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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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child. the russian consulate was bustling again today. this time with people packing to leave for good. employees did not comment, but in a rare move, the consul general spoke to reporters inside with some pointed words for president obama. >> it's just not human, frankly. not human. >> reporter: sharply rebuking the sanctions, saying the outgoing administration was kicking some of his employees out of the country in the midst of a holiday. >> how would you feel if you and your kids were deprived of celebrating one of the biggest holidays. >> reporter: in an online post, the consulate claims those evicted employees and their families will have to drive to los angeles to catch a flight home to russia. noting they'll have to celebrate the new year in the sky.
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local russians we spoke to say this doesn't feel like the beginning of another cold war. just posturing. >> it came out just now, when they knew about this six months ago. and i don't think russians have anything to do with the election. >> reporter: now the russians traditionally celebrate new year's for the first week of january. orthodox christmas celebrated on january 7th. the consulate said it will reopen for business on the 9th. reporting live in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you, scott. the san francisco consulate is continuing the war of words on facebook. posting, it is so difficult to remain diplomatic but we will. if you check our facebook post, tweets, our public statements, the message is always the same. our nations can and should be friends, for the sake of well being of our people, for security and stability in the
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world. >> president-elect donald trump sent out a flattering tweet about putin today. praisiing him for not retaliating. great move on delay by putin. i always knew he was smart. he will be briefed on hacking next week and the senate armed services committee has called a meeting over foreign cyber issues. some want stronger actions against russia, even if mr. trump does not. we are in for another chilly night and it is about to get really cold. rob mayeda joins us with more on what is in store. good evening. >> good evening. we are seeing likely the last of the warmest days we'll see in quite sometime. some spots around san jose, manage low 60s this afternoon. but check out the trend here. over the next seven days for low temperatures in san jose, average low is 41, going there this weekend into the upper 20s. over the next seven days, including downtown san jose. now san francisco a spot that
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usually stays out of the freeze warnings but notice the seven-day trend here for overnight temperatures in san francisco getting close to freezing as we head into next week. and one of the colder spots we're likely to find over the next seven days, low temperatures and seven-day out look for livermore drops the temperatures into the low 20s. so this is what is unique about the pattern taking shape next week, starting as early as this weekend we begin to see lows dipping into the low to mid-20s across the interior locations, including the east bay valleys and areas south of san jose, likely some of the coldest weather we've possibly seen in some spots since 2009. with lower snow levels we go live to the east bay where lauren joins us with how peoples are preparing for the chilly temperatures. >> reporter: that is right, rob. people here at trinity center have been getting a lot of calls from people seeking shelter and planning ahead for next week. they say they are taking the threat of freezing temperatures seriously and so should you.
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walnut creek is often seen as an upscale city with mostly well residents. donna columnba who runs the trinity center, said that is far from the truth. >> we sevrve 50 to 60 people a day here. we probably have between 100 and 150 people living outside in walnut creek. >> with below freezing temperatures, she fears for their health. >> if it is 40 degrees below our raining, you run the risk of hypothermia. >> reporter: for those with roofs over their heads, there is another set of worries. former plumber howard gibbs said now is the time toin late exposed pipes and if you can't cover them up, keep your water running overnight or face the possibility of busted pipes. >> you don't want to take and repair something. it is easy to spend a couple of dollars and cover it up and make sure it is insolated versus 30 or $40 for copper pipe that is
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broke. >> and water your plants now. >> and if you have plants such as succulents, citrus, anything that is tender, you definitely want to cover it it with frost cloth. >> reporter: anderson suggested spraying them with a plant protector. >> spray when the temperatures are about like this, not when they are freezing cold. and this will hold in the moisture. >> reporter: now back out here live at the trinity center, people need to register here and be screened before they could go to the overnight shelter. but they want to remind everyone, you could call the 211 hotline for more information. reporting live from walnut creek, laura mal pert, bay area news. the weather is looking good for new year's eve, across the country people are preparing for the norrest ear piling up snow across new england and 7 million people are under winter storm
