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tv   Today  NBC  January 7, 2017 5:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. carnage at the airport. authorities release the mug shot of the accused ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport shooter as they search for clues in alaska. the allege the gunman in custody this morning. this after a day of terror. >> we have at least five or six victims so far. >> panicked bystanders running for their lives. >> people are running over children. >> what could have caused this? was it terror? we're live with the latest. coast-to-coast chaos. two massive winter blasts hitting the east and west coasts. 75 million people in their
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paths. in the south, a traffic nightmare. nearly a foot of snow in places. slick roads leading to dozens of accidents. out west, the possibility of more than a foot of rain and snow by monday that could cause massive flooding and landslides. this morning, what you need to know. not backing down. president-elect donald trump blaming the democrats for being hacked. the same day the intelligence chiefs told him russia tried to h tip the election in his favor. will he go to war with his spies in office? and the last laugh. the late actress carrie fisher laid to rest alongside her mother, debbie reynolds, with fisher's ashes in an urn made in the shape of a big prozac pill. her legendary sense of humor giving everyone a smile, "today" january 7th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news,
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this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on saturday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones. in a public place and hearing gunfire. >> that came true for hundreds of people at ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport on friday afternoon when a gunman started spraying bullets at people in the baggage claim area. five are dead and eight injured. >> we have the story covered on all fronts. we will hear from people who barely escaped. we start with nbc's kerry can r sanders at the airport. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, the airport has reopened. you should check with the airlines when the planes take off today. the alleged gunman, 26-year-old esteban santiago was known to law enforcement.
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he walked into an fbi office in alaska and told them there he thought the cia was trying to recruit him to fight for isis. with that back drop, top questions emerged. why was he allowed to own a gun and why was he on the no-fly list? his carnage on the day that was a busy travel day at the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. just before 1:00 p.m. friday, a horrific scene when deputies say 26-year-old esteban santiago opened fire at baggage claim in terminal 2. >> no rhyme or reason. very nonchalant. it was point and shoot. anyone in his path. >> reporter: inside, sheer terror. >> people breaking through doors and running over children. >> reporter: crowds evacuated to the tarmac. s.w.a.t. teams and fbi responding within minutes. >> looks like we have five or
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six victims. >> reporter: santiago flew from anchorage to minneapolis and on to ft. lauderdale was believed to check his gun in baggage and then loaded it in a nearby bathroom. >> put the gun down by the side and dropped the gun. laid face down spread eagle until the deputy came. >> we have the shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. >> reporter: are when it was over, five dead and eight others shot. dozens injured in the chaos. then around 2:30, passengers in a different terminal fearing a second gunman. and reports of a suspicious person in a parking garage nearby. both false alarms. >> no shooting. >> reporter: this morning, santiago is in federal custody.
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the question why still unanswered. >> i hate to say it, but we all live with that fear that something like this could happen anytime. >> reporter: there were more than 10,000 passengers here at the airport that were stranded overnight. they were bussed to a staging area where uber and lyft provided free transportation. airbnb provided an k accommodations. the question is how could this have happened? and for the misery of people fearful running around, there were several planes have a landed on the runway here when this began. the passengers on those planes remained in the planes out on the runway for more than eight hours. sheinelle. >> unbelievable. kerry, thank you. >> who is the shooter and why did he do it? nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is following that part of the story for us.
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pete, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. federal investigators don't know if this is an act of terrorism or not. santiago showed an interest in isis videos, but he had mental problems and claimed voices in his head made him watch them. late last night, fbi agents were seen leaving esteban santiago's residence in anchorage after interviewing family members and searching for clues. esteban santiago was undergoing treatment for mental health prbs and complaining he was hearing voices. a few months ago, he walked into the fbi office in anchorage and complaining the cia was forcing him to join isis. officials say local police were called and he went voluntarily to a mental health facility for treatment. his aunt and uncle in union city, new jersey, where officials say santiago was born, say they believe he developed problems after a military deployment overseas. military records show he signed up for the national guard in
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2007 while he was living in puerto rico where the family is from. the records show he was on duty as a combat engineer for ten months in iraq and returning five years ago. discharged last august. family members say he went to alaska to look for work where he had a son and receiving counselling there. some with him on the flight from minneapolis to ft. lauderdale said he has an alter indicatica board. it wasn't enough to call police. this morning, it is a mystery why he did this and why in ft. lauderdale. officials found no connection to florida. craig. >> pete, quickly here. a guy known to the fbi. walks into the field office there. you reported that he had the voices in his head. allegedly. picking up on a question kerry just posed. how is this guy able to get on
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the plane with a gun? why was he not on the no-fly list? >> reporter: the fbi said when he talked to the agents in anchorage in november, they did not find a terrorism connection. >> pete, thank you. anika dean was in the baggage claim area when the gunman opened fire. annika, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> first things first. i understand you are a mom of two boys. ages 11 and 13. i know they were on your mind. i know you are thankful for them this morning. how are you holding up? >> i'm doing okay. i'm doing well. >> annika, take us back inside the terminal yesterday. what did you see? what did you hear? when did you realize what was going on?
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>> i was standing at baggage claim three and i heard gunshots. i knew what was happening. i'm a teacher for broward public schools. i have been through two active shooter trainings. when i heard the gunfire, i looked in the direction of the shooter. i saw the shooter. i can describe him. black hair, blue shirt. the gun. i saw the shots being fired. i immediately ducked behind a smartcart and i just laid there. there wasn't really anywhere to hide. i could not escape. i could not run. i was there maybe 30 seconds and an older gentleman laid on top of me and said i will protect you. >> wow. have you been able to find him or get in touch with him? >> i have. yes. >> what did you say to him? >> his name is tony bartozovitz
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from rochester, new york. i thanked him throughout the day. really grateful that he was willing to put himself at risk to shield my body. you know, i was praying to god the entire time that my children would not lose their mother or have a seriously injured mother. the gunman was walking around and he was shooting people near me. i thought i might be one of his victims. i'm grateful for a man that shielded me. >> that was a picture of tony that we just had on the screen there. annika, as he was shooting, did you hear him say anything? could you tell whether he was saying anything at all? >> he wasn't saying anything. there was a man to the right of me. i haven't identified the man who was near me that attracted the
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shooter to the area. ruthie bellman who was there, told me afterwards that he was right next to us. and tony told me that there was a shot fired over us. i had my face to the carpet. i was not looking. i did not want to look. i was just praying. >> annika dean, thank you for talking to us. we are happy you are okay. we are praying for you and all of the families involved. the best to your boys. thank you. we will have more in the next half hour. let's turn to another story we are following this morning. two massive storms hitting both coasts. one wreaking havoc and one set to bring biblical rain to the coast. let's start with nbc's tammy
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lightner. >> reporter: good morning, craig. a blizzard warning in the area and with good reason. overnight, we saw snow, sleet, rain and it expected to last throughout the day. a historic monster storm has brought parts of the south to a standstill. interrupting the lives of millions. in oklahoma, slick snow covered roads made for treacherous road conditions. snow plows working around the clock to clear interstates. in tennessee, snow plows not used to the volume are having problems. >> please don't hit the buses. >> reporter: this plow skidding out of control barely missing two stranded school buses before taking out several cars. >> snow plow. oh, my god! >> reporter: snow and ice paralyzing the south. states of emergency in alabama, georgia and carolinas. thousands stocking up. >> milk and eggs and hunker down. probably a case of wine.
