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tv   Today  NBC  December 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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still seeing the road close your due to the house fire near embarcadero. >> people preparing for the new year's eve celebrations. >> we hope everyone stays safe and warm. we might have some rain on the way. but we'll enjoy new year's eve. >> sunshine for now. >> and sunshine while we have it. we appreciate you spending the end of your 2016 with us. >> we'll be back with more news at 7:25 with a live local news update. country. all of this over russia's alleged interference in the presidential election. why president-elect trump is saying move on. two feet and counting. a powerful nor'easter hammers new england burying towns across the region. another foot of snow possible today as millions prepare to travel over the holiday weekend. we've got your forecast. everlasting bond. a joint service being considered for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher as family members visit a
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hollywood cemetery to begin plans to lay the two stars to rest. and unprecedented. cities across the country and around the world gearing up for new year's eve with more security than ever before. we're live in times square where preparations are under way for the nation's largest celebration. today, friday, december 30th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm tamron hall alongside carson da daly. matt is back on monday and savannah is enjoying her maternity leave. times square a lot of people will be there in about how many hours? >> 41 hours from now. that crystal ball that long-standing tradition and i'll
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be there. weather looks good. about 40 at midnight on the east coast. vladimir putin and president-elect donald trump are reacting to the obama administration's decision to punish russia for its efforts to interfere in the u.s. presidential election. let's get right to it with nbc haley jackson standing by. good morning. >> hey, tamron, good morning. russia had been threatening to retaliate against the u.s. sanctions against it. expelling the same number of diplomats the u.s. did to russia. but now reports out of moscow, vladimir putin will not eject any diplomats and wait to see what donald trump does before deciding on more action against the u.s. payback for putin. from the white house, slapping sanctions on russia for trying to interfere with the u.s. election. a punishment the next president isn't saying much about yet. "it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better
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things." donald trump says in a short statement. nevertheless, he adds, he will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation. multiple senior intelligence officials tell nbc news trump and his team have been briefed since mid-august about russia's attempts to interfere with the election adding, trump himself was told of direct links between moscow and the dnc e-mail hack. trump has resisted publicly acknowledging that link. >> somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. okay. you don't know who broke in to dnc. >> reporter: russia now furious over the new sanctions. the punishment includes forcing 35 russian diplomats out of the u.s. by the end of the weekend. going after two suspected russian hackers wanted by the fbi and ordering two russian compounds, one in new york and one in maryland accused of being used for spying shut down today.
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the sanctions also retaliation for what's described as harassment of american officials abroad. like this. video of what the state department in june called an unprovoked attack on a u.s. diplomat by a russian police officer. trump could reverse these sanctions, once he takes office. the white house delivering a warning. he shouldn't. >> if the next president wants to lift sanctions against senior russian intelligence units and make it easier for them to interfere in our election process, he could do that. we just don't think that makes much sense. >> keep in mind that some top republicans in congress support sanctions against russia. in some cases, even tougher penalties. so, if donald trump does decide to roll back those punishments, he may find politically he is a bit boxed in. tamron, carson. >> there is a question about how much the president-elect knew about these sanctions prior to thursday's announcement. what can you tell us? >> the senior intelligence official tells nbc news that donald trump's team was briefed
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fully on what the obama administration was going to do on these sanctions yesterday. remember, though, that as early as october, intelligence officials told nbc that president-elect and his team had been briefed since mid-august about russia's connection to an attempt to interfere with the u.s. election. tamron, carson, back to you. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. now to that nasty nor'easter hitting new england with up to two feet of snow and high winds. disrupting the holiday travel plans for millions of americans. our team has it all covered. let's begin with morgan in new hampshire. what have you got? >> millions of americans trying to recuperate this morning after that powerful nor'easter slams parts of new england battling states like new hampshire with more than 17 inches of snow and leaving more than 1,000 people waking up this morning without power. overnight, a flash of light and then -- a rare burst of thundersnow.
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the last winter storm of 2016 arriving with force. the nor'easter quickly piling up snow across new england. this morning, more than 7 million people are under winter storm advisories. in massachusetts, crews using new liquid deicers getting a head start before roads completely freeze over. in maine, most of the state is under a winter storm warning. up to 18 inches expected there when it's all said and done. in vermont, an ice skaters' paradise. and a skier's, too. one resort said it got more snow thursday than all of last year. and in new hampshire -- >> this year could be the big one. >> reporter: jake has been plowing the winding roads for 19 years. >> what do you recommend to people who were traveling on them? >> just go slow. take your time. >> reporter: but for skiers, this storm's been a long time coming. >> it's beyond excited. i'm shaking right now. >> how does it compare to last
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year? >> last year sucks. >> reporter: this year a different story. ending the year with a literal bang. the snow is expected to taper off later on this morning. the winds howling around this evening. tamron, carson. >> thank you very much. what you can expect today and this weekend. one man has that answer and it is our own al roker who is out in california getting ready for monday's big rose parade. good morning. >> we're at the fiesta float building in irwin. we'll talk about that in just a little bit. but more on this storm and the reinforcing storm that's coming in behind it. we show you right now, oh, we have heavy snow from new england all the way back to indiana and down into west virginia. you can see that snow hanging around. we've got lake-effect snow watches and warnings. we're watching that, as well. heavy snow for northern maine and heavy lake effect snow bands set up and behind that we have a
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quick clipper that's going to reinforce that lake-effect snow, as well. giving some more light snowfall accumulation to the great lakes and into upstate new york. final accumulations over the next several hours through saturday, we can expect about three to six more inches up through parts of new england. but the heavier snow will be around the great lakes. especially the side of lake erie and ontario. anywhere from six to nine inches of snow. so, again, guys. more snow. more wind behind it. that's going to be the bigger problem from new england into the mid-atlantic states. more heavy wind and that may cause some delays today into tomorrow morning. >> all right, al, thank you very much. meanwhile, the weather looks good for tomorrow's big new year's eve celebration here in new york city. security top of mind for officials here and across the country. stephanie gosk is over at times square. stephanie g mo stephanie, good morning. >> tamron, good morning. after a year of terrible attacks
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from berlin to paris to orlando, law enforcement agencies around the world aren't taking any chances when it comes to protecting people looking to celebrate on new year's eve. here in times square, there will be more officers on the ground than ever before. this morning, new york city is getting ready for its annual bash with nearly 1 million people planning on watching the ball in times square. ringing in the new year with noisemakers, confetti and massive security. >> we have reached the new level of patrol strength for nypd. >> reporter: tomorrow night a record 7,000 uniformed and undercover police will be on the streets. including hundreds of heavily armed counterterrorism officers. this year, law enforcement is bringing in sand trucks and other vehicles to block off streets. in cities across the country, it's a simil barricades in boston and chicago. >> it is sad that we have to do this type of stuff, but it's a reality of what's happening now
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in the world. >> reporter: in pasadena, california, police have their hands full with new year's celebrations taking place tomorrow night and the rose parade on monday forcing them to come up with new tactics. >> we'll be using water barriers to create a barrier of sorts. >> reporter: creating a deterrence and instill confidence. today security is also being beefed up across europe with some officers in germany arming themselves with machine guns. officials now taking any chances after vehicle attacks at a berlin christmas market this month and an attack in nice in july. in london, a higher police presence at buckingham palace and local markets. back here in times square, the public seems to support the work law enforcement is doing. and don't seem worried. >> i think they've been doing a great job anywanyway. just enjoy it like we are enjoying it. >> reporter: new york law enforcement officials tell us that there has been very little so-called terrorism chatter in
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recent days. they also say that they have visited just in this area alone 3,200 car and truck rental agencies asking managers to look out for anything suspicious. carson and tamron, back to you guys. >> stephanie, thank you very much. now to a tragedy at a colorado ski resort. a texas woman is dead and her two daughters injured after they fell from a chair lift. officials say the lift was half-way up the slope when the three fell on thursday morning. they were taken to a nearby hospital where the 40-year-old woman died. one of her daughters has since been released. investigators are talking to lift operators, skiers and snowboarders to try and figure out exactly how it happened. a wild police chase in phoenix ended last night when police shot the suspect. officials say the pursuit began after an armed robbery at a convenience store. they say the suspect took off in a u haul truck and led police on a low-speed chase running several red lights and stop signs along the way. the chase ended when the suspect got out and apparently tried to car jack the vehicle in the next lane appearing to point a gun at
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the driver. police then shot the suspect before taking him into custody. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. a member of the kennedy family's facing legal trouble this morning after being involved in a bar fight in aspen, colorado. connor kennedy, grandson of robert kennedy and one-time boyfriend of taylor swift, was arrested after police saw him throwing punches. but his lawyers say there's more to the story. here's nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: a mugshot of a son of american royalty in an aspen jail. 22-year-old connor kennedy arrested for fighting outside of a bar. according to aspen police, officers pulled up to a bar called bootcy bellows and saw two men rolling around on the ground with kennedy throwing four or five punches to the head of the other party. the young kennedy arrested for disorderly conduct. the bar owner says he saw kennedy earlier that night and he was a perfect gentleman. >> connor was nothing but a model citizen. he was wonderful. we hope he comes back. >> reporter: kennedy's lawyers
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telling nbc news it was in fact kennedy who was attacked by two men after he "rebuked them for directing a homophobic slur and threats to his close friend." adding that mr. kennedy looks forward to a full airing of the incident. thursday's arrest was not the first for connor kennedy. in 2013 he was taken into custody near the white house during a peaceful environmental protest against the keystone pipeline along with his father, robert f. kennedy injur the kennedy family has a long history of vacationing in aspen. president john f. kennedy spending time on the slopes, connor's uncle michael kennedy tragically dying if aspen during a ski accident in 1997. now connor kennedy expected back in aspen for a february court hearing. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles.
