twitter has seen a number of defections lately.
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let's check your news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> good morning to you. it may take a little while longer for the dow to reach the 20,000 level. futures are flat and stocks flip slipping with the markets in thin volume ahead of the holidays. look for data on unemployment, durable goods, income and spending and the final report on third quarter gdp. the dow fall to 19,941, the nasdaq down to 5,471. superheroes have a lot more powers. the twitter accounts used to promote marvel characters like captain america were hacked, and the hackers left message like don't worry, we're just testing your security. several other contractors' accounts were hacked including anti man and the avengers. apparently they're the white
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hack hackers where they're not trying to do any damage, trying to call attention to the fact that maybe you have some issues. >> you're hackable. >> the superpower -- change your password every day man, he'd be okay. >> what does anti man really protect us from anyway? >> i have no idea. >> raid? >> ants in your pants always a problem. >> not for me. >> for some people. 5:16. when you're a river otter there's nothing exactly like seeing snow. that's why people at the aquarium on the bay at fisher man's wharf schedule river otto snow days each wednesday in december. they add snow to the habitat. stand back and watch the magic. this video is from last year. next wednesday is your final chance to see the animals in action at least until next year. >> they're pretty fast. >> they are. you see them in the water. >> kari's forecast is very
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accurate, but every wednesday specifically you get snow. >> we are getting actually some snow in the sierra here with this next storm. >> quite a bit. it really gets going tomorrow. it's going to be cold. whiteout conditions there, and it will be really hard to travel through any part of the sierra as you go into the next 24 hours. right now here is a live look outside emeryville and the bay bridge. we see that everything is going smoothly there. it's still dry. this may be a different story tomorrow morning at this time. and we do have some freezing temperatures. that's back at least for the north bay. 32 degrees now in napa and santa rosa. it's 32 in livermore and morgan hill. it's 41 degrees now in palo alto. so a cool start. looking at cool temperatures all across the country. if you're about to get on a flight and head out and you want to know where the snow is coming down, and it's right around the boston area. so that is one of the few
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trouble spots we'll have for today and also for the southwest as this storm system continues to roll from the south. affecting so cal and towards vegas, as well arizona as and new mexico with heavy rain. that will not impact our weather. we turn our attention to this storm system that's moving in from the north. that will bring in some rain moving north to south by tomorrow. so looking at some rain moving in by early tomorrow morning for the north bay. the winds will also start to pick up. here is a look at the timeline. we will have a pretty good coverage of rain by 5:00 tomorrow morning from san francisco, oakland and farther northward. as we go through the main morning commute, we'll see the rain moving into the south bay and the east bay as well, and some pockets of heavy downpours even through early afternoon we'll still have a couple of rounds of this rain moving in. not only that, but it looks like it will last for several hours and we won't be completely in the clear untiler li saturday
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morning which is, of course, christmas eve. there will be some winds picking up and gusts possibly up to 35, close to 40 miles an hour, still breezy through the day on saturday. rainfall totals, it looks like we could have a decent amount, not really all that impressive. it shouldn't cause any flooding. the rain and the wind and a busy travel day, that's not a good combination. looking at the forecast for christmas eve for the bay and inland areas, it will be cool and cloudy to start, a break in the rain with highs in the low 50s, starting out very chilly christmas morning. only 36 degrees for most spots and highs reaching into the lower 50s. we'll keep an eye on that storm, another look at the timeline coming up as we head over to mike. let's get a view of what's happening on the roadways. >> overall, kari, a light volume of track. i did tell you we saw unusual slowing on the peninsula side getting off the dumbarton bridge. the slowing i saw toward bayfront expressway, that cleared up. see a little more slowing across midspan. there may be a slow moving
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vehicle or two. it looks like an easy follow across the dumbarton bridge. no problems or delays for the tri-valley. even highway 84 through the construction zone around vallecitos, no problem there. a new crash around the castro valley y. i'll check that. so far no slowing. san mateo bridge, let's take a look, we have our live camera. a little glow to the lights. no fog right here. maybe in the north bay, sonoma, napa county. i want to tell you about the travel times as well. getting over towards the bay bridge, an easy drive. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see metering lights, but they're on for just a couple hours and then easing into the rest of the morning. back to you. coming up next, caught on camera, terrifying moments for a man on a california bus after a popular product explodes in his pocket. plus, from the skies to the roads. this year holiday travel will be at an all-time high. what to expect before you head out of town, all coming up in a live report. a live look right now at the