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>> reporter: this hardware store sold 1,000 pounds of ice melt, but out of many supplies. >> snow shovels we are out of until this afternoon. >> i don't want to get too iced in. >> reporter: a concern for some, but not for lib moore who plans to embrace this southern winter wonderland. >> we don't get it often. we get excited. >> reporter: less excitement in atlanta where a half foot of snow fell in one day. the amount the city usually gets over the entire winter. >> i learned the last time. >> reporter: many cautious after the storm of 2014 stranded school kids and motorists. a large chunk of the northeast already buried in snow. icy roads causing hundreds of crashes and already one death in maine. dozens of states under a storm warning or advisory or more than 60 million people in the path of the winter weather system.
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the roads have been plowed in the area where we are. the big concern is the temperatures are dropping more than they have and the roads icing over. craig. >> tammy, leitner, get inside. on the west coast, a massive amount of snow and rain hitting this weekend could cause deadly floods and mudslides. the worst in at least a decade. nbc's steve patterson is in san francisco this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. we're getting drenched sooner than expected. the front end of the storm expected to slam into us. the brunt is soon to follow. forecasters are predicting a once in a quarter century level event in the storm. a ten-day storm expected to bring more flooding than we have seen in the region in the last ten years. northern california is bracing for the very worst of it. some places here will see up to 15 inches of rain.
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others, 20 feet of snow. in the storm zone, stretching from southern oregon all the way down to southern california with city centers like reno, tahoe, san francisco, los angeles, portland all in the cross sdhai for snowfall or sustained rainfall. that means an increased risk for everything from flash flooding to rock slides to mud floes and leading to power outages and leading to possible property damage and leading to the potential for this to be a fatal storm. people are heeding the warnings. communities are gearing up with sand bags. people stocking up to weather this thing as it continues today on into tuesday with sunday and tuesday being the big one-two punch of the storm. back to you, sheinelle. >> stay safe. indra peterson is in for
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dylan. >> we are very busy in the weather office. looking at a lot of warmth to the south. you can see the cooler temperatures. we are starting to transition over to snow. with that, the low up the coastline. you have two ingredients. moisture off the ocean. that is one side of the story. to get the bull's-eye, you will need that cold air to intersect. the two come together at the same time, that's where you look at the bull's-eye. that is why raleigh will not see the high totals we saw yesterday. farther north in norfolk with the stronger totals. the low is closer to the cape. they will have blizzard warnings in effect. they could be seeing 1.5 feet of snow in the region. look at the totals. norfolk with 6 to 12 inches. the blizzard conditions with heavy snow and windy conditions on top of it. that is one coast. we will have the next one in a few minutes. thank you. we will come back to you. >> let's get to other headlines.
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president-elect donald trump is starting his day today at trump tower. one day after the nation's top intelligence officials briefed him on what they call russia's attempt to tip the election in his favor. they declassified a report on the same day stating they have high confidence russian president vladimir putin was behind it. is the president-elect buying what they're selling? nbc's ron allen is at trump tower with more. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. mr. trump will strengthen america's cyber defenses. tasking a team to come up with a plan in the first 90 days in office. the central question if the russians hacked into the campaign, the president-elect sounds skeptical. the conclusion is a covert russian campaign ordered by vladimir putin evolved into the effort to help donald trump become president. the goals to undermine the faith of the u.s. democratic on
5:18 am
process, denigrate hillary clinton and harm her credibility. we further assess putin and the russian government develop a presence for trump. trump dismissing it as a witch hunt. only saying other countries are engaged in cyber hacking. to emphasize there was no affect on the outcome of the election. the report did not make a political conclusion, it clearly pointed a finger at putin. >> i would have liked to see the president-elect finally knowledge the obvious. everyone else accepted this. it is time for him. >> reporter: the vice president-elect trying to make peace with officials said to be anger by the comments by the soon-to-commander in chief. >> i know the president-elect and i both appreciate the sacrifices that the men and women who serve in our intelligence services around the country and around the world provide in contributing to the
5:19 am
safety and security of the american people. >> reporter: as mr. trump tries to move on, another signature campaign issue suddenly back in the spotlight. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> reporter: republicans in congress now considering whether to build it with u.s. taxpayer dollars to get the project moving and get mexico to pay later later. in a telephone interview, mr. trump pushed back. telling "the new york times" we're going to get reimbursed. mexico's leader oppose the wall and say they will never pay for it. overnight, another tweet for mr. trump on the issue of hacking. saying, gross negligence by the dnc allowed the hacking to take place. the rnc with a federal judhuge . he announced he will nominate
5:20 am
senator dan coats to the intelligence director. thank you, ron. >> we have the top open efficient official who is the leader of crowd strike. sean, let's start with what is in the report and not in the report. i want to call your attention to the statement from president-elect trump. he said there was absolutely no affe effect on the outcome of the election. sean, did the report say anything about whether the hacking had any sort of effect on the outcome of the election? >> let me say a couple things, craig. i read the record. this is an unclassified investigation of the highly classified report that will have a lot of information about signals and intelligence. many people who look at it is a there is no proof. i'm reading the conclusions. the intelligence community is going to protect their sources and methods. what i see is a broad espionage
5:21 am
campaign that has gone on for years. it is not an isolated incident that the dnc was hacked. the second piece that is important is the russian intelligence service is a highly capab capable. among the best in the world organization. this will go down, i think, as one of the premier stages opint operations in recent history. the last piece addresses your question specifically. the report says there is no indication that the election was impacted. in other words, while there may have been an influence campaign, there is no reporting or proof or evidence that actual vowte tallies were affected. it did not effect the actual election results. donald trump will be the president. this should not delegitimize that. we need to looking forward understand how critically important this risk is that the national security of the united states is a bipartisan effort. we have to look at that going
5:22 am
forward. there has to be a coalition of united states abilities to make sure we protect the country. craig. >> this is just the beginning of the conversation. shawn henry, thank you. a busy saturday morning. let's bring in indra again with the check of the national forecast. >> i want to start off with the storm on the west coast. look at the two pinwheels bringing the moisture through california. with that, we're talking about heavy rain. 20 take a look outside and san jose, steady rain falling. san francisco, too. you got 45 degree, steady rain. not too far away, where deployed storm rain came through. the top of the mountain, moderate to steady rain from san francisco into oakland and into san jose, sees pockets of steady rain and likely heavy rain to follow over of the next few hours. more moisture streaming in off the pacific. temperatures today only climbing to the mid-50s.
