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tv   Today  NBC  December 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, everybody. booze day tuesday. december 27h, 2016. and's it's also spanky tuesday's back. uh-huh. >> and the year's coming to an end. >> that's "working girl" by train. that coffee you're drinking now. >> yep. >> you might want to put it down. we're going to reveal the spots where germs are hiding in your everyday items. >> why are re doing that? we keep trying to destroy -- >> these are surprising. some, i thought, what? >> you're going to want to know. and thinking about starting your
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own business? you'll want to hear from a friend of ours named -- >> both: tillman fertitta. >> fantastic. a new show on nbc called "billion dollar buyer" wonderful guy sharing secrets of the restaurant business with you. >> things you need to know. when this food, it isn't so good, send it back to the chef. he's going to tell you what the chef thinks about that and how one couple's kindness and dedication, what has it done? >> finding loves homes for older dogs. you'll love the story. hosting a brunch on new year's day, joy will show you how to put a is to be to the high-calorie treats and turn two favorites from junk food to joy food and it's still health around delicious. >> what are they towed, joy? >> making a quiche lorraine, going from 600 calories down to 220 calories. >> more than half. >> and something super cool. making bloody mary spiked pops,
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ice pops. >> both: what? >> 20 calories an ice pop. so you ladies can have two or three. >> both: what? >> wow! all right. >> so -- >> let's set brcelebrate. >> we shall. this is 24 karat sparkling wine, because nothing is too good for you. >> wait a minute. it's wine with gold -- >> i did it too fast. >> all the flecks are in the bottom. >> you can't shake champaign. i know that. >> okay. >> they're all here in the bottom. take a look at bottom. >> blue nun, 24 karat gold flakes you can actually drink. how can it be fda approved? >> it is. 24 karat gold, like $14. why don't we just - strain o pi? >> why don't you just put a gold ring and pour it -- never mind. it's $14.99 a bottle. blue nun -- >> festive, cute. fun for new year's eve.
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>> want to have a toast to it? >> why don't we. >> i don't see any gold in mine. >> uh-huh. >> that's nice. >> by the way, i like inexpensive shan paychampaign. it's sweeter. a question, is yawning contagious. >> yes. >> it's that time of year. a lot of people are pooped. buzz feed did, a way to find out whether or not it is contagious. >> they did a video. people asked to participate in a burger taste test, but they were really actually going to be seated next to an actor wearing a gray plant. you'll see soon. >> okay. >> take a look. >> i haven't done stand-up enough to be good at it. >> i reserve that -- >> thank you. >> so -- >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i find it always contagious t. is. always is. >> two things, enjoying it so
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much. a yawn -- let's do it together. see if everybody at home -- [ yawning ] >> ooh, it does feel good. right? [ snoring ] >> i meaner a real one. you linger with it. >> it is contagious. >> you know what else is contagious? >> my music? >> checking your phone. >> oh, yeah! it makes you -- >> someone checks their phone and you immediately go -- hmm, even if it's a stranger on the train -- hmm. someone in the elevator. you're like, hmm -- it happens. >> what else is contagious, great songs written for movies. who doesn't like a good movie theme song? business insider ranked the best of all-time. >> five on the list. ♪ got to cut loose >> "footloose." >> kenny loggins. >> a great one. >> "ghostbusters," ray parker jr. ♪ >> oh -- oh, see, i like the romantic ones so much better. >> how about number three? shall we together -- >> "staying alive" by the bee
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gees. "saturday night fever." >> and number two, "mrs. robinson." >> and the number one -- >> "eye of the tiger," "rocky iii". ♪ eye of the tiger >> but, see, none of them are romantic, or when the -- violins swell, you're swept off your feet. so i picked this one -- ♪ memories may be beautiful and yet ♪ >> come on. how much bet sir that than any of that crap? >> that wasn't -- [ laughter ] ♪ what's too painful to remember ♪ >> yes. that is awesome. right. here ap question. we want you to play with us. there are certain words -- you can write them over and over and you're never quite sure in you're spelling them right. >> have to look at them. something's wrong with it. >> sometimes i google it. these are the most commonly misspelled words in the english language.
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so you know, according to the quiz, only 7% of the people get them all right. >> huh. >> here we go. here are the two. which is correct? changeable or changeable? >> it's a. >> definitely a. >> is it a.? yes? >> two, vacuum or -- >> b. >> minuscule? >> it's a. -- a. >> bnk.! >> necessa >> yes it is. you missed minuscule. continue to play? >> yes. >> philanthropic. >> a., yes. >> don't get cocky, hoda! >> privilege. >> we the es. keep playing. millennium or -- millennium. >> what? >> the last one, b. >> a.? >> what?
