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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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our coastline, flood fears are escalating. today in the bay starts right now. very good morning to you. you made it until tuesday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews around the bay area have more rain on the way. >> details on what we can expect in the next round of weather. >> and we have been tracking it all of the bay area and keeping you up to date for what's going on on the coast to the inland areas to the hills. we will have high winds today and waves, coastal flooding, and heavy rain from the next round of the storm system as we go into this afternoon. there will be the potential of some flooding rains.
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we're seeing a steady downpours. 53 in the try valley. temperatures holding steady through the day. rain getting heavier. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. kari, we have an issue in oakland. highway 1 on the coast. that has cleared from the mudslide. we continue to follow that. a report for highway 17 as well. mudslides will pay a factor as well. look at the green highlighted around the bay. you're going to have slick conditions. very soupy through oakland. the blue is ponding. the rain having just ponding through here. very soupy. glowing lights, slick conditions. i saw flashing lights go up the roadway but clearing off. better news the last couple of
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minutes. 580 off-ramp, we are watching even though it is not actively raining, very slick. back to you. floods in the north bay to mudslides in the south bay. this morning crews are still cleaning up after dirt and rocks went cascading down the hill near scotts valley. we brought you live coverage yesterday morning. people trying to clear out and get out. kris sanchez there now on when they plan to clean out the highway. >> the goal was to have this highway open once again, both lanes, both directions by 4:00 to 5:00 this morning. as you can tell, this is not happening right now. traffic is limited to one lane in each direction as the folks pass by the caltrans crews. you can see in the distance still scraping away the mud and the runs. caltrans had been working very
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hard to the clear the roadway. they want to get this major thoroughfare cleared out. but, again, there is traffic control between scotts valley. and the rain, the mud are not the only complications. >> tree stumps, wires, loose mud, dirt, gravel. there was an accident the. there was no major injuries. >> you saw a van there in the video. that was a tv truck, one of our colleagues from a different station. he is okay. however, that van is completely demolished, showing the power of mother nature. as crews are working behind us, they are dealing with the massive yellow and orange cell on the radar right now. kari showed it to you. we are looking to the see when
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they might get a break. but that work continues. there is some word this could take a whole' nother day. a live look at pacifica where the latest storm is bringing a new round of concern of coastal flooding. big waves and a lot of rain has been taking a toll. the pacifica is experiencing pretty heavy erosion this week. they poured new concrete on esplanade avenue. he will bring us an update in the next half hour. the latest storm bringing a new round of nerves for people who live here uvas creek. the reservoir is already spilling of.
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in gilroyings it is closing roads in the process. 5:04. weary first responders ready to respond when needed. they have been busy so far. san jose urban search and rescue helped save a family late sunday night in gilroy. the cap tap tells us the team is seeing a lot of action. >> it's been big for us. it has been a while since we have had to do water rescues of that nature. >> the crew is monitoring creek levels. they go through hundreds of hours of training. pg&e is forecasting the potential timing, location, and number of power outages this week. and bringing in additional crews from washington, oregon, arizona. in total, 275,000 people in the
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bay area were without power at some point of the weekend. pg&e responded to 1,200 outages, including 300 reports of wires down just because of the high winds. >> we have been getting pretty stunning storm scenes because of you, our viewers. we have video of a creek that turned into a fast moving river in boulder creek. post your pictures and video to our facebook page. good morning. it is 5:06. we get a look at the radar. pretty much covered all around the bay area with steady rain and pockets of heavy rain. this is what we can expect for at least the next several hours. it does get heavier as we go through the day. that will raise a concern of flooding. as we get a closer look at san francisco, we walk out the door, more of the same.
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lighter pockets of rain for the south bay. as you start out, it's already wet on the roadways. there may quickly be standing water on the roadways. north bay, a pretty steady downpour there. we will have a coastal flood advisory in effect through 9:30 this morning as we see those tides coming up for the next few takes into thursday morning as well. looking ahead, we will still have rain as we go this afternoon into this evening. once again, during the evening commute is when the brunt of the storm will be hitting. heading of to mike now giving us a look at what's happening on the roadways and the bridges. >> the bridging are holding steady. not quite so severe. we'll just give you that warning. with these conditions, you want to drive a little slower, a little more carefully. the green running in indicating
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wet roadways. chp will let us know if they are tracking problems or not. we know 24, this is part of one lane. not a lot of slowing. but more severe weather on the roadways. even though there are incidents out there, 15 minutes travel time. there are no backups. but look at this. in the light you can see all the rain coming down. conditions not good for the morning commute. back to you. a lot of people heading up to yosemite for vacation. they're back open for business.
