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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 9, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the recovery between the storms. after a weekend of heavy rain anod right now at 11:00, the recovery between the storms. after a weekend of heavy rain and flooding, the bay area is trying to dry out. rivers spilled their banks, and driving a white-knuckle affair this morning. good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. i was on highway 101 in gilroy this morning. it was treacherous for a lot of drivers. that was then, and this is now. live look from our h.d. traffic camera, downtown san francisco, rather at the bay bridge this morning. we have team coverage. >> yeah, kris was part of that team coverage this morning. we turn to the rest. we start with meteorologist carrie hall. a quick break from the rain, but it's coming back. it will be coming back as we
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go into this afternoon with some light rain. then it gets more intense as we go into the day tomorrow. outside, ocean beach. and dealing with quite a bit of rain. now here's a look at how much rain we've had so far this month. keeping in mind it's only the ninth day in. and in santa rosa, we had 7.75 quarters of rain. in napa, close to 4.5 inches of rain, just below 5 inches. san francisco, over 3 inches there. concord and livermore, 3 inches of rain. significant amounts for oakland toward san jose and hayward. and measuring over an inch of rain there. as we get ready for more heavy downpours, the ground is already soaked. and the good news is that we're getting a chance to dry out with some spotty, light showers. at least for now. then as we go into the rest of the forecast, we will start to see that rain moving back into the north bay later on today. another strong storm in the forecast tomorrow bringing in high winds and some heavy rain. that also may cause coastal
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flooding as king tides move in along with that storm and some heavy rain. i'll let you know what to expect. we'll take a closer look at the timeline coming up a little bit later. >> thank you. people living near rivers certainly keeping their eye on the water. the russian river is expected to crest in the next hour. nbc bay area has more from guerneville. what's the latest? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, scott. we're here in off neely road. we've been showing all morning, look, this road is looking more like a lake as they deal with the flooding concerns here. according to the russian river fire officials saying they expect it to crest at 36 feet. we could see more of the typical flooding you see in the area. as you see here, they're not taking it lightly. steve gurst came back to look at his old r.v. park. part of the flooded scene in guerneville. a street that looked more like a lake but didn't come as a shock. >> relatively this is a little
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flood. back in '95, it was up on top of the electrical house over there. >> reporter: local officials aren't taking any chances. as russian river firefighters will be on standby around guerneville monitoring the river conditions throughout the day. >> this is kind of a routine to hunker down and get past today because of the void in the rain. we'll be fine. >> reporter: while fire officials are saying the russian river may not do as much damage as expected, they're staying cautious. >> it will be bad for some folks. they're going to be stuck. and we're here to help them get out if they want or need to. >> reporter: as you guys can see, all hands on deck here in guerneville. now the fire department will serve as an incident command center for all of this. and from fire officials, if you see roads like this, we've seen this the past half hour, you want to avoid driving through it. live in guerneville, nbc bay area news. >> yet some people will try. in pacifica and beyond, the
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backup this morning went for miles of mudslides that blocked pacifica creating trouble for morning drivers. we have more live from sharon at the site. has the highway fully reopened? sometimes these things take so long. >> reporter: no, not yet. and you see behind me we're here at reyna del mar avenue. traffic is still backed up all the way around the bend on highway 1. we're told by drivers it takes an hour to get here. once you get here, drivers are being told to head northbound up the southbound lanes. it's still making for a really bad commute this morning. caltrans workers tackled the mudslide all morning trying to push back the wall of mud that reached 15 feet high. drivers trying to get to san francisco prepared for the long detour ahead. highway 92 in half moon bay. >> i wasn't going to fill up with gas. i could make it now. >> reporter: drivers heard for hours that the highway might
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reopen, so some chose to hang tight. >> i talked to someone from work, and they're on 92 now. it's a parking lot. it's probably going to be three hours for him. i think i'll wait it out. >> reporter: daylight didn't change the traffic situation much. if you look closely, you see rocks still falling on to the highway. even after workers cleared the mudslide from the lanes. families worried about getting to school late. >> it's terrible, and we're trying to get through on the high school phone line, and it's down also. we can't say, oh, we're going to be tardy. i'm sure they know. >> reporter: those waiting to catch the northbound bus didn't know when it would come. a long wait in any language. how long have you been waiting? how long? >> an hour. >> reporter: too long? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: do you see the bus? >> yes. >> reporter: with patience and a helping hand by police, commuters made their way to san francisco heading north in the southbound lanes out of harm's way. and right now you're looking at cars coming from the