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two ins? >> yeah. >> that's crazy. all right. is that all? >> yes. >> that was fun. >> family are senior dogs, instagram stars. go to something fun and make us happy pap guy has become a star on instagram because of his pets, hi name is re -- i think it's greeg. >> shows you what a guy. >> don't e love him already? >> lost his dog, showed up as a rescue place. give me the dog that is unadoptable. well that started it off. now he currently lives with eight dogs, a pig, a rabbit, four chickens two ducks and an injured chicken. >> i bet his life is so -- so full. >> look at the -- >> oh, my gosh. i hope he has house within the housekeeping department. >> oh, my gosh, the chicken. >> pictures on instagram under wolfgang2242. look at the dog -- >> both: with the bunny rabbit! >> started adopting senior animals after the death of his
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beloved miniature pincher, wolfgang. >> how sweet is this guy? >> gosh. tells you everybody about his character. >> so then doing it and keeps doing it. good for him. now -- do you think your parents -- did you think your parents. >> or did you. >> three kids. >> were any of them a favorite? i say, yes, at different times. >> yeah. >> you can have a favorite at different times. uh-huh. >> that's true. >> but you don't love them more. you don't lurch b love them valuewise anymore. actually the question should be, do you like some of them? do you like one or two of the others a little better? and the answer to that is -- yes. okay? >> were you the favorite? >> kinda. you must have been. >> oh, i don't know. >> sorta. >> i don't know, because -- >> yeah, yeah. >> my brother was the first. you know, and he's a boy. you know -- my mother, ealways fei always felt she loved david more, just prouder somehow. and my sister by far the nicest of the three of us.
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by far. >> yeah, yeah. >> by far! anything goes wrong in anybody's life -- she's so selfless. then there's me stuck in the middle. >> yeah, jan brady. >> but i get the best presents. >> yes, you do. 70% of dads and 74% of moms admitted to definitely giving preferential treatment. i didn't know that was the question. they didn't say it that way. >> sometimes you favor one more than the others. i don't know that it's love more. >> that's a bad way to ask the questions. does one or the other make you crazy? yes. at certain times. >> yes. >> definitely. >> for the children most first borns felt they got the most attention. of course. there the most time, and most of the others felt short changed. try to find pictures. 1 million of my sister, because she was first, where's mine? got to be some. look through it. my brother the first boy, tons of him, too. >> because he's a boy. like i said. a little boyte, 3 years old name
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hux in australia got caught playing with his sister's makeup. >> lipstick on? >> no. >> no lipstick. okay. what about red lipstick? >> no. >> no? no? so what's that on yar hand? >> no it wasn't. >> you haven't played with makeup today? no. >> he's got them both in hi hands. >> puts them -- no. >> what's on your hand? >> nothing. >> oh! all right. so what makes women happy? guys, i know you're going to want to know this. >> big question. look at the guys. they're all nervous. >> this is a survey -- what did you say? you already know? nobody knows. >> they must be right by carnival cruise line which serves. >> your stuff. a lot of your stuff floating around on the show. i'm into it. certain things men it could do make women happy. >> it's not what you think. >> top three. >> number three, they appreciate everything we do.
10:11 am
for them? or just in general? like if you have a career? >> for us. >> they completely trut us. >> trust us. >> turn-on. >> and makes us feel sanchts make an efforts with our friends. >> big. >> that's our mother. >> takes out the trash. >> makes coffee in the morning. >> never leaves the car without gas. without gas is a big one! it shows that you care about -- >> thinking about it. >> yes i would suggest that all of those things would also make a man happy as well. >> yeah. right. you're right. >> yeah. there you go. >> well that was a buzz kill. all right. anyway -- the dirty truth about -- >> this is a buzz kill, about that coffee he was making for you? find out about your coffeemaker. the least suspect. we're going to show you how to clean up your act, people. >> after this. where are those dirty spots? we'll find them. i had that dream again --
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that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time. [sighs] that's why we make them for you.
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you wipe it down, scrub it up, sometimes germs lurk where you are least likely to clean. >> yeah. reik your salt and pepper shakers. think about that. your kitchen towels. your coffeemaker, ooh. >> here to tell you about all the disgusting things you might be doing, how to clean them properly, editor-in-chief, courtney smith. >> our coffeemaker, a source of germs?
