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tv   Today  NBC  January 3, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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we are seeing a post holiday pickup. >> yesterday there was no traffic. today we have seen. the roadways might be getting a break. tiny bit of slowing. all right. that's what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back at 7:25. join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. great to have everyone back on the set. one big happy family. >> until we get in a fight. >> don't touch my papers! damage, from texas to florida. and al says the threat is not over yet. customs chaos. a nationwide outage leads to massive delays and long lines at airports coast-to-coast. frustrated passengers waiting hours just to be screened. >> it was a mess in there. i don't know. took forever. >> this morning, what caused the system-wide shutdown. new era. the 115th congress being sworn
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why critics are saying their first item of business goes against president-elect trump's pledge to drain the swamp. this morning we'll talk live with one of his top advisers, kellyanne conway. and twin power, a dresser falls on a 2-year-old trapping him underneath. his twin comes to the rescue using all his might to eventually free him. giving a whole new meaning to the term brotherly love today, tuesday, january 3, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. and if you missed our program yesterday, you missed us welcoming back katie couric to the anchor desk for the first time in ten years. and as our good friend lynn berman used to say, it happened yesterday and nobody got hurt.
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>> that's true, i survived. but boy, it is early. i forgot how early it is doing the show. i went to bed at 7:30 last night. how pathetic is that? >> welcome to our pathetic lives. >> it was fun. >> can we run this video again? we have talked about this on our show and other programs a lot. the hazards of these oddly weighted dressers falling over on children. here we see it happen in front of our eyes. >> that is unbelievable. the fact that the little boy was able to lift that up. you hear about people having herculean strength in the middle of a panicked situation, but to see him do that, thank goodness the little boy is okay. >> we'll have more on that. good to have you back while savannah continues on maternity leave. we'll continue on this tuesday morning with severe weather that is sweeping across the south. this morning deadly tornadoes and widespread flooding. the weather channel's mike seidel is in rehoboth, alabama. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt.
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the sun is us on a warm day here in alabama with temperatures in the mid-70s. but the temperatures are more stable than yesterday. yesterday a rare january tornado outbreak. 12 reported twisters, over 100 reports of wind damage. one of the tornados in the back took out a big oak tree, it spliced the mobile home in half killing four people. this morning tragedy in the town of rehoboth, alabama. officials say four people were killed when a reported tornado struck, sending a tree and power lines crashing through their mobile home. seven people were huddled inside seeking shelter at the time. damage in the area is extensive. that same series of storms leaving a trail of destruction from texas to florida. in louisiana strong winds. >> it's like a hurricane-nado. >> reporter: buildings blown apart. >> we saw stuff flying in the air. >> reporter: this semi truck overturned. in mississippi a tornado reducing this structure to rubble. flash flood threatening motorists. the driver of this car
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scrambling to escape the rising water. near houston a close call for the family that lives in this home struck by lightning. >> you could tell it was bad very quickly. >> reporter: everyone made it out safely. >> we have a lot of power lines down, we got trees down. >> reporter: in alabama, the city of jackson hit hard. >> you okay? you all right, buddy? >> reporter: from lions to lee murs at the zoo in gulf shores they were cleaning up. >> we can account for all our animals. a lot of them are under a lot of stress. >> reporter: a lot of folks feeling that this morning. getting up at first light, they are assessing damage. at this home here, you can see the corrugated aluminum. the building ripped to shreds. this county has only seen three twisters since 1950. matt, back to you. mike seidel, thank you so much. >> al roker is back with the storms and what is happening on the horizon. good to see you.
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>> good to see you, katie. matt, happy birthday, belatedly. we have strong storms pushing through northern florida and on into the midatlantic states. that moisture is pushing up to the north. and so while we're not going to be looking at weather quite as severe as we saw yesterday, there are going to be big airport delays for this first work day back into the new year as the rain moves northeast, we'll have snow showers finishing things up. we look for about anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half of rain from columbus all the way to boston. the other big pr lot of fog, airport delays along the i-95 corridor. so people are going to have to pack their patience traveling on the roads and in the air today. >> you talk about airport delays. we get a story now coming up, it had nothing to do with weather for a change. now to major chaos at airports nationwide after a customs computer outage. thousands of travelers were stranded for hours. kerry sanders is at the airport in miami with the latest. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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the computer systems are now back up and running. we have seen a few passengers trickling out on a flight that just arrived from brazil, but 8,000 passengers here in miami and many thousands across the country facing quite a delay because of downed computers. imagine you're a passenger and it's your travel day from hell. your in a foreign country, you have to get to the airport two hours early and get on the plane, an eight, nine or ten-hour flight. then you land after getting off the cramped plane and wait in line for four hours with nowhere to sit except on your luggage, wall the while waiting for the customs computers to come back online. overall, a holiday headache for passengers on one of the busiest travel delays of the year. a four-hour computer outage left thousands of travelers stuck in long lines, causing chaos at airports across the country.
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here in miami passengers packed terminals waiting to get their passports processed. >> i got off the plane. i had no information whatsoever, was just trying to get through customs, and it was a sea of hundreds of people there. >> reporter: another passenger posting to social media, i see the light. two hours later in customs line. all systems have been down. in atlanta, travelers were not amused either comparing the long lines to theme parks. >> it's still going. this has to be at least 5,000 people in line right now. this is worse than a disney line. >> it was a mess in there. i'm ready to go home. >> reporter: and in los angeles, one traveler trying to take the outage in stride. >> it's part of the cost of traveling these days. you never know what you're going to get. >> reporter: u.s. customs and border protection released a statement saying the computers were not hacked. instead, calling it a temporary
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outage with its processing systems. global entry, which is a lot like tsa pre, was no benefit to passengers. those who were thought to get around the problem were also waiting in lines. customs didn't having a redundant system to back them up is part of the ongoing investigation. >> kerry sanders, thank you. we have breaking news now on that traffic nightclub attack in turkey. police carrying out new raids overnight as they search for a suspect. nbc's chief foreign correspondent is in istanbul. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, katie. turkish police say they have now arrested 14 people in those raids in operations carried out in istanbul and in the city. they have the attacker's fingerprints and are close to identifying him. the alleged terrorist who gunned down thousands of people in a
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popular istanbul nightclub on new year's eve filmed this selfie video days before the attack turkish media report. the video is being broadcast around the clock on local television today in hopes that someone will find him. after killing 39 people in the club, most of them tourists from the middle east, he ditched his coat and dropped his guns. police this morning confirm that's him seen on the attack after getting out of the club. the cabbie threw him out because without his jacket he didn't have money on him. he walks away and is not seen again. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. turkey launched a military attack in response striking the government with 100 isis targets around syria since sunday. as police raided homes in istanbul, the most wanted man in turkey remains at large.
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in front of the nice club this morning, there was a small group of people saying they have had enough of terrorism. >> richard engel, thank you. let's turn to politics now, lawmakers are back on capitol hill returning from the holidays with a packed agenda ahead of president-elect trump's inauguration in just 17 days. we'll talk to one of his top advisers, kelly ann conway, in a few minutes. but first we'll go to hallie jackson on capitol hill. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. this morning republicans are raring to go with the new congress now in control of both chambers. and soon enough, the white house. their to-do list long but before the 115th gets worn in, democrats taken a aim at a gop move that backtracks to drain the swamp. congress counting down and already courting controversy. house republicans in a surprise move bucking their leadership to
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gut an independent ethics office created eight years ago after a series on congressional scandals. >> a rein in independence and what i call the fox in charge of the chicken coup committee. >> reporter: the 115th congress gets sworn in with plenty of their plate. number one for republicans? repeal president obama's health care law. >> obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item up. >> reporter: a congressional priority after a campaign pledge repeated by the president-elect on new year's eve. >> we're going to get rid of obamacare. >> reporter: democrats will fight it arguing millions of people could lose coverage. president obama set to make a rare appearance on the hill tomorrow to try to preserve his signature domestic policy. but it's almost assured the gop will get its way. now controlling both chambers of congress and the white house.
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the question then becomes, what will they replace it with while still keeping the most popular protections of the law, like protecting those with pre-existing conditions. the second on the agenda? a contentious fight for the top cabinet picks expected to be among the most controversial picks, recollectix tillerson. >> the coziness with vladimir putin is alarming and shows it should have eliminated him. >> reporter: hearings have already been set for senator jeff sessions hoping to become attorney general. he will probably be asked to address accusations of racism that derailed his 1986 bid to become a federal judge. accusations sessions has denied. still, if senate republicans stay unified, trump will get the cabinet he wants. the third big priority for congress, rolling back regulations. the house will vote this week on
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a bill to target regulations put in place under president obama. and there's plenty more donald trump could undue on his own, like actions on immigration and climate change. as soon as he takes office, in less than three weeks, his transition winding down with congress ramping up. and on the topic of that transition, the president-elect's team just this morning naming a new u.s. trade representative. robert lighthizer, one of the few spots donald trump still needed to fill. he tweeted again about nuclear weapons. north korea just stated it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. the president-elect not saying how. matt? >> hallie, thank you very much. let us bring in kellyanne
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conway and will serve as president-elect donald trump's counselor. they are overseeing police scandal in congress. they stripped the independence and put it under the control of congress, the very group they are supposed to police. donald trump ran a campaign to say i'm going to drain the swamp in washington. doesn't this do the opposite? how does he feel about it? >> it does not. i don't want your viewers to know there's no mechanism to investigate the constituent complaints. there's a new office and the new office will cut down on the overzelousness. >> is that office completely independent of congress? >> the office could be. >> but it's not now. >> the congress will vote on it today. this was a particular committee voting by secret ballot, but the full congress will have an opportunity to speak out on this and to vote today. >> will donald trump weigh in on this? will he tell them how he feels about it? >> he's not at the moment. i'm sure when he feels the urge to weigh in on this, he certainly does.
7:15 am
let me make clear, if a constituent has a complaint, they can still lodge the complaint. they can't do it anonymously. many members and staffers under investigation have complained about the due process rights being violated and being compromised. so they need protections as well. >> let's talk about to bobamaca because number one for congress is to repeal obamacare. have they come up with something to replace obamacare? >> yes and yes, katie. actually, one of the big priorities for president-elect trump and the republican congress would be to make it easier for americans to purchase health care across state lines. the way you would buy auto insurance, for example. currently, you can't do that. we also were talking about a free market system where you have a health savings account. you own it, it has your name on it and you can control your health care spending for you and your family. this particularly impacts women who are the chief health care officers of their households.
