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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 4, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we start today with another microclimate weather alert, as we're seeing nasty conditions outside with whipping wind and steady rains in spots. the east bay seeing the most activity right now. >> and the winds creating hazards in san francisco with this tree down. more storm damage still coming to life. >> plus a new chief. the announcement we're expecting today that would set an historic new course for the city. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. no reason to sugar coat it.
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it is nasty out there. a long look from our palo alto cam after back-to-back storms. roads continue to be slick this morning. >> we start with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning, laura and sam. we'll continue to see this rain mainly streaming over san francisco. we've powered up our storm ranger. it's our normal doppler radar. it's also scanning around giving us an hd view of what's happening across the area. we see the bright yellows and even a little bit of red where the rain is heaviest and it continues to move through. as we continue to the south bay, as we see much of this activity filling in, we once again see much of the heavy rain moving into parts of the east bay, tri-valley, san francisco and farther to the north as we see
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the rain really pouring over san francisco right now. that may cause standing water. how is it affecting the commute so far? >> we're already seeing flooding roads. let's get right to it. the biggest concern heading to the roadway flooding. they're already seeing backup as well because this isn't just carrying over to the southbound 101, anywhere between 4 to 6 standing inches of water in that area. there is roadway flooding southbound highway 80 at tenent avenue. they haven't seen any closure just yet, however, there is a significant alert near the napa area. there appear to be lane closures
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due to flooding as well. i'll send things back to you. >> thank you. talking about how bad situation is there, look at all of the water getting kicked up on highways this morning. the roads are treacherous. this was shot within the last hour and it shows on 101 some of the dangerous conditions, lots of water pooling on the side of the highways and going in some cases over the median into other directions of traffic, mostly along 101 and 280. >> it's a tough start to our wednesday morning. early morning rains caused a crash on 280. this one was in the northbound direction. no injuries there but a small fuel spill did cause brief lane
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closures. >> rain has also brought down trees. >> let's check in with pete suratos where the rain keeps coming down. >> reporter: i'll show you this tree, we're at the corner of sacramento and laguna in san francisco. we have the tree that fell down around 9:30 p.m. on top of the car in the area. remarkably there was no damage to the car. as far as what caused this to happen, we don't know if this was weather related. we have the storm hitting pretty hard. the tree is down. crews will have to move this out of the way. we can report there were no injuries as a result of this tree falling down. >> that's good news there. thanks, pete. you can keep an eye on the rain and storm come being this weekend as well. just download our nbc bay area app. >> a seven-month wait is
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apparently over in oakland. today mayor libby shaf is expected to introduce the new police chief. kirkpatrick would be oakland's first female police chief. formerly she served as police chief in spokane washington. shaft is supposed to be meeting with council members this morning on this issue. we'll have live reports in our next hour. >> messages of eight. police are trying to figure out who wrote anti-semitic graffiti near stanford avenue and baldoyne. they say some of the supposed swastikas were drawn incorrectly but they believe that's what the vandal is going for since some
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of the drawings were paired with anti-semitic phrases. >> we have new details on the teen-agers found dead at sonoma state university. his family is offering a $10,000 reward to help bring their son's killer to justice. police say his body was found a couple of weeks after going to university. he was last seen riding his mountain bike. >> a 6-year-old with autism missing for hours back home safe this morning thanks to a stranger. police say the boy took off alone on a scooter monday night. officers circulated a picture in hopes of locating him. hours later a bar passenger in oakland anonymously alerted police about a young boy alone on the 19th street platform on a scooter. shortly thereafter a bart officer approached him and asked
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him to write down his address. >> he just kept writing numbers and i kept dialing. it's a gift from god that one of the numbers worked. >> got to thank those gifts. his family and police are grateful, of course, that someone called for help. >> absolutely. >> 4:37 right now. we are keeping track of all the changes on a stormy day. let's get the latest from kari hall. >> we do have concerns of flooding. and also heavy rain still coming down. and there is more rain in the forecast. details on that coming up. >> roadway flooding already affecting your early morning commute, second highway, chavez street already seeing backups. chp is reporting 2 to 6 inches of standing water near roadway flooding near 280. >> plus, debating demolition. the pacifica coastline continues
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to erode and it's forcing city leaders to take more drastic measures.
