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tv   Today  NBC  January 6, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PST

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tri-valley. 32 degrees. same in the south bay. the coldest temperatures here within the next hour. what about the morning commute? >> we were seeing black ice reported in the napa area. here's a check of your bridge drive times. the metering lights are currently on. >> thank you very much. that's what's happening on today in the bay. back in a half an hour for an update. al is here to tell us how long it will linger. showdown at trump tower after weeks of trashing the nation's intellig community, president elect trump set to meet with top leaders today. vice president biden weighing in on trump's very vocal criticism. >> grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. >> nbc news discovers information. tieing russia to the delivery of hacked e-mails. ski lift drama, a man hanging unconscious by his
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backpack. his friend on the chair behind him crawling his way across the cable to save him. eventually using a new york city kni -- knife to cut him loose. >> i'll take this one. matt's mild stone. 20 years since he started co-anchoring today. a record setting run through the biggest new stories of our time. deadline for saddam hussein to leave. >> scores and trips too far places. >> looking at the great pyramids of egypt. >> lots of laughs. >> i can't get over you. >> i can't get over me either actually. >> countless memorable moments today, friday, january 6, 2017. from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthry, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza.
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good morning. welcome to a friday edition of when we were young. looking back at those tapes. it's strange to look back at some of those image sgls so fun. what a trip down memory lane with high points and low points. >> going to be one of those mornings mornings. this is the final day of katie's guest hosting. >> it's been so fun. thank you so much for having me. i'm finally getting the hang of it on day five. so excited to be here to celebrate you. >> it all started with you. savannah continues on maternity leave. we love you. hope to see you soon. a lot to talk about. let's start can weather. powerful storms making a mess of things. happening all across the country. parts of the south are gearing up for snow and ice. al's forecast in a moment, but first in raleigh north carolina. tammy, good to you.
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good morning here in the southeast residents are preparing for a big storm. some places could get a foot of snow. other places freezing rain, which as you know can make for extremely dangerous driving conditions. this morning, while whitous conditions are bearing parts of the northeast, under more than a foot of snow. >> we are staying home. >> the southeast is bracing for an unwelcome winter wallop. >> i didn't move down here for snow. i'm a little taken aback. >> no surprise for officials in states now in the bull's-eye of a developing monster storm. >> it will have a big a impact. >> reporter: residents being warned of a heavy snow, ice, sleet and rain preparing for the worst. remembering the 2014 ice storm that paralyzed atlanta in early state of emergency is being declared there. roads already being treated. officials warning dangerous driving conditions are likely. >> if you can stay home, please
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do. >> reporter: in the west where snow can be measured by the yard, up to five feet now covering parts of the sierra and rocky mountains causing delays and cancellations at the denver airport. drought dry southern california is being soaked by torrents of much needed rain, but it's also causing problems. one man stuck in the swollen la river had to be retrieved by a swift water rescue team. further north, heavy rain this weekend could leave to flooding and mud slides. in oregon, high winds toppling trees and power lines, plunging thousands into darkness, but back in north carolina, fi five-year-old isn't worried about this weekend's storm. he just can't wait to try out his brand new sled. it may be fun for the kids, but dangerous for the motorists out there. when the snow ends, the temperatures are expected to drop which will make for very, very icy roads.
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matt and katie. >> thank you very much. you have your hands full. i've got to tell you, three big storms. just not even close to being wrapped up right now. we have got light snow in the northest and new england. system is really starting to fire up. winter weather advisories, warnings, and watches for 32 states, 73 million people, literally from coast to coast. we've got this double barrelled system. going to be moving fairly quickly friday to saturday. heaviest snow begins overnight tonight. the snow will mix with sleet and rain. in fact, ice is going to be a problem. we're talking about anywhere from a tenth of an inch to some place as quarter of an inch. that's going make a real big problem for air travel and for re road travel. snowfall amounts. norfolk could see 6-12 inches of snow. 4-8 in charlotte. atlanta ta could pick up snow.
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here in the northeast, thboston 2-5. atlantic city, 3-6. lake effect snow is going to be a big problem as well. atmospheric moisture. heavy rain continue to fall north of i-80. south of i-80 once every 10-25 years. seven to ten inches of rain. some areas in the sierra nevada foothills could see 20 inches of rain. flooding is going to be a big problem going into monday. >> good weekend to stay inside. >> check in with you a lot this morning, al. now to today's showdown at trump tower between president elect and top intelligence officials. mr. trump is being briefed on russia's suspected hacks during the election. one day after president obama received the report. this morning, we have new information on what it contains. nbc's kristen welker had the latest on that. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: katie, good morning to you.
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tensions are running high here after explosive details leaked about that intelligence report. building the case against russia trying to interfere in the u.s. election. that prompting the president elect to again lash out at intelligence community setting the stage for what could be a day of fireworks at trump tower. in just a few hours, president elect donald trump will come face to face with the nation's top intelligence officials. fbi, cia, and nsa. director of intelligence. same officials he spent weeks dispara disparaging. now have the chance to push back. week after james clapper took his case to congress. >> you're going to be challenged tomorrow by the president elect. are you okay with being challenged. >> absolutely. >> reporter: a tense backdrop now escalating amid new details in the intelligence report. senior u.s. intelligence official telling nbc news, intercepts picked up senior officials celebrating trump's
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win as beneficial to russia. according to to a source also identified russian actors who turned over stolen material to wikileaks. trump who called himself a fan during the day quickly changed tune and lashed out after the late night leaks tweeting the democratic national committee would not allow the fbi to study or see computer info after it was supposedly hacked by russia. how and why are they show sure about hacking. what is going on? this comes with the intelligence community and some members of congress presenting a united front. >> every american should be alarmed by russia's attacks on our nation. >> reporter: senator john mccain calling it a act of war. >> i think there's a difference between skepticism and disparagement. >> reporter: adding some fuel. former cia director who had been advising trump announced he's no longer serving in that capacity.
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former cia director insisting it wasn't out of protest, but rather to clarify he hasn't advised trump for a while. >> i didn't want to fly under false colors. not really functioning as an adviser anymore. >> reporter: meanwhile the transition team asked ambassadors to leave post by inauguration day. standard practice, but according to "new york times" also raising eyebrows, but anyway giving a small grace period and amid all the debate and discord, the current vice president offering strong words to the incoming commander in chief. >> grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. you got to do something. >> reporter: and this morning, a possible shift in a major campaign promise. after vowing that mexico would pay for the border wall, a top transition official tells me president elect trump is now considering having congress pay to jump start construction of the wall. the idea being that mexico would eventually pay back the u.s.,
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something that trump is underscoring in a tweet saying the dishonest media does not report any money spent on billeding the great wall for sake of speed will be paid back by mexico later. still the topic number one, high stakes intelligence briefing. >> kristen, thank you. how is this going to play out inside the meeting at trump tour. we sat down with former cia director to get his take. we started with those new reports that russian hacking goes as far back as 2008. >> there's evidence now that russia has been deliberately hacking our country and trying in particular to interfere with the election process in this country. that is a serious attack on the united states of america. and for that reason, it is important that we respond. >> secretary, in your days in
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the defense department and cia, you were part of a lot of briefings at a very high level. let me pick your brain, let me use your wisdom. take me inside that room as these high level intelligence officials brief donald trump. >> my experience is that it's going to be a very serious presentation of the evidence they have. they will be professional. they'll try to present the facts that they have. i think these are the most professional people i've dealt with in the intelligence community and i think they'll do a good job. >> when you look at the people who are going to be in att attendance at trump tower, cia director. fbi director and head of national security agency. this is the highest level of intelligence in this country. how much of an eye ope experience do you think this briefing is going to be for president-elect trump? >> when he sits down with our
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intelligence community and hears what they have to say, i think it's going to realize that this is a very important issue, that must be dealt with seriously. he's going to find that, you know, it's easy to tweet about reactions to all kinds of issues. but to seriously deal with our national security and threats to our country, is the business that should be done in the confines of the oval office. >> have you ever seen a dynamic like this where an incoming president or sitting president, has expressed such an amount of distrust for the intelligence community? >> matt, i've been in public service for over 50 years. i have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. but the fact that the president-elect is tweeting on this issue, and taking it to the
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public, and in many ways, undermining the credibility of the very intelligence agencies that have to provide information to him, in order for him to be president of the united states, this is just unheard of and unprecedented. and i -- i think we all have to be concerned about this. this is not -- this is not the kind of bickering that ought to be going on in public. >> let me talk about the tweeting you just referenced. this is a tweet from donald trump in regard to this briefing. he said the intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case, very strange. you don't have to read much between the lines to understand that he is alleging, in some way, that these intelligence officials are cooking the books. and that this is some kind of a scam. as a former director of the cia, how do you respond to that? >> frankly, if a president is going to be successful, this is
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no way to start. the president has to work with the intelligence community. president's got to make tough decisions. he cannot make the tough decisions without the best intelligence that can be provided to him. i'm concerned that it is damaging the credibility of our intelligence agencies and the morale of those men and women who serve in our intelligence agencies. >> the president has taken some actions against russia in the wake of the evidence he's seen on this hacking. expelling 35 diplomats. donald trump has not ruled out reversing those sanctions and those moves. what message would be sent if after being sworn in, donald trump reverses the actions taken by president obama in response to the russian hacking? >> well, it would be a terrible message for the president of the united states to reverse those steps. frankly, i think president obama should have acted much earlier, during the summer, when we had the first information that this
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was going on. but the president, to his credit, did take action. when we know that these attacks have gone on, and that the russians are behind it, then it is extremely important for the united states of america to take action against that happening because if we don't, then we are literally saying it's okay to attack our country. it's okay to conduct espionage against our country. and yu don't have to pay any price. >> how seriously do you take the threat from russia at this particular stage? is it an act of war? >> one of the debates that's been going on on in congress and in the administration is what kind of cyber attack constitutes an act of war. you know, i can't -- i don't think that's ever truly been defined and i'm not going to say it's an act of war, but it is an attack on our country. it's an attack on our election system and an attack or freedoms.
