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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we will make america great again. >> thank you for this incredible journey. i'll be here in my church clothes, spending the morning with you. ♪ good morning. welcome to a special edition of "sunday today" on this first day of happy new year. we will take our viewers any way we can get them. we'll look ahead to the biggest story of the new year, as
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president-elect trump becomes president trump. we're less than three weeks ago. president obama packs his bags. we'll talk about the legacy the 44th president leaves behind. and wile look backt some of the favorite moments of this show. before we get to all that fun, let's get you caught up with the headlines with peter alexander. happy new year, my man. >> hey there, willie. we begin this morning with breaking news. police are searching for a gunman who attacked a new year's celebration. someone reportedly dressed as santa claus opened fire in a crowded nightclub. authorities say at least 39 people are dead, 70 others issued. istanbul has suffered a string of attacks both from isis and kurdish militants the past few years. about a million reveler celebrated the glittering ball drop last night.
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las vegas, they put on a heck of a show as well. in seattle, the space needle lit up the sky. in indianapolis, what else? an indy car raced from the finish of 2016 to the start of 2017. speaking of reporters before his annual new year's eve party, president-elect donald trump is once again casting doubt on intelligence agency charges that russia was behind hacking during the election. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. it could be somebody else. i also know things that nobody else knows. finally college football fans are finally gearing up for a rematch. the crimson tide rolling by washington, clemson shutting out the ohio and partly cloudy skries waking up to 2017 with 50
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degrees in san francisco we are expecting to hit a high san jose 44 degrees partly cloudy skas. we are tracking rain. highs in the 50s and the 60s. wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. willie, back to you in northern. in 19ays donald trump will be sworn in as a president. what exactly will a trump presidency look like? hallie jackson looks into that? >>he question this new year -- is that all hat? or is the next president ready to make good on his resolutions? >> nobody builds better walls
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than me. who is going to pay for the wall? >> may go to mexico? >> who? [ chanting ] >> a tall order. >> it's not a wall. it's a little fence. people put up a ladder they buy at home depot and they go over the wall. >> now president-elect trump may by on the fence. >> would you accept a fence? >> for certain areas i would. >> the president-elect now says he's determined to deport those with criminal records, a number he claims could be between 2 to 3 million. >> we will begin moving them out day one, as soon as i take office. >> and after trump called for a ban on muslims entering the u.s.? >> extreme vetting, i want extreme. >> his teams dismissing talk of targeting religion. still aids say they'll step up screening. part of his pledges for day one. >> on my first day i'm going to
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ask congress to immediately send me a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> trump's pick to lead the charge? representative tom price, an orthopedic surgeon who's already taken the knife to that law, but would president trump be open to keeping popular parts like covering preexisting conditions? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the parents living with their parents for an extended period. >> and trump wants to pump in $1 billion. >> i'm going to start swimming across rivers and lakes now. i don't want to drive. >> democrats signaling they could get behind that plan, but might not agree on how to pay to for it. still parts don't need congress, like ripping up the iran deal. >> you know this horrible deal? >> the u.s. has already paid iran $1.7 billion. president trump could
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unilaterally renegotiate nafta. >> and withdraw from the transpacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. >> but his first big benchmark may be here on the supreme court, where he gets to nominate a new justice. that confirmation process won't be easy, but as the president-elect himself has said -- >> sorry to keep you waiting, complicated business. complicated. >> hallie joins mess now, along with our good friend elise jordan, who worked on rand paul's campaign and previously an adviser in the state department. happy new year. >> happy new year, pal. 2017 is here. >> hangover check, hangover check. >> eat your black-eyed peas, and we'll all by okay today? >> excellent. we're all holding up pretty well. let's turn the corn and look ahead to the year that's coming. >> donald trump will be sworn in as president, elise, paint the picture of the first 100 days. >> t moment p is dead. he's made clear that the
