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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> right now at 11:00, rain, even some snow in the bay area today. today -- tonight we are tracking some lingering rain and a second round of showers isn't too far behind. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good monday evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we have team coverage jeff ray
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ne >> subtropical moisture that will be feeding into two different storms this week to boost our rainfall chances. a look here at the scanning doppler radar, you can still see some rain across the east bay and the peninsula. most numerous here from downtown san francisco into south s.f. including the san francisco airport which may be cause something delays. and that stretches back into danville. now, in terms of rainfall for tomorrow, that's when that new storm arrives starting in the morning hours, likely going to stay wet into wednesday. so, put snowy weather back into this year in the next 72 hours, one to 2 feet of snow. then we're looking ahead towards some heavier rainfall by this weekend which could bring us some flooding concerns on sunday. with all this rainfall on tap in the next six-day forecast, we have storm ranger. that is, of course, here to track our weather. our mobile doppler radar, an
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accurate picture of what is happening when that rainfall hits the bay area. we'll have more, another update at 11:10 and also 11:19 tonight a. see you soon. thank you, jeff. we continue our team coverage with nbc bay area shared hurd live in pleasanton. you got a rare sight in the bay area and that's snow. >> reporter: that's right, it was cold on top of mount hamilton and there was a lot of snow. but right now i'm in pleasanton and pleasanton is traditionally one of the coldest areas in the bay area from the sierra to mount hamilton, the winter weather is here to stay for a while. bumper to bumper traffic leaving the sierra. families getting in that last bit of fun, the holiday is over. there was a lot of snow in the mountains to enjoy. some people were not prepared. >> i was not expecting it at all. >> reporter: people putting on chains so they can get to their final destination. and if their destination happened to be silicon valley, it would be wise to stay bundled
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up. we knew it would be a cold night and we went looking for snow, and, look, we found it. we're on top of mount hamilton and it is snowing and it's coming down pretty hard. i'm here to prove you don't have to go to the sierra to find it. a lot of snow on the ground at lick observe tri. the roads slick and a lot of fog, making the windy road to the top dangerous for drivers. in the east bay, the temperatures are expected to drop, not enough to snow, but i shared my experience with people taking a stroll in downtown pleasanton. >> that's beautiful. >> if it snowed here in pleasanton and stuck to the ground i'd be out playing in it. >> i'm just glad there is any kind of rain, snow, anything in the bay area. we're tired of the drought. i'll put up with the cold and the rain. >> reporter: now, as you heard jeff say, the rain is coming. he'll have the full weather forecast coming up. reporting live in pleasanton, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl.
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in the sierra lots of snow. traffic on i-80 was bumper to bumper for most of the day. want to take a live look now at 80 at cassel peak. traffic moving slowly. you can see a lot of snow on the ground, chains still required at this hour on all vehicles except four-wheel drive. coming up in ten minutes we'll get a closer look at those conditions. our nbc bay area app is a gret way to keep up with our changing forecast. it's free for iphone and android devices . >> new at 11:00, a tough night for travelers across the country. you can see the lines kept on going. all of this because of a computer outage at customs and border protection. the power outage started late this afternoon and lasted several hours causing a backlog at airports from boston all the way to here in the bay area. as nbc bay area's chuck shows us, the delays lasted into this evening at sfo and san jose. >> reporter: in san jose, the nationwide u.s. customs and border patrol computer outage delayed some arriving passengers by as much as five hours.
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>> there are some people i guess the visitors are from england or wherever and when they went -- we went to collect our luggage, customs people said they had been there since 2:30. >> reporter: passengers had no choice but to wait while customs personnel processed papers by hand. >> these guys are working like craze toy get people through. >> what are we going to do? we need transportation. >> reporter: in miami flights were affected. at least two people passed out while waiting in line. there were similar stories among passengers in boston. >> it was a mess in there. i don't know, it took forever, hour and a half maybe to get through the whole thing. i'm ready to go home. >> reporter: at sfo the delays extended well into the evening. >> looked like the last flight out of sigh gone. >> reporter: they don know what caused the outage. by 7:30 this evening, the last passenger identifiable finally left custom, exhausted but hlsd to be home. at san jose international i'm chuck, nbc bay area news.
