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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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scruffy looking nerf herder."@:05 =vicky/vo== right now at 11 mourning the loss of princess leia. tonight ta >> you stuck up, half-whitted -- >> right now at 11:00, mourning the loss of princess leia. star-powered tributes coming in for carrie fisher. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening. >> raj and jessica have the evening off. millions are heart broken over the death of carrie fisher. she passed away this morning
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following a heart attack on a flight from london to los angeles. fisher was best known for her role as princess leia in "star wars." >> and an author and activist. cheryl, fisher had a special connection at the theater there? >> yes, she did. she performed here at the berkeley repertoire 2450e9theat 2007 and the man that directed her in that one-woman show says a carrie fisher will be a hard act to follow. we know her as princess leia. artistic director tony knows her simply as carrie. >> she was deeply gifted human being. endlessly creative and one of the great comic masters of our time. >> reporter: she understood the science of comedy in her one-woman show. she sat down for an interview with us in 2007.
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>> my audience is sort of gay men and women. sci-fi people, drug addicts. >> reporter: fisher had struggles with alcohol and drugs and through it all embraced berkeley theater community and that community welcomed her and never let her go. >> she was looking for a safe place to develop her work. in berkeley she found that. >> reporter: in 2007, she seemed to have made peace with herself. >> i'm princess leia. deal with it. >> reporter: her fans have been dealing with it on the big screen and in comic books for decades. she may be gone but not forgotten. >> i saw "star wars" when i was a senior in high school. we all did. it's sad to see her go. >> she was an amazing role model for a lot of people. >> fisher is survived by her mother actress debbie reynolds
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and her daughter. reporting live in berkeley, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. celebrities are sending condolences following the news of fisher's death and that includes mark hamill who played luke skywalker in the "star wars" series. he tweeted "no words, devastated." a few hours ago he posted a longer heart-felt message. in it he called fisher irreplaceable and said she played a crucial role in my professional and personal life and both would have been far emptier without her. our coverage continues on-line. read more about the tributes and look at her career by heading to nbc bay and be sure to watch today in the bay and "the today show" tomorrow morning for a special look back at the work of carrie fisher. new details in the deadly stabbing of a father of four at an east bay target on christmas eve. we are learning tyrone griffin
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may have been killed for asking someone to turn their music down. police released the names of two people arrested. police say they stabbed griffn in the toy section of the store where he was shopping for last-minute gifts. he was seen talking to the men about their music because it was inappropriate for children. they were arrested within hours blocks from the store. a gilroy man has been arrested for the murder of his mother. santa clara county sheriffs deputies say matthew saluski beat his mother to death with a baseball bat on christmas day. she was a long time leader with the gilroy historical society and wrote a book about the community as an author. she was a long-time edge k5i9er at gilroy high and friends and colleagues described her as
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universally beloved. >> she was community contributor. she was in every way you could think of, a very gracious, thoughtful person who was always kind of looking out for others who needed a helping hand. >> reporter: a motive for the killing has not been released. you heard about thieves stealing mail. what about stealing an entire mailbox? that's what happened at a san jose complex and neighbors and the postal service are worried it could happen again. rick boone has more on why the neighbors are concerned. rick? >> hey there, terry. this is really a big deal. it's affecting pretty much everybody out there who can listen to my voice right now. all neighborhoods are on alert. postal inspectors say these thieves are getting more aggressive, especially during the holiday sb. >> i feel i have been victimized and this isn't the first time it happened. >> reporter: residents are
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dealing with a grinch for the holidays. >> they are looking for everything from w 2s to billing information. who knows what it could be. >> reporter: this is what was taken. the middle mailbox once here grabbed by thieves on christmas eve leaving behind just the bolts on the ground. >> are you concerned about your personal information out there? >> absolutely. >> residents are frustrated. thieves are not letting up on tampering with their mailboxes. they put up a security camera but so far no arrests. >> it is happening just about everywhere the post office says it is part of a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down. >> we are seeing an uptick and we have the postal inspectors working with police enforcement and they are doing a good job of tracking some of these thieves down. >> reporter: the south san jose residents are joining the fight, forming a neighborhood watch, banning together before thieves grab more than the mail like