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now to another big weekend event for new yorkers and the city's nearly 60 million annual visitors. >> paf a century of setbacks and delays, a new subway line will actually open to the public. "today" national correspondent craig melvin is here with the story. again, this is not just about people who live in new york. if you visit here. and it is also a infrastructure issue for this country. >> very much so. in fact, it is a project so long in the making that its first delay was actually due to the great depression. the second avenue subway opens to riders this sunday at noon but i managed to get an exclusive look at it with the guy who finally helped make it happen, new york governor andrew cuomo. it's the ride nearly a century in the making. workers putting the finishing touches on the 2nd avenue subway. >> someone told me that the governor was very hands on with the project. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's the largest expansion of the subway system in 50 years, spanning more than 30 blocks and costing roughly
7:15 am
$4.5 b $4 $4.5 billion, it is very unique. >> very open, gives you a sense of space. >> lots of artwork. >> even if a child never walks into a museum, just their daily experiences living in this state, they should be exposed to art that gives them that aspect, that perspective and that creativity. >> reporter: beyond the fine art is function. noise reducing ceiling panels, column-free platforms, and low-vibration tracks for a totally different transit experience. >> you'll get a lot of people who now -- >> reporter: and i joined the governor for the inaugural ride. >> you feel how smooth this is? >> yeah, it is. >> how quiet this is? that makes a difference for the riders. it also makes a difference for the people who live in the buildings above. >> there's been a lot of talk about infrastructure. what can other cities learn from what you guys have managed to pull off here in new york city?
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>> first, it's not about one project. this is one project. but this is really a component of a larger system. we're doing trains, subways, new penn station, new airport at laguardia airport. you really want to redesign an entire system. >> reporter: the completion of this project has been a long time coming. first proposed in 1920 and delayed in the '30s, '40s and '70s, skepticism remained high long after construction restarted in 2007. >> that's when i said, no, we're going to make the deadline just to show you that we can make the deadline and we're going to do it right. >> this is also about showing people that government can still do big things. >> government can still do big things because, craig, if you don't believe it can, then we defeat ourselves. >> this is fascinating. these are the bones of the subway system. >> this is what takes the time, all the crossover tracking, all the signals. >> reporter: the new line has
7:17 am
another message, not just for the city, but the nation. >> e pluribus unum. out of many one. that's what america is all about. we are no one race, we are no one religion. but new york is really the laboratory for the american experiment in democracy. >> governor cuomo wants this to be an example to other large cities across the country. this is supposed to extend out to 1 25th street in east harlem. i also asked him about the democratic nomination for president in 2020. he chuckled, walked off, left the subway. but he is very proud of the subway system. let's head back out to al in california for the rest of the forecast. >> i got to tell you, as a new yorker, i am so excited about this subway. my son and i have been going down to check out the station. we are very excited. but we're also excited about some of the weather we've got out there for the rest of the country. we are looking at rain here in the southern california area. we're going to look at that in the next half-hour.
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lake-effect snow again around the great lakes. another storm system coming in this to the pacific northwest, mid-atlantic states, southeast, gulf coast. looking pretty good in the central plains. nice and mild with plenty of sunshine. sunshine. we're going to get to yif you wo sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ good morning bay area. at the 7:00 a.m. hour, san francisco already at a nice 47 degrees. we're expecting nice clear skies. overall very pleasant conditions for your last friday of 2016.
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here are your expected highs for today topping out at 63 in san jose, 57 in san francisco and near the east bay also in the mid 50s, lower 60s. half moon bay at 60 degrees. >> the metra card is still the best transit deal in america, ladies and gentlemen. >> i love it! you don't have one -- you have two. nice. >> you never know when one might not work. >> that is so tu. al, we'll check back with you later. just ahead, overnight developments on plans being made to honor the lives of both debbie reynolds and her daughter, carrie fisher. then a wake-up call ahead of tomorrow night's big new year's festivities. the "rossen reports" experiment that shows you may be far drunker than you realize. got that coming up. but first, this is "today" on nbc. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today. firefighters are investigating what caused a palo alto house good friday mornings. it's 7:26. i'm sam brock. firefighters right now investigating what cause add palo alto house to go up in flames this morning about 5:00. here is video of those flames when the fire first broke out on the 2100 block of lewis road off 101 in between the embarcadero and the oregon ex-prs way. firefighters originally thought someone could have been trapped inside the house. the homeowner was able to get out okay. two stations were dispatched to put out the flames and everything was extinguished in a little less than an hour. there were initially traffic hiccups as a result of that fire. vianey has more on that. >> right now in san jose, 44
7:27 am
degrees. we are seeing cloud cover and early morning patchy fog. we have tracking a storm system that is expected to make et cetera way to southern california bringing the possibility of scattered showers. but for us in the bay area, friday night heading into early saturday morning, we could see the chance for some showers in the bay area. we should clear out just in time for new year's eve, making way for a pretty nice new year's day. chance of showers returns by next week for both san francisco and inland as well, as well as the cold snap and a drop in those temperatures. all right. let's go ahead and get a quick check of your traffic drive times. westbound 580 towards the richmond bridge about eight minutes. with the south bay seeing a light holiday commute, northbound 101 to highway 85, 19 minutes. northbou . >> seems like everyone might be sleeping in. thank you very much, vianey. appreciate the report. we'll be back with more live
7:28 am
local news in just half an hour. in the meantime, we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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♪ 7:30 now on a friday morning, december 30th, 2016. and, ladies and gentlemen, a great day in history. it is our colleague, matt lauer's, birthday today. of course, sending you, matt, if you're watching, warm wishes. tamron, the old question what do you get the man who has everything could have been written for matt. >> getting a hug from his kids and his wife. just having a good time. did he request this song? this does not sound like a matt song. would be steely dan. what would you play for matt? >> i'd play that rebecca black song, "it's friday." because it will drive him crazy
7:31 am
so much. >> matt will be back on monday. next week is matt's 20th anniversary as host of today. he looks 19. to mark the occasion, he'll be joined all week by a very special co-host -- yes, indeed, katie couric. it will be her first time in that role on "today" in ten years. matt, if you're up watching on your birthday, here's a message from katie. take a look. >> i see matt! happy anniversary! your worst nightmare is back! >> that's funny. it will be fun to watch katie and matt back next week. we'll have more on that but let's check on today's headlines. snow is piling up across parts of new england as fast-moving nor'easter makes its way across the region. two feet has already fallen in maine and there is more on the way. nearly 10 million people are under a winter advisory today. 19 states, including new york and california, will ring in the new year by increasing
7:32 am
the minimum wage, the highest in massachusetts and washington state, at $11 per hour. loved ones will say their final good-bye to zsa zsa gabor this afternoon. funeral services will be held in beverly hills. zsa zsa died last week at the age of 99. we are learning more about plans to honor two other legendary actresses, mother and daughter, debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. joe fryer has more. >> reporter: fans are still coming to grips with the fact that both debbie reynolds and carrie fisher have died just one day apart. family is still making memorial service plans but overnight they told us they are considering one joint funeral for both stars. after losing his sister one day, then his mother the next, todd fisher was seen at a los angeles cemetery tasked now with making funeral plans for both. on twitter, he shared this heartbreaking artwork from a fan, writing this is a beautiful love story to witness in my 58 years. i miss them both so much. love is everlasting.
7:33 am
>> i usually come to her. >> reporter: as this upcoming hbo documentary shows, carrie fisher and debbie reynolds lived next door to each other, they were that close, despite some rocky patches in their past. it is a bond that started when fisher was young. this touching photo shows her at age 6 sitting off stage captivated by her mom's performance. james lipton from inside the actor's studio says the nation was just as mesmerized by them. >> it is not like any other mother/daughter relationship i know of. it happened in full view of the public. and we are so much the richer for it. >> reporter: during an interview last month on npr's "fresh air," fisher said her mother recently had two strokes. >> everything that could go wrong went wrong and it was just the year from hell. there were days we thought she was going to die. yes, she stopped breathing. >> reporter: reynolds did recover but the pain of losing her beloved daughter this week
7:34 am
may have been too much. >> i've never subscribed to the idea that someone could die of a broken heart. but -- how else can we describe what happened in the last 24 hours? i have come to the conclusion that debbie reynolds died of a broken heart. >> you can expect to see a number of tv tributes to the mother and daughter this weekend. hbo will rebroadcast fisher's documentary "wishful drinking." and sitcom episodes will be aired featuring reynolds including "golden girls," "roseanne" and "will and grace." >> let's get a check of the forecast from al who's in california. hey, al. we're at the construction place. here in irwindale. 12 of the 40 floats are being done here. this is a sea of carnations, right? about 4,000 of them. but, it is actually as you take the high shot, a rose. that's right. this hangs off of the norton simon museum in pasadena, one of
7:35 am
the famous places. what i find interesting is they're carnations to make a rose. why didn't they just use roses? anyway, let's see if we can get an answer to that. meantime, the good news is we're going to get rain for southern california, but it will not be -- it won't happen on the parade. that's great. and there is a reason for that. so today and tomorrow, into sunday, rain and -- rain in the mountains in the southwest and snow into the mountains as well. as that pushes through, we are looking at anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half to two inches of rain and snow in the mountains. normally the parade happens on new year's day. right? well, because there's a rule that it never -- they never have the parade on sunday, it's moved now to monday. so monday at 11:00 a.m., 46 degrees, partly cloudy skies. that's the good thing. because if it was going to be on sunday, there could have been some rain. so that worked out well. that's what's going on around
7:36 am
the countr good morning. right now in san francisco 47 degrees, mostly clear skies, and we are expecting a high of about 58 degrees, could be topping in the 60s for parts of the bay area. here is a quick glance at what you can expect. in the north bay also expecting 60s. in oakland 59, palo alto 53. down in cher we're also keeping those 60s in the forecast. santa cruz mountains a high of about 58 before we cool down into the upcoming week. >> the reason they use the carnations, carnations actually last longer and one of my dear friends and my mentor, willard scott, every day always had a carnation, a fresh carnation in his lapel. so willard, this one's for you, my friend. >> al, that's so sweet. we'll talk to you later. up next, think you'll be okay to drive home from your new year's party after a drink or two? the "rossen reports" social
7:37 am
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we're back at 7:41. this morning on "rossen reports," a wake-up call for anybody headed to a new year's party this weekend. >> "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen and his team set up a social experiment that might change the way you behave. jeff, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. you know we've done a lot of stories over the years, but this one really sticks with me. so many of us headed to new year's parties this weekend and we are drinking, thinking we know our own limits. oh, i can have a couple of drinks and if i'm not slurring my words on stumbling around, i'm fine. how many of you have actually gotten behind the wheel after drinking on new year's? so we set up this social experiment in 2013 and it is revealing. this morning new numbers are out showing how dangerous it is. can you really trust yourself? we invited this group of friends
7:42 am
to a restaurant that told them we're doing a story about holiday drinking. what they don't know -- >> blow hard in that. >> reporter: -- after the party, this local police officer working with us is giving them breathalyzers. >> three, four -- >> reporter: -- and field sobriety tests. show of hands, how many of you feel in control of yourselves? coordinated. most of you. >> reporter: this man told us he'd even be okay to drive right now. >> you would get behind the wheel. yeah, why not? >> reporter: authorities say too often people lose track of how much they're really drinking and don't know their own limits. according to new government data, during the new year's holiday, 36% of all traffic deaths involve drunk driving. which makes our social experiment so important. >> four martinis in an hour. >> reporter: we supplied the alcohol telling half of them to drink as they normally would. and the other half not to drink
7:43 am
at all. they're our designated drivers. we also hired car services as a back-up to make sure everyone got home safely. but would they drive if they could? >> i'd wait longer. >> how long would you wait before you drove? >> me? at least an hour, hour and a half. >> keep going. >> reporter: so we waited that long. then gave kim a breathalyzer test. the legal limit is .08. >> .10. >> reporter: are you surprised it took only two drinks to get you over the legal limit? is it. >> i am. i really am. i thought i could have two and be safe. >> reporter: authorities say that's another common mistake. even after you stop drinking, your blood alcohol level can continue to rise as the liquor seeps in to your system. >> eight, nine, ten -- okay. you're good. >> reporter: art here stopped drinking two hours ago. he still can't walk straight. he blows a .12. well over the limit. >> good thing i didn't drive. >> reporter: most of our drinkers told us they wouldn't
7:44 am
drive. but then there's ron who's about to make a bold admission. if you lived close by, would you drive only? >> two blocks, i'm good. >> you think you could do it safely. >> two blocks, yeah. >> reporter: but watch what happens. >> walk in heel to toe fashion. >> reporter: -- when the officer tells him to walk straight. >> one, two, three, four, five -- >> reporter: he can't do it. and his blood alcohol level? >> .13. >> .13. >> .13. you're legally intoxicated. >> wow. three drinks and i'm intoxicated? >> reporter: actually, we watched him order one, two, three, four drinks. plus a shot. >> i probably would have gotten into a car to drive home had i been at a local bar. >> but now seeing that you were .13, nearly twice the legal limit, what's that like to hear? >> it's diss heartening. >> that you would have gotten on the road. >> very scary. >> what do you make of that now?