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>> trial of a man accused of murder of morgan hill teenager is scheduled to appear tomorrow. she disappeared four years ago, torres accused of murdering her and hiding her body and body never found. his attorneys claim lamarr was a run away. garcia torres could face the death penalty if convicted. >> tonight an international manhunt is on for the man responsible for the attack at a popular istanbul night club. turkish media is broadcast thing selfie video of the suspect reportedly taken days before he ran into the club and unloaded into the crowds on new year's eve. seven of the 39 feeppeople kill were foreign tourists. among one killed was an american. >> he was on a bench overhead. i let him shoot me. >> isis is claiming responsibility for that attack. anger in the air and it's caught on video. a passenger on board a 14-hour
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flight from sydney, austrailia to san francisco is pulled off the plane after making racist and homophonic remarks part captured on cell phone. the disruption prompted the plane to be divert and had 24-hour delay for passengers. those travelers are relieved to finally be back home. jean. >> reporter: they are, janelle. tonight passengers describe that 42-year-old man as verbally abusive and looking for a fight on board that airplane. they say the united flight crew did its best to make everyone feel safe during a tense situation. >> he just stood up and started screaming and i could see the vein pulsing in his neck. said a few things i wasn't okay with so it shook me. neil, go get the flight attendant. he's being a racist. >> reporter: she and her husband neil say a flight from sydney, austrailia to san francisco quickly turned frightening. when a man sitting nearby
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repeatedly verbally assaulted his seat mates and flight attendants. >> once the flight attendants came over, he then turned into using homophonic slurs toward the slight attendance. >> reporter: they say the flight crew did its best to calm the man for hours. >> every 15 minutes another incident, another six hours. everybody was concerned what was the next one going to be. >> i felt disturbed, tense, a few of the other passengers had tears in our eyes because it was such an intention situation for so many hours. >> reporter: united said the pilot decided to turn the plane around and land in new zealand because the passenger refused to follow instructions. once on ground police arrested the man. >> we gave them applause. >> you deserve first class on the next leg. >> reporter: they say they are grateful fellow passengers and the fly crew remained calm in a tense situation. >> the united crew, this has been totally -- i've never had someone be so reassuring and calm everyone down, keep it so
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calm and cool. >> reporter: very important to remain calm. now, word from police in new zealand tonight is the 42-year-old man, he's american, will not face charges, but he will remain in custody until arrangements can be made to get him back here to the united states. reporting live at sfo, jean, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. apologizing to fans once again vowing to make changes once again, jed york faced the media to discuss the firing of the head manager and another coach. firing chip kelly and trent baalke he took questions. he'll have the final say over who is hired for both positions. even gave a blunt answer when asked if he should be fired. >> i own this football team. you don't dismiss owners. i'm sorry that that's the facts and that's the case, but that's the fact. >> coming up in about 17 minutes, colin resch will tell
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hour players are dealing with the news. >> one of the bay area's main sources of water is being cut off for two months. starting tomorrow the pipelines out of the water will be shut off. reason? crews will inspect a tunnel that may be at risk of collapsing. closure will last 60 days. the longest shut down since the 1980s. several bay area cities including san francisco and palo alto get water from that reservoir. you can see how it connects up with the rest of the bay. but for the next two months, those areas will pull water from local reservoirs on the peninsula to keep up with demand. the switch also means you may notice some changes in the way your tap water tastes and smells. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. storm tracking scatters rainfall on the doppler radar and in the sierra one to 2 feet of snow expected until wednesday with our winter storm warning. we're going to detail these
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storms coming our way in the next seven days. my forecast in less than seven minutes. >> plus the woman at the center of a kid napping, police originally thought was a hoax said she's still being bullied. the nasty messages she's still getting two years later. >> plus, how much should tech companies do to stop people from using their devices dangerously? the question could be decided in a new lawsuit against apple. "
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>> nearly two years after it happened, the couple at the center of a kid napping once called a hoax by vallejo police have something to say about the ore deal. in september of 2016, matthew muller pleaded guilty to kid napping denise huskins.