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>> yes. well, i've got to tell you the reservo reservoir, you think the hot water kills all the germs. not true. there's mildew in there, mold, it's dirtier than a bathroom in a reservoir. >> wash it out? what should you do? >> wash all removable parts. the pots and filter you can take out. once a month put in white vinegar, four cups, run it through the machine with nothing in it. that helps kill the germs and run it through with clear water the same way about three times. >> to get rid of the vinegar taste. >> got to be careful! >> fine. i was -- >> this is moms set up their coffee the night before. >> salt and pepper shaker? icky? >> yes. think about people at your table with cold, flu, who knows what germs were touching it. do you wipe down your salt and pepper shakers after every meal? >> every day. >> i could see. >> no! >> antibacterial wipes on hand and a quick wipe down. cleaning down your table surface or tables, clean your salt and pepper shakers too. >> bacteria to stay there a long
10:17 am
time. >> dish towels, things you hang off the side of the dishwasher and wipe off your hands. >> who washes these often? these are wiping up so many spills. you can have food-borne illness bacteria. >> or salmonella. >> ooh. >> and be spreading that. hands, countertops, clean dishes. >> how often ado you wash them? >> the recommendation is daily. >> after use! >> what you can do, have a huge stack on hand. swap them out detaaily. let them pile up, put a cup of baking soda in the washer with them. let it sit an hour, gets away the mildewy smell. >> another thing. you think you put your clean toothbrush in here. why clean it? >> this is actually the third dirtiest item in your whole house, according to a study. >> doesn't it depend on your teeth? >> no. it depends on how near the toilet it is. >> oh! >> when you are flushing your
10:18 am
toilet, spray is getting on the toothbrush holder. >> mine's in another room. thank the lord. >> it is? >> put it in the medicine cabinet. do not brush where you flush. keep it afar away from the toilet as you can. >> most people, here's the sink. toilet is here. >> wash it frequently. at least once a week. invest in a dishwasher safe one and run it through the dishquasher. >> scary. you never think of that. >> close the lid when flushes. >> the listerine on this side it must get on the side of the listerine bottle. >> close the lid. the answer for you, hoda. >> all right. what do we have here? the tub? >> the bathtub. surprising, especially mom giving their kids baths every night. one quarter of all tubs actually have staph bacteria and mildew as well. >> how do any of us live to a ripe, old age? haven't been sick in 30 years and i don't do any of this stuff! >> clean it with belief after each bath. >> after each bath? >> yeah. >> and wipe it down with a dry
10:19 am
towel. that helps prevent moisture a breeding ground for germs. >> what do you do? >> i did after i read this story. >> and the last are thing you have to clean. what you're supposed to use to clean things. >> true. environmentally friendly ways of washing involve washing with cold water and gentle detergents. you're not sanitizing those kitchen towels, your underwear. you could be spreading germs to the next load. what you want to do, put a quarter cup of water and bleach solution into the detergent container -- sorry. baking soda and the water. >> a quarter cup of each. mix together and put them where you put your detergent, then two cups's white vinegar in the drum. wash it with nothing in it on the hot setting. >> vinegar cleans everything, doesn't it? it's good to, you can drink it. cleans your inside out, too. did you know that? >> i have read that. >> it's a blend of fun and function and we are giving it
10:20 am
away a little later. >> plus, billionaire businessman and restauranteur slayharing ade on starting your own business. >> what you always wanted to know about restaurants, all coming up after this. >> he's a sweetie. >> is he putting on lip gloss there? >> ah, ah! my name is pam. i'm 51 years old. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital... my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd have waited two more days, you would've died." if i'd have known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor or pharmacist about it. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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we are back on this brain
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teaser tuesday where we've put hoda's mind to the test with a fun riddle provideed by our friends at >> here it is. there are six wine glasses. >> we know that. >> three glasses on the left are full. >> uh-huh. >> and three glasses on the right are empty. how can a row of alternately full and empty glasses be made by touching only one glass? >> what? >> the answer -- after the break. >> plus -- a safe place for aging dogs, getting a second leash on life. >> and two healthy ideas for your new year's brunch from joy turns junk food into joy food, after your local news. >> you touch one glass, and they have to alternate. >> one. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember.