7:16 am
when an adversary is willing to do that, this nation has to respond. we have to do it in a unified way between the president, intelligence community, and the congress. >> secretary, i really appreciate your time tonight. thank you so much. >> thanks, matt. >> thanks, matt. >> you can tell, he takes this personally, as someone who used to run the cia. >> you know it will be so interesting to see if donald trump changes his tone and approach following this intelligence briefing today. if he'll take things more seriously. >> or if with his tweets and
7:17 am
>> reporter: this is a bond hearing ultimately facing hate charges and others. >> take it easy. >> they showed their faces on video. and today we'll show their faces in court. two black women and two black men charged with kidnapping a white teenager with mental health issues. what authorities are calling a hate crime. the video shows the 18-year-old victim tied up. slashed with a knife. and forced to drink toilet water. the ordeal according to police went on for hours. posted to facebook live for all to see. >> the actions in that video are reprehensible. that along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of chicago. >> anybody seeing it is both it's sickening and sickened by
7:18 am
it. >> this morning, the victim's grandmother tells nbc news she hasn't seen it and won't. >> i don't think i can handle that. i can't want to watch him suffering. i know he did. >> investigators confirm the victim went to school with one of his alleged assailants. jordan hill. he met up with hill at a chicago mcdonald's on new year's eve. investigators say what started as a sleepover escalated over several days. officers found the 18-year-old wandering the street disor conseque yented. then located the house. >> the racially charged attack has prompted condemnation from black leaders. >> our community in fact is embarrassed by the action of these young men. their actions are very barbaric. and we are outraged. >> as for the victim, his siblings say he's doing as well
7:19 am
as can be expected. >> we're grateful for the prayers and efforts that led to safe return of our brother. >> reporter: in addition to the hate crime charge, also facing charges of battery with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint and kidnapping. if convicted o on the kidnapping charge alone, could face up to 30 years in prison. >> blake, thank you. now to an embarrassing mistake made by a washington daily newspaper. drew heavy criticism on thursday. "washington post" expressed cover store about the women's march on washington mistakenly featured the male gender symbol. soon after. >> it was pink. >> soon after it tweeted with what the cover should have looked like featuring the correct gender symbol. apologized for the error saying it was very embarrassed. >> i hate when that happens. >> i know. al's back, with a check of the weather. >> we're going to have more coming up on the nasty winter storms across the country,
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>> and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. coming up, it's happened again. another dramatic ski lift rescue. wait until you see what the hero had to do to save his friend. and with iconic chains closing stores across the country, we'll ask the question, is this the death nell for department stores? but first this, is "today" on nbc.
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it can even bring a kid out of her shell. with the big weekend storm on the way-- people who live in flood zones are seriously friday. 7:26. i'm sam brock. people who live in flood zones are preparing. nowhere is that more true than san anselmo. people are filling up their cars with sandbags. is san anselmo was hit hard by flooding in 2005. san francisco is deep cleaning is the sewer catch basins. kari hall has been tracking the timeline and joins us now. >> good morning. we see the storm moving closer to the bay area. in the meantime, freezing
7:27 am
temperatures for the inland valleys. 30 degrees in fairfield. it is 29 in napa. 28 in santa rosa. below freezing in all of these spots shaded in purple where the freeze warning continues until 9:00 this morning. clouds stretching closer to the bay area. we will see an increase in clouds as we go throughout the day. the rain begins late tonight. as the storm moves in tomorrow, expecting high wind watch in effect. also a flash flood watch in effect for the areas shaded in green. let's see what's happening on the roadway witness stand vianey. well, kari, you see a traffic collision that may be blocking one lane along westbound 80 in oak. a quick reminder chp also reporting black ice traffic conditions on westbound 580. and also state route 17 northbound and southbound reporting pretty dangerous
7:28 am
driving conditions. reports of black ice on the roads. you may want to be careful. sam. >> certainly a windy road there. see you in 30.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> hi, matt. it's elton. i'm here in las vegas, and i just wanted to say congratulations to you on your 20th anniversary today. >> hey, matt lauer. congrats on 20 years. you've done a service to all mankind. all the men in america when you said good-bye to the hair without any regrets. >> i think what we all really notice in this particular situation is that you're getting old. >> matt, congratulations on 20 years on this show. i hope that they let you leaved building. >> time doesn't stop for nobody. you being here for 20 years has made me realize that you're 75. >> even though i'm married i just want you to know you're kind of like my boyfriend. happy 20th anniversary.
7:31 am
we love you. >> happy 75th birthday and 20th anniversary on the "today" show. this is a double bang to you. >> that's very kind. very, very nice. >> 7:30 on this friday morning with celebrity tributes to matt. how many people can be, like, hey, matt, it's elton. that's pretty cool in and of itself. >> just a reminder of how many great people we get to meet in the course of doing this job. >> a huge milestone. >> this morning, a little bit later on it's all about matthew todd lauer. >> yes! >> this next week it will be quite different. don't forget, next week, we'll mark this show's 65th anniversary. >> wow! >> all week long our good friend meredith vieira will be back to help. >> and it's throwback january.
7:32 am
>> you didn't even bristle when i said matthew todd lauer. >> that's okay. >> you used to call me matthew a lot when you were mad at me which was a lot. >> that's not true. i used to call you todd. >> a lot to get to starting this half hour with today's headlines. people are under winter weather advisory from the deep south. we'll get al's full forecast in just a bit. >> the nation's top intelligence leaders are delivering their report on russia's interference in the u.s. election to president-elect donald trump today. nbc news has learned it includes intersents that picked up russian officials celebrating trump's win in the election. it also shows the u.s. has identified russian actors who turned over stolen material to wikileaks. and michele obama delivers her final remarks as first lady this morning. she'll be speaking at a white house event honoring the school
7:33 am
counselor of the year as part of her reach higher initiative. also this morning we have a remarkable rescue to show you. this happened in a colorado ski resort when a man got tangled in a chairlift and was hanging unconscious. luckily his friend saw it all happen. nbc's gadi sharks warchwartz. >> he quickly put the skills to the ultimate test. >> reporter: a harrowing scene wednesday. it happened at a ski resort. a man's backpack somehow got tangled on a chairlift and he fell unconscious. mickey wilson, a part-time ski instructor was in the next chair behind him when it happened. >> woe're wondering where he is and that's when we hear the first scream, kind of leak a yell and we look at the
7:34 am
chairlift beheend us and we see one of his skis on the ground right where the chairlift goes up. >> wilson, a professional slack liner similar to a tightrope walker used his training and fearlessness to spring into action. >> he climbed up a lift tower and these incredible photos show what happened next. >> i realized with my slack lining background and my long history of climbing rope, climbing trees, climbing scaffolding and climbing on ropes and slack lines and cables that i could climb the lift tower and shimmy down along the cable that holds up the chairlifts, and then climb down on to his chairlift and get to him. >> the 28-year-old said he was able to reach his unconscious friend in less than five minutes, sliding nearly 30 feet across the narrow lift cable to get to him. >> at that point ski patrol, eight ski patrolmen had shown up ready to help and they brought a ladder to get to him. luckily one of the ski patrolmen
7:35 am
had a knife and he made the world's most perfect toss, first try, 20 feet up to me sitting in the chairlift. >> the colorado native, cutting the man free, and a rescue team on the ground immediately starting cpr. wilson who has competed in slack lining competitions all over the world feels blessed to use his skills for something good. >> something that started out as pure recreation allowed me to save a person's life. >> according to wilson, that man who was caught on the ski lift is out of the hospital this morning and doing okay. guys, back to you. >> gadi, thank you. that's the craziest thing i've heard. >> what a story. how remarkable that he happened to be there. >> just by the grace of god. >> there is a rash of that happening in terms of people getting hung up on chairlifts. >> i have a feeling they'll be banning backpacks on ski lifts. >> lots of winter storms you're tracking, huh? >> we want to reiterate what we've been talking about and there are a lot of storms
7:36 am
happening at the same time. as you can see on the radar satellite combo. we have snow stretching from the southwest all of the way into the northeast, and it's going to be a busy couple of days, and ice is going to be a big problem over the next 24 hours especially from louisiana all of the way to the southeastern atlantic states, sleet and freezing rain, icy patches on roads and it will probably take extra time to de-ice the planes. norfolk, six to 12 inches, raleigh, four to eight. three to five inches in anderson, south carolina. atlanta hartsfield airport already 200 flight cancellations and there's more expected. six to ten inches out in nantucket, atlantic city, three to six, western new york, 12 to 24 inches and we're looking at anywhere from six to ten inches of rain in central and northern california, but some places could see up to 20 inches. flooding will be a
7:37 am
and this is your day to prepare for the big storm moving in. as we see the clear sunrise over dublin, we will get sunshine today. it is also a very cold start. we are below freezing for much of the inland valleys. 39 in palo alto and san francisco. oakland, 38. one of the few spots we are seeing above freezing. so as we get ready for the day, looking at scattered rain tonight. more rain tomorrow through sunday with gusty windsing up sunday morning. that's your latest weather, but of course, we've got the playoffs coming. we have a barn burner for you and weather will be a factor, that's right. >> the lions coming on in to center link field in seattle. it's an open stadium and some of the stands are covered and not so much the players. you're not playing so you don't have to worry about it, but it will be raining snow and a temperature of 37 degrees and that will be on saturday coming up, wild card, saturday night 7:30 on nbc. be there!