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advisories on the east coast. for new hampshire, this is the storm they've been waiting for after last year, they are ready to make up for lost time. our bay area app is a great way to keep track of the cold temperatures here and beyond. it also comes with your own personalized microclimate forecast. so you could see just how cold it will get in your neighborhood. three people are under arrest tonight for the killing of a san jose teenager. look at the suspects. they face murder charges for the death of a 17-year-old. it happened back in october. police say the teenager was sitting in a car at dove hill park and the suspects robbed and shot him. they were just caught this week. a san francisco neighborhood is on edge tonight after a woman opened her front door and someone shot her in the face. it happened in the hunters point neighborhood on northridge road. police say the woman heard a knock on her door before 1:00 and a man with a handgun was standing there and the woman is in the hospital but it expected to survive. the man who shot her is still on the loose. a follow up on the july encounter between b.a.r.t. police and a couple expecting a
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baby. the couple said their nightmare is over because today san francisco prosecutors said they will not retry the case. last week san francisco public defender released this body cam video of the arrest of michael smith and his partner at the embarcadero station. officers responding to a 911 call confronted smith who was not armed. officers say smith attacked them, but the couple say the officers were the aggressors. previously a jury acquitted smith of battery and deadlocked on three other misdemeanors. they will not retry smith on the misdemeanors. tonight fire investigators think they know why a home in the south bay went up in flames today. it happened at an abandoned house on auzerais. the fire department said they've been called to put out a fire at this home before and the location is a popular spot for squatters. a cvs store in san jose is
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back open offer a drive plowed into the building onnal madden expressway and you see the damage. neither the driver nor anyone in the store was injured. police still trying to figure out how it happened but alcohol is not a factor. fresh local crab might be hard to come by tomorrow n. hours crab fisherman plan to go on strike. some tied up their boats this week followed by those from bodega bay up to washington state. those in half moon bay and san francisco are set to join them. nbc bay area michelle roberts is live in half moon bay to explain what is behind the strike. >> reporter: really the fisherman here is standing in solidarity with the fisherman up north. it was a busy day here, many people wanting to get crab for the holiday season not knowing it may be the last chance they had. take a look behind me. the harbor is full of boats and many are tied up and continue to be tied up until they figure out
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the prices issue north. >> crab and champagne is -- that is the cat's meow. >> reporter: gary is ringing in the new year with fresh crab. but families who sat by pillar point harbor in half moon bay tomorrow won't be so lucky. >> i will stand with the fellow fisherman. >> reporter: tony has sold his catch of the day for $3 a pound. and until all california crabbers are earning $3, tony and every other crab fisherman in half moon bay and san francisco will strike. >> it's not right. >> reporter: the half moon bay seafood marketing association has voted to stand in solidarity with the crab fishing strike along the north coast. fisherman between the bodega bay and canada are only making $2.75 per pound, which many fisherman say isn't enough to cover the costs and risk associated with crab fishing. >> without the crab season, there is nobody out here. >> reporter: today local restaurant owners are stocking
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up before the strike officially begins at midnight. >> i need it to keep going. we got to have it. it helps the restaurants and the two restaurants and the ice cream shop. it is just what brings people into this harbor. >> reporter: well the fishermen here aren't involved in the negotiations, but they don't expect to go back to work for less than $3 a pound. so stand by, i guess. live in half moon bay, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> standing by. and new year, new laws. what you need to know in 2017. and we're used to seeing snow this time around at lake tahoe but what about mt. tee ab low or mt. tam or the east bay hills. that is a possible in the seven-day forecast and an hour by hour out look at your new year's eve forecast. a live look at san francisco -
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where tens of thousands are we are just one day away from new year's eve and we want to give you a live look at san francisco where tens of thousands of people are expected to gather to watch fireworks and ring in the new year. the barricades are going up and police are stepping up patrols to make sure it is a safe celebration. nbc bay area christie smith joins us live with what they are
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doing and other final touches ahead of the new year's celebration. >> reporter: it is a sure sign that something is about to happen. the fence is up all along the embarcadero and san francisco police will be out, uniformed and nonuniformed officers and tonight there is a dui check point for a reminder for what is at stake. we checked in with a number of businesses and they are ready to welcome the crowd. in san francisco, the hardware is coming together to prepare for the midnight fireworks show new year's eve. jeff thomas is with pyro spectacular. >> these shows have a soundtrack with them and they are different every year. >> reporter: this is video from last year. he's learned to stay hopeful about the weather. >> we are always positive. it is san francisco. we don't generally have to worry as much about fog in the winter. we don't like rain. just because it is miserable. >> reporter: people are still