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what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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that's what -- that's what -- ♪ ==half== nbc news confirmed in the last few minutes that actress good tuesday morning. 10:26, i'm sam brock. nbc news has confirmed in the last few minutes that aktorictr
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carrie fish esh has died. she was 60 years old. she died tuesday just before 9 a.m. in los angeles. she had been hospitalized since friday when she suffered a medical emergency cardiac arrest on board a flight coming into los angeles. we're working multiple angles of the story on air. we'll bring you live team come raj coming up at 11:00. we are learning of another backup on 880 in the east bay right by oakland. we'll have much more after this break.
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it will be another sunny day and slightly warmer temperatures in a few spots. in san francisco expect a high of 54 gr 4 degrees, 55 in oakla9 in napa and in san jose. into the next few days our weather stays dry, cool mornings and warmer afternoons. we'll be watching a storm system that could bring scattered showers into part of the bay area on friday. >> what's turned out as a good early morning commute has turned to a nightmare near the oakland 880. we were seeing backup in the sou southbound area. the northbound is already starting to back up. we're not sure why but here's a
10:30 am
live look right now. >> thank you very much. more on the death of carrie fisher at age 60 coming up at 11:00. we're back on this brain teaser tuesday, and before the break we gave you this riddle. >> there are six glasses of wine, three on the left are full. three on the right empty. how can a row of all netley full, empty glasses be made by touching only one glass. >> i figured it out during the break. >> yes, you did. what do you do? >> pourp the middle full glass into the empty glass. i spilled a little. >> so what? you did it! >> you know, my mind doesn't work that way. i'm not a riddle person. >> mine doesn't either. >> life's too short. you know? now to hur friend who always seeing the glass half full. she drives us all nuts. tote nutritionist joy bauer. >> and it's time to quiche the cook, because joy is kutting hundreds of calories turning
10:31 am
junk food into joy food. >> it's great. people love these. >> these are cool for a healthi healthiphied brunch. first from quiche lorraine, buttery outside delicious crust. 600 calories per slice. >> wow. >> we're going to drive them down to 220 using these ingredients right here. you'll see, there's no crust ingredients here, because we are going to make our crust using spinach. >> oh. >> good. i love spinach. that's crazy. >> there's no starch in this whatsoever. starting with two packages of frozen chopped spinach that i drained all the water out of. >> okay. >> you're going to whip up this one egg. >> whip it. >> putting the spinach in here, and we're also going to be adding in, i'm going to reach over. this is half a cup of reduced
10:32 am
fat sharp cheddar cheese and a quarter cup of parmesan. so amp this is nice and thoroughly mixed we're going to spray a spring-form pan, dump the spinach over to cover the bottom. >> that would be your crust. >> that's this. >> can you believe this? we're going to put this in at 425 degrees for about 17 minutes, and it's going to crisp up like a crust. lower heat to 375 make our filling. in here three whole eggs and three egg whites and we're going to be adding one cup of reduced fat swiss. about 6 ounces of cooked, lean turkey bacon. a little bit of salt and a little bit of nutmeg. >> nutmeg? >> instead of using cream, this is 2% milk. put that in. >> okay. >> this, then is going to go over our -- >> you just pour that -- >> pour that into your -- >> you get that all -- >> your crust. >> all whipped up, so the eggs are all whipped up. >> that's right.
10:33 am
pour it over. put this back into the oven on 375 just for about 30 minutes. >> okay. and this is what comes out? >> actually, very important. you want to put tinfoil underneath your springboard pan so the eggs don't leak out while cooking in the oven. >> okay. >> this is what it comes out looking like. it is so perfect. >> it looks delicious. >> and we went from 600 calorie as slice to just 220. i'm going to get the -- >> that familiar taste to it i'm sure. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> what do you think? >> hmm! >> i love it. oh, my god! delicious! >> baby, it's -- fantastic. >> nice. >> good going, girl. >> okay. so next we're making bloody marys! this comes from the, the challenge comes from laura, and she is in carrie, north carolina. so -- regular glass, not too bad. 130 calories. >> oh, that's nothing. >> but most people want a second. >> okay. >> possibly a third. we're going make 20-calorie bloody mary ice pops. >> 20 calories? >> 20 calories.
