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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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out there with mobile radar. >> it's giving us a high definition view of the rain moving through the area. light showers left over. as it scans around from the north bay, east bay, over to the south bay, picking up on some of the showers that continue to move through, but definitely getting much more of a break from the widespread, heavy rain, and we're seeing more spotty activity today. this is the kind of rain you can expect, at least for the first part of the day. and then we'll start to see storm ranger radar filling in, as we go into this afternoon, head of the next storm system that will bring in some strong winds and some rain by tomorrow. i'll detail all of this, give you a better idea of the timeline, coming up. mike's still tracking a crash in hayward. >> also, we're tracking this with sharon katsuda over in pacifica. she says there's some movement, but basically still, highway 101 is closed. and sharon will report live coming up, folks. stick with her if that's the area you drive. the cad system, the chp reports. still one lane blocked, but
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still causing the backup, adding the slowdown. taking quite some time for the tow truck to get there. in fact, chp says they haven't heard an update for about 15 minutes, so, of course, we haven't either. we've seen that build there as well as here off the castro valley y. north 238 just short of 880, we have a crash there. chp will arrive to assist. hopefully freeway service as well. and another crash, it's a mud slide, closing highway 84. this has been going on in fremont. said it's closed, basically from sunol, basically 680 over towards mission boulevard. your alternate will be 680 in either direction between mission north and that stretch. some folks are slowing down, trying to figure out whether they should use that as an option. it is not an option. and we have that closure, highway 101, and i think you were talking about highway 17 as well. >> to the santa cruz mountains this morning, where highway 17 is shut down in both directions, because of a mud slide that brought down trees and power
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lines. >> "today in the bay's" jamie trujillo live there with the update, when things could clear up. good morning, damian. >> reporter: good morning. it's going to be a while. i just came from the scene, and it doesn't look good. in fact, the chp officer who was there told me it's going to be a while before highway 17 is reopened. you can get from the bay area over to the summit and back right now, but the rest, good luck. here's part of the problem. a large power pole came crashing over the northbound lanes of highway 17. this forced the chp to close those lanes at granite creek. a large power line or a cable line remains on the side of the highway of the southbound lanes. those lanes are closed at sugar loaf. it was a nightmare for cars that were stranded at the time of the closure. the chp turned those cars around so they could go back north on highway 17. the big rigs, well, there's no room for them to turn around, so they're stuck there until the crews can reopen the highway.
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caltrans earth movers are on the way to take care of the mud slide. and i also heard some chainsaws, so no doubt some trees came crashing down over highway 17. there's been no rainfall on the santa cruz mountains through the entire morning. we've been here since 3:00. a light drizzle coming down if you're going to go to the other side of the hill, may as well turn around and find another route, because highway 17 is closed in both directions. just on the other side of the summit. we're at the base of the santa cruz mountains, i'mi damian trujillo, today "today in the b. >> another problem to tell you about, this one in the south bay. right now several lanes of highway 101 are underwater, which is certainly going to make today's commute both dangerous and very difficult this morning. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been monitoring the progress happening in gilroy this morning. what can you tell us so far, kris? >> reporter: well, hi, there, laura, we are on highway 25,
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leading up to highway 101. you can see that traffic is moving smoothly here. these folks are going to be able to get to their business in san jose as the northbound lanes are completely reopened. they'll just have to get through this stream of water that's going over highway 25, leading up to highway 101. now, the folks who are headed southbound, though, they are going to run into some trouble. sorry about that. folks like to have a little fun at our express. folks headed in the southbound direction, they may head into trouble as hay hit highway 152 and highway 156 in the south county. now, the chp had to shut down highway 101 altogether around 9:00 last night as the freeway was under 3 feet of water. water whirlpooling in the northbound lanes and people just sat still in traffic for miles. some cal fire crews got stuck on their way to calls, but luckily for these folks, this fire crew was able to get a boat into the water to rescue them from the
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second floor of their home. they also rescued the family dog from the front yard. the whole first floor, though, was underwater. >> the storm drain that's creating quite a large whirlpool. those are the kind of things we're concerned with, with our personnel getting stuck in there or victims get stuck in there. so we have to be careful and make sure we enter the water safely and recover our personnel safely. >> that rescue took about two hours. other folks had to be rescued from their cars, as well. you can't tell how deep the water is, when it's dark. right now, there are a lot of headlights on this stream of water over highway 25, so people can tell there's water on the roadway. but as we got here at 3:00 this morning, it definitely was hard to see. so do give yourself a lot of distance in order to stop, because once you hit that water, you don't know how deep it is, and you don't know how long that water flow is going to go. >> continuing our tour around the south bay, some serious cleanup going on in parts of morgan hill, which got hit hard
