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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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kari. >> good morning and happy new year. enjoying the rain coming down. it's also very chilly out there. so we're dealing with cold weather, some rain, and it's been pretty scattered to start out. but you may walk out the door you see everything is wet. so we will see several rounds of this rain moving in. we are seeing some of the rain moving across san francisco over towards the east bay and parts of the peninsula as well. let's look at the north bay, too. some low snow, even some high elevation snow. here's mount st. helena and mt. diablo and hamiltohamilton. we'll take a look at all of this coming up. mike has a delay for the b.a.r.t. riders. >> and the rails. photographer matt is live with this shot. this is a fire high drabt. apparently there's a water main near that fire hydrant in redwood city. live video -- real live shot from this street of roosevelt
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avenue awful the el camino. not a major issue unless you're on the roads. look at the crews on the area. we're going to track this. el camino itself is open. back to the map and talking about not only this area of redwood city as we look at your commute. speed sensors on the free ways are fine. looking at the water main right there. roosevelt off of el camino and b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t., better news. major delays reported and growing out of daly city is in recovery mode. whatever power issues they had for that pittsburg bay point line, look what has been resolved. talking about possible 20-minute delays out of daly city. you want to track that as well as the water main break but light traffic overall on the freeways. happening now, a number of fire s popping up in the fire bay. firefighters and police on the search for suspected serial arsonists. >> kris sanchez is live in san jose with the details. the latest fire just popped up this past weekend. >> right. it's interesting to note that we're here at the california
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highway patrol. they don't usually investigate fires but because the latest fire happened along the freeway they're involved in the investigation. a lot of eyes looking for the next move of this suspected serial arsonist. that last fire as you mentioned happened just on saturday morning and that's when the fire department responded to a fire off highway 101 north off story road. a handful of palm trees along the freeway. because there were several points where the fire started, that's why investigators believe they were set on purpose. san jose fire cruise were already in the area putting out a different fire. >> it's becoming a chronic fire in this same location. we've had over a couple dozen of these calls over the past few weeks in the same location, same area as the freeway. >> reporter: now, in that latest fire which was around 1:00 in the morning on saturday, the
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fire in the palm trees did spread to a storage shed so they want to put a stop to this arsonist before anyone gets hurt. if you saw anything in the area on saturday morning right after midnight between midnight and 1:00, you can call the california highway patrol, you can also call the san jose fire department. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." to a story still developing at this hour. over night isis claimed responsibility for the istanbul nightclub shooting. right now the search for the gunman continues. this is new video showing glimpses of the gunman moving desighs vly shooting at people. he killed dozens. dropped his weapon and then actually escaped among the fleeing survivors. an american from delaware was shot in the leg but managed to make it out alive. >> crazy people came and shooting and everything. >> how many? >> i don't know. i saw one person. they're shooting. i'm hiding. >> that gentleman was in turkey to celebrate the new year with a friend when that attack took place. now, the deadly new year's
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attack rattling the nerves of turkish natives here in the bay area as well. one mill valley man the attack hit very close to home. >> if i say sad, nervous, anxious, billboards won't be enough. >> 42-year-old bakan grew up in istanbul but it's not the same city he once lived. he said he's been reckless since the mass shootings but nothing compared to what his friends and family in turkey are feeling. he blames the internet, social media and fanatical propaganda, false truths for so many millions of people. he runs a non-profit who helps fund independent journalism and others fighting for personal freedom in turkey. closer to home, new year means new laws. that includes legalization recreational use of marijuana and hemp. someone changed the hollywood sign to wheed hollyweed as the new law took effect.
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"today in the bay's" pete suratos is live for details with what this means for people living in california. >> good new year's to you, pete. >> yes. good new year to you, too. i was just see that video of hollyweed sign. prop 64, when this passed legalization of recreational marijuana in california, it actually went into effect right after it passed on november 8th but here are the basic things that folks need to know. so if you're above the age of 21 and over you can use marijuana legally, privately in our own home and have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and 8 grams of concentrated marijuana such as hash in your possession. you can grow up to six marijuana plants in a private home and give marijuana to these as long as the amount fits the guidelines i mentioned and the person is 21 years and older. the passage authorizes the resentencing and destruction of records for prior marijuana convictions. but it's still illegal to smoke weed while driving a car, in
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public place or any location where smoking tobacco is not allowed. even though californians with legally smoke weed if you don't have a medical marijuana you cannot legally purchase weed from dispensaries until another part of prop 64 goes into effect in january of next year. the analyst office and department of finance says the law could net another state and local tax revenues potentially ranging from the highs hundreds of millions of dollars to more than $1 billion annually. most of your friends will be required for specific purposing including substance use disorder, education, prevention, and treatment. another law folks are going to be dealing with involves this cellphone that i'm holding right here. we'll have those details for you in the next half hour. we're live in treasure island, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, pete. you can read all about the new laws and others that are now in effect. we've posted the list on the front page of our website. easy to find at new years may be over but the chp still on the lookout.
