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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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nole is still closed. >> let's start with meteorologist kari hall tracking another storm. >> there will be more breaks as we two through the afternoon. scattered showers could bring in pockets of heavy rain. scattered rain once again still happening in the north bay into the east bay as parts of the peninsula. once again, pockets of heavy rain. the flash flood warning near felton has expired. we may see high water levels there. and a flash flood warning in effect for another hour. we may have rising water levels especially in the north bay.
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we'll talk more about that coming up as we head over for a couple of the usual suspects. >> i want to take you to a big look at the bay. you may have a delay here of the santa cruz mountains. vine hill road. we have a tree down on the northbound side. you can get through. it is restricted. you will have delays between santa cruz and los gatos. for more on what's going on there, kris sanchez is actually out there. >> look at me. i'm not wearing a hat or a hood this morning. a tiny break in the rain. it couldn't come at a better time. niles canyon closed. we're blocked at mission
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boulevard. but here's what it looks like four miles east of here. there's mud on the roadway. niles creek is streaming over the roadway even this morning. we did see one suv that got tangled up with pretty big branches. the guy who was in the truck walked out to talk to the police. and the water at that point was up to his thighs. the first train of the day is canceled. a three is questionable at this point. monday there was a mudslide in the very same spot. this part of fremont is susceptible to landslides during the heavy rain. this was niles creek last night. crews arrived here in the last 15 minutes or so. they will scrape away all the mud off the roadway. all the branches, debris, the rocks. but we did see some of the
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roadway buckling in spots. the officer here tells us they hope to have it all opened at 8:00. it will be too late for a lot of commuters giving that the train is now canceled. kris sanchez, today in the bay. look for the latest there. overnight, a triple whammy. heavy rains over saturated ground and high tide after midnight. it triggered a state of emergency declaration. in some cases, a lot of debris on the road. crews closed 10 intersections. bob redell is there. he will join us in our next half hour. now a muddy mess in downtown martinez.
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some did what chp said you should not do and try to drive right through it. the reservoir reached capacity. the onslaught of rain triggering a flash flood warning and forced the closure of a trail, which was three feet under water. >> it is a warning for people to pay attention to the creek levels. stay away from those areas, most importantly. and just is be alert to what's going on. >> the last time it was full capacity was back in 20101 before the drought. >> at the right place at the right time. one of our own crews helped rescue a man trapped by floodwater last night as the russian river continues to raid its flood stage. they were shooting a flooded street nearby, heard a man
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screaming for help. he was trapped by floodwaters. he's okay now. this is video that was sent to us showing a king tide kwroef flowing into mission street yesterday. that's marco colon. some of our best eyes and ears are you, our viewers out there. we really appreciate it. you have been sending us video from the storm. this is from patrick white. highway 37 in vallejo. keep them coming. tag us on twitter, instagram. i love hearing from you. good morning, kari. good morning. as we see scattered activity, concerned about king tides. the tides will be coming up at
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9:54. they will be up to 7.on 01 feet. do not drive where we have standing water in the roadways. this continues into tomorrow morning. late morning we will have the king tides in effect. as we look at what's happening on the radar, we have been tracking some of the scattered showers moving through. and as of now, we are catching a little bit of a break in the south bay. also parts of the east bay. in the southern parts of the north bay like marin county, you are still seeing some of the rain coming through. santa rosa getting a break from the rain right now. the rain will be off and on as we go through the day the. also looking at the potential of a couple more inches of rain -- or rather about an inch of rain in some areas. we're getting a look at what's happening for some of our area creeks and rivers. napa river will be cresting this morning right now at about 25.4
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feet and then falling into the day. more what we can expect as we head into a dryer weekend in 10 minutes. i was just looking at the difference between two days. dropping off about 15 feet. that is a tremendous change over there. we're looking pretty good as far as the flow of traffic. the green highlighting is damp roadways. still a possibility of slick conditions. be careful out there. there is mud all across highway 84. they closed niles canyon. that affects train number one. odd trains come in, even numbers head out in the afternoon and evening. a 10-minute delay out of san francisco. that was an equipment problem which was quickly cleared. no weather reported delays for that system.