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transpacific partnership is a nonissue, congress never approved it, he doesn't really have to do nick, but everyone knows that trail deal is dead. what i know is who he's going to appoint to the supreme court. he turns it into a production. >> a lot of things they'll have to tangle with. >> obamacare. >> that's huge. >> he's promised to repeal it. what's the future of obamacare look like? >> very rocky to say the least, all but gone at this point? that's going to be one of the first things that you will see president-elect trump do along with the republican-controlled congress, his new head of health and human services, the guy he's installed to run this has been the most fierce critic, and i think we'll see some real changes. the other thing i think we'll see from the first 100 days, some tweeting. >> i wonder how they're going to
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deal with the security issues of his android, what he's tweeting from. how does the security change when he's actually in the white house, so that the potus handle is protected. >> i don't think he seems terribly concerned about all that. do you think this is a congress that's willing to work with donald trump? they've seld all the right things, and some democrats even have said we're keeping an open mind. are you hopeful for progress in that regard, ending gridlock? >> i think you'll see congress want to work with president-elect trump in the beginning, right? he's going to give them a chance also, and i think you'll see them work together or not. while it may by harmonious in the beginning, once we get past the first couple months we'll see what it looks like for the 18 months until the mid terms and for the next four years. >> president obama has been gracious, hosting obviously president-elect trump in the oval office and saying the right
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things, talking to him on the phone. what role, elise, do you see as president obama. will he be in touch to walk him through the beginning of the presidency? >> i think so far it seems that barack obama and donald trump have forged a working relationship. it seems like it's a positive one for donald trump, so i hope that that continues, and president obama seems to accept that donald trump needs a lot of mentoring, and seems willing to stay in touch a keep in that line of ccatimuni in a way we haven't seen in previous presidencies. >> and one of the reasons, is to hopefully shape donald trump's policy, to shape some of his legacy. what is the legacy? this is a big question with a long answer, but there's oba obamacare. there's osama bin laden being killed. there's a long list of things that the white house would tell you. in total, where is the obama legacy? >> i think there's a lot of dashed hopes in the wreckage of
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these last eight years. i think people are disappointed with how obamacare came into fruition, with all the promises made and people haven't seen their lives change that much, so so this is the right-wing pop uliism we see with donald trump that's also around the world, too, in the uk, italy,'s try france, germany. i don't know if it's as barack obama, but this wave has captured the world right now. >> and president obama had been counting on some relative continuity with hillary clinton, that all upended on election day. >> part of his legacy, when you get away from the political side, and cultural side of it, what it means to have the first black president serve two terms. i don't want to say regardless of the policies, because i think a lot of folks would find that intrinsic, you saw the family go
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to the african-american museum of history up now on the washington mall, you know, in d.c., though things will endure long beyond whatever happens with his political legacy. off politics, one trend will go away? >> i hope the nastyness will go away. new year's resolutions never happen, so i might as well -- >> you may want to delete twitter from your home. >> mine is slightly more shallow. choker i don't like that look. >> it came back a minute. >> it was like five minutes, which was four minutes too long. >> i liked when cam newton did it, but i think guys like me and others should stop dabbing. just putting that out there. >> you do one dab a day. >> i do every show.