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personal property. can't even get your mail these days. these thieves are out for just about everything. so watch out. postal official say for those affected in south san jose, they can go to the seven tree post office to get their mail while their mailbox is being repaired, but you have to show an i.d. so they make sure to give the mail to the right person. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a high-end score accused of discriminating against customers based on the color of their skin. a former employee is suing versace after working at their outlet store. a man who is black was told to use a specific code when a black person entered the store. he accuses managers of firing him because of his race. versace denied all of the claims. the company issued a statement to several media outlets saying
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in part we do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic protected by our 1icivil rights law. no leads after a menorah was stolen in san francisco. police are looking for video that may have captured what happened. the 6'0" tall brass menorah went missing on wednesday. no luck finding out who took it. we are hearing a replacement is expected to arrive tomorrow, just in time for the fifth night of hanukkah. new at 11:00, a one-of-a-kind fire station maybe coming to san francisco with earthquakes and a rising sea level in mind they are floating a new idea, a floating fire station. jean is live with a look. hi, jean. >> reporter: designers are thinking 0 it of the box on this one. trying to come up with a fire station that can handle rising sea level and ground movement and the solution maybe off shore. waterfront san francisco fire
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station 35 is showing its age, and sitting in a danger zone. >> we know that we need to make it more resilient for earthquakes, as well as sea level rise. >> reporter: just down the street from the station, water pours on to the embarcadero during a king tide. firefighters say the station hasn't flooded yet. crews have moved fire boats to treasure island during stormy, high tides to prevent them from damaging the docks. with conditions changing, designers are looking off shore for a safe solution. the fire commission and port commission are supporting plans for a floating fire station. >> floating pier, steel barge and that way the structure can go up and down with the sea level and it would also be more resistant to a earthquake should one strike san francisco. >> reporter: having firefighters and fire boats ready to respond after an attack is crucial. crews use the fire boat to get water to crews in the marina
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after the 1989 low ma earthquake. firefighters say without the boat pumping water more homes would have burned, but is a floating fire station cost effective? >> it is actually $100,000 less than if we did a fixed pier where we sink piles way down in the bay mud. >> reporter: it is expected to cost 6 million dollars paid for with voter-approved earthquake bond money. the 1913 fire house would be preserved with the new station floating off shore. the plan has support here in san francisco, but the department of public works tells me it needs state and federal approval because of its waterfront location. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc news. a popular holiday gift the amazon echo. now questions of how its recordings can be used. and a murder case is raising privacy concerns. cracking down on crashes
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over the holidays. drunk driving is down but something else is leading to more deaths on the road. watching for temperatures around downtown san jose approaching the upper 30s tomorrow morning. west of downtown dropped to 34 in willow glenn and sar toe ya. this has we track rain chances a i approaching new year's eve weekend. details when we come back. "alexa what's the weather."@:02
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==terry/vo== it's a hot-selling item this ho alexa, what's the weather? >> it's a hot selling item this holiday season, the amazon echo digital assistant. now it is the center of a controversial murder case that raises questions about your privacy. smart device listens and responds when asked a question. police in bentonville, arkansas want recordings and other data
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from an echo inside of the home where a murder may have been committed. >> you buy one of these things even if it is not on, it's on and it's listening. >> reporter: so far amazon is saying no to handing over the data citing privacy implications but police have obtained a warrant to get the company to hand it over. back to work full time, president-elect trump and his transition team plan to continue to meet tomorrow from trump's florida estate and that includes working on his speech for the inauguration. he is working with the same speech writer who helped to craft many of his messages on the campaign trail. >> themes which you heard throughout the campaign and themes of unity, dreaming big. all of those things that uplift america. >> reporter: we have learned a former bush era official is joining trump's team. the president elect named tom boss certificate bossert as security adviser. he was the top security adviser