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good wednesday morning. it is 4:40. we are under a microclimate weather alert as we see this atmospheric river streaming rain over the bay area. there will be a couple of breaks but there will also be more rain this weekend. as we get a live look outside, we see the roads are wet. we will have a flood threat early this morning.
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mostly dry tomorrow. we'll also get a look at what's happening in the sierra and more concerns of flooding. that's coming up in about five minutes. >> the roadways are getting worse out near northbound and southbound 101. we're starting to see serious backup near the orange, yellow and red and southbound and northbound near chavez due to 4 to 6 inches of standing water. back to you. >> thank you. the latest storm. of course a very delicate situation in pacifica as we see some of the waves kicking up white foam there. this has been an issue every single issue but once again in pacifica erosion issues are rising. leaders are expected to sign off to demolish another building.
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the cliffside below the property is continuing to erode. you see the indentation there in the side of the land. today's special meeting begins at 6:45 p.m. demolition could begin as soon as next week. >> facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will be visiting a lot of airports in the coming year. what his new year resolution have to do with traveling across the united states and how maybe you can share in his quest.
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all right. quarter to 5 right now and a lot of activity for a wednesday morning. we are seeing rain coming down pretty heavy in spots. >> it's going to be a very soggy commute. and this rain's going to last all day? >> it will be off and on, but most of the heavy rain this morning and then we'll see the activity becoming more light and scattered. this is our mobile doppler radar. we have it parked. we can move it wherever we see the need and it gives us an h.d. view of what's happening on the radar, scanning and the bay area and filling in the gaps some of the other radars may miss. we're the only ones who have this, and we can continue to scan around as the storm moves in and once again give you the latest technology as far as what we can see with the heavy rain, some pockets of some light rain as well. we can pick up on all of that.
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and now as we get a look at what's happening across the bay area from our cameras, it is now 57 degrees in the peninsula, 56 in the tri-valley, 56 in the east bay. our it was will hold steady as we go through the day, not going to see them moving too much. here's our storm ranger scan right there. it's picking up on the all the reds and bright yellows and over san francisco. that's something that the other radars may miss. now we're also keeping an eye on what's happening across the santa cruz mountains because this is where we do have the flood warning in effect because we've had such heavy rain there and we have the burn scar areas that had that wildfire last season and that could cause some severe runoff and debris flows. some of the heavier rain now moving from berkeley over toward oakland, as well walnut creek, some of the bright reds and yellows showing more intense
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rainfall and then we see rain moving through right in the middle of san francisco, slicing right through golden gate park and extending over toward ocean beach and we see the rain moving down the peninsula down to burli burlingame. to the east and to the north is where the heaviest rain is set up. we're seeing this connecting all the way across the pacific, a lot more of this heavy rain will be streaming in as we go through the day. an area of low pressure continues to be right over us. once that moves to the east, we won't see as much moisture moving in. looking hour by hour, seeing the rain tapering off by about 10:00 this morning. there will be rain this morning, especially by the north bay. and that's where the rainfall totals will be the heaviest for today. but another storm system moving in on saturday and sunday.
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look at that, the bulls eye is right over the santa cruz mountains showing some very intense rainfall that continues into the day on monday, so a lot of rain in this forecast. with that atmospheric river once again set up, this is a look at how much rain we could see based on one computer model showing close to 8 inches of rain for the santa cruz mountains and at least three to four inches in the bay area and while we get all of that rain, lots of sierra snow. here's a look at what we can see over the next seven day. over 73 inches of snowin parts of the sierra. let's see how the road conditions are now. >> well, we are already seeing rain hazard, including some flooding. this is also carrying over into the northbound side.