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we are tracking the next round of heavy rain moving through the bay area, especially for the south bay into the east bay. rainfall totals today may reach over one to two inches, possibly over two and a half for the santa cruz mountains. details on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. obviously wet roadways. not a whole lot of excess. a crash around isabel. we'll watch for that as well. i'll give you updates from chp. a lot of water and flooding on 29. keep those areas in mind. the usual suspects. a driver under arrest after a brief chase. san jose police say the car they
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were in was stolen. this all started before 11:00 last night. officers were responding to reports of gunfire. when officers saw a car matching the description, it took off. they found the car nearby and realized the car was stolen. there may have been a second person in the car, but he got away. a judge has narrowed the parameters on of a civil lawsuit. steinle was hot shot and killed on san francisco's pier 146789 an undocumented immigrant released from custody is facing second-degree murder charges. a judge ruled a lawsuit filed by steinle's parents can move forward but only against the federal government. the city and former sheriff cannot be listed as defendant. 5:13. president barack obama will bid the nation good-bye this evening.
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the 44th president of the united states will deliver his farewell address in chicago. 20,000 people are expected to attend. millions more will watch it live on television. president obama is expected to offer one last defense of the signature health care law before leaving the oval office. it is expected to have a series of add mondayations by the challenging we face going forward. you can watch here tonight at 6:00. president-elect trump's cap net confirmations on capitol hill. nbc 4 learned four nominees have not had reviews.
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>> pushing for air thorough and thoughtful vetting process is the right thing to do. >> everyone will be properly vetted as they have been in the past. >> after they have been nominated and confirmed. new questions being raised about trump hiring his son-in-law jared kushner. trump attorney says the laws only apply to government agencies and not the white house. rain or shine? thousands of workers in campuses across the state are going to walk off the job today the. according to the union, they are protesting uc's negotiating tactics in a disthe beauty over wages. they have been negotiating since april. contracts coughing the employees expired at the end on of
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november. yahoo! will soon be renamed and lose its high profile ceo. >> let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. good morning to you both. wall street starting slightly lower. a mixed session on monday. nasdaq closing at a new record high. the dow fell for the second day in the past three on oil prices. investors gearing up for earnings season. the nasdaq rising 10. yahoo! will change its name once it sells its core. marissa myers will will step down.
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the deal could be in doubt after yahoo! disclosed two data breaches last year. >> married middle income parents will spend more than $233,000 to raise a child from infancy to adulthood. cost of housing and feeding children are shrinking. do they estimate having is triplets? how about that? let's go back to our weather coverage. take a look here. this is rock fall in yosemite. the national parks is hoping to reopen. this will be for day use only. if you're getting there -- >> hiking gear. >> or a fancy 4 x 4. >> one time that washed out and
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i got trapped reporting on a story for a few days. you're going to feel like you need a row boat around here pretty soon. >> yeah. it's been so wet. another round of heavy rain moving into the bay area. be prepared for that with the rain boots, jacket, umbrella, all of that as we go through the day. a live look at oakland. it is is slow moving on the roadways already. so get out the door early if you can. slow it down on the roadways. windshield wipers are on. we are now seeing some of the rain moving in. pockets of heavier downpours. we are seeing some of the rain moving into the santa cruz mountains with higher downpours there. that's also where we will have the concern of flooding once again for coastal ranges up through the north bay. we are pretty much all getting
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in on rain right now. some of the pockets of some of the heaviest rain moving through hayward, san leandro, and farther north approximate east. we are tracking heavier rain from boulder creek where we had so many issues the past couple of days. of towards lexington hills. gilroy up to morgan hill towards 101, a steady downpour towards san jose, lupita. and into the north bay right now, a steady downpour. this is what we will see the next several hours until the wind picks up and the brunt of the storm hitting us this afternoon. a high wind warning is in effect and will continue into this evening. as winds pick up 24 to 40 miles per hour with sustained winds. gusts up to 65 miles per hour. so also be prepared for the