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live look at palo alto this morning. officers are in maximum enforcement period looking for impaired drivers. the period began friday evening and ends tonight. officers say while new year's eve was the busy night many people are off today and may choose to continue their celebrations by drinking and then driving. >> we want to make sure we stop those people before they actually crash and hurt themselves or somebody else. >> in the south bay, the chp says the driver was arrested on suspicion of dui this weekend after his car swerved, landed on highway 101. happening now, the last minute preparations are under way in pasadena this morning as volunteers prepare for the 128th annual rose parade. it's a festival of flowers ahead of the rose bowl football day. it's typically held on the first day but a never on sunday tradition that dates back to 1893. we're going to continue to cover
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rose preparations throughout the morning. you can watch it live right here. the parade itself on nbc bay area at 8:00 a.m. meantime, check of your traffic. >> weather. >> weather. >> hey. >> we have some rain coming down in some parts of the bay area. good morning. the time now is 5:08. we have seen the scattered showers moving through during the overnight hours. so still some wet conditions as you head out. we are seeing much of that rain right now moving through parts of the east bay from concord extending down toward walnut creek and also some light snow occurring right now on mt. diablo and then as you head over to san leandro, hayward, san ramon, there's some rain. it is pretty soggy out there in spots. we will see this rain off and on all day long. some of the heaviest rain in the north bay. we will talk about this and a very wet week ahead and some high snow amounts for the sierra. that's coming up in a few minutes. wetter roads also playing a factor for your traffic, too.
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>> that's right, kari. in fact, we share the same map system and data the kari uses it differently than i do. i talk about what might be affecting your traction. maybe some damp roadway, south of 92. look, north of 92, the green highlighting maybe, slick erode ways. more rain being a factor there. and definitely where she talked about the rain having travel through concord rk, walnut cree pleasant hill. we now show the blue weather, ponding and puddling. just a note there but light traffic flow. that's good news on the roads. we do have recovery mode better news out of daly city, a possibility of a 20-minute delay. but so far no one is complaining on twitter. bay bridge toll plaza, no one is complaining about this light traffic but there are slick conditions. >> no one is up right now. we'll tell you about the new president coming in the new year, the changes expected on capitol hill as well in 2017. that's all next in the live report. plus, a new plan that will reportedly offer more ice skating options on the peninsula.
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happy new year. time is 5:12. as you head out, scattered showers in the bay area. rain is off and on throughout the afternoon and also throughout this week. i'll detail that as temperatures
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warm up. that's coming up in five minutes. look at this. we have a smooth drive. no delays, not even for 84 cutting through livermore and pleasant on the. good news here. smooth drive across the bridge. watch for the damp roadways. we are 18 days from the inauguration. flekt donald trump says the u.s. intelligence community's wrong about its handling of hack attacks tied to russia. >> he's also gearing up for a possible fight over the affordable care act. "today in the bay's" kris malone is live in washington this morning with what we can expect in our new year. good morning. >> good morning, laura and scott. you know, it is the first monday of the new year. now donald trump is back in new york city after spending the holidays in florida. he is set to get an intelligence briefing early this week about those hacks into the democratic national committee. in washington work is well under
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way preparing for the inauguration of donald trump. the president-elect arrived back in new york sunday night after spending the holidays at his florida resort at a new year's eve party saturday trump signaled he's firing up for a fight on two trump, russia, casting doubt on the u.s. intelligence community's conclusion russia and president vladimir putin are behind election year computer hacking. >> i know a lot about hacking and hacking is a very hard thing to prove. so it could be somebody else. >> reporter: trump hinting he has insider knowledge about the hacks. >> i also know things that other people don't know. and so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> reporter: top democrat on the house intelligence committee disputes that. >> democrats and republicans, none of us have any questionn't this. the only one who does apparently is donald trump. >> reporter: president obama returns from his vacation in hawaii today, wednesday he meets with congressional democrats. trump valleyed to repeal the president's signature health care law, obama will discuss strategies to protect obamacare with members of his party.
