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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a microclimate weather alert. several rivers and creeks across the bay area have reached "flood stage." some homeownerne a microclimate weather hraefrt. several creeks and rivers have reached flood stage. some homeowners need boats. a big wave concern for people living near the ocean. and cleaning up the mess mudslides caused of the weekend still affecting traffic. today in the bay starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. i'm laura garcia-cannon. another wave of rain is moving in this morning. let's take a live look outside this morning.
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still a little damp, soggiy, as you head out this morning. >> from the south bay, a look at the bay bridge. wind whipping through the bay area right now. >> what about dublin. you can see the wed roadways. allow a little extra time. good morning, kari. good morning. yes, we are getting ready for heavy rain moving in. pretty about coverage of some of the showers moving through the bay area right now. pretty much all of us are getting at least a steady rain. it has been heavier in pockets. wet roads, standing water once again as we see the water levels rising into this afternoon were. rainfall rates for parts of the east bay, about 0.3 per hour coming down quite heavily in spots from the east of hayward as you head down 880. we are seeing some of the rain
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now, some of the heaviest moving through at this point. we have high wind warnings, coastal flood advisories, flash flood warnings. we'll talk about that coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> the roads are much wetter than everybody. i want to take you closer to the inner bay. you notice the green. of course wet roadways. kari just showed you the radar traveling through this area. we hadded a trash at 880 and 29. it started to clear up. very quickly they cleared the last of the lanes. as you slow down into the area, wet and soupy by the coliseum. a couple seconds. maybe we can see this shot.
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there you go. the water kicking up. it is still a factor. the water is causing an issue on your windshield. back to you. we know the issues will remain. there is fear of even more flooding. evacuations along is sa kntp so. the russian river is expected to drop below flood stage early this morning but then return to above flood stage early tomorrow. pete is suratos is there right now. he will join us with an update in about an hour. >> in the meantime, we have some school closures. moving south to santa cruz,
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crews need more time to clear a mudslide on highway 17. this is the very same slide we told you about yesterday morning on today in the bay. in 24 hours, they're still trying to clear it. it brought two northbound lanes damaging a news van as well, not ours. today in the bay's kris sanchez is trying to get us an update. people on edge. >> understandably. some of the problems people who live on the coast are facing. good morning, chuck. well, good morning. rain is coming in side ways in pacifica. our journey san jose the entire way as we travel north. look behind me.
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you can see some of the waves crashing into pacifica. they are this will reach 6.9. tomorrow up to 7 feet. thursday they go to 6.9 again at 10:45. crews here have been pouring concrete to repair the coastal edge and embrace a complex near the edge. it's been eroding for weeks. it is threatening an apartment building at 310 esplanade. not only that, drives were very surprised yesterday when mudslides closed highway 1 for hours. >> i started noticing a backup before the tunnel.
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and once i was in the tunnel for an hour or so, i realized something was happening. >> we can report that highway 1 has been reopened now for travelers up and down the coast in pacifica. behind me, the pier which normally reopens at 4:00 a.m. is locked this morning and will be that way through the this storm. >> boy, it is really coming down. thanks a lot, chuck. 4:46. for the first time in years the ongoing threat from california winter storms is triggering a preemptive response from fema. fema is activating its regional response center in downtown oakland. they are hoping to be prepared in an event disaster response is needed. >> we're looking at the next storm and posturing ourselves here. but the federal resources calls
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for assistance. >> fema paying attention to the sierra where seven feet of snow may fall by the end of the week. >> coming up, more rain in the forecast. kari hall will be monitoring the radar. >> we have flood watches and warnings and king tides. as we two into the next 24 hours, a lot of heavy rain. we'll talk about how much in a few minutes. a live look at very soupy conditions. lights glowing because of the weather on the lens. gunfire, a police chase and car thieves on the run. new overnight, how a chase ended in the south bay.
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good morning. heavy rain in san francisco and farther south. we will see heavy rain getting heavier into this afternoon with the concern on of flooding and wind damage. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. and we are following the cumulative effect of the rain. 101 and highway 37 do move very well. north bay, across the richmond, no delays on the east bay.
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new this morning, a driver under arrest after a brief chase. the car the driver was in was stolen. it started before 11:00. officers responding to reports of gunfire near south capitol and florence. nobody hit. but when officers saw the car, it took off. they determine the car was stolen. the 49ers have filed a new suit falsely calling them of
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breaching. the team is withholding key documents to the audit. yahoo! is going through changes. a new and very odd name. a centuries old oak tree came
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crashing down onto a st. helena home. the owners of the whitehall winery say they thought it was a healthy tree, that was before it a centuries only tree was
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uprooted saturday night or sunday morning. it soaked up so much rain water it became top heavy and couldn't withstand the the 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. who could? it may have caused $75,000 worth of damage. all right. let's get to the forecast. we will see some of the heavy rain. the potential of more trees toppling over with the next storm system moving in. we are seeing the rain right now outside san francisco.