5:23 am
so it is important to note. i know you heard about 7 feet of snow in squall valley. huge rain on top of that. >> thank you, indra. still to come, "the download." i look back at the biggest stories including the accident that trapped a toddler under a dresser. but first this is "today" on nbc. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support.
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it's windy outside. still to come on "today," the beer that's made for drinking in the shower. and a
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good morning. you're watching "today in the bay." waking up to a live look right now. the golden gate bridge already a wet morning with the microclimate alert in effect across the bay area this weekend. good morning, everyone. along with meteorology ron maida, a wet one and more on the way. >> heavy rain crossing the coast there to the south. saw the camera look around the golden gate. pockets of some yellow. south to couldn't down and towards san jose, steady rain too. you see the bands pushing through, really looking at about 36 hours of off and on, steady, soaking rains. you can see what's powering this up. a lot of tropical moisture off the pacific.
5:27 am
flash flood watching in effect for today through sunday. bay area wide. for the hilltops, high-wind warning in effect through 4:00 a.m. could get wind gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour. the winds are picking up for the afternoon. highs upper 50s to low 60s today and a very stormy-looking seven-day forecast. heavy rain due in around this time tomorrow mourning. you see going through, another storm coming in monday into tuesday, and a third system, colder system, better news for the sierra bringing more snow, but a lot more rain spread out over the next seven days. >> a good weekend to spend at home. thanks. santa cruz mountains may be the bull's-eye for this weekend's storm. community fair trying to recover from a storm that hit wednesday. in the town yesterday some home and business owners along highway 9 were forced to clean up after a morning mudslide. about 70 horse owners evacuated the covered bridge equestrian. >> looks like the atmospheric
5:28 am
river they're talking about, and i don't want to be hauling horses out in the middle of it. >> so many people were collecting sandbags over the past couple of days at valley church united. they ran out of sand for a bit and thankfully more sand arrived. the fire department just delivered mother 25 tons. a lot of people spent the last few days getting ready for this weekend's storm. sandbags lined up along main street in downtown martinez. the area had serious problems with flooding in the past. not so much recently. still, residents aren't taking chances. >> the entire place was pretty much flooded. so you had to, do a lot -- all the carpets had to be replaced. >> all the building owners realized, you know, storms come, they come and go and you have to be prepared. >> local hardware stores there fully stocked of items to help homeowners and businesses keep the rain out. for the past month or so, people have been buying tarps, touches and rain boots in preparation for the coming storm.
5:29 am
and right now, all roads leading into yosemite valley are closed. the visitor centers are shut down as well. there are flood concerns for the merced river. this was the scene in 1996 and '97 when the river overflowed because of heavy rainfall flooding the valley floor. and coming up this morning on "today in the bay," kidnapped and sexually assaulted. a disturbing crime that started on a b.a.r.t. train. now police track down the suspect. that, plus top stories coming um at 7:00. for right now, back to the "today" show.
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since we last spoke, the country has voted for a new president. >> trump! >> here we go. >> oh, come on. really? trump? wake up, america. >> that's the comedy duo key & peele. the president's so-called anger translator. we will have more on that in pop start. those guys have been hilarious. >> lots of material. >> meanwhile, we have a solid crowd on the plaza on this chilly morning. 7th day of january in 2017. we will head outside in a bit to
5:31 am
say hello. first, let's starts with stories making headlines. the accused ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport shooter in custody. police searched his home in anchorage, alaska. 75 million people are in the path of two dangerous winter storms this morning. in the east, one storm system pounded the southeast already and could leave up to a foot of snow in virginia. out in the pacific northwest, more than a foot of rain and snow could fall today as well. that could lead to some massive flooding and landslides there. and tilikum the whale died after two decades at seaworld in yorl orlando. he was profiled in a documentary that helped lead to the end of the orca breeding program at seawor seaworld. our look back at the highlights of the stories of the
5:32 am
week and moments you may have missed from president-elect donald trump's battle with the top spies to the terrifying accident caught on camera to a big anniversary for our guy matt lauer. it is twis truly a week to reme. >> the nation's top intelligence chiefs with a message to congress. russian hackers tried to influence the election. >> every american should be alarmed by the attacks on our nation. >> most of the senators supporting the officials after trump's repeat ed attacks. >> who is the ben factor of someone commander in chief trashing the intelligence community? >> i think there is a difference with skepticism and disparagement. >> perhaps an olive branch. the media lies to make it look like i'm against intelligence. i'm a big fan. also on capitol hill, a new fight brewing over obamacare.
5:33 am
>> president obama and vice president-elect mike pence rallying troops. >> make america sick again? is that what the republicans want to do? >> we have to fix it. >> while donald trump is taking aim at the law overall, he wants to keep coverage for people with pre-signatu pre-existing conditions and those under 26. the catch, those popular pieces paid for by the unpopular mandate requiring everyone to get insurance. destructive weather sweeping the country coast-to-coast. >> whiteout conditions in the northeast. in the west, snow could be measured by the yard. up to five feet covering the sierra and rocky mountains. drought dry southern california soaked by much-needed rain, but causing problems. a terrifying moments caught on camera for 2-year-old twin boys playing at home.
5:34 am
>> brock pinned beneath the heavy furniture. trapped for nearly two minutes, brody tries to lift the 155-pound dresser off his brother. pushing it off his body. brock shaken, but not hurt. >> we are lucky. >> the boys parents are denying the claims that the whole thing was a hoax. jimmy fallon having fun with ellen before the golden gloebes? >> what is this? >> i got it from my gynecolog t gynecologist. >> so hot. >> you look good. >> can i have a kiss? a big week for our friend matt. first showing off questionable trend. chokers for men. >> i have been wearing a choker for years. i'm not kidding.
5:35 am
>> get out of here. >> for years. >> you used to wear a dog collar. >> how many chokers do you have? >> when i worked with you, i did. >> and celebrating 20 years as co-host of "today." >> a person with extraordinary talent. a person i love and adoradore. cheers, my friend. >> it was a good week. >> it was great being part of the celebration yesterday. you don't realize how much he has been part of until you start watching those clips. >> i made the comment the one thing i admire most of matt lauer is the interviewing skills. to me -- >> the video of miss piggy. >> to me, it is the day-to-day grind. the toll it takes. waking up. he is always prepared. he is always engaged. when you talk, you hear him interview somebody. you are peeping in on a conversation. he's good.