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>> wow! >> you know when a dog is watching tv and sees another dog and does this? that's what katie did this. what is he doing? >> i was hearing a high-pitched noise. wow! that was good. >> thank you very much, katie, i'm glad you like it. >> espn on line one. >> that's right! >> coming up, is it the beginning of the end for department stores? big brands announcing massive closings and what it means for the future of shopping. that's right after this. , that'. so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ [ cheers ] i was just engaged at for 20 years. thought, that's a little wrong. but thank you. that's very nice. 7:42. the holiday shopping season was a record-setter. how many of your purchases did you actually make in a store? >> well, it turns out 2016 was a big year for online shopping. no surprise there. but it was at the expense of some iconic department stores. some are announcing closings and layoffs. nbc's tom costello is at one of them, a macy's in georgia. hey, tom. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. your hometown here. good morning, katie. this is one macy's store, out of 100 closing nationwide. that announcement came out last year. and the disappointing holiday sales. macy's not alone. but think about your own shopping patterns. how often, ten years ago, did you go to a department store? and compare that to today.
7:44 am
the malls certainly seemed packed over the holidays. but how much shopping did you actually do in a department store? >> most of my christmas shopping was done online. i didn't have to mess with any crowds or deal with traffic. >> more online than in department store because, like i said again, it was easy. i didn't have to go nowhere. stayed in the house and did most of my shopping. >> reporter: it turns out, department stores aren't the big draws they once were. >> i found a lot of cute things at macy's. >> reporter: macy's was around before "i love lucy." and years ago, you could actually buy a house from sears. now, both are struggling with 21st century competition. online sales up 21%, with the biggest winner. macy's laying off up to 10,000 employee. after dismal sales, kmart and
7:45 am
sears closing stores. and another department store, kohl's reporting disappointing holiday sales. >> as a society, we're buying less stuff. when it comes to disposal ideas like clothing. we're spending more on experiences, things like entertainment and vacations. >> reporter: in florida, priscilla has three kids with one on the way. today, her living room is filled with boxes from online shopping. now, she's order groceri es o online . and she used to work for macy's. >> can i take my shopping list and go online. one hour, get everything done. i don't miss the mall at all. or the hustle, the parking, and everybody going crazy. i don't miss that. >> reporter: the challenge for department stores, how to survive in the digital world. >> physical and digital go hand in hand. you need the physical stores.
7:46 am
you need the digital options. the two of them combined can drive sales growth. >> reporter: it's not just the online retailers doing well. it turns out americans love a treasure hunt. and a bargain. so, the discounters are doing well. think t.j. maxx and ross, and marshall's and home goods, they're doing well, as well. >> tom, thanks. i like to go to stores. i like to see and touch what i'm buying. >> the tactile experience. i'm probably 50/50 now. but i used to be all-stores. >> young people, as we heard. they want experiences. they don't want things. >> stuff. >> that's a good trend. up next, carson is in the orange room with some favorite matt moments that you all have on this 20th anniversary as
7:47 am
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7:52 am
>> not the last time they wore spandex together. >> al hit every wall. >> al wasn't by himself. >> here's al's pick. 2004. with sir richard branson. might remember this, matt. >> i do. >> i went with a more sentimental choice. i've only been here a few years. all of the guys of "today" got to go fishing. >> that was fun. >> our viewers wearing them in. many of them saying they liked where in the world adventures. what was your favorite spot? >> easter island. it was amazing. >> here's our viewers' favorite moment. you dressed up for halloween. serious j. lo. and we have to get to the tweets. we just got it. all kinds of love to matt lauer on his 20th anniversary. a class act, great friend savannah guthrie. if you want to join in, use hi, i'm paul and by now
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good friday morning. freezing temperatures this morning. we start out 32 in livermore and san jose. also below freezing for much of the north bay and down to the south bay. elsewhere, very cold. even frosty conditions as you head out for work or school. rain moving in late tonight. more widespread early tomorrow morning. we will see the rain throughout the day and getting heavier sunday with the potential of several inches of rain throughout the weekend. then we finally start to see this rain taper off monday to lighter is and scattered activity before the atmospheric river brings another dose tuesday and wednesday. temperature wise, we'll see it making it into the upper 50s. no more dry days in the forecast after today.
7:57 am
>> black ice is really affecting the bay area. right now chp is reporting black ice in the contra costa area. reports of several cars. black ice and strong winds along the northbound and southbound 17. they are reporting dangerous driving conditions. and we have just seen an additional accident reported along the westbound 580 and the southbound due to a traffic accident. sam. >> thank you very much. so much rain coming in here saturday and sunday. our entire news team is on stand by as we prepare for the major storm system. one way you can be prepared is by downloading our app with the live interactive radar. also, be sure to keep a close eye on facebook. we'll post the latest photos
7:58 am
across the bay area. see new 30.
7:59 am
it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next.
8:00 am
financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, winter blasts. 73 million americans waking up to nasty storms bringing snow, ice and freezing rain. so where's it headed and how bad will the weekend get? al's got the forecast. plus, get ready for the golden globes. it's hollywood's biggest party this weekend. we've got a preview of which stars, series and big screen hits could bring home the gold. ♪ ♪ >> and the big 2-0. >> this is "today" with katie couric and matt lauer and matt lauer. as matt celebrates his 20th
8:01 am
anniversary here at "today." we'll take a look back at the unforgettable moments and memories. >> looking up now at the beacon on the top of one world trade center. >> from traveling the world. >> that is what we call spring skiing. >> to right here on our plaza. >> we're celebrating all morning long with some big surprises in store, today, friday, january 6, 2017. ♪ ♪ >> everything i know i learned from the "today" show. thanks, matt! >> matt's 20th year anniversary! >> matt, happy anniversary! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we came all of the way from maine to celebrate our birthdays. congratulations, matt!
8:02 am
♪ ♪ ♪ and welcome back to this show on a friday morning. it is the sixth day of january, 2017. nice crowd gathered. by the way, folks, take another long look at the christmas tree. i think that's out of here in the next day or so. so thanks to all of the people who gathered here on a chilly friday morn. what are you looking at? >> we're just gathering around you. >> we're just gathering around the man of the hour. >> and can we also say that what a fun week we've had with katie couric this week. we really have. >> thank you, matt lauer. >> it is so nice to have you here. >> it's been a lot of fun. >> it is kind of like riding a bike by day five. >> you got used to it now. >> i like the hat. >> do you like my hat? yes, i like your hat. >> anyway, from the serious to the silly. we'll take a look back at two decades of mr. lauer moments at
8:03 am
studio 1a, not just studio 1a, but all around the world. >> let's get a check of the headlines and here is your news at 8:00. we begin with nasty storms impacting more than 70 million people. i'm tammy lightner in raleigh, north carolina, where storm prep is under way. as you can see, the weather has not hit yet, but they're expecting more than a foot of snow in some areas. this morning southern discomfort. the winter weather stretching from the plains all of the way to new england. snow, freezing rain and sleet creating dangerous travel conditions just in time for the weekend. overnight, crews using 100,000 gallons of brine to pre-treat interstates across atlanta which is expected to see a winter's worth of snow in just one day. officials not taking any chances after only three inches of snow paralyzed the city in 2014.
8:04 am
>> we are never going to be caught again in a situation like 2014 where we had individuals stuck on the road for two, eight, ten, even 24 hours. >> reporter: also under the gun, raleigh, north carolina, where officials are warning residents to stay inside. >> milk and bread, hamburger meat, chicken breast. i'm ready. i can survive. >> reporter: this powerful winter wallop leaving its mark from damaging wind and rain on the west coast to five feet of snow in some areas of the sierras and rocky mountains and while these skiers made the most of the fresh powder, it was an actual downhill situation for others left to dig out. >> there's a car underneath that? >> reporter: the aftermath now creating a winter worry land as the southeast prepares to take a direct hit from the arctic bl t blast. when the snow ends here the temperatures are expected to drop dramatically, which, matt,
8:05 am
as you know, can make for some very dangerous driving conditions. >> tammy, thank you very much. we appreciate it. now to a high-stakes showdown today at trump towers. top intelligence officials briefed the president-elect on their full report on russian meddling in the u.s. election. the heads of the national intelligence, the cia, fbi and nsa are giving that briefing to president-elect donald trump who has questioned u.s. intelligence prior to this meeting. according to a source, the u.s. has also identified russian actors who turned over stolen democratic material to wikileaks. now also this morning donald trump taking aim at the celebrity apprentice tweeting, wow, the ratings are in and arnold schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the rating machine djt. he went on to criticize
8:06 am
schwarzenegg schwarzenegger. >> isn't he the executive producer? >> yes. house speaker paul ryan expects to have legislation to repeal and replace the affordable care act this year. on thursday he also said the gop will also try to cut off taxpayer money for planned parenthood. meanwhile, the head of planned parenthood says her group will fight back and says its clinics are the only source of health care for this country. >> big morning for this guy because you have a lot of weather to talk about. we've got lake-effect snow with another foot in some of the areas and an icy mix through the southeast that becomes appreciable snow from a foot from norfolk all of the way from two to five inches in atlanta, and sunshine along the west coast and we're looking for icy and wet weather making its way down through the southern gulf. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have one last dry day to prepare for a significant storm expected this weekend. san francisco, the high reaching
8:07 am
50 degrees. and then warming up as we go into the day tomorrow. rain pretty much all day and a chance of some flooding. we'll be watching out for that sunday into monday. your flood threat heightens as heavy rain continues also and strong winds. be prepared for the potential of not only flooding, but power outages and the rain continues through next week. >> and that's your latest weather. katie? >> thank you, al. fasten your seat belts. a lauerpalooza. mmm, you know what that needs? hey, l'eggo my eggo. uh uh. not c-c-c - cause i have the and i - i. that's a lot. raisins. really? what just happened here? you know the rules. i make the rules. know the rules. keep your eggo.