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trump is shrugging it off. >> he's president. after that, it's our turn. so we'll see what happens. >> reporter: a new year and a new era in washington less lan three weeks away. >> so that's 18 days until the inauguration. our raj mathai is headed to washington to bring you complete coverage on air and online. and a quarter after 5:00. new details now in the russian hacking scandal. the state department has confirmed all 35 russian 2k diplomats have left the u.s. the sanctions aren't likely to end there. on a visit to the country of georgia, john mccain and lindsey graham will press for more penalties. >> we believe that putin has hacked into our elections in america. just trying to undermine democracy all over the world. and it's time for new sanctions to hit him hard as an
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individual, this energy sector, banking sector. >> earlier this month republican and dem senators called for a special bipartisan panel to investigate the cyber attacks. russian officials have denied accusations of hacking. california's lowest paid workers are among the millions of americans getting a slight bump in pay starting in the new year. across the state minimum wage goes up 50 cents to 10:50 on hour. now, workers in the bay area's three larger cities already receive higher hourly rate thanks so city living wage ordinances. in all, 22 states have raised their minimum wage by the end of this year. 5:16. new plan is reportedly heating up to offer more ice skating options on the peninsula. skaters and hockey enthusiasts in san mateo county have one option following the closure of two ice rinks over the past four years. that includes belmont iceland which closed in april. the mercury news reports leaders in burlingame are considering
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plans for a new rink near the bay shore freeway. belmont has not yet closed the door on trying to reopen the iceland rink. also of fans of that place. >> it looks so easy. >> yeah. >> you're right. check of your weather and traffic. not much traffic but weather fairly significant. >> we are going to have that rain off and on. as we start out this new year, some off and on rain, chilly temperatures. and even a little bit of snow for some of our higher elevations. as we take a live look outside now at oakland, the streets are wet. everyone is having to take it easy heading back to work on this monday morning. windshield wipers on, too, with the heavier jacket as we're temperatures have been chilly. as we start to see a lot of this moisture streaming in this will be the case throughout the week as we see this weather system setting up that will continue to stream moisture along the coast into the inland areas. and we are seeing some of that rain now moving into the emo emeryville area and then also
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toward richmond. there's another cluster over towards the delta. we have snow coming down in mt. hamilton at this point and some of the hilltops. we're looking at chilly temperatures. a little bit of moisture moving through. you may not see some of that rain as you drive across parts of the bay area, but still the roads are wet. and we have some rain earlier this morning. and then as we go through the day, it will still be cool. times of showers only up to 50 degrees today in the tri-valley. it's well below average as we should be in the upper 50s for many of the inland areas. but we'll only make it to 50 degrees today in san francisco. and the east bay, 49 degrees. so with our highs today in the 40s and 50s, some rain at times. kind of hit or miss. at any point during the afternoon, you just have to be prepared for some of that rain that may come down just briefly. and then it looks like we will have a higher concentration of heavier rain for tomorrow. starting out in the north bay. and we'll see that rain also
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moving through the rest of the bay area. so chilly temperatures, rain at times for the next couple of days. even on wednesday we still see a pretty good coverage of this showers and then on thursday, the rain clears out for just a little while. friday looks dry. rain returns on saturday. it may be quite heavy and we could see that rain even continuing into next week. so it's going to be a very wet start to this year. and we are looking at the potential of up to two inches of rain between now and thursday when we get that first batch of moisture. but then when the second batch of moisture moves in and that rain we could have up to three to four inches of rain, especially in the santa cruz mountains and parts of the north bay. snow in the sierra, we could have in somepla places close to three feet of snow this week. it looks a lot like a lot of moisture. and we're looking at quite a bit of some rain, chilly temperatures for the next couple days. it does get milder. we make it up to 60 degrees on
5:20 am
saturday. and sunday and it will be wet as well. i'll have more on that coming up. and mike's tracking some flooding for a different reason. >> exactly. speaking of wet we have a really wet roadway in redwood city. overall though you will notice on the road weather index the dpreen green, we'd roadways, pink and white, that's over here in mt. hamilton on this map kari is talking about snow. don't try to head to the peak to the get to the snow because most at time the sheriff's department will block the roadways. they don't want anyone to hit ice, either. that will an issue. over here this is what we're talking about. the flooding off roosevelt avenue just off of el camino. live picture. i think matt our photographer is there. ground level or water level view and we have a fire hydrant there. the fire hydrant is not busted be you the water main is there. there's a couch if you want to watch that water go there. nice view there. showing it going down the roadway. back to the maps. we'll talk about that area of redwood city, not a problem. we'll watch as morning starts to
5:21 am
build for the surface street traffic. the roadways look great. over here kari is talking about that rain through concord and that may be v. ponding and puddling. recovers from a delay coming out of the daly city. b.a.r.t. says possibility of a major delay but i don't think there's a big problem now and modified schedules for most transit agencagencies. coming up, nbcbayarea responds. >> a bonus for switching sma smartphones that never materializes. i'm kris camorra. stay tuned of "today in the bay," a familiar face is coming back to the "today" show. katie couric will coanchor this week and next week meredith vieira will be on. two milestones in january. matt's 20th an veersry on the program and the show's 65th anniversary as a broadcast.