7:16 am
>> there are aspects of the affordable care act that donald trump has praised, coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, allowing kids to stay on their health care plans until they are 26 years old. is he committed to maintaining those parts of the law? and how will he do that with out the individual mandate to pay for them? >> he's committed to retain the pieces that are working. i think he'll be talking to his hhs secretary designee about it tom price and other experts in the field. it's an issue where the president-elect has received a great deal of counsel. i was in palm beach last week for meetings when it's been public he met with really the top health care experts in the country, the heads of the mayo clinic and brigham young and the cleveland clinic, john hopkins -- >> is he still committed to those things? >> he's committing to repealing obamacare. we hear about this issue from people more than other things, this and veterans care.
7:17 am
what they say is, one is, i thought i was going to get better coverage but my hours were cut down to 25 to not get the coverage from an employer, now i have two jobs, no coverage. number two, people thought they had great coverage and now feel their premiums have increased, their choices have decreased and the quality is next. >> when is he going to have a press conference to talk about the conflict of interest with his business. the last one was 159 days ago. he famously urged russian hackers to look for hillary clinton's e-mails. when is he going to hold a press conference and divulge what he says others don't know about the russian hacking? >> well, i'll take the second part first. he'll have a briefing by the top intelligence officials early this week here in new york, matt and katie, at which time he'll learn more about what they say. we are tired of the blind quotes and people really leaking to the press rather than directly with what may or may not have happened with the hacking. >> will he tell intelligence officials what he knows?
7:18 am
>> he may, but i think president-elect should know things we don't know, particularly when it comes to intelligence. >> and getting the information from general michael flynn, he does have close ties to vladimir putin. in fact, we have a photo from december 2015 at a dinner with putin. is that where he's getting this information that other people don't know? >> he's getting information from a number of sources. he's the president-elect, katie, he receives a regular presidential daily briefings. in addition to that product, he receives intelligence briefings from many different sources. i would push back on the idea that someone sitting at a dinner with someone else is close ties in a coziness that nancy pelosi is saying. rex tillerson has done business in yemen, in russia certainly, and somebody who understands how to negotiate and how to say no to some of the leaders when necessary. >> kellyanne conway, thanks again. nice to have you here.
7:19 am
>> happy new year. >> we'll go back to al with more on the forecast. thank you so much. and we're looking at basically some dense fog stretching from chicago all the way down into parts of new orleans. heavy rainmaking its way into northern and central california. we're going to be talking about the bitter cold that is on its way as well. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ♪ bold flavor comes at a price. just $1. for a limited time, get any size hot, rich and creamy mccafe coffee, freshly brewed for $1 or a delicious small mocha, latte, or hot chocolate for only $2. i'm stephon. drinks while you wait? sure! now, that's how you win the day. ♪ ba da ba ba ba good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are tracking rain moving
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through the bay area and soggy conditions as you head out this morning's commute. it is milder. only 49 heading up to 52 today. and some light rain moving in mostly over the east bay where we see some of the heavier rain in concord and the tri-valley. expect rain to be off and on as we go through the day and getting heavier early afternoon. and that's your latest weather, guys? >> good to have you back. just ahead, a closer look at president-elect trump's relationship with russian
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will it be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. good tuesday morning. it is wet around the bay area. a live look at interstate 580 bit san rafael bridge. highway 101 in san mateo, that was shot an hour ago. it's going to be an all day rain event. sam, we are seeing a little bit of a breakup. more rounds of rain as we go through the day. we'll keep you aware you need to keep checking in and getting updates on we are going to see. the next round moving in late morning, early afternoon. pockets on of yellows and reds
7:27 am
showing very intense rain. we'll catch a bigger break as we go through tomorrow, especially during the morning. we will continue to see some more of those showers in the forecast heading into the next several days. i'll detail that and more updates coming up later. we have a commute. good continues. allowing more more reaction time. the interchange and east shore, typical slowing. nothing dramatic. a live look at the sign on the right for the westbound direction. a slippery roadway. >> just take it a little more
7:28 am
slowly this morning. see you again in 30 minutes with another local news update. back to the "today" show.
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i'm katie couric, here with my driver, matt lauer. just kidding. i'm ckatie couric here with my chauffer, matt lauer. >> i am not your chauffer. >> so $150. that's a lot of money. >> raise your hand, katie. i, do solemnly swear. >> hi -- you have to let me say my name. hi, katie couric, will -- i will
7:31 am
defend to my best the c constitution of the united states of america. >> that's some of the coverage of katie and i covering our inaugurations throughout the last 20 years. we were watching it, it's like watching two different people. >> we actually don't remember. >> which is good. >> we did it day after day after day. a lot of great moments to cover. and the next inauguration should be probably one of the most fascinating of our lifetime. >> january 20, 17 days from today, and the entire team will be down there. we encourage cow to watch for that. meanwhile, we have a lot to get to. starting with a check of the headlines, power of storms cut a path of destruction through the south. a suspected tornado killed at least four people in alabama while significant damage from flash floods and high winds is being reported from texas to florida. more rain is expected today. and police are stepping up the search for that gunman in
7:32 am
the tragic nightclub shooting in istanbul. officers from a special operation carried out a raid on a home this morning. police now confirmed this surveillance video shows the gunman getting out of a cab just after that new year's attack. and take a look at this dramatic crash and rescue caught on camera. an suv was stalled on an l.a. freeway early new year's day with no lights on when another car slammed into it from behind. that suv burst into flames and witnesses raced into action to pull the driver to safety. he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to survive. and let us now go back to president-elect trump, his upcoming inauguration and what the u.s.'s relationship with russia might look like under his administration. kristen welker is standing outside of trump tower down the block. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. there's mounting scrutiny of president-elect donald trump's
7:33 am
relationship with russian president vladimir putin as russia emerged as topic one in his transition. but mr. trump's focus on russia and mr. putin is really nothing new. >> i also know things that other people don't know. >> reporter: as early as today, president-elect trump could clarify the cryptic comments and say what he knows about russia's interference with the u.s. presidential election, something trump has consistently questioned. >> what do you know other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday. >> reporter: the russian hacking has cast a cloud over the november election, clearly getting under mr. trump's skin, putting u.s. and russia relations under a bright new spotlight. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> but trump and russian president vladimir putin have long been on each other's radar. in 2013 trump held the universe pageant in moscow and publicly said, will putin become my new best friend?
7:34 am
but tbetails about their relationship have been murky. he was asked if he had a relationship with mr. putin. >> i do have a relationship. >> reporter: but it was a different reply this july. >> i don't know putin. >> reporter: last week he tweeted, i always knew he was very smart when putin said he would not retaliate against the new u.s. sanctions imposed by president obama. so what is fueling mr. trump's preoccupation with russia? he says he could improve the frigid relations. >> his total lack of respect for president obama, number one, he doesn't like him and number two, he doesn't respect him. >> reporter: and he has not been shy about praising putin's leadership. >> the man has been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> reporter: but could there be something more, like trump's business ties with russia? >> we can find donald trump connected to somebody who is connected to russia.
7:35 am
we have dealings to which we have not mad access. >> reporter: russia also knows rex tillerson, trump's secretary of state, who won high praise from putin. >> he does massive deals for russia, for the company and for hills. i have tremendous respect for him. >> reporter: but in a game of foreign policy chess, president-elect donald trump may have the next move. but there are other players in this game, congress, and on thursday the chairman of the armed services committee, john mccain, has scheduled hearings about russian hacking, all underscoring when it comes to russia, mr. trump is at odds, even with members of his own party. matt? katie? back to you. >>welker, thank you. >> john mccain and mr. trump are not seeing eye to eye on this. >> no, definitely not. they won't be able to see much because of the fog down in washington. did you like that? i like it.
7:36 am
well, we are looking at fog from parts of wisconsin all the way down to texas. the heaviest fog, little rock, we've got zero miles visibility. three-mile visibility in st. louis. chicago, a quarter of a mile. you don't think that is going to cause airport delays? they really have to stretch out the arrivals and takeoffs at that point. three quarters of a mile in cincinnati and detroit. so here's the possible delays today on the airports, chicago, indianapolis, st. louis. here in the northeast, d.c., new york city and boston, especially in the afternoon. for all our friends watching in boston, our new nbc boston station, check it out on channel 10 we have light rain moving through the bay area. we are under a microclimate weather alert as we track heavier rain moving in during the evening commute. we will see a little bit of a break and another round of rain moving through lighter showers
7:37 am
for tomorrow early on thursday. by friday, we take a break. we'll be cooler. we warm up with another storm system arriving. expect more of the same for the inland areas. make sure you check out the weather any time you need it from our weather channel on cable. >> i love your outfit, al. just ahead, the touching new tributes to carrie fisher overnight from her daughter and her "star wars" co-star mark hammel. but first, a rossen reports weight loss challenge. >> coming up, let's lose weight. it's our resolution together, but do you need to sign up for a spin class or join a gym to do it? or can you jog the weight off for free? we're counting calories and revealing the results, next.
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sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun? it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. ♪ all right. 7:42. we're back with the rossen report. great for everyone looking to get a head start on the new year's resolution to lose weight. >> i was going to talk to you about that. >> a little around the middle. >> you can't pinch an inch. >> you're not supposed to on me. >> jeff rossen is in boston trying out top workouts. jeff, i am all-ears even if matt doesn't need to be. >> welcome back, katie. happy new year to you both. did you pig out over the holidays? >> i wasn't too bad, actually. but i did eat a lot of fudge. does that count? >> a lot of fudge?
7:43 am
that's perfect. we are going to have fun for you, katie. getting rid of it. it goes here and here. most of us regular people, it goes here and here. how do you lose that weight fast? you need to spend money and join a gym like this? who are these people that come out so early in the morning? we're trying to out three popular workouts and counting calories. personal training. jogging. spinning. >> come on. >> reporter: which workout really burns the most calories? i don't want to do it. we're recruiting help. >> okay. i think that we'll use -- >> reporter: alecia polumbo for our brand-new station in boston. she's also a mother of two, including a new baby. okay. it's a new year. what are the goals? >> six months after having a baby, i would like to lose 10 or 15 pounds. >> reporter: i don't think you need to.
7:44 am
we brought in a doctor here. you have this cool equipment. what can you do with this? >> this is a heart rate monitor we can put on you. we can track your heart rate and do a calorie count, calorie burn during your workout and at the end. >> reporter: we get to know the calories in real-time. the doctor hooks her up. and she will do each exercise for 45 minutes. >> all right. ready to go. >> reporter: she starts with an early morning jog. ♪ >> it's brisk. >> reporter: is it better to jog? or do you have to run to lose weight? or can you just walk? >> jog willing be a great way for a slow, fat burn. if you're trying to get a calorie burn, you want to add interval training. >> reporter: one for five minutes, jog a little and walk. at the end of 45 minutes. >> done with the run. >> reporter: the results are in. >> looks like you went to 394 calories. >> reporter: 394 calories.