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by the storm, the august creek overflowed, flooding some lowland homes on second history. homeowners say drivers made its worse by sending waves of water towards their door s as they drove on by. the water eventually subsided and the owners do expect to reopen for business today. >> so we've taken you to 17, to the south, now let's head to the north bay, where we're tracking the russian river that's already at flood stage and it expects to crest later today. "today in the bay's" pete suratos live with how things stand at this hour. good morning, pete. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura. and look, as things stand, this road is flooding even more here off of neely road, which has been shut down here off of highway 116 in guerneville. folks are still coming through, but it's flooded the -- it's a residential area and you can see, there's a mailbox that's here. i want to show you -- i know we're going to show some other
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video, but you look down this way, you can see there's a log down there apparently that probably fell down as a result of these storms. you can clearly see that this road is flooded out. it's a good idea to stay away from it. as far as the russian river levels right now, the last check was at about 32 feet. right now, they're expecting it leisu -- well, county officials are expected it to hit 38 feet. then we'll be in the significant flooding stages. as a result in these low-lying areas here in guerneville, you had evacuations. folks were sent to a nearby shelter over there, at the santa rosa veterans building. and just moments ago, we spoke to someone who actually operates this nearby rv park from where we're standing, which is flooded out and gave us a good perspective on exactly what we could expect, if we see that 38-feet level at the russian river. he explained something that he could see this area up to 10 feet in water. of course, he's saying that's what could happen if it hits that 38-feet level, as sonoma county officials are expecting
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around 10:00 a.m. we'll get more on his perspective coming up in the next half hour. live in guerneville, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> so far this storm has claimed three drivers over the last two days. >> a cab driver in oakland died after he lost control on the wet roads. he spun off and went into the oakland estuary. crews found his body in that submerged car. >> on saturday, a tree fell and landed on a woman killing her. >> the third victim died on fremont yesterday morning on 880 in a car crash. chp says there was flooding in that area and very heavy rains at the time. some new video that we're just getting our first look at this morning, nearly half of bear creek road has washed away in boulder creek near highway 9. this is a trouble spot. police tell everyone to stay away from the area. >> perhaps this is the biggest sign of that storm, an entire
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road just gone. kari hall is monitoring the forecast for us. what's in store next? >> we are going to have some light rain still today and some spotty showers in the santa cruz mountains. right now, temperatures as you head tout door in the low to mid-50s. some sprinkles schmehere and th. drop down to 47 in the north bay, with some drizzle in san francisco, 52 degrees. here'ses what to expect as we go through today, taking a live look outside. palo alto, we will have a brief break from the heavier rain, but a more steady rain developing in the north bay as we go into this afternoon. some heavy rain rolling right back in for tomorrow, with some high winds and some heavy rain, as well. and coastal flooding will also be a possibility. be prepared for some more flooding and potential of some power outages. we'll talk about that as we go into the next ten minutes. as we head over to mike now, showi showing some slowing for the south bay. >> we have some crashes and a closure there. highway 17 is closed as you head down towards vine hill.
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traffic flow restricted. getting contradicting investigation. we're looking towards a little slowing north 101, because of the build for the commute, just slight there. but over here, the east bay and the tri-valley see the brunt of the slowing. south 680 slow through pleasanton and sunol. toward over here, but don't do it today. because it's closed for a mud slide. and this may affect the h-train tracks through the area. but h train has not let us know that. a little slowing, as folks decide their option, your option is 680 towards mission north. those are the 2000 options to get around that closure, which hopefully we'll get word whether or not crews will have that open. closed right now. slowing for the castro valley high. as well as south 880 down toward whippel road. that's the slowing for the east bay. the bay bridge toll plaza has a nice flow of traffic, about 20 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza, but then you have the wait. because we have the meter lights on, and a lot more commuting going on this week than we did
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two weeks ago. >> that's right. everybody's heading back to work. kind of a tumultuous day out there. >> and our weather coverage will continue for you. highway 80 is closed because of mud slides. and breaking news in the south bay, police shooting overnight. the details we're learning from the scene, coming up next.