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for george w. bush. >> reporter: new video of a security scare at trump tower in new york city. someone found a suspicious bag which triggered the panic in the video. the building was evacuated. turns out the bag was filled with toys. as we mentioned the president elect was not there. he was at his estate in florida at the time. the evidence is in and now it's up to the santa clara county district attorney whether to charge students for sharing sexually explicit pictures. mountain view police and other agencies have been investigating the allegations at five high schools for several months. they say students were allegedly sharing hundreds of pictures of sexually explicit students. police have put a freeze on their drop box account. investigators say an anonymous tip led to the case. among the possible charges here child pornography. a legal setback for police union today. the union wanted to stop changes to the city's use of force
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policy. specifically changes that would prevent officers from shooting in to a moving vehicle and using a certain choke hold. today the judge denied the union's request. he said the state supreme court already ruled cities have the right to define use of force policies. the head of the police officers' association says his organization will push ahead with its lawsuit attempting to overturn the policy. >> no i the officw the officers able to tprotect themselves if truck is barrelling down at the officers. >> reporter: the policy includes an exception for extraordinary circumstances. the duis were down this holiday period but chp said not wearing a seat belt contributed to many recent car crash deaths. there were fewer duis this year than last. the agency said among the 16 people killed in collisions within the chp's jurisdiction,
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half of them were not buckled up. the chp said it will crackdown this weekend for new year's eve focusing on impaired, distracted driving and seat belt violations. turn our attention to rob who is standing by with a look at the microclimate forecast. it's chilly out there and a look at the new year's eve forecast. >> it could get colder. last few nights we have been seeing patchy frost and few spots in the mid-30s. outside right now, more mild closer to san francisco where you have 46 degrees. notice a off shore breeze over downtown san francisco. fairfax 36 degrees, clear skies. san jose downtown 43. further away from downtown, this is where we see temperatures drop off. south san jose mid-30s. campbell and los gatos a few spots could see patchy frost in the morning.
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some areas in the low 30s. patchy frost still possible even though temperatures fine tuning of the forecast are running slight li warmer than last night. it means we will probably not see as many upper 20s but low to mid-30s. high pressure to the west. which will over the next couple of afternoons lead to the warmest temperatures of the week, especially by thursday afternoon. so temperatures for the morning low 30s from the north bay to the try valley. upper 30s. close to san jose. south of san jose a chance of 60s. thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week where we could see mid 60s in the forecast. upper 50s concord to antioch. highs in the mid to upper 50s and for the north bay in the upper 50s. overall those temperatures may seem warm compared to what is headed our way toward the end of the seven-day forecast. you see clear skies wednesday in to thursday, mid-60s thursday
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afternoon and thursday night and friday, clouds on the increase. what is unusual about this friday setup, is the best chance of showers south of san jose and colder systems out of the north as we move through the weekend. cold air but not a lot of moisture. what is interesting about that cold air it could bring down the know levels next week. rain projections between friday and sunday generally less than a quarter inch. i think what will be more interesting is the type of precipitation we could see in the higher till tops as the temperatures cool down. the shift will begin to see in the seven-day forecast the jet stream carves out over the west coast like this. this means by tuesday may see highs only in the 40s and perhaps snow levels closer to 3,000 feet as we ring in the new year. temperatures around san francisco, warmest days coming up tomorrow in to thursday. chance of showers. chilly showers at that. not big rain totals but certainly cold as we watch the
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high temperatures in our valleys go from the 60s the next couple of afternoons for places like san jose to the upper 40s by monday and tuesday. we are talking snow levels down to 2,000 feet, that's where a lot of moisture should stay with this particular pattern, but if enough swings to the bay area, stay tuned. coastal hill tops may get a dusting of snow. >> it will be balancing out. >> thank you, rob. still to come, cinnabon is getting some backlash because of a tweet about carrie fisher. the message that wasn't very well received. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, chris pratt is here from mad lib theater and katie holmes, music from john mayer, it's a great show. do not change the channel. al== gun sales in california are soaring... as people rush to buy before new happening now on our twitter feed, gun sales in california are soaring as people rush to buy before gun control laws are in force. sales of semiautomatic rifles