7:45 am
>> i'm an idiot. you don't realize how much you drank until after the sobriety test comes. >> by then it is too late. >> then it is absolutely too late. god forbid, i'd have hurt somebody or killed somebody. >> we want to thank that group for helping us out and of course for being so honest. it is very hard to do that with the cameras around. remember, they knew they weren't driving home. that was all for an experiment. authorities say the message here is clear. even when you have just one drink, you can be physically impaired. and as we have seen, so is your judgment. after just one drink. so if you are driving, police say do not drink at all. not to mention, you can get easily caught, especially over the holidays, as we approach the new year's weekend, guys, police are really stepping up, telling us they have dui patrols setting up checkpoints everywhere. all that said though, have a happy new year. >> happy new year to you, too. but lots of people, i'm only two blocks, i can drive.
7:46 am
because i'm only two blocks, i should walk. >> but the thing now with apps, you have different car services, you got public transportation if you're in the city. take a cab. it is just not worth it. coming up next, ronan farrow with the stories and videos that you had click hi, i'm paul and by now you might know me as the guy who switched to sprint because all networks are great. but get this, sprint has this crazy deal on their new unlimited plan with the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line free. yep - unlimited data, talk and text for your whole crew.
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welcome back on a friday morning on "today." reason ronan farrow is wrapping up his week if the orange room. ronan, awesome job. thank you so much. >> after being pummeled by a lot of 2016, you may be surprised the most popular digital posts show kindness rising to the top over and over again. take a look at our own on number three, nasa announcing that the zodiac has changed. our second one, right here. the winner of a $425 million lotto jackpot. staying anonymous. understandably. finally, not a story about the kardashians number one but the story of this woman in wisconsin who provided hospice care and shelter to babies in their final days. really powerful journalism. you can find that and the other top stories on and of course, you can see your own top moments on instagram. here's "today's".
7:51 am
lot of babies, some sports, we love that. and yours, carson. big year for you. family photos, the boys and an emmy win. it is a pretty big deal. tamron, right here, top left, your top moment, obama state dinner. come on, again, no big deal. and our edward r. murrow, our most accomplished broadcaster of all. the "today" puppy. the very top moment, the two puppies meeting. in a year of online harassment, partisan tweets, this is the top hashtag. i want to end on that note. #love. third year running, love is on top above everything else. >> that's all you need. you were saying for 2017 -- >> 2016, all the mean tweets, all the trolling is out. it is so last year. love rises to the top. >> ronan, thank you very much. speaking of turning the page on 2016, don't forget to catch new year's eve with mr. carson
7:52 am
daly, right here on nbc starting at 11:30 eastern time. i'm going to have my little juice drink and watching you. chef marcus samuelson is going to spice up your spaghetti and meatballs. thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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good morning bay area. we've been enjoying a nice chilly start. we're slowly warming up into the upper 40s. in san francisco, 47 degrees. for the most part, in for mostly clear skies. we are going to see an increase in that cloud cover as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. 46 degrees in san jose. here is a quick look at today's highs across the bay area, san jose, 63 degrees. out here in los gatos, 58. palo alto being the lowest at 53, and along the peninsula, 63 degrees. as we head to the north bay, 60 degrees as well. a quick look at your bridge times. westbound 580 towards the richmond bridge, seven minutes. westbound 80 towards the bay bridge about an eight-minute commute. making your way near the south bay, expect a pretty nice light commute, northbound highway 85,
7:57 am
northbound 85 to highway 101 about 20 minutes. the road is still looking light out there. kira? >> great last friday of the year. happening now on twitter, the investigation is on to figure out what caused a fire at a palo alto home early this morning. crews originally thought someone may have been trapped in the house. the homeowner was able to et cetera scape safely. this morning, the nation is still watching two bald eagle eggs on live camera. we posted a link to the live feed on our facebook page. bay area public transit agencies are offering free rides for new year's eve this weekend. check out the list on our home payable. we hope everyone has a safe and healthy new year's eve tomorrow and you're able to ring in the new year with those you love. we will be in at 11:00 a.m. with our midday news. until then we'll be back every 30 minutes during the "today" show with live local news updates for you. i'll be back in 30 minutes and
7:58 am
hope to see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> it's 8:00 on "today." >> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, holiday weekend mess. a nasty nor'easter drops snow and ice on millions leaving travel plans in flux but skiers and skaters very happy. >> i'm beyond excited, i'm shaking right now. >> we'll tell you where the storm is headed and what the weekend forecast has in store. plus, countdown to 2017. we have your last-minute tips and tricks to get you ready for the big night. and -- oh, we had fun, too. one puppy, two babies, and tons of good times. >> it is time to meet our puppy, let's have a drum roll, please. >> we look back at the best of 2016 from rokerthon to rio and to the kitchen and concerts.
8:01 am
"today," friday, december 30th, 2016. going into the new year from buffalo, new york. >> in from indiana and colorado. >> shout out to texas! we love you! >> hi to our family in pittsburgh! >> shout out to our friends and family staying warm in florida. >> okay! welcome back to "today" on this friday morning. amazing people out here. hi! good morning! happy new year. happy birthday! oh, my gosh, this is fun. >> good crew here. >> this is so good.
8:02 am
>> a lot of people excited to be here. it's the last weekend in the year. you can feel the excitement. lot to get to today. coming up, we'll head into the kitchen and make marcus samuelson's chef approved kid-friendly twist on the classic spaghetti and meat balls. >> that's fantastic. but first, here's your "news at 8." we begin this morning with that powerful nor'easter that slammed new england overnight. i'm morgan radford live in concord, new hampshire. millions of americans waking up this morning under winter weather advisories, also trying to recuperate in states like new hampshire, where they saw up to 17 1/2 inches of snow. this is also, as they had more than 1,000 people waking up this morning without power. interestingly though, some of these people say this wintry mix is exactly what they needed. ski resorts took a huge hit last winter with some places seeing only up to four inches of snow. now this year in november and december alone, they've already received up to 15 inches of snow. now with that additional foot and a half just last night. still, experts say especially
8:03 am
going into a holiday weekend, going into the new year, now is the time to be extremely cautious, especially if you're getting on those roads. because it is not only the packed snow that you can see, it is also the layer of ice on top that you cannot. especially as those temperatures continue to drop in the evening. this is something they say you need to be careful of, especially as we've seen more flight delays also around the country. back to you. carson? >> morgan, thank you very much. we'll get to al's forecast in just a minute. but first, russia's responding this morning to tough new sanctions from the obama administration. president vladimir putin said today russia will not oust american diplomats in retaliation for the move. earlier putin's foreign minister urged the russian leader to expel 35 u.s. diplomats in response to similar sanctions unveiled by president obama. putin says he will consider the actions of president-elect donald trump before he makes any decisions. police in southern california have released dramatic surveillance video in hopes of catching the driver in a hit and run.
8:04 am
three spacex employees were crossing the street in hawthorne earlier this month when the driver of a toyota camry ran a red light and hit the pedestrians, knocking them to the ground. all three victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. all right, back to the storms. let's check out the forecast with al. mr. roker? >> okay, guys, thanks so much. we're here at the fiesta float construction place. right now on the city of los angeles float. this is part of the 2024 bid for the olympics, which is kind of cool, for the summer olympics. you can see the wings here. it's going to be really beautiful. of course, los angeles has hosted the olympics twice before. by the way, every float has to be covered with organic material, seeds, plants, all sorts of stuff, can't be any paint, which is really kind of amazing. let's show you what we've got going on for today, as far as your weather is concerned. starting off with new year's
8:05 am
eve, the ball drop, times square, carson daly and mel b. breezy, 39 degrees right at midnight when the ball drops. let's look at the weather throughout the rest of the country, midnight, heavy rain on saturday, saturday night, down through the gulf, snow in new england, snow in the pacific northwest, heavy rain through the what you got. unseasonably mild weather through the plains, snow through the pacific northwest into the plains. heavy rain down through the southeast and gulf coast. then on monday, big travel day, could be some big travel problems from new york, atlanta, chicago, down into new orleans. back into minneapolis. all those places may have weather issues. denver as well. as far as air travel is concerned. so allow yourself a little extra time as we go into the new year. that's what's going on around the country. good morning. your current temperature right now in san jose 46 degrees.