8:08 am
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events including infections, tuberculosis... lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common... or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. get back to the things that matter most. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. ♪ oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ♪ "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack
8:11 am
with 4motion® all-wheel drive. soon to be everywhere. ♪ you're simply the best you are simply the best. matt lauer. and to honor you, we would like to channel fred flintstone, with -- ♪ happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪ ♪ happy anniversary ♪ happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪ >> thank you very much. not often you get a flintstone year. >> we are lucky to be celebrating you. we were with you when it started. in 1997. helped me figure out that this morning. after ten presidential interviews, nine olympics, and trips to 60 countries, it's time to look back at some of matt's
8:12 am
most memorable moments right here on "today." ♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today," with katie couric and matt lauer. and matt lauer. >> that's your version. >> that's the one i play at home. ♪ >> it was extremely natural when matt stepped into the chair. and he just crushed it right away. nice to see you all. >> nice to see you, too. >> katie couric. >> glad to meet you. >> what can i say? he had me at good morning. >> what's your name? matt? >> i didn't realize it's april fool's day. i got my eyes on you. >> he's like your breakfast smoothie. he's like a high-energy drink. >> are you allowed to high-five
8:13 am
a new cardinal? >> i watched everything that matt did. to me, matt set the bar. >> looking up at the beacon on the top of one world trade center. >> it's not about him. he wants his team to look good. ♪ >> matt is someone who people gravitate to. and his warmth is contagious. >> that's not -- amazing thing, to put my head on your body. ♪ it will take about an hour tell you a story about me and matt lauer ♪ ♪ >> i have got to interrupt you right now. >> sorry. >> we're going to go live and show you a picture of the world trade center. >> matt's pulse rate rarely changes. i think he's calm in a storm. >> so many people in this country, obviously, in a state of shock over what's happened in several locations. >> on 9/11, we had to lean on each other. like we never had before. >> in bell harbor, queens, where flight 587 crashed about 22
8:14 am
hours ago -- the deadline for saddam hussein to leave, fast approaching. iraq striking back. up shire county in west virginia, 12 miners perished. why did it take so long for officials at virginia tech to send out e-mails warning students that something was terribly wrong? live from galveston island in texas. hurricane ike roaring through here over the weekend. did you see anything like that manufacture before? coming to you from newtown, connecticut. this is the local newspaper this morning. at the corner of boylston and arlington street, about five blocks from where the bombs went off. in more, oklahoma. the day after a devastating tornado. it pancaked down on itself. here in philadelphia, where the search for victims is still going on today. here in san bernadino. this city is reeling. the horror. that is what people here are feeling. the pulse nightclub, where the worst mass shooting in u.s.
8:15 am
history took place. ♪ >> he was the one who interviewed hillary clinton when she said -- >> this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. >> matt's gotten to interview almost everybody whose anybody in the world of politics. ♪ >> you admitted that there were the cia secret facilities. >> so what? why is that not within the law? >> the head of national amnesty says secret sites are against the law. >> we disagree. and my job is to protect you. my job is to protect this country, matt. >> would you admit to the fact that you were, perhaps, the driving force to go to war with iraq? >> i think the president made the decision. >> this is a time to spend more time in the gulf. and i never thought i would say this to a president, but kick some butt. >> we talk to these folks
8:16 am
because they had the best answers. >> am boozeled. outmaneuvered. outnegotiated. were you fleeced? >> they said george bush does not care about black people. >> that's not true. >> close the door. unambiguous. you will not run for president. >> i'm not running for president. >> some of the things you said about women and mexicans and muslims, you can't unsay those things. >> he sometimes puts things so bluntly or so plainly, that it's like a knife. >> you're getting testy with me. >> i think it's -- i think it's a dramatic statement. these broads? you know, millionaires. >> you think i should be able to respond to them. >> i never seen people enjoying their husband's death so much. >> matt is not a guy who is an in your face kind of person. ♪ >> aren't there example where's it works? >> matt, you don't even --
8:17 am
you're glib. you don't know what ritalin is. >> i'm not prescribing ritalin, tom. i know some people who seem to be helped by it. >> he doesn't allow you wiggle room when he's asking the interview. >> are you a racist? >> no. >> you know that saying i will not go back there. there's going to be some people that look at that decision and say it's a sign of guilt. >> i look at it as an admission of innocence. >> i have to, yeah. >> i am here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv-positive. >> what comes through with matt is his humanity. >> and your dad was one of the heroes that went to the world trade center that day, wasn't he? >> yep. >> that's a lot for a 10-year-old to have to handle. you have the energy to rebuild? >> i can imagine. ♪
8:18 am
>> you will get a kiss. i kiss you. i love you. i mess your hair up. >> we have two of the biggest noses in television. >> 55. >> well, you're definitely not sexual. >> there's certain guests that matt really loves. >> can i just get some flowers, just for the heck of it? no. >> oh, wait. look what i've done. those were full of water. >> matt lauer. >> i'm sorry. ♪ >> he's interviewed some of his idols. >> mohammed, how are you, champ? how will you know when not to do this anymore? >> when it dries up. >> husband and wife. >> i got the wheel. ♪ >> i'll never forget the day that he shaved his head. >> and i'm matt lauer. welcome back. how was your vacation?
8:19 am
>> it was fantastic. i think it looks fantastic. >> he went from kind of having this coifed do, to taking it all off. >> watch it grow. >> matt lauer sweeps the country. >> it wasn't supposed to be trendy. my hair was falling out. >> it's been a long time since i had the power of the poof. >> there's a whole thing on the show, always like matt and his germs and his purel. >> thank you. matt, i have pureled a cheek for you to kiss. >> i just touched street come with my hand. i'm going to get purel. be right back. ♪ >> every year around halloween, he often enjoys donning women's garb. ♪ and i was, like, mother of god.
8:20 am
i can't get over you. >> i can't get over me, either. >> just a little too much leg. ♪ >> which woman? is the big question every year. >> he likes it a little too much. >> why can't you stop wearing brown shoes? >> like they're comfort food for the feet. >> we've been the target of pranks by ellen degeneres. >> can i hold your hand for a second? we are officially ending our prank war. >> oh. ♪ >> i'm sure his passport has a lot more stamps than mine. >> from the deck of "the uss theodore roosevelt." from havana, cuba.
8:21 am
top of the world in the arctic circle. >> in the blue hole off of the coast of central america. >> he brings every man's curiosity to where he is. >> the demarcation line is right down there. anything that is stone is south korea. and what is dirt is north korea. thank you, your holiness. thank you so much. welcome to buckingham palace, at the royal wedding. ♪ around the world to a secret destination ♪ ♪ where in the world is matt lauer ♪ >> a catchy tune. >> he would be in a different corner of the world, live. >> skibo castle. >> on the islands. austria. ♪ in the southern hemisphere, that's what we call spring skiing. this is "today."
8:22 am
>> on nbc. >> that's perfect. >> matt was the highlight every year. especially because i got to get rid of him for a while. >> yeah. >> abbott and costello, laurel and hardy. lauer and roker. ♪ the first time we did the luge, the look on his face when he found out that i was going to be on top. >> and al on top. >> al is going on top. there you two. ♪ >> he's always thinking about how he can give back. >> you have the power to make a difference. the money raised tonight will go directly to hurricane relief. >> matt's a very giving guy. he always has been. >> go, matt, go.
8:23 am
go, matt, go. >> welcome. >> you raised $150,000 for charity. >> for the kids that come through these doors, st. jude's children's research hospital is a place of hope. why don't we write a note and i'll thank people for their help in this cause. every time you buy a product, the money goes towards scholarships. >> what a great pleasure to see you all. ♪ >> congratulations. 65 years at "today." wow. oh. just 20? okay. congratulations, matt. >> 20 years? really? just kidding, pal. congratulations. i'm so very proud of you. love you. >> happy 20th anniversary. but two days in a row, wear the same suit and tie. just once. >> congratulations on 20 years here at the program. it's been an honor serving them
8:24 am
with you. >> i'm so proud of you. and so happy for you. and what can i say? i love you. ♪ >> right. yeah. >> speech. >> such a great job on that. our good friend. >> what a great job we have. seriously. when you look, you realize all the things we get to do. and it has flown by. except this week. >> stop it. >> it will never end. >> i kept thinking, how lucky you are and how lucky we are, to have watched you all these years. really. >> that's really sweet. >> can i say one other thing? jackie is my personal assistant. has been here since day one. jackie, happy 20th anniversary to you, as well. >> we love that. >> and just, i found these "tv
8:25 am
guides." i wanted to bring them in. i sleep with them every night under my pillow. i say good night, matt. >> oh, my gosh. >> anyway, congratulations. >> thank you. >> very exciting. >> so much fun. >> it's not over yet. we have big surprises for you. >> you know how i love surprises. >> i feel like matt lauer this, is your life. i feel like mack edwards. we have your complete guide to sunday's gold englobe awards. but first, your local news and weather. ♪ thanks, guys. ==chopper==
8:26 am
we're following breaking news that'll impact lots of bart a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. breaking news that will impact a lot of b.a.r.t. commuters this morning. take a look at our chopper flying overhead. b.a.r.t. trains experiencing a system wide delay right now due to what b.a.r.t. will only say is a disabled train at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. b.a.r.t. posting this alert about 20 minutes ago. right now, b.a.r.t. is not saying what the disabled train is or how long it may be stuck there, in fact. but in its advisory, b.a.r.t. is telling commuters to use alternate means of transportation until further notice. of course, we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. it is a tough ride for a lot of transit commuters this morning. this is going to be a tough one.
8:27 am
a little lighter. how are we looking? >> definitely. this may be a time to give a friend a call and get a ride early this morning or maybe call one of the ride sharing service systems because it is across all the b.a.r.t. platforms and it is due to, like you said, that disabled tree. the west oakland station, it appears now they haven't given up the timeline of when this will be up and running. this is the only station at the moment not -- no other mass transit systems are reporting delays, b.a.r.t. is one of the largest. may want to pick alternate routes as well. another update in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ i'm matt. i'm here in tampa. congratulations on 20 years of "today" show. that's an unbelievable streak. >> matthew, congratulations on 20 fabulous years at the "today" show. i watch you every, single day on dvr. hey, i'm a star. i never get up before noon. >> congratulations on your 20 years, matt. >> 20? why does he look -- happy 20th. good luck. really? he's only -- he's that young? >> i toast you. except i don't have a glass. 20 years to matt lauer. and hopefully 20 more. love you, matt.