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good monday morning. the time now at 6:14. we are still in the microclimate weather alert, as we track another round of heavy rain getting ready to move into the bay area. here's a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. and let's take a look at the rainfall totals for this month. here we are, the ninth day into the month and we've had over 7 inches of rain in santa rosa. almost 5 inches of rain in napa, san francisco, concord, and livermore. over 3 inches of rain there. and for oakland, almost 3 inches of rain. san jose, 2 inches, and hayward, over an inch of rain. we are on track for a very wet month. i'll detail that and looking ahead to what to expect as this next round of rain moves in in about five minutes. >> kari, these times are tough for the travel here through the 680 southbound from pleasanton in towards sunol. folks are slowing down towards highway 84 because of that mud slide. they're a little confused as they see the signage talking
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about that. crash on 238 causing more slowing, but overall your commute moves well despite those spots. mike, as you well know, a lot of the drivers going from tahoe, to or from, they'll have to either find a new route or just don't do it. a major mud slide totally shut down the sbex in both directions. >> it's happening near donner's summit. brian, we're hearing that that area could actually remain closed for hours. >> reporter: yeah, quite a bit of work still to be done here, near donner summit. we're on the westbound side of interstate 80, near the donner lake interchange. you can see behind me, the loaders that working to clear up this mud, snow, and debris pile. we've got pat with caltrans this morning. they're making pretty quick work of this, but what a mess. >> they're doing a pretty good job. we have the contractor in here
6:16 am
at midnight, our crews were here before, but getting the contractor in here is a good job. >> take us back to 5:30 yesterday, when this thing came down. how did it all go down, really? >> all i heard on the radio that traffic was stopped up here at vista point, westbound. they came up and realized the road was shut down by the slide. the time we had it figured out, we had a power line figured out. we had to shut the eastbound side down. trying to get it mopped up >> reporter: trying to get a summation of what's going on with the mud slide. and an energized power line go down, probably brought that effort to a standstill. >> you betcha it did. we couldn't we couldn't even access the site until they had that shut down. they cut their cables and got them off our way so we could continue to do our job. >> reporter: and it's snowing up
6:17 am
here, but yesterday was not the case. it was rain all the way over donner summit, which likely contributed to this situation here. that snowpack saturated with rain. it god down in the mud below and all that came ripping down off the hillside. that's what caltrans has been dealing with. that sloppy snow coming down on to the road. it's been a real mess up here. and we're told even though the power line has been cleared, that westbound and eastbound are shut down because the snowplows can't get through this work area while these crews are busy. we'll keep an eye on it for you, but for now, eastbound and and westbound shut down. the only good news, highway 50 has since reopened, but highway 89 on the west shore remains closed. so not too many options for drivers. pat, your advice to anyone who wants to come to the sierra? >> if you don't need to come up here, don't. >> reporter: sage advice from a pro. >> thank you so much, brian. our coverage continues this morning online. head to
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you can sign up for breaking weather alerts by downloading tour free nbc bay area app. 6:17, we are also following breaking news in the south bay. an officer-involved shooting has shut down the northbound 101 to 880 interchange in san jose. this video into our news room of the scene. thousan now, the shooting involves a san jose police officer. it happened just before midnight. no word on what led up to the shooting. it's the suspect, we suspect, has been shot. no word on his condition or if the officer was hurt in any way. police have not said when that interchange will be reopened, but we'll continue to monitor that. >> 6:18 right now. palo alto police investigating a purse snatching that happened over the weekend and it seems to have involve a crime duo. it happened at the stanford shopping center. a? was walking alone in the south parking garage a little after 6:00 p.m. on saturday, and that's when a car drive up alongside her. a passenger got out, grabbed her purse, and got back in the car. details said to be a little
6:19 am
sketchy on both the thief and the car, but it may have been a black suv. it's a long time coming. crews finally today will switch the power on at a major south bay government building, back on thursday, a power outage shut things down at santa clara county government center, sending hundreds of workers home, including those in the district attorney and county clerk's offices. it was thought they could reopen friday and did not happen. but normal services should resume today. 6:19 right now. i want to get updated when it comes to the morning commute. lots of people heading back to work today after kind of an extended weekend. and of course, that all-important forecast. >> yeah, we're going to have a lot going on here within the next couple of days. still a lot of rain from the weekend. that may cause some standing waters on the roadways, as we head out for that drive. looking now at oakland, you can see it's a getting a little bit more busy out there. a lot of people heading back to work and school this morning. we continue our microclimate weather alert. as we track the cleanup from the
6:20 am
weekend and also look ahead to the next storm that will be moving in, we have storm ranger parked on a mountain in san bruno. it is picking up on light rain. this is our mobile doppler radar truck. it gives us a very high detail of what is happening around the bay area. and it is showing light spotty showers out there as you head out for that drive. windshield wipers on in some areas. and the heavier rain will be arriving for tomorrow. we've seen a little bit of a break in the moisture, and still a lot of snow happening now in the sierra, finally changing over to snow there, after a weekend of some heavy rain. and as we look ahead to this next weather system, there will be a high wind watch in effect. this starts tomorrow. winds coming in from the south at 20 to 35 miles an hour. those gusts may pick up to about 65 miles an hour. we also have a coastal flood advisory in effect for the coast and the inner bay, with king tides coming in between tomorrow, as well as wednesday and thursday. coastal flooding will be a possibility during the high tide. we're also keeping an eye on the area rivers and creeks.