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chp is reporting 4 to 6 inches of standing water at the moment and seeing flooding hazards on the southbound highway. right now along highway 101, we're already seeing accidents. these are further down and unrelated but this could turn into issues as we head into later portions of the half hour, along highway 101, we're seeing a few accident and also flooding at highway 80 at tenent avenue. and we're seeing a sig alert between the state route 121 near the napa area. they are the only ones that have issued a sig alert. that means they're the only ones closed in that area. sam? >> thank you very much. >> carnival cruise line is expected to unveil new
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technology at the consumer electronic show. and it's similar to something disney is trying out. >> for the news this morning, we turn to landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are higher this morning and stocks have started out 2017 on a positive note but still falling well short of the 20,000 mark. you want it look for data on auto sales and the dow rising 119 points to 19,881, the nasdaq up 45 to 5429. the federal government is finding two top credit reporting agencies for deceiving consumers when charging them for th credit scores. transunion and equifax promised
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services would be free or just a dollar. >> and passengers will be given trackers, and they can also unlock your state room. >> can it bring you food from the all you can eat buffet? that's my number one concern here. thank you very much. >> all right, new year's resolution, they don't work out for everybody but facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has a reputation. >> he reveals on facebook he wants to visit every state.
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>> jarvis, can you shut the lights off and call my destination for me? >> and a woman was thankful for what was in her glove compartment box that saved her life. >> first of all, we are in a microclimate weather alert. that means we have our crews fanned out all across the roadways. >> also, track our live interactive radar if you should hold off a couple more minutes before you get behind the wheel. we're back in two minutes with more top stories right after this.
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good morning and a live look outside right now at a pretty empty golden gate bridge. some good news for commuters, which is that they fixed that damaged median yesterday, but the weather conditions most certainly are going to be challenging for you today. more on that to come. >> right now it's 4:55. some pretty frightening moments for a young boy on a ski lift from utah as he dangled from a ski left. he got stuck when his backpack got stuck on the lift as he tried to get off. rescuers placed a mat under the boy and then brought a ladder to get him down. the boy was shaken but said to be okay. >> stuck in the snow for days, the woman survived on supplies she happened to have in her car.
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nicole glen was traveling from the central coast to black bear ranch when her car got stuck in the snow. when her mom didn't hear anything for four days, she reported her daughter missing. three days later, chp sent a helicopter to try to find nicole. to her mom's great surprise and gratitude, they found her in great condition. >> we were scared to death that something happened to her, that she maybe drove off a cliff. >> her mom credits her food and she used a propane stove to melt drinking water. >> seeing all those little squares and bubbles clustered so tightly on quake maps can be unsettling, even though all the
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temblors measure less that be magnitude 4. they say it's hard to draw firm conclusions. the scientists say they're very supportive of california's early warning system. it should be online in a year or two and bart is already testing it out. >> coming up, a microclimate alert. kari has your forecast. >> in the tri-valley, we see the heaviest rain. i'll show you a closer look coming up. >> and chp is still reporting some serious roadway flooding, southbound highway 101. we're also seeing flooding across all lanes across the southbound and 280 southbound to chavez street. >> and a flash flood warning in the santa cruz mountains. we'll take you live where the
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rain keeps falling.
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back-to-back storms. the rain is not letting up just yet. >> that is right, laura. the north to the south, everyone dealing with slick conditions right now. very dangerous conditions out on the roadways. we have a full team in place to help up get out the door. >> reporter: i'm in the santa cruz mountains where as many as eight inches of rain could fall through the weekend. that means the risk of mudslides and rock slides.
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we'll show you what we saw on our way here and what you can expect through the day. >> all right. a very good wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are in a weather alert as rain continues to batter the bay area. we have a live look along the coastline this morning as the latest storm whips through. the wet weather isn't going to let up any time soon. >> we have team coverage for you this morning. let's get straight to meteorologist kari hall, who has a look at your timeline this morning. >> good morning. we've seen the heaviest rain moving through during the overnight hours. as you head out, be mindful you do need to allow some extra time. we've had spin-outs and standing water on the roadways. as we get a live look at our radar, we've fired up our storm ranger that is scanning around the bay year. we have it parked at san


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