5:36 am
>> happy 20 years, matt. i'm sure you are watching 7:30 on saturday morning. indra peterson is here with a look back with the forecast. >> we talk about snow and rain, but another big story. that will be the ice. that is especially in the pacific northwest. keep in mind two systems out there. first is cold air. the second is warmer. as you transition, you talk about a threat for icing in the area. with that, .50 inch in portland. .25 inch of ice weighs 500 pounds. it can take down sps power lines. this is the potential for the huge ice storm overnight. second story, cold. winter blast where you see the snow. the cold air is lasting out there. in fact, all the way through monday. never thought a studio would feel so warm. look at temperatures. 20 degrees below average for
5:37 am
local weather right now does have moderate to steady rain from san francisco to oakland add picked up by our storm ranger radar. into san jose, city rain, too. you see how this is crossing the coast, bands of heavier showers at times and this is the trend of the day, where we could have localized flooding, flash flood watches bay-area wide through the afternoon and tomorrow morning, high-wind warning up for the hilltops. high today, upper 50s, low 60s with plenty of rain. and we hahave the storm in e east. and more about flurries. >> you are so excited about the snow. so excited. >> you bring me sun? still ahead, hold on alexa. how a tv news anchor accidently kicked off an buying
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[ male announcer ] rethink the power of the oat. quaker -- we are the good we make. ♪ bang, bang ♪ >> if you have a significant other who loves watching football, wave good-bye to them for a while with. the nfl playoffs start today. followed with the football national championship. >> go tigers. the televisions you can use to watch the game are now better than ever as long as you have the cash to bring it home. nbc's jo ling kent checked out some of the best from the consumer electronics show. >> reporter: the nfl playoffs kicking off this weekend, many americans are glued to their tvs. overall, tv sales are down 2% in
5:42 am
america. the consumer electronics show in la las vegas, they are rolling out newer models. >> the most important factors for me to buy a tv to watch sports on especially football, the best of the best. that's what they have this year at ces. i'm excited. >> i see tvs are getting thinner every day. i look at the materials and colors. >> reporter: tvs are stealing the spotlight at ces. the wall paper flat screen available for a cool $8,000. at 65 inches, this lg tv is only 17 pounds. it has a flexible surface and 1/10 of an inch thick. thinner than my iphone. the biggest is the 4k display. four times sharper than the current hdtv. now you can get one for less
5:43 am
than $1,000. sony showed off the new 4k with richer colors. no word on pricing yet. for samsung, the days of the ugly tube are over. showing off a lifestyle tv that displays family photos and art when you are not watching it. samsung rolling out a curved l.e.d. tv. a curved screen to reduce reflection and glare. are these fancy tvs worth your money? >> always make sure that the tv you buy will be supported by a lot of great content that takes advantage of its great features. >> otherwise it is useless? >> exactly. >> reporter: new innovations that give you the home-field advantage. for "today" jo ling kent, las vegas. >> some of those models are, you know, the idea you have a
5:44 am
television in your home and it is not showing a game or movie or whatever, art work. >> part of the furniture. >> my grandparents have one of the big old tvs. they sit on the floor. what's the difference? >> circa 1976? >> i'm cleaning my basement. clean in 2017. >> that's your eighth resolution. just in time for tomorrow night's golden globes. an anchor challenge. real or fake? we will put it to the test. why are you hanging on my the bottom line is, for your goals, this is a strategy i'd recommend. this actually makes sense. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. yeah, that's great.
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that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®. where's the envelope? okay. >> a funny scene at last year's golden globes. most unpredictable award show is back tomorrow night. in honor of the globes, i will quiz you. we will quiz the ladies about the moments and they have to decide if the story i'm telling them is real or fake. >> you play along too. >> we encourage you to play at
5:48 am
home. i have the answers. i can't play. real or fake. two winners almost missed getting awards because they were in the bathroom. real or fake. >> real. >> real. >> do you know the scenario? >> you are both actually correct. christine lahti missed in 1998. >> renee zellweger. >> real or fake. in 2003, while accepting his globe, an actor admitted he was a little bit high. fake? >> it's the globes. it has to be. >> you are right. jack nicholson. he actually said he admitted he took a valium. >> you have to relax. >> real or fake. 2004. one unlucky actor vomited right before getting the globe. real or fake? you have two options, ladies. >> i can't say real on all.
5:49 am
>> you are both right. look at that. >> that is a bit much. i don't know if you would admit that. >> nicholson admitted to taking a valium. in 2007, two had to be separated because they were feuding. >> that sounds hollywood. >> hollywood. >> you are both wrong. >> they were fake. they would act. >> last one. in 2008, the golden globes show was actually canceled. >> i think that is real. >> i remember that. >> writers' strike. i think we have a tie. no prize for either of you. >> that's fine. >> we share the prize. still ahead here on saturday morning, the show that millions love to love. sheinelle takes us behind the scenes of the breakout nbc hit "this is us." my favorite show on television. but first this is "today" on
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
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bigad/2shot good morning, i'm bigad shaban alongside meteorolog good morning. you're watching "today in the bay." thanks for joining us. rain coming down this morning and a lot more is on the bap good morning, everyone. i'm alongside meteorologist rob mayeda. already a wet saturday for the weekend. >> yeah. really, 36 hours, a window, seeing rain at times. some heavier later today into tomorrow morning. you can see from the mobile doppler radar a loop of the last three hours. you see the heavier showers across the peninsula and still seeing moderate rain. san francisco over to oakland and down into san jose. you have lighter rain, again, these bands keep pushing in off the pacific, and you can see the source here. tropical moisture just east of
5:57 am
hawaii, aimed across the bay area over the next 36 hours or so. could see 6 to 10 inches across the santa cruz mountains. likely flood watches up through the day tomorrow, and through the day today as well through this afternoon. high-winds tomorrow morning could get gusts up to 50 miles per hour. so downed trees and powerousages sporadic and likely at timing wrapping up the weekend. this storm begins to wind down late sunday night into monday. round two, tuesday, and colder systems. better news for sierra snowfall heading through next week, but a lot of rain. some places picking up almost one-third of their annual rainfall in the next few days. >> thanks, rob. santa cruz mountains maybe the bull's-eye for this weekend's storm. they're still trying to recover from a storm that hit on wednesday. just yesterday in the town of ben lamont, some spent the day
5:58 am