6:21 am
the russian river in guerneville, as we heard from our report from pete suratos, he is out there and we are expecting to it crest today at 38 feet, at about noon, and then go down and come right back up tomorrow with some heavy rain. at the napa river, downtown napa, it is falling now. it has already crested, but will be going back up, a little bit of a peak, just below monitor stage for tomorrow afternoon. the guadalupe river was at the monitor stage. it will go down and stay below the monitor stage tomorrow with that next storm system moving in. and the san lorenzo river continues to fall right now at about 15.2. and it looks to stay below flood stap stage there. we have some low 50s out there, expecting a lot more snow in the sierra. we could be measuring the snow here in the feet, possibly 4 to 5, possibly 6 feet of snow in parts of the sierra within the next three days. a lot going on there. mike, is there a lot going on the roads so far?
6:22 am
>> you know, we're getting more folks tonight roadway, because as we talked about, most school districts back. not a break in the traffic over here in the east bay. we see the build. peninsula, not much. just a little build for north 101. typical pattern, light traffic flows so far. slowing here for 680. highway 84 is closed through the canyon area because of a mud slide, so you cannot use that as an option. 680 may see a little more traffic. you're okay so far. slowing for 238, a crash around 880. and south 880 at whipple. you have a lane blocked there as well. those three areas have the three slowest drive times registering on our sensors for that area. 680, 238. 33 minutes down toward the dumbarton bridge. let me show you the san mateo bridge. that slows smoothly, but you have a lot of company. this is right on schedule. no delay on the peninsula side because of the volume, but watch the weather. pacifica, we hear highway 1
6:23 am
still has traffic flowing slowly. sharon is still talking about that closure around reyna avista, i believe that is. and we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on. a standard backup there. >> thank you mike. up next, the man accused of a shooting rampage in a crowded florida airport will be in court today. the latest on the man accused of opening fire killing five. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back to you on this monday morning, as we take a look at san francisco and the dark skies above. as dawn arises, we will see more rain, though maybe not nearly as bad as it was over the weekend. >> probably see a lot more damage that happened after this weekend's storm. now to a developing story, in other news. the man accused in last friday's deadly florida airport rampage will appear for the first time in court today. new and shocking video was obtained by tmz. it shows the seconds before the gunfire erupted. five people died and six more were injured. 26-year-old esteban santiago could face the death penalty if convicted. police say he checked a gun into his luggage on a flight from anchorage, alaska. after picking up his bag at ft. lauderdale hollywood airport, investigators say he went into a nearby restroom to load his gun and came out firing. lawmakers in washington are gearing up for a very busy week. eight nominees for the trump cabinet are already scheduled for confirmation hearings.
6:27 am
>> the first hearing is set for tomorrow. that will be the nominee for attorney general. alabama senator jeff sessions. this comes as exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson is nominated for secretary of state. also facing hearings, nominees for the head of the cia, the epa, education, homeland security, labor, and defense departments. democrats are still vowing to block some of the nominees, including the first on the agenda, sessions and tillerson. that's because -- that's also in part because the government's ethics office has not completed its screenings of the nominees. coming up next on "today in the bay," we'll take a look with kari on this all-important forecast. >> and the next round of rain could bring another 1 to 2 inches of rain on a very saturated ground and on some swollen creeks and rivers. i'll let you know what you can expect, coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda, live in pacifica, where there's finally some good news for
6:28 am
drivers after a major mud slide in this area. i'll show you the progress. >> reporter: the storm flooding out low-lying parts of guerneville like this. i'll have perspective from a local, coming up. >> reporter: highway 17 closed in both directions. yes, it is storm related. i'm damian trujillo live at the base of the santa cruz mountains with a live report, next. sure, you could sit around all night waiting for a pizza to be delivered. but wouldn't making it yourself be a lot more fun?
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overflow. we had to kick everybody o so theyould get
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safely =runs 4= =scott/cont.=roads turnedo rive first the storm-- th our restaurant's going to overflow. we had to kick everyone out so they could get home safely. >> roads turned to rivers, first the storm now the aftermath. >> we have crews spanned across the bay area, as cleanup efforts get underway. just as more rain moves in. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the week off. a busy 24 hours for the bay area. we track those widespread floods, road closures, as well, at this hour. >> and just as we got a little break from the rain, another system is moving on through. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall right now for an update on when the area will get hit next. >> we are expecting light rain throughout the morning and early afternoon and then a more steady rain for the north bay for the evening commute. as you head out right now, still some standing water on the roadways, and some light rain, as we get a look at storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, tracking some spotty showers for the bay area, as you head out this morning. grab the umbrella.