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nbcbayarea we are sponds to a woman who says she was promised a promotional deal but she never got it. >> kris camorra has her story in our response. >> good morning. she bought a new iphone 6 at a verizon store last year. what she says an employee there told her she would get a $200 cash card if she surrendered her old iphone. so she did. but lalitha says she never got
5:25 am
that cash card for 200 bucks. she made several calls and sent several e-mails to get her money but no luck. so she reached out to us and rereached tout to verizon. verizon applied a $200 credit to her account. in a statement the company said, we appreciate nbcbayarea for bringing this issue to our attention and for giving us the opportunity to do the right thing for our customer. these type of promotions are increasingly common and we've handled numerous similar complaints. if you're offered a deal like that get it in writing and keep that paperwork in case you have to complain. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us at 1-888-996-tips. tomorrow, hundreds of dollars for credit in future services that can't be booked. i'll see you then. >> we look forward to it. first day of the new year. actual let's the second day of the new year. maybe you're still adding to that list of resolutions but have you figured out how you're going to pay for them?
5:26 am
fnlt experts say paying down debt should be top of the list of resolutions this year. and good start is paying those bills from the holidays. >> the last thing you want to do is ruin all those great holiday feelings by starting the you area with a holiday debt hangover that you're facing for the next few months. >> investment says many americans are including debt reduction among their top financial goals for 2017. they also found that more people than usual are optimistic for the new year and willing to make resolutions. almost 3/4 of respondents say they feel better about the past going forward. a man holding officers at bay overnight in the south bay. this is at a bta station. the costume he was wearing and why this isn't the first time he's had a run-in with police. be prepared for not only chilly temperatures but some rain. we are seeing more of that moving through the bay area. ville a complete look at the
5:27 am
microclimate forecast coming up next. the general manager and head coach out of the 49ers after a abysmal football season. a new law in the new year in california when it comes to using your cellphone in you're car. i'll breakdown what you need to know before you head on the road this morning. we live in a pick and choose world.
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welcome back here as we take
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a live look this morning out at san francisco. rain, probably not the day you want to take down your christmas lights. >> i'm hiring. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. >> probably sleeping in. i'm laura garcia-cannon. welcome to a new year. not a lot of people out on the road but rain is coming down. >> it's getting busy on the radar. it looks like this is what we can expect all throughout the week as temperatures warm up but it's still really cold out there. and that's giving us some snow on some of our hilltops, some of our high elevations here like mt. hamilton, and mt. diablo seeing light snow and mount st. helena. looking at rain that continues to make things pretty soggy as you head out for that commute. getting up out of bed, i know this makes it harder but there is rain coming down around san mateo and redwood city and also parts of the east bay. so roads are wet. it's cold. and this is what you can expect.
5:31 am
i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. heading over to mike, some flooding for not because of the rain. >> huge puddles, the size of me. because our camera is down on the roadway. see the rain coming down as well as that puddle on the roadway but that's caused largely by a water main broken on roosevelt avenue in redwood city. the flashing lights. crew is on skrcene. we don't have specific numbers of folks with water interrupted but we will watch for that update and also this might affect you if you're traveling, again, on roosevelt near el cami camino. let's look at the map, the largers roadways as we get out to your maps. this is the intersection here. again, roosevelt but not el camino are effected. woodside. light traffic flow around the bay. we're tracking that again for the concern over folks inconvenience for them but overall the rain making all of our roadways wet around the bay. north of san mateo bridge we do have more water and more slick conditions through concord. watch over by mt. diablo, snow.