10:34 am
regular ingredients, tomato sauce, lemon, horseradish, celery. in the blender, couldn't be easier, 2 1/4 cups tomato juice. lem lemon, horseradish, worcestershire and a little salt and pepper. blend this up. >> okay. >> then you're -- strain it. oops. >> that's all right. >> we're going to make a little bui built-o bit of a mess. >> put these in the freezer for just about 30 minutes. so they start to thicken up. >> then you put your -- >> put in your sticks. >> and freeze it the rest of the way! >> overnight. and check this out, guys. >> oh, my gosh! >> by the way. that's vodka in there. i forgot. take a taste of this one. >> oh, thank you. >> what a fun idea for new year's. >> isn't that really cute? >> and delicious. i'll do it for hoda. to us. >> as a restaurant mogul knows a
10:35 am
thing or two about food. >> tilman fertitta reveals what you really need to know when you go out to eat, that's coming up right after this. >> he's drinking my stuff. >> who isn't? >> so good. great! what goes in here, renee. oh. and we think ba-blam's gonna kill the stomach flu? i'm scared to use the facilities. i don't blame you. if you want clean, your cleaner needs bleach in it. clorox means clean.
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with a net worth of $2.8 billion. >> we're counting. >> he's picking up dinner. no surprise tilman fertitta is included in the list of billionaires. >> he has made his mark in the business world operating entertainment properties nearly 40 years and kathie is fond of him because some of his restaurants have her stuff. >> don't you know it. tilman can add tv star to his impressive resume in the tv show "billion dollar buyer." should at a baby on there. "billion dollar buyer, baby," giving him a chance to work with
10:40 am
one of his businesses. great show. >> the biggest mistake that people make in business is they want to be something they're not. i've always known who i am and who my customer is for that particular business. if you're going to make yourself work at bubba gump you have to lower your price point. >> that's why i'm willing to try something slightly different to get into your -- your bigger stores. >> ah. look who's here? >> so great to have you here. >> wait. we need menus. can't be sitting at a table -- waiter, waiter! >> menus! >> don't get nervous around him. >> i'm sweating. >> this is alex. he sweats -- >> not a good presentation. >> i'm sorry. >> you gave the male first. you always give the female. come on, alex! let's get it together! >> you can see why the man run as tight ship. >> write him up! >> some people think that people are born into, you know, this kind of wealth, but you really worked hard at it.
10:41 am
didn't you? >> yeah. >> i really did, and if somebody would have ever told me where you -- i ended up, you would be shocked, but for me, it really -- i wasn't a tech wonder. it really happened over the last 35 years. >> yes. >> so it didn't happen accidentally, and there was never a big surprise, because it really did happen like this. >> you had a couple facials? failures? >> so many i couldn't write them on this menu. >> what kept you going? >> passion, drive, no fear. you cannot have fear. >> it paralyzes you. doesn't it? >> so many people out there have great ideas but what gets them is fear. >> is that the most common mistake if you were to say, this is why businesses don't make it? >> probably because people don't understand business, and i tell people all the time, if you really want to be in business and you weren't given the gift, go get your mba. other people, it's just a gift. and i -- it's just a gift from
10:42 am
god, and everybody's born with different talents. y'all can sing, dance, host, do whatever. don't ask me to change the oil in a car. okay? >> right. >> i struggle putting gasoline in a car. okay? >> so you hire people that have strengths other than your own, you say? >> 100%. >> and i've met quite a few of them. many of them started out, that max started, one of your biggest beverage guys started at a bartender. >> look at all of my v.p.s, they all started out at the bottom. >> that tells you everything. >> with me 25 years ago, and i still have 25 of them. >> that says everything about you as a manager and a boss. >> ask some questions. sometimes we go a restaurant and aren't sure people will be upset when we do things. ask this. if we decide to send food back, does the chef get upset? be honest? >> the chef knows if you made a mistake or you're being difficult. send it back all you want, but don't be difficult. if there's something really not wrong with it. if a steak's cooked wrong, of course you have a right to send
10:43 am
it back. they understand. but you know what's crazy back there in the back of a kitchen. >> yes. >> if it's crazy, sure. but -- the name of the game is, you keep the customer happy. >> happy. okay. >> and what about a bottle of wine? if you don't like it? you opened up a "bottle" of wine? is it okay to ask for another bottle? >> absolutely. if it's not right. you can't sit there and test wine. >> right, right, remember this, too. everybody knows who their customer is. if it's a regular customer, they open a bottle of wine, it's not right. they're going to eat it. you don't let somebody come in, open up bottles of wine -- it's always goo judgment. but you never tell a customer no. i preach that. >> what if you want to get a table on a packed friday night, you don't know anybody. >> and your restaurants are always packed. >> what's the right way to do it? >> it's simple. i tell my hostesses don't sell themselves out cheap, okay? at least make them give you $100, not a $20. okay? but you know, i'm all right with pay to play. okay? that's the world we live in. okay?