6:32 am
get prepared for some more heavy rain, as we go into the next 24 to 48 hours. still some rain in the forecast. and mike's still tracking some road closures. >> we've had a number of road closures that cropped up because of weather-related issues. over here, we're following the effect on highway 1. sharon katsuda will let you know the latest on that situation. over in the santa cruz mountains, we have highway 17 coming up in a second, but i want to show you overall, our south bay. the silicon valley just shows a gentle build there. it's over here in the tri-valley where we have the problem. 680 slows down through pleasanton, typical. highway 84 is completely closed because of a mud slide. so now more folks will likely use that towards mission boulevard as your alternate through the area. keep that in mind. not a whole lot more traffic, but that is a change in the flow. also slowing for 238 off the castro valley y. an earlier crash there. and 880 down through whipple and haywood, that has cleared, but still slowing through the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge, we show you the
6:33 am
backup as well. the metering lights are on. the fast track lanes do move. >> thank you very much. well, another headache building up in the south bay. highway 17 is shut down in both directions, because of a mud slide that brought down trees and power lines. >> today in the bay's damian trujillo live with an update on when things could clear up. damian, probably not soon. >> reporter: good morning. actually, we're getting some good news out of the santa cruz mountains. one lane, one southbound lane of highway 17 is reopened. all the other lanes are o closed. right now, i was down there just about an hour ago, the chp officer told me, it will be a while before those other lanes are reopened. but again, at least one southbound lane is now opened. a number of problems on that highway. cars that were stranded at the time of the closure had to turn around and head back north. three big rigs had to stay there, because there was no way for them to turn around. caltrans earth movers are also there now trying to remove one
6:34 am
or more of the mud slides from the highway. i also heard chain saws farther down the highway. no doubt some trees also came crashing down over 17. another problem, a large power pole that came crashing over the northbound lanes of highway 17. this forced the chp to close those lanes at granite creek. a large power line or a cable line remains on the side of the highway of the southbound lanes, but apparently it's okay for crews -- for drivers to head south in one lane at that location. and again, northbound lanes remain closed at this hour at granite creek. no rain, so far, here this morning. this early morning here in the santa cruz mountains. just a light drizzle here and there. things are drying up so far, but if you're coming up to the santa cruz area, be ware that there will be some delays, one lane remains closed at this time. if you're expecting workers over in the bay area, the south bay area, they're coming from santa cruz, they might not get there in time, because again, highway 17 northbound remains closed.
6:35 am
we're live at the base of the santa cruz mountains, i'm damian trujillo, "today in the bay". >> thank you very much, damian. as you can see, it's been a mess on the roadways this morning. another headache we're tracking right now is in pacifica, where a mud slide shutting down lanes of highway 1. let's check in with today in the bay's sharon katsuda. she's live with an update for us. sharon? >> well, good news. you can see behind me that traffic, northbound traffic, is finally moving. and they are alternating traffic. so northbound traffic can make it past the mud slide. they are heading up the southbound lanes right now, as you can see. the mud slide came down just before midnight. caltrans says this mud slide earlier was about 15 feet tall. it covered that entire right lane of northbound highway 1 near reyna delmar avenue in pacifica. you can see the by the size of it, it's taking hours and a lot of heavy equipment to clean it up. earlier drivers were told to take a detour all the way down to highway 92 in half moon bay.
6:36 am
>> i just filled up with gas so i can make it. i wasn't going to fill up with gas. i can make it now. i've got to get to my starbucks. i'll see you guys later. >> northbound lanes are shut down for now, and police are allowing drivers to head northbound in the southbound lanes. back here live, you can see traffic is still backed up in all directions, just trying to get into the southbound lanes. police are really trying to give all of these drivers directions, and a little bit of chaos here as they're chasing down some drivers who continue to try to go up the northbound lanes. they just sort of go through the traffic stop here and they're having to chase them down, still spop bring a lot of patience if you are heading to this area. reporting live in pacifica, i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> patience and a little common sense. to the northbound now, sharon, we're tracking major flood concerns in guerneville, where the russian river is dangerously close to flooding and more rain, of course, is on the way.
6:37 am
"today in the bay's" pete s suratos is live with a closer look at where things stand. good morning, pete >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. here in guerneville, they're having those flooding issues in these low-lying areas. i want to show you, it's up to my knees here in this water as they deal with this ongoing issue off of highway 116. now, we do know the russian river levels are currently at about 32 feet. we're expecting it to crest at about 38 feet. that's where you'd have the most significant flooding concerns in this area. now, i did speak to a man who rented a nearby rv park to kind of give me a perspective on exactly what we can expect, if it does crest. right now he's saying it's at about 4 to 5 feet on this road alone. if it does hit that 38 feet, he's saying we could hit about 10 feet on this road, later on today. here he is, giving us a really good perspective on what to expect or possibly expect later on today. >> come down and check, see how high it's getting, see if i'm going to get flooded in, see if i can leave town or not.