5:32 am
no major issues as far as the delays for the roadways. b.a.r.t. is recovering out of daly city. earlier power issues. of course, they have modified schedules because this is what they call bank holiday where we have a lot of holidays after the actual day because it's the first monday where it's observed. back to you. >> fair enough. staffing shake-up at the 49ders. the teams only won two games all season. both the head coach and the general manager will be forced out. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at levi's stadium with details on the major announcement and how fans are reacting. good morning, bob. >> good morning, to you. a number of fans think there's a third person who should be taking a reduced role at the he vie's stadiumed a 49ers headquarters here in santa clara and that would be team ceo york who will be holding a news conference at 10:00 this morning after one of the team's worst seasons. the 49ers a loss yesterday's game to the seattle seahawks. that was the 14th loss of the season. a season that produced only two
5:33 am
wins for the team unthor the direction of head coach chip kelly. yed york announced kelly's firing saying the decision was abs chutely necessary, that york was disappointed at the team's performance. had not lived up to the expectations of fabs. kelly is the third 49ers head coach to be fired in three years. chim tosula last year. jim harbaugh the year before that. here's what chip kelly had to say yesterday before the official announcement when his firing was just a rumor. >> i don't think anything surprises me. i don't live my life -- you live my life in vision, not circumstances. i control what i can control. what we can control is how we coach our players and what we do with them and if that's good enough, it's good enough. if it's not good enough, so be it. >> i have saw some of the worse play calling i've ever seen in all 49ers games. you think if he's responsible for it he needs to go. >> i think it might be a little unfair. he's only had one season and kind of what he was given, i
5:34 am
think that maybe he should have another chance, another season or two to try and see what he can do with the team. >> yesterday the 49ers also fired trent bag i can who is general manager of the team for the past 12 years. but fans have lost faith in him in recent years. so much so that someone hired a plane to fi over the stadium earlier this season with a banner calming for him to be fired. baalke released a statement that reads in part, thanking the york family for their support, calling the 49ers the most storied franchise of all of sports. a first class organization that deserves the very best. reporting live in santa clara, rob redell, nbcbayarea. 5:34. new this morning, a man wearing a batman-like mask is locked up after a standoff with deputies. we've been in touch with the sheriff's department in the last couple of hours and they just gave us new information. they were called to the alan rock transit center following calls with a man with a handgun. after that deputies were able to
5:35 am
take that man into custody. they found toy gun on him. we are told san jose police officers had run mf ins with him before but at that time he was dressed adds superman. san jose saw an alarming jump in violent crimes over the past year. those are the findinging from the mercury news which obtained hard numbers on the amount of crime reported in san jose during 2016. homicides hit a 25-year high with a total of 47. other violent crimes spiked more than 10% incruding robbery and assault. at the same time, property crimes were slightly lower. according to the merc 16 of the nation's 20 largest cities reported more violent crime than last year. some new laws are in effect in california, that includes going hands free while behind the wheel. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live with what you need to know. good morning, pete. >> good morning to you, scott and laura. yes, with the new year you have a new law. this is important. it has to do with your cellphone. you can't use it whul you're
5:36 am
behind p wheel. and that new law in southern california, you have to mount it against your car, against the dashboard right here if you are to use it. it has to be mounted. once it's mounted you can only use single tap function such as answering a phone call or along those lines. when it comes to the fines, if they catch -- if chp catches you on the road, the first fine is going to be $20. the second fine is $50. so once again, you cannot use your phone behind the wheel and that includes gps, something a lot of folks do. now, another new law people are talking about, going to effect this past november, is legalization of recreational marijuana. we'll break that down in the next hour. live at treasure island, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> you can read all about the new laws and others that are in effect. we posted the list on the front page of our website 5:56. starting this week, violators will have to dig a little deeper for illegally parking in
5:37 am