8:31 am
>> i toast you, except i don't have a glass. >> that's our buddy. that's our buddy, howard. you're supposed to do something. >> i'm sorry. i am so busy watching the show. >> that's seven seconds ahead of us. let me help you out here. >> thank you. it's 8:30 on a friday morning. we have a few more surprises in store for you. >> okay. >> you ready? >> i'll follow you. >> i'm in charge? >> yes. >> i like it. >> i know you do. >> let's see. [ cheers ] this is your staff. your crew. jackie, matt's assistant. and everybody who has worked with you and loves you and wanted to express their appreciation. >> where did you get all of the 20 t-shirts? >> and it continues, matt. [ cheers ]
8:32 am
isn't this nice? and that's not all. that's not all. there. >> thank you. let me get there. >> and look. a new more -- >> craig. >> go down the line. [ cheers ] >> oh, my goodness. [ cheers ] what are you doing? you texted me. you texted me 20 minutes ago. >> isn't this fun? >> from the dressing room. >> oh, my god. it's good to see you guys. how are you? >> hi, savannah. >> where are the babies? did you bring the babies? >> no. this is your moment. we didn't want to miss it. >> this is the first time we've seen each other since the first
8:33 am
day you had your baby. >> we're so excited. dylan and i are saying, we can button our coats now. >> you look fantastic. >> i can't believe you came in for this. love you, too. >> love you so much. you know this. i looked up to you all my life because you're so old. i just want to say, we adore you. i want to show you the control room right now. it's full of matt fans. >> oh, wow. >> and also, the studio. and one of the things that is so wonderful about you, is that from the second i walked in here, one of the things i noticed is matt not onknow only knows everybody's first name and last name. he knows the name of their dog. >> nobody does a day on this show, much less 20 years on this show, without those people right there. they are the absolute backbone of this show. they are the heart of this show. >> that's true. it takes a village. and people don't understand behind the scenes how people are getting up in the wee hours of the morning, staying up all
8:34 am
night in many cases. right? >> no. >> and putting this together. >> and there's one other thing. this is the gift that will mean -- >> why are you shaking? >> i love you so much. i'm a breast-feeding mother, please. this is going to be the gift that means the most to you. did you know the #ml20 is trending on twitter. >> you know me. me and twitter. woo. >> congratulations. >> thank you, guys, for coming in. dylan. so great to see you. >> i left the baby home alone. >> everybody is doing well? that's great. >> mr. lauer? >> yes. >> you remember back in 1997, there were three superfans who had a cheer for you. look at the monitor. there's a special cheer. >> al and matt and katie, too. don't you know that we love you. watch them when the morning breaks. oh, what a difference "today" makes. >> all right.
8:35 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> here they are. >> all grown up. >> we have shannon, sandra phillips and ruth demeter. and you guys, you called in, that you wanted to come back here and celebrate matt's 20th. >> just for you. >> where do you live? >> i live in washington, d.c. >> we're still in jersey. >> oh, wow. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> thank you. thank you very, very much. >> you guys look terrific. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> you just had a baby. >> i did. >> congratulations. >> wow. >> wow. i feel really old. >> there you go. >> thank you for watching over all these years. we appreciate that. >> yeah. let's do the cheer. come on. yes. >> okay. >> here we go. al and matt and katie, too. don't you know that we love you.
8:36 am
watch them when the morning breaks. oh, what a difference "today" makes. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is fantastic. thank you so much. >> thank you for coming back. that's really nice. thank you. >> as a former cheerleader, very good moves. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some freezing temperatures and some frosty conditions for the bay area as you head out the door. 39 degrees right now in oakland, livermore, 32 degrees. this will be our last dry day to prepare for a significant storm expected to arrive later on tonight. a lot of heavy rain and the threat of some flooding for both san francisco and inland areas. we have high wind watches, also some flood watches in effect. keep checking for details. >> you know what is upsetting me?
8:37 am
>> what? >> how well-rested you look. so well-rested. >> i shouldn't say this. this is the only job you go on maternity leave, you're up all night and more rested than at work. >> you look amazing. >> thank you. >> really. >> i got stomach flu after i gave birth. that helped. >> well played, dylan. >> i didn't get it. i'm wearing hospital-grade spanx. >> bring in the babies soon. >> when you're not celebrating. we get you ready for hollywood's biggest party of the year. hollywood's golden
8:38 am
8:39 am
"today" at the golden globes, is brought to you by the volkswagen golf alltrack, soon to be everywhere. >> and we're back at 8:39. >> seriously. throwing the guns out.
8:40 am
really? >> what do you mean? >> it's the larry the cable guy in me. happy 20th, boss. >> thank you. >> anyway, we're back with your guide to sunday night's golden globe awards. this is exhausting. >> he makes me laugh. >> i know. >> that's what i'm here for. 20 more years. >> jimmy fallon is hosting this year's party for the biggest names in hollywood. joe friar outside of the beverly hilton, where setup is under way. joe, good morning. >> reporter: matt and katie, good morning. final preps are under way. they rolled out the red target and covered it up to protect it. they're counting on the possibility of rain. with celebrities of leonardo dicaprio and nicole kidman in attendance, the forecast is for 100% chance of star power. ♪ the golden globes. >> well, this is different. >> reporter: hollywood's most
8:41 am
public party. >> cookies for everyone tonight. >> what an incredible honor. >> one of the greatest moments of my life. >> reporter: a ballroom bash packed with a-list guests. >> i'm j. law. >> and i'm a.schu. >> reporter: and this year, a new host, jimmy fallon, who tells matt, he reached out to other comedians for advice. >> every comedian, everyone that has hosted the thing. they've gotten so many questions from me. is this funny? is this good? they're going, i like that. ♪ city of stars are you shining just for me ♪ >> reporter: the song and dance movie "la la land" is favored on the comedy/musical side. >> things are up in the air. >> reporter: "manchester by the sea" and "moonlight" are vying for the top drama prize.
8:42 am
>> she can't hide her anger. >> reporter: in the acting categories, "jackie's" natalie portman, at arrival's amy adams. and denzel washington are seeking their third golden globe wins. ♪ >> stop that. >> reporter: 30-time nominee, meryl streep, is a contender for her on-point, off-key performance. and she's getting the cecil b. demille award, recognition for her career. from big-screen veterans to small-screen rookies. the globes love first-year tv shows. >> i want to be the man who made you happy. >> reporter: nbc's "this is us" and netflix's "the crown" are among the crop going for gold. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action -- >> reporter: and could be another successful award show
8:43 am
for "the people versus o.j. simpson" looking for a favorable verdict, on a night that might be hollywood's guiltiest pleasure. back to jimmy fallon. he's not revealing many secrets about sunday's monologue. but the show's producers tell us, you can expect a more musical show. and that fallon is planning something really different with an opening number unlike anything you've seen at the globes before. back to you guys. >> all right, joe. >> exciting. that's quite a tease, yeah. >> by the way, you can catch the golden globes sunday night here on nbc. it starts with that red carpet arrival. 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific, hosted by al, natalie and jenna. and the next morning, we'll have the highlights, the winners and the fashion. up next, from a personal drone photographer to a tv you can hang with magnets. the new gadgets on display at the consumer electronics show. first this, is "today" on nbc. ♪
8:44 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
8:45 am
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] 8:45. welcome back. the consumer electronics show is under way out in las vegas. >> we're out there with the gear that we will be talking about soon. jo, good morning. >> reporter: thousands descending on las vegas for the biggest tech show on earth. the theme is making your life better. smarter, faster cars. and a refrigerator that can give you a hand in the kitchen. thin is in. l.g. being rolled out for a wallpaper tv. it's slimmer than an iphone and can be hung on the wall with magnets and screws. it will set you back $8,000. for your kitchen, samsung
8:47 am
unveiled a refrigerator you can talk to. hey, samsung. add grapes to the shopping list. ♪ >> okay. adding grapes to the shopping list. >> reporter: the smart fridge runs your family calendar and plays music on demand. are you worried that your refrigerator is listening to you and your family? >> absolutely not. this is about helping people interact with their kitchen more easily. >> reporter: connected cars of the future are driving your way, too. bmw is transporting drivers to a new dimension. creating a hologram control panel, that replaces the dashboard, in a sleek, new self-driving concept car. when can i see a hologram on the market? >> 10 to 15 years. >> reporter: another car giant, hyundai, deploying car technology to help people walk again. the korean automaker debuting a new robotic exsoskelton.
8:48 am
new robots can cater to your every whim. >> have you ever gotten a drink from a robot? no. pepper takes drink orders. >> i think i have the perfect drink for you. >> reporter: and reads your facial expression and mood. >> oh, i guess i'm not cute. >> reporter: smaller robots like starship can map out cities to make deliveries at your home on demand. >> this robot can reduce traffic and pollution. >> reporter: and the selfie is king at ces. new drones at the hover are designed to recognize your face and follow you for the kodak moments. this new drone records selfie videos for a cool 400 bucks, capturing your every move from the perfect angle. all right. so, we just showed you a hyundai
8:49 am
exoskeleton. and i'm wearing another one here. this one is about helping people like delivery workers, factory workers, lift heavy things on a repeated basis. we're going to try it out here. it helps me lift this heavy box. and the robotic exoskeleton gives me a hand, making this lighter. the idea, reduce injury, increase efficiency and keep us humans employed in the age of robots. kat katie? matt? >> cool stuff, right? >> we've been using something like that for a long time. this is john. he's had that thing on for how many years? >> the problem is, it doesn't help him lift it. >> it's cool. >> i love that consumer electronics show. >> yeah. i was there yesterday. amazing. >> technology is at the forefront of so many industry. that ces has grown. there's tech in everything. >> do we really need drone selfies? do we need those? i mean, anyway. up next, the grand finale of
8:50 am
our celebration of matt's 20th anniversary as co-anchor of today. first this, is "today" on nbc. at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most
8:51 am
sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. hi, matt. hi, there. i'm here on the set of "the
8:52 am
ellen degeneres show" in burbank, california. i saw the promo they did for you. and it's great. i think they missed a few of your best moments. i made my own. enjoy. ♪ ♪ i can't say good-bye to you no matter how i try ♪ ♪ you're such a part of me without you i would die ♪ ♪ being a part of me i know that you and i ♪ ♪ were meant to be forever ♪ ♪ i can't tell you good-bye >> matt. you are fantastic. i can honestly say that you are the only man i have woken up with for the last 20 years. congratulations. >> that's so good. >> ellen, she's funny. >> she should have a show. >> she's going places. >> really, really fantastic.