6:38 am
probably will be. so looks like i won't going to work tomorrow. >> kind of keeps you in your house. you have to make sure you have plenty of food, dog food, medication, water. >> are you ready? >> we're ready. >> reporter: sorry about that, guys. that was a different sound bite from other folks. but the man we did speak to said it could get to maybe possibly 10 feet in this area. folks have been evacuated from this area and in other parts of guerneville. a shelter is actually available at the santa rosa veterans build. but as i mentioned, sonoma county officials are expecting that russian river to hit 38 feet around noon, of course. we'll keep you up to date on any conditions this morning as they change. we're live in guerneville, pete suratos for "today in the bay". >> all right. thank you very much, pete. good thing those boots are tall. 6:38. the weather forcing the closure of some sonoma county schools
6:39 am
today. schools in healdsburg, cloverdale, gooirsville, guerneville, as well as occidental and monte rio. we've posted the list of closures on our website as well as new video this morning of the debris highway in san francisco. that's been closed at several intersections because of flooding. several inches of water covering the roadway. it's sure to cause problems during the commute today. we do not have any word yet on when lanes will reopen. so many closures, a lot of mud, trees down. we need a little break from this rain, but another storm on its way, tracking the radar. here's kari. >> and we are going to see that rain moving in, as we go into this afternoon. still some spotty light showers leftover. and there may be some times of heavier rain, especially for the north bay, later on this afternoon. here's a live look outside at palo alto. quite a few more people making it out there on the roadways. there will be a brief break in the rain once again today as far as the heavier rain, but it becomes more steadier for the
6:40 am
north bay for the evening commute. another storm moving in tomorrow with some high winds and heavy rain. also, coastal flooding will be possible. we will detail all of this coming up in the microclimate forecast in about ten minutes. >> we look over here and see a little flowing for the south bay. the silicon valley commute is starting farther south. if 17 is your drive, there's only one lane opened southbound, heading over the summit, because of a tree down. he continues to follow that situation. 101 has reopened, kris sanchez let us know that through gilroy. over here, this has not reopened. highway 84 remains closed because of that mud slide. and this is from the area between 680 and mission north. so 680 and mission north are your options, as your alternate. and we don't see any other additional slowing really coming through the tri-valley. some will build here as well as the castro valley "y." a standard slower drive towards the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges.
6:41 am
this is the area we showed you with the slower drive. down toward the dumbarton bridge and 29 minutes from the freeway to the bay bridge. back to you. coming up, mud slides also shut down a major tri-valley road is bound to create pretty big problems for the morning commute. we'll show you how you can get around it. plus, stuck in tahoe. this mud slide on interstate 80 is not very good news for drivers trying to cross donner's summit or even get back home to the bay area. we'll tell you how long this closure is expected to last. and we'll take you out live to the big board this morning. dow industrials down 51 points. a reminder, we had records yesterday. we'll be back in just a moment.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
good monday morning. it is 6:44 as we take a look at some of our area rivers. the russian river at guerneville expected to crest at 38 feet at noon today. if you live in this area, be prepared for some major flooding. it will come up once again tomorrow afternoon. for the napa river at st. helena, it will be falling as we go into the day, but rising again above flood stage for tomorrow. and the san lorenzo river near felton will be at about 15.2. and then falling as we go into the next 24 hours. i'll have a look at the complete microclimate forecast, coming up. and as we look at these
6:45 am
travel times, we're showing the slowest drive right now for the tri-valley highway, 84. but tlooersz you can travel, 84 through sunol is closed because of a mud slide through the nile canyon area. i'll show you the recruit, coming up. meanwhile, the briblgs do flow well, but the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, in fact, all the toll plazas starting to get a little heavier right now. >> and mike, as you well know, drivers planning to go to or the from lake tahoe today may want to rethink their plans. >> they may not have a choice. here's a live look from caltrans camera near donner summit this morning. both sides are shut down. a mud slide has closed westbound directions. this photo from the chp shows the slide on 80, which actually happened adjacent to donner lake this morning. chp says it actually may be hours before that slide is cleared. downed power lines have shut down the eastbound direction. now, that problem is near ki kingvale. we'll keep an eye on this situation all morning to see if conditions change. in napa, drivers are warned
6:46 am
to pay attention to emergency road signs. chp says, if you see a road closed sign because of flooding, pay attention. don't drive across the flooded roadway. people not been heeding those warnings. a few folks have gotten stuck and had to be rescued. . >> it's dangerous. vehicles can get swept away. vehicles can stall out. >> a chp officer and a tow truck driver got up to their knees in floodwater to get a car out of the lane last night. a tow truck driver said it was the fourth car he pulled out of the water just yesterday and it's probably not going to be his last. >> some commuters in the east bay will have to find an alternate way to 580 or 680. flooding and debris has closed crow canyon road in both directions. and north canyon road and castro valley. it's about 8 miles we're talking about there. the problem actually started yesterday afternoon, and the area will remain closed at least through the morning commute. your best bet is to just avoid the closure, take bolling engineer canyon to norris