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elise, hallie, thank you so much. happy new year. in honor of last night, we will count down the top highs and lows of the year, including the infectious laugh of chewbacca mom. this year's viral video to end all viral video. plus brutal trebek insults for 1,000, alex. weighing in on the social life of one player. the rise of virtual reality. it's now changing our lives. we'll show you how, just ahead on "sunday today." ♪
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i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪ all right. hallie is back for a dramatic countdown of the best highs and lows of the year. is this big? >> drumroll or not until later? >> i don't think we have that in the budget. maybe in 2017. beloved "jeopardy" host alex trebek. we've accustomed to his "ooh, sorry," but he outdid himself during the part of the show when he visits the players for awkward small talk, trebek had some thoughts about one player's social life. >> i think it's, nerd core hip-hop. >> nerd core hip-hop? >> people who identify as nerdy
6:16 am
rapping about the things they love, video games, science fiction, having a heart time meeting romantic you know, it's catchy and fun. >> losers, in other words? >> well -- [ laughter ] >> and he just straight called her a loser. >> is that wrong? nerd core hip-hop? >> self-identified nerd, i guess. >> i'm a self-identified nerd. >> nerd is different from loser, i would argue. >> but trebek doesn't understand the language of people. >> i can't believe you took his side on that one. checking in at number three is the high of the star of this summer's rio olympics, but oily tongan flag bearer was the greatest. this is the man who stole the show. he is pita, who got himself good and lubed up before carrying his
6:17 am
nation's flag. he became a web sensation around the world with his chiselled glistening appearance. we learn he spent his life working with children in a homeless shelter, raised the money on his own to train and qualify for rio. he's the man. let's hope he gots an endorsement from somebody. >> and let's loop that video one more time. >> break it down and analyze it for us like john madden. >> there it is. happy olympics, hallie. as we continue the countdown of the hits. number two on the list of lows are mill sent phillips' brothers. 17-year-old millicent ways loopy. her two brothers took that as an opportunity to trick her into thinking the zombie apocalypse was under way. >> we can only take one pet. which pet? the cat or the dog? >> the cat. no! >> what do we do with the dog? >> he's already dying.
6:18 am
just leave him. take the cat. >> throwing the dog under the bus. >> there's a zombie apocalypse, i want millicent. she's like get the guns, what the rake is going to do? >> they really went big on that one. number two on the list of the highs of 2016. this is the very face of human joy. it's wearing a chewbacca mask. candace a mother of two living outside dallas became a worldwide sensation thanks to the video she shot whileitting in her car while treating herself to a chewbacca mask. >> that's not me making that noise, it's the mask. oh, i'm such a happy chewbacca. [ laughter ] >> that is the laugh of the year. her video quickly became the most viewed ever on facebook live. the mask sold out at kohl's, and disney gave her a free family vacation, and one college in
6:19 am
florida even offered her kids scholarships, then a couple months ago, candace got a happy chewbacca tattoo, to memorialize her cultural moment. >> who doesn't love chewbacca mom? she was everywhere. >> she's joy, happy. there were plenty you lows in the presidential campaign, too many between hillary clinton and donald trump, so we're giving the number one low nod to a third-party candidate going by the name of gary johnson. the great libertarian hope had a rocky ride beginning with a discussion on mice other so msnbc's "morning joe" about aleppo. >> what would you do if you were eye electriced about aleppo? >> about aleppo? and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the
6:20 am
refugee crisis -- >> okay. got it. got it. >> still tough to watch. >> it's hard to catch. >> i was sittingext to him. it was the beginning of the end. nice cameo there by mike barnicle. and then there's the time he couldn't think of a foreign leader. >> one foreign leader you respect, look up to. >> mine was shimon peres. >> i'm talking about living. canada, mexico, asia, south america, name a foreign leader you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment. >> anybody in the world that you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> chris says, i'm giving you the whole world. >> and bill weld trying to jump in to save him. it did not work. >> and for the true fecta, to the interview when hi straight
6:21 am
sung out his tongue at nbc's casey hunt. [ mumbling ] >> and not say anything, and -- [ laughter ] >> we have that in slow mo. >> you're very gary johnson today. >> i think hi earned his position at number one. we arrived at the top of our "sunday today's" drumroll. the 108 years of suffering in chicago. came in a bit early. the chicago cubs won their first title 1908, ending the most infamous curse. it worked out in a game 7, chris bryant, speaking for cubs fans every to break out in a smile before he even fielded the ball. they've been waiting to throw that party since teddy roosevelt was president, including a massive parade.