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calling. at water borrow, the restaurant has a great view of the fireworks. it is a popular spot for new year's eve dinner. >> we started taking reservations on december 1st and they sold out in less than two hours so we are fully booked at about 2:30. >> reporter: the bar is first come, first serve and san francisco police are stepping up enforcement and looking for drunk drivers. >> if you do drink, make sure you spay inside of the restaurant or the bar that you are at. don't take your drink outside on the street. it will get confiscated by us and will you face a citation. >> reporter: police say there are no known terror threats but urge people to report anything unusual or suspicious. >> the best-selling items are the packs here for people throwing parties around the neighborhood. >> reporter: at cliff's, they are restocking party items. >> they are spending big. this is an amazing season for us. >> reporter: san francisco police also reminding people they might want to try public
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transportation, some are offering free or extended services. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. getting ready in san francisco and at new york time's square they are ready and officials are saying they are safe. as workers put the finishing touches on stages and barricades. on new year's eve visitors could relax as they ring in 2017. >> we'll have the most well-policed and best protected events and one of the safest ven use in the entire world. >> they have 65 trucks loaded with sand. another 100 vehicles will act as barricades and the department said those steps will prevent a runaway truck attack like those in france and germany earlier this year. and you could watch the ball drop right here on nbc bay area. carson daly hosting the new year's eve party. and jennifer lopez and alicia keys an blake shelton are all performing starting at 11:30 tomorrow night. >> and if you are outside, rob
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said it is a nice night for a cold bun. >> we have clouds coming in so it is bringing our temperatures up, at least a few degrees. but the story of the seven-day forecast looks down right bone-chilling for the entire bay area. we are looking at valley temperatures which, there is a chance, when you see the seven-day forecast, we could see some low 20s. nothing like that outside right now. we have 52 degrees still. but with increasing clouds and in san francisco and san jose partly cloudy and 58. earlier today, temperatures in the mid-60s south of downtown. the south bay microclimate up and down the santa clara valley, upper 50s to near 60 around downtown and to the west, saratoga about 50 and 55 in santa clara. the numbers you see now probably as much as 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the high temperatures we're going to start 2017 with around the bay area. east bay temperatures right now in the mid-50s. walnut creek 55, pleasant ton 55 as well. and travel conditions looking good. if you go up intertate 80 or
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highway 50, no snow showers yet. snow north of shasta, that is the next system dropping in on us tonight. but to the south, interstate 5 and 101, that is where the active weather is. the system moving east of southern california, so this one won't bring us any showers, it is already moving out of the way. but we have another system dropping down the coast, cold system at that, that really didn't look like a lot on the satellite radar. but it won't have a lot of moisture to work with. and as it comes down the coast, it will take the low clouds in san francisco and force them to rise over the hilltops and probably drop a little bit of light rain. here is the rain estimate between tonight and 11:00 sunday. you could see some places not getting anything. it is the coastal hilltops that have the best chance for seeing less than a quarter inch of rain. but this is an air mass change we're watching as we go through the weekend, that will lead to the temperatures really dropping off as we head into the beginning of next week.
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so into tomorrow morning, still a slight chance of showers along the peninsula hilltop. first half of saturday, dealing with showers and maybe until 1:00 there around highway 17, might see a few stray showers and as we head into new year's eve night, looks pretty good. patchy low clouds and no rain to worry about or snow showers in the sierra and the forecast during the day tomorrow, not as warm as today, mid-50s in the forecast for most of the santa clara valley, including downtown san jose. 56 degrees around pleasant ton, low 50s in antioch and highs in the low to mid-50s to finish off 2016, from san francisco into the north bay, a few early showers and clearing and cool and breezy heading into the afternoon. so the better chance that we'll see even colder temperatures coming in, notice how most of sunday is dry. and then by 11:00 on sunday night, that is the outer fringe of the colder system dropping down and bringing us a big drop in temperatures. but the timing here works out pretty good. other than the early showers we'll see tomorrow morning, most
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of the new year's eve plans look good. saturday afternoon and sunday looks mostly dry and by 7:00 on sunday we see the clouds thicken up which leads us to the early week forecast. now monday into tuesday, here comes that cold air. snow levels down to 2000 feet. so if that verifies, mt. tam could get a dusting of snow and on wednesday what is left of the showers moves on out. and look at the plunge of the cold air dropping into the bay area on thursday and friday and as the winds back off, skies clear, that chilly canadian air settling into northern california will set the stage for a frigid seven-day forecast as we begin 2017. for san francisco, near the water perhaps not so bad. you can have lows in the low to mid-30s we think about the middle of next week through friday. that is relatively warm. now check out the inland seven-day forecast. highs in the mid-40s. snow levels near 2000 feet. and lows very low. low 20s, maybe upper teens
