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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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robert handa is live at the crash scene which is now the live of a memorial. >> reporter: the vigil that is just about to take place was organized by family and friends and you can see some of the people arriving now for the vigil that was for the driver of the malibu and here on capital expressway near snell avenue where there has been a constant emotional out pouring of condolences and regret. the morning at the vigil is for both victims of the crash. family members and friends of the 25-year-old san jose woman driving the chevy malibu have been grieving, lighting candles and saying prayers today at the memorial where the crash took place. the driver was identified as jessica, often going by the nickname indian. she crossed over the center
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median crashing into a family in a lexus. a 14-year-old boy died that hospital. his parents suffered minor injuries. police say it appears alcohol influence may have been a factor. a woman who identified herself as zamora's god mother. >> my condolence goes out to the family. to the little boy she took the life of. we're very sorry. it was a bad accident. she made a bad choice. and i just want to apologize. >> reporter: the god mmothers a others claim she had been getting free drinks at a nearby bar and he claims it shows she was only served two drinks, neither one free. friends say regardless of circumstances, she leaves behind a 5-year-old daughterer who should not suffer any of the
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blame. >> everybody's still in disbelief of what happened and we would want anybody that can help, help her family. >> reporter: and her godmother made a public plea. >> i just hope that anybody out there that does drink and drive, please make a better choice. save others' lives. because today is us, tomorrow it may be you. >> reporter: now we are told that family members of the driver are here at the vigil. police say the investigation is being treated as a possible dui case. we reached out to the other family involved butted have not been able to reach them. it has not been officially released by the medical examiner or by police. nbc bay area news. thank you. turning to our microclimate forecast. our cold snap continues tonight. meteorologist joins us now with
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a look at the areas that can see freezing conditions overnight. >> already a few spots dropping through the low 40s around saratoga and away from downtown san jose. south of san jose could get close. downtown a little bit different. likely keep at least downtown san jose close to the upperer 30s and wind shelters and clear like. dublin will likely see temperatures dropping through the mider and up 30s and could see upper 20s in walnut creak to the north bay. pack yourself up tomorrow morning. bring us our next chance of rain. and the timeline and possibly lower elevation snow returning in just about 10 minutes from
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now. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to keep track of the chilly conditions. you can get your own personalized microclimate forecast. >> they head into a target store to make returns today. they learned a man was killed inside on christmas eve in the middle of the final prechristmas shopping rush. live in hayward with what we're learning about the homicide and two potential suspects. >> reporter: yes, two men are behind bars in connection with this killing. police arrested them on christmas eve just a couple of blocks from this target store. a steady stream of shoppers headed into this target store in hayward today. many surprised to learn a 36-year-old man was stabbed to death on christmas eve. it happened around 8:00 as the store was packed with last
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minute holiday shoppers. >> it's shocking it happened on christmas eve and here. >> it's kind of savagery. like i don't know what you can do to someone to make them so angry that you just stab them to death. >> reporter: police won't say specifically where it happened but employees tell us near the toy department, forcing the store the close several hours early. witnesses report seeing the victim in a fight with two men just before he was stabbed. within hours of the stabbing, officers arrested two men in their 20s here on industrial parkway southwest. this is the 13th homicide in hayward this year. up from 10 in 2015. >> it's kind of sad. it is. so men ea deaths this year that i believe we need more love in the world. >> reporter: police are not releasing the names of the two suspects until they turn the
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case over to the district attorney's office which they plan to do tomorrow. reporting live in hayward, marianne favro. >> thank you. an anonymous bomb threat sent people rushes out of three places in moscow today and may be linked to a suspicious package in the bay area. they were called out on report oofz suspicious package. they ultimately sent a robot to investigate and figured out it was an empty propain tank. how the the question is whether it was left by accident or to make someone nervous. >> seems pretty odd because i think anybody in this neighborhood that a propain barbecue would take the tank and get it refilled and particularly in front of the russian consulate. >> no one was hurt but the investigation closed green street for more than an hour.