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neighborhood streets. they're taking, they're telling me, about 20 minutes just to get to this point to highway 1. so a lot of congestion out here, and there's still no telling, no confirmation on when pacific highway 1 will reopen later today. reporting live in pacifica sharon taka katsuda. >> a lot of folks were late to school and work. flooding across the bay area shutting down several busy highways as sharon mentioned. we're also talking about 101 in gilroy, 17 in the santa cruz mountains. of course that 1 in pacifica. >> mike's been busy tracking roads all morning long. mike, i like all the green there. much better now. i was working hard, but you were on highway 101 in the weather, kris. thank you for being out there and for being here now. over here is what sharon was talking about. highway 1 in pacifica. don't know when they'll fully open the roadway because the mud, the dirt and rocks keep slipping down the hillside, a mudslide. so there's still traffic control
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there. you saw it in the shot. this is the slower drive north out of pacifica toward 280 around reyna del mar. folks trying to avoid the area, you've got a lot more driving to do. south toward half moon bay, 92 to 280, not so bad as far as traffic flow but more than we usually see this time of day and a lot more mileage. 17 has traffic restrictions at vine hill. folks getting around one side to get around a mudslide. that is still in effect. has been since this morning. highway 101 reopened, as kris said earlier, and highway 84. a mudslide closing at calaveras, south of 680. not used by many. if you use calaveras, you cannot pass at south of 680. that's an issue. we had the mudslide here on highway 84. i didn't see good pictures, but i think you might have some. >> thank you very much. new video of crews hard at work in fremont in niles canyon off mission boulevard, what mike were talking about. officials say this part of fremont is susceptible to landslides during heavy rain
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like we've seen. the road was closed early this morning between fremont and sunol because of that slide. there could be more of this with the next storm rolling in. we'll talk about the timing in a few minutes. so 101 in gilroy is back open. that was closed both directions overnight and into the morning commute. lanes reopened about 6:15 this morning. at one point, around 9:00, the highway had three feet of water in some places. it left traffic at a standstill for miles. not far from the mess, 101 and highway 25, firefighters had to use a boat to rescue two people from the second story of that gilroy home. the first floor was completely under water nearly. firefighters rescued the two people who were not hurt. they also saved a dog from the yard, too, but it was not easy. >> the storm drain that's creating a large whirlpool, those are things we're concerned with with our person getting stuck or victims getting stuck in there. we have to assess what we're looking at and make sure that we enter the water safely and
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recover all our personnel safely. >> the battalion chief says that people may not have known how bad the flooding was until it was too late to get out because it is hard to see the rising waters in the dark. our nbc bay area app is best way to stay informed and ahead of the weather. download it to get alerts well severe weather and rain headed your way. it is free for iphones and android devices. it wasn't just the water that slowed the commute. an overnight police shooting in the south bay left commuters finding alternate routes this morning. we brought you this live breaking coverage earlier this morning. this happened on northbound highway 101 on ramp to 880. damian trujillo has the latest from the scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, the crime scene technicians were here until about a half hour. they opened the on ramp once again here about a half hour ago. 11 hours after the shooting here, a shooting that involved
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officers that were responding to report of an accident here on the on ramp. the response erupted into gunfire. which will not say what led -- whi chp will not say what led officers to fire. neither officer was injured. the suspect suffered non-life-threatening injuries. he was taken to a local hospital. this was a chp shooting, but the san jose police department is investigating the incident. officers here tell me that is routine since the shooting happened within city limits. the attorney's office is also investigating. this is the routine also in all officer-involved shootings. now for 11 hours, the ramp remained closed. this while investigators searched the suspect's car including the trunk of the car. we should mention we couldn't tell from the vantage point here, the car was behind us here at this location. but once a tow truck towed it away, we could see the car was
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riddled with bullets. again, the on ramp is once again open. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we're learning new details about the first and second homicides of san jose this year. just a few hours ago, san jose police identified the two victims as 31-year-old hugo chavez from sunnyvale and 21-year-old daniel maldonado of san jose. the shooting happened thursday just before 8:00 inside the taqueria. the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. police are still looking for suspects and a motive. up next at 11:00, we'll go back to the microclimate weather alert going around the mountains. going to be tough. the problem that's delaying drivers, and it's not the snow. plus, a famous tree just could not withstand this latest storm. a look at the damage after the pioneer cabin tree toppled after standing tall for hundreds of years. nbc bay area responds. we've recovered over $400,000
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for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit here's a water hazard.