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and we might see more folks on interstate 580. no slowing. a live shat at dublin. it is is much dryer than yesterday. still standing water in patches so be careful. back to you. >> good advice always. 5:08. coming up, rising rivers is and snow piling up to 10 feet in some areas. they are bracing for avalanches. the final farewell. the speech president obama gave to americans as commander in chief.
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>> we're keeping a close eye on our rivers. napa river 15.3 feet. and russian river will be at flood stage, rising to 37.6 feet later this morning and not falling below flood stage until 5:00 tomorrow morning. if you're planning to head over to the sierra, i'll have a look
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at the toyota report coming up in a few minutes. train number one anulled. new video into our newsroom this morning. still no word as weather caused an early water main break in berkeley hills near santa barbara road and southampton avenue. the flooded property alongside one side adjacent to the break. the water main is now off. firefighters have been out trying to pump out some of the excess water. donald trump is expected to hold a news conference today, his first in a very long time. it comes in the middle of a firestorm. allegations russian intelligence has compromising information
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about the president-elect. that information was published on the internet yesterday. in mid-december trump promised to answer questions from the media but that was cammed. his last conference was back in july before the election. president obama is back in the white house after saying good-bye to the nation. >> today in the bay tracie potts joins us live from washington with a recap of the president's final farewell. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: well, good morning. he's made his final remarks in a way very reminiscent of him accepting the presidency there reelection four years ago. his initial election in chicago eight years ago. and with the tone of the man that many of those supporters out there last night took a chance on. the young senator they took a chance on eight years ago.
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struggle to go begin amid wild applause. >> i can't do that. president obama says good-bye to 18,000 supporters and the nation. >> america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. >> he hit on major accomplishments, the financial and auto bailouts, health care, killing osama bin laden, immigration, climate change, opportunity and race. >> if we don't create opportunity for all people. >> if you're disappointed by your elected officials, tpwrab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office yourself. >> the president got choked up talking about his staff, vice president biden, and the first lady. >> you have made me proud, and you have made the country proud.
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>> america's first african-american president. >> i'm asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change but in yours. yes, we can. yes, we can. thank you. god bless you. >> ending his term the way he began. >> pretty emotional to watch. >> if you are a seafood love, you'll want to hear this. it will start costing you a little bit more for a piece of fish. >> that's the news before the bell. landon dowdy, good morning. >> reporter: scott and laura, good morning to you both. wall street is awaiting donald trump's news conference later this morning. they are hoping to get more on taxes and spending. he will likely focus on russia and conflicts of interest.
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the dollar had been rising on hopes the new administration would boost the economy. 19,855, dot. volkswagen has reached a tentative settlement with the justice department over the emissions cheating sandal. the board could give final approval today. $4.3 billion fine and face oversight independent monitor the next three years. volkswagen has set aside $19 billion to pay for the scandal. it is going to cost more for a nice piece of fish. farmed sal salmon fell for the first time in six years because of an outbreak of parasites and deadly algae. wholesale prices could force retailers and restaurants to pass on the cost to customers or
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opt for other fish such as cod or trout. >> as long as you're not passing on the al g ae. i'll pass on the algae. thanks a lot. who wants to go skiing? tahoe is under 10 feet of snow after this latest storm. this is heavenly. winds have been reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour. blizzard-like conditions closed many of the ski resorts. a high avalanche warning will remain in effect at least through today. >> you know i-80, we'll check with you on that. >> we have seen a lot of rain here and snow pounding parts of the sierra as well. now here's a look at scattered showers here. you see the snow still coming down there. and it will be happening throughout the day. once again, we have seen the
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blizzard warnings with low visibility and high wind speeds for the mast can couple of days. there are no trails open today. it will be up to 28 degrees. the lows dropping down to 12. still scattered showers tomorrow. therefore, squaw valley and alpine meadow thes up to 103 inches. up to another foot at least in spots like the incline village. right now we are at 51 degrees as we bring it back home in the peninsula. spotty showers. wet roads in the south bay. for much of the area, rain off and on. temperatures on the cool side. san rafael, over 11 inches of rain. napa, five inches.