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confusion at sfo after passengers were told to evacuate and then told it was all a false alarm. a fire alarm went off in terminal 2. they were told they needed to get out. it was packed as everyone headed for the exits but minutes after it started halted the evacuation and no flights were delayed or canceled. a public menorah stolen on the first night of hanukkah. tonight the organization that owns the menorah is calling it a hate crime. in washington square where people are gathering and responding to the theft tonight. >> reporter: good evening. it is rare when the first night of hanukkah co insides with christmas eve. people gathered here to light the first candle. they came back yesterday on christmas day to light the second candle of hanukkah and a
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menorah was missing. they have gathered for the third night to celebrate the lighting of the third candle and a also to observe the theft of the symbol of their celebration. the menorah was placed in the square next to a christmas tree strung with colored lights. when people came by the place it had stood was empty. >> we were like we passed by and didn't see the menorah. maybe you just didn't notice it. i couldn't believe it at first. >> reporter: she's co director of the orthodox jewish organization that owns the mui don't rememberau. >> it was devastating. >> reporter: her group called the police and the captain says he has assigned investigators and they will be canvassing and looking for surveillance from local businesses set to reopen on tuesday. in the meantime, north beach
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residents say it's stunning and disappointing. >> my wife and i were going to come down to watch the lighting and heard it was ripped aoff an it was like horrible. >> that was my thing and it was sad. >> reporter: north beach huh vaud has otherer large menorahs, but they're asking people to come to the square tonight with smaller menoramenorahs. >> in the face of this evil, we need to add light. >> reporter: and so you are looking at live picture of the candle lighting as they sing. there are about 30/35 people here for this observance there. probably half that number of reporters and cameras commemorating this event in washington square, san francisco. for nbc bay area news. mark matthews. >> mark, thanks.
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a synagogue in santa monica was vandalized just hours after they celebrated the start of hanukkah. vandals smeared rice and feces on the windows. police are still looking for a suspect in the latest case. a peninsula home is badly damaged. >> i'll take it. thank you. a peninse luhome is badly damaged near highway 101 a few blocks from south norfolk street. the chp says heavy smoke and flames were across the highway. there were no reports of any injuries. they say the home was red tagged and no one is allowed to live in it. excellent. that's the way jack del rio calls carr's spirit.
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carr broke his fibula and expected to miss six to eight weeks following surgery. he doesn't have details and when carr's surgery will take place but believed to be tomorrow. carr remains positive. >> he's all about the team and being there for the team and wishing us the best and he'll be back as soon as he can to be there vocally for us. but he was outstanding. >> raiders back up quarterback matt mcgloin says he feels great and ready to go as the team's new starting quarterback. the holiday is over and the travel chaos kicks back off. and we might see a few flight delays in the pacific northwest in seattle and portland. in the meantime we're tracking a chilly night in the bay area where some places could be waking up to patchy frost.
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i'm scott budman. while a whole lot of us shopped online this year, we'll tell you what brought so many people back to the mall.
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despite the big day after christmas sales, scott budman shows us the fastest growing way
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to the shop is still online. >> reporter: after christmas sales and cashing in their gift cards. but it was a huge year for online shopping. people saying they'll come to the physical store and let their fingers do the shopping. drones are still flying at the mall and big crowds flocked here to oakridge to exchange what they already got. and check out new things. >> catch a movie, come over here and see what i can find. >> returning things i didn't like or couldn't fit. >> reporter: so you're getting him sock snz. >> yeah. we got "star wars" and a blond surfer dude. >> reporter: but our informal survey brought the same results as sillicon valley coffee shop.