10:44 am
>> yeah. >> donald doesn't have any conflicts being president. it's all right to pay to play. tip the hostess. you want the table that bad, take care of her. now, general managers don't get mad at them, now, when they do it. >> cheers! >> we want to lift up a glass to your second season. >> congrats, honey. >> "billion dollar buyer," be sure to add that "baby." >> tuesday nights at 10:00 eastern and pacific on our sister network cnbc. >> yes. now, old dogs, new digs. >> how one couple is finding loving homes for thousands of let's say sophisticated dogs, right after this. >> yeah. cheers, buddy! we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it.
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as part of our special share kindness series, we take a look at special docks getting a second chance at life. thanks to a very special couple. >> 12 years ago judith and lee piper started the nonprofit
10:50 am
organization, old dog haven, one of the largest senior canine of its kind. >> focus on fostering and adoption of dogs at least 8 years olgtd. told in the book "mild dog rescued pets with remarkable second acts. >> here's more of "old dogs havens" inspiring story. >> come on, toughy. because it's game day! >> i was volunteering at an animal shelter walking dogs once a week, and we sold my business and somehow it all turned into this. we officially called it old dog haven in 20 en ien in 2004. we work with dogs 8 years old and older, our emphasis has been on the oldest and sickest in the shelters. our dogs mostly come into permanent foster care, we caw final resting care and stay with us the rest of their lives in a family, in a home, which is
10:51 am
where they should be. >> that's the best part. >> they're so happy to be with you. they are so grateful for pretty much anything. they ask very little. we've found that many people who have the heart for taking in the old dogs just can't face covering one more old creatures extensive vet bills and they don't have the to worry about that part of the finances, and more dogs get a loving home. these dogs have been rejected one way or the other, and they know it, and they really respond to someone who opens their heart to them. that's one of the really fun things, is to send a dog to a foster on a saturday. and the next day you get pictures of this dog just sacked out on a dog bed with a big smile on their face. the dogs have come into your home over the past 12 years have ban tremendous blessing. they're the light of our lives, even though there are times when they are not. one of the things i am most
10:52 am
proud of, as we've done this is that we've raised awareness and many more people all over the country are aware of both the plight of senior dogs that are abandoned and how wonderful it is to take them in. you know you've done something good. you know you've given a real gift and have been given back a bigger one, and you have lots of happy memories, and i think it's so worth it. it is so worth it. [ laughter ] >> yeah! >> oh, i love that! that's -- old dog havens, monthly bed expenses are extremely costly. if you'd like to help go to >> we want to help. >> yes. the wheel won't be the only thing spinning when we -- >> both: give it i way. >> oh, my gosh. it's time. find out if you're a lucky winner, but first, this is "todayon nbc. " >>
10:53 am
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10:56 am
i know you've been waiting patiently for this, but we are about to make five viewers very, very happy. >> because spanky tuesday is back, baby! and it's time to give it away. >> this week's prize is -- >> >> both: and all-new vitamix a-3500. >> just in time for the new year. williams and sonoma, $599. built-in wireless connectivity. >> what? >> connects speeds and blending times for the size of container you use. wireless? >> with a ten-year full warrant pip find out, this is -- get smashed up. >> wireless? that is crazy! >> find out who the five winners are. >> maybe use your phone to get it. who's first? >> the first one is -- ah -- dineen wilson from irwin, pennsylvania. >> did you say irwin? >> i'm looking. hang on. i'm still caught up in the wireless connectivity of the
10:57 am
thing. carla coneig from west columbia, south carolina. >> from virginia. >> it's the beat. don't go so fast. >> can't help it. it's the beat. >> miggen juicea from west piston, pennsylvania. >> no way! i've got michael allen from lexington, kentucky. and last one -- >> we got all five. >> congrats to all winners. we shred the non-winning entries. enter again for next week's prize for complete rules and regulations. >> all in the wrist if you're trying to figure it out at home. >> hit the connect button! fo tomorrow, a look back at the favorite pop trends of to 16. >> this is one of them. >> and try to get inside hoda's mind. >> what? no. it's over! it's over! stop it! ♪ joining us for our midday
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newscast. i'm sam brock. . a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us for our midday news cast. i am sam brock. we begin tragically this morning with breaking news. actress carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. a family spokesperson says the actress, who is best known for playing princess leia in "star wars" died at 8:55 this morning. she suffered cardiac arrest on a flight on fridayment she was hospitalized in los angeles shortly after the flight landed. fans around the world are reacting to her death. let's go to tom jensen live outside the century theater in pleasant hill this morning where the latest "star wars" film


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