7:45 am
>> that's quite a bit for 45 minutes. >> reporter: and jogging is free. >> that's true. >> reporter: how much will she burn at spin, notoriously intense. >> push. >> reporter: we sign her up for a class at boston sports club. >> let's go. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> sweating. i feel my heart rate going. >> reporter: you can talk. that's good. >> i can talk at this point. >> her heart rate is up to 170, which is hi. to get your max heart rate, it's 200 minus your age. >> she is working hard. she is really working hard. >> reporter: after 45 minutes. >> that was a tough workout. >> reporter: time for the calorie count. you want the numbers? >> i do. >> reporter: you burned 420 calories. >> that's a lot of calories. >> reporter: spin is in the lead by just a hair. will personal training be the biggest calorie burn of all? the trainer pushes alecia for 45
7:46 am
minutes. >> i'm dripping wi sweat. >> reporter: she's trying not to pass out. >> i'm going to feel this tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm looking at her face. she looks like she's working hard. >> you're right. a lot of people think it's about lifting weights. you can turn it into a cardio workout, by diminishing the rest you have between. >> three, two, one. done. >> that was tough. >> reporter: was it worth it? you burned 448 calories. >> wow. i believe it. this was the hardest workout, by far. >> reporter: score for the personal trainer. but in the end, all three workouts come close. jogging, 394 calories. spinning, 424 calories. and personal training, 448 calories. great job. >> thanks. >> reporter: the question, are you going to keep doing it? that's the answer right there.
7:47 am
by the way, i'm not a monster. we didn't make alecia do all of this in one day. results may vary. but the great news is all of the workouts, top-to-bottom, came within 54 calories of each other. you don't need to spend the money. doctors say do anything and it will help. does anybody have any fudge for katie? fudge? no takers. >> thanks, jeff. >> you're a spinner. >> i try to spin. but i try to do yoga because spinning makes you really tight. >> right. >> it does burn a lot of calories. >> having a chance to have variety in a workout is important. otherwise you get in a rut and stop doing it. jeff rossen, thank you very much. coming up, a common warning brought to life. carson has the story of a 2-year-old -- 2-year-old twins and one saved the other's life weight watchers, i've lost over 40 pounds. i can honestly tell you, i struggle no more. i've eaten everything i love. tacos, pasta...
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7:51 am
waking up and looking at this image right here -- >> do not adjust your set. >> just to stay in the same idea, let's go over to the host of "trl," carson daly. >> britney spears at number two today, everybody. good morning, katie, al, matt. this video is difficult to watch. but it does have a positive outcome. let's get to it if you're just joining us. 2-year-old twins, brody and brock, were playing in their utah bedroom. when a dresser tips over, landing on top of them. brody was able to escape quickly. but his brother, brock, was trapped underneath. after nearly two harrowing minutes, brody was able to muster up strength to move the dresser and free his brother as you see right there. the boy's mother, kaley, was upstairs. she didn't hear the dresser fall or her son crying. both of the boys are doing just fine. the dresser is bolted to the
7:52 am
wall. the twins' father writes on facebook. i have been a little hesitant to post this, but i feel it's not only to bring awareness. please share. the couple has faced some backlash, why the dresser drawers appear to be empty. and the father works for the surveillance company. and parents are taking note of this message here. posted to david. glad they are safe. this is a great reminder to take the extra steps to ensure safety. >> a round of applause for bode. hilaria mmm, you know what that needs? hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules.
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hey, hang in there. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one.
7:56 am
we are in the microclimate weather alert. light rain moving through this morning. heavier rain later today. a lot of snow for this year. we may be measuring in feet. another storm will be moving in this weekend. threat of flooding by sunday. wet roads and damp conditions. many people head back to work and school. by early afternoon, the next round of heavier rain moves in. more intense rain continues into this evening's commute withstanding water on the roadways possible but not expecting any river flooding. still good coverage by 8:00 tonight. then we see rain tapering from north to south. saggy weather in the forecast with lighter rain for tomorrow. that continues into the evening.
7:57 am
highs in the low 50s for san francisco. over to mike for a look at this morning's commute. >> the rain made the roads wet and slippery. the roadways getting a break. not showing much of a problem. north 101 just pwhreuft past the san is jose area. 680 and 880 through fremont. just moving a disabled vehicle from the shoulder. no problems. >> backed up. thank you very much. crews around the bay area tracking the storm all morning. and you can take our microclimate forecast with you by downloading the app. you can track incoming rain. see you in 30 minutes with more
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs.
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all connected for you. ♪ . it's 8:00 on today and coming up severe storm outbreak. at least four killed after a string of torpids slams the south. strong wind, hail and flash floods taking aim at the east coast. plus new year, new you. dr. travis swings by studio 1a with advice on how to lose that belly fat. and feel your best. and out to sea. the dramatic moment a car falls off a ferry and drifts into the
8:01 am
ocean. how it all happened, today, tuesday january 3, 2017. mlz ♪ ♪ >> we're all the way from dallas, texas and we love the today show. >> all the way from canada celebrating her 60th! [ cheers and applause ] we're back now. 8:00 on this tuesday morning. the third day of january, 2017. not the nicest day here in new york city. but do you know what? we got some hardy people gathered.
8:02 am
>> we brought our own sunshine. >> look at the group here. i'm matt. we got katie, al and carson here. savannah continues on maternity leave. >> hi savannah. >> we miss you. hope to see you soon. meanwhile a lot to get to in this half hour. starting with a check of the headlines. it is time for your news at 8:00. >> we begin with the customs chaos. i'm ke resanders, at miami international airport where more than 8,000 were delayed by up to 4 thunder showehours because of problem. and it was system wide. atlanta, jfk, boston, lax. passengers finding themselves in extremely long lines. the u.s. customs and border protections says the problem with the computers was not a case of hacking but they have yet to identify what the problem was. what that means is passenger whose arrived got off planes
8:03 am
after being stuck on cramped planes for nine, ten, eleven and longer hours and then find themselves in line with luggage with nowhere to sit with their forms in their hands while the customs aj customs agents tried to manually process some, waiting for the computer system to come back online. the problem has yet to be determined but passenger rls once again clearing customs smoothly. and those who went through the hassle, even included people they call global entry. like tsa pre. people this who think they can get through quick. but in this case nobody had an advantage. on one of the busiest travel days internationally in the country. >> thanks. luckily it is all sorted out right now. a big clean up in parts of the southern united states. monday there were at least 13 reports of tornados in mississippi, georgia and in alabama, where four people were
8:04 am
killed when a tree fell on their mobile home. seven people were inside the home in rehoboth, alabama at the time seeking shelter. today there is a threat of severe storms in eastern north carolina. >> meanwhile the weather is impacting a massive search for a young colorado boy who's not been seen since saturday night. more on the story, good morning. >> police tell us the family of six-year-old david pucket is cooperating and have searched the home several times. at this point day don't expect foul play. but they have issued an amber alert because of the freezing temperatures. >> they have searched with blood hounds and chappers for three days. temperatures dropping to 12 degrees but so far no sign of six-year-old david pucket. last seen close to his home on
8:05 am
new year's eve in aurora, colorado. he may have been wearing green damage phalange pants. black tee shot. body language and orange boots and that light tan coat. his mother is inconsolable. >> i'm worried how cold it is that might really bad happened to him. and if you guys can, please help 34e find them. >> family members were at home with daiftd when he went missing. and police say he has wandered away from home in the past. >> a missing child. nothing worse. having a child out there, especially this young. lost. 27 degrees last night. i don't think dressed properly for it. >> investigators have issued an amber alert and have called 27,000 homes asking for any leads. so far no evidence of a kidnapping of. >> it is a nightmare. i and just imagine. i can i can't imagine. it is indescribable to imagine.
8:06 am
>> and searching parks and small lakes for any cracks in the ice. police stopping cars. 50 fbi agents also on the case. but for the third night of below freezing temperature, a mother is without her son. >> please just call. please bring my maybe home. >> investigators are speaking with known sex offenders in the area and they are offering the public a $10,000 reward for information of david's disappearance. police are also asking for cell phone or surveillance video from the area to help trace where he went. >> thank you very much. so how did you new year's start pretty good? >> yes. pretty well. >> well how about these people in australia. they were headeds to an island in australia when their car rolled right off the ferry. people could only watch and do
8:07 am
nothing. everything those people had was in their car. their passports. cell phones. everything. >> thank goodness they won't. a lot of people on the ferries won't let you stay in the car. >> -- i'm always inside my car when i'm in a ferry. >> are you on a ferry a lot. the staten island ferry. >> i like ferries. >> a better way to learn. why one professor is banning laptops from his classroom. i'm all for it. and moving tributes to carrie fisher from her daughter billy lord. and her "star wars" co-star mark hamill. and dr. travis reveals the me the research behind his "lose your belly diet." but first these messages. once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar.
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the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. [ cheers and applause ] all right. it is now 8:12. it's a good time for what's trending. gang, good to have you all around the table. you're in a movie theater, all right? someone starts using their phone in the middle of the movie. talking on the phone or texting. what do you think about that? >> i hate it. i want to strangle them. >> that's a little violent. >> that's where katie goes. >> to you talk to them? do you say excuse me? i'm always confused as to whether or not you can say something. >> it's the illumination. and the light. >> do you say something? >> if it's during the previews, i don't. but if it's during the movie, i do.
8:13 am
i do obnoxious things like -- >> my dad does. apparently for a lot of people, it is a problem. apple may have a solution to address the problem. the iphone is rumored to be getting an update that would introduce the theater mode. the new mode would disable all sounds and vibrations, block calls and messages. and most of all, it would reduce the screen brightness significantly. >> but it's still going to light up. >> even if it's down the row and you see the light, you're drawn and you're drawn away from what's happening. >> and the person has to put it in the mode. >> exactly. >> it would only encourage it. i went to see "devon hansen" a few days ago. somebody four seats away from me was on the phone the whole time. so annoying. i didn't -- i was like, hey, will you cut it out? it was really annoying. >> you don't want to see a movie with katie couric, for sure.