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people are doing most of their shopping online. >> probably more online because that's where i ga utthe majority of my stuff. >> i like hanging out at the mall but it's easier to get stuff online because you can just click it and not have to go anywhere, delivers right to your doorstep. >> reporter: heading to the mall the day after christmas after doing your christmas shopping online. malls say they made a little more money than in years past but amazon says online shopping jumped by 15% this year alone. scott budman, nbc bay area news. santa is not the only one who keep as naughty and nice list. so does the better business bureau. conartists posing as irs tax scams. notices that have won a swe sweepstakes prize.
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and fishing the newest crime on the list. they're now sending emails that look like they're from real stores asking for personal information. agency warns everyone to be 100% sure of any sensitive information. >> a would-be thief with a sweet tooth got a ride to the celine s jail for christmas. they posted these photos on the facebook page. they say a burglary suspect was trying to take all of this candy and some beer from a neighborhood convenience store. witnesses spotted him and another person breaking in using bolt cutters. lloyd frazierer was arrested on suspicion of burglary. sometimes when you have to have the candy, you have to have the candy. heavy snow continuing to pummel the upper midwest and great plains. blizzard conditions slowed down
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holiday travel to a crawl. triggering flight delays nation wide. >> they come and visit families and they're headed home and this kind of throws a wrench into that. >> it's a little frustrating but what are you going to do? in other parts of the u.s. including parts of texas, mississippi valley all saw near record temperatures. today somebody was saying it was close to 70 in cincinnati. maybe 60s for us, not 70s in the forecast. >> some catchy frost tomorrow morning. bay area and beyond. for the fear of travel, areas across the grapevine and no snow on grapevine.
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south lake tahoe in the teens, single digit temperatures tonight. and the national weather picture tomorrow does improve. we could see a few travel delays into seattle and portland in the afternoon. palo alto in 47 degrees. look at men low park, down to 41 up and down the santa clara valley. mostly mid-40s outside and eventually temperatures dropping to the 30s around downtown san jose. across the pacific northwest and a few high clouds at time but not much change between tuesday and wednesday, chillye ay morni but the morning looks quite cold. should see upper 20s and low 40s. on the west end of the santa clara valley into morgan hill, those locations likely waking up to low 40s for the morning.
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now for the afternoon upper 50s, even close to 60 in downtown san jose. around concord for the peninsula. we'll have temperatures in the mid to upper 50s from palo alto to the north bay. highs in the mid-50s. short term, temperatures are going to climb up a little bit. and the coast numbers climbing to the upper 50s. also interesting are their day time highs down to near 50 for inland spots by next monday. so coming up we'll talk more about how much rain we could be looking at here and how much snow this pattern shift could involve with lowering snow levels in the sierra and maybe parts of the north bay. we'll talk more about that. >> thanks very much. still in shock and disbelief. >> how fans and george michael are honoring the pop fan tonight.
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happening now on our home page. we're following a developing story out of fresno where a plane crash killed two people. and customers in southern california are demanding refunds after they say a bad batch of tamales ruined their christmas. they turned out to be soggy and spoiled. that's on our twitter feed.
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as news of pop icon george michael's death continues to reverberate. memorials are growing outside of north london. here how fans are handling the unexpected loss of a pop music star. >> reporter: flowers, candles, tears and recollections of how his songs touched their lives. mementos now fill the doorstep of the home where george michael lived, along with a make-shift menorial in nearby goring where michael died suddenly yesterday. >> 2016 has been a bad year but george michael that got me. >> devastated. i idolized him. i'm devastated.
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>> michael's unexected passing on christmas day at only 53 years old has left fans world wide in disbelief. >> i can't believe i'm standing here now today. i really can't believe i'm standing here and george passed away. >> he's young to die. 53, isn't it? so it's like his life force is being cut short. >> reporter: at the local pub in goring, neighbors and fans offered a final toast. >> he was a very private person and the village respected that and we felt proud to have him as our resident. >> he had had christmas most years in goring. decorations. >> reporter: many of those visiting say michael's music was central to the sound track of their lives. >> the good times, the bad times
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and he got me here today just to say thank you, george, for the music. >> reporter: 00 his manager says michael passed peacefully in his sleep. laura aguirry, nbc news. the woman most of the world knows as princess leah remains hospitalized in southern california. she suffered what was described as a heart attack. her mother, debbie renleds promised to share the news. fans posting that prince and george michael quote can't have carrie fisher 2. and her beloved service dog, gary are said to be with her at the hospital. as we get ready to turn the page of 2016, a look back. plus a new move by president elect trump sparking
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controversy. but this has nothing to do with his cabinet.