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potential on of power outages and down trees where you live. sanaa cruz rain totals anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. the rest of the area may see 1 to 2 inches. watching the water levels on the napa river and the russian river, potential for flooding again today. here's a look at the timeline. some of the bright reds and yellow show he we will have some of the rain moving through the north bay. some of the heavier rain this afternoon. you see bright red across the board moving north to south as you two into the evening, through the evening commute. pockets of heavy rain and the potential of thunder and lightning in some spots. a chance of showers off and on throughout the day. there may be additional heavy bouts of rainfall throughout the evening. the winds coming in 5 to 10
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miles per hour. so mostly calm winds at this point. as we thalf moon bay, 30-mile-per-hour. it gets stronger as we go through the day with the southerly wind, east to west oriented roads may be greatly impacting, including our bridges as well. by tonight, we start to see the winds calming down. russian river under a flood warning. 34.2 feet. expected to reach 34.6 feet later on today. and then into the day tomorrow it continues. and also for the napa river, 12.3 now. expected to rise to 18.4 later today and continue through early tomorrow. keeping an eye on all of this. i'll have another look at the forecast he heading over to mike tracking the crash in livermore.
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>> that was a lot of detail. we'll continue to track flooding coverage. roadways, i have that right here. the green. it is going to be wet. you know that. you can hear that outside. there you go. a slower drive expected. the blue, when you see that over there, ponding and puddling. san ramon, 680. no major delays. a little slowing. a minute longer than you might have hoped for. and south 880 to dunbar bridge, no surprises. san mateo, things are pretty soupy. wind advisory from chp.
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hold on there as well. coming up, nbc bay area responds. a company blows off a couple hundred bucks that went missing on a gift card. nbc bay area responds. next. a new twist - in the growing
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showdown between the san francisco 49ers and the city of santa clara. ==vo== the mercury news reports the
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team has filed a new lawsuit. it claims city leaders are falsely accusing the team of violating its levi's stadium contract. the suit does not ask for money. instead it calls for the city to sign documents .. that verify no breaches have occurred. last year, santa clara mayor lisa gilmour ordered an audit of levi's stadium finances. city leaders say the team is now withholding key documents that pertain to the audit. ==scott/2shot== nbc bay area responds. to a marin man whose 300- dollar gift to his mother ended up being worthless. nbc bay area responds to a marin man whose $300 gift to his mother ended up being worthless. >> chris is here with his story, and the results he asked us to get. >> good morning. thomas bought his mom a $300 visa gift card. when his mom went to use that card, he said she said it was in valid. she tried self other times and
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got the same response. thomas called incomm, the company who issued the card. after waiting three months, his card was deny theed. we contacted incomm. in a statement the company said they looked into the matter and a replacement card is being overnighted. keep good records like thomas did in case trouble arises. 888-996-tips. or tomorrow, an airline forces a man to check his carry-on and then refuses to pay when the contents are damaged. i'll see you then. thank you very much, chris. it is 5:27. let's check the forecast with kari. >> some of the heaviest rain
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moving through parts of the east bay. we'll see pockets of heavy rain this afternoon. more on that and the high wind threat in the microclimate forecast. the flooding conditions continue here guerneville. in pacifica, bracing for mother nature's worst. and the last ditch effort is being driven here. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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weather alert this morning--- just as communities start the cleanup process good morning to you. we remain under microclimate alert as the community continues the cleanup process. another wave of rain is moving in. we remain in recovery mode after this weekend's storms. fear ones still escalating on our coastline. pacifica gearing for more rain and mudslides. all of this as another wave of storms is headed towards us. let's get right to meteorologist
5:32 am
kari hall for an update. we are getting pockets of heavy rain. most of us being a steady light rain with this next round moving in. it is expecting to get heavier. heading towards san ramon, 680. farther south we see very heavy downpours moving through boulder creek. it is heavily affected by the last round of rain. a crash and slowing for the east bay. >> highway 17 still affected by the mudslide. more of that in a second. i want to show you, as kari said, the roadways are wet.