6:47 am
canyon, and that will bypass the left side and land you back on to crow canyon road. >> laura, don't drive into the high water, but there is some more cars stuck in that water. scary moment in san jose. two men rescued off the santa teresa boulevard. firefighters had to use a boat and eventually roped them in. >> this is frightening. a 1-year-old girl was rescued by bystanders and deputies after a car ended up in a creek. this is video that was posted on the placer county sheriff's office facebook page. deputies say they were on highway 49 north of auburn when they spotted a car upside down in the creek. a woman emeshlgrged from the ca screaming her daughter was still in the car. deputies and bystanders rushed to pull that little girl out. she was initially unresponsive, but came around as first responders gave her first aid. 6:47. yosemite has been evacuated. here's why. the merced river surpassed its
6:48 am
10-foot flood stage a few hours ago. there's significant flooding across the valley. all nonessential workers got out of yosemite yesterday afternoon along with visitors. the merced river has not reached its banks since 1997. >> oh, i remember being there when that happened. here we go again. what a beefy storm we had this weekend. >> and it's not over just yet, even though we get a little bit of dry air mixing in, creating some light showers. there will be be another boost of subtropical moisture pushing in by tomorrow. here's a live look outside. i just saw a school bus ride through there. some schools back in session today. and we are looking at quite a bit of heavy rain. here's a look at how much rain we've had so far this month. here we are, the ninth day of january. and in santa rosa, we've already had over 7 inches of rain. napa, about 4 1/2 inches of rain. san francisco, concord, and livermore, over 3 inches of rain for the month. and we continue to add into the rainfall bucket, as we go into the next several days, while san
6:49 am
jose has had over 2 inches of rain. in spots like oakland as well as hayward, measuring well over the normal amount. so far, as we continue into the first part of 2017. now looking at storm ranger, here's the red sweep of our storm ranger, our mobile doppler radar, parked on san bruno mountain, picking up on some light rain. this gives us a very high definition view of what's happening around the bay area. once again, some scattered sprinkles as you head out and about. so grab the umbrella. a lot of moisture moving in. some of that snow now coming down in the sierra, and quite a few problems there as we've seen this snow just now changing over from rain. and for us, we'll still have a chance of some rain throughout the day, starting to e ing ting getting more widespread for the afternoon. for the coast and the hills, we may have gusts reaching 65 miles an hour. the ground already wet. and when you throw in wind speeds that high, we may have
6:50 am
some downed trees and power lines. be prepared for that. also, a coastal flood advisory for all of these areas shaded in green. that starts tomorrow for the coast and the inner bay. there may be some flooding as king tides return. and coastal flooding all the way through thursday. and as we go hour by hour, still seeing some spotty rain today. we start to see some of the more widespread rain, once again returning for the north bay in time for the evening commute. it my may get quite heavy there. quite a bit of red and more spotty activity elsewhere across the bay area. and by tomorrow, we start to see more coverage and the brunt of the storm hitting us by the afternoon into the evening hours. and then moving off to the east, still some rain left behind, some more spotty activity for wednesday. rainfall expected to reach another 1 to 2 inches for much of the bay area. close to 2 inches for the santa cruz mountains. i know you've already had several inches of rain there. while the rest of us have had about 1 to 2 inches of rain, and
6:51 am
the winds rushing in onshore. a high wind watch once again in effect. right now those wind speeds calming down, but expected to pick right back up for tomorrow afternoon. here we are at 10:00 tomorrow morning. and wind speeds at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. once again, higher gusts at the coastline. sustained winds at 30 miles an hour. temperatures right now, as you step out the door in livermore, 52 degrees. 51 in morgan hill. while we do have some milder weather here, it's finally cold enough to snow in the sierra. and look at how much snow we could have over the next three days there. we could be measuring snow at about 4 to 5 feet of snow. and then all of this clears out for the end of the weekend. into the weekend, looking a so the some cooler temperatures as well. >> mike, what's happening with the commute? >> we see the building commute, and we've had a little bit of a break from the rain, but still damp roadways, possibly slick conditions, and we certainly have the effects. the mud slide over there in the tri-valley. sharon katsuda continues to follow pacifica, with traffic
6:52 am