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right now at 6:30, untangling potential conflicts of interest. he announced changes to his charitable work. celebrating in florida but managed to trigger a new international controversy by weighing into the battle on the
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west bank settlement. >> and announcing big changes to his charitable foundation. here with the story tonight from washington. >> reporter: with just a few weeks before donald trump steps on this platform to be sworn in as president, he has stepped into an international hornet's nest. the u.s. instead ubstained. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security counsel. >> reporter: they have long opposed settlement construction but kept the controversy out of the u.n. they claim u.s., not egypt is behind the administration, which president obama has denied. >> the question is why an out going president would change relations in the end. >> and its settlement program is so outrages and frustrating, not only to the united states but the whole world community and
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violates fundamental rights of a people captive under that occupation. and announcing he's dissolving his charity, the trump foundation. >> it's going to be very important for donald trump to separate himself and focus on being a good president. we have a crisis in the middle east. >> reporter: but the new york attorney general has said it cannot legally dissolve until an investigation by its office is complete. it's calling the investigation partisan. trump's transition team gets back to work tomorrow but already there's one change. jason miller has decided against taking the job as communications director. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. flowers, candles and messages of grief were part of a day of mourning in russia. flags are half staff following a deadly plane crash yesterday. they don't know the cause but believe terrorism is unlikely. 92 people were killed when their plane plunged into the black sea
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just two minutes after take off. recovery workers finished searching the water's surface but they're still scouring the sea bed for bodies. russia's renoun military choir and on board a beloved charity worker known as dr. lizza who was trying to deliver much needed to medicine to a syrian hospital. a heart breaking story. a japanese father's nearly six year search for his daughter's remains are over. she was seven when the earthquake struck her home town in march of 2011. her father's been searching for her ever since. earlier this month a worker found a small bone in a scarf that looks like the one she was wearing on the day she went missing. the girl's father says he wishes he could tell her he's proud of
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her for fighting back to him. >> reporter: people from nearly two dozen homes partially collapsed one home. >> 2016 was quite a year from one-of a kind election to olympic glory. >> back on mother after 340 days in space. >> reporter: a year of controversy, conflict and the ongoing search for common ground. 12 months of an ever changing narrative, the chill of winter giving way to a red hot campaign
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season. an unparallel 20 candidates reduced to two who left a path of scorched earth. >> you the one that's unfit. >> reporter: an incredibly divisive election calling for unity. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> now it's time for america to bind. >> there's very strong beyond circumstantial evidence to justify the claim that russia was doing something in our election. >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: through the transition to a new administration. mereoing divisions in community already torn apart by lack of trust. >> there's a huge gap between the police and the community. that's why we're out here. >> reporter: cities including charlotte, baton rouge, flashed
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points of outrage after police shootings. anger and frustration exploding into heart break in july. five officers sasina assassinat they defended protesters in dallas. grief for a nation still in mourning after the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. a summer evening that quickly turned into a night of horrorer. >> this was an act of terror and hate. >> reporter: 50 dead and more than 50 injured in the pulse night club attack. >> i'm very sorry for your loss. >> it's not my loss, it's everybody's loss. >> they asked why does this keep happening? >> reporter: terror has no boundaries, no boarders. a string of attacks in france ends with this 20-ton truck plowing through a crowd during a bastille day celebration. 86 were killed, more than 400
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wounded. in istanbul, they launched a killing spree at one of the busiest airports. more than 40 died. and delivering a strong message. terror ewill not win. victory became the folks of the world with the first olympic games ever hosted in south america. team u.s.a. dominating the competition, breaking world records, new stars and familiar heroes with golden performances and perhaps motivation for the rest of us. ellie may coalbert stumbles but crosses the finish line after a 100-yard dash that ran wild on the internet. >> you'll have trials and things that get in your way but you don't let it get you down. get up, go again. >> and you keep going.