8:14 am
>> if she doesn't dill you. >> should we move on, matt? speaking of distracting electronics, a law professor at pace university is doing something that i'm all for, shockingly. he is telling students leave their laptops at the door. many of them are surfing facebook or shopping. he says no laptop rule is improving relations with students. some taking notes by hand. >> i'm reading a book, that says when you take notes, you retain more information. >> i agree. >> i agree. when i took ellie to cuva, i went to a lecture. and all of the kids were on their computer, shopping at j. crew. your parents are paying a lot of money for this education. you need to pay attention. >> what were they buying? >> i think they were buying the tank top. i don't know. >> might they have been buying
8:15 am
chokers? >> maybe. >> how about that segue? how do you feel about chokers? the piece of jewelry. >> not like what katie does in a movie theater. >> i don't love them on me. >> i don't love them. you have to have an audrey hepburn neck to pull it off. >> as carson will tell you, they were all of the rage in the '90s. princess diana making them popular. now, they're making a comeback. "the wall street journal" weighing in on the pros and cons. the pros, the right choker can make you walk taller. the cons can make your neck look shorter and being uncomfortable. fashion experts argue the choker is something that can be worn at any age? >> isn't "rocky horror picture show" no neck. i'm trying to have a neck. mr. roker, you apparently made headlines monday for your coverage of the rose parade. >> with my pal, hoda. >> and hoda, too.
8:16 am
a float was surfing dogs came by. and you gave us this reaction. >> look at the wiener dog. there's two of them. two for the price of one. oh, that's fantastic. yes. yes. yes. >> excited, al. >> come on. they're surf dogs. >> it's 2017. >> we have to say, when that turned the corner. >> that parade looked as fun as a yummy cookie. it really did. it really did. >> it's an inside joke. when we were doing our script read, they put in -- it made no sense about a yummy cookie about one of the floats. they're made out of flowers. >> you would say anything they write at the thanksgiving day parade. >> i will. absolutely. carson's back with a little "pop start." >> carrie fisher's co-star, mark hamill, opening up about the star's death. he talked about his
8:17 am
relationship, the ups and the downs. why it was important to have her in his life. she was so committed to joy and fun and embracing life. she was a handful. she was high-maintenance. but my life would have been so much drabber and less interesting if she wasn't the friend that she was. fisher's daughter breaking her silence. receiving all of your prayers and find words over the last week has given me strength during a time i thought strength could not exist. kareem abdul-jabbar is speaking out on something unexpected. "the bachelor" just in time for the season premiere. abdul-jabbar says it's killing romance in america. and there's an insidious darkness beneath the fairy tale. he says it lacks racial diversity and promotes barbie doll beauty. >> i can't believe that kareem watches "the bachelor." and michael phelps is
8:18 am
looking to break another record. the number of times he can celebrate his wedding. after getting married in june, and throwing a wedding ceremony in cabo, phelps and his wife had another celebration on new year's eve. the party was in arizona. in a 1920s theme celebrated not just their marriage but also the year ahead. >> good for them. >> a nice couple. >> he should have as many weddings as possible. >> why not? >> hopefully to the same person. >> carson, thank you, bud. mr. roker, weather? >> we have colder air coming in, it's starting off in the pacific northwest and the plains, as the cold blast comes in and brings temperatures that will be below normal. 36 below normal for a high today in great falls. casper the same. denver, as wednesday. the windchills in omaha, 10 below.
8:19 am
30 below in international falls and cheyenne. and as we make our way thursday, it continues south. chicago, you will feel like 5 below on thursday. 23 in nashville. 2 in kansas city. but meantime, we've got much warmer air here in the east. look at these temperatures today. we're expecting 9 degrees above in new york city at 46. birmingham, 66. new orleans, 12 degrees above normal at 70 degrees. but then, later this week, the bottom drops out. mork city, tomorrow, you start 52. by friday, you're 36. atlanta, 52, wednesday. 41 on friday. and you're 59 in new orleans, a ten-degree drop by good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're under a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track another round of rain moving into the bay area. right now some light spotty showers. and a wet morning commute as you make your way across the golden gate bridge, light showers there. some heavier rain shifting into
8:20 am
the inland areas through this afternoon. another round of rain moving in right in time for lunch, especially the north bay. heavy to start. and that rain continues to the evening commute. >> hey, take us with you wherever you go. check us out on "today" sirius/xm channel. a lot of us are looking for new ways to get healthy and feel better. dr. travis stork has a new book that might help the "the lose your belly diet, change your gut, change your life." >> thanks for having me. >> i said yesterday to dr. oz, i'm getting a little excess weight in my belly as i age. this is a new area of medical research about good bacteria, inflammation. can you explain it to us? >> it is so new. we didn't know about this when i
8:21 am
went to medical school. gut bacteria. people will hear more about this over five to ten years. our gut bacteria weighs up to six pounds. cells that are very important. lean people have 70% more gut bacteria and more diverse gut bacteria. i wrote this book to highlight ways that we can eat to change the makeup of our gut bacteria. everything from inflammation of the body. people with more gut bacteria, may have more auto immunes. >> people think of bacteria and think, gross. >> to some extent, we are at fault. we taught everyone that bacteria is bad t. that's not the case. most bacteria is good for us. i'm flipping the script on us. in the past, it was kill bacteria. and that may be part of the reason we're in the trouble we are with obesity being at the
8:22 am
highest rate we've ever known. teaching people how to eat in a way to increase your gut bacteria and help you lose weight and be healthier. >> what's the interaction between gut bacteria and inflammation? is it like bacteria makes your immune system almost overreact and cause inflammation that then causes disease? >> well, think about it this way. if your not exposed to good gut bacteria, your immune system can be like a bored teenager. attacking things it shouldn't. increasing inflammation in the body. we don't know how it works yet. every day a new article comes out about this. and i spent all summer reading about it. one thing we do know is these bacteria, if we nurture them, they tamp down the cascade that i won't bore people with the details. they excite me. what matters to lay people, is starting with our next meal, we can start changing the makeup of
8:23 am
our microbiom and increase chances of being at a healthier weight and reducing inflammation. >> you have five gut guide lines. this is not probiotics, right? this is eating food that will increase bacteria in your belly. >> the first is to eat pro biotics every day. i talk about supplements and who they may be good for. yogurt, kafir, fermented sauerkra sauerkraut. >> and prebiotics. >> a lot of people don't think about this. but these are foods that feed those bacterias. probiotics add bacteria. prebiotics feed them. high-fiber foods. raspberries have eight grams of fiber. up your intake of high-fiber
8:24 am
futs and vegetables. >> you say pick a mix of proteins, right? >> in america, we think of protein only coming from meat. but i talk in the book about interestingly plant proteins. nuts, and seeds. if you add those, throw them in your salads. throw them into more meals. those proteins also have great fiber and other nutrients. >> you say great grains are important, right? >> don't give up on grains. a lot of people -- there's so many grains that people don't know about. try new ones. barley, it's not just whole wheat wen we talk about great grains. and the great thing about grains is they're loaded with fiber. >> and another one is embrace friendly fats. the philosophy has changed about fat, hasn't it? it keeps you more sated. and you shouldn't avoid them entirely. >> another thing we did as doctors, we scared people off. we told people don't eat fat. but the truth is, fat doesn't make you fat.
8:25 am
healthy fats can be really good for your health. by adding all those foods together, you can create wonderful, tasty meals. and in the book, i have great recipes. >> tell us what you should focus on. you said raspberries instead of strawberries. >> have fun with your solids. and go with the deep greens. stay to stay away from croutons. and go with nuts and seeds. make it crunchy with something that's good for your health. >> good to see you. you're a tall drink of water, travis. the book is -- what is it called again? >> "the lose your belly
8:26 am
good tuesday morning. i am sam brock. interstate 58 to, richmond san rafael bridge, things lightened up a little out in, but they're going to get heavier. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> several waves of rain will be moving in. heavier wave moves in later, but the roads are already wet. live look outside now at san jose, cloudy skies, grab the umbrella as you head out. it may not be raining at this point, we are still seeing some of the scattered light rain moving through san francisco, to the east bay. another round of rain moves in just in time for lunch. we see the bright reds and yellows there, shows heavier rain. we'll see it very hit or miss as we go through the rest of the day and that also includes this
8:27 am
evening's commute. let's see how this current commute is going now with mike. >> kari, it is great. after the initial start, we saw your typical trend, everything getting lighter south of the san mateo bridge. back to that week before christmas, where we saw lighter flow. live look at the coliseum, things bunched up around high street. bay bridge toll plaza, it is lighter. and we have the fast track lanes moving better. no problems for the left approach. right approach off the brooklyn curve, still quite popular. >> thanks, guys. see you in 30 minutes with more news.
8:28 am
it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good.
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♪ we're back now. 8:30 on this tuesday morning. it's the third day of january. 2017. a little gloomy. >> yes. >> but we've got a great crowd. we've got katie here to help us brighten things up. it's not really raining any more. >> it depends on who you are. katie, do you have weather-sensitive hair? >> i do have weather-sensitive hair. >> it's misting. >> yes. hoda and i don't want to get a case of the frizzees.
8:31 am
we have our priorities straight. >> jill martin is here with the inauguratal steals and deals of 2017. kicking things off with nice bargains to keep your resolutions in check. >> what is she eating? >> fries. >> veggie fries. >> it's an air fryer. >> oh, interesting. okay. >> you play the air guitar while you eat. >> also coming up in this half hour, catching up with halaria baldwin to talk family and fitness. this she has a new book out. we might do a couple head stands together if we get so inspired. >> don't worry, i'm changing. >> plus -- >> i hadn't thought about that but thank you. >> also ben platte will treat us to a live performance from dear evan hanson coming up. >> but first, even as we try to get rid of that image, al, a check of the weather. >> too late. i've missed you.
