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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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storms. we'll hear sfrom some of the people most affected. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. we're kind of drying out this morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. he's staying drive. there are major problems for drivers this morning, all kinds of problems, as flooding on several highways, roads, there's a traffic mess. mike will get to that, but let's start with meteorologist kari hall. kari? >> that's right. she's been monitoring the storm for us as it comes in. it feels like a little bit of a break for us today, kari. >> we will have a bit of a break with lighter rain moving in, more of the scattered activity, not the widespread heavy rain that we had yesterday. we have this red scan here from our storm ranger mobile doppler radar truck. we have it parked on a mountain in san bruno, and it is scanning around the area, giving us the hd view of what's happening, even able to detect the lightest of rain and some mist and drizzle. that's about all we are seeing at this point. we'll start to see some of the heavier rain moving in as we go
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into this morning and this afternoon, and the potential of some flooding, as well, especially as we go through the day. we will have another round of some heavy rain and also a coastal flood advisory that will be kicking in, as king tides will be coming up as we go into tomorrow, as well as thursday. i'll have more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. mike, how's it looking on the road? >> as far as incidents go, as crashes carry, we're very light. but we have a lot going on here. up in the golden gate bridge, and patches through san francisco yesterday, we had wind, rain, flooding throughout the peninsula. that will also be a factor along the coast. highway 1, the great highway closed between slow and lincoln. we have highway 17 that's affected south of vine hill. and i'll talk highway 101 in just a second. but i want to focus on here, this area right here. highway 84. this is closed between sunol and fremon fremont. locals use this as a nice thoroughfare, but right now mud slides are risk. that's closed highway 84 and may impact h train as well.
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we're talking about mud slides and wind at the san mateo bridge. the sign over to the side says high wind advisory for the 92. same thing for the bay bridge. and highway 101, we've had problems for a while out there in the south county, just south to have gilroy. kris sanchez is there on highway 101. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can tell you you can expect some folks to be very late to work this morning because traffic is barely starting to get back to normal, as the chp now appears to be leading the up peep highway 25 on to highway 101. but you can see, there's a huge stream of water that's flowing over the roadway still right now. and if you can see the road signs behind me, that'll give you some perspective as to how deep it is right now. focus seem to be going, well, slower than they were earlier this morning, as they were just coming up on it in the dark and hitting that water at near full speed. >> obviously, we've lost the
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connection to kris's audio. but this is one of several highway closures throughout the bay area. >> reporter: this down in gilroy. this is 152 between 25 there. they're having a big problem with some ponding on the roadways there, as you kind of try to go over 101. we'll try to reestablish that connection with kris coming up in a little bit. >> we have reporters everywhere. let's talk about the north bay and russian river, already at flood stage, expected to crest later today, causing a lot of worry for the people around there. >> pete suratos joins us live in guerneville this morning. how's it looking there? >> reporter: we're on neely road, off highway 116. we showed you this in the past half hour, where you see this road is flooded, it's kind of rising up a little bit. as we're standing here in the past half hour, something to keep an eye on in this area as far as officials go.
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and as far as sonoma county, the levels are at about 32 feet, but it's going to crest at about 38 feet. according to officials in sonoma county, they say it's going to happen around noon. a lot of people in this these low-lies areas are going to evacuate this area. here's what residents are saying who are really on high alert when all of this is taking place. >> come down and check and see how high it's getting, see if i'm going to get flooded in, see if i should leave town or not. probably will be. looks like i won't be going to work tomorrow. >> kind of keeps you in your house. make sure you have plenty of food, candles, water, dog food, medication, you know. >> are you ready? >> we're ready. >> reporter: very important to be prepared through all of this. as far as that shelter goes, it's going to be at the santa rosa veteran's building with red cross and police are expecting a couple of dozen people there. as i explained earlier, they're expecting this area, the russian river, at least in guerneville,
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to crest at about 38 feet around noon. and of course, we'll keep an eye on those conditions and give you updates throughout the morning. we're live in guerneville, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> anxious homeowners in santa cruz county holding their breath after water levels approached, but did not crest above flood stage. some areas in the santa cruz mountains received nearly 8 inches of rain over 48 hours. enough to have residents near the san lorenzo river very concerned. people in felton taking extra precautions, in case, and checking updates repeatedly throughout the day. >> this was really scary with the atmospheric river that was about to come in. it was really looming. checking the updates every, i don't know, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and really watching the storm as it tracked. >> one resident we talked to said the river yesterday rose to about 17 feet, but says it went slightly down by the evening. drivers planning to go to or from lake tahoe today may want to rethink their plans.