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>> the cups win the world series. >> reporter: even if it takes 108 years to break a curse. jay gray, nbc news. at&t did not answer her call, but we did. nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman's free phone offer that wasn't free. and for bart riders a big change when it comes to parking. what you need to know to stay on the right side of the law in 20.
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the new year is just a week away and with 2017 come as new parking crack down at bart stations and larger fines for illegal parking. pete shows us how much it will cost at bart parking lots next year. >> reporter: that fine could double for those who park illegally in the bart parking lot and that's going to start next week and it could nearly double if you park in a permit lot. and here are it changes we're going to see next week. if you're in a daily spot, that fine last year was 35 but now it's jumping to $55 and if you illegally parked in a fine previously was $40 but now it's goteeing double to $75. and an additional fine of 100 bucks and if you have 10 or more it's going to jump to $150.
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bart's reasoning is to make it more costly for riders who deal with the fines instead of paying the tole at parking stations -- around parking lots in san francisco and bart stations specifically in san francisco. bart approved all this back in february. the new fines are going to kick in next week on february 2nd. january first will also bring a host of new state laws. 2017 redskins will be banned for the name of any school team or mascot. the minimum wage will increase for any business with 26 or more employees. climb to $15 an hour state wide in 2022. a tougher gun laws already illegal to sell any magazine more than 10 rounds. now it's illegal to own them as well. they will have to be stored in a trunk or lock box and terminally ill patients will be allowed to
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use experimental drugs that don't have full approval. the law does not require health plans to pay for them. a lot of changes in this upcoming year and how about our forecast? >> we're beginning to see rather interesting changes. it's turning pretty chilly and already a few spots in the 30s. and enticing promotion to upgrade your phone. gets hung up on a $650 mistake. nbc bay area responds next.
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nbc bay area responds to a woman who says at&t didn't hawn arpromotional offer worth hundreds of dollars. >> chris. >> yeah, rita cola ala says she signed up for a buy one get one free phone but she was charged for two phones. so she went back to the store. well, the manager told her the company had had made a mistake. the phone didn't actually qualify for the promotion and then promised to escalate her problem since it wasn't her fault but she never heard another world. whenever she called, she never got a call back. finally she called us and we returned the call. we contacted at&t and it credited her account $650.
6:46 pm
it said our customers are important to us and we want them to have a positive experience. we're glad we were able to resolve the situation for rita. you can call us anytime. the number is 888-996-tips or i just checked the data base. >> that is good. but the night is still young. $650. that's a lot of money. >> have a good night. >> if you are in a market for a new car, this is a good time to shop. dealers try to clear their show rooms and hit sales targets before the new year. this also means they're more likely to offer big rebaits on 2016 models. some of the best deals are found on vehicles with a lease and at
6:47 pm
least a partial factory warranty. >> good insight, good information. >> and if it doesn't work out, chris is here. we'll get you covered weather wise too. all i can think about is -- >> higher up. we're watching that for you. 2017 we'll see cooler changes and believe it or not it's the new year as of sunday. it's in change of seven-day forecast. and speaking of temperatures, look at fairfax. now you're tracking dropping temperatures 39 degrees already in fairfax. cloud free skies. not even 7:00. palo alto 47 degrees.
