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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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deadly. now we're adding another layer to this with king tide the next four days could cause flooding near the immediate coastline and also areas around the bay. in terms of flooding happening right now, it's anywhere living near or on the russian river from bridge haven, under a flood warning until 3:30 tomorrow. anyone that approaches standing water really needs to turn around and head the other direction. it only takes a couple inches of water to carry a car away. here is the early time line. storm system brings widespread rainfall as we head through 11:30 tonight. it's likely not going to let up into parts of tomorrow as well. i have the full time line. we're going to have another update at 5:10 and 5:19 tonight. schools were canceled today and several communities are flooded or on the verge of flooding.
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we can see round two of the rain is already there. how much damage are you seeing firsthand? >> reporter: i'm seeing a lot of damage. i'm stand in some of it here. the vood completely covered in water. you can see a couch floating here. the road behind me leads to a neighborhood that is -- cannot be accessed. people cannot get in or out. this is just area facing a lot of problems after all of the wet weather. after days of rain -- >> major mudslide coming from a couple hundred yards up the hill. >> reporter: the wet weather triggered major mudslides. this one flowing between four homes, including rick smith's house. >> it came back with a vengeance. >> reporter: dangerous conditions. >> as much rain in such a short period of time. the ground is sad rated. there's nowhere for the water to
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go. >> reporter: a campground sub merged in water. >> things floating down the river. >> reporter: campers with long gone. now rescue efforts begin. >> we were mostly just going to the hazardous conditions. we switched over to rescue. >> reporter: recovering debris and cars stuck in flooded roadways that are so deep, canoers paddled through. >> tie things up. going to go swimming. tie a couple things up befo. >> reporter: residents secure their homes along the river hoping to make it through the storm unharmed. >> we will get through t. go back to normal. >> reporter: it could take several days, maybe even weeks for it to get back to normal here. it's predicted the russian river will hit flood stage again between wednesday and thursday.
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>> thank you. it's going to be a long week there. take a look at that. a dramatic sight in the south bay. this redwood tree comes crashing down on highway 17. they actually cut it down in hopes of avoiding more problems. robert, what's the status where you are? >> reporter: i think there are probably a lot of communeputers think this caused traffic tie-ups. big trees fall all the time during storms in the santa cruz mountains. they wanted to make sure these huge redwoods didn't come down at the wrong time on highway 17.
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the trees were on the fringe of a big mudslide that came rushing down on to the road at around 3:00 this morning. so the chp stopped traffic to get rid of the danger. you had a front row seat. >> how did we luck out? >> reporter: what did you think? it was cool. i'm glad we weren't on that side when that came down. >> reporter: what do you think when you see the mudslide? >> crazy. >> tree trump, wires, branchs, a lot of loose dirt, mud, gravel. there was a vehicle. the party was safely extracted. there's no major injuries reported from that incident. now the process is just cleanup begins. >> reporter: the chp says the mudslide is 750 cubic yards. they are using heavy equipment to try to remove the debris quickly. so far, they say progress is good.
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but they are fully aware the rain is picking up again. >> mother nature has the ultimate say. we see what can happen. >> reporter: chp says commuters may have to share southbound lanes through tonight and maybe even into tomorrow. we will be back at 6:00 with an update on this situation as well as other storm related problems. >> thanks. one of the most common sights in a big storm is falling trees. there was nothing common about the giant oak that crashed into a home. it came down on the side of a house. mark matthews is there live. it looks like the whole tree came down, roots and all. >> reporter: take a look at this root ball. it's over seven feet high. this tree was centuries old. sometimes saturday night or early sunday morning, it crashed into the corner of the guest house here at the white house lane winery.
