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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 2, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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chilling images of the gunman opening fire as he makes his way inside a popular nightclub. dozens killed as authorities search for the terror suspect. a black tie bash caps the president-elect's holiday season complete with celebrity friends, but donald trump also has russian hackers on his mind. >> i know a lot about hacking. and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. two planes crash in midair, leaving three dead and dozens scrambling on the ground. remembering one of the original cast members of the hit tv show "m.a.s.h." and new laws take over the land as hollywood goes to hollyweed. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you on this
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first monday of the new year. i'm frances rivera. police are on the hunt for a gunman who attacked a new year's celebration in istanbul, turkey. authorities have not identified the suspect or the motive in the attack which left at least 39 dead and close to 70 others wounded, including one american. this chilling video captures the moment that gunman stormed into this popular nightclub, callously shooting at bystanders kelly is live in istanbul and brings us the latest. >> reporter: the gunman is a -- and responding to calls for attacks on westerners during the holiday period. now, what we don't know is whether there's any sort of direct link between this gunman and isis. the turkish authorities haven't said anything of the sort. in fact, they are still continuing the manhunt for this attacker.
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here's what we know at this point. the turkish police, the istanbul police have released a photo of a man they say is the gunman. this is a photo they say was taken. it's a sort of screen grab from security camera video. very grainy image. they haven't said whether or not they have an identity for this man, whether they have a name to go with the face, and we also haven't had an update on the manhunt and the progress in that direction. only statement from the interior minister saying that security operations are ongoing. the attack happened at the raina nightclub just across the water from where we are now. you can see it in the zaps still guarded by a police boat. police say that 120 bullets were fired inside that nightclub, but the attack lasted for seven minutes. so far the state department says only one american was involved in this. jake wrath from delaware, who is already, we understand, on his way home. francis.
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>> all right. good to hear at least he is on his way home. kelly, thank you. back here in the united states president-elect trump is back at his new york headquarters. he returned from his holiday overnight with his family. with just 18 days before his inauguration, he is doubling down on his skepticism russia interfered in the u.s. election. nbc's kelly o'donnell brings the details. >> reporter: a black tie bash to cap the president-elect's holiday season. palm beach glitz and trump style extravagance. for family, celebrity friends, and paying guests at the party. >> make america great again, okay? >> reporter: speaking to reporters donald trump again cast doubt on the u.s. intelligence view that russia is behind the election-year hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. >> reporter: trump went further and claimed without explanation
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insider knowledge. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> reporter: trump's future white house press secretary suggested obama's order for sanctions and expulsion of russian diplomats could be out of proportion. >> so there is a question about whether there's a political retribution here, whether it's versus a diplomatic response. >> reporter: house intelligence committee top democrat adam schiff said the evidence is very solid. >> democrats and republicans, none of us have any question about this. the only one who does apparently is donald trump. >> trump also expanded on his claim that he "knows more about the hacking situation." when asked to clarify the president-elect said he would do so tuesday or wednesday after a scheduled meeting between trump and the top officials at the intelligence agency specifically on hacking. 35 russian diplomats have left the country according to a state department official. president obama ordered their expulsion on thursday and gave them 72 hours to leave the
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united states. it was retaliation for russia's alleged hacking of the u.s. presidential election. russia's president vladimir putin surprisingly chose not to expel any american diplomats from his country in return. putin has indicated that he intends to restore russian/american relations after president-elect donald trump takes office. the ntsb investigation continues this morning into a new year's tragedy in texas where two small planes collided in midair, killing three people. the accident rained down debris on a small town north the texas. janet shamlian brings us more. >> a plane crash. holy smokes. >> reporter: a horrific scene in the aftermath of a midair collision. >> i've got a heavy cloud of smoke on custer. >> reporter: one of the two single-engine planes fell from the sky and became a fireball at a mini storage facility late saturday afternoon. >> i don't know that new year's any chance they could make it. >> reporter: the other crashed onto a busy road. >> one of them came pretty much straight down.
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the other one had a little control but he was coming down. there was no stopping it. >> reporter: three people dead. they have not been identified. ntsb says both planes were flying under visual flight rules and the not in contact with any control tower. charles drexler was at his storage locker and saw the planes collide. he took this dramatic video as he ran to one of them. >> i saw the initial impact. i knew that they were going very fast. there's no way they could have survived. i mean, i know that they did not suffer. >> awful to see. that was nbc's janet shamlian reporting. this morning new information in the search for the missing plane that disappeared over lake erie late thursday. it was carrying six people including a family of four. a bag possibly belonging to the pilot of the plane has been found. a passerby fished it out of the lake erie water and when he looked inside he saw the i.d. of what appears to be the missing plane's pilot john fleming. the good samaritan handed the bag to police, who confirmed they are investigating the contents of a bag in connection with the search. recovery efforts continue in
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the hunt for the missing plane. those include skilled dive times and water and air search crews. protesters against the dakota access pipeline delivered a high-flying stunt during the minnesota vikings game. they flew a massive banner urge -- urging u.s. bank, the owner of the stadium, to divest the from the peepline. the stunt didn't interrupt the game but some spectators were moved just as a precaution. today is black monday in the nfl. five head coaches have already been fired, including rex ryan, gus bradley, and mike mccoy. and last year's super bowl-winning head coach gary kubiak of the denver broncos, he's expected to step down later today citing health reasons. according to nbc sports there's growing chatter the current head coach of the new orleans saints, sean payton, may be headed west to los angeles. certainly a big day ahead for nfl fans. stay tuned. now to the brave men and women around the world who dove
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into freezing water to ring in the annual polar plunge. those in scotland jumping into water with temperatures in the mid 40s to bostonians racing through 25 degree weather to jump into boston harbor's 43 degrees. >> here's meteorologist bill karins with the first of the year forecast. >> the big first weather story of the year is going to likely be a severe weather outbreak. this radar looks like we could see it in march or april in the afternoon, and here we are in the middle of the night. texas already having reported 84-mile-per-hour winds, and we'll watch the storms marching through the deep south as they go throughout the day. enhanced risk of severe storm. 20 million people at risk, and there is a chance of a few tornadoes in this region as they go throughout the day today. that will be one of the big stories as we ring in the new year here.
