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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 1, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside...... san jose from communications good morning, everyone. happy new year. live look outside. first sunrise of 2017. good morning, thank you for joining us. garvin thomas and iran na is here to give us forecast. >> so a lot of this happy fog you're seeing is going to be sticking around. a lot of the temperatures are in the going to change much heading no the afternoon hour. we are tracking a storm system that's going to keep us cooler
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than what we have been seeing. we are expecting a drop. in san jose, does have hope though, 40s high for today. by 12, san francisco 50 degrees. our high is expected to be high of 052s. >> you don't have started on those 2017 resolutions because look at how we are compared to the rest of the nation. out in new york similar 46 degrees. san jose 44 degrees. indianapolises, 22, chicago 24. you have a chance to not go out yesterday because 2017 vi a
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feeling going to be a great year as you head outdoors. >> thank you, very much. now to a developing story, a huge new year's collation end in chaos. dozen of people are dead santa clause attacked party goer in istanbul. 39 people are dead dozens more are wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack which is the fourth in turkey in less than a month. >> a chaotic scene as ambulance rush to take people to the hospital. men of them trying to escape the
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hail of gun fine. it happened shortly after 1:00 in the morning. the governor istanbul is staying this will be investigated as a terrorist attack. it's a latest violence in what's been a deadly year in turkey. in 2016 more than 180 people have been killed this a series of attacks. some are saying it's rem necessary sent of the paris act in 2016. security has been tight in turkish cities this week. >> that was peggy bunninger reporting. white house wrote a statement condemning the violence. >> you can track developing news across the platform go to nbc bay where you can sign
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up for news alert. a man survived his car after catching on fire. the driver of this black sedan hit the divider on north bound 101 around 1:00 a.m. it rolled over on the hood and caught fire. af duty flifr stopped to help and pulled the driver to safety. >> they smash out window and took the man to safety. >> tell you do not do it, for the safety, but there's that makes you run and help others. >> officers say the driver was not injured but was taken into custody on suspicious of driving under the influence.
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fireworks display. mean people told us they were happy to be saying good-bye to 2016. as fireworks lit up the sky at m midnight. party goers say bring on 2017. >> we're done with 2016. >> my hope is good health, stead work, and peace. >> officers say they were aware of the attack in istanbul. there have been no reports of any major incidents. >> clean up crew had work cut out for them. people worked through the night
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to big up ton of confetti dropped on time square. there's so much it stills looks it's falling from the sky after everyone left. 54, 39 collection trucks, 27 street sweepers to clean up pt mess. we return to the russian hacking scandal. russian are on there way back to russia. president kicked out 35 russian officials after uncovering evidence that they tried to influence the presidential election. more questions -- it was discovered after a warning from the federal government about a harmful computer code. it's not sure how the code got
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o off. damper at russian center of san francisco. many reflected on the sacs but the mood was optimistic as well. >> there are people it's sad, hopefully in the homing year with the new president-elect that will change so that's what i'm hoping to bring them back. >> everything should be okay. >> san francisco said it was founded in 1939 as way to preserve their culture here in california. coming up president-elect revul new year's resolution. we take a look back at the local stories of 2016.
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welcome back to the program. if your getting up this morning allow us to be the first to wish you a happy new year. a live look outside over the hills. now, many chose to celebrate on new years eve others decide to protest. it was part of a nationwide series of protests. president-elect says new year's resolution is to make america great again. they celebrated at mar-a-lago in florida music producer were amongst the sbrebt f celebrity
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entertainers. >> i want to have a great evening and look forward to getting to work on monday and. we're having great success right here. we're picking a lot of great people to run our government. >> earlier in the day he raised e eyebrow with tweet -- love. some criticized the tweet saying he striking different tone for unity on election night. look back at biggest story in the bay area over the past year. >> 44 degrees right now in disadvantage san jose we are tracking rain in the forecast. find out exactly when coming up in just a bit.
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(kent) (adlib) live look this morning autofrom communication hill in san jose. the president-elect was the biggest national story of 2016. here is the look at biggest local story in no particular order. it's been a few week since tragedy ghost ship warehouse. 36 people died where people gather for a party. young artist making party particularly traj. the investigation continues still no cause has been determined. >> we just had an election and you have to be given time. >> those opposed to president-elect did not give him time to worry the reaction was
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swift ask dramatic with thousands protests across the bay for days. there was outrage, thousands showed up to protest. >> pt sentencing of six months in jail for sexual assault. he spent 3 months in jail for the crime. many called for the judge in the conve case to resign. >> the raid ders thrilling fans. the raiders made playoff since 2002. kar broke his leg putting dammer on the season. >> the raiders 49ers turned historically bad season.