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anywhere from 8 to 15 inches of rain. just really high amounts there. we will still have more rain in the forecast for the day. with lighter rain and more breaks. it gives some of the rivers and creeks a chance to go back down. still rain in the forecast throughout this evening and early tomorrow. looking at the hour-by-hour forecast, 8:00, hit or miss showers, cloudy skies. there may be peeks of sun. brief, heavy downpours. and clearing up for a little while. off and on rain throughout the day, into tonight. with spots potentially getting another half an inch of rain. then we will dry things out tomorrow. the potential in the south bay up to half an inch of rain.
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for the north bay, looking a little bit later there not as much of the accumulating rain. still high river levels and watching out for coastal flooding. as we head over to mike, looking at some of the problems in the south bay. >> no wonder we continue to see issues in the south bay. we do have delay right here. highway 17 in santa cruz. traffic control around vine hill. the usual suspects. a tree down on the northbound side. la honda, fallen cables, not power lines. traffic control there as well.
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highway 84 on the east bay, in the tri-valley, canyon area, that is closed right now, again, because of mud across the roadway. train one has been canceled for the morning. reports covering minor delays after overnight. it took a little bit longer out of san francisco. maybe a minor delay. san mateo bridge shows you the live shot. water raining on the lens. it will be a factor with wet roads. keep that in mind. it looks like one of those lanes, that third lane is not yet open for business. that will cause a little bit of ease after it opens just after 5:30. 5:21 right now.
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airline insisted on checking his carry-on bag. that might have cost him hundreds. nbc bay area responds to a man who said an airline insisted on checking his bag and it cost him hundreds. good morning. edward was flying home to san jose on united with his wife who has a disability. he packed her medicine and his dlr camera. a flight attendant told him the overhead bins were full and he had to check his bag. she was going to take it for him. he said he asked more than once not to check his bag pause there were expensive items. fortunately his wife did the not need the medication during the flight. had they reclaimed the luggage, he found his camera was damaged. the lens was shattered. the airline said it doesn't
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cover losses for cameras. frustrated, edward reached out to us about this situation and we reached out to united. when we got a response it told him it would cost him a $750 check for the lens as well as give him and his wife 20,000 united miles. in a statement, united said we look forward to welcoming ed back on barred in the future and providing the exceptional service he held us to for the past 40 years he has flown with united. now, this situation was out of edwards control. it is is important to remember many items airlines simply do not cover in luggage. that includes cameras, electronics, jewelry and cash. if you're in a situation where you have to check your bag, tell the airline you need to remove these valuables before they take that bag. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips. or
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tomorrow, the free trial that ends up costing $237. i'll see you then. coming up, we'll take another look at the weather and all the rain that's coming in. we are still tracking light scattered showers and pockets of heavy rain as we go into today. more moisture streaming into the bay area as we try to recover from the previous storm. i'll have a look at the forecast coming up. the flooding conditions as the levels of the russian river continue to rise. we'll tell you what officials are doing to stay ahead. i'm bob redell. live to hard hit benicia. the city is working hard to lift the state of emergency declared because of what you see behind me. that story coming up.
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narrator: finish is recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide than any other brand. finish quantum max tackles the toughest messes, the first time... its unique powerball takes on anything, for an amazing clean. choose finish. ♪ remain we remain in a microclimate weather alert. several areas remain under water. and there's more rain headed our way. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcdrew in for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> roads closed. benicia is a state of emergency after back-to-back stores left that under water. >> the russian river continues
5:31 am
to rise causing people to scramble to higher ground. problems sadly to say are only going to get worse as more rain moves in. >> kari hall continues our coverage with the updated timeline. kari. >> and we will still see scattered showers moving through through the morning and afternoon. but we will have more breaks which may allow some people to be able to clean up after all of the storm damage we have had recently. but still once again you see the rain moving through. the green on the map for parts of the north bay. and more of this moisture moving in. we have been keeping track on what's happening with some of the flash flood warnings in effect. and once again, niles canyon still under that flash flood warning for the next 30 minutes. we'll see if this gets extended. still rain in the forecast. also a coastal flood advisory. king tide at 9:54. they will still high through noon. tides up to seven feet.