8:32 am
let's show you what we have, starting -- out in california. they have been getting a lot of rain. the good news is, it has been helping their drought. the bad news, a lot of rain in the next 72 hours and that may cause flooding. you can see heavy rain, and there is a flood risk in california and the upper elevations. snowfall, as well. look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about. some areas could pick up 7 to 9 inches of rain, isolated. but mostly up to 5 inches, especially in the northern and coastal ranges of california and snowfall amounts upwards of a foot to a foot and a half in the cascades and sierra. and on into the rockies. that's what's going on around we saw some rain moving through the bay area this morning. right now we're getting a few more breaks in between, but expect more of the heavy downpours to move in once again as we go into late morning and early afternoon. in san francisco, expect a high of 52 degrees today. 50 tomorrow. and we will see a slight chance
8:33 am
of rain thursday morning, but a little bit of a break before a bigger storm system moves in for the weekend. that could add on to additional rainfall totals for the next several days. get your weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel with our friends on cable. hi! >> hi! >> matt? >> all right, al. thanks very much. day two of our start today, live to 100 series. today contributor jill martin is here to help you make some healthy choices and get resolution-ready with her first steals and deals of the year. good morning. >> good morning. >> here's the problem. people make new years resolutions and then say i don't have the things i need to keep those resolutions. you're here to the rescue. >> exactly right. we make the resolutions and don't have the tools. now i'm offering them to you at a price you can afford and bring them home. >> jill, i want to lose weight for the new year, but i don't have a scale at home to help me weigh myself. what are these? >> this is the eskoli scale. there are three different
8:34 am
digital bathroom scales. measure body weight, body fat and water percentage. the process is very intricate. we have it on >> it's important. a lot of 350e78 go on a diet, weigh themselves later and find they haven't lost weight. it could be they have replaced fat with muscle. >> with muscle, hopefully, when we get to one of our later workout options. that's exactly right. this, again, measures body fat percentage and body water percentage. the retail, $79.95 to $89.95. up to 70% off. >> you go to the gym, you want to take your water with you. these are cool. >> and in a stylish way and makes you think i'm going to carry this, and going to drink a lot of water. that's one of my resolutions. the beaker water bottles. retail $80. a two--piece glass water bottle set. you get the one liter and 500 milliliter bottle. six different options.
8:35 am
sold at saks fifth avenue. the deal, $24, 70% off. >> fantastic. we want to eat healthy. you have a great collection of cookbooks. >> right. and dessert options. this isn't saying you can't go for it and can't eat. we want to make sure you have the options so set you up. the random house cookbooks. there's a choice of 12 different cookbook sets. you can learn how to cook super foods like shootees and juices and look at the cake on front of this. eating dessert in a healthy way. the deal, $15. up to 73% off. >> perfect. you like fried chicken? >> i love -- >> it's one of my weaknesses. i love fried chicken. hoda kotb weighing in on that, as well. this is a healthier way to fry food. this is an air fryer? >> these were just cooked in the air fryer. try it as i talk about it. really good, right? you can't tell the difference. no oil added.
8:36 am
it's the think kitchen electric air fryer. fry your favorite foods with no grease or mess. >> try one. >> there's nothing added. it just is the dry air soaks up the fat. >> can i tell you something? that's incredible. >> really good. >> i know, i was eating french fries. >> how much is this? >> the retail $255, the deal $89. i don't think kids would know these chicken fingers have no oil added. >> no. vacuums. why are they going to help you live to 100. >> this helps keep you organized and your life in order. so important to a healthy lifestyle. this is the robotics vacuum. retail $399 to $49 9d, a choice. you can see the choices. right on it comes with a remote control. and it can be scheduled when you're not home. which i love. you leave a mess, you come home, it knows to go back to the dock when it needs charging. >> it's fantastic.
8:37 am
works especially well if you live in a square three-foot box like this. >> with pink paper shredded turn loo. the retail, $399 to $499. the deal $189 to $219, up to 56 mercedes off. >> the next thing, hoda, cool, nordic track. as february, as hoda will call it, a clothes hanger. >> well, this is -- as we're eating chicken fingers and working out, hoda has already done her workout this morning. this is the second one. the grand tour bike. retail $1999. there is a seven-inch touch screen behind the chicken fingers with 32 pre-loaded workout programs. so it let's you ride through the streets of paris, new york and rome. with the apps. and it comes with three-pound dumbbells so you get the extra workout like you would in a spin class. retail, $1999, free shipping on this. the deal, $799, 60% off.
8:38 am
>> probably in the manual, they don't show you eating chicken fingers. >> i've burned off 18 calories. >> hoda, we know you have a favorite song. ♪ >> with chicken fingers. how about that? >> thank you. by the way, the star of the whole segment, that air fryer. these are fantastic. really good. all right. let's run through the products begin. scales from eskali. water bottles from beaker, cookbooks by random house. the think kitchen air fryer, robotic vacuums, and the exercise bike from nordic track. with any questions. tomorrow on start today, we put three of our own to the test. we'll introduce you to all the coaches and challenges that will whip hoda, jenna and craig into shape. and you'll be able to join along. >> starting already? next, a great conversation on what it means to live clearly. her husband's work on snl and
8:39 am
much more. first, this is "today" on nbc. live clearly. and her husband's ♪ for me, it all began with a boy. his name was ethan. bailey, bailey, bailey, bailey. my name was bailey, bailey, bailey, bailey. we spent every day together. the dog's laughing at you. dog's don't laugh. that's funny. but my time was coming to an end. good boy bailey, gonna miss you. and then it happened. i was back. again and again. witness the incredible journey... good boy. that will make you believe... go bailey! in second chances. rated pg. we'your most extraordinarybut withmoments happenses when you feel small.
8:40 am
when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new.
8:41 am
welcome back, everyone. hilaria baldwin is one busy lady. she's a business owner, yoga instructor and mother of three. now, you can add author to the list, with her new book called "the living clearly method." >> nice to see you. >> you are busy. you have a new baby. a 3-month-old, right? >> yes. >> that means you have a 3-year-old. >> an 18-month-old. and a 3-month-old. so, there's no sleep. >> look at them. they are so cute. >> i know. they're worth it. they're so cute. >> you wanted to write a book to help busy people like yourself and people that are stressed out. i think it's easy to be stressed in our current culture, tethered to our devices and running around 24/7. most of us are stressed out.
8:42 am
we're all pretending that we're not stressed out and we're putting up a facade and the hair and makeup and everything. my book is about stripping that away and getting to a place. we're in this together and we can relax together. >> what does living clearly mean? >> it means being present. living in a clear space means not, you know -- >> i'm going to fix this. your microphone is brushing. >> thank you. not just putting one foot in front of the other and feeling that your whole life is passing you by and you're on this treadmill. it's about stopping, being in the moment, opening your eyes and making choices that serve you. >> i enjoyed reading about a lot of the things. it seems you've taken some of the tenants of yoga and put them in daily life. you talk about perspective. you talk about breathing. you talk about being grounded. and grounding is something that you actually do in yoga, right? keeping close to the earth. and your feet planted firmly on the ground. >> yeah. they're all principles that we do in yoga. balance.
8:43 am
letting go. all of these things are things that we talk about on the mat. and we bring into our real life. >> the other thing is balance, which i think so many people have a hard time with these days. and you had a hard time, as well. >> yes. yeah. balance is really tough. even -- even now, figuring out with three kids and working and everything that i want to do with my husband. it's all a lot. >> and i thought it was interesting -- we can walk over to the mats. i thought it was interesting you said letting go. one of the things you do for letting go. you do it through social media. you don't let the turkeys get you down, right? >> you don't. you have to let it out. every person finds the negative comment on instagram or twitter. and just let it pass away. bullying is last year. won't do it anymore. >> you have a chapter about a woman in her 50s that changed her lifestyle. and someone who is about to turn the big -- 6-0, i was very interested in hearing. what did she do differently? and while you tell me about
8:44 am
that, show me some poses you think can help with the whole process. >> all right. most of it is realizing we're lucky to get older. not everybody is lucky to get older. >> that's true. >> embrace it. love it. life is good. do you want to -- should we do down dog? >> sure. >> sure. >> i don't know if you guys know, but katie is really good at doing yoga. >> i'm not that good at doing yoga. hilaria is good. >> we were doing headstands and stuff like that. release your heels into the floor. relax your head from side-to-side. >> and yoga is good for increased flexibility as you get older. >> bring yourself forward into a plank pose. and then, down to the elbows. >> up dog. very good. >> just because you mentioned it, hilaria. come on, sister, let's do it.
8:45 am
>> you're going to be impressed. >> i have to do it on a tripod thing. the only bad thing about doing headstands is gravity makes my chin fall into my forehead. and this is good for you, too. see what i mean? >> you look good. everybody tell katie how good she looks. >> you don't have to tell me. oh, stop. stop. hilaria, i learned a lot from your book. i think it has great advice about living clearly. and i really appreciate your coming by. this is probably one of the weirdest interviews i've ever done. >> you know how hard it is to talk upside down. up next -- how about reading? up next, a live performance from one of broadway's hottest new stars. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. ♪ the citi concert series on "today" is proud by presented to you by citi.
8:48 am
>> all right. we're back, now, 8:47. a new broadway show, "dear evan hansen" is getting a lot of buzz. and so is the star, ben plat. >> he is an anxious teenager starting to fit in. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you guys. >> you're amazing, by the way. tell us a little bit about -- tell us evan hansen, tell us about evan hansen and some of the challenges he faces. >> sure. evan hansen is about -- "dear evan hansen" is about a lonely kid. he is a senior in high school. he has a problem connecting with people. that's amplified by hyperconnectivity and social media. and that pulls himself further into himself. and the whole show is how he gets caught up in a huge lie that allows him to connect with people that he has never before. and it's predicated on a terrible lie. it's the audience's decision whether that's earned by what
8:49 am
he's gaining from the connections he's making, what the other people are gaining. >> can i mention? your arm is fine. this is part of the show. >> we're all good. no broken bones, knock on wood. >> this character has been a part of your life for a while. a show doesn't arrive on broadway overnight. you have been living with this character. it must be nice to read this in "the new york times" -- the marvelous young actor is giving a performance that's not likely to be bettered on broadway this season. i don't have a question. i just wanted to read that. >> that's very nice of you to read that on television. why, thank you. >> you know what's great about this show, though? it deals with the pressures of not only adolescence, but also social media and how people can get so wrapped up in it. they forget to live their lives. >> certainly. >> as normal people. and you mentioned that he's struggling. he's an outsider. and this song is ill lusttive of that, right? >> yeah. this is about feeling like you can't get on the inside of anything. and you're watching your life from the outside, never feeling part of something. never feeling connected.