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if we can start the video, maybe, we should have a live look from caltrans camera near donner's summit. that's right, get it going. look at this. they had both sides actually shut down there. mud slides closed the westbound direction. a photo from the chp shows the slide on 80, which actually happened adjacent to donner lake. we'll take a look at that, now. chp says maybe hours before that slide is actually cleared, a lot of mess to clean up there. downed pao lines are shut down the eastbound direction, as well. that problem is near king israeli. we'll, of course, keep an eye on the situation all morning, but you can see what they have to contend to up in the sierra this morning. and crews have a lot of cleanup to do in san francisco, as well, where the storms toppled trees and flooded some area. heavy wind and rain toppled over trees on golden gate avenue, blocking both directions. luckily, no one was injured. elsewhere, an underpass near 101 in albany was flood and closed. and the wind took down scaffolding near seventh and market streets. in the meantime, in san bruno,
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the storm also downed power lines. >> looked pretty bad. so, man, it's something else. you know, this weather is bad out here. >> elsewhere on the peninsula, a downed tree blocked all lanes of southbound 280 near trucedale. minor injuries report there had. 4:37. a terrifying wake-up call for people in a san francisco apartment complex. a tree came crashing down on to their building yesterday morning. this happened while people were still sleeping inside. >> we just heard a big boom and looked out the back window, and the tree's in the back. and i can't see out my back window, at all. >> sunnydale, the sunnydale neighborhood of san francisco on brookdale avenue, close to the cow palace. seven people from two families were displaced, but thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> let's check in with kari again. more rain is on the way. >> yes, we are still in a microclimate weather alert as we track the cleanup and the next storm that will be moving in. with some light rain today, gets
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heavier this afternoon. another look at the radar, the futurecast, and some of the river levels, coming up. a major detour for drivers heading to san francisco this morning. live in pacifica, i'll have more on the progress being made on a massive mud slide. and a live look at the golden gate bridge. doesn't usually get the wind advisory, but overnight, chp said, hold on tight there. you see some slicker roads and we're talking about where you can't cross the roads or use the roads, coming up.
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good monday morning. the time now is 4:41. we are keeping an eye on area creeks and rivers. russian river in guerneville will be up to 37 feet, cresting at about 3:00 this afternoon and slowly falling before rising again. napa river at saint alina will be below flood stage for today. and then rising back up to flood stage by tomorrow, to 16 1/2 feet. and the san lorenzo river right now at 15.2 and will continue to fall and will also be falling and staying below flood stage at the guadeloupe river at almond and expressway. i'll have a look at this and some incoming rain in the forecast in about five minutes. >> yes, there's more rain coming. over here, traffic's coming as well. we expect a sizable commute this morning, but right now the tri-valley moves well. highway 84 is fine, but over
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there in sunol, it is closed because of a mud slide. over there, the approach toward the bay bridge is not a problem as far as the travel times, but the bridge itself has a wind advisory for the chp. >> might take a look at this. new video into our newsroom for our viewers. good fences make good neighbors, but not when a tree is involved. this was in almaden valley yesterday. one of our viewers sent this to us. nobody was hurt. we encourage you to send us video, as well. you can post it to our facebook page. road closures are piling up this morning. in pacifica, highway 1. the rains have caused a mud slide, which is now blocking several lanes. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live. how's it looking? >> pretty bad. we saw a cal trans heavy truck pull up to try to help move this mud slide. the detour is still here. people being turned around here on pacifica highway one. the mud slide came down just before midnight.