8:53 am
>> how are you feeling? >> i feel great. we have champagne for everybody. >> i can drink it. >> you can drink now. >> here, dylan. >> it goes right to my head. >> here you go. carson? you got it. >> everyone have one? >> you have two. >> perfect. >> before we toast, enough of 20 years. >> no, no, no. >> can we shuffle -- >> before you do, though. i got a little thank you present for you. i got you a black tie choker because you've been so good to me over the last many years. >> the choker news. >> you held my hand over the last five days. everyone needs a black tie choker, matt. >> is that diamond elle? >> that worked out for me on tuesday. let's do the "mary tyler moore show" shuffle? as we do that, can we call the fire marshal, please? we go from 20 to 60. tomorrow, we celebrate katie's
8:54 am
60th birthday. >> cheers. >> hey. >> salut. >> i am going to cry because i'm so depressed. >> no. >> thank you very much. >> happy birthday, katikatie. >> there's only one surprise. look at the monitors. this is the staff and crew that absolutely adore you. >> oh. >> in formation. beautiful. >> up early. standing out there waving. sending you their love as we all do. >> let's go across to matt. >> yes. >> there's the absolute class act in broadcasting. in once in a generation of talent. a person i love and adore. so, to you, my friend. >> cheers. >> happy 20th. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> by the way, next week, it's all about us again. 65th anniversary of the "today" show. the reason we're all lucky enough to be here this morning. >> yeah. >> and by the way, we work with the best people.
8:55 am
we work for the best people. we're really blessed. >> thank you all so much for watching the "today" show through the years. and for hanging in there with this one. >> yes. >> that's nice. >> is this your last day? and we have meredith. meredith vieira is coming back. let's get the cronology right. you started on the show -- five years before i got here. >> that's right, with bryant. >> 1991. until -- >> 2006. >> you did 15 years. >> i did. >> did it go by for you the way -- >> no. i keep thinking, as i set to savannah, the days are short. the days are long, but the years are short. it flew by. flew by. >> bryant also did 15 years. >> that's amazing. i think the 20-year record is going to stand. we love this show deep in our hearts. and no one has carried it better than you. and taken care of it. we love you. >> congratulations. >> have a great weekend, everybody. thank you. >> blow out your candles, katie.
8:56 am
♪ i'm ... ==chopper== we're following breaking news a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are following breaking news impacting a lot of b.a.r.t. commuters now. b.a.r.t. trains still experiencing some major delays in the aftermath of a disabled train. the train was stuck at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station. and even though it now has been moved, there is some residual delays. live looks from the chopper over the west oakland station where the train was moved.
8:57 am
b.a.r.t. still hasn't told us what caused the train to break down, but, again, it has been moved. hopefully things will start getting moving for commuters as well. a crew headed to san francisco embarcadero station to check out some of the residual impacts i was talking about from the b.a.r.t. problem. also talking with b.a.r.t. to get more details on what caused the problem in the first place. make sure to join us for midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. you can also head to our twitter feed for the very latest. we're updating. the bay area bracing for a major weekend storm. our entire news team is on stand by. one way to prepare is by downloading our nbc bay area app for the interactive radar. another update in half an hour. i'll see you then.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," harry connick jr., our celebrity co-host. and we are fired up for freebie friday. and your first look at the coolest, new gadgets that will change your life. right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, welcome to a fabulous friday. it's freebie friday. january 6th, 2017. i'm al, along with sheinelle and our fabulous guest host, harry connick jr. >> i love being with y'all.
9:01 am
it's fun. it's laidback. it's just, you know, there's things that you know you have to talk about. but you never know how you're going to talk about it. that's what i like. especially with you. >> very true. >> that's what drives our producers crazy. >> pretty authentic. >> that's one way to put it. we like freebie friday. we have a fantastic freebie friday. we're going to give away free amazon echoes and fire tablets. if you aren't at the plaza, you have a chance to win at home, as well. this is my alexa. >> i've never seen her in action. >> i came in and i thought, somebody stole my echo. >> you keep it here? >> i keep one here. >> let go of my echo. >> you can ask it questions. alexa, play a harry connick jr. song. >> shuffling songs by harry chronic jr. >> i thought she was about to say, shut the heck up. >> how cool is that? >> it's pretty amazing. >> do you have one, too?
9:02 am
>> i do have one. and i fight with her all the time. with my new orleans accent, she says, i didn't understand what you are saying. i'm like, listen harder. >> alexa, please tell us a joke. >> what do you call a potato wearing glasses? >> i don't know. >> a spectator. >> and she goes back to the music. >> alexa -- who is al roker? >> albert lincoln roker jr. is an american television personality, weather forecaster and book author. >> our producer, actor? i'm acting like i like you. my producer. >> can we do a fun one? alexa, can you beat box? >> you have to say alexa so she -- >> alexa, can you beat box? >> boots and cats, boots and cats. you know what? i don't think i'm cut out for beat boxing.
9:03 am
>> i thought she was going to be -- >> the problem i have with alexa, she can do so much. and sometimes you find yourself drawing a blank because you end up asking her what the weather is all the time. >> she can order stuff. it's amazing. >> it's really cool. and we're going to give away some of these. and give you the amazon tablet. >> watch this morning. you can take one of these home. that is awesome. >> alexa, stop. >> wow. >> you just told alexa to tell me to shut up. >> that's a nice way to do it. >> alexa, tell al to shut up. >> oh. look at that. >> she turned off. >> i think she flipped you off. >> like, i'm not messing with him. how about this one? alexa, who is matt lauer? >> wow. >> alexa -- >> right who you were immediately. >> alexa, who is matt lauer?
9:04 am
>> alexa, i'm really sorry. >> i think alexa's had it with us. all right. >> alexa is walking. >> speaking of matt lauer. >> the ladlady, infuriated downe street. >> alexa, two snaps. today is a special day at the "today" show. all morning long, we've been celebrating matt's 20th anniversary at the program. we had surprise guests. savannah came off of maternity leave. and all of our staff lined up, as well, wearing 20 shirts. so, so cool. >> impressive to see. >> as matt mentioned, the reason he was able to do 20 years, the way he has, is that staff. our staff, and producers, our camera crew, our technical staff, really best in the business. >> it's nice to be nice. >> the days are busy, we're
9:05 am
waking up at the crack of dawn. to push the pause button and say thank you, it was worth it. >> so many great moments, personally, for me. i got paired up with matt for halloween so many times, you know. we had the physical opposites. but this was the moment. that was a classic. >> this was the beginning of matt, really enjoying too much dressed up as a woman. >> you were diddy. he was j. lo in that famous versace dress. >> when we did the luge at the olympics in torino. >> was that terrifying? >> it was frightening. the best part was, matt figured he would be on top because he's lighter. and in fact, he ended up being on the bottom and i was on top, which was -- >> how long have you known matt? >> i started working with matt in 1990, at wnbc when he did --
9:06 am
first did "today in new york." and then, "live at 5:00." >> there's a lot of people here, that's the beautiful part of the "today" show, people in all different intersections of their careers. coming here, it was almost an out-of-body experience. and the one thing i admire about matt lauer, his interviews, second to none. he sits across from somebody, and you have all sorts of celebrities. he makes them feel comfortable. he's fantastic. he's engaged. he's prepared. sheinelle, you usually tell people when you feel a certain way. i wanted to tell him i admire him for his interviews. and i went up to him and i'm like, matt, your interviews are like -- sheinelle, i don't know if that's a compliment. i was like saying, he's an awesome pilot. he takes you up. on the flight, asking questions,
9:07 am
engaged. it's fantastic. and he lands it -- >> yeah. >> smooth. just -- he sticks the landings. that's what i meant. to this day, i see him, oh, god, sorry. i didn't mean this. >> yeah. that was a little misdirected. >> he didn't make you feel bad. >> well, no. somebody comes up to you and, al, that interview. >> i would be pulling an alexa. >> exactly. >> you have been interviewed by him. >> i was thinking when you were talking. you always know -- you feel like you're being cared for in the interview. >> i didn't understand the question. >> that's because i'm not talking to you, alexa. >> what were you saying, harry? >> this is what happens at my house. who are you screaming at? alexa. we're fighting. alexa and i go to therapy. >> i was going to say. >> it's terrible. >> i'm not sure how to help you with that. >> exactly. you don't know how to help me with anything. >> wow. >> every day, we fight.