8:06 am
over the next couple of hours we are expecting a rise in those temps into the upper 50s, lower 60s. by 1:00, a quick look 61 degrees. out in the san francisco area also seeing pleasant conditions right now, 44 degrees. a quick glance at what you can expect over the next couple of hours as you plan your friday, the last friday of 2016 will end with a pretty warm outlook across the bay area. >> that is your latest weather. don't forget about nbc's rose parade coverage. the tournament of roses. the 128th tournament of roses monday 11 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific. hoda kotb. it's our fourth year hosting the parade. love it. love being with hoda. we hope you'll join us after you -- in fact, don't even go to sleep after watching carson. just stay up and watch the parade. after watching the "today" show. >> it is a great tradition watching al and hoda is a lot of fun. >> they're so cute together.
8:07 am
>> over 100 years they've been doing that rose parade in pasadena. coming up next, the good times and laughs we shared right here on "today" over
8:08 am
8:09 am
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. >> announcer: "today's" year in review is sponsored by mercedes-be mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. we've covered a lot of serious news on "today" this year, but of course we managed to sneak in plenty of fun as well. >> that is true from a day at the white house to the rio olympics. here is a look back at the good times we've had in 2016. ♪ ooh it's something magical it's in the air it's in my blood it's rushin' on ♪ i don't need no reason don't need control ♪ i've got so high when i'm in my zone ♪ because i got that sunshine in my pocket got that good song if my feet ♪ when it drops ooh ♪ i can't take my eyes up off it i feel so phenomenally ♪
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you will like the way we rock it so don't stop ♪ under the lights when everything goes nowhere to hide when i'm getting you close ♪ when we move well you already know ♪ so just imagine just imagine just imagine ♪ >> one small thing i do every morning, go on the play list, play classic rock 'n' roll. >> the one thing do i is put my fingers in my ears. >> we've got a viewer outside anxiously awaiting your weather cast right there. >> i like to leave my audiences riveted. >> carson, may your dreams come true this morning. >> um, are you pregnant. well, yeah, i am pregnant. >> what! >> you guys, i didn't really want to make a big deal of this or anything about what it was going to be but -- oh, pie gosh, what is that?
8:12 am
>> it's a boy! >> round of applause for charles max feldman. 9 pounds 8 ounces. that it one cute little boy. >> we've been working with him on a cool new trick all morning long. let's see if it works. >> wait. you were supposed to disappear. >> boom. >> matt, grab some couch here, buddy. >> thank you very much. >> you know what time it is, kath? >> it's wine o'clock. >> really. are you pregnant? you guys need some new jokes. yes, i am. >> yes, she is! >> you're kidding me. >> shut the front door! >> saturday morning, dylan gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, calvin bradley fuchera. >> it is time to meet our puppy, let's have a drum roll, please! >> i'm down to about five opinions in life of the people that matter.
8:13 am
it's a very freeing thing. >> am i one of them? >> no. >> i sat on a bee once as a little kid. and it was terrible. >> for the bee. >> nancy, tell uls the story about when savannah got caught shoplifting. >> no, no! my gosh, we are out of time. >> where did we hear that? >> i made it up. but apparently i hit a button. >> willie, come here. >> no. >> willie, just -- >> no. >> i know the trick now. i got to go. >> you know what? >> this is like a remake of the defiant ones. >> that's life's different human tricks. >> are you kidding me? that's not your first rodeo, is it? >> get your face right up here. put your face right there. >> that's not his first
8:14 am
guinness, by the way. >> she's cooking. hoda's cooking! >> oh! >> i'm so sorry. >> i have to say real quickly, the soup is delicious. really good. >> savannah has never met a milkshake she doesn't like. milk shakes, milk shakes, milk shakes. >> that is so good! >> guys, are you like loving it or what? >> 13 states where these are illegal. you need to eat those potatoes in your pajamas, have a cup of coffee and go to bed. >> can i say it is just so nice to see you together. not you and anthony, you and the stove. >> what is this? >> that's onions. >> that's awesome. are those peaches? >> what is this? >> this is fennel. >> wait a minute. hold on. >> you got it. you got it. yeah! she sticks the landing! >> lucky for us, we have assembled the greatest culinary talent in the country. food brings people together. so here's to more food.
8:15 am
>> i want you. >> nice. >> come on. yeah! >> it is -- >> -- very interesting. >> i'm telling you, savannah, i like the new look. >> you look good. ♪ >> what are you wearing? >> we want to be classy. >> classy. >> we're looking back at the biggest pop culture moments of the '90s. >> don't mind me. nobody ever does. >> i heard she was going to dress up like a witch, so i did, too. >> 1961 also the last year that carson appeared on the "today" show.
8:16 am
>> i thought it was -- yes. i thought it was cool then. i deeply regret it now. >> i'm just going to sit right here. >> oh, no you don't. >> now the latest internet craze is called the -- manikin challenge. >> if you take too many, there's something -- the doctor said -- it's a medical thing. >> you know what it is? right here. right here. drinking of the wine. >> that's more like it. >> start the day with something good. >> exactly. >> every day. >> savannah guthrie always up no doubt. the "today" show all day yo come i'm playin' with my poker face my al roker face. >> hold on. okay. all right. >> no. ♪
8:17 am
♪ just call me angel of the morning angel ♪ >> what is your preshow ritual? >> well, i pray and pee in that order. >> me, too! >> three, two, one -- >> just a bit slow. just a bit slow. ♪ >> what did i say i'd do that for. >> i see you averting your eyes. that's because sasha has some kind of plumber's crack going on that is beyond anything i've ever seen. >> god help 345me. >> i have a single sister. >> we can talk later. >> i'll give you her number. >> high five.
8:18 am
>> i love this show and i am so excited! i love it! >> this is "today." >> i want that on the holiday new year's eve reel or whatever y'all do. ♪ ♪ ♪ love make the world go round love make the world go round love make the world go round ♪ ♪ when you want it the most there's no easy way out ♪ when you're ready to go and your heart's left in doubt ♪ don't give up on your faith
8:19 am
learn to believe and that's the way it is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ no one can get in the way for what i feel for you ♪
8:20 am
♪ he placed a wreath upon his door ♪ ♪ drove him up town for a diamond ♪ >> so you're a singer. >> yes. i used to be. >> okay. you have 16 cds? all right, i'm the worst. >> it's fine. i don't expect you to. i don't have any of yours either. anyway -- >> i meant it i said it i stole my mama's credit i'm cool i'm hot sock you in the stomach four more times. >> yes! >> we're on the steps of the white house. i have to say that qualifies as special. >> i'm not leaving. i always wanted to stand here. >> the vice president of the united states, bo and sonny obama. >> i think we're more excited about this moment than anything else. >> cleveland, ohio. we're in the heart of it here. nice crowd gathered on this
8:21 am
wednesday morning. >> mr. roker, be yoo-hoo, you down there? >> welcome to philadelphia. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's hot here, people. >> the nation is waking up to a stunning upset. donald trump is the president-elect. >> not so easy getting forecast right, is it? >> this is the first spot in the country that the sun hits the horizon. >> if we survive this, it will be a miracle. yeah, baby! yeah! >> this is the whale's mouth. if you look close enough, you can see pinocchio. >> largest tree on earth. >> wow. >> yeah. i see it, i see it. wow. >> beautiful. >> it is really pretty, isn't it? >> feast your eyes. >> sweet mother of nuts. >> all right, everybody, here we go. stand by. animation and music. animate. >> it is a party on the beach in
8:22 am
rio. >> it's time for al's portuguese class! [ speaking portuguese ] >> no. [ speaking portuguese ]. >> shouldn't we call in natalie's portuguese class? >> absolutely, we should. >> oh, my god. it is a cliff. >> going on to our next item on the bucket list. >> there's more fog over there. >> if you look up here, guys, should be right through there. >> how perfect is that? ♪ highs cold michelle pfeiffer that white gold ♪ >> hey, zac efron, we need you here at the team final. >> if that works, i'd like you to say you're welcome. >> one of those goals is just to have fun. >> thank you for giving us a front row seat to a great run. >> those are fantastic. >> usa! >> winning the decathlon
8:23 am
yesterday. ♪ we're gonna live forever >> go crazy let's go crazy ♪ we're gonna live forever ♪ ♪ looks like a -- >> [ screams ]. >> are we still on? >> these might have been in the fridge for too long. >> can i have my tooth back that's in there? >> check out "today's" pinterest page. we have a pinterest page? >> we're going to let this cook for three to four minutes on each side. >> why are they giggling? >> carson's got something under his nose. he looks like charlie chaplin. >> you're so messy. >> to celebrate her 81st
8:24 am
birthday. jane doodie got -- i didn't say jane doodie. >> let's be clear, you said jane doodie. >> he said look at this stone, he picks it up, then he goes, oh, my gosh, it is the turd. >> it had the feel of tex-mex. >> that is so gross. zpr lo >> look who's here from one dimension per forming live -- >> what? >> one direction. what did i just say? >> boy, you can tell we don't rehearse. right? >> that was awesome! ♪ i can't stop feeling ♪ i can't stop the feeling ♪ not giving up on you so just dance dance dance ♪ ♪ can't stop the feeling all those things i shouldn't do so just dance dance dance ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ ♪ got this feeling in my body i
8:25 am
can't stop feeling ♪ got this feeling in my body ♪ ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ can't stop the feeling got this feeling in my body ♪ ♪ break it down got this feeling in my body ♪ ♪ can't stop the feeling got this feeling in my body ♪ >> good every time. rerack it! let's see it again. >> we've seen that 18 times now. >> you know why? had it is because it is our life and we're so lucky to be here. >> i'm so jealous of that white house broadcast. good grief, how cool was that? >> we live a dream. we are very lucky. we have an awesome team who put that together. we're so thankful. what a great year. i could just start crying. coming up though, to keep it going, it's not over. tomorrow night's party, we've got last-minute meals and make-up ideas. the whole thing for you. also got a great cooking segment coming up with marcus
8:26 am
samuelson. right after your local news and weather. i'm kira klapper a driver plows through a brick wall causing major damage to good morning. it is 8:26. i'm kira klapper. a driver plows through a brick wall causing major damage to a store in the south bay. take a look at this cvs, a car plowed through. the store was closed for hours after the accident. piles of debris, broken glass and boarded up doors and windows. investigators say the driver was the only person in the car. no one was hurt. they say alcohol does not appear to have been a factor. a look at the traffic on the last weekday of 2016. >> good morning. we've seen nice clear skies. no rain in sight just yet, which
8:27 am