cleaning up after a morning mudslide. about three miles south in celten, about 70 horse owners evacuated the covered bridge equestrian facility. >> looks like the atmospheric river they're talking about, and i don't want to be hauling horses out in the middle of it. >> remember, the past couple of days sandbags in so much demand, that valley church united in ben lamon ran out of the sand for a bit. thankfully more arrived after the fire department delivered another 25 tons. and a lot of people spent the last few days getting ready for this weekend's storm. sandbags lined up along main street in downtown martinez. near the path, the area has -- in the past the area had problems with flooding. not so much recently. residents there aren't taking any chances. >> the entire place pretty much flooded. so we will to do a lot -- all the carpets had to be replaced. >> all the building owners realize that these storms do
5:59 am
come and they come and go, and you have to be prepared. >> local hardware stores there are fully stocked with items to help homeowners and businesses keep the rain out. for the past month or so, people have been buying tarp, pumps and rain boots, all in preparation for the coming storms. and coming up on "today in the bay" -- kidnapped and sexually assaulted. the disturbing crime that started on a b.a.r.t. train. how police tracked down the suspect. that plus all your top stories coming um at 7:00. for now, send you back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. what set him off? this morning, authorities trying to figure out why a gunman would open fire at ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport killing five or wounding eight others. questions swirling about his mental health as authorities search for clues in anchorage, alaska. coast-to-coast chaos. two massive winter blasts hitting the east and west coasts. 75 million people in their paths. in the south, a traffic nightmare. nearly 1 foot of snow in places. slick roads leading to dozens of accidents. out west, the possibility of more than a foot of rain and snow by monday that could cause massive flooding and landslides. this morning, the forecast you
6:01 am
need to know. ♪ everybody get golden >> feeling golden. the golden globes. hollywood's most unpredictable party one day away. we will take you behind the scenes of one show that could be a big withnner. nbc's "this is us." anticipation is building "today" saturday, january 7th, 2017. >> what's up, mississippi? >> party on the plaza. >> we're staying warm. >> it's our anniversaranniversa. >> celebrating my birthday with the "today" show. >> happy birthday, honey. ♪ >> and good saturday morning to you. welcome back to "today." a good crowd on the plaza considering how bitterly cold it is. they are bundled up. we will head out with them in a
6:02 am
bit. the snow will start. >> we have a busy morning ahead. we begin with the attack at ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport. questions swirling this morning about the suspect and what could have motivated him to do it. we have the latest from the airport and anchorage, alaska, and we talk to a man at baggage claim. let's start with nbc's kerry sanders. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, se e sheinelle. the alleged gunman, 26-year-old esteban santiago is in custody. he was known to law enforcement because he walked into an fbi office in alaska months ago and said he thought the cia was trying to recruit him to fight for isis. this raises questions. why was he still allowed to own a weapon and why was he off the
6:03 am
fbi no fly list? questions after what happened here on the busy day at the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. just before 1:00 p.m. friday. a chaotic and horrific scene when deputies say 26-year-old esteban santiago opened fire at baggage claim in terminal two. >> no rhyme or reason to it. not neyelling anything. nonchalant. point, shoot. anyone in his path. >> reporter: inside, sheer terror. >> people trying to break through doors. people running over children. >> reporter: bags scattered. people evacuated to the tarmac. fbi responding within minutes. >> we have five or six victims so far. >> reporter: santiago flew from anchorage to aspergerminneapoli to ft. lauderdale. he loaded the gun in the nearby
6:04 am
bathroom after baggage claim. >> he walked out after dropped the gun. laid face down spread eagle until the deputy came. >> we have this shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. >> reporter: when it was over, five dead and eight others shot. dozens injured in the chaos. then around 2:30, passengers in a different terminal fearing a second gunman. and reports of a suspicious person in a parking garage nearby. both false alarms. >> there has been no shooting any place else. >> reporter: this morning, santiago is in federal custody. the question why is still unanswered. >> i hate to say it, but we all live with the fear that something like this could happen anytime. >> reporter: there were more than 10,000 passengers who were stuck here at the airport.
6:05 am
eventually bussed to a staging area. some to hotels. uber and lyft made free travel available. airbnb provided an accommodations. for some passengers here, they were not stuck here, but on planes on the runway. planes landed moments before the shooting began. in the planes for more than eight hours. >> kerry, thank you. >> we have gadi schwartz in anchorage, alaska. gadi, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, craig. we know that this small apartment here in anchorage, alaska is where fbi agents spent yesterday. we saw them late last night removing boxes of evidence. in front of the home, a mailbox with the name of the suspected shooter esteban santiago. the same of a woman believed to have been his girlfriend.
6:06 am
now we are piecing together more about his life in alaska. we know he served some time with the alaskan national guard until discharged for performance issues. we know that he spent time overseas with the puerto rican national guard. he came back from that. his family said he was affected. we know here in alaska he was working as a security guard. he may have had a young son with his girlfriend. then at some point last year, he walked into the fbi headquarters here in anchorage and told investigators there that he was hearing voices. that he was being possibly controlled. claimed by the cia. making him watch isis videos. at that point, turned over to local authorities. voluntarily committed and started to receive treatment. it is still very unclear why he boarded that flight to ft. lauderdale. >> gadi schwartz in anchorage.
6:07 am
thank you. mark lee was at the ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport baggage claim area when the shots rang out. mark, we spoke yesterday on msnbc. good morning. walk us through what happened. you were getting ready to head out for the cruise. then what? >> we were down in baggage claim. we got the hotel shuttle and we heard three rounds first. it sounded like a firecracker he. it was gunfire. people started yelling and screaming. frantically trying to exit out as quickly as they can. take cover under chairs or behind anything they could. be it the carousel or luggage or whatever they could find for safety. >> mark, can you describe his demeanor at all? did the shooting seem random? were people targeted? >> no one was targeted.
6:08 am
it was what i call a point and shoot. anyone within his walking path, he basically put them in the line of fire. he was not targeting male or female or black or white. it was whoever was in walking distance. >> mark, i understand you headed outside and you decided to go back inside. why was that and what did you see? >> after i got my wife outside and she was safe, in the exit, three or four ladies fallen and trying to get out. i went back in to help them. after i got them out the door, i went back in with the princess cruise line ladies who could not get up off the floor. i got her up and pushed herb o the door. i tried to get other people out or keep them safe. the shooter was walking. we were walking toward each other.