5:32 am
how much rain is expected today. and mike is tracking the closures and the tracks. >> we are having problems hearing you. >> can you hear me now? >> you tpwao. >> we did the get ace train. the issue for highway 17, traffic control at vine hill because of a fallen tree. the trains 3, 5, 7 have been cleared at least to get into the area. a train is on its way over here. the roadway is still cleared. >> such a big closure in the east bay this morning. a series of slides last night closed highway 84, as you mentioned, mike, through
5:33 am
tphaoeupls canyon. the closure is in effect between fremont and snole. crews have also been very concerned about rising water levels in nearby alameda creek. there are hopes it would reopen by 1:00 a.m. now the kwrufp date on highway 17. video from last night caused by the closure of northbound 17. this has gotten worse. chp now reporting traffic between santa cruz and the south bay will be single lanes in alternate directions through a trouble spot. the problem is a fallen tree. crews are not expected to begin moving debris until later this morning.
5:34 am
back-to-back storms causing communities across the bay area to bell to higher ground. >> overnight, one city declared a state emergency because of the impact of all of this rain. >> today in the bay bob redthe ell has details on road closures. >> reporter: the city of benecia was concerned over the 1:00 a.m. high tide might have on its waterfront. they declared a local state of emergency. it doesn't seem like the high tide had much in any impact. the public works department is fine to reopen the 11 streets that were shut down like park road here. a police officer tells us at one point the water was three to four feet deep. it has receded so much. the driver of that car you can
5:35 am
see their brake lights. the driver never made it through. public works expects it will take some time. the storm sewers are overwhelmed. streets that were once flooded have completely. i just know from driving around we did the see a few with rain. but we are still shut down. reporting live in benicia today in the bay, bob redthe ell. >> this morning the russian river continues to rise. good morning to you. those russian river levels are rising. expected to hit 38 feet. an evacuation for folks that
5:36 am
live along the river. you can see the water is halfway to the window. it is expected to hit 38 feet later today. here they are explaining how it is is going to work. >> we're taking this serious. we have the national guard out. emergency operations center open up. we are taking precautions on this one. >> so aoe vac kwraeugs are in place. transportation is available to get them to the nearby shelters. as i mentioned, they are expecting the river to crest at
5:37 am
38 feet. that would be roughly six feet above flood stages. of course we will continue to keep an eye on those conditions throughout the morning. people are out of their homes this morning. mandatory evacuations are still under way. the creek continues to rise dangerously quickly. the emergency alert sounded in downtown last night. city officials ordering everyone out west of town. the creek nearly took of a bridge threatening nearby homes. we were telling you about this earlier. interstate 80 still closed in both directions. now it is from blizzard-like conditions and large amounts of snow. it follows a series of storm
5:38 am
related closures, including one from a mudslide and another from down power lines. still no word when interstate 80 might re. >> the past couple of months have been rough for commuters. this is bart. people there to jump out of the platform to get out. bart back on track after a tree caused a major system wide delay last night. here's the scene at 24th and medication. it's just been a mess because of that tree. >> nobody was knocked out of their seat or anything like that. >> nobody hurt but there were plenty of delays and frustrated
5:39 am
riders. >> some of our best eyes and ears are you. you have been sending amazing pictures from the storm. this is from ed rogers in the santa cruz mountains. look at the size of it. as you see news happening, post to twitter or instagram or facebook. >> kari has been working hard all morning. scott, we are still seeing scattered showers moving through. we track the rain at 5:39. we see this activity lightening up. still tracking the rain as it moves closer to san mateo. hayward, getting a chance to dry out. dublin will see the rain in the next few minutes. also san ramon, over towards
5:40 am
livermore. as we two through the day, once again, more breaks in the downpours. don't expect it to be raining all day. at any point you could see some of the showers moving through. keep checking in here for the latest updates. mike has an update for what's happening for some of the highway drivers. >> highway 17 delays between sap ta cruz and los gatos. highway 17, this tree continues to close the northbound lanes. traffic is flowing both directions. they have controlled the traffic flow. that will be an issue. you can access both directions. it is just a slow wait to get you through the area. highway 17 northbound at highway 9, reports have come in about a
5:41 am
large pothole area. these are all secondary issues as the rain eases up. this is highway 84 and 35 in la honda. keep that in mind as well. metering lights are on. we have a good amount of traffic. back to you. thank you very much. coming you, a deadly shooting inside ava lay hoe pawnshop. baby got back pain?