8:50 am
>> i love the song. you're going to sing it for us. >> i am. >> all right, ben. ♪ ♪ i've learned to slam on the brake ♪ ♪ before i even turn the key before i make the mistake ♪ ♪ before i lead with the worst of me ♪ ♪ give them no reason to stare ♪ no slipping up if you slip away ♪ ♪ so, i got nothing to share no, i got nothing to say ♪ ♪ step out step out of the sun ♪ ♪ if you keep getting burned step out ♪ ♪ step out of the sun because you learned ♪ ♪ because you learned ♪ on the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ will i ever be more than i've
8:51 am
always been ♪ ♪ because i'm tap, tap, tapping on the glass ♪ ♪ i'm waving through a window i try to speak but nobody can hear ♪ ♪ so, i wait around for an answer to appear ♪ ♪ while i'm watch, watch, watching people pass ♪ ♪ i'm waving through a window ♪ can anybody see ♪ is anybody waving back at me ♪ we start with stars in our eyes we start believing that we belong ♪ ♪ but every sun doesn't rise and no one tells you ♪ ♪ where you went wrong step out ♪ ♪ step out of the sun if you keep getting burned ♪ ♪ step out step out of the sun ♪ ♪ because you learned
8:52 am
because you learned ♪ ♪ on the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ will i ever be more than i've always been ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm tap, tap, tapping on the glass ♪ ♪ waving through a window i tried to speak ♪ ♪ but nobody can hear so, i wait around ♪ ♪ for an answer to appear ♪ while i'm watch, watch, watching people pass ♪ ♪ waving through a window can anybody see ♪ ♪ is anybody waving ♪ when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around ♪ ♪ do you ever really crash or even make a sound ♪ ♪ when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around ♪ ♪ do you ever really crash or even make a sound ♪ ♪ when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around ♪ ♪ do you ever really crash or even make a sound ♪ ♪ when you're falling in a forest and there's nobody around ♪ ♪ do you ever really crash or even make a sound ♪ ♪ did i even make a sound
8:53 am
did i even make a sound ♪ ♪ it's like i never made a sound will i ever make a sound ♪ ♪ on the outside always looking in ♪ ♪ will i ever be more than i've always been ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm tap, tap, tapping on the glass ♪ ♪ waving thaw window ♪ i'm trying to speak when anybody can hear ♪ ♪ so i wait around for an answer to appear ♪ ♪ i'm watch, watch, watching people pass ♪ ♪ waving thaw window can anybody see ♪ ♪ is anybody waving back at me ♪ is anybody waving waving, waving ♪ ♪ whoa [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
>> ben pratt. katie wants to know, can she sign your cast? he will be back with more a little later. first, this i
8:55 am
i'm giving him five stars.
8:56 am
one for every finger. >> hoda, you get in there. >> that was amazing. >> congratulations. >> and he's on-stage the entire show. i mean, he's just amazing. >> i think i will come friday. >> yeah? >> got room for me. >> coming up the next half hour, katie is back tomorrow. and we're back after these messages. your local news and weather. ben, thank you so much. good tuesday morning. we are under a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track some rain. moving into the bay area, by now light spotty showers, especially for san francisco in that area over towards the north bay, you're dealing with wet roads and then also for the delta as we have seen some of the showers moving through this morning. we will have a round of heavier rain moving through just in time for lunch. and we will see this continuing
8:57 am
into the evening commute. we'll continue to have updates here. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> lighter traffic flow, but we did have a commute this morning, a wet one as you well know. we have now lighter flow of traffic, still flowing in both directs around high street. we happen to have a camera there. look at this, both directions slowed. on the right side of the high street shot, we have a report of flashing lights. i saw a police car there. and over another live shot, there is some rain, back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. happening right now, we have cameras everywhere, we have crews everywhere around the bay, tracking the storm. they're going to be there all morning long. you can also bring the forecast with you wherever you go by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can look the at radar and track the incoming rain to your neighborhood. we'll be back in half an hour with more news.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," the hottest trends of 2017 already in your closet. and drop the holiday pounds from the comfort of your own home with a ten-minute workout. and everything you need to help your home survive the winter. comip right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and welcome to "today," on a tuesday morning, january 3rd, 2017. i'm al. got sheinelle, and a very special co-host this morning. gretchen carlson. >> hey, al. >> happy new year. >> it's great to be here. i'm sorry i missed you doing the rose bowl parade. >> you had a good excuse.
9:01 am
>> i was flying back from vacation. good to see you in person. >> it's terrific having you. this is great. we had a great time. i was at the rose bowl parade with my pal, hoda kotb. and i just want to say, my son, nick, this is the first time he picked out a tie for me. and it was perfect. >> you guys looked great. >> i didn't realize this until we had our trending. i made news. >> we had surfing dogs. the most amazing float. the longest float they've had in the parade. the heaviest float. 80,000 gallons of water, making waves for surfing dogs. >> can i tell you why this makes me happy? your sound of glee. i can't explain the sounds that you make. it makes me happy, al. you know why? why not?
9:02 am
>> it's surfing dogs. >> exactly. >> i was in hawaii for christmas and new year's. i never saw a surfing dog. >> how many smell like wet dog? a great smell to start the new year off. >> i will tell you. speaking of starting the new year off right. the night before new year's eve, i spent the week in chicago, with my husband's family. it is, god bless grandparents. for the first time in 365 days, i stayed in the bed and did not get out of the bed until 1:00. i caught up on netflix shows. and i was like, my clothes from the day before. >> oh. >> i'm guessing that means you didn't shower. >> no. it was great. >> let me ask you about grandparents. when i grew up, they didn't let me eat cheetos and coke before noon. >> all bets were off. they were chomping on rice crispy treats. and it was fine. >> i remember when my parents
9:03 am
took the children. and i'm thinking, who are you people? >> and they return the children to you. and you have to rediscipline them again. >> it's their revenge. >> i'll hurry this up. new year's eve, i hosted a live show. chi town rising. they broadcast throughout chicago and the midwest. >> used to be here. >> it was packed. thousands and thousands of people. they shut down wacker drive. >> i love wacker drive. the blues brother. this is definitely lower wacker drive. >> my goal was to stay up until midnight. >> did you make it? >> since i had children, i never made it to midnight. i didn't make it by a half hour. but i heard the happy new year and the fireworks in my head, in my bed. >> technically, you were in for hawaii for that? technically, the east coast, you made it. >> at dinner, i saw the ball
9:04 am
drop at 7:00 p.m. >> that counts. >> how was it? was it beautiful? >> it was so great. i think we have photos. we went zip lining. that's my daughter. >> how old is your daughter? >> my daughter is 13. my son is 11. they convinced me to do the zip line again. look at that rainbow. >> that happened almost every day in hawaii. all i could think of is welcome to 2017 and new beginnings. that's my son, look at that. good cannonball. >> cheers to that. speaking of resolutions and new years. >> i got to spend it with hoda and my wife. and the robinson-pets. every year, we go to the ivy in hollywood there. >> i saw that on instagram. >> i did, do. and hoda and her beau, joel. this is her first year, my middle girl, is 18. high school senior. and she decided, you know what? i am staying back. we're going to have a big
9:05 am
blowout. we're doing all this stuff. and all of her friends and the whole nine yards. >> like a house party? >> going to see the ball drop. it will be fantastic. and one by one, the friends started dropping off. she ended up staying home with my daughter, courtney and one of her friends. and they watched the ball drop in their pajamas at home. they had a good time. >> that's all that matters. >> and she wrapped it up by getting step throat. >> oh, no. >> feel better. >> we're thrilled to have you here. >> thanks, al. we dug into the archives to find out facts about you. i tried to play violin with my daughter. it was horrible. you're a violin prodigy. >> i was as a child. >> is that you? >> i'm 8 or 9 with my dear teacher, mary west, growing up in minnesota. i started with her. and it became a serious thing. it was going to be my career. and at 17, i decided to give it
9:06 am
up because i like doing other things in life. and it would have been tunnel vision. >> do you have it? >> i still have it. i don't play anymore. i need to break it out for my kids. >> you should bring it. >> that should be one of my new year's resolutions. it's something that no one can take away from you. >> there is something so beautiful about a violin. >> as long as it's in tune. >> and you know what you're doing. >> out of tune is probably -- >> i feel bad for my siblings to listen to me every morning. >> sister is a mprodigy. >> and you won miss america. >> let's listen. ♪ >> look at that hair. all right. how about that hair? >> you were looking at the hair? >> and the talent, too. >> half that hair was not my own. i had a piece. i had a piece on there, al.
9:07 am
>> do you remember that moment? >> i do remember. it was a huge relief. i worked really hard. and the violin is what got me to miss america. i grew up a chubby kid in a small town in minnesota. being miss america was never on my radar screen. it was a goal because of my musical talent. >> your town is the capital of halloween? >> it's our claim of fame. >> our town is anoka, minnesota. kids used to go out and cause trouble. and my town was the first to put together family programs so that families could come together and the kids would stay out of trouble. they were toilet papering homes and throwing tomatoes. it was deemed the halloween capital of the world, i believe by congress. we have a huge parade every year. and it was fun to grow up. >> look at you. >> there i am in the pumpkin. yes. >> how did you find all these
9:08 am
pictures? >> it was apropos for growing up. but a game show gave a trip for a winning couple. and my siblings and i thought, wow. do they know where they're coming to? >> wow. >> it's a great little town. >> probably a great place to grow up. >> it was. fantastic. >> we know 2016 was a challenging for you. and we understand legally you can't talk about that sexual harassment lawsuit, with 21st century fox. what are you looking forward to in 2017? >> a lot of things. new beginnings. >> cheers to that. >> thank you. and i'm a huge believer in being optimistic and starting over and getting a fresh start. one of the things that i really want to do is give back. i'm setting up a fund to empower women and young girls. and i'm going to be contributing to that. and it's really important for all of us, women and men, to build confidence and to stand up for what we believe in. and in some cases to fight back. people can learn more about that next week when i launch it on my
9:09 am
website. >> and talk about "time" magazine. >> i'm going to be a marquee columnist for "time" magazine's motto, which reaches 37 million people online. i'm going to write articles about empowering women and issues surrounding that. >> the fact that you saw a rainbow right before the new year started, i think things are looking up. >> thank you. >> we've been talking about new year's resolutions. i don't know if i make resolutions or intentions, whatever you want to call them. jenna and i -- she was teasing me. i said last wednesday, be clean in 2017. and i promise to goodness, i made that up. and america took it from me. >> wow. >> just kidding. it's all over instagram. >> be clean. what do you mean by that? >> take a shower. >> let me dig in. i didn't do that for two days. it was fantastic. be clean in 2017. >> i didn't move. i didn't sweat. clean eating. that's a big challenge for me because i like bread. it's a problem. sweet bread, i love it. clean in mind, body, spirit and
9:10 am
thoughts. >> no drinking? >> she didn't say that, al. >> this is my version of clean. don't judge my clean. >> i thought you were saying clean. >> clean, like i'll ease up on the fried stuff. i passed up a cookie the other day. >> but you can get wasted. >> the best thing about her cleanness is it's going to be her rules. >> thank you, gretchen. and mind, body and spirit. no judgment. i want a drink, no judgment. >> exactly. go for it. >> you should add to it, not caring what people think. >> yeah. >> i'm not speaking to you, al. just speaking in general. >> and what about you? >> perfect. >> lord knows i'm not. >> what about you? >> i'm reading this book, "revenge of analog." and getting away from the digital stuff. my resolution is to write in a journal every day. i went back to using my analog watch. >> did you have a fancy -- >> i had an apple watch. i love.