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so far the team has won two games. >> colin kaepernick decision to kneel for the national anthem in response to the deadly shooting around the country. >> party goers ushered in the new year in style. >> more than 1 million people watched the ball drop in nrk new york city's time square was tight. >> a six pointed star descented high above the city. >> emerald city rang in the new year. david bowie were losts and
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prince they know how to throw a part in las vegas. >> more than 300,000 people were in the city. fireworks were seen from the rooftop from several casinos at the stroke of midnight. >> those were all good places to be. >> i had to be up aeearly but i did see the fireworks from home it was beautiful. i hope you bundle up because it dropped down into 40s. right now san francisco in 50s. are seeing possibility of light drizzle. that the reason we are expected to clim into the lower 50s for the high for today in oakland 50
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degrees expecting to high hit 50 degrees. this cold front keep temperatures heading into the 50s. right now in san jose 44 degrees. we are expected to warmup to 53 degrees. currently right now across the nation if you wondering how the rest of the nation is doing, check out boston, new york city 42, 46. as we head over to indianapolises 22 degrees. dallas 51 degrees. they had a good night in terms of new year's eve plan. microclimate high in the 50s. we do have the cold front that
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will keep us cool later today. we are tracking a frost expected to make its way in. let's get a check of the hour by hour outlook, 12:00 we will see system drop in from the northwest. we will see increase in cloud cover. showers are expect today make a return as we head not later portion of the night, we start seeing storm cells sweep in as early as 8:00, 9:00. they could see few scattered showers. as we head into monday night, colders. as we head into monday 5:30 we
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are expect to have off and on showers. this storm system is expected to bring colder temperatures that could stick around tus, wednesday, thursday. 2017, it's not as cold as its been the past 2016 week. by 1:00 in the 50s. by 4:00 staying in the 50s. they are going to pop off, by 8:00 we do see that trop role in that's going to bring chance of light rain. we will drop down into 40s all the way down to the south bay. over the next 7 days we have changes coming, first week of 2017 is off to a soggy start. just 49 degrees in san francisco. as we head into tuesday and wens
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days, they condition through the forecast by next friday. turning things over to you. >> thank you, very much. coming up lots of people got computers, tab let's, phone, for christmas. you can protect your data from being stolen. as we go to break here resolution from people in the bay area. >> my new year's resolution is to be successful in a job better person to all i know. >> new year's resolution is to look after the kids. >> i want to be with my beautiful family more. >> my resolution is to get a house with my wife. >> i never keep them, why make
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them, that way i don't have to feel bad about myself all next year. got a new smartphone or laptop
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this holiday. a warning for anybody who got a new smartphone or laptop this holiday, as you switch on the new beware of the info on the old devises you're getting rid of. national correspondent investigative team go undercover in report. >> reporter: we store everything on phone and laptops, e-mails text and banking information. >> when i delete stuff off, i assume it's gone. >> all that information is still there easily accessible by any thieves. >> we want the to see for ourselves so we buy dozens
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online. we bring them to be analyzed. >> we bought it for $75. >> personal family pictures, tax information. >> account numbers. who does it belong to? suburban mom named tracy. i track her down. >> all of my place of employment. >> social security of entire family. >> of everyone. >> people can do damage with this information. >> this sell phone belonging to a college freshman we found password to student scholarship and when and where she goes to
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class. we setup a meeting to tell her what we found. >> i have all my information on there. >> how do you wipe your devices clean? first thing you hit settings, you come here to general, hit that, scroll down to the baotto, erase content and setting, you get erase iphone. on some devices, you hit setting, back up and reset, scroll down to factory data reset, reset device and information is gone. as for laptops there's no factory reset. take the hard drive out before selling. jeff ross son nbc news, salt
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lake city. are you ready to keep your new year's resolution. take a look at the app that can help you fulfill your goal for 2017. miles of confusion over airline aaccount and credit card. nbc news bay areas responds next. take a live look outside......
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san jose - from communications good morning. happy new year. if you're getting up, january 1, 2017. time -- >> san francisco have no fear will be climbing 8 degrees.
