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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. right now at 11:00, we're under a microclimate weather alert. a strong storm that could cause damage moving in now. heavy rains hammering the south bay and beyond. rivers and creeks rising. we're tracking the storms closely as the worst of it heads our way in the coming hours. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney pap rain
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has already caused problems but the worst of the severe weather is yet to come. tonight we start with meteorologist rob mayeda with store ranger. >> realtime field testing with gusty winds, heavy rain literally dripping off the top of the radar deck there. the mobile doppler radar showing standard radar compared to what storm ranger is showing you. you see the high-definition downpours moving over towards oakland. areas of yellow and orange indicate moderate rain at times. you see how the storm ranger scan picks up the more moderate. you can see here offshore, you're watching heavier rain. the location that will likely get the most rain out of the system already. more than 3 inches of rain in ben lomond and the main event a
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couple hours away. what we'll be watching in the mountains rising river levels. san lorenzo river could go more than five feet above flood stage. notice the guadalupe river near san jose 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon may briefly touch flood stage. we'll let you know two more storms in the seven-day forecast coming up at about eleven 15. >> rob, thank you very much. we continue team coverage live in the santa cruz mountains which is expected to bear the brunt of the storm. that is not news to nbc bay area's marianne fab row. she joins us live. it was coming down earlier. as we look behind you, pouring up there. >> reporter: yes, terry. one word for this rain, unrelenting. it has been coming down in sheets like this for the past four hours. the big concern tonight is the san lorenzo river as rob mentioned. it's expected to reach 21 feet by tomorrow afternoon. and that is well above flood
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stage. what a difference a few hours makes. from steady rain in the afternoonton unrelenting pounding tonight. which left people living alongside the san lorenzo river in boulder creek nervous they watched the water levels climb rapidly. the storm sent this tree crashing down on a power line everyone had felton. leaving more than 200 pg&e customers briefly without power. and that sent people rushing to the boulder creek hardware store for emergency supplies. >> preparing getting wicks for lanterns and some fuel and head lamp and things like that. >> reporter: tonight's storm also sent chunks of pavement into the creek below in scott's valley and triggered several spinouts on highway 17. people who live in this area pride themselves on being prepared. but tonight, some are questioning if they've done enough to face what some meteorologists are calling one
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of the worst storms in a decade. to give you an idea just how much rain we're expected to receive overnight, the san lorenzo river is expected to rise 13 feet. by tomorrow afternoon. reporting live in felton, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> my goodness. thank you very much. we're keeping a close eye on rivers and creeks across the bay. you're looking live at the fairfax creek right now. this runs under the town's city hall. conditions look okay so far but the water there has a tendency to rise requickly. several rivers and creeks may reach flood stage or close to it. that does include the guadalupe river and the south bay and the napa river in the north bay. also the russian river in guerneville. guerneville is where tom jensen joins us live. tom, a lot of people there have lived through the floods before. >> a lot of them. some of the worst floods have left downtown guerneville
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underwater under two feet of water actually running like a river. we don't expect it to get that bad this time. long-time residents tell us they fully expect flooding by monday at the latest. this little creek that runs along one of the busiest roads is normally one of the first waterways to flood during major rain events. locals say a the creek can go from this to covering armstrong woods road in waist deep water in just two hours. >> just makes a big river here. >> reporter: kathleen has lived through more than 40 floods since she moved into the neighborhood in 1983. in 1986, only the roof of her house was bob the water. now it's on stilts as are many of her neighbors' homes. after the last major flood, this had to be raised 20 feet just bob the high water mark. the landlord now left tenants a canoe to get out when there is another flood. >> we have to get out of here,
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yeah. we'll see what happens monday. it's supposed to crest sunday night, monday morning. >> reporter: alan faulkner says he'll probably stay put if the water doesn't get too high. like a lot of people here, he's always prepared for a flood. >> we've got propane cooking and candles. if the power goes out, i wait it out. >> reporter: if the forecast holds true, alan faulkner will be putting his preparedness to the test late sunday or early monday. his neighborhood is one of the first, one of the ones that is expected to flood first. we're live in guerneville, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. the weather proved -- >> unfortunately, it's kind of everything lines up. >> yeah, a tree came down on canyon lakes golf course there morning and landed on a woman killing her. first responders say the wind blew the tree over just as the woman was walking underneath it. unfortunately, it's kind of everything lines up.
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being out in the weather, being by a tree that decides to come down that the moment is pretty unpredictable. unfortunately, just lined up and you know, in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> emergency officials say the winds and saturated ground make it likely that more trees will come loose and fall in the days ahead. >> lots of falling trees toppling power lines and damaging cars and blocking track. take a look at this tree that fell in marin late this afternoon across lucas valley road. now, that road will be shut down overnight because it took down power lines as that tree fell. crews are on scene right now and say they're trying their best to get the road reopened by tomorrow. earlier in the day, this tree came crashing down along 280 in burlingame next to the highway there. crews were on the scene to clean up the branches but strong winds made it difficult to get the job done. traffic also did slow a bit during that clean-up. now to san francisco where the main concern in the city is street flooding.