6:22 am
the best celebration were from the cubs fans who waited lit real their entire lives like this 81-year-old diehard. >> they did it! they did it! ha ha! oh, god, i can't believe it. i can't believe it! >> they did it! >> i love that. >> how about a 108-year-old cubs fan born two months before the last title now living to see another? >> we're all rooting for the cubs. suddenly they have the hit they scored the run. ah! >> what was the feeling? >> one of happiness, as long last. >> she's got two cubs titles. not many people can say that. then there's steve bartman, the cubs fan blamed unfairly for the team not making the 2003 world series after he interviewed with a ball, and harassed for years.
6:23 am
he declined invitations to be part of the celebration, saying he is, quote, overjody that the cubs won. >> you've got to feel about the cubs winning. you know what it means, too? eagles in the super bowl. it's a good sign. >> no one else made that connection. no one cares if the eagles are in. one group not excited. cleveland fans. the eagles? thank you, hallie. happy new years. the best of the stars who shared their stories with us this year on "sunday today." [ "y lizzo & caroline smith ] ♪ let 'em say what they gonna say ♪ ♪ they gon' feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ and i love it, ♪ i love it and baby hey, ♪ you should too ♪ so let 'em say what they wanna say ♪ ♪ they gonna feel how they gonna feel ♪ ♪ but i love it, yeah i love it, ♪
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san francisco garvin/2shot happy new year, city of san francisco this morning. 2017 has begun. thank you for joining us. for the look at forecast. >> we are going to have an interesting day with the temperatures because most that you feel are going to clim into upper 50s. we are expected to hit high of 53. if we make our way over to san francisco already 50 degrees. so whatever temperature you wake up with, that's what you're gog to be enjoying for the first day of 2017.
6:27 am
here look at san jose. 44 degrees overnight. we are expecting to warmup with a high about 53 degrees. a great start to 2017. we are tracking another storm system that could bring rain chances across the bay area. >> that's the weather for today. thank you. san francisco to take in the new year with a huge fireworks display. ==cu== many people told us they were more than happy to be saying goodbye to 2016. ==take vo== families were lined up early along the waterfront -- hoping to get a great fireworks light up the sky at midnight. as promised -- police were out in force, trying to keep the celebration safe as they looked for anything suspicious. party goers say -- bring on 2017.
6:28 am
==take sot== we're done with 2016, we done." butt with my hope is good health, steady work and peace."@:08 ==vo continues== officers say they were well aware of the attack in istanbul and took extra measures to make sure the area was safe. as of this morning -- there have been no reports of any major incidents. ==garvin/take vo== the sanctions against russia put a bit of a damper on last night's new years eve celebration at the russian center of san francisco. many reflected on the recent controversy over the sanctions... but remained optimistic that relations with the u-s will be better once president electrump is swo in later this month. ==garvin/cu== investigators are trying to track down a serial arsonist suspected of setting more than two dozen fires off highway 101 in san jose in recent weeks. ==take vo + rail== the latest fire started around one saturday morning near where story road meets 101. the flames quickly spread from a palm tree to a nearby shed.
6:29 am
refighters say they had just gotten done putting out fire half a mile away when they were called here. ==take sot== robert bacon / san jose fire dept. outce: freeway" runs=:12 ==vo continues== investigators are asking for the public's help in catching the arsonist. garvin/cu coming up at seven, on today in the bay. vo reports out of santa clara are thathe 49ers are cleaning
6:30 am
snmt guess who eats together snos at the carnegie deli ♪ ♪ boyser from shah in a in a and arthur fonzarelli ♪ ♪ paul newman is half jewish ♪ and goldie hawn is too ♪ put them together ♪ what a fine-looking jew adam sandler with his hanukkah song. we debuted the subject of our first profile that morning was leslie odom jr. who played in "hamilton."