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caltrans says this mud slide is about 15 feet tall, covers the entire right lane of highway 1 near reyna delmar avenue, in pacifica. you can see by the size of it, it will take a while and a lot of heavy equipment to clean it up. drivers are having to take a detour down to half moon bay. >> i just was going to fill up with gas. i've got to get to my starbucks. >> reporter: to northbound lanes are down for now. for those wanting to head to san francisco, you'll have to head down to 92 and back to 280. coming up, yosemite closed to visitors. it has flooding that's keeping winter campers from enjoying the outdoors. we'll be back here in two minutes. bay --
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looking live at golden gate bridge this morning -- welcome back to "today in the bay" on this monday morning. taking a live look outside. the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic to report out there, but you can see, the roads still a little wet out there from all the rain that we had over the weekend storm. >> one of the few roads that isn't closed today, we've got a long list, so we'll get to mike in a second. but in the meantime, the woman of the hour, with all the radar, what's happening? what should we expect on our commute? >> it's quieting down for now, but still some wet roads out there. you need to allow some extra time to get to where you're going, and be prepared for the potential of some flood ing if
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you live near a river or a creek. we're looking now at the napa river, it is cresting and it's falling. and here's some video we have from yesterday of a golf course, silverado golf course around napa. and that was flooded yesterday, that water just rushing over the road. and we always advise you that if you see water, standing water on the road, but this is definitely a red flag as we cross this area, and we are dealing with quite a bit of some running water coming off of some heavy rain throughout the weekend. we may see this river level going back up for tomorrow, but it looks to stay below the flood stage, so great news there. here's a live look outside, palo alto, the drivers making it just fine. we'll check in with mike. here's what to expect with the incoming storm. we'll get a little bit of a break today, but not much of a break. we start to see some of those showers moving into the north bay by this afternoon. another strong storm moving in tomorrow, that looks the to bring us some heavy rain. along with the heavy rain, we'll have some high winds, and
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coastal flooding will be possible, so coastal flood advisories in effect. our storm ranger, still tracking some very light rain. spotty showers. this is the kind of activity we'll see for much of the bay area today. but don't be surprised if the rain gets heavy, just briefly, so we'll continue to track this throughout the morning show. our storm ranger parked on a mountain in san bruno. our mobile doppler radar truck giving us a very high detail of look at what's happening on the radar. quite a bit of some lightning strikes, well to the east of us. we haven't seen much in the way of lightning, but there's still a lot of energy, as this atmospheric river continues to bring in more of that rain and possibly some heavy downpours for tomorrow. so as we look ahead, there's a high wind watch that will be in effect for tomorrow for the coastal areas and the hills. winds coming in from the south at 20 to 35 miles an hour. those gusts may even pop up to 65 miles an hour. so be prepared for the potential of some more power outages. and also, the threat of some
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flooding, especially for the coastline and the inner bay. king tides coming back in once again with a full moon. we have the astronomical high tides. and also, with this storm moving in, we'll see those water levels piling up, starting tomorrow, and that continues through thursday. as of right now, our winds are starting to calm down. wind speeds at about 15 to maybe 20 miles an hour at times. we'll see some more calm winds today, and at times, a little bit breezy in spots, especially along the coastline. the winds start to increase once again for tomorrow. here we are at 5:30, in the evening, for tomorrow, during the commute, and the winds start to pick up. so you'll definitely have to keep a tight grip on the steering wheel, as the winds pick up to about 35. and we may have some higher gusts. as for temperatures, you won't see much of those temperatures changing from here. we'll be at 63 throughout the day in oakland. right now, san jose, it's 55. once again, no major changes there. as we look farther down the
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line, the next storm system moving in, especially ramping up for tomorrow evening, and then starting to taper off on wednesday and then we'll have a chance to dry out. but still a lot of rain here and snow in the sierra. we've also been keeping an eye on that, as we've also had a lot of rain. mike, what are you seeing now that you're looking out there at the roadways. >> we're seeing folks get a little bit of break. still damp roadways. and we have closures all over the bay, but it's just on the outskirts. for most of our commuters who are watching this, highway 17 will not affect you, that's if you're heading south or coming into the bay area, you're probably not watching us. highway 101, also south county, we'll follow that with chris. sharon's over at pacifica. that may be an issue for drivers. stick around for sharon's support. wind advisory for the bridges, as well. hold on tight. that's typical around this time of year. also, what we watch for is mud slides. that's what's closed highway 84 right here, between sunol and fremo fremont. we're waiting for word from ace train to let us know it's going
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to affect services. this is closed for highway 84, so use 680, you'll see a little more traffic as folks the drive through sunol and fremont. remember, 84 is not an option. a smooth flow of traffic for the tri-valley. i want to give one note for transit. a little delay recovering from b.a.r.t., and sunol, that mud slide that might affect the h train. we have the toll plaza, which will see more traffic, but right now it's okay. the wind advisory for the cameras shake over here. this is emeryville's shot of the span. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's ban busy few days here at nbc bay area, but we aren't the only ones report oning on t storm. so are our viewers. >> we really appreciate you sharing your videos and pictures. mike inouye sent us this, traffic backed up along northbound 17. a tree fell near the summit and blocked roads for hours. charles durham got very close to the spillway. not too close, charles.