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originally they said it was a hoax pulled off by she and her boyfriend. they later apologized. the couple say they continue to be harassed despite a guilty plea by muller. they show the nasty messages they get on social media. we blurred out this facebook post because of crude clang waj. all they did was survive and i was criminalized for it. >> we now know the name of the teenager killed in a car crash in santa rose a last night. police say 18 year old was in the passenger seat. police say the driver, another teen, drove the car off the road and into a tree. she has been identified as rebecca gillery. she's charged with drunk driving and suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. a texas couple is is claiming apple could have done more to save their daughter's life. mariah was only five years old when she was killed in a car crash two years ago by a driver allegedly using face time behind the wheel. mariah's parents reese ptdly filed the lawsuit blaming apple for their daughter's death. they say the tech giant could have used lock-out technology to
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prevent motorists from using face time while driving. >> it may be a good policy question over whether companies can do more to prevent the misuse of their products. but judges generally don't want that kind of decision made in a courtroom. >> apple says it can't comment on this lawsuit pending litigation. >> it is week two for the crab fisherman's strike and crabbers tonight say they're not backing down. from half moon bay to canada, fishermen went on strike last week after a major seafood wholesaler began offering them $2.75 per pound rather than negotiated price of $3 per pound. no word yet on when that strike might end. crab fishers tell nbc bay area they'll strike until they get paid what they're asking for. it's back to work everywhere tomorrow, including the white house. and one of the newest faces in d.c. is the bay area's own cam la harris. she's taking over barbara boxer's seat in the u.s. senate. vice-president joe biden will swear in harris and other new senators tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
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harris is the former district attorney of san francisco and attorney general of california. >> the morning commute over the golden gate bridge could be slower than normal tomorrow. live look now and the configuration you see now will be the same tomorrow, and that is the problem. damage to a section of the movable median means three southbound lanes and three northbound lanes will be open. the lanes will not be shifted to the usual four southbound lanes and two northbound lanes to help ease the morning congestion into san francisco. now, it's the first time something like this has happened on the bridge. bridge officials hope to have it fixed tomorrow, but after the commute. >> new year, new snow. drivers bumper to bumper on i-80, chains mandatory, nbc bay area's rick trying to survive on the ice. >> we've been here at the gold run rest station throughout the entire day into the evening tonight and it is a home for a lot of families because they can't go too many places.
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i-80 going very slow. it was shut down earlier on this evening. the snow today here in the sierra kind of a hassle for a lot of drivers who weren't prepared. they did not have their chains with them so they had to find a way to get them so they could move forward. this being the first snow for some families here along this route as they head towards the state of nevada. but this day, a snow day, a little bit of snielz but more or less a big headache for a lot of drivers they sit and wait and try their best to weigh their patients on getting to their location. in gold run, rick boon, nbc bay area news. >> more snow for the sierra this week? >> yes. >> more rain coming to the bay area. >> definitely right and at the lake level, you guys, one to 2 feet of snow is expected. yes. >> wow, skiers are stoked. >> those experienced skiers getting down to the lake level is going to be a huge, huge event. so, let's go and get you to that micro climate forecast.
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i want to start off with an overview so you can kind of digest what's happening. i know a lot of you are just trying to get back in from the holiday and you've got a lot coming at you. you have work tomorrow and then you also have this wet weather. so, here it is. rainfall returning tuesday and wednesday, that's our first storm. then the second storm this week arriving by saturday and sunday, possibly some heavier rain that could heighten our flooding concern, especially by sunday if everything stays on track. so, as far as tomorrow morning's forecast goes, i do think we'll have the chance here, some rainfall. doesn't look extremely heavy for the morning commute, but it will start off chilly. 44 in the south bay, 42 in the peninsula, tri-valley 39. for the east bay 44, s.f. 48, and for the north bay we'll begin with a cold 38 degrees. so, the time line on this really will help to display kind of what you're going to face here when you're off on that commute tomorrow morning. 5:00, some scattered rainfall here throughout the bay area. we'll start to see things pickup by 10:00 in the morning consistently in the north bay, and then gradually dropping down
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to the south bay. may not have too much of that point down here in san jose. it's really going to be all about the evening commute on tuesday. that looks like when it's going to be the worst when you're out on the roadways. not only the heavy rainfall here, but again that snow for the sierra. then as we head throughout wednesday it will be more of a scattered rainfall situation in the morning and that will continue into wednesday evening as well. what about the rainfall totals? a lot of colors on this map. it's just the way the micro climates go here. many of us get different totals. look at the key up here and find your city on the map and coordinate it with the color. you can see up into the north bay a lot of red and also purple. i think we're really good for one to 2 inches in the north bay. again, the next two days with that storm system. peninsula and east bay plenty of orange and red so three quarters of an inch to about one and a quarter inch. for the south bay and san jose, three quarters of an inch. you can see a lot of that orange here. santa cruz mountains are in the purple zone so certainly two to 3 inches on tap, possibly even a little bit more. for the sierra, one to 2 feet of
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snow at lake level, higher elevations may hit three to possibly 4 feet in the next 72 hours. and we're looking at at least a foot of snow up towards mount shasta. on the extended forecast, again, rainfall tuesday and also wednesday, dry thursday and friday, then we get another storm saturday and sunday. if everything stays on track, sunday would be the day we're watching out for that flooding concern. for the interior valleys, your rainfall chances stay the same and it's going g to be jacket weather the next several days with temperatures in the 50s to low 60s. with this rain moving in, we have storm ranger. if you haven't heard about t check out the hashtag on twitter, #storm rainer. it's our mobile doppler radar on wheels. we can move it to wherever the storms go. the reason why it's more accurate, i know janelle and terry, you know about this. the folks at home, it's closer down to where everybody lives. when that scan moves around, it's able to get a true depiction of how heavy the
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rainfall is, and it is a lot more accurate than any of the other doppler radars in the bay area. >> all right. >> fired up. >> jeff, thanks so much. a nanny cam shows a dresser falling right on top of a todd letter. tonight there is more to t. the message the child mother wants every parent to hear. >> but first happening now on twitter, the new governor of puerto rico was sworn in today and he is vowing to immediately push for state hood. many have argued the island's political status has contributed to its decade long economic crisis. sea world will hold the last orca show wednesday. it bans the breeding of killer whales. more news in a moment. we live in a pick and choose world. choose.