6:31 am
since then we've spend times with actors, singers, songwriters, ceos and downright legends. a look back at our famous sunday breakfast friends of 2016. ♪ >> cheers. thanks for having me over. >> thanks for coming. >> wait, other people are going to see this? >> who actually needs the glasses they're wearing today? [ laughter ] >> i am living a lottery ticket. i don't know if i even deserve to be here. >> some of the words that people use describing you are quirky. >> whoa. nay. >> this is me. my name is chelsea. ♪ so just dance dance dance ♪ can't stop the feeling are you finding that having a 16, 17-month-old at home changes the way you look at music. >> you literally wake up, look
6:32 am
in the mirror and go, i have no idea what i'm doing. [ laughter ] >> what is the diersk bentley signature move. >> shotgunning a beer every night. i can't see the undefeated belt in that department. >> i don't hear music, i see it. my job as a lyricist is to close my eyes and hears the peaks and valleys and see the landscape, the vista that the band that is created sonically, musically. i then have to find a story that fades into that landscape ♪ back when we were kids >> why is it that taylor swift, adel, beyonce, why do they call you -- what is the ryan at the timer thing. >> because i smell so good. can you smell any? >> i do. >> i have a certainly currency. what i'm constantly changing is
6:33 am
physical goosebumping at all times ♪ we go hip hip ♪ we go again. >> trayvon will never get to be an older man. children robbed of our names and language, stole again. it's been a cycle, black america again, again ♪ workin' 9 to 5 ♪ what a way to make a living >> it's like i work all the time. they say you never age. i'm like, when do i have time? i'm too busy. >> i've got to ask you the moves. it's a bit of elvis, a bit of chippen dales [ laughter ] >> most of the time it's just being playful. if i can do all that, then they immediately realize, heck, i can too. that's the fun part about it. >> my wife appreciates your ability to have fun. >> i'm sorry. i'll teach you. i'll teach ought move or two. [ laughter ]
6:34 am
>> before go-pro, you and i couldn't have self-documented our float down the river. we could have maybe gotten a friend to stand on the shore or bridge and film us, but it would have been impossible to capture that experience and share it with family and friends. >> warby parker. >> do you think you could make more money if you weren't giving away half your glasses. >> we think we would be making a mistake. >> carpooling to most people with strangers was a nonstarter a few years ago. >> we had a tagline, your friend with a car. we encourage people to sit up front. we realize we had to change behavior. ♪ >> i'm told there's one impersonation you did just so you could meet the person. >> yes, that would be prince. >> dearly beloved.
6:35 am
say? >> he sort of turned around to me and said, it's cool, and rubbed my arm. >> oh. >> is there anything off-limits? >> i'm not going to make fun of ugly babies. >> but they exist? >> they do exist, but i don't think it's my job to point them out. >> where was the moment you thought this is something i want to do beyond just messing around with my family? >> in college i joined an improv comedy group. ours was name quickfire with an exclamation points, like firing those equips. >> really good stuff. >> clever. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? >> what's it like to do hillary clinton with hillary clinton this close to you? >> i felt a sense of sisterhood. i don't know if she felt that. i hope she did. i had so much fun. ♪ >> i'm eating tongue with anthony bourdain. okay, i have to get you on the
6:36 am
record of a couple things. pumpkin spice. >> who is eating this stuff? there a vast demographic of pumpkin-crazed people hanging outside whatever the pumpkin outlet is, like a methadone clinic waiting for it to open up. is this the onion here? >> yeah. pack self--bagged lunches for the rest of the week. clinton bowls over in the staff softball game? i love it. >> thats so chelsea. >> what have the words meant to you? >> war humanizes you enormously. it traumatized me, it almost killed me, but it also enabled me to really become a full human being ♪ i want to be in the room where it happens ♪ ♪ the room where it happens >> so when you come in from home -- yeah. >> you're walking toward the
6:37 am
theater, you still get that feeling? >> i can imagine what that 17-year-old kid would have thought about a moment like this. he would be reallyproud. >> hey, everybody, welcome. >> oh, my god. >> i think that shelf tells you everything you need to know about andy cohen. >> there's the peabody, and just below it is julie andrews' tea bag from her appearance on this show. >> that's true. >> one of the things i think you've done is help ballet break thh to an entire new audience irnts it's incredible to see the audience change over the past four years. >> you mind if i take you to lunch? >> hey, man, let's do it. >> what was it like being in the middle of that storm, being nwa at that time and having it blow up so big? >> it was a trip. it was fun, because we were living our dream. it was also crazy at the same time, because we're going from