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beautiful bay bridge and a very clear look at that. dry and clear conditions today. then big changes in the next 24 hours. kari will have more on that after the break. scary moments captured on a
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central california bus.. a man's electronic cigarette explodes in his pocket-- and the whole thing is caught on camera. . scary moments captured on a bus. you see that man there, an explosion in his pocket. fortunately that man only suffered minor burns to his right hand and thigh. but the explosion, the source of
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it was an electronic cigarette. >> happening now, holiday travel in full swing this morning. it's projected to be a record year for the number of americans heading out of town. >> i feel like we hear that every year, but it's probably true every year. "today in the bay's" chris pallone is live in atlanta with a look at what's going on there. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. it's true. the nation's largest auto club, aaa, says 103 million americans, a record number, will be traveling during this holiday week, and the vast majority of them are going to be driving. some 93 million people are expected to drive more than 50 miles away from home. that's about a one to 1.5% increase over last year. now, if you think you're going to get some relief at the airports, no such luck. about 6 million people will be flying through u.s. airports over the course of the next week, and depending on which trade group you listen to, that
5:25 am
could be a 2.5 to 3.5 increase. locally for san francisco international, the numbers are astronomical. they're outpacing even the national average. sfo estimates that it's between the week before thanksgiving and january 2nd, they'll see about 6.5 million passengers pass through there. that's an increase of more than 5. 7%. aaa says what's fueling this is mostly gas prices and the economy, giving consumers more confidence they have the money to spend to go out and do some holiday travel. if you're heading out to the airport or the train station or you're going to drive, your best advice, as usual, to pack some patients. that's the story live in atlanta. i'm chris pallone. >> thank you, chris. maybe you want to stay here
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and live large. head to 94027, one of the priceyest zip codes in the united states, 38 are here in the bay area. >> you would act surprised. housing prices here are ridiculous. according to property shark, the most expensive zip code in the bay area as laura mentioned is for agent they are ton, that zip, 94027, the median home price in atherton $5.4 million. palo alto is eighth, los altos ninth, los altos tenth. >> the most expensive in the hamptons in new york. >> exactly. we'll start memorizing these zip codes. big changes coming to one of the bay area's biggest police forces. a new direction just improved for san francisco's embattled police department. >> reporter: an out-of-control car crashes into a business here in the east bay. the actions the drivers took
5:27 am
afterwards that has piqued the interest of law enforcement. >> reporter: campbell police say this taxi driver sexually assaulted a woman and thnow the say they don't believe she's the only victim. that story coming up. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. gate bridge coming up on 5:30 on your thursday. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. very light traffic.
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it was certainly golden yesterday, a nice change of pace as we saw temperatures climb up a little bit. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> you know what it's like when you can count the cars out there. >> that's what i do. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike has the traffic. kari is in the weather department. another dry day today. >> it will be a nice one. we start out with light patchy fog. it's cool but clear as you head out the door. 37 degrees now in the tri-valley i.'s 49 in the peninsula, and it is in the upper 40s for san francisco and the east bay, dropping down to freezing in the north bay. it will be another nice afternoon. highs in the low 60s. a breezy wind and clouds moving in later on today. that's ahead of the next storm system that will be moving in. we'll put some timing on that and also give you a look ahead to the christmas weekend coming up. mike is tracking now a crash in san jose. >> we'll update the crash we had just outside downtown san jose. want to show you, as you would
5:31 am
expect, very easy drive all around the bay. no problems, not even for highway 4 through the construction area around vallecitos. over here, north 280/87, we have a crash. chp says no lanes are blocked, a non-injury crash. i'll still on the shoulder. heading past the bay bridge and into the north bay, you may find patchy fog napa, sonoma county. we see a tiny bit of slowing there for highway 37. a live look at the bay bridge shows a tiny backup forming into a bigger backup over on the right side. this could be a bigger factor as the commute just starts to build. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 5:31. new this morning, the search continues for the hit-and-run driver that left a mess behind at a san leandro thrift shop. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us with details on the investigation. do police have any idea how this happened, bob?