9:08 am
we fight. we go to therapy. you sit there. you're angry at me. >> can we go to commercial already? >> i want to hear what you were going to say about matt. you were talking about matt. what were you saying? >> you know what you are, alexa. >> no, no. no, no. >> jerry, can you come over here? >> you were tell megaabout something -- you interviewed him was it christmas -- >> the job of the journalist is to make you feel special and like you're an important person in that moment. you feel like you're the only person in the world when matt talks to you. you are extremely good at that, too. i've been interviewed by you. and it's a gift. you're terrific at it, too. >> it's true. he makes you feel like you're the only person in the room. when you're watching, you feel like you're peeping in on that conversation between the two of you. what was the one that you remember? was there a specific one? >> no. i've done it for 20 years with him. i've been here so many times. i like to screw around before
9:09 am
you go on the air. and when matt's around -- when they go three, two -- i'm up in his grille, messing with him. and i like watching him pull it back, knowing that i'm going to mess with him. >> this is about -- what song to sing for christmas. >> drop it like it's hot. i think that's -- that's what i need to do. >> just in time for the holidays. >> a segue between that. >> or "rollout" by ludacris. >> "silver bells"? >> what people don't know, harry connick jr., besides being a musician, and a nice guy, is a sick, twisted, guy. >> if america knew al roker the way i know al roker, my gosh. >> we would be off the air. >> it's friday. we're feeling good. and you're even feeling good about alexa. >> can we not bring her up, please? >> what are you feeling good about today, sir? >> i'm getting to -- for the
9:10 am
first time, co-host with natalie and jenna, the red carpet arrival show for the golden globes. i'm taking my daughter as a production assistant. she's going to help me. and i was feeling really good until i saw the dress that she's going to wear. and i'm sure -- you having three daughters, that's a moment, that when your 18-year-old comes out and saying, that's really nice. i hate that dress. i haven't seen that much of you since i diapered you. let's cover that up. >> is this the chef? >> that's not my chef daughter, the oldest. >> oh. >> she's my 18-year-old. >> get ready to grow up. so funny you say that. when i was thinking about what i'm looking forward to this weekend, on friday nights, we have a dance party. and my 4-year-old, we're getting out of pullups. >> every friday? >> every friday. here's my house. >> i love that. i want to come. >> two 4-year-olds, a 7-year-old. my little girl. every friday, we crank it up and just -- >> i love that. >> we have a good time. >> i'm trying to get out of
9:11 am
pullups, too. i'm a little old. >> you left an old pair in my dressing room. you got out of that pair fine. >> you have to have one. freebie friday. >> feel good friday. >> what i like the most about anything. i love being with people. and when i do my show and i go into the audience and shake their hands and look at them, i feel honored to entertain people every day. i love that feeling. >> and you also feel good about women's shoes, i understand. >> oh, no, please. >> one of our guests this week, naomi campbell. >> i feel good about them. not good in them. you know how nervous i was in front of naomi campbell? >> look at you. you're a victoria angel. >> she was teaching me how to do it. i still have bruises. >> that's the best. >> that's horrible. >> i love it, harry. you're game for whatever. >> i'll do whatever. that was intimidating with naomi sitting there. >> here's the question. here's the question.
9:12 am
what do the pope and mark zuckerberg have in common? we'll show you, when we come back. ♪ i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. i want to trim my a1c. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. (woman) ♪ tresiba ready... (avo) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins, like tresiba®, may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion.
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light & fit nonfat yogurt drinks. nutrition that fits my crazy life. nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you. they steal moments from my life. bad headaches. that's why i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea, all of it. it works fast, and lasts for hours. excedrin specializes in treating migraines. which is why moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. #1 neurologist recommended. [heartbeat] ♪ okay. we're back with more of "today's take." our guest co-host harry chronic connick jr. >> when you told alexa to shut
9:15 am
up, she listened to you. >> is that true? she is programmed to do that? once you did that, she's like, okay, fine. >> that's not a nice thing. >> that's not a nice thing. >> who knew? i want one. you guys actually sold it, frankly. >> they are cool. >> i have it. i do. i love it. the kids are stealing it. >> speaking of all things technology, have you heard when it comes to computer safety, apparently mark zuckerberg and the pope are on the same page. >> wow. so, okay. there's the pope, using his ipad. we understand that the pope covers and puts a sticker over the camera of either his phone or his ipad. guess what, zuckerberg posting a photo to, of course, facebook. and in the background, you can see he had a piece of tape over the camera of his computer. so, if the pope and zuckerberg agree on this, maybe we should do it? >> should we start doing this? >> part of the reason you have
9:16 am
the phone with the camera is to take pictures. >> there's a solution. i feel like with the technology out there today, it's possible for people to spy on you. i'm not paranoid about it. but i went online. and i went these little sliders that have adhesive tape. and you slide it, when you want to use the camera, and you slide it back. my phone, on my ipad, on my computer. just because, you know, you don't know what people are doing. >> that's not a bad idea. >> it's not tape. >> i wish we had alexa here. we could order it. >> she will never speak to me again. >> i'll start ordering them. >> we have the golden globes coming up on sunday. and our producers, who love games, have come up with a game of golden emojis. okay? we're supposed to figure out the best picture drama nominees, written out in emoji form. this is the emoji for "la la
9:17 am
land." >> i would never figure this out. >> let's give it a try. "moonlig "moonlight." >> i got that one. >> man trunk woman wave. >> something about the sea. >> "manchester by the sea." >> that was good. >> "lion." >> the other affleck brother. >> next one. >> seesaw. >> that's breakback -- >> spit saw was much more traffic. >> what's the answer? >> "hawksaw ridge." that's a nice way to explain -- >> devil up wave. >> the golden globes on sunday night. an hour before, catch natalie, yours truly, and jenna bush hager. >> double up wave. >> that's jimmy fallon hosting.
9:18 am
that was fantastic. great idea. >> a plot twist. >> double up wave. >> al, take it away, please. let's show you what's going on as far as weather is concerned. we have 73 million people under some winter weathered ed adviso across 32 states, coast-to-coast. we will look at snow developing. norfolk, to atlanta, 1 to 4 inches of snow. we're looking at 6 to 10 inches in nantucket. 2 to 5 inches. and western new york will see 12 to 24 inches. out west, luckily no rain for the golden globes. but we're looking at a lot of wet weather for much of california into the pacific northwest. rainfall amounts, we're talking about, anywhere from 7 to 10 inches of rain. as much as 20 inches, they're saying, these could be anywhere from one in five to 25-year chance of having a storm good morning.
9:19 am
i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have one last day to prepare for some flooding around the bay area. we're expecting that to start to move in late tonight. and heavy rain throughout the day tomorrow. temperatures reaching the upper 50s. we keep those 50s through next week as the rain continues off and on. the brunt of the storm expected to hit us on sunday with some strong winds and the threat of flooding as we go into monday. that continues into next week. >> and that's your latest weather. everybody, say it together, now. it's freebie friday. we have a lot of fans on the plaza who want to bring home alexa. we're giving away amazon echoes and fire tablets. you cou the flu virus. it's a really big deal. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu.
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9:23 am
what's your code? here we go. let's do this. harry, you pick first. >> it's cold out here. wow. >> good morning. >> cold. >> happy friday. >> hey. >> let's do this. amazon. ready? harry, take it away. >> hey, hey. >> here we go. >> what's up, y'all? >> yeah. >> hey. >> give one away. >> good morning, y'all. >> give one away. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> give one away. go ahead. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> let me see. right here. >> nice. >> right? how are you? that's so fun. >> ready? hey. let's do another, shall we? ♪ all right. here we go. >> one more?
9:24 am
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9:26 am
♪i'm ... ==topvo== bart trains are running normally again .. but with some major resid good friday morning. b.a.r.t. trains running normally but with major residual delays. the train has now been moved. now, this is chopper video from about an hour ago when crews had yet to move it off the track. one frustrated b.a.r.t. rider tweeted me about 20 minutes ago saying she had been waiting for about two hours to board a train and she had finally given up and went home. b.a.r.t. still has not told us what caused the train to break down but it's now moving. with this weekend's big storm on the way, people who live in flood zones are preparing. nowhere is that more true than in san anselmo.
9:27 am
the city's public works department is making sure people have enough supplies. it was last hit hard by flooding back in 2005. today in san francisco, public works crews are deep cleaning many sewer bases, one of the most effective ways to minimize potential street flooding during heavy storms. big storm coming. we'll check the forecast and your morning commute after the break.
9:28 am
traffic good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures are making it just above freezing in many spots after having such a cold start. we're still down to 31 degrees right now in the north bay. in san francisco, 40 degrees. a lot of sunshine. that will help warm us up into the mid-50s for south bay. 51 for peninsula and tri-valleys and 51 for the north bay. we're expecting a big storm to move in this weekend. we're starting to see the clouds reach a little closer. the rain begins late tonight and
9:29 am
continues through the weekend. let's see what's happening on the roadways. >> if you have plans to drive to the east bay, you may want to listen up. chp is reporting a number of accidents along the 880, 580 and around 260. northbound and southbound slowing as well. here's a quick look at your east bay drive times. westbound 80 toward the bay bridge, 28 minutes. westbound 880 about 37 minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
9:30 am
♪ every january, las vegas is the place to be because the consumer electronics show, basically, takes over the strip. it's where all the tech giants show off the cool, new gadgets. our tech guru, katie linendoll, is there. hey, katie. >> this is the most exciting police place to be right now. 170,000 of us nerds have descended upon sin city to check out the latest and greatest gadgets. it's actually the 50th anniversary. some of the gadgets will be hitting the market this year. and some might even be changing the world. have a look. ♪ from space-age self-driving cars to pocket-sized drones. ces is buzzing with the latest and greatest technical feats. and with 165,000 attendees from
9:31 am
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9:32 am
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9:33 am
that's delicious. ♪ for the estimated 50 million to 70 million americans with chronic sleep issues, how about the power of scent and technology. say hello to oria sensor wave. this actually used two patented scents, one for restoring and one for relaxing. it will help you fall asleep longer and better. exactly what i need, after a full day here at ces. the sensor wake is one of 65,000 exhibitors here at ces. it's just so incredible to see technologies from the weird to the wacky to the practical to even the robots. and i have to show you one last one, this is from xyz. it's a customer service robot. in a few months, it could be coming to banks to post offices to clothing stores to help you out in store. kind of love it. >> i love it. katie, what will they think of next? up next, listen to this.