6:38 am
being just local guys to these kind of am bass endorse for free speech ♪ don't you remember you told me you love me baby ♪ >> if you had to pit your favorite movie? >> "hocus-pocus." >> another glorious morning. it makes me sick! >> i have to saw i'm flawless. i do. i have to say that. >> every time i talk to one of these journalists -- every single time, you write, i picture them having sex. [ laughter ] >> you know what? yes. i'm -- [ clearing throat ] -- now that you brought it up. yeah, yeah, here i am. i'm thinking about it. ♪ it has been a lot of fun to spend time with all those people over the last year and to have
6:39 am
all of you sit in on those conversations. coming up next here on "sunday today," 2017 could be investigatorsual reality's biggest year yet. the rise of the computer technology with practical uses that once seemed only a figment of science fiction. good morning bay area. we are waking up to 44 degrees in san jose on the first day of 2017. by 10 or 11 oe clak we should start warming up. a few clouds will be rolling in. san francisco we're in the 50s. 51 degrees with a high of 52. hello, mr. ortiz. do you have a tax question?
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i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported pretty cool i like it that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at virtual reality headsets were a hot gift item. once associated with science fiction, the potential of vr is exploding. olivia sterns takes a look. >> my name is earnest ricele. >> he spent world war ii battling the germans. >> we have traveling into the beach and drawing fire. >> reporter: and witnessing history in the pacific. >> i watched the japanese sign the surrender on the "missouri."
6:43 am
>> reporter: he can't travel much beyond his buffalo, new york, home, visiting the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. is out of question, but not necessarily out of reach. this is a virtual reality headt. with the help of a program, it will make you feel like you're inside the memorial and you can look around. >> okay. >> he's suddenly transported. the impact can be seen in the subtle shift of his posture. with recent advancements in hardware and high-definition content. it's easy to blur the lines between reality and virtual reality. >> there's a huge whale. you think i can wave it away. it's one of e first products out of the one of the first virtual reality -- generating a variety of content. >> this guy thinking i killed
6:44 am
him? >> from a submersive version of "john wick." to aeditation app from deepak chopra. >> it looks like you're having a wonderful time. >> and custom-build vr camera to drop you into the mist rid series "gone." >> she's way too mart to be taken by strangers. >> this is the cofounder of weaver. >> this is the monoscopic system. >> kind of looks like a site survey. it's a modified go-pro camera, four of them, with 180-degree lenses on them. you're being seen in every direction. >> really? even when i'm in the corner? you might be in two cameras. li when you move here -- >> fill in the blank. virtual reality is the next -- >> big thing.
6:45 am
i think vr is the next big internet. consumers are going to start getting it, but by 2020, many millions of people will have headsets and they'll be wanting to see new vr experiences. take big personal moments like a wedding, for example, if you're in the wedding, you're standing up, getting married, and y get photos of of it. with vr, we can report that wedding, and later you can be in the wedding and rewatch it from every vantage point. >> i'm getting married this fall, you're telling me 6-year-old me will be able to watch my wedding back as if i was -- >> it will be so vivid, it will make you feel like you're right back there in that moment. >> that's amazing. the students at broom street academy agree. >> if you put your headsets now, you are in the cargo block. what's really interesting about this is that this is a russian-built section of the space station.
6:46 am
>> they're on a google expedition to the international space tags, part of a pioneer program that allows them to travel the world. >> this is our next stop. where are we right now? we're on mars. >> and travel the university without leaving their new york city classroom. >> we have over 200 expeditions, you can go under water, to the international space station or buckingham palace or the white house. so the sky is really the limit. >> how does seeing the international space station through the goggles, how does it compare to reading about it. >> it feels lookic you're there. when you real about it in a textbook, it's like it's a space station, but -- >> reporter: the ability to travel to space without ever leaving the classroom, and a chance to pay your respects when you can't quite leave the comfort of your favorite chair.