has given us a pretty good outlook in terms of weather forecast, traffic as well. right now roads are looking pretty clear right now. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. might be a few folks sleeping in from the weekend shenanigans and looks like we might be tracking possible of more rain as we head into the weekend as well. for now looks like the roads are clear and nothing to report. >> we will enjoy clear roads and clear weather as we head into 2017. hope you're able to enjoy your selves this weekend van dillen a safe new year's eve. another update in 20 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a friday morning, december 30th, 2016. the last weekday of 2016. less than 48 hours left in the new year. out on the plaza, times square pumped up. >> i got a sign. >> even charlie, we're all out here. thank you guys for being here. happy early new year to
8:31 am
everybody. we'll help you with your celebrations by teaching you three easy ways to use make-up and to add last-minute glamour to your new year's look. plus, we are making meatballs. spaghetti. it is a great recipe. marcus samuelson is here. his recipe is so good, so easy to prepare, can you recruit the kids to help. an exciting announcement to our viewers in new england, your nbc station in boston launches on sunday. if you are looking for the "today" show or any of your ofavorite nbc shows, channel 10 on most cable providers in boston starts new year's day. same time, just a new channel. let's head out to california. al is there with a check of the weather. hey, al. >> hey, guys. we are in irbwindale at the flot construction place. you got flowers, peels, onions, it is all here covering all these flights. all right's let's get your weather today. we are looking for more snow
8:32 am
still hanging out throughout northern new england. down south, tonight, tomorrow, rain moves into texas overfight. saturday, heavy thunderstorms and that will spread into the ms. mississippi river valley as far north as tennessee. look at the rainfall amounts. talking anywhere from five to siv six inches from central louisiana into central alabama. flooding is a real possibility there. rift of the country, lake-effect snow around the great lakes. western new york, western p.a. plenty of sunshine along the mid-atlantic states. starting to get some showers here in los angeles. that will continue right through sunday. good morning bay area. expect to warm up into upper 50s, lower 60s across the area. santa rosa expecting a high of 61 degrees as we make our way to oakland, 59, palo alto 53 and san jose topping out into those mid-60s with a high of 63
8:33 am
degrees. mostly clear skies as we head into the later portion of the night. we are expected to see an increase in cloud cover as we begin to track that storm system. that could bring the possibility of a few early morning showers to the furthest areas across the bay area. new year's eve forecast looking like possible rain around 10:00 a.m. weather. of course, the last regular season "sunday night football" night in america. we're ending with a big one. the packers taking on detroit on ford field. the winner wins the nfc north. cloudy, cold. it is an indoor field but in case you're tailgating outside, it's going to be good. because, of course, it's sunday night, "football night in america." packers versus lions. sunday night at 7:00. why would you want to go anywhere else? but in the meantime, of course, you might want to think about food, guys. right? >> that's right, al. because it's weather, it's
8:34 am
football, and your other passion, of course, food. >> that's right. a lot of the folks -- lot of people have been turning to the internet to get their recipes. forget about cookbooks. well, it's all come full circle and one of the most influential places where people are getting that food is a little thing called tasty. there is a revolution cooking up on computers around the world. one minute, one recipe at a time. 500 million followers strong. home cooks are turning to buzzfeed's tasty for inspiration. >> tasty launched over a year ago with a premise to understand how do we make food videos that everyone would want to share. and we focus on accessibility, relatability, and food that you can actually make at home. >> reporter: the videos have become social media's rock star with more facebook likes than taylor swift or lady gaga. a phenomenon that's attracting 1
8:35 am
in 2 american internet users every month. >> these online videos are almost like watching a magic trick kind of behind the scenes to see how you go from a raw ingredient to a beautiful finished dish. >> reporter: here in los angeles, a team of food fans, marketers and chefs produce dozens of videos every week ranging from the sweet to savory. the most popular recipe to date -- sliders. shared 4.5 million times. but tasty isn't the only game in town. popular sites like pop sugar food and taste maid are also making cooking cool. no november the modern media went traditional offering up a customizable hard backed cookbook filled with seven recipe sections, themes from dessert to dinner. this boston printing press expected to produce 5,000 copies, more than 20 times that were ordered. >> you eat with your eyes. to see that cooking process, it's almost like you're in somebody's kitchen. it makes you hungrier.
8:36 am
>> by the way, i don't want to toot our own horn, but is one of the best places you're going to find food recipes with our food team at today >> that is so fantastic, al. because many of your recipes that you cook here are on there. and your cold brew coffee was trending last week. we'll see you monday. we miss you, al. by the way, nbc universal is an investor in buzzfeed. next up, super simple ways to upgrade our makeup game. you don't need anything. you're naturally handsome. you got food, makeup. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back at 8:38 with more of our "today stress-free
8:39 am
holiday." if you are looking for fun ways to glam up for the ball drop tomorrow night, contributor has got some tips. i want to launch right into these looks. these are again easy things you can do to look special tomorrow. start out with the classic beauty. >> classic beauty. mia is looking very audrey hepburn. fresh skin, a wing liner, and red lipstick. you want your lipstick to last until that midnight case. take some translucent powder. really pack it on to that bottom lip. i know it looks kind of crazy right now, but just watch. it is going to disappear. >> it won't dry your lips out. >> you'll be totally fine because it will just go right into it. look, it literally doesn't come
8:40 am
off. >> that's great! no smudge. it will stay there all night line. >> when you do a deep red like that or bold lip, what do you recommend for the eyes so you don't look over made up? >> exactly. you want it to look nice and clean and let it speak with that wing liner. it keeps it all put together in a really chic way. >> very nice. you look beautiful. that lip color is amazing. next up, fierce and festive. now you're talking. >> this is my favorite. it is all about the glitter. really glowy skin and really putting on those lashes. >> beautiful. >> one thing i love to do is take it directly to the foundation and put some highlighter into the foundation itself. >> what does that do? >> when you do that, you put it in, you can get it so you have an all-over glow. super easy. i do that to start my entire face. when you do your foundation -- >> gives you this nice glow. >> exactly. but of course it wouldn't be the new year without glitter. it is the time of the year you can wear glitter and feel really
8:41 am
good about it. we did this beautiful two-in one thing where you can do just the eye shadow on one end, then on the other side you have glitter. >> that is beautiful. >> you can do it really festive like we have here or just take it into the corner creases depending on how festive you want to get. just line the bottom line. for me personally i like to just do a subtle glitter on the bottom lash. or you can go all out. >> she has a strong brow going on as well as lashes. >> this is going bold, bold, bold. everything bold. it is super festive, perfect for new year's eve. this is the time of the year that you are going to do this. >> it is gorgeous. you should just keep this on. >> look at that lip. i love pairing a really nice berry lip with that gold. it is a good contrast. >> your browse are amazing. >> i know. she's perfect. >> moving on to the sexy smolder for that midnight kiss. >> okay. this look is all about having a smokey eye, really, really like
8:42 am
chiseled face and a neutral lip. i feel like the first thing is that everyone always thinks a smokey eye has to be a black smokey eye and that feels a little intimidating. here we used a teal color. using actual like markers like this rather than a powder really makes it super easy to just draw it directly on to the eye so you don't have to get intimidated. but this is still considered a smokey eye. >> really. i thought that was always associated with black. >> you can do purple, blue, grey. >> what do you do with the rest of her face when you go with smokey eye? >> when everyone thinks of contouring it freaks everyone out because there is a lot of work. this product makes it super easy. just chisel the face directly where you want it to go. it doesn't necessarily have to be all the crazy lines all over your face. she already has a beautifully sculpted face. put it where you want contour. blend it through.
8:43 am
that gives you a subtle -- you see that definition. it doesn't look muddy. >> this has two sides to it. it is a highlighter and a -- >> that's just it. exactly. one product. you get both of them. it's amazing. you look beautiful. think the other thing is keeping it neutral on the lip for just like a sheer gloss and keeping the focus on those eyes. draw that man in with the eyes. >> you look beautiful, ladies. thank you so much. you can find more on these looks and how she did her makeup today at up next, what happens when you put a simple dish in the hands of a master chef. we got a delicious meal! a spin on spa debty. some cute little young chefs are with marcus samuelson. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: this portion of share kindness is created with
8:46 am
our sponsor, the y. supporting kids, families and communities for a better us. we're wrapping up our share kindness campaign this morning. we've got great news, everybody. all month long we've been logging your kind acts and dropping a lego piece into that giant box out on the plaza for each kind act. not only did we meet our goal of 1 million, we actually exceeded it. 1,114,642 to be specific, and so celebrate, lego is donating $1 million to toys for tots. it is time for our grand finale. our friend marcus samuelson is here. chef and owner of red rooster right in new york city, he is also a y spokesperson who wants to help kids make healthy choices when they eat. they are here with three special guests, sadie, aleah and ollie. chef, great to see you. first, before we get to the food, why is giving back so important to you? >> listen.
8:47 am
i'm here because lot of people in my community helped me out. right? i didn't have a y where i grew up in sweden but, for example, to have a ymca in 10,000 different communities supporting 22 million people and 9 million kids a year? that's absolutely amazing. i think we have one more act of kindness. because if we cook for tamron, does that count? >> yes. where do you want to start? we have some helpers here. >> throw in the onion, carrots and celery. >> the ingredients, we are making classic spaghetti and meatballs. >> with a little twist. we got carrots, celery, onion. what a great idea. just to have people during the holiday think about how can we work together and support each other. that's just a good idea. >> if you don't use this, how fine do you want? >> chop, chop. we're just going to throw that in here. little bit of white wine.