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white hall winery's co-owners walked us in to see the damage. a hole in the ceiling of the kitchen. >> tree branch came through here that we were able to remove this morning. >> reporter: the deck demolished by a single branch from the big tree. but it was the bedroom that caught the brunt of it. >> i have slept in this bed before. multiple times. and to see this here, i still -- i'm in shock. >> reporter: they say the tree was centuries old. it was the tree their friends got married under. a tree they thought they would always have, just not in their guest house. >> it was amazing. it was a really healthy tree. >> reporter: the winery owners speculate the tree sucked up the rain water, became top heavy and then succumbed to wind gusts that hit 50 miles an hour. they shows us the damage. could you not help but notice they were taking it in spritrid. they felt they dodged a disaster. >> we're fortunate. nobody lives here full-time. nobody was hurt.
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we do the best we can to make it right again. >> reporter: they are estimating the damage at between $50,000 and $75,000 to the house. that's just a preliminary estimate. they said, of course, the real loss was this piece of history really. this heritage oak. >> it could have been much worse. our weather alert coverage continues throughout our newscast. coming up in eight minutes, we will take you inside a fema emergency response center. find out how and what the agency is doing to protect the bay area as more rain comes. as the next storm bears down on us, make sure you get our nbc bay area app for weather alerts and a forecast for your neighborhood. it's free for apple and android devices. a major shakeup in the silicon valley. the demise of yahoo!. the legendary tech company will soon be renamed and possibly lose its high profile ceo.
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the nearly $5 billion deal for verizon to buy yahoo! is moving forward. verizon says once the deal closes, yahoo! will change its name to altaba. it will be renamed. its current ceo will leave the board of directors. she plans to stay with the company after this verizon deal closes. there's a lot more to the story. more on our 6:00 newscast. an officer involved shooting slowed down the commute for san jose commuters this morning. two officers were responding to a traffic collision when for a reason not yet known they opened fire and shot a man. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. police closed down the on ramp for 11 hours while investigators searched the suspect's car. waking out in the name of health care.
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more than 100 san francisco medical residents held a demonstration on their lunch break today to voice their concerns about the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. replacing obamacare is the primary goal of president-elect trump. the doctors seen here today, mostly residents at ucsf, say that many of their patients are covered by the affordable care act. >> that's why this is so important to us. we don't want to see a lot of the benefits that our patients have had in the last seven years go to waste for political reasons. >> the doctors say they will keep a close eye on the specifics of upcoming health care legislation. another controversial pick. late today the president-elect named his son-in-law to his top white house post. donald trump has picked jared kushner as senior adviser. federal law prohibits presidents from hiring relatives. but he is complying with federal ethics laws. he will apparently not take a
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salary and resign from all his companies. senate hearings will begin tomorrow for trump's cabinet appointees. some haven't completed their background checks yet. >> many have vast holdings in stocks and very few have experience in government. so they have not been appropriately vetted. >> everybody will be properly vetted as they have been in the past. >> mr. trump says he will address all concerns this wednesday. he will hold his first news conference since winning the election. stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage of the trump transition and inauguration day. raj will travel to the nation's capital to cover the inauguration and the women's march on washington. all eyes are on this rising river. coming up, i will show you the hidden danger. gearing up for another round of rain. another round of problems. the big step the feds took today just in case they need to step in and help.
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i will have details coming up. our new storm arriving tonight. here are the top flood concerns. they are along the russian, napa and san lorenza rivers. a big warning if you are heading to the sierras. some areas could hit five feet of snow. a more specific look around 5:18 tonight. take a look at this video from
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our nbc bay area helicopter. a dead whale at angel island. the coast guard discovered th take a look at this video. a dead whale at angel island. the coast guard discovered the carcass in oakland on saturday. waited until today to tow it to angel island for further evaluation because of king tides and the weekend storm. biologists say it's a female fin or blue whale. they hope to start the examination soon to figure out how she died. the rivers are rising and running fast. we showed you flooding in north bay. we had a rescue in the south bay. a lot of problems there, specifically in the last 24 hours. how are they recovering? >> reporter: look at this river
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and how fast it's running right now. the reservoir is spilling over. that's caused flooding here that has forced this road to close. both intrigued and concerned, dozens of people came out to silva's crossing to see the river. >> we have had a lot of rain because it's going across the road. we can't get across. >> reporter: normally, would you drive across the road to get to christmas park. flooding forced this section to close. neighbors are hoping the water won't crest over the hill. >> flooding is a major factor. definitely, yeah. i've never seen it -- we have seen it once. but not like this. this is a river. >> reporter: a river also ran through this home last night. trapping victor and his son. fire crews rescued them from the second floor. today, you can see just how high the water rose. the hood of the truck covered in mud.