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throughout the area of all of the west from northern california, through oregon, and much of idaho and washington state. well, francis, one of the big stories is the big wet weather in the week ahead too. california, it's going to be interesting. >> especially when everybody is headed back to school, back to work. president obama is about to do something that george washington did 220 years ago. and new details on mariah car carey's controversial lip sync meltdown. plus, high times in hollywood or should we call it hollyweed? you're watching "early today." whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning. jimmy dean delights frittatas. gahmom washed our clothes.idly losing credibility as handymen. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? yeah! turns out it was just dirt left there by our old liquid detergent. that's gross! they had built up a respectable, dingy character over the past couple washes. we earned that dinge! look how good we look! we can't look this good! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can. it's got to be tide. that is what you are seeing. it really does say "hollyweed." pranksters made their way up to the hollywood sign and changed it for the world to see. police are investigating the incident as a misdemeanor trespassing crime and many are looking at it as perhaps homage
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to a new law that went into effect in california. leading the news, just as the pranksters changed the hollywood sign, california's new law is just one of several across the country that have officially gone into effect. from the minimum wage rising in some 20 states in washington d.c. to new laws covering conceal and carry statutes to providing proof for service dogs. nbc's pete williams has it all. >> reporter: the new year begins in california with a ban on holding cell phones while driving. they must be mounted and can be used only for functions that require a single tap or swipe like answering a call. philadelphia becomes the first big city with a tax on sugary sodas. 1.5 cents an ounce, that's 64 -- 24 cents for a 16-ounce. california imposes tougher gun laws. it's now illegal to sell most
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ar-15 style assault rifles. current owners must register them. under a new law in maine, doctors cannot prescribe more than a seven-day supply of painkillers such as vicodin or perk coset, or a 30-day supply for chronic pain, intended to reduce opioid abuse. in colorado it's a crime to misrepresent a pet as a service animal. the state says untrained pets interfere with real service dogs. drivers in boston begin the new year with a lower speed limit. 25 miles an hour, down from 30, to reduce traffic deaths. in alabama, no more common-law marriages. getting married to celebrate the new year will require a license and at least a brief ceremony. pete williams, nbc news, washington. leading the news, 2016 was one of chicago's bloodiest years in the past two decades. police said there were 762 homicides in the city in 2016.
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that's far higher than the previous year's 485 homicides. on saturday, hundreds of people marched silently in the city carrying crosses bearing the names of the victims of those homicides. they hope to bring attention to the awful violence plaguing their communities. a dozen people have been indicted in a massive medical scheme in texas. according to "usa today," the plot involves doctors, pharmacists, and marketing pros who designed a sham study to illegally obtain up to $100 million. federal prosecutors allege a dallas-based marketing group arranged bribes for doctors to prescribe specific drugs to military families covered by the federal health insurance program tri-care. the group allegedly said the study was approved by tri-care when it wasn't. ronda rousey is taking time to decide her next move. her mother says she wants her daughter to retire after rousey's stunning 48-second loss to amanda nunez friday night in vegas. the bout was heavily promoted to be rousey's return to the
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spotlight after time off, but it only served to shock millions after her quick defeat. and while rousey was quickly mocked across social media after that devastating loss, there are those like kobe bryant offering support posting, instead of clapping for ronda rousey's defeat, give her a standing "o" for putting the sport on the map. imagine being a twin but having your birthday on two separate years. that's what happened with arizona twins everett and sawyer, born on new year's eve and new year's day. the fraternal twins arrived 11 minutes apart as many welcomed in the new year. one brother will forever be able to say he's a year wiser than the other. are you one of the millions in line for a pay raise in the coming days? plus a new law gives employees legal permission to avoid checking work e-mails when you're off the clock. we'll tell you where next. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers.