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have doubled. and a silver lining to the uber and lyfts crowding the streets. they say they are driving down duis making the streets safer. more nuz in two minutes. this overturned cement truck
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closed down a street in sausalito today. this overturned cement truck closed down a street in sausalito today. police told people in the area to avoid the road for several hours as crews cleared the truck. no injuries were reported. malls across the country have been packed with people returning presents and cashing
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in on gift cards but there have been a surprising number of brawls at malls and social media they say is playing a role. security has become a major concern at malls nationwide. a series of brawls erupted the day after christmas. they could be seen in 15 malls in 12 states. authorities don't believe they are coordinated on-line but rumors of mass hysteria spread through social media is feeding the panicked scenes. >> social immediate wra will be the death of this country. they cause more panic than necessary. >> reporter: security has been beefed up at locations where there have been mall brawls. there's been no reports of major incidents in the bay area. most tributes to the late carrie fisher have been well received. one got backlash tonight. cinnabon tweeted this today. you can see they outlined her in cinnamon sugar and said carrie fisher would always have the
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best buns in the galaxy, touting the company's cinnamon rolls. it whats been deleted but many expressed disdain saying cinnabon distastefully capitalized on fisher's death. >> but someone in this newsroom said wouldn't that be her sense of humor. >> she is a comedienne and writer and i wonder if she would have appreciated it. it is a good depiction of carrie fisher. raiders owner showing support for injured quarterback derek carr. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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we go to the third period the sharks cling to a 2-1 lead. there's a turnover in the neutral zone. the ducks come the other way yeah, he deflects one past jones. this game is tied. it would go to overtime. in ot, it's the big defense man bret burns coming up. that's the game winner. this sharks take the victory
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3-2. 1200 families filledening a oakland church curt curtsy ourt family they took home books, trees and toys. it is the third time they have teamed with feed the children to help families in the community. >> special opportunity to reach out to the bay area community that's sported me, my family and the warriors organization since i have been here. i was here around the holiday season. it's a special time for fall families and to provide them a meal and some resources that they probably otherwise wouldn't be able to have is pretty special. we've grown it every year, which is the biggest thing and being able to reach more and more families. so we want to continue that mission. tmz snapped this photo of derek carr in a cast chatting with owner mark davis in a los angeles hotel. this is hours after carr has his
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broken fibula repaired. you can see carr is smiling but he's not happy with tm z. he posted a video with his son batting around a balloon and he has the caption what you want to do when you want to eat dinner with family and walk outside and tmz has to get the first shot. obviously carr has not lost his sense of humor and seems like he will be ready to go. let's go back to you. coming up next, tesla's next biggest engine.
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enough to build cars. now they're helping build solar pan with tesla it's not enough to just build cars. . now they are helping to build solar panels. they are joining forces with panasonic to create solar cell and modules in new york. designed for nonsol slar rooftops. it will make it the large hess maker of solar cells in north america. production will start next summer. it will happen in and around buffalo, new york. if you are looking for a job in the solar business, that might be a place to start. wow, two big companies getting together. >> solar still works in cold
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temperatures. >> yes, if you have clear skies and sunlight that will work for you. you will want the rise to rise tomorrow 7:24. patchy frost is a possibility for the morning. as we head to the afternoon forecast, we will see highs around downtown san jose in the low 60s. warmest days of week will be tomorrow and thursday for the south bay and shower chances in to the weekend. cooler temperatures and big drop next week. >> we are the envy of a lot of people back east. >> so true. >> however chilly it is. >> no rain in sight. thank you for joining us tonight. >> next news and forecast 4:30 a.m. on today in the bay. have a good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- chris pratt, katie holmes, musical guest, john maye


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