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>> early morning coffee. look at how beautiful that shot is. that's a great site to wake up to for 2017. san francisco in the 50s. that is accurate we are expecting to hit the low 50s across the bay area. oakland 50s. san jose right now 44 degrees. you're going -- 54 degrees is expected high for today. here is a look at rest of the bay area. these are expected highs. we are tracking rain chance as we head into the later portion of the day. when can you expect it and how we are going to end the 2017
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first sunday of the year. >> thanks. manhunt is on for a gunman who opened fire at at crowded nightclub in istanbul. he killed 39 people and wounded close to 70 in what province scribed as terror attack. he armed with a barrel weapon killed a police officer reina nightclub before entering and firing on people inside. the gunman acted alone. you can track developing news go to nbc news bay and sign up for news alert. new this morning, a man sur arrived his car rolling over and catching fire on south bay
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highway. officer say the driver of this barack sedan hit divider on 101 around 1:00 a.m. the car rolled over and caught fire. >> they smashed out the passenger's side window. he was trapped. >> many people die, there's some people that make you run and help others. >> officers say the driver was not injured but was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> now the last night's big party, tens of thousands of people lined san francisco to take in the new year with a huge
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fireworks display. there were more than happy to be saying good-bye to 2016. family lined up hoping to get a great spot as fireworks lit up the skies. police were trying to keep celebration safe as they look for anything suspicious. >> i'm done with 2016. >> my hope is good health, stead work and peace. >> officers say they were well aware of the attack in istanbul and took extra measures to make sure it was safe. clean up crews had the work cut out for them. hundreds of people worked through out the night to pick up tons of confetti dropped on times square.
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the new york department of transportation clean up pt mess. investigators are trying to track down a serial arsonist. the latest fire started around 1:00 saturday morning. the flames firlames spread. >> it's becoming chronic fire in the same location we have had over a couple of these calls over the past location, same area. >> investigators are asking for public's help. >> nbc bay area responds when
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his account was wiped clean and he could not understand why. our consumer team figured it out. >> good morning. david jams had been using mastercard a card that rewards files for purchasing. receiptly he noticed miles balance had been wiped clean. he reached out to us and we learned that the wife was the credit card holder. david had not had activity on his account for 18 months his miles expired. miles award are only award to one person even if there's two or more on the account you need to keep it active or you are going to lose your mile. that inactivity period various by airline.
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they were always travelers but they stopped travelled when his wife became ill and she recently died. when hawaii airline heard the story they reinstated his miles. if have you a consumer complaint, call us 888996 tips or visit us on bay if you're hoping stick to your resolution experts have tips. a sports psychologyist came up with p stands for plan. a stands for rang, s stick to one thing. t stands for make it too easy to
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fail. perhaps try something a little less difficult. >> exercise one minute then five then ten. >> the most important thing of all is to accept ourselves. a lot of people are turning to technology to help them stick to new year's resolution. mike win lin has three to help you stay fit. >> pat uses cash to mote vote you to hit the gym. or to eat right. you fall short and you'll be charge a minute of 5 bucks. success se succeed get a cut of the -- fits star give variety of workouts.
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the programs adjust to feedback, goals and capability. and it brings new moves and sections to keep things fun. it's free to amazon -- the app tracks detail, kbody measuremen and weight to track your progress. if you want more information head over to my address on your screen. until next time, i'm pc mike, for nbc news. still ahead on the bay, the days could be numbered for the 49ers head coach and general
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manager. still ahead. he guided the 49ers to one of
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the worst seasons in franchise history... and now head coach chip kellyay he guided the 49ers to one of the worst season in franchise history. he maybe on his way out after one season. 49ers plan to depart ways with trent baalke and kelly. announcement could be made after today's game. smith with the look at the -- >> the raiders wrap up the regular season in denver that's where we find out raiders insider scott. he has not made center since 2013 how does this change with the raiders will do offensive i. do they have to offense -- play
7:42 am
book now in. >> matt mcgo wan line of scrimmage. matt is going to have the voe toe power during the 2016 season. >> oakland has a chance to win the afc for the first time in 14 years. what woould the title mean to te team as they head to the playoffs? >> it would mean to be in this position. i think being able to hang a banner would mean a lot this franchise and show they are back
7:43 am
on track for this season and several to come. >> thanks, scott. good insight. >> thanks. coming up how would governor be remembered after he leaves office in two years. discussion on the legacy of jerry brown. ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, save $600 on our best selling i8 mattress, plus 24 month special financing. learn more at know better sleep with sleep number.
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final two years of his record shattering four terms at california's governor. jerry brown is entering final two years as california governor. he overhauled state's budget and reverse the state's approach to undocumented immigrants. will these activities submeant his legacy. little analyst joins us. with all those historic achievement and accomplishment
7:46 am
what's left to do? >> well, few would deny brown's commitment to california whether we spoke of legacy, refer to changes that last long beyond official time lapse. an example when his brother convince voters to pass state water plan. that was huge. we can imagine what we would be withouts him. on that score, when you talk about jerry brown there's a major challenges two years ago. >> let's if through some of them what would be some of the things -- on his agenda right now either he needs to be fixed or thinks he can fix? >> there's three issues that stand out with respect to brown, pension reform, water management and high-speed rail.