8:48 am
little bit of the tomato sauce. you got to be quick. >> sadie, you want to say hi to anybody while you are on live tv? >> hi, mommy. >> shout out to mom. >> then we got our tomato sauce. just like this. do like a chef, just throw that in. boom. lemon zest. lot of fresh herbs. oregano, you can have a little bit of thyme. remember we learn how to smell that? doesn't that smell amazing? >> fresh. >> we have a special shout out to the harlem y today. because we are all from harlem. you go twice a week and play basketball. you play basketball. >> yes. >> and you dance. right? >> yes. >> i actually work a lot with the y. i've actually renovated the kitchen at the ymca. >> it's like 22 million kids have a place to go after school. i had a place in the boys club every day after school. ollie, are you wlihipping up an
8:49 am
egg for us? >> get in there. >> yeah, don't be shy. >> chef, what is this? >> this is a baste for the meatball. add a little breadcrumb and a little bit of cream. little bit of egg. then we have our meatball mixture right here. >> what is your mixture, chef? >> chicken thigh, chicken liver. yes. we're just going to mix that up. >> don't let that scare you, kids. >> they're in. they're in. they're not scared. then we got just a little bit of spice here. just throw that in. then the lemon juice. great job. mix that. go ahead. mix that. there you go. >> back here, aleah, you want to say hi to everybody? >> hi, mommy. >> moms are very popular. >> your job is if carson gets messed up a little bit, you come to his partner. we're going in. >> you are going to make the meatballs. i notice you put a little liquid in your hand to form so it doesn't get sticky. >> yes.
8:50 am
little bit of olive oil. in the pan this is just regular canola oil and it is hot. >> why canola oil? any oil good or -- >> when you cook for kids a lot of kids for example have nut allergies so peanut oil would be good but you don't want to use that because some kids have nut allergies. >> you don't want to plop them in too much so you'll splash. >> you got big day tomorrow, right? had. >> big day. new year's eve. that's right. we're going to be dropping the ball on times square. you cook that? >> my hands are messy. so this is up to you and carson. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. yes. >> how long do these meatballs sit down in the oil? >> they may take four, five minutes. >> two, three minutes, just turn them over? >> yeah. why also have cooking classes. it could be for swimming or could be for sports but could also be for cooking classes. you guys can come over and taste. >> never quit, never give up.
8:51 am
>> marcus, you do like a meat sauce and meatballs. you get both. >> exactly. >> okay. a little bit of both. we're going to taste. enough talking, we're going to taste. >> i've already eaten all my meatballs. i'm working my way down. it is delicious. >> tamron, what are you eating tomorrow on the big day? what are you celebrating? >> ooh. i'm going to be making this perhaps. what is the -- what's on top here? >> just a little bit of ricotta and parmesan cheese. >> oh, nice. >> have some meatballs. >> ladies, don't be shy. >> it's good, right? >> give ollie one of those. >> this is so good. >> just a little bit of parm. >> thank you so much. this recipe is on "todatoday.c m we want to see kindness going into the new year. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
back now at 8:53. al may be in california but that's not stopping him from celebrating "today's" birthdays. hey, al. >> hey, guys. how you doing? i know there have got to be some strawberries on some of these floats somewhere. so let's spin the old smucker's strawberry jam jar and see whose birthday it is today. start off with mrs. irene holt.
8:54 am
she's 100 years old. a chicago cubs fan from phoenix, arizona. highlight of the year obviously watching the cubs win the world series. willie mae milward of albany, georgia. 100 years old. loves to wear her beautiful hats and shoes anywhere she goes. happy 100th birthday to clyde gamber from lancaster, pennsylvania. grew up on a farm and taught students in a one-room school house. ruth colvin of syracuse, new york. celebrating 100 years. show founded the literacy volunteers of america organization and received the presidential medal of freedom in 2006. anthony mancini, 101. a world war ii veteran. we salute your service, sir. he also worked for the u.s. postal service for over 35 years. happy 100th birthday to edwin tomes.
8:55 am
this detroit lions fan is from somerset, kentucky. says the secret to longevity is to try and eliminate the stress in your life. edwin will be watching as the packers take on the detroit lions on "sunday night football." as always, if you know somebody who's celebrating a birthday or anniversary -- 75th anniversary, please send it to us at and make sure you include a photo. back to you. >> thanks, al. of course we'll watch al and hoda monday at the rose parade in pasadena. quickly, a big happy birthday to our friend and colleague, matt lauer. matt, if you're watching, a big happy birthday. matt will be back on monday along with special guest co-host katie couric. >> you did a great job. thank you so much for joining us in the orange room. >> this was so great. love it. >> we'll see you, carson, tomorrow at times square. guys, kids, i'll see you at my house cooking me breakfast tomorrow morning. we'll be back. i'm kira klapper
8:56 am
==topvo== a south bay cvs store is reopening this morning... good morning. it's 8:56. i'm kira klapper. a south bay cvs store reopening this morning after a driver plowed into it yesterday. take a look at the gaping hole in the wall of the cvs on 6900 block of the expressway. it was closed about three hours after the accident. the driver was the only one in the car and no one was hurt.
8:57 am
they say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. happening now on twitter, a brazilian family visits the u.s. for the very first time and thieves break into their car and steal their passport and thousands in cash. their heartbreaking loss turns into a joyous celebration all thanks to a very generous nbc bay area viewer who gave them $10,000. and this morning people across the country are waiting to see two bald eagle eggs hatched online camera. one of them has started to hatch. we posted a live link on our facebook page. bay area transit agencies offering free rides for this new year's eve weekend. check the list out on our home page, i'll have another local update for you in half an hour. hope you stay with us until then.
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8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it's "freebie friday." find out what our fans on the plaza and you at home can win. and no time to prepare for new year's eve? no problem. we've got last-minute party treats. plus, i reach new heights at the top of the empire state building. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. freeb"freebie friday"! december 30th, 2016. i think it is a perfect way to wrap up 2016 by giving away free stuff. i'm tamron hall, alongside our guest host on this friday, extra's a.j. kelly.
9:01 am
>> this is my second time. >> so this is the last "today's take" of 2016. >> i love it. and it is friday. >> and it is "freebie friday." have you ever seen our free bee frid friday? >> i've seen "freebie friday." for you at home, you know we did not forget you. right here. make sure we look after you guys. a.j., i heard you just got back from a family vacation. >> i did. we went to stratton, to vermont. it was amazing xip for te ining first day. i almost died. >> who are these angels? >> amy and ava. first time out skiing. ava is 1, amy is 3. is that ava? >> they're not twins. >> they're not twins. there is ava again smiling. she had so much fun.
9:02 am
that's little edgy wedgy on front of the ski. >> what's that? i've never been skiing. i'm a texas girl. >> i really don't like cold weather. >> there is amy. we did a little video on the top of the mountain. >> go back to the edgy wedgy. what's that? >> amy's talking. >> you about to ski. >> what did she say? >> that's skiing down the mountain. that's right there at stratton. it was so much fun. >> what's an edgy wedgy? >> it teaches you how to wedge because the wedge is the first thing you want to learn how to do. my dad took me when i was 3. i took my daughter when she was 3. it is like on the front of the ski, you just twist around the front of the ski and it helps you learn how to ski. >> how did the girls do? >> they did absolutely amazing. they did absolutely amazing. i was so proud. i almost teared up. then my dad called me because my dad took me skiing when i was 3. i've been skiing since i was 3 years old. he lost it as well. it was amazing. >> that is so fun!
9:03 am
>> i'm going to get them skiing, skiing, skiing, skiing. i got to tell you. i got stuck on a hill out there. >> do we have video. >> no. it was bad. it was bad. rick came and saved me. he was a tow truck driver. the car just started sliding. it was ice. >> so you weren't on skis when you got stuck. i'm sorry. my fault. >> so, i could ski. i didn't get stuck skiing. i got stuck driving. >> you got towed. >> i got towed. >> okay. take me back. what happened? >> i was driving to get food. it was my first day in vermont. and me and my wife said we were going to go get food for the family. we got stuck on this street and it was horrible. there was ice everywhere. and we were look edging off towards the cliff. actually, his name was chris. chris, the tow truck driver came to save us. we were stuck for 2 1/2 hours. i have to say thank you to him. i was so scared. >> you can look at any camera. >> thank you for saving us! thank you for saving us! >> so better news than chris, the tow truck driver.
9:04 am
you guys are expecting? >> yes, we are expecting april. >> oh, my god. >> i'm going -- can i tell you what i am expecting? >> you can tell everybody at home. >> i'm expecting my first boy. >> oh! >> you guys -- you already know. >> i know. this is the first time we did that. it was a surprise the first two times. first two times we found out and it is a boy. >> you have your bro to hang out with now. >> oh, goodness! >> and your wife, how does she feel about it? >> she's very happy. she's extremely happy. >> don't tell us any names but do you know a name? >> oh, of course. very easy. >> it's a.j. >> he would be the third. >> i knew it. i knew it. and you're having -- the baby is expected in april? >> in april, yes. >> that's so sweet. >> look at you. i thought you knew this, tamron. >> how would i know? >> we're friends, tamron. >> i don't go creeping in gynecologist's offices. >> it is friday but --
9:05 am
>> okay. new year's eve videos. a.j., your 3-year-old asks to stay up late at night? >> because of new year's eve. >> do you let them stay up? >> no, i really don't. my 1-year-old will be 2 on new year's day. her birthday is new year's day. >> you probably know this at home. netflix is helping parents trick their kids into going to bed early on new year's eve with countdown videos. they have ten new ones to choose from. for adults, one of our favorite guests, nick opperman. has created a ten-hour new year's eve countdown on his my tales of whiskey youtube channel. it is a promotional video for a whiskey. tell me about this. >> he's just sitting there and he's sipping whiskey. there he a one for ten hours, then there is another one for an hour. it is fascinating because he's
9:06 am
literally just sipping whiskey and staring at you. and shifting. and smiling. >> for ten hours? >> that's a lot -- could you do that? >> i can't do stuff for ten minutes. hi, i'm tamron. have you met knee? i'm a little hyper. it's ten hours, he sits there and this is promotion for whiskey. >> yeah. say it is 10:30 and you want to put the kids to bed, you play it so the countdown -- pretend that it is mid knight. >> so are you going to trick your children? >> i am going to try. without a doubt. why not? to get them to bed early? it's not a trick because it is midnight somewhere in the world. >> that's true. >> somewhere it's mid knight. >> i like that idea. >> 10:00 is midnight somewhere. >> you know, lot of people will be going to dinner parties, new year's eve's dinners. "the new york times" has these social etiquette questions. here's the one of the day. is it rude to send guests home without leftovers after a big holiday meal?