6:09 am
>> mark lee inside terminal two yesterday. mark, we are glad you and your wife are okay. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. let's turn to the dangerous weather from coast to coast. storms on the east and west coast that have 75 million people in its path. we have it covered for you this morning with tammy leitner in norfolk, virginia. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. you don't get weather like this in the south. dozens of states affected. millions of people. snow plows working around the clock. a lot of areas they are not used to this volume. in tennessee, a plow skids. you can see it missing two stranded school buses. then it collides with several cars. in georgia, cobb county blanketed with snow making it impossible to get around. atlanta got half a foot in one
6:10 am
day. this is the amount they get in the entire winter. south carolina, a storm warning. stay inside. concerned the temperatures there will drop to dangerous temperatures. you know, the big concern out in the area is that hurricane matthew damaged a lot of trees in the area and with the weight from the snow h, they are concerned the branches could come down. the blizzard warning in effect the rest of the day sgrch. >> thank you, tammy. >> that is considerably more snow than last time we checked. >> thank you, tammy. let's check in with indra peterson. you have storms on both coasts? >> rain and snow and icing threats out there. right now, seeing showers or snowshowers in d.c. down to raleigh, they did not get as much of the cold air in time. you need the warm moist air
6:11 am
combining with the cold air at the same time to get the heavy snow. that is why atlanta did not get the snowfall they predicted. they got a wintry slush. we watch the low cruise up the coastline making its way to the north. farther to the west today. now around the cape. blizzard conditions. we see as much as 18 inches of snow in that region. the totals. heavier farther south. you see bigger numbers there. i want to drop off to the west coast. look at the moisture. two pinwheels pulling all that water into the region. a lot of snow just a few days ago. squall valley saw 7 feet of snow. you think that is great, but add 20 inches of rain on top of it, it is not great. >> thank you, indra. we will come back for the national forecast. let's look at other headlines. president-elect donald trump still not sounding convinced that russia hacked the election. intelligence officials met with
6:12 am
mr. trump friday at trump tower. they presented evidence and released a report that vladimir putin was behind the threat to discredit hillary clinton. the president-elect will go as far as to acknowledge russia and china and other countries engaged in cyber hacking, but not effect on the outcome of the election. hollywood in mourning. the funeral for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds on friday. fisher's sense of humor prevail prevailed. she had her ashes inside a giant prozac pill. she suffered from bipolar disorder. she died of a heart attack on december 27th. her mother, debbie reynolds, died the next day. indra is back with the forecast. >> we will look at a lot of storms out there. we see two on each coast. notice the amount of moisture. a lot of moisture not only in the pacific, but also here in
6:13 am
the east coast. we did not see all that cold air dive south. we will look for maybe less in the way of the snow totals until you go farther north. we are looking at norfolk with the big and right now our storm ranger mobile doppler radar is picking up bands of moderate showers crossesing over the peninsula from san francisco to oakland. lighter rain now near downtown san jose. really, a 36-hour window where all of this tropical moisture aims on the bay area. good enough for flash flood watches taking us from this afternoon into sunday afternoon and high-wind warning in effect for the hilltops into tomorrow morning. expect highs on the mild side. upper 50s to low 60s with heavy rain at times. talked about the southeast. that storm is coming our way in the cape like 18 inches of snow and a blizzard today. it is starting. >> thank you. >> up next in trending, proof
6:14 am
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6:16 am
assistant. she can order products. an anchor in san francisco talked about a girl who ordered a $170 doll house and cookies. this is what he said. quote, i love the little girl's take on it. alexa ordered me a doll house. soon after, people complained their echos were ordering doll houses. changing your settings can prevent that from happening. >> she hears it from the tv anchors and i guess amazon is like wait, why are we getting orders for doll houses? >> how about a price check? >> how fantastic is that. you may have heard us talking about the man who returned an old shirt to the gap which was 17 years old. this beats that by 13 years. a man from north carolina, paul boyd presented the cashier at kfc with a 30-year-old coupon for the tuesday special club.
6:17 am
which at the time allowed him to purchase a three-piecemeal for $2.99. paul is carrying around the coupon in his wallet for the last 30 years. that's great customer service. they let them do it. >> he still has the wallet? >> he has been keeping it. saving it for the moment he was really hungry. >> kudos to kfc. you know you are like, fine. >> like a bed bath & beyond coupon. >> i have to say this last story is interesting to me. i love a good beer at the end of a long day. sometimes at the end of a short day as well. i used to love beer before i started this ridiculous "today" diet. when i get to drink again, i will enjoy a cold beer in the shower. check this out. a swedish design firm created the pale ale that is half the
6:18 am
size. it is brewed in stockholm. 10% alcohol content. it is designed to be finished in three to four sips. a lot of people like a glass of wine in the tub. >> i picture the image of can you get me a beer? i'm not done yet. honey, can you grab me a beer? >> i like a good beer. if you can't get through a five-minute shower without a beer? >> a warm beer. >> are you that desperate you cannot wait? >> you have issues. >> or maybe you want a relaxes moment. i guess. joelle is here. she doesn't drink beer in the shower. >> i don't. i really don't. we have pop news to get. to kim kardashian is breaking her silence. the first time after being robbed in paris. she is opening up about the whole ordeal in a promo for the season of "keeping up with the
6:19 am
kardashians." >> robbed at gunpoint. >> they're going to shoot me in the back. there's no way out. it makes me upset. >> what's going on? >> i think he really needs me. i have to get home. >> that was her reaction to kanye's hospitalization that happened. that is all in the teaser. lots to come with the new season. i should mention after a social media hiatus, kim is back posting pictures. her typically flashy ones are replaced with photos of the family. it returns in march. we will hear more from her. switching gears to key & peele. >> i love them. >> you saw the clip of that going on before. they have done a lot of great skits, but nothing comes close to the skit about president obama and luther. luther is the president's anger translator. you got that? thanks to the daily show, they are back for a final farewell.
6:20 am
here is the interpret ratiation what the president really this. >> good evening, my mellow americans. we all have to accept -- and have someone else calling the shots. >> vladimir putin! we got a naked man on horse back running the show. >> that skit was four minutes. that's the only clip i could show. >> the dancing adds another level. >> i'm keeping my mouth shut. and in the wake of carrie fish fisher's tragic death, a fan started a petition on calling on disney to make princess leia to be official disney princess. meanwhile, details about the memorial. apparently it turned into a singing celebration thanks to
6:21 am
meryl streep who performed "happy days are here again." her favorite song. >> i did not realize the character had to be animated. >> do you know what i learned? elsa is not an official princess. >> i thought she was animated. >> not every disney character is a disney princess. >> we have to dig in deeper next weekend. still ahead, the most unpredictable awards show around. golden globes. what you need to know for the frontrunners for the golden statue. but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:22 am
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6:26 am
good morning. you're watching "today in the bay." thanks for waking us with us. a look at wet weather over the golden gate bridge. and i'm bigad along with rob mayeda. >> view from the radar loop courtesy of storm ranger radar shows mountains of yellow and orange, at times brief downpouring and steady rain, san francisco over to oakland. lighter rain now around the santa clara valley and san jose. this is the area that will probably get the most rain out of the storm between now and sunday afternoon where we could get six to ten inches in the coastal mountains.
6:27 am
flash flood up through sunday afternoon. high winds. picking up later today through tomorrow morning. could get gusts in the hills up to 50 miles per hour. trees and power outages through tomorrow afternoon. and more mild air mass coming into the bay area powering up through the end of the weekend. storm two comes in on tuesday. monday, in fact, late tomorrow night into monday, a bit of a break. then another storm rolls in tuesday and one more thursday. >> gosh. one-two punch but there's a third. >> three. yes. >> rob, thanks. as you mentioned, the mountain may be the center for this weekend's storm. communities there are still trying to recover from a storm that hit on wednesday. in fact, just yesterday in the town of ben lomond, some business owners along highway 9 spent the day cleaning up after a morning mudslide. three miles south in felton, about 70 horses were evacuated over the equestrian facility.