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the last few hours continue to drop in notice. the concrete, in the sun lithe hours of the day. you almost see 6 to 8 degrees cooler. you see those locations likely seeing a little bit of patchy frost tomorrow morning. copy and paste it into wednesday. not much changes midweek. they'll be warming up a little bit more towards wednesday with low 60s in reach. mid-40s in the forecast. it will be the north bay and tri-valley where the wind sheltered valley s were in the low 20s. 60s in san jose. upper 50s to mid-50s around walnut creek and for the peninsula towards san francisco
6:49 pm
a very similar forecast. mid50s to upper 50s with high clouds at times for your tuesday. but change is starting to take shape in the extended forecast. we'll begin to take shape and lift in our direction, we think by thursday into friday. so this will bring in more clouds and here comes that chance of rain impacting more of the south bay. as we get to the start of the weekend. rain projections. we think the higher totals will be across southern california. late friday into saturday, maybe see rain south of san jose. block high in the gulf of alaska could set the stage for a plunge of arctic air which means for north bay county, notice how far out in advance we're moving here because january 3rd, towards the middle of next week, there's the
6:50 pm
chance of lowering snow levels and lowering temperatures in your forecast. likely holding up to about friday afternoon. and we'll see the chance of showers from the south. and patchy frost possible. mid-week, a bit more mild but stayed tuned. 2017 could see highs in the 40s and lowering snow levels this time next week. thanks a lot. well are it refs to blame for the warriors' last minute loss. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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the warriors and cavaliers renewed their rivalry on christmas and the game certainly lived up to all the hype. >> some questionable calls may have played a role in the outcome. >> reporter: well the golden state warriors and their fans waited a long time for the christmas day show down against the cavaliers. and surprisingly, steph curry continues to struggle against the cavaliers. >> part of it is that they're defending him really well. they use their better defenders. they usually go with a longer defender. j.r. smith was out but on sunday you saw a lot of iman and the youngster. and their job is basically to face guard steph. follow him wherever he goes and make sure he doesn't get loose. they know steph has the ball a lot. if you're the cap's coach,
6:54 pm
you're thinking i got klay thompson and steph curry a lot. we'll put kyrie on klay at times and not give him that assignment. the last four times he's seen them, games five, six, and seven and here on sunday, he didn't look like steph curry. and he admitted it. he basically said i need to figure out a way to be more aggressive and get more shots at the rim. >> when the game is over the warriors don't want to cry foul but yesterday they had a right to call foul. in fact, the nba admitted they made a comal of mistakes. >> first of all, lebron james on this situation right here. there was no question whatsoever. i mean, he hung on the rim for about half an hour and there was no call. and you see draymond green saying wait a minute, what happened here? because he got called for a
6:55 pm
technical foul when he didn't hang for a half as long in a dangerous situation. and you have richard jefferson obviously fouling kevin durant and getting no call. i know sometimes they let them play, let them play. but when you have a play like that when the foul is obvious and you don't call it, it's really -- people look at the refs and say they really aren't that good and they are but they don't see it and i don't know how you miss that. >> hypothetical, if that was played in oakland, would the warriors have gotten most of those calls? >> some come into the home town arena and if there's anything close they'll go against the home team. depends on who you have but in this instance, you're look athtwo plays where you say these directly influnlsenced the game. lebron's technical would have
6:56 pm
given warriors a free throw. and then they didn't get a chance to get off the last shot with the kevin durant situation. you say these could have been difference makers. but you have a 14-point lead. you got to look at that. >> turnovers hurt the warriors. and that's going to do it for now. coming up tonight at 11:00, stories of how the late pop singer quietly helped charities and individuals in need without asking for credit. that and more tonight at 11:00. those people going out. >> nice thick coat. we're going to have temperatures dropping off. tonight temperatures in the single digits around lake tahoe. 20s and 30s to start out the north bay and the tri-valley. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. g new details on the
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shocking sudden death of george michael. the final photos of the pop star as he's remembered around the world. now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra ♪ extra, extra the tragic death of george michael on of all days, christmas. new information about his atest- medical mystery. men madonna, aretha, elton john. the star tributes pouring in. plus michael's last carpool karaoke with james gordon. ♪ president-elect trump singing at midnight service after hitting the links with tiger.


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