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good wednesday morning. the russian river at guerneville will rise to 37.6. the flood warning has been extended for the napa river at downtown the. it has crested but will be above flood stage. we'll talk how much additional rain we will see in five minutes.
5:45 am
>> traffic is flowing. we have a closure on 84 through niles canyon. just a slowdown. we have a water rescue going on. 20 people have been rescued from their home. massive flooding. >> five to seven homes have been evacuated. but at least five more homes need to be rescued right now. kris sanchez is headed to the scene. they will bring us a live report as soon as she arrives. newly released is surveillance showing a deadly robbery in vallejo. two men shot and killed the owner, shot the dog and wounded an employee. $25,000 reward is offered. pg&e could face tough
5:46 am
sentences in the pipeline explosion case. federal prosecutors are urging the judge to impose a series of conditions on the utility. it includes rewarding executives for safety rather than profit. also requiring 10,000 hours of community service by managers and putting a monday tore to oversea national gas safety. a jury has convicted the back in august of six felony counts in the san bruno explosion of 2010 which killed eight people. the fallout from last month's deadly warehouse fire is prompting new discussions across the bay in san francisco. among the items scheduled, a report from the fire marshall on the scope of new inspections for houses. today marks 15 years since
5:47 am
the united states guantanamo bay prison to detain terror suspects. in that time, 800 detainees have been held there. many never have been charged. critics claim some have been tortured. they plan to gather in san francisco to follow president obama's campaign promise which he never carried out to shut it down. president obama sat down with lester holt for an exit interview of sorts. he asked about new reports of the russian compromising intel on president-elect donald trump. the president said he was not aware of the report but he has a message for the trump administration about russian hacking. >> my expectation and hope is this work will continue after i leave. they will take it serious and get to work reinforcing those
5:48 am
mechanisms that we can use to protect our democracy. >> you can watch the full interview with the president on "dateline" after nbc bay area on friday. it's 5:48 right now. a popular south bay restaurant that has been an institution is closing. la forthe et is closing. it quickly became a favorite serving its wild gamen tray of the day. owner posting a touching message saying they will serve their last meal march 26th. we have to get back the our storm coverage this morning. what makes this the a storm so rare? widespread similar damage across the bay area. fallen trees are a common sight. yesterday a 2 foot tree crashed
5:49 am
down in lafayette. there was a lot of damage left behind. >> we heard a crack. he said it sounded like a bomb going off. >> take a look at this one. a massive heritage oak crashed down in danville yesterday afternoon. >> imagine waking up to that. a lot of people are waking up to so much damage out there. the land is just saturated. >> we are talking about the napa downtown has been extended. and the russian river, we will continue to see the rising water levels. we will be keeping an eye on that. also, keeping an eye on what's happening as far as the creeks as well. and we will have a coastal flood advisory. the king tide returns today. they will come up and peak before 10:00. here's a look at wet roads as
5:50 am
you cross the golden gate bridge. a lot of rain and standing water on the roads. as you get up and get ready, make sure you get out the door with plenty of time to spend on the roadways and driving to work. look how much rain we have had the past self days with the storm systems moving in. you had over 7 3/4 of rain. napa had over 5. walnut creek, close to 6 inches. oakland, over 3. same with san francisco. san jose, anywhere from 2, slightly higher. and santa cruz mountains 8 to 15 inches of rain. a lot of heavy downpours. and we're still tracking some of the showers this morning, especially where there has been pockets of heavier rain getting through. that may affect your drive to 280 and some of the heavier
5:51 am
downpours moving through san mateo. and scattered showers moving from of east bay into the tri-valley. we talk about the king tides. coastal flood advisory will be in effect. the tides will come up to seven feet shortly before 7:00. along the napa river in guerneville will be in effect until this evening. we still have rain in the forecast for today. mostly cloudy skies throughout the day. but a few pockets of rain may produce locally heavy amounts of downpours ask and additional rainfall totals we have seen falling on already saturated grounds. the next round of rain may be moving in tonight and tapering off through the day tomorrow. we will finally have a chance to dry out. we will still reach half an hour for parts of the south bay. for areas farther north, lesser