9:11 am
terrific. i'm using more pen and paper. >> i teach my kids, it's important to write handwritten thank you notes. and it's amazing, people love receiving the old-fashioned note. let's keep it alive, al. >> here's to the pen and paper. >> all right. coming up next, they need a bigger boat. wait until you see how the new year started for some folks in australia. you're going to love this video. you're going to love this video. after these messages. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it you're going to love this video. after these messages. in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. (baby♪ aughs)
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jimmy dean delights frittatas. a delicious, savory egg breakfast, without all the bread and carbs. made with real ingredients. an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning. jimmy dean delights frittatas. so, how much longer do you think this will take? i'll over-explain the process, then give you an unrealistic timeline. i'll nod in agreement so my wife thinks i understand what you're saying. i look forward to questioning your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi® double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. back with more "today
9:14 am
we're back with more of "today's take." our special guest host, gretchen, great to see you. we're all off to a better start than these folks. this is from australia. cars on a ferry. and then it's not. >> can you imagine if that's your -- >> yeah, but thankfully, nobody was in the car at the time. but most of their gear and their cell phones were. >> well, hope they had good insurance. >> i would see that picture, and i'm being completely honest, the first thing i would think, my pictures, my phone. because i never back things up. >> you need to do that, that should be your resolution. >> get that stuff off the phone. >> you know, the important thing is they have their lives, right? >> exactly. and look at how long the car stays up. >> look at how beautiful the water is. >> on its way to the great coral reef. >> going to be part of it. >> all right, well, big year for movie. a big movie, "rogue 1." for 2016 setting an all time record, $11.37 billion.
9:15 am
>> for all movies? >> because sometimes people thought movies were not going to be as popular with all the digital options but now it's showing that people -- see, i only go to the movie theater because all i want to do is eat popcorn. >> the ancillary thing is i see the movie. >> here's a concept. make good movies, people will go. especially movies that you need to see in a theater. how many films are there in 2017 turning 30 years old? >> a bunch of them. >> we'll feel really old. >> single screen grab and see if we can name the movie. okay, we haven't seen these yet. titanic. >> can you tell that from that? wow. >> king of the world. >> you're about to win this game, al, i can already tell. >> come on, you know this one. >> i don't know this one. >> this is a movie that's 20 years old now? >> wait, is that matt damon? >> look at the right. they say look at the right. >> is that matt damon, good will hunting? >> i see matt damon.
9:16 am
>> al. >> all righty. >> next one, number three. >> oh, my best friend's wedding. >> very good. >> love that scene. that's the best. >> i love julia roberts. >> oh, austin powers. >> wait, has it been 20 years? >> i guess so. >> oh, my goodness. the dance, all of that. >> oh, men in black. >> wow. >> i need to speak to the producers. he knows all these. can i speak to the producers, please? they said we would know all these. >> how about one of us did? >> here's my excuse. >> i knew my best friend's wedding. >> 1997 was the year i got married so i was just thinking about that. >> you were just in love. no tyime for movies. >> 20 years? >> yes, exactly. >> you got married the same year matt lauer started doing the show. >> 1997. >> a great year. >> spectacular year. >> how about for you, 1997? >> i'd been doing the show full time for two years. >> well there you go.
9:17 am
>> let's show you what we have going on. starting off doing weather like this. a lot of wet weather in california. we've got heavy showers and thunderstorms making their way into the mid-atlantic. 13 tornadoes yesterday. unfortunately, five people losing their lives. so that's luckily nothing quite that bad today. look at how cold it's going to be in the plains. temperatures in the single digits or below zero. 80s and 70s through the gulf coast. we're looking at 30s in the northern new england. sunshine in the pacific northwest. bitter cold in the plains. heavy rain in central california. wet weather here in the we mostly have some light rain moving through the north bay. we'll see that continuing off and on as we go through the morning and early afternoon. it gets heavier as we go through the day. looking now at the shower from movado to san rachel. as we go through the rest of the morning the rain becomes more
9:18 am
widespread. and heavier cells moving through that will continue each through the evening commute. >> that is your latest weather. coming up next, back on track and into shape this year. how about a ten-minute workout transforms your body without going to the gym. save on that gym membership. after these i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i likn my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine
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9:22 am
is anna victoria. these are things you can do at home. sometimes you hear that, but you mean it. we're starting with grocery bags. >> we're going to do a full-body workout with things you have at home. we're going to start with grocery bags. these have sweet potatoes in them. but you can put anything in them, as long as there's about five pounds. as you're unloading groceries you can get bicep curls in. >> when you're taking things out of the trunk and bringing them into the house, you can do this on the way into the house? >> yep. >> this we can do. check. what's next? >> we're going to set those down. now, you have tone, lean arms for the summer. we're going to grab the mellons. all right. we're going to do shoulder press and tricep extension. you're going to push it up and back. you want to keep your elbows
9:23 am
tucked in. >> i'm not flexible and i heard i need to work on that. >> and back down to the chest, straight up and back. >> not bad. >> you can do this with a bigger sized melon. >> you can cut it and eat as you go. just kidding. the next one? >> you're going to do ten of these. 15 of the bicep curls. now, we do squats with these. one-gallon jugs. you want your feet about shoulder width apart. and you're going to squat back. squat back like you're sitting in a chair. you don't want your knees to pass your toes. sit back. keep your chest up. >> you look perfect. >> okay. >> all right. >> you're going to do 15 of these, as well. >> tell the kids they can't have orange juice or milk. mom has to workout. >> you can do it with orange juice, milk, any one-gallon drug. >> this is my house.
9:24 am
the backpacks. >> grab your kids' backpacks. it should be about five pounds. >> this is five pounds? >> yes. >> this feels heavier than the grocery bags. >> the squats and lunges are going to work your legs and gluts. you want to be sure, same with the squats, your front knee does not pass your toe. >> goodness gracious. >> i think the kids have all these books, don't they? >> yeah. >> you know what? it makes me realize, we don't have excuses, do we? >> no. you can pick up anything from your house. and what's great, you can be any fitness level. you don't have to have experience in the gym. you can switch sides. >> al, can i tell you something? we're winded using cantaloupes and gallons of water and backpacks. >> that's pretty impressive. very impressive. >> thank you, anna. happy new year, guys. al, hurry up. i'm out of breath. >> okay.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
at 9:26 i'm sam brock of it is a wet morning around the bay area as our micro climate alert is still in effect. here's a live look at 580 by the richmond san rafael bridge. it's lighter at this point. but earlier this morning drivers had to deal with wet roads across the bay area including highway 101 in san mateo county. that was shot a few hours ago ago. let's get to the latest conditions right now. it's a full day long event. >> it will be. in san rafael, rain coming down. it is a wet commute for them. some saturdays spots are having a chance the dry out. from san francisco to the south bay. and much of the east bay as well as we continue to track the
9:27 am
showers moving through mostly in the north bay at this point of we'll get heavier as we go throughout the day. wet conditions out there not only in the morning but early afternoon. it look like we'll see pockets of some heavy downpours. as we get look at what is happening out there, we see we will have another round of rain moving through tomorrow into the rest of the week we'll see some dry weather. for the end of the week another storm system moving in for saturday and sunday. could bring in a flooding potential. we'll watch that. a couple of storm systems moving through. the only break we will see will be on friday. as we head over to mike let's see what is happening on the roadways. >> i'm going to take it from here, kari. we're going to check in with mike after this break. it's lighter than normal today, but still some pick up. we'll talk to mike momentarily.
9:28 am
commute. and we are looking at slower drives. just for a short period.
9:29 am
as the roadways kind of got a break from the rain we are still watching a backup toward the toll plaza. oakland recovered nicely for 880 by the sol seem. live looks out there. folks consolidating toward the ep of the parking lot. fast track has a back up towards west grand. the golden gate bridge has three lanes heading southbound. they are working on the median. there was some damage to the median. they have to do that through the morning. san mateo sign his slippery. >> be careful out there. thank you michael, we'll see you again in 30 minutes with more news. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:30 am
♪ now, that the holidays are behind us, we can look forward to snow and bitter cold days, depending on where you are. >> i don't know if you're ready for the cold temperatures. i am because i grew up in minnesota. but the big question today, is your home ready? making sure you have everything you need, kevin o'connor, host of the show "this hold house," is here. goo how are you? >> you're going to show us things that happen in our home. >> the power outages. >> takes out the power lines. and you can't get out of the garage because the power opener shut down. >> the garage door opener is tied to a.c. power. this is also tied to a.c. power. but it has a battery backup. this comes to a battery. and that means that your garage
9:31 am
door is going to open and close about 100 times after the power goes out. >> this is all inside the garage. >> this mounts to the ceiling. drives that garage door. will work when the power goes out. power outages means it will be dark. we have three lighting options. this one plugs into your outlet. it's always charges. but as soon as the power goes out, it comes on. it will illuminate a room or hallway. you can pull it out and turn it into a flashlight. that's $16. >> that's a great idea. you don't necessarily have the flashlights around the bedroom. >> this is a heavier duty powerful one. this works off of rechargeable batteries. they would work on the milwaukee m-12 battery system. 800 lumens. you can turn it into a flood or a spot. and it does a low, a high and a strobe. >> in case you need rescue or something like that. >> who knows? these are all very directional.
9:32 am
but that's not good if you have to prepare a meal and the lights go out. this is more general task lighting. this is a power hub. it gives you not just power for lights. but you can charge your cell phones or your tablets. and what's nice about it, you can use it as a flashlight, a traditional torch. or turn the globe on. you can hang that. and you can activate up to four pucks that are attached to it. they go ten feet each. >> this is a multitasker. >> you can use that at a campsite. >> or around a kitchen table. that will last 72 hours on low. >> 72? >> 72. moving outside. you don't have fixed landscape lighting. you want a floodlight or christmas lights. this is an outdoor outlet. this is frost-proof. it's weather-proof. but whatever you plug into it, you can control from your phone. you can turn things on and off. set schedules. that's a good one to have.