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severe flooding at the silverado country club in napa. all right. here is a water hazard for you. this is severe flooding at the silverado country club in napa. the pga held the safeway open there this year back in october. or last year. nobody is playing golf there now. >> wow! that is just a waterfall. kari, i mean, my girls were asking me what is a flash flood. it's too much water in too short of time, right? >> that's right. when you see it covering the road, we advise you not to drive through it. you don't know how deep it is. quickly, rising water will be the concern once again going into tomorrow afternoon. but right now here is our chance to dry out. live look outside at san jose. some of the streets may still be wet. standing water in spots. much improved weather condition
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compared to yesterday. with this break in the rain, this is our chance to clean up, move away the leaves from the storm drains and get ready for the next round of rain that will move into the north bay later on this afternoon and into tonight. another strong storm moving in tomorrow may cause more downed tree ands power lines. be compared for the potential of power outages with high wind and heavy rain. coastal flooding will return as king tides move back into the bay area for san francisco as well as the interbay. right now we are seeing much more quiet weather conditions. only spotty light rain at this point. going into the day tomorrow, once again we're expecting high winds. to a high wind watch has been issued. as our winds rush in from the south we could have sustained winds at 20 to 30 miles an hour and gusts up to 65 miles an hour for all of these areas shaded here in orange. into the day tomorrow as well as wednesday and thursday, we'll have some high tides moving up
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as we go into the high tide time frame late morning as well as into the evening. and during that we may have some coastal flooding for the coast and the inner bay. a few things we'll be watching in advance of the next storm system moving in. here is the way it looks on the hour by hour outlook. showers filling in for the north bay during this evening's commute. later tonight heavy rain starting to become more widespread. pockets of heavy downpours briefly moving through with a much more steady rain throughout tonight and into the day tomorrow. by 9:30, 10:00, we still see pockets of heavy rain, and then the brunt of the storm moving through during tomorrow evening's commute with a lot more red here on the map. and also the potential of some thunder and lightning. a slight chance of that. but definitely some heavy rain and strong wind for tomorrow evening. and still some lingering light showers on wednesday and possibly into early thursday
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morning. so with all of this rain moving in, we have the possibility of at least another inch of rain. and there could be an additional 2 inches of rain in spots like the santa cruz mountains. you have already had over 5 inches of rain in some of those spots. there could be more on top of that causing the creeks and rivers to rise once again. our winds have calmed down right now, but there will still be high winds in the forecast especially starting in late morning, into the afternoon. we'll have the sustained winds once again, 20 to 30 miles an hour, and some higher gusts. and then starting to see the winds relax on wednesday. here is a look at heavenly right now. a lot of snow on the ground and the potential for several more inches of snow. possibly several feet as we could see up to 56 inches of snow at tahoe city and even higher at king vail. we'll look at the forecast and what to expect the rest of the week and when we'll get sunshine coming up later. highway 17 shut down in the
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santa cruz mountains this morning. we brought it to you live on "today in the bay." big traffic trouble still in the santa cruz mountains right now. a mud slide continues to cover the north side of the freeway. chp is routing drivers through the southbound side of 17 but only one lane in each direction. as you can imagine, it is slow going. lanes were shut down just over the summit at granite creek because of mud slides that brought down rock, trees and power poles. a look at the damage in boulder creek. half of bear creek road was washed away near highway 9. it is almost entirely gone. residents say this has been a trouble spot for years, and police are telling people to stay away, though some of them are not. no word on how long these repairs may take. crews still have lots to do in san francisco where the storm toppled trees and flooded some areas. here is a tree on golden gate avenue. people heard this one come down. blocked both directions.
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nobody hurt. elsewhere, an underpass near 101 and alameda closed. wind took down scaffolding near 7th and market. in san bruno a storm downed power lines. >> looks pretty bad. so, man, that's something else. this weather is bad out here. >> continuing our tour. on the peninsula, 280. minor injuries. the caltrans camera on 80 near donner summit. a mud slide blocked both directions. eastbound lanes are open. you still need chains. the photo here from chp shows the slide on 80 near donner lake. the chp says it could be hours before the westbound side is cleared. downed power lines shut down the eastbound lanes for a while. those, again, are back open. this is call near king vail.