5:52 am
amounts of rain. but still already we have had quite a bit of rain across the bay area. we will get sunshine finally on friday. i know we are all looking forward to that. clear weather in the forecast. this weekend is looking nice for the inland areas by reaching into the upper 50s. looking over here now, this is not unfamiliar. it is a new report of a familiar location. we have a couple of those situations around the bay. highway 84, where the mud has come across that area. closing highway 84 at fremont. 680 may see a little more traffic. mission boulevard is your alternate. trains 3, 5, 7 have been cleared to come into the area. train 3 is coming through tracy, into the greater bay area right
5:53 am
now. bart still talking about minor delays. no major issues either. for the east bay, we haven't seen a lot of issues. a live shot with a good amount through oakland. the san mateo bridge, getting rain on the lens. it eased up a little bit. lighter traffic. we have all the backup. back to you. coming up, breaking news near gilroy. a major water rescue going on right now. dozens of people rescued from their homes in boats. we'll have an update coming up next. 5:53. first happening now, more wet weather on its to the bay area. you can download our nbc bay area app to help stay informed. if you can take photos of severe
5:54 am
weather, send them to you. we will work to put them all on air. celebrities react to president obama's emotional farewell speech. from ellen to cher. we posted them to our home page. we'll be back in just a few.
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morning... with scattered rain for the morning commute. ==laura/live== and taking a live look outside..wet roads at the goldee bridge right now. ==scott/cu== happening today... the formal sentencing hearing will take place for the charleston church shooter. ==vo== convicted murderer dylann roof the formal sentencing hearing will take place for a charleston church shooter. convicted murderer dylann roof already know what it is going to be. he was sentenced to death yesterday. roof shot and killed nine at the emanuel ame church in june 2015. it took jurors three hours to decide he is to die. a decision is to be made on on mental health placement of a man who is accused of killing his child.
5:58 am
he is charged with drowning his daughter in a baptismal pond. he also faces child endangerment because his son was with him at the time. it is 5:58 right now. a warning for honda drives. they are expanding a recall because of takata air bags. the front passenger seat air bag inflator can be detected and explode sending metal shrapnel flying at passengers. 100 million vehicles including 17 automake. muni buses get an update because of a muni art program. there will be 100 buses showcasing work from five artists. you are looking at some of the
5:59 am
work from those selected. the theme is san francisco neighborhoods. it runs now through april. take a look at this in colorado. making sure all his customers get their deliveries. a truck driver ordered a pizza while stuck on an interstate near vale. chicago pizza said he couldn't keep his customers hanging so he went out and delivered it himself in shorts. that's because he's usually working in an 85-degree kitchen. that's customer service. right now at 6:00, we are in a microclimate weather alert. it is creating major traffic troubles this morning. roads are still wet. thankfully we'll have more breaks in the rain today. not as much widespread heavy rain. i'll let you know what you can expect coming up. highway 84 shut down because of a series of mudslides. we're tracking the impact on the morning commute.
6:00 am
and the rain wreaking havoc on one east bay city. you see the flooding that hit overnight. today in the bay continues right now. we begin with breaking news just outside gilroy. water rescues going on right now. this is video just into our newsroom we found 20 people have been rescued from their home. >> it took over a neighborhood. five to seven homes have been evacuated. at least five more people need to be rescued. we have a crew headed to the scene right now. we will bring you a live report just as soon as they arrive. a live look at the radar this morning. that's all rain across the bay area. getting you ready for another wet morning commute. >> we have crews station theed across the bay area so you're ready to head out the door if that's where you're heading. new video to show you as well. this is highway 84 through niles canyon. the roadway is closed


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