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nearby orchards flooded. so much water dumped in this neighborhood, this looks like hydro drive. it remained close today. for now, all eyes are on this area, with people crossing their fingers this is as bad as it will get. christmas hill park remained close for several days because of the storms. >> thank you. here is the scene now near south lake tahoe. 50 was closed for a while over the weekend. it's clear for now. things are changing there as well. we will have some of the lake tahoe forecast in a few minutes. as the next major storm arrives, fema is gearing up it has activated its regional response coordination center this morning. it's the first time they have done that for a california storm in years. both the feds and locals are
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prepping for the next round. >> reporter: that's right. oakland crews worked hard today to clean gutters and drains that were left a mess after yesterday's storm. they're not the only ones gearing up. the feds, as you mentioned, are taking steps in case they are called in to help. >> we need to pay attention. the rain is here. it's coming. we have to be ready. >> reporter: federal emergency responders are doing just that. after this weekend's powerful storm left california and nevada dealing with massive mudslides. swollen rivers and flooded streets. fema activated its regional response coordination center in downtown oakland this morning. to prepare for a possible federal response. >> we're looking ahead, looking at the next storm. posturing ourselves with the federal resources in the event the state calls on us for assistance. >> reporter: another storm is heading our way. the national weather service is part of the federal response team. while the next round won't be as
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strong, they say it could bring big problems. up to seven feet of snow could fall in the sierra and several more inches of rain could hit the already saturated bay area. >> soils are prepped and very wet. again, that's what's going to create issues with potential tree fall and additional flash flooding as we go through tomorrow. >> we are not out of the woods. we have another storm coming our way. the ground is saturated. >> reporter: the city of oakland is clearing drains and gearing up for another soaking, hoping to keep the rain water flowing instead of flooding. >> keep it from flooding. keep everybody happy. >> reporter: that response coordination center will be staffed through the night. folks will be closely monitoring the situation. again, it will be fully staffed tomorrow as the next storm rolls in. they say if the state needs them, they will be ready. >> thank you. take a look at this. this is a picture of a rock
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fall. it will reopen tomorrow morning. but for day use only. you can see warning, some of the access roads getting there, it's going to be hard. this one is closed. weather conditions will also make it possibly tough getting to the park. lodges and hotels in the valley are expected to reopen wednesday. jeff back with us. last week, you were accurate in forecasting what was to come. what about this week? >> it looks like we're still in for possibly two ink inches, ma more. it may even seem stronger in some cases, even though we won't see as much rainfall. just due to the fact that it's like a compounding issue. you have the ground so saturated. you add more rain and it's insult to injury. check this out. we now have a coastal flood advisory for king tides that will be with us the next four days. we don't have rainfall at all and we have king tides coming in. we have flooding. expect these areas near the
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beaches, also near the bay to possibly have flooding from the highest of high tides. let's take you into the doppler radar scan. you can see the next storm system starting to arrive right now. areas of some moderate, a few pockets of heavier rainfall through the peninsula and bay. we will take you down there. we expect the rain to track into san leandro by 5:35. it's going to be picking up in intensity over the next 30 to 40 minutes. to the north bay, widespread coverage of wet weather. while it's not super heavy, we have so many flooding concerns. take it slow on those roads tonight. it doesn't take a lot of rain right now to hydroplane your car. the time line tonight, 11:30, widespread rainfall from the north bay towards the south bay. this is the unfortunate thing about the storm system. it will likely stay widespread into tomorrow morning's commute. it sdnts lodoesn't look cold. we have subtropical air moving