5:33 am
pondings in the east bay. it causes a lot of slowing around highway 13. starting to slow down in orinda. we have slowing that shows up the last three minutes. heading toward the bay bridge. we have this to contend with as well. look at all of this rain coming down diagonally. >> another storm moves in. the russian river is already at flood stage. some homeowners you can see need boats to get out. >> conditions only going to get worse for that river. in pete is suratos is in guernesville. where do things stand now? >> good morning to you. flood stage is about 35 feet.
5:34 am
you can see this is closed. this is just an example of the type of flooding we are seeing in guerneville because of the rain. as far as the russian river levels, 35 feet. it will dip down to 32 feet, which is still in flood stages. we will see it pick up again. it is is anticipating that the levels may reach as high as 37 feet in the russian river. of course it has caused problems for folks in the area. we have seen road closures. folks using canoes to get to and fro in the area. they're still hoping for the best. >> the dam is up river. it's in danger of breaking. they will let it out. they will open the spillways and the spillways will flood us. >> some of the low-lying areas
5:35 am
have been evacuated pause of all of this. there are shelters available to those residents. in fact, even though we aring river levels to recede on thursday, those shelters will be through friday. the rain coming down in the last 15 minutes. we'll see how that affects the river. pete suratos for today in the bay. pete, thank you. now to the coastline where big waves and rain are taking a toll on pacifica, threat epping homes to mudslide. today in the bay is on that coastline. good morning, chuck. >> well, good morning, scott. we're at the pacifica pier. the rain haslett up a little bit. the spray behind me is really coming side ways. you can see the tide coming in.
5:36 am
the peak is supposed to happen today at least today's high tide at about 9:00 a.m. the mudslide highway 1 south of the pacifica has since reopened. members of the pacifica city council are hoping the 310 esplanade does not come crashing down, which would be more of an expensive cleanup. concrete is being poured near another apartment building where some residents cross their fingers. ? it's just a matter of time. but i'm going to enjoy while we've got it. i appreciate any eupl proofments and shoring up that the owners over here do. >> the mudslide that closed highway 1 is a little bit south of the pacifica pier where i'm standing, slightly south of the pacifica police department. it is open at last check. as for the so-called king tide,
5:37 am
they are expected to peak in this series of tomorrow at seven feet. we'll keep watching that. thank you very much. happening in the meantime south in the santa cruz mountains, crews need more time to clear a mudslide on highway 17 near scotts valley. this is the same slide we told you about yesterday on today in the bay. they are still to clear it 24 hours later. it brought two mudslides yesterday, damaging a news van as you saw there. kris sanchez is also at the scene trying to get an update for us. she'll bring us a live report at 6:00 a.m. now, ironically, this week's storm is limiting the amount of water available santa cruz residents because a pipeline has been damaged. workers have shut down the
5:38 am
pipeline. the city is facing a short-term water shortage. >> everyone is being asked to cut back water by 30% until next week until they finish the pipeline repairs. warning for people planning on heading to the sierra. eastbound 880 to toll coal fax still closed after snow impacts visibility. >> the second day in a row the weather has closed 880. brian is live. boy, it's snowing. i was going to ask is about the weather conditions but i think i can see, brian. >> yesterday an hour or two at home. and then the boss said, hey, i need you to get back out there because you're not going to be able to get there in the morning. boy, was he right. this is downtown truckee.
5:39 am
we have picked up 6 to 7 inches on the roof of the car. it hasn't let up here in downtown truckee. we were out with some of the crew the this morning. already started the process of digging out or just trying to keep up, let's say. this storm will be here with a blizzard warning in effect for the sierra lasting through tomorrow. a winter storm warning through thursday. here at truckee, they are expecting three to four feet at the higher elevations and ski resorts looking at six to seven feet of snow from this storm that is pretty much going to be going on through the next two to three days the, not letting up at all. the national weather service saying this is going to be continuous. i suspect we might take up residency here the next couple of days. the snow is pretty heavy. this is snowman snow anyway. they have been through the first big storm. then the flooding. now this. the crews that make a living clearing this stuff, they're a
5:40 am
little bit tired. >> i would imagine. 5:30. it is early still. i'm sure you can get a little something warm for you. >> oh, it just opened. the open sign just came on. >> i think i know where you were pointing. >> brian hickey, thank you so much. >> fun to be out there. boy, coming and going is a tough one. in the time, another microclimate weather alert this morning. i just wanted to show you the radar. you see very heavy snow coming down. dealing with that. here at home, standing water being left on the roadways after rain returns to the bay area. pockets of heavy downpours moving into the south bay. here's a look now at san jose, 101. the roads are slow going. it is very wet as the rain continues to follow. a steady downpour throughout the
5:41 am
morning and into this afternoon before the wind picks up. we will see that later today the. flooding on on the area rivers. king tide returns between 8 and noon. i'll detail all of that in 10 minutes. mike is tracking the crash in san jose. >> is we will show you wet roadways. popp ponding and puddling. this crash here not a major traffic concern. it is off the road. a car reported spinning out. so that was a concern, indicating the conditions. we'll show you the same shot with kari gave of 101. 680. we to the floor that shot. we'll move on. oh, there's the shot. another crash to report in the east bay. 24 now three lanes blocked. only one.