6:47 am
♪ >> that's -- i had no idea. it's great. thank you. >> thank you. >> beautiful. olivia sterns reporting and ernie starring. next on "sunday today." modern love. the news column that allows sunday readers to
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with the new year come new resolutions to find love. many online dating sites report a spike around this time of year. one place people go to find the perfect love stories is the pages of the sunday "w york times." harry smith has thetory behind the paper's wildly popular column on modern love. >> as the light disappeared besides the palisades, she turned to me and said, if we weren't just friends, this would be kind of romantic. >> actor david harper is reading a love story. >> during our hermetically sealed days and nights that followed, i made her a promise that i would stay sober. >> the audience at new york's
6:51 am
town hallgs on every word. >> sometimes i can'telp but wonder if the burdens we carry don't endp carrying us. >> reporter: the story is true, and it first appeared in the modern love column of "new york times." >> i get about 8,000 a year, and that breaks down to some 175 a week. >> reporter: modern love editor dan jones. >> i have all these years opened every single e-mail that's come in and responded to every single one. 100 are in the box right now. >> reporter: submissions, love stories from readers, stories from their own lives. >> she dumped any. what's important are not the details, but the pronounce placement, she before me. >> it does not prevent you from doing it. >> it wasn't long after the split that i realized i liked the new person than heartbreak was forging. >> i was several years into the column befe i realized that
6:52 am
it's a lot like falling in love. to be able to write this kind of piece well, to fall in love, you have to be vulnerable, but you can't be a mess, you know? you have to be vulnerable in seductive ways. >> reporter: for many, modern love is the first thing they read on sundays. some pieces have been read and shared millions of times. the stories are rarely simple or saccharin. real love doesn't work that way. >> love is being disappointed and sticking with someone anyway. love is being ability to counseled on somebody. >> from print to podcast, modern love is now available for listening. >> what has the response to the podcast been? >> the podcast has been enormous. hundreds of thousands download this every week. >> 20 million downloads just this year. and from time to time you can
6:53 am
hear them read in person, like at town hall. >> are these dates? my friends would ask. >> women and men may feel love similarly, but they write about it differently. a lot of men's stories are heavy with regret and nostalgia. a lot of women's stories meanwhile, bristle with impatience. they want to figure love out. reporte in life, is the anything asmysterious, as elusive or seductive? >> i think we feel like there's this promise if you're smart enough and good enough at it, you can master it. love will foil you at that at every step of the way. >> reporter: and so we come back sunday after sunday to learn love's secret. >> harry smith reporting. we're back in a moment with
6:54 am
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this is the time of the show we make predictions for the week ahead, always capped with a tribute to our man gary busey. on this new year's day, you may expect a prediction for the year ahead, perhaps for the new president of the united states. but a gift was left at our door last night, a prediction for us from gary busey himself. >> willie, this is your good friend gary busey. we haven't met yet in bent, but we have met through the airwaves. i've got this as a gift for you. i'm going to take you to paris valley, california. you're going to put on a parachute. you're going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet. you'll fall 9,000 feet in 50 seconds, and your face will be rubber and you'll be falling at
6:58 am
124 miles an hour. my prediction for you is that you'll hit the ground on your feet and know that you have just accomplished in conquering the world. that's a promise, willie. thank you for your help. >> i mean, i'm happy for the health of my wife, my children, my family this holiday season, but that is the greatest gift of all. thank you, mr. busey. stay tuned to nbc for "meet the press." thank you for helping us kick off our 2017. we'll see you r
6:59 am
take action sooner. did the city of oak rand drop a ball on this. take a live look outside......
7:00 am
san jose from communications good morning, everyone. happy new year. live look outside. first sunrise of 2017. good morning, thank you for joining us. garvin thomas and iran na is here to give us forect. >> so a lot of this happy fog you're seeing is going to be sticking around. a lot of the temperatures are in the going to change much


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