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chains are required. one of california's giant, famous sequoia trees fell victim to stormy weather. the pioneer cabin tree toppled in heavy rains over the weekend in big tree state park. the calaveras big tree association posted these photos to facebook. it was hallowed out so that cars could drive through the enormous trunk. this is what it looked like before it fell. sequoias can live 3,000 years and measure more than 250 feet in height. giant sequoias are the largest trees and largest living thing by volume. looking at the markets this morning. the dow industrials losing 50 points or .33%. the nasdaq hit another all-time high on the strength of apple stock. uber is offering a helping hand
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when it comes to beating traffic in the form of a website, the company announcing today a new website called movement. it will use data from uber cars to calculate average travel times for specific routes. the site will be open to the public but uber says it's mainly for city officials and their public transit systems. it's also a chance, some say, for the company to gain good will with cities that have fought against uber. it will go live next month. crews today will finally switch the power to on again at a major south bay government building. back on thursday a power outage shut things down at the santa clara county government center sending hundreds of workers home. it was thought it would reopen friday, but that didn't happen. normal services, though, should resume today. coming up, a battle on capitol hill over the appointments. the uphill fight donald trump's nominations may have to deal with before they can get the job. but first, happening now, we are in the middle of a microclimate weather alert as
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we've been mentioning, briefly, right? download our nbc bay area app to get weather alerts to your smartphone wherever you are. if you have flooding in your neighborhood, we want to see it. send your photos and video to us. anxious homeowners in santa cruz
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county are still holding their breath .. after r anxious homeowners in santa
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cruz county are holding their breath after water levels approached but didn't crest over flood stage. some areas got 80 inches of rain over 48 hours. enough to have residents near the san lorenzo river concerned. folks in felton took extra precautions in case and checked cautions repeatedly through the day. >> it was worrisome. checking updates every 30 minutes or 45 minutes and really watching the storm as it tracked. >> one resident we talked with says the river yesterday rose to about 17 feet but had gone slightly down by the evening. it could be a week of battles in washington. with marathon confirmation hearings set to begin tomorrow. >> the fireworks have started with democrats demanding a delay in what they're calling an unprecedented number of confirmation hearings that they say they feel are being rushed through. the republicans are digging in
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and are not giving an inch. >> reporter: new battles brewing on capitol hill. a parade of nominees set to face nomination hearings this week. first up, senator jeff sessions for attorney general. controversial for his rights on civil rights and immigration issues. democrats demanding a delay among unfinished background checks. >> there should not be hearings until the office of government ethics gives them an examination, issues a report and then there should be time to question the witnesses. not six in one day. >> reporter: republicans are not giving an inch. >> the democrats are frustrated that they lost the election. so all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration at having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. >> reporter: meanwhile, high level meetings at trump tower over the weekend. the british foreign secretary boris johnson spotted after huddling with the president-elect's top advisers
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aiming to solidify relations this an controversy mounts with the russian attempts to hack into the election. the report found putin ordered an influence campaign in the race. over the weekend trump slammed democrats for their gross negligence which he said allowed the hacks to happen. he tweeted having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think it is bad. his top advisers more measured saying russia didn't influence the outcome. this despite mr. trump repeatedly touting wikileaks as a candidate. >> wikileaks is like a treasure trove trove. >> reporter: as the current commander in chief prepares for his farewell address tomorrow night he faces questions. >> part of what i'm doing after the presidency is to make sure
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i'm working with the next generation. >> one of the ironies is mr. mcconnell's statement. we'll talk about that coming up later. coming up, the microclimate weather alert continues. we're watching for the next storm to hit after this weekend's severe weather. >> we have a lot of water still left on the ground. there is more rain that will be moving in within the next 24 hours. i'll give you the time line and take a look at our area rivers and creeks in a few minutes. >> we're tracking rivers nearing flood stage. firefighters and people nearby are very anxious.
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breaking news -- one person is dead after their vehicle went off the road and into a creek in a remote area of breaking news for you this morning. one person is dead after their vehicle went off the road into a creek in a remote part of marin county west of novada.