5:42 am
hopefully they will push this to the shoulder soon. >> more water restrictions because of the ongoing drought. 2017 off to a stormy start. we'll look at records set in 2016 coming up.
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5:44 am
good tuesday morning. it is 5:44.
5:45 am
the russian river has been flooded and will continue through tomorrow afternoon. >> also, the napa river saint helena, 12.3 but expected to rise above flood stage at 18.4 later this evening. and napa river downtown, it will be up to 25 feet at flood stage later this evening. more on the rainfall totals expected for the bay area coming up in about five minutes. highway 13, four lanes. then towards bay bridge. that's the reason for the slow drive time but still wet conditions all around the bay. buyologiiologists are waiti the weather on to improve so
5:46 am
they can figure out how this whale died. last year about 30 dead whales and dolphins were found. a man has turned himself in after a lot herring the iconic hollywood sign. zachary fernandez changed it to read hollyweed. he was recorded by security cameras as he carried out his prank new year's day. he faces trespassing charges but not vandalism since nothing was done to the science. the national oceanic and atmospheric association said last year was the second hottest year ever. 2012 was the hottest year. alaska reported its hottest year
5:47 am
ever. 2016 saw the second highest number of weather disasters. more than $46,000 in damage in the united states. >> it seems a little odd to talk about a lack of water on a day like this. san francisco residents may face restrictions on their water. they will vote on new rules and fines in the event of a drought. homes would be restricted to 500 gallons per day. the average person uses 80 to 100 a take. the rules would fall in line with state requirements. >> look at this. given recent rain water resources opened the spillway.
5:48 am
up 13 feet since yesterday. and still rising. 5:47. we're keeping tabs on what's going on with the weather. ot to a lot of rain. >> the rain will get heavier. expecting heavy downpours into the evening with gusty winds. we're keeping an eye on that right now. temperatures in the low 50s. steady rain once again through the morning. at least the first part of the day. as we look now at the east bay, 5 degrees heading to the upper 50s today in some spots. temperature wise, it makes it feel a little bit better i guess. still rain moving through as we two into this evening. seeing pockets of heavy downpours. bright reds and yellows as they
5:49 am
move into the south bay. the rain is really coming down at this point. as we get a closer look at what's happening, as you head out to the drive, the south bay has been raining. shifting off to the east. you will catch a break the next few minutes. in the tri-valley, still raining at a heavy clip. seeing a widespread downpours. in the north bay, a lot of flooding there. also the guerneville area. it will continue to rain at this pace at a tenth of app inch per hour for a little while longer. town to the peninsula, breaks here and this. rain blowing in side ways. not seeing much but it will be
5:50 am
picking up we go through the day the. all of these areas shaded in orange, that in effect all day as the winds pick up 25 to 40 miles per hour. there may be higher gusts, 65 miles per hour. flash flood watch in effect. all of these areas shaded in green. one to two inches and three to six. flood warnings in effect through thursday as we watch the river levels rising above flood stage. looking at the timeline when the heaviest rain will be moving in, the north bay bright reds and yellow on the radar. they will hit us by evening in the south bay. we will see it in other parts of the bay area. it will be off and on will tomorrow and into thursday
5:51 am
morning and a chance of heavy rain by tomorrow evening. so a lot of rain in this forecast. we will have is the potential of two to two and a half inches in the santa cruz mountains. getting at least an inch of rain. the winds pigging up today up to 20 to 30 miles per hour. higher at the coast. once again where we have the high wind warnings in effect, that may cause quite a few problems with down trees and power lines. be prepared for that. tracking the mudslide on highway 17. >> she's out there. got us the latest information. all lanes on highway 17 have reopened for both directions. we do see some slowing. as you head north from the santa cruz side. but the southbound side equally benefiting as they head to the summit which should build about now. watch out for the rain coming in
5:52 am
the area. 17, no easy drive by any means. but, again, a little bit better as all lanes have opened. meanwhile, highway 17, a little build for 101. highway 17, 87 throughout the south bay. silicon valley not seeing any major problems. the usual suspects. this is the big problem here. west 24 jammed. blocking three of your four lanes. this is still a major issue. over to highway 13 it keeps the lanes a little bit clearer. they are held up here. on ofall, we have a lighter flow of traffic. the fast track indicating that basically we have few commuters in the area. folks may be telecommuting or taking the bart.