9:07 am
you're there, you have a lot of food left. are you supposed to give them the food? this woman wrote that she and her fiance recently watched as their hostess filled two large containers with turkey without offering them any to take home. columnist phil gatlins said it was not rude, that this hostess doesn't have to do that. >> the hostess chopped and cooked for are them already, they've already prepared this food. it's not rude for them to pack it up and say, okay, have a good night. >> is it rude? >> i don't think it is rude but i think you should give people leftovers. >> people at my house take leftovers. they just take -- okay, we're leaving, they just take leftovers. >> ooh. >> do your friends take leftovers? had. >> last flight i had two friends over. i cooked dinner. a had a little of this thai chicken dish i made. i planned on eating it for lunch. my guest threw it away by accident. i don't know if that meant it
9:08 am
was horrible or what. >> they tloo you ithrew it away? >> i think it was a sign it was horrible. let us know what you think, #today #todaystake. is it rude to pack up your leftovers without sending them with your guests. next up, where did monica and chandler from "friends" really end up living? did they end up living happily ever after? the totally unexpected excan to a famous hollywood home. this is the best thing going, it is freeb"freebie friday." find out what prize some lucky people on the plaza are taking home. you get in on the i laugh, i sneeze...
9:09 am
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back with more of "today's take." our viewers settle so many twitter disputes. on whether you should give leftovers to your guests, most people are saying it is not rude to keep your own food. it's your food. here's a mystery that's been solved. 12 years after the "friends'" finale, hugely popular tv show, now there is a bizarre connection to a movie equally as popular, "home alone." in the final season of "friends," monica and chandler moved to manhattan -- from manhattan to a house in the suburbs. well, take a look. because that house appears to be the "home alone" house. across the street from both houses is a telltale sign. a wreath on a neighbor's door and an identical garage. look very, very closely. >> do you see that? >> i do not see this. i'm sorry.
9:13 am
>> would you have caught it? >> guys, i'm going to be honest here because i did the two hours before, i have never seen this video. kay, come over here and explain this to me. >> they used the same stock footage as the "home alone" footage. you look out of the house of home alone, you see the same wreath, you see the same house. >> am i being punk'd? >> no. it's for real. they use the same footage. the same b-roll footage. >> can we see it again? come over. you've been in tv a very long time. come on, dave. our stage manager. okay. you're one of the -- >> look, dave. >> down on the left. >> that's "home alone." >> look out the window of the blue house. >> look out the window of the house. >> he's looking. >> how cute was he. >> right? right there, same house. right there, same house. same house.
9:14 am
>> it is without the decorations. >> yeah. same house though. >> i don't know. >> what? >> yeah. >> okay. someone from a production company 22 vision clearly has superior vision spotted this and residents of the real house in illinois confirmed it. >> yep. >> that's incredible! i don't see it. >> people have a lot of time on their hands. >> 22 vision. 22 vision. "the washington post" says forget the movie date. seeing a film is the perfect solo activity. what say you? >> i like to go -- i like to go with a partner. i would go with my wife. >> you don't like to go to the movies alone. >> i do. i am a movie person. but it is fun to go with somebody to watch them laugh and watch them enjoy. >> they say the problem with seeing a movie on a date is you don't give your full attention to what's happening on the screen and you can't talk to your date. so what's the point in going with a date. i actually like going on dates.
9:15 am
especially first dates to the movie. >> first dates? >> i think you can read a lot about body language, even though you're not talking. if the person kind of leans in or if they're touchy feely, i think it gives you a chance to have non-verbal communication. that might be strange. >> that is. do they go for the -- >> well, if this were "happy days," yes. remember that move from "happy days?" no. i just think -- i think you can tell a lot about their sense of humor, what they laugh at, if it is a comedy, if it is a witty film, do they get the joke. if it is a horror film, are they going to likely throw you in front of the -- i think you can tell a lot. >> they yell at the screen? >> if they pick up their phone and they're rude, if they're talking. they say it is the perfect solo thing to do. here's something else for you.
9:16 am
astronauts mannekin challenge. the biggest craze this year, we did it. this is epic though. it reached new heights. look at these astronauts, international space station. doing the manikin challenge. >> how are they staying still but floating? >> because it is the "home alone" house behind them. >> they must be holding on -- i think they -- they had to have won. >> that's pretty cool. al roker is always cool and he can probably solve the mystery of how they were able to pull it off. mr. roker, are you there? >> i am. we're here in irwindale, at the fiesta float construction place. 12 of the 40 floats that will be in the 128th tournament of roses parade this monday. of course, coverage right here on nbc. look at the detail. for example, this shell. everything has to be covered by some sort of organic material. look at this. you got seeds, you've got lentil seeds. you've got peas.
9:17 am
you've got beans. there can't be any paint or anything like that. take a look at this turtle's head. very slow. slow turtle. let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we've got that snowstorm still raging in northern new england. lake-effect snow from the great lakes all the way down into west virginia and parts of kentucky. we're looking at light snow. this thing is going to push through pretty quickly. then we get another clipper coming across. that's going to reinforce it. heavy lake-effect snow bands. snow ends in northern new england. some areas will be picking up another six to nine inches of snow, especially in western new york. in new england basically it is going to be one to three inches. but still rough going on the roads and at some of the airports. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happen good morning, right now 45
9:18 am
degrees in san jose, we'll be topping out into the 60s this afternoon. 1:00, we should see 61 degrees and by 2:00, we could be hitting a high of 63 degrees. san francisco is looking pleasant. we are tracking a chance for some rain to the early morning saturday hours but currently right now in san francisco, a nice 47 degrees. >> hey, guys, don't forget, you can catch the 128th tournament of roses parade here on nbc starting 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific on nbc. yours truly, and ms. hoda kotb hosting the coverage. did you have a question there, a.j.? >> we're trying to solve this mystery about this house that was in the episode of "friends" and the house in "home alone." one of our viewers saying we're pointing out the wrong same house. look at the window by joey and you will see the house with the wreath. here is a better view. >> it is off the to the side.
9:19 am
it is on the other side. it is -- it's in the -- by the door. when they first -- see, right there. by the door. no, no. it is before you zoom in. it is on the other side by the door. >> oh, it's the other door, guys! it's a little skinny -- see that little skinny window by the door? that's the house! we're looking at the wrong house! >> that's -- you were looking at the wrong thing. >> but al says in the little skinny window. al roker is saying. al roker is legend. see? there is the house. that's it. >> i give up. al roker, we'll be watching you and hoda and something that is easy to spot, the parade. so have fun out there. i don't know. i love you. >> it's what's wrong with the internet. next, it is "freebie friday." wait until you and you at home see what we're giving away. a.j. is joining us on the plaza for our last "freebie friday" of for our last "freebie friday" of 2016 and you could win from home
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guess what? it is "freebie friday"! new year's edition. today we are gin four lucky fans on plaza fun that will last the entire year. this is your first "freebie friday." you ready? now as usual, they don't know what's inside. but it is heavy. i can tell you that. >> it is very heavy. >> it is very heavy. we're going to go out there. we have not forgotten you at home. oh, man, i got to hold a mike, too? that's not going to happen. here we go. a.j., you will start -- it is freezing out here but they heat up our hearts. hey, gang! happy new year! happy new year! happy new year! >> all right, tamron.
9:24 am
>> don't open it. hold on to it. don't open it. don't drop it. don't drop it. >> one more. don't drop it. don't open it. >> there you go, sir. okay. now -- here we go. now you open it up. open it up. open it up! open it! you get an xbox!
9:25 am
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it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? this morning ... russian president vladimir putin is condemning a new round of u-s sanctions against russia ==vo== in a surprise move this good morning to you, it is 9:26. in a surprise move this morning, putin announced that moscow will not retaliate by taking out america's diplomats. this is after president obama striking back of the hacking of the election. the president launched more economic sanctions and a possible cyber attack against the kremlins. 35 russian diplomats will be expelled. the nbc bay area investigate unit has learned that at least two people from san francisco are among those russian officials who must be out of the u.s. by this weekend.
9:27 am
other news for news year's eve. public transit agencies are offering free rides starting at 8:00 tomorrow night. caltrans will offer four extra trains at midnight for people leaving the fire works show. bart will leave at 4:00 a.m. to accommodate people as well. we'll have a look at weather and traffic after the break. 8
9:28 am
good morning, i hope you are all enjoying this. last friday of 2016, we are seeing some slightly warmer temperatures as what we saw the last couple of days. a nice live look over the san jose area. 45 degrees right now and as we head over to the san francisco area. oakland are seeing those 40s in the forecast. today's highs will be in the upper 50s and lower 60s across the south bay. 63 degrees heading over to san francisco and expect a high of about 57 degrees. and here is a quick glance over the next seven days. your new year's eve forecast is expect to see a chance of showers. that should be early on in the day, we should be drying out in time for the new year's eve
9:29 am
celebration. new year's day, 51 degrees is expected. on monday, we are tracking a second storm system that'll be making its way in and bringing cold showers across the bay area. and probably record over night flows. enla in land areas, expect to see some showers in the forecast. overall, it is looking like we'll have a nice friday before we start seeing more rain in the area. drive time right now westbound 580 about eight minutes and bay bridge is also 80 minutes. >> thanks, i will have another local news update for you in about 30 minutes. until then, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
okay. you only have a few hours left to get ready for new year's eve. but -- there's more than enough time to prepare some fabulous food and drinks for your friends and family. >> "today" lifestyle contributor elizabeth mayhew is here to show us how to cater a delicious party to ring in the new year at the last minute. >> happy new year, guys. this is easy stuff. this is just taking things you can find at a craft store or like a michael's or whatever and making it just a little special. we have to have champagne, of course it is new year's. one little trick. tamr tamron, you just toll me you love pop rocks. you just take a little honey and go around the rim of your champagne glass just like that. then you dump it in a little pop
9:31 am
rocks. okay? you have that little sensation when it hips your lips. put a couple strawberries inside. you can do this or -- you have a little pop rocks -- >> cheers. >> another idea is edible glitter. >> that's amazing. that's amazing! >> strawberry with it is really good. edible glitter you can get at any craft store as well. freeze some ice in an ice tray. get it frozen. then sprinkle the edible glitter. you can again get it at michael's or online. basically any cake decorating store. put in your ice, crack out the ice and you can serve your drinks up with a little bit of glitter. >> something for the kids, cotton candy. you can get it in tubs pretty much anywhere. stuff a glass with it. they are thinking they are gating some crazy drink.