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it happened around 8:00 this morning. chp says the driver appeared to be the only person in the vehicle. we'll continue to watch this and bring you updates as we get them. a break between storms is what we are in right now. a chance to recover before the next wave of rain arrives in the bay area. >> here is a live look at the radar in the corner. and downtown san francisco. kari, i can interpret the skies but i need your help interpreting the radar. >> light, spotty rain out there. we've seen quite a bit of green here but not that much right now. that's definitely grace news as we continue to get a little bit of a window of dry weather into this morning and afternoon. we will start to see this filling back in, though. we're also watching out for the potential of some high winds. so a high wind watch will be in effect starting tomorrow as the winds pick up from the south at about 20 to 35 miles an hour. and gusts even higher, up to 65 miles an hour. we'll also have the concern of some flooding, a coastal flood
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advisory in effect. and also quite a few flood advisories for our rivers and creeks as well. they may peak once again as we get the push from the coastal areas into the bay and king tides will be coming up for the next few days. this storm bringing in at least an inch of rain for parts of the bay area. i'll talk about that and we'll get a look at the time line coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. all eyes are on the russian river today, which is expected to crest in the next few hours. pete suratos is live near guerneville. we know you're almost knee-deep in water. >> reporter: that's correct, kris. the water is picking up. i want to show you guys something. you are seeing russia river. there was a medical call on the other side of the flooded road, so they had to bring someone over to this side. that's one of the many challenges we could see with the flooded roads here near the
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russian river in guerneville. as far as the river goes. it was reported it would be about 38 feet that it would crest at. russian river fire officials believe it will be 36 feet and they're saying it could be a typical flooding issue. they still have all hands on deck. and they'll have the national guard here also. the national guard will be here for assistance pretty much all day today following around russian fire if they need any assistance. but paul ryright now, this was who needed medical assistance on the road. it's very difficult trying to make their way through the flooded roads. this is something we'll keep an eye on throughout the day. live in guerneville, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, pete. new photos of some of the damage left by the storm. this is a large tree that came down in san francisco near the
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embarcadero. it toppled over in its planter. many of the trees could not stand up to the winds and the rain. crews across san francisco are using today to clean up before the next round of rain. so far the storm has claimed three lives in the past two days. yesterday morning a cab driver in oakland died after losing control on a wet road and spun off into the estuary. crews found his body in this submerged car. on saturday a tree fell on canyon lakes golf course and san ramon and vishit a woman and kid her. yesterday there was flooding in the area and heavy rains. with all the rain we have seen a lot of cars stuck in deep waters. scary moments in san jose last night. two men were rescued just off santa teresa boulevard. firefighters used a boat and eventually roped them in. we have been sharing your pictures and your video as well.
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>> mike sent us this one. traffic backed up along northbound 17. charles durham got close to the spillway. be careful, charles. near the reservoir in morgan hill. >> larry shows yosemite hills overflowing. a developing story. an alleged gunman in the deadly shooting at the ft. lauderdale airport is in court today. he is in custody and could face the death penalty. tmz obtained video showing the start of the killing rampage. >> reporter: the airport security video obtained by tmz shows a calm baggage claim area, and then the suspected gunman enters the picture. he reaches into his waistband,
11:36 am
pulls out a pistol and begins shooting. as the gunman runs out of view, you can see terrified passengers duck and take cover. one of the bullets hit this laptop, stopping the bullet that could have killed this man. >> it saved my life. >> reporter: according to the affidavit, esteban santiago gave a confession that the pistol was in checked baggage. he loaded the pistol in the men's rest room and began shooting in a methodical manner. he emptied his first magazine and reloaded and shot until the second magazine too was out of bullets. approximately ten to 15 rounds. six years ago santiago was deployed to iraq with the army national guard. his brother says he came back a different person. this past november santiago walked into an fbi office in alaska claiming the cia was controlling his mind, making him watch isis videos. he was put under observation for
11:37 am
mental illness, his pistol confiscated. four days later he was released, his gun returned. authorities say it may be the same pistol used in the shooting spree. if the 26-year-old alleged gunman is convicted, he could face the federal death penalty. kerry sanders, outside the federal courthouse in ft. lauderdale. >> new video showing the moments of impact yesterday in the deadly truck attack in jerusalem. a security camera recorded the moment the truck driven by a 28-year-old palestinian man drove into a crowd of israeli soldiers getting off a bus. then the driver put the truck into reverse. four soldiers died. 17 more were injured. soldiers managed to shoot and kill the driver. nine arrests have also been made in connection with the attack. police in paris say 16 people are under arrest in connection with the october theft of more than $10 million
11:38 am
worth of jewelry from kim kardashian west. police say robbers forced their way into a private paris residence where kardashian was staying, tied her up, locked her in a bathroom before making off with her jewelry. she was in paris attending fashion week shows. at the time a spokesperson for kardashian west said she was shaken but physically unharmed. our coverage of the microclimate weather alert continues. the sierra being bombarded with snow and rain in some parts.