5:32 am
>> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. no, they don't. we do see what the result is. a jaguar ended up in the front entrance of the thrift town thrift store at east 14th and 162nd avenue in san leandro. this appears to be the office con nexted with the store. as you look towards the back, you see there's significant structural damage on one of the interior walls and maybe it appears there's storage there. the store itself, no damage to the merchandise. it looks like it was an office. this is what it looked like when the car was here, a dark colored jaguar. it was just before 1:30 this morning, law enforcement not sure what was happening in the car before it careened in here, whether the driver lost control, whether there was some sort of drug or alcohol involved. but they obviously ended up in here because of the time of the night, the morning, no one was inside. according to witnesses, they spoke to law enforcement and said they saw, quote, several
5:33 am
young people leaving the scene, from the car after the crash. those people have not been seen or heard from since according to law enforcement. hence the reason why this is considered a hit-and-run. law enforcement also saying they're trying to reach the registered owner of the car, an indication that that jaguar might have been stolen. >> live in see leandro, bob redell, "today in the bay." to a developing story this morning, a taxi ride quickly turned into a terrifying experience for a local woman. police say the driver drove her to his home and sexually assaulted her. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in campbell with the reason police believe there could be more victims out there. frightening one, kris. >> reporter: very scary, laura. we've all taken a taxi ride, certainly not the way this woman thought it would turn out. because the suspect is a taxi cab driver, police believe she
5:34 am
may not be the only victim. we're talking about 30-year-old julio sanchez. on the night of saturday, october 29th he allegedly picked a woman up in downtown campbell. police say she fell asleep in the back of the cab, only to wake up at sanchez's home and he was sexually assaulting her. that woman escaped and called police. he was arrested in the central valley. while police were investigating this crime, an acquaintance came forward and told police she had also been sexually assaulted by san chiz. police say anyone who has taken a cab in the area should look closely at the suspect and the taxi. >> while we hope there aren't any other victims of assault out there, we do believe there's a likelihood that there are other people who have encountered mr. sanchez, and we're looking to speak with them. >> reporter: you can find the images of sanchez and his gray four-door sedan at
5:35 am, also our social media platforms. if you want to take a closer look, his car branded checkered flag yellow taxi and the domain sales site. when we call the number on the taxi to ask for information, the person who answered hung up on us. we know that person was not julio sanchez. he's still in jail. his bail is set at $600,000. if you go around in downtown areas, campbell, san jose, do make sure you look at those pictures. ask your family to look at the pictures also. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." new this morning at 5:35. a bay area good will branch is reportedly facing a sexual harassment lawsuit. according to the "east bay times" that suit claims a former supervisor at the good will in oakland harassed disabled female janitors on the night shift, claims date back several years. the eeoc says the resolution
5:36 am
with good will never materialized since t materialized, hence the lawsuit was filed. a new direction this morning for san francisco's embattled police department. last night the police commission gave final approval to new use of force policies. the new rules ban the use of carotid artery restraint which many argue can quickly turn into a choke hold. it also bans officers from firing at moving vehicles despite continued resistance from the police union. the new policies come after more than a year of calls for change from a frustrated and concerned community. >> i think it has some common sense language that the officers want to see to protect them in the event they have to do something to protect the public. i think ultimately there's something in there for everyone. >> we reached out to police union officials after last it in's vote but have not heard back. happening today, the battle
5:37 am
over rent control and evictions has turned up another notch in mountain view. tomorrow voter approved measure v is slated to take effect in mountain view which will roll back rent and limit evictions. today a landlord-backed temporary restraining order is set to be taken up in court. renters group say some council members are worried about the legality of measure v and asked the city attorney not to oppose that restraining order. while the fate of the measure is expected to play out in court, rent control advocates are organizing a rally. water and sewage bills are jumping from $800 to $1500 in some parts of the tri-valley. last night neighbors pushed back at the water board complaining they're being penalized. four years of drought translated to rate hikes for residents. >> it's ridiculous.