6:28 am
>> looks like the atmospheric river they were talking about. i don't want to be hauling horses out during it. >> and valley churches united in ben lomond ran out of sand. fortunately more now after the fire department delivered another 25 tons. now, a lot of people have spent the last few days getting ready for this weekend's storm. sandbags are lined up in downtown martinez. in the past the area has had serious problems with flooding, but not so much recently. still, residents there aren't taking any chances. >> the entire place was pretty much flooded. so, we had to -- do a lot -- all the carpets had to be replaced. >> all the building owners realize that you know, these storms do come, and they come and go and you have to be prepared. local hardware stores are fully stocked with items to help homeowners and businesses keep the rain out. for the past month or so people have been buying tarp, pumps and
6:29 am
rain boots all in preparation for the coming storm. right now all road leading into yosemite valley are closed. the visitors centers shut down as well. there are flood concerns for the merced river. this was the scene back in '96 and '97 when the river overflowed because of heavy rainfall flooding the valley floor. coming up this morning on "today" on the bay, kidnapped and sexually assaulted. the disturbing assault that started on a b.a.r.t. train. police are tracking this down. now back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
♪ and back now on a downright cold saturday morning. 7th day of january, 2017. the temperatures are not keeping our loyal friends from saying hello on the plaza. you guys are a brave bunch. >> it is really cold. >> we have folks from florida here, too. >> and we have a busy show coming up. the golden globes. you excited about that? will it be a big night for "stranger things" or "la la land" or "jesus chriackie." we will take you on a tour offavorites. >> we catch up with some of the
6:31 am
show's stars of "this is us." >> we are huddled up. we have a recipe for fish. it looks good. we should note our beautiful tree behind us. you can look at the crane there. they are actually taking down the star as we talk. >> everybody in the crowd says aww! >> it will be back. >> i guess i'll take mine down today. >> i took mine down yesterday. >> i took mine down the day after. is that wrong? >> no, that's all right. >> we just saw our first flurries. do you want to know the temperature? >> not really. >> it is 13 degrees. everyone here is impressive. how does 13 degrees feel? i'll go ahead and say not bad. >> 13 degrees. it feels like 10. >> we have to hang in on this one. let's take you outside and show you what it looks like for the weather. we have flurries here. farther north, heavy snow continue throughout the day.
6:32 am
once that cold air filters in. heavy snow. look at the words. once you get to cape, they have blizzard warnings in effect. we have increased the snow for boston. 6 to 10 inches of snow possible. icing in portland. you can see .50 inch of ice today. in the west, 10 to 20 inches of rain. keep in mind, you had a good 2 feet and some places 7 feet of snow in the sierra. you add 20 inches of water. a huge flood concern. the middle of the country is looking good. someone has to look good. you look good, sheinelle. >> freezing. >> indra, and here's a look at the rain right now moving through the bay area. moderate rain as shown and the radar loop from the storm ranger mobile doppler radar above the mountain. san francisco to oakland. for now relatively lighter rain around the south bay. heading through the afternoon
6:33 am
we'll see rain starting to turn light, maybe briefly around 4:00. then later tonight into tomorrow morning, that's when the heaviest rain arrives. flash flood watches up through sunday as those coastal hilltops could get six to ten inches of rain by the end of the weekend. okay. we actually have a first timer here. you are from miami? >> first time. >> first time seeing snow. >> it gets old fast. >> it gets old fast. >> this cold crowd is getting wacky. up next, golden globes predictions. who should win? who will win? plus, have you ever wondered why your favorite stars walk the red carpet? why is that carpet red? we have the answer to that question right after this. (man) my dad and i have the same eyes. same nose. same toughness. and since he's had moderate alzheimer's disease, the same never quit attitude.
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( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ tomorrow night's golden globes on nbc don't just kick off the awards season, it is the first time you will see the celebrities walk the red carpet. >> if you wonder why they walk the red carpet in the first place, joelle has the answer. >> it happens a handful of times a year. hollywood and hot coutoure collide on a crimson carpet. at the golden globes, a lot of
6:37 am
attention will go to who walks away with the golden statue. now the pre-awards show is a spectacle to it self. must-see tv. thanks to the four simple words. >> who are you wearing? >> reporter: before they walk down the carpet, do you wonder how the tradition came to be? the red carpet has a back story. dating back to 458 bc. welcome demonstrated by rolling out a long red carpet mentioned in the play agamemnon. it was associated with gods and kings until 1821 when presidents walked on red. thanks to james monroe. it was the train company that coined the phrase red carpet treatment. they started rolling >> they started rolling them out to welcome vip passengers t. concept didn't his tinsel town until 1922 at a screening of
6:38 am
robinhood starg douglas fair banks. before the day of tab loisd an paparazzi, it was the place for stars to be seen and sought out. but in 1995, one woman single handedly revolutionized it. >> is that the bay of picks coming up? >> reporter: joan riffs beloved for her humor and honesty. she helped launched a new age of coverage. >> i don't think the red carpet would be close to what it is today without my mom. it was once said that we turned walking into a building into an event. >> now when we hear red carpet, we think of iconic moments from liz and mar len's old school glam to award winning looks and, of course, more memorable moments from the likes of cher and bjorn. >> they are people that create
6:39 am
iconic images that will live forever. >> reporter: don't let all the glitz store you, big business is at stake. kit attract more publicity than an ad ever could. >> it's the world biggest runway with the world's most beautiful women wearing the world's most beautiful clothes. >> reporter: from the ancient roots to the golden age and the glam cam the floor covering is making history. hollywood history. nbc news, new york. >> so who should win tomorrow notice and who will win? eric davis, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with film here. the drama category, of course arc big oneful which film will win? which film should win? >> i think it will be a race. "moonlight" should win. it's black culture from a point of view we've never seen before. however, if there is a shocker,
6:40 am
the big surprise is going to go to "lion" winning everything. it's a story set in a powerful ending. >> talk about the best musical or comedy category? >> "tentth century women" "deadpool," and "fortunate. >> everyone wants "deadpool" it's going to be "la-la land. request itself. >> you seem sure. >> from the performances to the music to the way it makes you feel when you watch it. lock it in for "lala. "i think it will be a front runner for best pictures. >> you say best actress -- >> madeleine stone, natalie portman uncanny as former first lady jackie kennedy and "the cell phone" smart girl next door
6:41 am
with la-la land. what will be fun is watching these women go face-to-face at the oscar who will when then? that is the question. >> a double box. your reaction. sticking to movies, you say this category is one to watch. best actor in a drama. >> who should when? denzel washington should win. this man is phenomenalful i say it's one of the best performances i have seen in 20 years. casey affleck will win. very nuanced, memorable, crushing performance in "manchester by the sea." he's never been nominated. he has never won, he is the cinderella story. denzel should win it. viola davis should win. >> denzel should win zbempg i said that in my mind. i didn't say it, i was thinking it. >> "the battle of the ryans"? >> battle of ryan reynolds and
6:42 am