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look this amazing video of the yuba river flooding in the sierra. this was shot by our photographer a look at amazing video of the yuba river flooding in the sierra. this is right near donner pass. both directions of 80 are closed this morning and will be closed more most of the day because of a mudslide. >> terrifying wake-up call for people in san francisco in an apartment after a tree came crashing down onto a building yesterday morning. this happened while people were still sleeping. >> just heard a big boom and looked out the back window and the trees in the back. can't see out my back window at all. >> this was is the sunny dale
11:42 am
neighborhood, close to the cal palace. seven people from two families are out of their house but no one was hurt. >> we were looking out the living room window at the tree in front of our house thinking, i don't know about that one. it's scary out there. >> yes. especially when the winds pick up. we're dealing with another round of heavy rain and we will have the potential of more wind gusts and watching the trees bend as that heavy rain comes down. here is a live look outside right now in san francisco. taking a break from that rain and also going to see, once again, some more rain moving in. live look outside at sunol. 55 degrees. and at least it is feeling fairly mild out there. we get some peeks of sunshine here and there. seeing it now in tiburon with the temperature at 57 degrees. we haven't seen much in the way of rain throughout the morning, but roads still might be wet in spots. we are also watching out for the chance that some of the rivers and creeks will be cresting as
11:43 am
we go into the next couple of hours and then start to go back down ahead of this next round of rain. as we take it hour by hour we'll start to see more rain moving into the north bay. unfortunately, right in time for the evening commute. so it looks pretty wet there. may be a little bit slower than normal. we'll see rain starting to fill in during the nighttime into early tomorrow morning. pockets of heavy rain when we start to see reds and yellows there showing more intense rain and we'll see it hit or miss through the overnight and into the start of the day tomorrow. looks like tomorrow's commute may be even slower. we start to see the radar filling in with more activity and heavier downpours, possibly a few thunderstorms as well with the winds kicking up and some heavy rain and still some chances of some rain throughout the forecast on wednesday into early thursday morning. we are looking at up to an inch of rain, maybe even higher for some spots. santa cruz mountains may get an
11:44 am
additional 2 inches of rain, when you have already had 5 or 6 inches of rain, this will really cause more problems, even for parts of the north bay where it's still flooding close to 2, maybe 3 inches of rain. the winds have calmed down. we haven't seen wind gusts today. then the wind forecast shows that by early tomorrow we start to see the winds ramping up into the afternoon, sustained winds coming in from the south. half moon bay up to 34 miles an hour and even higher for some of the hilltops. gusty winds for the higher elevations around the bay area and the valleys. a little bit more of a wind sheltered protection there. as we go into the next 15 minutes, we're expecting the russian river at guerneville to crest up to 38 feet. go back down and then rise back up again with the heavy rain. napa river at st. helena will be above flood stage and then dipping and going back up to about 16.5 by tomorrow evening. the russian river -- rather, the
11:45 am
napa river, downtown napa, is falling now but will rise a little bit but it is expected to stay below the monitor stage. guadalupe river staying below the monitor stage. san lorenzo will also stay below the flood stage. we'll keep an eye on several of the rivers as they'll be rising as we go through the forecast. a lot to monitor here. finally drying out and getting some sunshine in the forecast on thursday into the weekend. but it will be cool to start feeling much nicer by sunday. by then we'll all be outside taking it in because it's been a rough several days here in the bay area. >> it has been, kari, thank you. we talk about the bay area but the winter storm has affected all kinds of places throughout northern california and nevada. >> it's like a fire hose and it will get worse before it gets better. here is nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: overnight a
11:46 am
powerful string of storms pummelling parts of the west causing serious flooding throughout northern california and parts of nevada. uprooting trees, causing traffic headaches and prompting evacuations. residents in an apartment complex in car michael, california, unable to leave or enter after a large oak tree blocked the road. >> if anybody would have been in their vehicle right there, they would have been smashed. >> we were like, thank goodness nobody was trying to get in or out of the gate. >> reporter: mudslides and flash flooding made roads impassable, stranding some drivers. >> should definitely turn around. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: in nevada, authorities say nearly 1,300 homes in reno and other parts of the county were voluntarily evacuated sunday because of widespread flooding that is expected to worsen today. the swollen truckee river in reno, fast-moving and still on the rise. back in california, the rain and
11:47 am
flooding did not hamper everyone's spirits. this man's sense of adventure on full display as he was caught on camera riding a surf board in the wake of flood waters from passing cars. >> that was miguel almaguer. coming up, it is the start of the awards season as well as the rainy season in hollywood. the big winner at last night's golden globes and the political statement made by meryl streep that had donald trump tweeting this morning.