5:38 am
you wouldn't do it in your own household. >> i know we have to save. i just don't trust them after these last two bills. >> you've been saving. >> i've been saving. >> as neighbors continue to fight the board on the issue, another rate hike is expected to kick in in january. two peninsula parks will reportedly be getting some makeovers for the sake of muts and the occasional pure breds. the latest park improvement including new dog parks at willow oaks. willow oaks upgrades are already under way. several parks are also getting new rest rooms. bay area charities are in overdrive eye head of the holiday weekend. that includes st. anthony's in san francisco which is in the midst of its annual curbside drive. easy to donate, you drive up and hand everything off to volunteers. they're looking for christmas hams and pantry items along with clothing and toiletries. good morning.
5:39 am
it's 5:38. as you get ready to head out the door, we have chilly temperatures and we're tracking two storm systems moving in in the forecast. if you're heading down to l.a. today, it is going to be soggy. once you get closer to the city, there will be heavy rain there, but dry for most of that area. we're looking to the north for the next storm system that will be impacting the bay area for tomorrow. we have one last dry day to get all the things done that you need to do before this weekend. it will be quite wet and windy as we go into tomorrow. so details on that and a look at the timeline coming up in about ten minutes. mike is tracking some fog registering on the maps. >> kari, pour the road weather index, our maps tie together. she shows you what's above the roads with the radar. i show you how things are registering on very clear green roads. north in the north bay we're seeing the orange highlighting kicking in north of novato. kari talks about the possibility of fog and frozen temperatures
5:40 am
in sonoma and napa counties. there may be freezing fog, slippery roadways. no reports from chp of any problems. an's si drive for the toll plaza itself. the backup foming because the metering lights are on. these lanes to the left not even filled in just yet. we typically have all these filled in by 5:32. the search is continuing for a driver that struck a toddler in the south bay and kept on going. we're now learning the reason this toddler ran out into the streets. calls on social media this morning to boycott delta air lines. it may all be a publicity stunt. we'll take a look in business and tech. plus in the market for a new home? we'll show you a new report that paints a bleak picture for people trying to own a piece of the mayor mary khamerican dream. kari weather tease
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=mike/traffic= 5:43. if you plan to travel for the holiday weekend, today will be the best day to get out on the road. this is what you'll do with tomorrow. wet and windy conditions along i-5, i-80 through tahoe. heavy snow on highway 50.
5:44 am
highway 101 to l.a., it will be rainy. the rain will clear on christmas eve. details on the incoming storm coming up in about five minutes. that incoming storm is a comi concern for tomorrow morning. right now looking like a dry drive across the bay bridge. minor slowing and back at the bay bridge toll plaza, the toll plaza back to the parking lot. here is the tri-valley, no problem. thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:44 this morning, developing story in japan, a fast-moving fire in central japan ripped through 140 buildings. it's actually been burning for seven hours and it is still considered out of control. the fire started at a chinese restaurant and strong winds helped fuel the flames. so far, no one has been seriously injured. the search continues in san jose for a driver who struck a toddler. we first reported on this yesterday. this morning we're learning more about what happened. police say the 3-year-old boy was walking in the alum rock
5:45 am
neighborhood tuesday night with the grandparents and the family dog. the dog ran into the street and the boy chased after it. that's when he was hit by a silver sedan. the driver in that sedan didn't stop. police say the boy suffered head injuries but was conscious. we're waiting for more information on his condition. 5:45 right now. california state regulators are rejecting a proposal to execute inmates on death row using four different drugs or the gas chamber. the department of corrections came up with that plan after pressure from courts and a shortage of drugs. regulators are saying the proposal does not meet requirements. 750 people are on death row, but california has not executed anyone in a decade. another twist in a dramatic case involving b.a.r.t. police officers accuse ofd using excessive force while arresting a man and his pregnant girlfriend. san francisco's public defender released this video yes of michael smith's arrest back in july at the embarcadero b.a.r.t.