goesi gossing. give it to reynolds. i think goesling will win. nominated five times. funny in a calm, cool way. guess who is winning golden globes. >> we were going to talk ab tv. >> this is everything. >> eric davis, all the behind the scenes, thank you. >> you can catch the golden globes tomorrow night right here nbc starting with the red carpet ride special. 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific. hosted by al, natalie and jenna bush. coming up next, the show that could be the big winner, nbc's show "this is us." 31st is is th
6:43 am
6:44 am
from the nbc bay area app, at home, on the go, stay informed with microclimate weather. for my wife and i, this is our favorite
6:45 am
"this is us" is my absolute fate show. "this is us" could be a golden western, it's up for three awards. >> i had a chance to recently sit down with the cast in paramount studios in los angeles, to ask them why people are so checked to this show. when you ask people why they can't get enough of the new breakout drama "this is us," it seems everybody relates to somebody in the cast. >> it's real life. no matter what luck can come from it. >> when we meet the pearson, we quickly learn family life, like you are own, is complicated. >> your wife is in distress, jack. >> it's a struggle. >> i'm not that great. >> i know, that's what makes it worse. >> it's unpredictable. >> i invited him into my home. >> it's love. >> two days ago, i was walking down the street, some woman pushing a stroller goes, so
6:46 am
good, so good. >> i think because of the nature of the show, too, it elicits like people being comfortable to be super velnerable what's happening in your lives wx their marriage, their relationships with their siblings. you seem to be a part of something that feels important. >> "this is us" new parents learn they're having triplets. fans cry with them as they lose one and in a twist of fate gain another. >> big three? >> big three. >> reporter: justin hartley, who plays kevin, one of the three, a bit of a lost sole. >> when we found him, he was sort of in a freefall, right. it was him kind of realizing how people saw him. people's perception of him. him going, oh my god, that's not who i am. >> shame on me for taking the moneyful shame on you for making me famous. shame on all of us. >> reporter: she is also struggling to find herself. >> i got to get a handle on
6:47 am
myself on the weight and on all of it. >> beautiful brown eyes. >> reporter: the other major player is randall, played by emmy winner sterling k. brown who the on a quest to find his biological father. >> good morning. >> my name is randall peerson, i'm your biological son. >> sterling, myself, i lost my father when i was ten-years-old. so the idea of wanting to connect with a paternal figure is something that speaks to my soul in a very concrete visceral way. >> once he finds me, you know, then there is a real moment of like so i don't really know what to say, i'm waiting for to you say something. >> you want to come in? >> okay. >> randall and beth at the base of their relationship is odd ends. you say soul.
6:48 am
>> people took him. >> reporter: but along with love comes loss and perhaps the show's biggest reveal, jack the-ing father who is the glue that holds the family towing has died and mandy moore's character rebecca ages, jack is no longer there. >> i watch and i'm nervous, because i know i'm going to have to know for a while. >> not for a long time. a long time. >> you are going to forget. then we're going to hit you with it and tears. >> one episode that i think the end of this season is going to -- >> upset. >> is going to be 81 settling for people. >> powerful. >> reporter: like their fans, the actors say it leaves them on the end of their seat. >> when i go to watch it. i like to wait until tuesday, i get my popcorn. i sit there and watch it like a fan, too, so. but i think also it's the fact that all of us admire each other's work so much. we have so much respect. >> it's like family.
6:49 am
like it really is like family. >> everything is firing on all cylinders. like the people you work with. the material, the time inure life. like all of it coalesces at the right moment. yeah, you just feel so lucky. >> there are some really powerful scenes in "this is us," which is part of the reason it's up for so many awards. few want to see more of our reviews, as each cast member thought it was their fate scene. go to it will return tuesday night at a special time. 10:00 p.m. eastern and 9:00 p.m. i hope i can show you things behind the scenes. >> it's that show, it's perfectly cast and the writing is just fantastic. i hope it has a huge night. >> well go to it will be interesting for to you hear their fate theme. >> up next, thank you for that.
6:50 am
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don't miss out on the season's best savings right now at lowe's. ♪ and on "today food" we start the new year off right with the wonderful fish recipe. good morning. thank you for coming in. chef and owner over on 29th street in new york city. the vine restaurants here in new
6:53 am
york city. showing off a black cod dish. >> four ingredients. five. >> let's start with the ingredients. >> we have the honey. this is the black cod. we have the vinegar. white wine vinegar and grape segrapeseed oil. in the bowl here, i have the honey. i will mix the ingredients. the soy sauce. you want to whisk? >> absolutely i can whisk it for you. >> put the vinegar? >> this is thick. >> why grapeseed oil? >> it is bland. that's good. we put the fish inside. this is filet.
6:54 am
>> you patted those dry? >> exactly. we can remove the waste. then i'll let it marinade. soak it and cover. let it marinade overnight. 12 to 24 hours. put the can over it. >> that's clever. >> everything is sinking on the bottom of the bowl. >> your trick of the morning. >> trick to marinade. >> this is after. very simple. i'm seasoning them with salt and pepper lightly. >> it's that marinade. >> you bake at 450? >> bake at 450. >> voila. >> this may be some of the best fish i ever tasted. i was just about to say. >> i don't mean to say that. this is something you can make.
6:55 am
even sheinelle can do it. >> this is true. it is doable. >> i forgot to mention. if you don't make black cod. you can replace with chilean seabass. >> we have a celery puree here. >> all about the presentation. >> when you put your fork into the fish. juices come out of it. it is so good. >> you are missing out, craig. >> thank you so much. i'm not missing out. i'll try it. it looks beautiful. before we go, we want to say congratulations to our wonderful supervising producer. sarah. she just gave birth to a little boy. hudson michael. there they are. hudson michael. all the best to hudson and sarah and eric. the baby boom continues. >> it's in the water. >> you want some of our water? >> stick around long enough.
6:56 am
>> that will do it for us on saturday morning. good morning, i'm bigad shaban.. coming up next, good morning. coming up next on "today in the bay" -- an alarming trend brought to life by yesterday's deadly shooting in fort lauderdale. the changes already seeing at bay area airports because of the tragedy. plus -- a major storm heads our way. we're tracking the downpour this weekend that could bring over six inches of rain in some areas. we'll tell what you parts of the community are at most risk for flooding. we live in a pick and choose world.
6:57 am
6:58 am
choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well
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you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. you're watching "today in the bay." thanks for waking up with us. a live look outside. potential flooding as a storm rages in. and only the beginning of what could be a dangerous weekend of weather. tracking early hours of the storm. you can see the rain moving in there on the radar. good morning, everyone.
7:00 am
along with meteorologist rob mayeda we have team coverage this morning. rick boone in felton grove, fears of flooding have people scrambling to protect their homes. rob begins our coverage. >> right now seeing steady rain over the last couple hours coming through the bay area and really the big story of the storm is how sustained. looking at potential for heavy rain at times over the next 36 hours. right now, wet roadways in san jose and a little rinse cycle across san francisco, golden gate bridge, winds picking up, too. the other part of the story today. you can see here on this radar loop from our storm ranger mobile doppler radar, right there atop the mountain, heaviest rain, actually areas of yellow and orange showing up along the coastal hilltops. santa cruz mountains especially, seeing all of that tropical moisture in from hawaii across the bay area. flash flood watches in effect from now until sunday. hilltops with gusts a


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