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in. that will start us off at 51 in the south bay. for the east bay, 55. san francisco, 53. possibly a few isolated thunderstorms in the north bay and also winds potentially gusting up to 40 miles per hour. let's bring it back to futurecast to plan tomorrow. there won't be a lot of break. 10:00 a.m., widespread rain. maybe that continuing until 6:00 with pockets of heavier rainfall. then we will look ahead towards tuesday at 11:30 for things to begin to break up. likely still some scattered rain in the forecast, even into wednesday and thursday. how much rainfall primarily tomorrow? into wednesday morning. a lot of red on this map. i want you to look at the key and find your city. you can see that red zone equates with one and a quarter inch to close to two inches. i think we're in this range of one to about two inches for the north bay, peninsula, east bay and south bay. these areas of purple in the south bay elevations, also north
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bay elevations, we could see two to three inches. all the spots flooding with the past 24 hours will likely have more flooding as we head through the next 48 hours. biggest concern is the russian river. we expect it to continue to stay at flood stage through wednesday and could hit 36 feet. we are there live. we will have another update coming up at 6:00 p.m. tonight. extremely heavy snow in the sierra. two to five feet at lake level. four to seven feet at 7,000 feet. i wouldn't travel up there until thursday when things start to calm down. that's how treacherous travel cog be. on the extended forecast, here is what you want to know. dry weather friday, saturday, sunday and monday for stress. dry for inland valleys friday, saturday, sunday and monday. it's like a gift from god here as we head throughout the end of the week, finally getting the sunshine coming on back. >> what a relief to see that.
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some of the best photos and video of the storm are from you. we will look at these dramatic images next. in novato and ended-up upside
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down in a creek. we now know the identity of the man who crashed his car and ended up upside down in a creek. he was 20-year-old jose hernandez. speed, bad weather and the lack of tire tread played a part in that crash. president obama black lists five more russian leaders. the punishment comes after u.s. intelligence connected vladimir putin to election hacking.
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ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. pictures and videos our nbc bay area viewers are our eyes and ears. thanks for sending as many pictures and videos during this storm. this sent to us by denise fuller. this is from the east bay. this is a creek in oakland. you can see the water coming up to the bridge. in lake county, video of a mobile home park that's mostly under water. neighbors there have been stuck in their homes.
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when you see news happening, tag us on twitter or instagram or post your pictures and video to our facebook page. we may show them on air. one of the most photographed trees in the world is no longer standing tall. a guy sequoia has fallen. the pioneer cabin tree toppled. these are photos, park employees posted on facebook. this is what it looked like before. you recognize this? the tree -- the famous destination for hikers and tourists around the world. someone hollowed it out in the 1880s. not sure of the exact age. but these sequoias can live for 3,000 years. >> that's so sad to see. another storm coming. a final check of the weather next. with the xfinity tv app,
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welcome back. here is what to expect over the next 36 hours. roadways will remain dangerous. one to three inches of rain possible. worst weather on tuesday. this obviously keeps our high flood concern. i will have another update at
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6:00. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt is next with "nightly news." an officer gunned down, another dies while searching for the suspect, accused of fatally shooting a pregnant mother. a city in fear with an armed and dangerous man on the loose. family ties. president-elect trump names his son-in-law, jared kushner, as a top adviser inside the white house. a storm of controversy over anti-nepotlaws and possible conflicts of interest. school bus inferno. dozens of children saved in the nick of time. the driver being hailed as a hero. buyer beware. popular over-the-counter pills marketed as a boost for your memory, now the feds say there's no evidence they work. golden moments with hollywood's biggest stars, but it's the pint-sized shutterbug behind the camera who's inspiring america. "night


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