5:46 am
station. officers responding to reports of an armed robber confronted smith, who turned out to not be armed. officers say smith attacked them, but smith's girlfriend says the officers were aggressive with him and with her. >> until my boyfriend said that i was pregnant, he still had his knee in my back. so i was just hurtful, hurtful, about my pregnancy and stuff like that because i lost my baby afterwards. >> a jury acquitted smith on battery charges and deadlocked on three other misdemeanor charges. the public defender is calling for all charges to be dropped. 5:46 right now. actor allan thick's death certificate has been released, he died of a ruptured aorta. it happened while he was playing ice hockey with his son last week. the star was buried two days ago with several "growing pains" cast members in attendance. hundreds of people at risk of being evicted from a mobile
5:47 am
home park on the peninsula will now be allowed to stay. a judge ruled in favor of the buena vista mobile home park in palo alto yesterday. the case is brought to court after the money offered for relocation was just not enough. residents are pleased with the judge's order. >> i think that's good. >> reporter: why? >> because at least we get to stay here at the place here. there's no more low-cost housing in palo alto. nada, zero. >> the city says they tried to provide as much relocation assistance as possible. the recent storms are not the only thing delivering water to the south bay. the water allocations are being raised for a number of different cities. the higher allocation means another 125,000 feet acre of water which means more water for 50,000 homes. water officials say the state could continue to raise the allocation next year. now to the housing market this morning. if you're in search of a new home, you may not be able to afford what you think.
5:48 am
according to a new report, u.s. home affordability has hit an eight-year low. rapid home price appreciation and lukewarm wage growth have eroded home affordability. that and an uptick in mortgage rates has only accelerated that trend. obamacare is growing, the total to almost 6.5 million americans, 2 million of whom are newcomers. the number doesn't include states like california that have their own health care exchanges. in the meantime, president-elect donald trump and republican lawmakers are vowing to repeal obamacare. scott mcgrew, a person in that position will have to deal with china. >> a lot. i think that's why trump picked peter navarrnavarro. you see him here on our sister station network cnbc, a still of
5:49 am
him. navarro will run the white house national trade council and service director of trade and industrial policy. navarro wrote a number of books critical of china including "death by china" where he blames china on the decline in american factories. we'll remind you the biggest threat to american jobs is not just china, it's robots. american factories make twice as much than 20 years ago but with one-third fewer workers. it doesn't look like the dow 20,000 will happen any time soon. markets retreated thursday. futures call for a lower opening. volume is super light as people head towards the holidays. delta air lines fighting back after a group of arabic speaking men say they were asked to leave a flight in london. the men claim it's because they were speaking arabic. delta says it appears that the customers disrupted the cabin
5:50 am
with provacative behavior. this type of conduct is not welcome on any delta flight. if you look at the men's past behavior, delta's case becomes a lot stronger. the men have posted videos in the past to youtube where they disrupt flights. here they claim to have smuggled the person on board an airplane in a suitcase. the suspicion is this is all a publicity stunt. delta says 20 separate passengers voiced a concern about the men. this is videos from their youtube. there are a number of videos in which they deliberately try to call attention to themselves on a plane, including one where they count down together as if there were a bomb. back to you. >> interesting. it certainly doesn't make them guilty. by the same token, pretty damning evidence there. thank you very much, scott. stevie wonder avenue is now officially signed, sealed and delivered. the famous singer has a road named after him in motown in
5:51 am
detroit. he joined the sit tir's mayor yesterday in unveiling stevie wonder avenue. isn't it lovely? >> it is. >> come on. >> it's wonderful. >> it's wonderful. he is the first to make jokes about a blind guy getting a road named after him. we have self-driving cars coming up. what else is coming up, the "today" show always follows us. savannah guthrie is on leave. guess who is coming back? >> not one but two -- >> katie couric and meredith vieira will be returning to the "today" show to fill in for savannah who is on maternity leave. >> this is matt lauer's 20th anniversary? january of being on the "today" sh show. they're bringing back his co-hosts. >> it will be fun to see. >> i was only one-year-old when
5:52 am
matt started? yeah, yeah. >> let's go to the forecast for this morning. a nice day ahead. >> it's a nice day. we're tracking also a storm. so a lot of changes on the way z we get closer to this holiday weekend, and we are almost there. to day is thursday. here is a live look outside now at san jose. as you step out, it is all clear, and it's 42 degrees, so it is quite chilly. highs today reaching the lower 60s. it will be sunny for most of the day with comfortable temperatures. that storm arrives tomorrow with some waves of rain and some gusty winds. but it does get out of here in time for the weekend. clear for the holiday, cool at times with a lot of sun. now, as we look at what's happening as you head out the door in fairfield and napa, as well as santa rosa, all below freezing. we have patchy fog in some of those spots. so that fog may be freezing and creating icy spots on the roadways. also it may be icy as you head