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possible for some of the north bay valleys. so protecting pipes, obviously pets an plants and protect those as well and stay indoors and a big emphasis on the warming shelters, really going to need them. this stretch is going from wednesday probably through next weekend. >> that is the practical stuff but there is also the possibility of snow and hamilton and deab low. >> it is a rare set up with this air this cold and usually very dry but if that system, that second system comes out over the ocean and gathers moisture, possibly. especially for areas above 2500 feet. >> rob, thanks a lot. coming up, rent control comes to richmond. >>what it means for tenants and landlords. ==rail==
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fireworks won't be the only thing lighting up the sky on new
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year's eve. nasa says sky gazers can watch a com f happening now, fireworks aren't the only thing lighting up the sky on new year's eve. sky gad gazers can watch a comet, that is on our twitter feed and a family of bobcats sets up home in their backyard. animal services were called but officers made sure not to disrupt the mother and her kittens. those photos are on our facebook page. our investigative unit has been
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rent control has arrived in richmond. the new protection for tenants took effect today. our investigative unit has been looking into what that means for renters in the city. well the new rules only apply to properties built before 1996. rent on the effective properties will be rolled back to the rates from july of 2015. and landlords can only raise that rent in small increments to offset changes in the cost of living. new law requires landlords to provide just cause for evicting tenants, including failing to pay rent or proof the home needs to be cleared to make repairs. the ordinance also establishes a five person rent board to execute the new rules. ordinance was part of a city ballot voters passed in november. there are hundreds of new laws going into effect in the new year. here is a look at a few. the minimum wage is changing. it will go up to $10.50 an hour for companies with more than 25
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employees and magazines with more than ten rounds will be banned and buyers have to go through a background check before purchasing ammo. there is another law aimed at law enforcement. if officers leave their gun in their car, they will be required to store it in the trunk or in a secured lock box. and there are changes coming to sexual assault sentences. in 2017 probation will no longer be an option for those convicted of sexual assaulting someone unconscious or severely intoxicated in response to brock turner being sentenced to six months for sexual assault. it is illegal to drive while high on marijuana and a new bill would spell out that it is also illegal to smoke marijuana while driving. right now nothing technically for bits that. the state senator jerry hill introduced that to make laws smoking for driving consistent for laws while drinking and driving. >> we'll be right back. ==anim== ==vicky/rail== tonight at six. nbc bay area respond..==take vo
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to a san francisco man's complaint about frequent flier mil. tonight at 6:00, nbc bay area responds to a san francisco man's complaint about frequent flier miles. how his account full of valuable
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miles got wiped out and what we can learn from his mistake. that story and more tonight at 6:00. the mountain view police department is hoping a little humor will help people think twice before drinking and driving this holiday weekend. take a look at this. the department tweeted this video of a police officer pulling over an impaired driver. driving the vehicle was -- darth vader. that would be scary for an officer. >> he should know better. >> and look at the passenger. a stormtrooper. he tries to convince the officer he is okay to drive, but the bottom line, if he can't convince the police officer to let him slide, neither can you. >> and the bottom line, don't drink and drive. >> the trooper had it right. >> yeah. >> that is probably not the strangest thing that the officer has seen behind the wheel of a car. >> that is a good point. >> and he drove a white hummer. >> there we go. >> and tonight if you are heading out, take an umbrella with you. slight chance of early showers into tomorrow morning. and then clearing and enjoy the mid-50s while they last. we'll have the seven-day
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forecast coming up. >> "nightly news" coming up next. >> thanks for joining us. remember you can find us online at tonight, praising putin. president-elect trump calls russia's leader, quote, very smart, for defying calls to retaliate against the u.s., shrugging off punishments from president obama. and inside the secretive russian compounds, shut down today by u.s. authorities. breaking news, after three years of freedom, will kennedy cousin michael skakel be sent back to prison for a four-decade-old murder? snow emergency. as much as two feet of snow, burying a wide swath of the country, turning roads treacherous. will it impact new year's plans? mystery flight. a plane over the great lakes suddenly disappears. what happened to the six people on board? and uber rescue. what an uber driver overheard from the back seat that launched him into action to save a teenage girl.


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