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along the yooubs reservoir in morgan hill. ever and this is yosemite falls from larry broom, it's overflowing and running so hard. you see the news happening, tag us on twitter or instagram. you can post your pictures and video to our facebook page. >> boy, all the video shows really the power of that water. >> and stay away. 4:52 right now. coming up, the hollywood award season full swing. highlights from last night's golden globes are next, including a powerful message from actress meryl streep. >> it kind of broke my heart when i saw it. and i still can't get it out of my head. >> the moment that is haunting the actress. her speech, still ahead. but first, happening now, we are in the middle of that microclimate weather alert. download our nbc weather app. live doppler radar getting a boost from storm ranger, the bay area's only mobile radar, giving
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us an unparalleled view of the storm. and if you have pictures in your neighborhood, we want to see the storm damage. you can send those videos and photos to us and we'll put them on the air. be sure to stay safe. post them to our facebook page.
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welcome back, everyone. light rain, spotty showers expected across the bay area today, but another strong storm headed towards us tomorrow. a live look at san francisco this morning. everything's washed away clean, all the lights are sparking at least for this monday morning. 4:55 right now. did you catch the golden globes? the stars were out, but the speech everyone is talking about this morning. meryl streep delivering that speech when she received her lifetime achievement award.
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>> that's right. she never mentioned president-elect donald trump by name, but it was pretty obvious that she was calling him out, alluding to what she called his performance in winning the presidency. >> but there was one performance this year that stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart. not because it was good, it was -- there was nothing good about it. but it was effective and it did its job. it made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and in capacity to fight back. >> that incident, trump mocked a "new york times" reporter early on his bid in that republican nomination. streep's speech received a standing ovation. in a telephone intuitive this
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morning with "the new york times," trump briefly said he had not seen the speech, but called streep, quote, a hillary lover. >> as for the major winners, "moonlight" took the best motion picture drama, "la la land" won for best musical or comedy. on the television side, netflix's "the crown" won best drama. the fx series led to best -- >> you just started "the crown"? >> i just did this weekend. very good recommendation. >> back to our big story this monday morning. the damage, the cleanup, the rain, kari's tracking what's in store for us next. and we're not done just yet. still some rain in the forecast. after getting a little bit of a break, i'll give you an idea of the timeline. and we'll take a look at some of our area rivers. it's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> that little bitty break in the rain is now over for the south county and the commute is still a mess. you can see water streaming over highway 25, leading up to highway 101, and that is going
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to exact your commute. mike inouye, though, and i have you covered. >> reporter: the russian river causing flooding concerns for residents right here in guerneville. i'll have the latest details coming up in a live report. you're watching "today in the bay." a microclimate weather alert --
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some more rain coming in after weekend's strong storms. a live look at our r a microclimate weather alert. more rain coming in after a weekend's strong storms. a live look at our radar right
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now. little breaks, some spotty showers today. but there certainly has been some intense flooding, freeway closures, even rescues. >> these roads should be blocked, because every time is like a tidal wave, it sends into the house. we can't -- we can't stack bags fast enough. >> you can see that woman's frustration. the bay area reeling. we have complete coverage. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us for this special edition of "today in the bay." we came on early this morning, just to get you ready for some of the treacherous conditions that remain out there. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. there is flooding around the bay area, lots of commutes will be affected, lots of highways, lots of roads are closed this morning. we'll get right to that, but we want to check in first with kari hall, who's tracking the storms. >> scott, laura, even this morning, just driving into work, i saw some tree limbs down on the roadways and also still some puddles left from the heavy rain we had yesterday. be mindful that that may be what you're stillli


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