9:34 am
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9:38 am
for 48 hours. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®. experimenting is the most fun a classic. what have we got here? hardboiled egg. brie is a really soft cheese. avocado. we are rodger and isabelle from sub edge farm. we have so many possibilities. we have somebody that's making a splash in the culinary world. she is author of the new book, "molly on the range." >> and her blog, my name is yay, earned her a slot on the forbes 2017 30 under 30 list. >> you make us happy with what you're going to cook because it has tatar tots. >> i don't trust somebody that doesn't love tatar tots. it is a chicken pot pie that is
9:39 am
going to be covered in them. we have chicken breast. you can use thighs if you like. bouillon cubes. and i like serving my tatar tots with ketchup. we're going to cook our vegetables. a bit of butt and salt. if you want to cut down on dishes. cook this in an oven-safe dish. >> and then into the oven. >> once the vegetables are tender, you want to give this a stir? we're going to add our all-purpose flour. >> you're making a rue? >> yeah. >> and feel gluten-free flour. and the pot will look dry. that's okay. once we have the flour incorporated, we will add our milk. >> that's whole milk? >> this is whole milk. or if you have skim onhand. >> or to half and half. >> whipping cream.
9:40 am
>> we're going to pour this in gradually. and have it thicken right here. and now, we're going to add our chicken breast, which has been chopped into bite-sized pieces. just dump that right in. >> yeah. >> and our peas. you want to use the frozen? >> you can use fresh or frozen. they're going to defrost quickly. and add the chicken bouillon and the thyme. that's going to add nice flavor. >> that's easier than i thought it would be. >> easy, right? and it's great for a crowd. this is one of my favorite recipes in my book. >> can you make this ahead? >> absolutely. we're going to put our tatar tots in. once we have those in, if we want to stick it in the fridge and the freezer and save it for later, we can totally do that. let's add our tatar tots. >> it looks amazing alone. but, gosh, what a great idea. >> and we're going to add our tots in nice rows and columns, just to maximize our tatar tot
9:41 am
surface area. gives it a nice crunch. okay. you're doing great, al. amazing. >> complete. >> and this goes in the oven for about 40 minutes until they're golden brown. and it's bubbling up on top. and smells so good. >> you've got a little side of ketchup for the tatar tots. >> it's like a treat. and you don't miss the crust on the bottom. >> and it's perfect for a day like today when it's snowy and cold outside. >> i can't remember the last time i had a tatar tot. you forget about them somehow. >> i have a tatar tot factory in my town. >> do they give free samples? >> i haven't tried yet. >> you know what this makes us say? yay. >> molly, thank you so much. for all the recipes, head to all right. time for a little weather for you. let's look ahead toward the golden globes on sunday. and we're going to beverly hills starts off at 7:00 eastern, 4:00 west coast time. going to be partly-sunny and
9:42 am
mild instead of being hot. it will be 71 degrees. terrific. weekend outlook, heavy snow on the mid-atlantic, mitter cold in the plains. looking at sunday, sunday, more heavy rain in the pacific northwest and northern california, could be flooding. we're going to watch the frigid conditions in the good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine. we are seeing temperatures slowly warm up. still patchy frost and still below freezing for the north bay. it's chilly in san francisco, only 40 degrees. the highs today will reach into the lower 50s. up to 55 degrees for the south bay. for the tri-valley, 51 degrees. also 51 in the north bay, while the east bay is up to 52 degrees. we're tracking the next storm system that will be moving n starting to bring rain to the bay area later tonight.
9:43 am
>> and that is your latest weather. up next, no outside. the kids are cooped up inside. we have a parents survivor guide to keep the kids from getting bored. after these messages. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. mom: oh no... tech: this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there, so she didn't miss a single shot. i replaced her windshield giving her more time for what matters most. tech: how'd ya do? player: we won! tech: nice! that's another safelite advantage. mom: thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way.
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applebee's all-in burger meal we're talkin' burger. fries. pepsi. prizes. like producer for a day with mike and mike. woo! get a burger, fries and a pepsi for just $9.99 at lunch, plus a shot at instant prizes. ♪ when kids look out the window and see snow, it is all-smiles from ear-to-ear. but all parents are thinking about, is how they're going to keep the kids entertained on a snow day. >> don't worry because we have a winter survival day that will keep you sane and the kids busy. amy goodman is here. >> hi, amy. >> it's snowing here, of course, in the studio. and what to do, to keep the kids
9:48 am
bu busy. first up, wear your pajamas all day long. and get the personalized letters. in advance, actually. and have your kids take the p.j.s off for a second, to personalize them with the letters. we have a little harry. maybe get two sets of letters for the longer name. i ran out of the "r" here. >> i love that. >> that's fun. you can do the nicknames, the full names. they're personalized throughout their day, wearing their pajamas. >> this alone would be a day. >> you can leave everything off and i'm good. >> superfun. next up, we'll have collin and andrew, set up with their snack bar. do this first thing in the morning to make their homemade chex mix. these are healthy snacks. cooking with the kids is so much fun. it's science. it's measuring. it's hopefully a tasty treat at
9:49 am
the end of the day. >> i came downstairs and they were snacking already. i caught you. >> you can do minigrilled cheese sandwiches. set them out all day long. and that way, they can get great proteins and carbohydrates. it keeps them fueled for their day. i love that. >> that's the best one. you know it. >> why are you wasting time? you know that's the best one. >> lots of fruit. or you can do cheese and crackers, or hummus and pizza chips. whatever you want. superfun. >> next, we have harrison and drew. >> i know you. >> is stephanie your mom? that's why, you look familiar. these are our kids. let's keep talking. >> fellow nbc broadcaster. these are two of her children. this is called sack the snowman. and we have drew doing this. to make the face, you use
9:50 am
cutouts of construction paper to make the eyes and the nose and the face. and you take the plates from your summer barbecue and you cut out and make it hollow. you hot glue them together to make our snowman. she's doing a great job, right? and you assign points to the various plates. and harry is going to show with the ping-pong ball. he was doing amazing earlier. >> there it is. >> it's not easy, by the way. the ping-pong balls are so light. you hang this in a safe place in a play room or the open space. >> one more. you guys keep talking. right there. right there. yes. nice job. >> smacking harry connick jr. right there. lots of fun. arts and activity that keeps them active. next, we have miss kate. and kate is making a snowflake that my daughter brought home. her art teacher taught us this.
9:51 am
>> that looks complicated. >> it's simple. you take a triangle, you put it into three areas. and you open it up. you bring the two ends together. and you tape it. then, you flip it. and you tape these two together. and then, you flip it. you take those two ends. and you flip it. >> my brain hurts. >> and you end up with an icicle five or six taped together. >> i can't even -- >> focus on your activity. >> that looks like a snowflake. >> that's abstract. and that is so cute. so, it's very artistic and beautiful. but it's pretty easy to do, which we love. now, we have miss elizabeth. and she's in our spa station to get glam. >> yes. >> why not? you bring out all of your favorite nail polishes, files, and please, do harry.
9:52 am
how about bright pink for harry. yeah? also, for the hair, when you bring out all of your fun hair things, we looked up things on youtube and did a fabulous braid. >> that is so fancy. >> elizabeth, you are so great. >> watch tv to see your nail art here. >> she did hers, right? >> i'm going to play the piano ten-times better, now. at least with those two fingers. >> and his wife will be impressed, wondering who gave him that gorgeous -- she is very good. >> okay. >> next up, we have planet hop. you ask your kids to make the eight planets. and that will take about an hour to two hours. for them to design the planets. it is. they start at the sun. line up the planets in the order. and then, you ask them trivia questions you look up online. ready to planet hop? we have reese and calleb here. do you know which planet is known as the red planet? >> mars. >> mars, yes. >> so, go ahead and hop to the
9:53 am
planet, in the order. >> i love that. >> calleb, which planet is named -- >> we have to go to commercial break when we continue to play. >> absolutely. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. come on, harry. let's hop. ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
how much fun have we had with harry connick jr.? >> how much fun have i had. the best team on tv. check out the harry connick jr. show. check him out. >> guess who we have coming up? >> who? >> gene simmons. >> i saw him in the hall. >> he looks like a rock star. >> did he have makeup on? >> no. he looks amazing, though. >> did he stick his tongue out?
9:56 am
throughout today expecting a cool start. warming up into the low 50s. well cooler than below average. reaching 55 degrees in the south bay and peninsula, 51 degrees. breezy conditions and high of 51 degrees. in the north bay we are getting ready for a significant storm
9:57 am
expected to arrive late tonight and throughout the day on tomorrow, we will see the potential of flooding and gusty winds. keep checking in for updates on that. let's see what's happening on the roadways. >> well, kari, if you're headed toward the east bay, you may want to pay attention. we are still seeing slowing along 880. northbound there was not one but two traffic accidents reported that may be blocking some lanes which is still causing delays in the area. east bay drive times, west bay toward the bay bridge, about 27 minutes. northbound 880 toward the bay bridge, about 31 minutes. you may want to take extra time because it is definitely causing some backups. westbound 580 toward the bay bridge, 32 minutes. happening now, as kari just mentioned, a lot of rain on the horizon. nbc bay area putting our entire news team on standby to prepare for the storm. one way you can prepare is by downloading or nbc bay area app.
9:58 am
you can sign up for alerts and be the first to know about any major road closures. a disabled b.a.r.t. train still causing residual backups for commuters. some riders waited for two hours. head to our twitter feed flirtest update.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> friday. try day friday has arrived. kath will be back again on monday. jenna bush hager is here. this is "lady" about austin mahone. i want to point out the reason i'm wearing a 20 -- >> she can't take it off. >> -- sweat shirt is because today happens to be the day that matt lauer celebrates his 20th year on television, and we had just a lot of fun


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