b.a.r.t. parking lots. the fine jumps up to $55 for anyone who parks in a daily spot without paying. that's a $20 increase. if you get caught park r parking in a space that refires permit, $75. for repeat auchoffenders, $100. b.a.r.t. trains today are operating on a holiday schedule. you like parades wee will take you out live. nothing wrong going ear. this is all going very right. this the rose parade in pasadena. as they line everybody up and get everything ready to go. last-minute preparations under way. volunteers preparing for the 128th rose parade. a festival of flowers ahead of the rose bowl football game. you can watch the parade right here on nbc. our coverage starts at 8:00 this morning. typically of course the parade is held on new year's day but it was pushed to today because new year's day landed on a sunday and parade has a never on sunday
5:38 am
tradition that dates to 1893. back then the tournament wanted to avoid scaring horses that would be left outside churches that could interrupt worship services. horses are no longer outside churches, still a tradition today. good morning. it is 5:38. happy new year. we're looking at rain moving across the bay area. some of those scattered showers off and on throughout the morning. and it will stay with us throughout the rest of today. and we will have times of rain between now and wednesday. and also a chance of some low elevation snow today and some sleet, especially on those spots like mt. hamilton, the santa cruz mountains, and maybe even mt. diablo. the snow coming down in some spots, light accumulation. then we will have a break from this rain and also the chilly temperatures on thursday and friday. heavy rain returns for the weekend. we could also have a fairly significant storm moving through
5:39 am
and in the sierra between now and sunday we could have a few feet of snow. i'll have details on all of that coming up in about ten minutes. as we head over to mike, the holiday continues at the bay bridge. >> if you're heading out toward the sierra for the holiday bring those chains. restrictions are in place. interstate 80 and going to continue as kari's forecast shows. over here, smooth flow of traffic. green, wet erode ways. puddling where the blue is off of 680. be careful. walnut creek and danville. we have water on the roadway. we also have a reports of crash there but we haven't seen from any of my cameras any lanes blocked. just note how light it is. we typically see the metering lights on but holiday for many businesses, traffic is light. back to the maps. all over the bay, we're at green. good stuff. either coming out of the altamont pass and the green and mt. hamilton, maybe ice and snow. if you don't have to go up there don't even try it right now. a smooth flow of traffic on the roads and the rails. look at the south bay, looking
5:40 am
at a good easy travel time for 101, 87, and highway 17. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. at 5:39. happening now, construction near a large freeway interchange could cause headaches for bay area commuters. on and off-ramps along 580 in oakland will shut down for the first half of the year. portions of the highway will be closed to take care of water damage. construction actually started yesterday and will last until june. got to get used to it approximately caltrans says their drakt r kraters will be repairing the drinage system and then repaving the roadway. coming up, what not to pack in your bags. strange eight i'ms tsa confiscated in 2016. plus, a traveling -- the thief that made off with a bag full of loaded guns.
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le. it is 5:43 on the first monday morning of 2017. a live look out side in san jose. it is all cloudy with some times of rain, light showers moving through. willow glen expect rain pretty much off and on all day. highs making it into the lower
5:44 am
50s. it will warm up as we go through the week but the rain not going anywhere. i'll detail that coming up in five minutes. >> i'll detail a few travel times here. yellow and green, highway 84 through the construction area. wet roadways. keep that in mind. lower the speeds. the bridges no major delays. violent start to the new year in san francisco police investigating two murders. the first happened in the mission on 26 and shot well just after 2:00 yesterday morning. police say a man was shot in the chest and later died in the hospital. the second family shooting happened in the bay view just after 11:00 in the morning. this was yesterday. police say a man was shot in the area of third and oakdale street after -- he died later in the hospital. police say they have no suspects. archlts man was hit with a hammer in his own home. managed to still stop two teenaged intruders. police say it happened early
5:45 am