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>> a two-year-old boy came to the rescue of his twin brother underneath a dresser that had toppled over. we want to warn you this dramatic video is hard to watch. but both boys are okay. the two boys were playing in the dresser when it fell over, trapping one of them. the other one jumps in, tries to lift it up, but it was too heavy. he then pushes it a few times, allowing his brother to wiggle free. they're two years old. the boy's mom said she decided to share the video to raise awareness of unsecure furniture. >> everybody needs to bolt down their dressers to the wall. we just didn't think about it. so, accidents are going to happen so we just want to spread the word as to this one accident that happened, and hope that it doesn't happen to any other families. >> oh, my goodness, the brothers are amazing. twin brother so amazing.
11:25 pm
the dresser has since been fastened to that wall. >> the last story i read to you with all the passion of a new mom. after a closed investigation, space exis setting a date for its next rocket launch. company said it figured out why its rocket exploded four months ago. you see it there. a helium tank inside the rocket buckled during fueling causing extra pressure that made it do that. space ex says now that it has fixed the problem, it wants to launch ten satellites abroad. another falcon 9 rocket by sunday. the company is still awaiting approval by the federal aviation administration before lift off. well, three warriors had an amazing night tonight. actually more than that, but three were super amazing. ask and 49er players aren't too happen about the firing of chip kelly and trent. sports next.
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breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. baal >> quite a sight to see at oracle. they turned in one of their best performances of the season, great team performance against the denver nuggets. more than 23 points. steph curry, 22 points, kevin durant, 21 points. klay thompson 25. draymond green triple double,
11:29 pm
111 points nine boards, warriors beat denver 127-119. >> great game. 49ers owner fired chip kelly and trent baalky yesterday and today he talked about his decision to clean house. >> as nbc bay area colin resch found out, some players aren't thrilled with the decision. >> sometimes these are popular decisions in the locker room. that is not the case here. to a man, every player that i spoke to today said they're sad to see both men go. >> i wish they could have stayed around. i like chip. i like everything that offense brings. unfortunate >> i liked chip. i liked him a lot. i can he was a great coach. >> trent, he's the guy that brought me in, drafted me, and really enjoyed his staff. coach kelly is an awesome man. i hate it. it's a tough business. >> by relieving the head coach and the general manager of their duties, jed york sent a message loud and clear, everyone needs to do better and nobody's untouchable. >> they're going to have a very,
11:30 pm
very long leash in terms of making decisions. there are no sacred cows here, whether that's in the personnel departments on the coaching staff, in the locker room, they need to be able to reestablish a championship culture, and that's going to take time to reestablish a championship culture. >> reporter: a sentiment ekholmed today by the veterans who were clearing out their lockers despite the losing, the locker room didn't fracture, but it wasn't conducive to winning games either. >> there are a few guys that could spend more time in the play book. i think there are a lot of mental errors throughout the year that made it tough on us in certain positions. so, you like some of the older guys to step up and hold guys accountable. i think that would be a big key going forward, accountability with players. >> we have some guys in here, you know, bringing it every day, a professional approach every day. and a winning attitude. >> reporter: colin resch, nbc bay area. >> new day dawns.
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>> hope it will be a good one. >> we'll be right back. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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>> got some snow coming down in strange places and rain on the
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way. >> yes, you are exactly right. let's go ahead and take a look. two storms in the next seven days. we get the next storm tomorrow. looks like some heavy rainfall by the evening. then we'll see lingering areas of scattered rain into wednesday. this will mean snow for the sierra, one to 2 feet at lake level. and then by this weekend if everything stays on track, we'll have some heavier rain which could bling us some flooding concern on sunday. here's the way to look at the extended forecast. rain the next 48 hours, dry thursday, friday, then wet weather ahead for this weekend. i will say we're going to need to watch that weekend closely because we could see things change. >> jeff, thank you very much. and thank you for joining us tonight. >> have a great night, folks. bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- arnold swarzenegger.


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