9:32 am
pour seltzer over it and watch it disappear. that's it. >> we've been doing this every year that sparkling apple sicid and i needed something else for my nieces. >> this is my friend, lee, does this. it is a two-ingredient crisp that's very elegant. two tablespoons of grated parmesan, few almonds on top in a cookie sheet in a 375 degree oven for seven minutes. let them cool. the cookie sheet does have to be ungreased. my son when i told him to do that he was like you're crazy, it is going to stick. it doesn't. you just let it sit on the cookie sheet. you guys should try one because they are really delicious. they are just like those delicious parmesan crisps. great on tomato soup or anything else. just a nice little salty. next, fudge covered oreos you
9:33 am
can buy in the store. you can get these online or whatever. an edible marker. you draw the little lines on to your clock like that. you're good to go. even the kids can do this. >> please enlighten me in the end of 2016. edible marker which i never knew, and edible glitter. that's amazing. >> last up, this is one of my favorite desserts. this is a store-bought angel food cake. you go ahead and just cover it in homemade whipped cream. it is just whipping cream and sugar. then you dust -- i like to use unsweetened coconut because you don't need that much more sugar so it has this snowy feel. you put it all around the side of your cake. you just take it with your hands and dust it on top. then top with little brush trees. >>ed edible?
9:34 am
>> they are not edible. >> great job, guys. >> happy new year. good luck with these recipes. next up, the biggest events to look forward to in 2017 after these messages. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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it's just a cough.our cough, sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough. it's the last friday of 2016 which means it is the final day of our sweet 16 series. >> tamron and i are putting 2016 behind us and facing off in a game about what's happening in 2016 called "flashforward." i love our hats. >> you're an entertainment correspondent for years so you have an advantage. but we brought in to quiz us on the future, zuri hall, not related -- but kind of. from e! news. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, miss hall. you've got the questions. >> this game is called "flashforward." i'll ask the questions and the first one to buzz with the correct answer gets the point.
9:39 am
>> we're both hall girls. don't mess this up. >> i have faith in you, tamron. first question. one of these comedians recently announced three stand-up specials. >> dave chappelle. >> there wit is, tamron. one point. next one. we will all be watching the oscars on february 26th -- >> jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy kimmel. yes. jimmy kimmel will be hosting. extra point -- not an extra point. how much is he getting paid for gig? >> i don't know because i watch "fallon." >> $15,000. >> the shade! >> jimmy kimmel's got the oscars. a.j., you get that point. third question, which of the following artists did not announce a new album in 2017. >> a.j. >> in 2017? >> you can't just buzz the buzz. >> i'm going to say little big
9:40 am
town. >> no, not little big town. >> rihanna. >> rihanna is the only person who has not announced an album for 2017. everyone else has one coming next year. january of this year. what's our score now? 1-1-ish? >> a.j.'s got two, i think. >> 1-1. >> which of the following where there is a confirmed 2017 wedding date. >> ryan gosling. >> wrong! >> shia la beouf. >> wrong! come on, guys. she's got a sister. >> pippa middleton. >> she's getting married. may 20th, 2017. we're breaking news here, guys. >> pippa's getting married? >> she's getting married to james matthews in may of 2017. >> why did i say ryan? >> a quiet, english countryside. >> congratulations. >> next question, which of the
9:41 am
following classic films will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2017. >> "the graduate." >> kind of. >> "casino royale." >> "bonnie and clyde." >> yes! so the answer would be -- >> all three! >> we'll give a point to both of you guys. >> which is the best of these films, is the question. >> "the graduate" is my personal favorite. fun fact -- limited release for "the graduate" and ""bonnie and clyde" next year. in limited theaters. on february 5th, 2017, the super bowl will be maplayed in what ht city. tamron? >> minnesota. >> that's what -- >> next year -- houston! it's houston. >>not getting two answers. i was about to say houston.
9:42 am
>> she's a hall. tamron gets the point. >> i'm going to be at the super bowl. it's houston, then it is minnesota, right? >> maybe. but next year is houston. >> i did win? >> 3-2. you got that one. hall girls. >> thank you. >> we have a big prize for you, miss 2017. a.j. -- >> i never saw it coming. >> this was rigged. >> it was not rigged. you did a good fight though. >> thank you, miss hall, for hosting this. hall girls. now let's head west to california for another check of the whether from mr. roker. i did not see this coming. i'd like to thank everybody and my family for supporting me. for mr. roker for being so nice to me all the time. i never knew i'd be so lucky. world peace. >> my turn? >> don't give me grief. you'll be in a twitter war if the morning. you know what i'm talking about.
9:43 am
>> wow. i'm so sorry i'm not there for that. >> i'm going to call you after the show. >> love you, too. we are in irwindale where there is a lot of love. the fiesta of float construction. i've got four former pasadena rose queens with us. what we're middle of the rose here. show me how to do the rose queen wave? tournament of roses wave? there you go. as far as your weather is concerned -- you're still not waving. >> sorry. >> hey, when the ball drops -- boom! i plan on dropping. carson daly, of course, and of course the fabulous mel b. will be hosting. take a look, new year's eve. mostly cloudy, breezy, southwesterly winds 12 miles per hour. 39 degrees. should be a pretty nice day. that's what's
9:44 am
>> catch these lovely ladies monday on the tournament of roses on the miracle grow float. yours truly and hoda kotb hosting the tournament of roses parade 11:00 a.m. eastern, 8:00 a.m. pacific time on networks of nbc. thank you, sir. >> happy new year! >> ill a he call you after the show. coming up, few people get to see from the tippy top of the
9:45 am
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light & fit. do what fits you. game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. they steal moments from my life. bad headaches. that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it. it works fast, and lasts for hours. excedrin specializes in treating migraines. which is why moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. #1 neurologist recommended. [heartbeat] today we're getting a very
9:49 am
special look from the top of one of the world's most iconic buildings, the empire state b buildi building. i was fortunate to go where no journalist had gone before. >> reporter: are the empire state building, a beacon in new york city's skyline and an icon on big screen from "an affair to remember" to "sleepless in seattle." >> i'm on the 86th floor. movies have been filmed here, millions of tourists a year come to see this iconic building. this is special. but i've got something eggs extra special for you. we are going -- up. how high? 250 feet higher, to be exact. this is the 86th floor observatory. see the dome with the antenna? that's where i'm heading. my guide, tom, with empire state realty trust.
9:50 am
>> you ready to get harnessed up? >> i feel so lara kroft tcroft/ raiderish. you okay? this is very uncomfortable for both of us. >> we're in the top of the dome. >> good thing i didn't wear high heels. >> you're physically outside the building. >> the wind! >> higher than where king kong was. >> one giant step for tamron -- one giant step for the "today" show. >> tamron, keep climbing. >> tom's telling me to keep climbing and stop talking. bye. >> you're almost there. you are about to get the best view of your life. >> oh, my goodness. hello, new york! >> you're actually where very few people have gone. only construction workers have come up here. >> do you think the construction
9:51 am
guys take selfies up here? >> i know they do. >> all right. >> reporter: they're upgrading the antennas and have built a cocoon-like shell on top of the building, the first of its kind so that workers can tend to it day and night without shutting anything down to the public. these antennas broadcast what? >> all the major tv stations are broadcast from atop the empire state building. >> so if i wanted to affect the competition -- >> well, we're not going to show you where the disconnect switch is located. >> there is a switch for that. i have to tell you, i thought i was going to be terrified. but it's soothing. >> got a spectacular view here. on a clear day, you can see 80 miles, five states. you're at the highest point beyond where any visitor has ever gone. >> my first new york apartment. right there. i can see it. hey, old apartment! oh, that's where i get my facial. it's just the most incredible view. i will never see new york the same way. thank you so much.
9:52 am
this has been incredible! now how do i get down? >> reporter: one last stop. only those who worked in the dome have signed their names. but they gave me the honor. so tamron was here. hey, ma, i made it! >> that was so awesome. thank you to the entire team at the empire state building. it was so soothing. i'm terrified of heights and not qualified to be up there. but they treated me so good. remember pop fix? this is another thing we said good-bye to. i can auction this off? no, i can't. i'm not giving away anything else. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
okay, now our share of kindness series, we've been celebrating acts of kindness big and small and today thank you to you folks at home. we reached our goal of inspiring
9:55 am
1 million acts of kindness. to celebrate the milestone, lego is donating $1 million of lego toys to toys for tots. we're joined by lego's michael mcnally. thank you so much. tell us about the idea and why it was so important to participate. >> we're always about creativity and the fact that anybody has the ability to be creative, you just have to practice it through play, so we think kindness is the exact same thing, you practice little acts of kindness, they build together to make something really awesome. >> well thank you so much for joining us. my nieces are obsessed with legos, they are 7 years old and they are obsessed. thank you for co-hosting and congratulations on the new baby and the two beautiful girls. guess what, hoda and kathie lee after your local news and weather. can i just tell you right now, happy new year. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
9:56 am
my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. =weather toss to traffic= good morning, i hope your friday is off to a good start, we are warming up for another last day of 2016. we'll be once again in those 50s and 60s across the area. current temperature trend right
9:57 am
now, we should be warming up into the 60s by 1:00 or 2:00. san francisco area right now 47 degrees. and also, expect to climb into those upper 50s over the next couple of hours. we are tracking rain in the forecast as we head into our weekend. the first storm is expected to push through southern california which could bring the possibility of scattered showers. we are not tracking too much rain as we head into saturday, we dry out on saturday evening and heading into new year's day, we are expecting chilly temperatures by monday. second storm is expected to move in and bringing down those temperatures and kicking up those winds. as far as your roads, here is a quick check of your drive time 580 to bridgeman bridge, sam. >> happening now, a brazilian family visiting america and turns into a tearful vacation.
9:58 am
thieves broke into their car and stole all of their cash, a genero genero generous samaritan offered them $10,000. we'll be back with more news coming up in just 30 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show. stay connected get your nbc bay area app.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ rockin' around the christmas tree ♪ >> not going to hear that much longer. >> no. >> it is try day friday, everybody. so happy you're with us to spend december 30th, the very last show of 2016. >> yes! yeah, our last weekday show. you're right. >> that's straight -- no chaser. that fabulous a cappella group. >> they are terrific and will help us toast in new


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