9:33 am
>> we're going to move on to not being slippery when you walk outside. >> right. >> we talk about salt, right? >> traction in a couple of different ways. the first is a tread tape. the car comes into the garage. the snow melts. the concrete floor is slippery. this is tread tape. adhesive on one side, abrasive on the other. you can put a couple of strips down. it's rated for outdoors. you can put it on a couple steps off of the back porch or the deck. that will work there. >> this is a great idea. sometimes you come out, it's black ice. >> just a little more heavy duty. that's good for the garage. this is inexpensive. about $15 for a 15-foot roll. the sand, the salt thing. we're talking about this. here's what salts are good for. for melting the snow and ice. there's different types of salt. rock salt, calcium chloride. the problem with salt is you want to use a glove. and the plants don't like them. go to sand. sand is for traction. it's not going to melt anything.
9:34 am
but it's great for traction. go with the playground sand. and in a pinch, you can use kitty litter. >> people say keep a bag of that in the trunk of your car for traction if you get stuck. >> and hopefully the cat knows what you're up to. >> and finally -- >> it is a good time to test your smoke detectors. the reason why we like this one -- and this is one that made our top 100 list in the magazine, it is a smoke detector and a co detector. but it is the only one out there that will give you weather alerts. it's tied into the national weather service. you can say, i want an alert if there's a tornado or a storm watch. it will alert in the house and on your phone. you can see the alerts and see which is smoke or c.o. >> technology has changed everything. >> all-new episodes of "this old house" and "ask this old house," this thursday, on january 5th. coming up, the free apps that will help you keep your new
9:35 am
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♪ (vo) the old way of doing taxes isn't good enough. so, we're about to blow it up. don't just get your taxes done. get your taxes won. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
9:39 am
every year, we make new year's resolutions. about mid-february, they're out the window. >> we want to help you reach your goals in 2017. we mean it. all the way through the year. with all of the free apps through the year, this is randy zuckerberg. >> hi. happy new year. >> should we dig into the fitness app? this first one is called seven. >> the thinking is that you can get the same benefit in just seven minutes that you can. the benefit is sticking with a workout every day. so, seven has a bunch of seven-minute workouts. you can choose full-body, upper-body. doesn't require equipment. and you don't need wi-fi or intern internet. it tells you 24 seconds of jumping jacks. you can do it in a hotel room. you don't need wi-fi. right now, doing a seven-month
9:40 am
challenge. they want you to do seven minutes a day for seven months. >> remember that ten-minute workout. and three weeks, four to six weeks, i felt serious difference. >> and i have a 5-year-old. we were doing this together. and that's about his attention span. i can get a workout in and be with my son. >> we all have kids. and we need to get that interpeace. and meditation is big now. there's one called calm. >> exactly. i want to guide us through this a little. calm, this is a great app. let's do some deep breathing, shall we? >> okay. >> i'm going to -- all right. so, breathe. breathe in. hold. breathe out. see? look how easy that is to meditate. the other thing that's great about this app is they have sleep stories. i tell my son bedtime stories every night. but who tells ones to us? look at this one. ferris beuler's teacher can actually listen to the iconic
9:41 am
voice of ferris beuler's teacher. that is enough to put anyone to sleep, right? >> let's talk where i need to go, is cooking. >> yes. i have two great cooking apps for us today. the first is called hand picked. and that's if you already have a lot of ingredients in your fridge. and it wants to walk you through a few apps. here, you can say, all right. i have salmon. i have avocados in my fridge. >> like a game show. it will tell you what to cook. >> here are three or four recipes that you can make. let's day you're more of the browser. you want to look at hundreds of thousands of recipes and then go buy the ingredients. big oven, you can actually sort through 350,000 recipes. you can make your grocery list, your meal list, everything right there in the app. >> i'm going to go give a shoutout to "the new york times" cooking app. i make at least two things a week off of that app. >> really? >> and you get new ideas.
9:42 am
i'm in a rut. >> they send you something every week. what to make this week. what to make this weekend. >> let's talk about something we were talking about off-camera. travel. they had issues yesterday. >> thank you for changing the topics. i was getting hungry. with the recipes. not a good way for the diet. >> talk about mobile passports. >> a lot of us traveled over the break. we know how customs can be a bit of a hassle. >> when the system went down. >> don't rely everything on technology. but mobile passport. this is an officially authorized u.s. customs and border protection app. you can actually upload your pos po passport. when you get to the airport, you can scan and go through the lines. >> to anyone say, randy told me i don't need to bring a passport. you need to bring a physical passport. >> what about whim? >> this is a great travel app. it lets you book last-minute tickets and events in a city. if you're traveling your own city -- let's face it. some of the most fun moments we
9:43 am
have are booked on a spontaneous women. you can book anything from shows, walking tours, museums. here's a folding version. >> it's discounted. but you can make the booking right there from the app. yeah. >> i have some traveling weather for you. right now. we're going to show you what we got. especially if you're traveling today. if you're traveling in the northeast, you're going to have big problems because we've got wet weather. we've got dense fog, stretching from chicago, down into the mid mississippi river valley. heavier showers and thunderstorms in the northeast. that will be a problem if you're doing airport travel. roads are going to be a mess here. bitter cold throughout the plains. look for heavy rainmaking its way in central and northern california. in fact, there are flood watches out. some areas over the next 72 hours, getting 5 to 7 inches of rain. that's not great news. that's what'
9:44 am
we are seeing some rain moving into the north bay once again. good coverage from santa rosa to the golden gate bridge, extndsing towards east bay as well. there will be another batch of rain into the santa cruz mountains. we are now looking at the rain that continues to fall. as we have seen, the roads are already wet and low visibility at times. there will be a batch of heavier rain moving in in time for lunch. north bay, san francisco, and san mateo. the rest of us seeing this rain during the even commute. >> and that is your latest weather. ahead, get ready to raid your closet because some of the stuff you already own has the trendiest looks of the year. how to reinvent them for 2017. how to reinvent them for 2017. >> do you have that befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be
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9:48 am
do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at sometimes you can feel the indulgence of nature. sometimes, you can taste it. sweet granola clusters, a touch of ooey gooey almond butter. savory almonds, and a hint of salt. nature valley sweet and salty bars. ♪ i had to do that. with every new year comes new fashion. but the one thing that's great about 2017 is that you really don't need to spend a lot of money to keep up with the hottest trends.
9:49 am
>> it's great news. and guess what else is new? old. old is new again. >> there you go. >> here to show us on items you have in your closet, is liliana vasquez. >> happy new year. >> you totally nailed it. everything that's old is new again. and spring is more about restyling the pieces you have, as opposed to shopping for new styles. that's great for our budget. and everyone has an old-school bandanna. now, you loop it and tie it around your ankle. or you can tie it around your wrist. >> that looks cute? >> what's wrong with your ankle? >> i will style it on you. i will not lose a bandanna on you. >> start with jeans. that's always -- it can be a trouble spot for some people. the skinny thing or the loose one. >> it's all about reinvigorating denim. and the buttondown.
9:50 am
white shirts are having a major moment right now. how you can style it differently. >> come on down, girl. >> this is christy. everyone has a white buttondown in their closet. for spring, they're getting rattay lored. >> is it okay to have the -- >> the whooshy on the sleeve or the bow? >> both. >> it's about volume. a big decorative element. this is a button down, but one shoulder. we paired it with a simple skirt. green, classic. and the slip-on, just lace-up loafer. and she looks beautiful. all about remixing classics. >> i was telling liliana. and we were talking about this off-camera, she can pick out anything. and you put it on this model. >> this is andrea. she is showing me my favorite new colors. how do you cup date orange? you pair it with pink. orange and pink are having a major moment when it comes to fashion. >> i would never put that together. >> will i find that in your
9:51 am
closet? >> not at all. but i like it together. >> that's about inspiring people to try something new. and like we're looking in a crystal ball in fashion. this is from cameo collective, with a turtleneck from j. crew. simple by chic. >> i like bright colors. and i'm glad you can wear them together now. >> what do we have next? >> up next, we're talking crop tops. people hate crop tops because most pym think they can't wear them. how do you pull off a crop top? you put something underneath it to get more coverage. more comfort. >> what's your name? >> this is sandra. >> sandra, i love it. >> so cute. this crop top is from ashley stewart, a button down from ann taylor. this is very '90s. in fashion, "90210."
9:52 am
and this is comfortable. anyone, any size can rock a crop top. >> i like it. i don't think i would wear that in the middle of winter, going into spring. >> but put on a long sleeve underneath it and you're god to go. he is showing us -- >> for the guys. >> i'm calling this layered neutrals. it's about lightening up for spring for the men. and he is smoking in this look. >> that's true. >> sheinelle, all of a suddenly -- >> you like the look. >> great pieces. and we have one last model, really quickly. >> i like that. this is chantele. and she is showing one of my favorite friends. this is two adorable dress. too short to wear without leggi leggings. but you put a skirt underneath. >> the top is a dress? >> she is my hero. >> thank you.
9:53 am
>> can you come over to my closet? >> i'm available at any time. >> we're back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc. ♪
9:54 am
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gretchen carlson. >> gretchen. >> it's good to see you, too. >> was it like riding a bike? >> and it's only an hour. >> it's prerefreshing. >> for some of us, it's only an hour. >> true. >> we have great stars. we have christmas. he's going to talk about "live by night." and we have a performance from that hot broadway show, "dear evan hansen." >> we
9:56 am
good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are under a micro climate weather alert as we continue to track rain moving boo the bay area. much of it as of now is moving through the north bay. vis sblt low, windshield wipers
9:57 am
are on. there will be heavier showers as we go through the rest of the day. as we look closer at novato, san rafael and napa we will see heavier rain in the lunchtime hour. and then for the evening commute in the rest of the bay area and spots where we haven't seen as much rain this morning you will see that increasing as we go through the day. let's check on the roads with mike. >> obviously the rain was an issue earlier. now it's drying out a bit during that break. traffic is light after a mild commute this morning. no problems. but in the north bay. we want to talk about the rails. ten-minute delays. because of weather. they tend to slow the rails down because of safety issues. they might not be ten minutes. they can be right on time so you may be in for better news. >> happening now speaking of the storm, we have crews around the bay area tracking it. you can take your micro climate weather alert forecast with you
9:58 am
with you wherever you go by downloading the nbc bay area app. that's also where you can check our interactive radar and track incoming rain. more local news coming up for you in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee giveored and hoda kotb life from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, it is booze day tuesday, january 3rd. we are live. >> 2017 too. >> it is indeed. kathie lee is enjoying some time off. jenna bush hager is filling in. we are enjoying florida. it is called "cake." >> if you want to dance, go to pand


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