5:53 am
up through new england. also for the southwest with another storm system moving in there. and from here to l.a., it is mostly dry until you get right close to the l.a. area in parts of southern california. some showers moving through. that will not affect us. this is the storm system that will be moving in tomorrow with some showers moving from north to south. also some gusty winds. as we put a timeline on this, we start to see the clouds increasing today. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning. and as a lot of people get out there on the roadways, by 5:30 in the morning, it will be wet. we'll see this off-and-on rain throughout the day. pockets of heavy rain moving through parts of the east bay and south bay by early evening during the evening commute. both the morning and evening commutes will be impacted. rainfall totals look to be about a quarter inch up to .75 inch. there may be up to an inch in the north bay. snow in the sierra, pretty
5:54 am
impressive. some spots approaching about a foot to 1.5 feet of snow. there may be higher amounts in the upper elevations. we'll keep an eye on this. as we head over to mike, the light commute continues. >> that's right. it continues to trend. you can tell some schools, many schools got off last week for their break. yesterday was my kids' last day -- today is my kids' last day, and some kids go to the end of the week. we'll show you what's going on. no major slowing for the north bay. some fog registering on our road weather index. we'll watch sonoma and napa county. it's very cold up there as well. maybe slippery, slick conditions. the bay bridge moves well and so does the south bay. first let's check the bay bridge and the toll plaza. the backup finally fills in, the end of the parking lot. flashing lights in the backup. i think it's a disabled vehicle getting cleared from the area. ill ooh e check on the bay bridge.
5:55 am
we'll end in the south bay. we'll show you san jose, the live camera where the slowing starts. debris reported in the roadway. i don't see any problem. that wub the 680 connector off 101. up next, $200,000 heist at a bay area mall. police say this man walked away with more than 100 pieces of jewelry. how he did it without nino tissing. that story still ahead. the next pacific storm moving into the bay area. you can track it on our free nbc bay area app. on our facebook page, people furious over a woman berating hispanic shoppers at a mall in kentucky. the lights turn red, but the
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
buses keep going... ==laura/2shot== an east bay man who has made repeated reports to a-c an the lights turn red but the buses keep going. >> an east bay man who has made repeated reports, he says, to ac transit about unsafe drivers turns to the investigative unit to get the agency's attention. he says he's constantly watching out for red light runners like this bus operator he claims she runs a red light which eventually tosses passengers to the floor. he points to a problem intersection near his home in berkeley where our cameras easily spotted a bus entering on the red. the investigative unit obtained ac transit complaint database with hundreds of complaints of the drivers blowing through red lights. >> it's like the agency knows they're doing it and they're looking the other way. >> does ac transit have a problem with buses running red lights? >> tonight at 11:00, what the
5:59 am
about see chief is planning to do to address the concerns. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or just send us an e-mail to a gas leak leads to an explosion and fire in columbus, ohio. here you can see firefighters rushing to put out the flames. crews were drilling in a parking lot around a domino's when they hit a gas line. investigators think the ovens inside dominos ignited the gas. everyone escaped, but one person was injured as they tripped trying to run away tr the explosion. at 6:00, a jaguar crashes into an east bay thrift shop. >> the lead investigators are following as they try to figure out who is responsible. >> a man dies after being hit by a car at a crosswalk in the peninsula. why that crosswalk is a cause for concern for residents in the
6:00 am
area. a live look outside as we get a view of san francisco. we are tracking the next storm that may impact your holiday travel. i'll have a look at the timeline coming up. >> you made it to thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> this week rushing right on by as we are only a few days away from the christmas holiday. at 6:00, we saw the beautiful pictures, nice and clear. one more day. >> one more calm day. it's also fairly chilly out there. as you step out, you need to bundle up and we'll have a lot of sunshine helping to warm things up later on today. actually above normal for this time of year, but it is chilly. right now in the tri-valley, it's 38 degrees. 4824 the peninsula. south bay 42, 48 in san francisco and below freezing in the north bay. also some patchy fog. that may cause some problems. here is a look at rain over southern california that will not be our


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