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christie smith is live. a lot of people say when it rains like this, it can flood in the city. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. i have to tell you within the last 15 minutes or so, the rain has started coming down here in san francisco. behind us, temporary flood barriers are in place. they may be put to the test during this storm. in the east bay, we already found some problems. at 17th and folsom, interlocking flood barriers are lined up ready to keep water out of homes and businesses. crews keeping an eye at the flood prone intersection. over near cayuga street, neighbors are worried the storm will reignite sewage problems. >> they dropped off sand bags at the end of the street. >> they previously told us that worker dozen clean the drains when it rains heavily. >> he said i think a try might be down. >> reporter: diana bell alerted
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her a at all tree had fallen near the exit to her house near redwood. >> coming along 13, you don't think a tree is going to come down at that moment. with all this rain which we need to, it's something that happens. >> reporter: crews worked to clear it while the chp says one driver was unable to stop and ran into the fallen tree. for neighbors though, it's a reminder of what the storm may bring. >> i had someone out yesterday clearing the gutters, front, back, making sure that the water can run off. >> reporter: >> reporter: i spoke with one worker out here by the flood barriers. he'll be here throughout the night keeping an eye on things while across the street, businesses have sandbags and plastic lined up. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> and as she was just saying, the road's getting pretty slick again looking at it live from our traffic camera in richmond,
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you can see rain on the lens and the streets are very wet. similar situation right now across the golden gate bridge and if you look up in the top part of the your screen, the rain definitely coming down right now. weather being blamed for many crashes on the roads today. to palo alto, this is at alma street and hamilton avenue near the caltrans station. this crash knocked out the traffic lights right there. more our coverage just getting starred. count on nbc bay area news for the most update add weather conditions thanks to storm ranger and our mobile doppler radar. our sister station telemundo 48 will also be providing coverage of the storm all weekend long and you can tract latest conditions on our bay 'ach. gives you a heads-up when rain is approaching. click on the weather tab to get a detailed forecast for your community. because of the golden globe awards, catch a special edition
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of news at 2:00 followed by nightly news. we'll be here for the 2:00 newscast and two hours of red carpet coverage leading up to the golden globes. don't want to miss it. not bad right now. you can't miss the heavy rain that is falling as captured on our storm ranger mobile doppler radar. san bruno mountain, moderate to heavy rain approaching parts of the east bay bringing rain and strong gusty winds overnight. the hour by hour outlook when we come back. tonight, yosemite evacuated. the immediate threat to the park brought on by the same thing we are dealing, the storm hitting the bay area. new developments in the shooting rampage at a florida airport. why an fbi warning was not enough to keep a gun out of the suspect's hands.
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mobile doppler radar.. working we're under a microclimate weather alert. storm ranger our exclusive mobile doppler radar workingover time in the storm tracking the latest conditions. our weather coverage continues in a couple of minutes. first new developments in the fort lauderdale shooting rampage. questions tonight why the man accused of carrying out the attack wasn't put on a watch list. esteban santiago's brother says esteban was allowed to keep his gun even after he warned fbi agents about mental health issues. the former national guard soldier walked into a field office in alaska and told fbi agents about his violent and paranoid thoughts. this was in november. and during that visit, santiago left his newborn and a gun in the car. that gun was confiscated by police while he went through a four-day evaluation. but then returned. >> they knew it.