seeking out in the northbound direction. and highway 17, damian told us one lane is open as you head southbound over the summit towards the santa cruz area. a little build for the northbound route to silicon valley, no big surprises. a light commute building there. this is the big surprise. highway 84 is closed due to 680 and 238. that's mission boulevard through the niles canyon area. that windy area is closed because of a mud slide. use 680 to mission as your alternate back and forth. that may be the bigger issue towards the evening commute, but hopefully they can get those lanes open over the course of the morning. standard build for the castro valley y. moving over toward highway 24, westbound, off the walnut creek interchange, a crash was there. looks like that has cleared from the traffic pattern. we're following that, but still slow. getting close, you're clear. 880 live shot shows you oakland coliseum is moving well, where the metering lights are on, the backup is still the toll plaza. >> thank you, mike, as you get
6:53 am
out the door, a look at our top stories, including 101 just reopening after that heavy flooding over the weekend. and we'll have tall roadways for you that are shut down. >> that's down in the south bay. first, happening now, we're in the middle of a microclimate weather alert, as we've been mentioning. you can upload our nbc bay area app to get alerts right to your smartphone. >> and storm ranger, the bay area's only mobile radar giving us an unparalleled view of the storm. and if you have flooding in your neighborhood, we hope not, but if you do, we want to see it. send us your photos and videos and we'll put them on air. just post them to our facebook page and we'll be back in just a few. is before you head out the door -
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. good monday morning to you. 6:56 right now. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> we're following breaking news in the south bay. an officer-involved shooting has shut down northbound 101/880 interchange in san jose. we'll take you live to pictures from our helicopter as we look at the closure. we're expecting this will not change until about 9:00 a.m. the shooting involved a san jose police officer, happened just before midnight. no word on what led up to the shooting or the condition of the suspect or if the officer himself was hurt. police say, again, 9:00 a.m., at this important interchange.
6:57 am
back to our microclimate weather coverage now. highway 101 south of gilroy, just reopened. this happened within the last hour. last night and into the morning, both lanes were closed due to flooding. flooding became too dangerous around 9:00 last night. 3 feet of water. look at that, in some places. the traffic was left at a standstill for miles. also just in this morning, one lane of southbound 17 has reopened. northbound direction is closed just over the summit at granite creek, where a downed power pole is sitting across all lanes. our damian trujillo is at the scene. he spoke just a short time ago with highway patrol officer who believes it will still be some time before the entire roadway reopens. crews along 17 are also clearing mud slides and a lot of fallen trees in that area. and as always, major flood concerns in the north bay. this is a live look at the russian river in guerneville. you can see it's above its flood stage there. right now, 32 feet. enough to cause this minor flooding.
6:58 am
at noon, the river's expected to hit 38 feet. that would be significant flooding in low-lying areas. evacuees are being sent to the red cross shelter at the santa rosa veterans building. in the meantime, let's take a live look at highway 1 in pacifica. also closed this morning due to a mud slide. caltrans says it happened just before midnight near reyna delmar avenue. and at one point, there was a wall of mud said to be about 15 feet high. crews are making progress clearing the roadway and they're hoping to get it back moving again soon. northbound drivers being advised to take highway 92 to interstate 280 instead, if you're trying to head north. >> that's a big -- >> that's kind of a big reroute. try to think of it as a,, you know -- >> scenic route? >> scenic route, this morning. that's the most we can do. >> let's check in with kari for a last look at your weather as you head out the door. >> here's what to expect as we go through the next, the next several days. expecting some rain today, scattered showers with, the brunt of the storm hitting us tomorrow. and then cooler weather moving
6:59 am
in for the end of the week, but we will get a chance to dry out, racking the potential of some flooding and also some damaging winds for tomorrow, especially during the afternoon. but once again, some gusty winds and heavy rain tomorrow. still some scattered showers lingering today. >> feels like we need some south of the border sunshine right now. >> yeah. >> but now a lot of people heading back to work as well, how are the roads. >> more traffic on the roads, but the issue is not the volume of traffic. the police activity in san jose, northbound 101, connecting on to northbound 880. use oakland road to get off the freeway one exit earlier and take oakland road up to 880, if that's your necessary route. this morning, we'll follow that police activity. the build through the south bay very mild. here's the unexpected closures at highway 84 in addition to the ones we talked about earlier. this mud slide closed the area through nile canyon, so that will be an issue. use 680 to mission north. that's your option for the area. folks through the tri-valley know that as an option. getting through the bay bridge, not so bad. the crash cleared, i believe, over in the thanksgiving area.
7:00 am
>> got to have a lot of patience and a lot of workarounds in a lot of area. and stay with today in the bay. we'll be back in half an hour with a local news update. la la land slide. >> ryan gosselin. >> emma stone. >> "la la land" a record seven golden globes including best movie, actor and actress in a kmed or musical. st jimmy fallon setting the stage for the big night with a dazzling opening. ♪ >> we have it all covered from the red carpet to the after parties and everything in between. breaking overnight. more rain and snow pummeling the west. states of emergency. the region bracing for the worst flooding in a decade.


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