7:47 am
>> tell me about the water management. >> pension reform. $300 billion for 1.8 million public employees. because of the returns for the past three years annual $5 billion more than than its selected, not good. the state has have to made up the different according to california law. what does it means, it's coming from the state's budget. reduce benefits or collect more money to soft problem. >> easy to do. >> delaying the action is going to drain the budget more and more every year as they fail to meet its need in the money it needs to raise, that's a big
7:48 am
problem. >> we went through a drought and exposed situation how no infrastructure work has been done in decades and how much is needed, i'm not sure that going through the receipt drought got the ball rolling. >> this is a long stemming problem. we know it's going to end at some point, long-term climate change experts predict huge water short fall. ever since he became governor he sought to drew water. you may remember he propose a canal to ship fresh water around the delta. the voters stopped it. now he wants to move it under, via the tunnel. environmentalist remain in a stand off. they have to find a way to bring
7:49 am
them together. >> high-speed rail, voters approved it years ago but it has not been smooth sailing since then. there has been some work. where does it go from here? >> we'll see. it sounds easy at first. the voters passed a 10 billion -- they need $70 billion. they need elements to bring the gap from the state's gap and trade program. they contributed $3 billion that's -- the election, donald trump there's opposition of hospital republicans, a baker's field reduce more federal money. for this to success governor brown would have to come up with some kind of new revenue claim.
7:50 am
>> you mentioned 2010, so that's 7 years. the pension reform has economic downturn going back a new years. we're almost up to ten years. water infrastructure, we're talking decade old problems. he olympnly has two years left. >> really one. big issues like these, big issues are rarely solved during selection year. why? for the next election, big issues are solved during non-election year. if that's true, he has one year to submit his legacy and the clock. >> happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you sfl.
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we'll be right back.
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good morning bay area if you're waking up thai for bringing in 2017 with us here on today in the bay on this beautiful sunday. 16 degrees and your temperature trend get ready for a pleas sant day ahead. you may notice we're not jumping too much in temperatures because we do have cold front moving from the north to the south. that's going to keep us into 50s
7:54 am
in the san francisco area. we're 50 tredegrees. we are expected to enjoy overall peaceful weather until tonight when the storm system bring back chance of rain. not too much in terms of the microclimate change. san jose staying in the lower 50s. we are tracking a colder week ahead for the first week of 2017. we have storm system that's brewing that's expected to come down from the north push through the south you see the rain carry over into saturday into area like l.a. here exactly to expect by 12:30
7:55 am
we see increase in cloud cover. we are tracking colder air. as we fast-forward in expect to see spotty showers into early evening. early monday morning if you take fast-forward look at 5:30 you see few storm cells to push through. you might catch some rain in your early morning back to work start to 2017. by monday, 7:00 we are tracking more showers expected to bring rain as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. weekend showers expected to see lower of snow levels which means area in the north bay could be seeing underground looking out there. i have a feeling 2017 going to be a good year for you all.
7:56 am
i hope you go et a chance to head outdoors. on monday look at this area near santa rosa could be seeing chance of snowfall out there. south bay 3,500 feet as we head into week, snow level elevation area. next 7 days we are expecting to hit 60s. we are tracking colder heweek ahead. by tuesday and wednesday and thursday, first week is over it a chilly and cool start. we are tracking showers. today is going to be the driest day of the 2017. get out there and really enjoy this bay area day because those
7:57 am
temperatures are going to be pleasant. >> we have fire breaking out. the fire was reported just before 7:30 this morning. we'll update this story for you online at nbc news bay area baby was born 12 seconds after midnight. 6 pounds, 11 ounces, 20 inches long. they lived at they were visiting in san jose visiting family they didn't expect to go in labor on new year's eve. >> it's going to be a good year
7:58 am
for them. >> i hope it's great year for you too. >> thank you more making us a part of your morning and new year. >> see you later. >> happy new year.
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from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> good first sunday morning of 2017. and a happy new year to everybody. on this special "meet the press" broadcast, we will look at the difficult and sometimes mutually beneficial but often contentious relationship between donald trump and the media. mr. trump of course has made no secret of his contempt for those of us who report the news and cover his campaign. along with promising to build a wall, press bashing was the surest route to an applause line. >> the media isn't just against me. they are against all of you. that's really what they're against. they're not against me. they're against what we represent. among the world's most


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