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we see the yellows and the reds. zooming into san francisco, it is is pretty much covered with a steady downpour. we have seen rainfall rates at quarter of an inch per hour. those are pretty good downpours. it is is enough to cause flooding on the runway. even if it's just for 20 or 30 minutes. into the south bay, looking at steady downpours there. we have several inches of rain in the last storm system that moved in over the weekend. it will be getting heavier as some of the rain starts to move in. you see a pocket of heavier rain as we two through pleasanton, livermore and farther north to antioch, a quarter of an inch of
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rain. that's pretty much what we are seeing. we are all seeing wet weather. we have pockets of heavy rain in the peninsula, to the santa cruz mountains, near wood side. more of that rain as we go through the day, pretty good coverage. we start to see pockets of heavy rain through 10:00 in the morning for the north bay. this afternoon is when we will have the brunt of the storm with increasing winds and pockets of heavy rain, the potential of thunder and lightning with some of the cells moving through. we start to see the rain tapering off. heavy rain through thursday morning as the area creeks and rivers continue to rise. may reach two and a half inches
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through the santa cruz mountains. much of the bay area getting at least an inch of rain with this next round on already saturated soils. you through in winds rushing from the south, 15 to 20 miles per hour. but it will will get stronger as we go through the day. gusting up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. here we are during the evening commute, the winds kick up along the coastline and higher elevations. russian river 34.2 feet. expect it to rise a little bit more and then slowly start to drop off the next couple of days. it is continuing to fall but will peak again as we get more
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rain. 20.5 in napa. we have a lot of rain in the forecast. it depends where we get some of the pockets of heavy rain moving through. for the san lorenzo, 11 feet. it is expected to stay below flood stage. we'll talk about what's happening in the theater coming up later. >> that's right, kari. you're talking about the rivers. flooding stages for many of those in the north bay. the roadways getting flooded because of all the rain. we continue to follow for example, silverado trail. highway 29. there is mud reported in those areas. the green sensors to the road weather index indicates wet
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roadways all across the entire bay area. highway 29. it will be soggy on the roadways. we still have standing water reported. be careful. it is likely still in the area. more reports. more clearing as well. still activity there. the rain has just traveled through. i'll show you the travel times. the bay bridge, all showing minimum commutes. the main shot shows you it is just starting to build. the commute just starting to build.
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be careful. low visibility in a school zone is not a good combination. verizon going ahead with buying yahoo!. myers will leave the board of directors. she will stay with the company after the deal closes. in the meantime, it will cost a little more to upgrade your verizon phone. let's check in with landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. good morning. good morning to you both. wall street slightly higher. it was a mixed session on monday. nasdaq closing at any awe record high. t the earnings season kicks off
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this week. nasdaq 5531, up 10. chariot offers rides. it is available in san francisco, austin, and lake tahoe. riders use an app to secure a seat. the company quietly raised the fee from $20 to $30 to upgrade. a leaked memo said it was to cover the costs associated with customers upgrading their phones. how torrential waters and quick actions by his brother made all the difference when rescuers arrive. a team hard on the work on
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welcome back on this tuesday. a live look at san francisco. i promise if you can get through the next couple of days it all gets better. >> the sun will come out. boy, you know storms have been creating frightening moments. this one was for a watsonville boy. he was plucked from dangerous
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waters during emergency rescue. >> it was scary. i thought am i going to die? >> well, he didn't. he lived to tell about it. he was walking along a drainage ditch when he poked a stick in the water and fell in. underneath, two large culverts. charlie's brother grabbed his arm before he was swept away. then the neighbor stepped in. >> luckily, you know, his older brother was there. adults were there. and our personnel and fire were able to rescue even out of there. it could have gone far worse. >> a firefighter was injured as well. he was treated and released from the hospital. 4:56. one of the most photographed trees in the world is roughly 2,000 years old, is no more.
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the sequoia toppled in calaveras state park. it was a destination for hikers and tourists. someone hollowed it out in the 1880s. they can live 3,000 years. >> that is amazing. coming up, more rain in our forecast. >> it won't be until later on this week when we finally get some sunshine. a lot of rain moving back into the bay area as we speak. that could mean a wet morning and evening commute. i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. look how soggy the roadways are. it looks like we are getting it cleared up on the incident on 880.
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the family favorite... protein. protein proteiny protein. proteiny protein? protein proteiny protein. at least 14 grams of protein. 100 calories. new greek 100 protein. from yoplait. =scott/cont.vo= right now at 5... communities surrounded... flood waters continue to inundate neighborhoods near the russian river-- as a new wave of storms start to move right now communities surrounded. floodwaters ton inundate neighborhood in the russian river area. we'll be live. caltrans continues to scrape mud and rock from the roadway 24 hours after they came down on highway 17. the impact that will have on traffic this morning. plus, from the south bay to
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our coastline, flood fears are escalating. today in the bay starts right now. very good morning to you. you made it until tuesday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews around the bay area have more rain on the way. >> details on what we can expect in the next round of weather. >> and we have been tracking it all of the bay area and keeping you up to date for what's going on on the coast to the inland areas to the hills. we will have high winds today and waves, coastal flooding, and heavy rain from the next round of the storm system as we go into this afternoon. there will be the potential of some


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