saturday in menlo park and carlton avenue. family came home to find their house ransacked. the burglars were still there. a 13-year-old boynd 17-year-old girl was in one of the bedrooms going through the stuff when the homeowners tried to grab the teen and was hit with the hammer. the man was able to grab the boy. police found a girl a couple of blobs away and they were taken to juvenile hall. dangerous and troubling facts in santa cruz. police are looking for a man caught on surveillance cameras stealing a bag full of loaded guns out of the car. it happened last monday. police say a man broke the window of a jeep parked on the side of the road and pulled out a duffel bag. that bag had four guns along with several different types of am knew in addition. north bay man recovering after being shot in the chest with a flare gun. it happened yesterday afternoon in sauce alito. he and the shooter, 50-year-old brian hagan got into a fight. and that's when he says hagan
5:46 am
pulled out a flare gun and shot him. the victim says the fight started from an argument the two had earlier day. police arrested hagan after the victim identified him as the shooter. a dangerous end to a police chase in the east bay. a driver being tailed by chp officers drove straight into a homeless encampment new year's eve. you're looking at the amp math. capturedly a reporter from indy bay. officers say they tried to stop the buick near 885-80 interchange or reckless driving but the driver did not stop so the officers followed the car. the driver lost control on 27th street in oakland landing upside-down in the middle of this homeless encampment. two people in the camp were hurt, had to go to the hospital. the driver of the buick arrested shortly after the crash. the tk couple suing a until connection with the deadly crash that killed a 5 naerld daughter. the couple filed suit last week. they claim apple's face time app contributed to their daughter's
5:47 am
death. the suit cites a police report indicating the driver was using face time when he rear-ended the family's car near dallas and 2014. the suit claims apple could have installed a lockout device preventing drivers from using face time behind the wheel. apple has not issued a response. $40 million battle between san jose and santa clara counties may soon be heard in the state supreme court. the mercury news reports this morning the dispute centers around $40 million in property taxes. the county collected in 2012 but then withheld from san jose. the county wants the money to recover retirement funding. city leaders say money was supposed to go to redevelopment costs back when redevelopment agencies were operational. appeals court agreed with sat supreme court justices may decide next month whether or not to hear that case. apparently some airline passengers are not getting the message when it comes to flying with guns. tsa confiscated a record number of guns on carry-on bags in
5:48 am
2016. over the past year they've also had to take away pretty unusual items. they recently put together a list of the weird estebaned items agents saw in 2016. look at this. it's a jar of dead endangered sea horses that a passenger tried to board with in detroit. >> i'm assuming it's the liquid and not the sea horse. >> strange. republic a of a barbed wrap used in "the walking dead." >> that's a no-no. strangest of all is this is a corpse, a mannequin, a dummy, prop for a movie. again, fake dead people not allowed. >> not allowed anywhere. anywhere at all. we always celebrate the first baby born in the new year. 2017 the bay area, this will baby is not going to stay here for long. >> he's going to go home. home is -- she is camp pendleton in san diego. leslie andedwin mitt romnmoreno.
5:49 am
she was started having contractions so they turned around. i love this name, grace emily moreno born at 12 seconds after midnight new year's day. her parents couldn't be happier. >> we wanted to have her before the new year's but it feels amazing to have her on new year's. it was a great surprise. well, for me. everybody was cheering at the end. i'm like, oh, my gosh, it's finally over with. >> this is cool. the doctor that delivered baby grace also delivered her father there at the very same hospital 22 years ago. grace is the family's third child. she came into the world at 20 inches long, 6 pounds, 11 ounces. >> so there were two in the bay area. >> he's like, i know. >> we're going to go right back. >> turn this rig around. >> named her grace, also could have named her repeat. that was -- that's not good for a gill? >> no. >> for a boy. >> second pete. >> let's end this and check your weather.
5:50 am
>> we've got some rain coming through bay area this morning. and chilly temperatures. we will see some soggy weather all week long. so i guess we better get used to it. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge and it's getting a little bit more busy there but the cars are having to deal with some wet roads and rain fell earlier this morning. it's 45 degrees. only heading up to 50 today for that high temperature. and still here's that rain moving through on the radar. the green indicates some light showers. and it's now moving through the peninsula. so around san mateo extending down to redwood city, some rain moving down there. and also right over oakland, also canyon and or rend da seeing the showers. walnut creek and we're picking up on snow on mt. diablo at this point. so also some snow on mt. hamilton and that will also create some minor accumulation as we go through the day. it's really cool out there. it's only 43 degrees with that rain coming down. and 44 degrees in san francisco.