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time for today's quick hits. the force is still with the "star wars" this new year's weekend as the movie raked in $64 million. coming in second was "sing" pulling in almost $54 million, and then "passengers" the sci-fi romance with $20 million. later today the obama administration is expected to announce the president's plans for his farewell address as the nation's 44th commander in
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chief. the "chicago tribune" has reported the speech would take place in his hometown next week. however, the white house has yet to comment on the president's planned remarks. as you can imagine the blame game being waged between mariah carey and the producers behind her disastrous new year's eve performance. the pop singer's representative says the production team "set her up to fail." but an audio producer tells the "new york times" "everything worked perfectly." not commenting on what nontechnical issue may have been involved. stock markets in the u.s. are closed today as part of the new year's day holiday. but our man in london is keeping an eye on what's moving your money, cnbc's steve cedric, happy new year to you. >> yeah, happy new year. the dow turned in a 16% return including dividends in 2016. it was matched by a strong performance by the dollar as well. it's been up about one-third since 2011 and many analysts expect it to continue rallying in 2017. that's good news for anyone buying imported goods but bad news for exporters who compete
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on world markets. good news for many americans in 22 states plus the district of columbia, in 2017 they'll see minimum wages increase across the board. some small, florida on the 1st of january went from $8.05 to $8.10, but still it's better than the federal minimum wage. which has been the same for a long time. and which country was it that can allow their employees now to not look at their blackberries and mobile phones? it's france. yes, there's a new rule coming in, the right to disconnect for all companies who hatch 15 employees or more, you don't have to look at your phone outside of office hours. they have a lot of out of office hours because they only work a 35-hour week. back to you. >> lucky french. steve, thank you so much. just ahead an update on the ailing 90-year-old queen of england. saying good-bye to one of the original characters from the hit tv show "m.a.s.h." you're watching "early today."
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lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. with the new mcdonald's location comes with did a stir? italy. that's because the branch has opened in vatican city. the new location occupies the bottom floor of a building that's also home to several senior cardinals. the new opening of the mcdonald's was low key, and the restaurant made no official announcement. queen elizabeth was absent again this time from a new year's day church service where she's traditionally seen. it's a sign that the queen remains under the weather.
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nbc's matt bradley brings us the latest details from london. >> reporter: it's an annual pilgrimage, waiting in the rain and cold for a glimpse of the royal family going to new year's mass. but this year the 90-year-old queen didn't make it. >> it's sad that she's not been here for christmas day and today as well. so i hope she's going to be better soon. >> reporter: a heavy cold has kept her out of sight for two holiday weeks. the palace says the queen is doing better but her absences always put the spotlight on her royal successors. >> there is a role for the younger generation of royals to play, not least because the likes of william, kate, and harry are very, very popular. not just in britain but in america and across the world stage. >> reporter: as for the queen, she may not appear in public again until after her holiday vacation is over in early february. her fans will just have to wait. matt bradley, nbc news, london. y tissue was near. the fiery tissue left her nose sore and red.
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welcome back. obviously very active weather pat he were setting up the next couple of days. the mountain snows continue today. tomorrow into wednesday we get another slug of moisture to come in here. today to wednesday mountain snow early this woke. we get the heavy rain into the middle of the week, and then another batch of extremely heavy rain towards the end of the week. there could be 15 to 20 inches, so we're talking feet of snow in the days ahead. interesting times in california. >> i suddenly found myself on the receiving end of a rather ard ardent embrace. >> what? >> she hugged the stuffing out of me. >> for all the stars on the hit tv series "mash" william
4:27 am
christopher brought a sense of calm and order to the chaos of the u.s. army surgical unit in korea. he was the ever steady father francis, chaplain of the 4077. christopher appeared in all 11 seasons of "mash." he was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago. william christopher died on saturday in pasadena, california. he was 84 years old. well, stop drinking so many energy drinks. that's the message from department of defense to soldiers. research shows that nearly 45% of soldiers who searched during the wars in afghanistan and iraq in 2010 consumed at least one energy drink a day, and nearly 14% say they drank three or more daily. they warn the level of caffeine and sugar can have harmful side effects like affecting sleep and performance during combat. what do they recommend instead? just good old-fashioned water. a teen is in critical condition this morning after
4:28 am
seven people, including three teens, were shot during a new year's day spree in miami. according to the miami herald police say the victims were standing outside a house around 6:00 p.m. when someone pulled up and opened fire. the other victims are still in stable condition. no description of the suspect or suspects has been given. one nba star is starting the new year raising funds for victims. golden state warrior steph curry auctioned off two pairs of his sneakers raising over $45,000. both pairs have the initials of all 36 victims. curry shared this image on twitter of one pair of the custom made shoes advertising his ebay auction. those sneakers are the same ones the nba player wore in a game against the new york knicks on december 15th. they've been auctioned to an anonymous bidder for $30,000. well, thanks for being with me on this monday, this new year. thanks for watching "early
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today." i'm francis riviera. have a great start to your week and the year.
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search for a possible arsonist in the south bay. the clues investigators are following up on after several fires on the side of the freeway. plus, 49ers looking for a direction. general manager and coach chip kelley both fired. kelley only lasting one season. the new details we hope to learn today. the rain returns to the bay area. here's a look at downtown san jose after a dry weekend. it changed your forecast. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. ism scott mcgrew. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. welcome to a brand new year. good to be back. a wet return to the bay area. >> oh, ye


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