11:48 am
11:49 am
in placer county, a 12-year-old girl was rescued by bystanders and deputies, after a car ended up in a creek. a 12-year-old girl was rescued by bystanders and deputies after a car ended up in a creek. this is video posted on the sheriff's office facebook page of the rescue. they were on highway 49 north of auburn when they spotted a car
11:50 am
upside-down in the creek. a woman emerged from the car screaming that her daughter was still trapped inside. deputies and bystanders pulled the girl out. she was not initially responsive but did come around as first responders gave her first aid. >> thank goodness for that. hollywood in recovery mode after one of the big parties there, the golden globes in the books honoring the best in film and tv. >> "la la land" won seven golden globes but that's not what everybody is talking about. nbc's natalie morales reports. >> this is a film for dreamers. >> reporter: a dream come true for "la la land." >> reporter: the musical loviletter to hollywood winning seven golden globes, the most awarded film in the show's history. it dominated the musical or comedy category. >> "la la land." >> reporter: winning best picture and best actors for ryan
11:51 am
gosling and emma stone. >> i have to start by thanking my amazing mom. >> this isn't the first time i have been mistaken for ryan reynolds. >> reporter: headlining host jimmy fallon's opening number. ♪ >> "moonlight." >> reporter: "moonlight" won best picture but snubbed in the best actor category. >> isabelle. >> reporter: beating natalie portman to win best dramatic actress. casey affleck no surprise for his emotional turn in "manchester by the sea.." viola davis won best supporting actress for fences giving a shout out to costar and director denzel washington. >> thank you for saying trust me
11:52 am
and remember the love. >> reporter: netflix a crown jewel of drama winning best tv series and best actress. >> i am having an out of body experience. >> reporter: a familiar feeling for tracee ellis ross winning best comedic actress for "blackish." this is for all of the women of color and colorful people whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy. >> "atlanta." >> reporter: freshman comedy "atlanta" took home best comedy and best comedic actor. >> i want to thank my son. >> reporter: stars took the opportunity to get political. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. >> reporter: meryl streep zeroing in on president-elect donald trump in her acceptance speech for the cecil b. demille
11:53 am
lifetime achievement award. >> it was the moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. >> reporter: streep joined but hugh laurie winning for "the night manager.". >> there's always ballots for tonight's golden globes were tabulated by the firm of ernst, young and putin. >>? our new movie amy and i play mother and daughter. >> i play the daughter. >> yes. >> although i read for both parts. >> she is so cute. >> natalie morales reporting. overnight president-elect donald trump did respond to meryl streep's acceptance speech, telling the "new york times" that he was, quote, not surprised that he had come under attack from, quote, liberal
11:54 am
movie people. >> movie people. we'll be right back. one of the world's most
11:55 am
11:56 am
challenging dog sled races kicked off in the alps this weekend as internationally- one of the world's most challenging dog sled races kicked off this weekend in the alps. after internationally renowned mushers and the dogs set off in the opening ceremony. they'll travel approximately 416 miles with elevation changes of 65,000 feet.
11:57 am
6100 miles over 11 days. it is set among snow-capped mountains in france. 500 dogs will race across the alps in a series of challenges for that. the competition comes to an end january 18th. >> i am thinking, yeah, in alaska it's mostly flat. this is up and down. no snow ahead for us. >> no snow for us but a lot for the sierra. we don't have to go far to find it. we'll have a stormy 24 hours in the bay area. possibly 36 hours as we see the winds kicking up by tomorrow afternoon. still some showers in the forecast and coastal flooding possible on wednesday. finally we'll get some sunshine on thursday. here we are on monday looking forward to some sun then. >> i just need a few minutes to dry out my rain gear. then we're good to go. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great day. don't forget, you can get your alerts through weather alerts at
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ the show is almost live ♪ just as your heart >> if these photos get out -- >> oh! >> everyone. >> there he is. he wasn't there by the way. he taped that in england. fall lon killed it last night with


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