5:51 am
46 in the east bay. and we'll see this rain with us all throughout the afternoon, falling at any point. and only up to 49 degrees today in the north bay. so we will see the scattered showers and some chilly temperatures, low snow levels in the north bay, especially near 2,000 feet. and then as we go into tonight we see some of that rain tapering off for a little while but then here comes the next batch of rain that will be moving into the north bay. and that is where it will be heaviest for tomorrow and then it moves into the rest of the bay area. so some wet weather continuing for today, tomorrow, as well as wednesday. still see some of that rain rolling through. and then we take a break late thursday into friday with some sunshine coming out of temperatures warm up and then here comes the heavy stuff for the weekend. both saturday and sunday it looks like we could see some heavy rain moving through. ing looking at how much rain we could see throughout the week between now and thursday we could have up to two inches of
5:52 am
rain and that's really not showing that we will see it in one particular area over another. but then as we go into the weekend, we could see the highest amount of rain right along the coast in the north bay and also for the santa cruz mountains where there could be at least three to four inches of rain. a lot of rain here. a lot of snow in this sierra. and potential of up to three feet of snow between now and late sunday night. so there is a lot of rain in this forecast for san francisco, but at least temperatures will be warming up. up to 60 degrees on saturday and also for the inland areas in the upper 50s but it will be chilly to start looking much milder for the weekend. now as we head over to mike, still track that road closure in redwood city. >> that's right. there's flooding but it's not because of the rain although it shows up on our road weather index, so does the ice and snow. over here at redwood city, just off of el camino. it's roosevelt avenue where there's a water main break. let me get out of your way and
5:53 am
show you a live shot from matt our photographer. he's been there overnight. look at that, they're using a front-loader to scoop presumably what's blocking the drainage area. may have to get to the water main and repair it. that's why roosevelt avenue is closed just off el camino as we watch this continue to work. el camino and woodside, farther to the south. major roadways. both open we're traing the affect of the local folks there. but the roadways themselves as we talked about, those are open for business. 84 and 82 on the peninsula. the green over here, damp roadways, maybe puddles in danville. quick look at the b.a.r.t. system, ten-minute delay out of daly city. earlier power issues but they've long since been cleared. it is 5:53. coming up, the search under way this morning for a gunman who opened fire at an oklahoma police officer. but first, happening now. arizona twins born within minutes of each other.
5:54 am
always have a unique difference. one was born in the final minutes of 2016, the other in the very first minute of 2017. see the pictures of the precious babies on plus, dropping the ball. mariah carey's melt down on the new year's eve stage in times square after equipment problem. weigh in on our facebook page.
5:55 am
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welcome back. good monday morning. a competency hear for convicted charleston church shooter dylan roof is scheduled today. the federal judge overseeing roof's trial set the hear for today. a federal holiday. it comes after roof underwent a psychiatric evaluation over the weekend. the sentencing phase is set to start tomorrow. roof could face the death penalty. a jury found him guilty of multiple charges stemming from the 2015 shooting where he killed nine african-american parishioners at emanuel ame church. a deadly apartment fire in massachusetts is now under investigation and two people are still unaccounted for this morning. take a look at this fire. just tore through an apartment building yesterday killing one person and forcing 25 families to evacuate. the american red cross is helping those families out and a state fire marshal's office is investigating. 5:57. happening right now, the search
5:58 am
on for a gunman who opened fire on an oklahoma police officer. that officer taken into surgery late last night and is still in critical condition. the shooting happened just before 6:00 last night outside a toys "r" us in oklahoma city. officer shot in the leg. police are using a canine unit to try to find that shooter. investigators are also reviewing dash cam footage of the shooting. tracking the winter weather across the nation. parts of north dakota are starting 2017 under several inches of fresh snow. the bismarck area under a wenter weather advisory through tomorrow. forecasters expecting plenty of snow between four and seven inches. winds could gust up to 25 miles an hour kicking up snowdrifts and certainly impacting visibility. the weekend box office results are in and force is still strong. the "star wars" even though -- rogue one, "star wars" story topped the box office for the third weekend in a row. it is expected to bring in $64 million by the time the holiday
5:59 am
weekend wraps up attend of today. george lucasfilm ranks as 2016 second highest grossing domestic release with $425 million. just behind good old "finding dory." universal's animated comedy "sing" came in second place. expected to make $53 million at the box office. and rounding out the top three is the science fiction romance film "passengers" which is projected to earn $20.7 million. 2017 officially under way. after the ball dropped and the fireworks and celebrations in times square a pretty big mess to clean up. can you imagine in crews from new york city's department of sanitation got to work shortly after the festivities picking up more than a ton of confetti. that's a lot of sweeping. right now at 6:00, we're watching the bay area weather as we're tracking another storm moving in. and all of this rain moving through this week could also bring in heavy snow for the sierra. we'll talk about how much we will see and give you a better
6:00 am
idea of the timing that's coming up. plus, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire inside an nath nightclub in istanbul. the terror group claiming responsibility this morning. more than a dozen fires in several week's time. two reasons why the california highway patrol and san jose fire department say it's no accident. you're watching "today in the bay." very good first monday of the new year to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock just could not maybe that first monday of the year. he has the day off. >> yeah. good monday tomorrow morning. the rain this morning. >> yeah. but i don't think he will be able to avoid it tomorrow morning. he'll still see this rain moving through parts of the bay area. it will be off and on for the next few days. at least it will be warmer though. but we're starting out with some chilly temperatures, some low snow, mt. hamilton, mt.


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