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that he have psychological problems. you know? when fbi visited me yesterday here, they told me that they knew it. that he went to fbi office. if they knew it, why they set him free. >> the fbi answered that question. they say they get visits like sants yag go's to their offices every day and he did not break the law. it's not clear if tgun used in yesterday's rampage pablo gomez junior in north hollywood was arrested in the los angeles area this afternoon. investigator say that he killed someone whose body was found in a house on ashby avenue. a second victim who survived was found with stab wounds north of the uc berkeley campus. the suspect is a uc berkeley student. one of the most notorious
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killers is back in prison after a trip to the hospital. charles manson was reportedly taken to a hospital in bakersfield this week. the prison refused to comment on his medical issues. they wouldn't even acknowledge that the cult leader had left the prison. there are medical facilities at the prison but inmates are usually sent elsewhere if they need surgery or emergency care manson is now 82 years old. returning to our microclimate weather coverage right now, yosemite valley is empty and the storm is to blame. the mariposa county sheriff's office issue aid mandatory evacuation notice for the valley because the merced river is expected to flood. national parks service closed all roads in the valley. all nonessential workers had to leave the park by 4:00 this avenue. river breached its banks in '96 and '97 during a major storm. if you're flying in the area today, it was a tough one. major delays at the airport this weekend. with the rain that we'll likely see something similar again tomorrow. so far sfo appears to be the
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toughest hit. 75 flights canceled. 254 more flights delayed. the oakland airport also had delays there though not quite as sift. delays for some arrivals and departures there. if you're planning on flying tomorrow, take that usual typical advice we always tell you. call your airline. check on the delays because of the weather here. definitely going to impact all three area airports. >> it's really coming in now. >> you can see the reason why sfo had problems. over our shoulder, the combination of wind, low visibility and at times sideways rain picked up by our mobile doppler radar. san francisco live view showing you reduced visibility, the top of the transamerica pyramid disappearing into the rain. south bay camera bouncing around due 0 winds. the temperature is mild out there. 58 degrees as the air gets drawn into the system. overnight temperatures in the upper 50s where we find storm
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ranger mobile doppler radar atop san bruno mountain getting that rinse cycle effect as water drips off the upper tower of our radar dome. we can show you what storm range ser finding. widespread soaking rain from san francisco to the north bay. compared to standard doppler raid, you would think you would have some rain. storm ranger showing you the areas of heavier rain extends towards the east bay, berkeley and alameda. as we take you back out to the coast, you can see on the scans here down the peninsula now, beginning to see the heavier rains across the coastline moving over peninsula. eventually we'll see more of it get into san jose. right now a lot of heavy rain sitting offshore on the west side of the santa cruz mountains. more moisture lurking offshore. so this is the next round right there. the main event coming up 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. check out the tolless already.
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ben lomond 3 inches of rain. final tally by tomorrow night could be getting close to 10 inches of rain. some of your creeks, rivers afternoon we'll be watching that closely. napa river later tomorrow expected to crest about two feet above flood stage. downtown napa within a foot of flood stage. watch that very closely late tomorrow afternoon there in napa and the russian river getting very close to flood stage around 4:00 to 5:00 tomorrow evening. one more stop takes to us guerneville. it's monday when we expect to see flooding there which could be about three to four feet bob flood stage as we move through monday morning. flash flood watches still in effect around the area. those convert to flash flood warnings if we see flood stages reached tomorrow. you saw the gusty winds. high winds warnings up for the hills. gusts to 50 miles an hour still possible through 3:00 tomorrow. highs tomorrow pretty mild with
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the rain. we're talking low 60s pretty much all across the bay area from the peninsula toward san francisco. maybe a little bit cooler as the rain begins to clear the north bay will begin to see cooler temperatures an arrive there. heaviest rain coming up right around 7:00 a.m. through lunchtime. turning the page at 3:00 in the afternoon when we hope we get the heavier rain out of the south bay. the forecast for monday looks considerably drier. we'll need a break before the next storm arrives. that storm will pack wind and rain, too. that could lead to more flooding concerns. the tuesday to wednesday storm will probably be the next flooding threat for us. thursday's storm a lot colder transitioning to a drier forecast approaching next weekend. >> thanks a lot. coming up, super bowl dreams end for the raiders. see how the texans put an end to the silver and black magical run.
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welcome to the xfinity sportsdesk. the raiders wanted their season to end with a win and super bowl li. instead it ends in the afc wildcard game, oakland's best season all for naught after the loss of derek carr two weeks ago. the qb out with a broken leg. enter rookie connor cook making his first career start and he didn't have donald penn to protect him. he was out with a knee injury. first quarter cook's pass picked up by ja davon clowny with a huge play. and it leads to this second and goal. lamar miller finds paydirt untouched. 10-0 texans. fourth quarter raiders down 13 trying to mount a comeback after a punt. cook's pass tipped and picked off again. one of three interceptions for rookie and the raider season is over. 27-14 the final in houston. here's jack del rio.
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>> we fought and battled and hanging in there and came out started the second half and thought if we get starred and get a spark, then we could take off and go from there. didn't really get anything. couldn't get it going. >> and the sharks no longer the only team in hockey without a five-goal game snapping a three-game losing skid beading the red wings 6-3. more news after the break.
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people certainly not messing around. this was sent to us from a viewer in sultan. this safe way store used to be filled with bottled water but shoppers cleaned it out. the santa cruz mountains expecting heavy rain in the next 24 hours. >> the heaviest rain we've seen
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tonight starting across the coast right now. it will be heavy especially through midmorning tomorrow. you can see how the rain winds up offshore. >> thanks for watching. >> see you tomorrow at 2:00.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> good evening. good evening. i'm chris wallace. and welcome to the third and final presidential debate. tonight is going to be a lot like the third "lord of the rings" movie. you don't really want to watch,


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