5:53 am
no delays for bart. back to you. >> or maybe they're just sleeping in. rain can do that. still ahead, protests against controversial law enforcement training in the bay area. urban shield training. who they are putting pressure on to make it happen. working hard during this microclimate weather alert. some of the major trouble spots. you can get alerts on your smartphone. download our nbc bay area app. if you have photos or video of some of the severe weather we're seeing, send it to us. tag us on facebook or #nbc bay area.
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area weather this morning-- with another round of rain hitting the region. (ad lib over radar). ==scott/cu== happening today... a south bay taxi cab driver accused of sexually assaulting at least two customers-- will be in court. ==vo== campbell police arrested 30- year-old "julio sanchez" last month. they received a report about one of the sexual assaults back in october. the victim said she was intoxicated and had become separated from her friends while
5:57 am
she was in downtown campbell. she says she got into a taxi outside a bar and later woke up inside the driver's home as she was being assaulted. police identified sanchez as a suspect after reviewing surveillance video. he's due in court for a plea hearing at nine this morning. ==scott/vo== the san francisco board of supervisors will meet today-- to talk about an proposal that would create a memorial for a man shot by san francisco police. police shot and killed "alex nieto" at bernal heights park back in 2014. nieto was a security guard, and police say he hadoi he was shot and killed at a vernal heights back in 2014. he was a security guard. he had pointed his taser at officials in a wrongful death suit brought by a family last year. the proposal would create a plaque in the park dedicated to yenin. also happening today, opponents of the annual urban shield training shield in
5:58 am
alameda county are asking to vote against funding for it. they are holding a news conference later to ask the board of supervisors for the weapons expo. it is is organized by alameda county sheriff's office to take place at the fairgrounds. people have protested against the event in the militarization of police. flying cars could soon become a reality. anis raily tech firm is optimistic about getting its one and a half ton people carrying drone off the ground and into the market. it is being billed as a flying car. it can carry 1,100 pounds and carry 150 miles per hour. developers say it will be sold to military start anything 2020. the price tag, $14 million. >> well, right now at 6:00, we have coverage of the rain and
5:59 am
the wet morning commute once again. if you're ready to head out the door, look at kari's forecast. >> we see all the rain covering the radar. it continues getting heavier with stronger winds. details in the microclimate forecast. and a little silver lining for you on your commute. traffic flowing on highway 17. give you an update. and the russian river expected to drop below flood stage but the danger is not over. we're track the timing of the next storm. today in the bay continues right now. quickly approaching 6:00 on your tuesday morning. starting our morning, a live look at radar this morning over california. we're tracking the next round of rain moving right there through the bay area. >> a live look outside at the wet morning commute across the bay area.
6:00 am
>> grab the umbrella before you head out the door. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. crews stationed around the bay area. let's begin our coverage with kari. >> we see that heavy rain starting to move into parts of the bay area. we'll have lighter downpours throughout the morning. it gets heavier this afternoon as the wind picks up as well. this next storm system bringing additional rainfall totals on an already saturated grouped. steady downpours this afternoon up to 40 to 50 miles per hour with higher gusts flooding some rivers once again. king tides return. and also some lightning. we'll keep an eye on all of that. >> talk


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