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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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and the rain wreaking havoc on one east bay city. you see the flooding that hit overnight. today in the bay continues right now. we begin with breaking news just outside gilroy. water rescues going on right now. this is video just into our newsroom we found 20 people have been rescued from their home. >> it took over a neighborhood. five to seven homes have been evacuated. at least five more people need to be rescued. we have a crew headed to the scene right now. we will bring you a live report just as soon as they arrive. a live look at the radar this morning. that's all rain across the bay area. getting you ready for another wet morning commute. >> we have crews station theed across the bay area so you're ready to head out the door if that's where you're heading. new video to show you as well. this is highway 84 through niles canyon. the roadway is closed after a series of mudslide in that area
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overnight. >> live to benicia. a local state of emergency was declared because storm. heavy rain and high tide create flooding causing roads to close. a live look from guerneville. the russian river could rise two feet bringing it to major flooding stage. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are tracking some scattered showers moving through the bay area. and at times we will pockets of heavy rain moving through and also a little bit more of a break as well. as we get a look at the radar now as you head out the door, quite a bit of rain streaming through. this is behind that main weather system that moved through yesterday. we will still have at times downpours that could make the standing water return to the
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roadways. there's rain falling there. we check in with mike. >> alameda county, the advisory for flooding last night. it continues. all rain coming down. the wet roadways. the green shows most of the freeways move well. highway 17 with that tree down. the northbound side is blocking both directions of flowing. look at all the slowing for both directions. there will be delays if that is your drive. be patient. allow extra time. it is is not really an alternate. highway 84 closed between 680
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and mission boulevard. the good news for the rails at least is the h train and the first one was cammed. the rest of them are allowed to come through the area. it sounds like those tracks are allowed to clear. the roadway is closed to highway 84. >> today in the bay kris sanchez in the area where the mudslides close the roads. >> you can see where miles canyon shut down highway 84 where mission boulevard. the big problem is a quarter mile east of here. mud still on the roadway. niles creek along the side of the road. one suv got tangled by pretty big branches. fremont police had to rescue
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people. niles canyon is closed. train one was cammed. three is questionable. this area is susceptible to slides. caltrans crews arrived here about 4:45. they hope to have it reopened by 8:00. kris, thank you. out to benicia. high tide just after midnight triggered this flooding and road closures. we have debris on the road as well. crews overnight closed at least 10 roads and intersections. >> now to a muddy mess in downtown martinez. the waters from alhambra rushed
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roads. >> more in the south bay near the reservoir reached capacity yesterday and is now spilling into the creek. the onslaught of rain triggered a flash flood alert and closed the trail parts of which were under three feet of water. just a warning for people to pay attention to the creek levels. stay away from the areas most importantly. >> the last time it was full capacity was in 2011 before the drought. a man rescued from floodwaters last night. the russian river continues to raise its flood stage this
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morning. cheryl hurd heard that man screaming for help. he was trapped by floodwaters. >> big waves at mission yesterday. this is from marco colon. some of our best eyes and ears are you, our viewers. you have been so great sending us amazing pictures and video like this picture from patrick white showing the san pablo bay cresting in vallejo. when you see news happening, post your pictures and videos to our facebook page. >> check the forecast right now. more rain expected today. there's some clearing in the horizon. a few days off now. >> they will be clearing. but we have had so much rain the past few days.
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here's a look at how much some spots have measured. napa, five inches of rain. look at the santa cruz mountains. 8 to 15 inches of rain. even in san jose, you have had two inches of rain. san francisco and oakland, three inches there. and san rafael, 11 inches. so is it's just been a very high amount of water. and it's still coming down in parts of the bay area. the rain may get a little heavier. we are seeing it over the peninsula. it will move over the east bay into fremont. we will keep an eye on this. rising along the coastline. that's coming up. tracking what's happening for some of those road closures and mudslides. >> i have better news for one of the road closures.
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la honda road accident has just cleared from the area. it wasn't a major commute route. highway 17 is flowing slowly. keep that in mind. traffic control around vine hill today. look how light and easy the sensors are showing. that's not the case when you look at the live shot. water continues to fall. more coming into this area. the bay bridge, looking over there. we have a backup here. no drama the east freeway. you do have a lot of company. the slick roadways, even though it's not raining, will mean slicker conditions. the controversial urban
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shield controversy. we'll tell you about the steps county leaders are taking to calm the nerves of those who believe it leads to the militarization of police. a live look at emeryville and the bay bridge there. it's going to be a tough one. you're watching today in the bay.
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good wednesday morning. the time is 6:11. we continue our microclimate alert as rain moves through the
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bay area. we try to recover from the heavy rain we have had the past couple of days. rain here and of in the see is air ra. blizzard warnings and a lot of heavy snow with road closures. if you're heading to squaw valley, alpine meadows, it may take you a long time to get there. fresh powder. weather conditions will be improving into the weekend. the microclimate forecast coming up. over here we have highway 84 closed through niles canyon. no major delays for the upper east bay. >> mike, police say this man caused terrifying he moments for an east bay mother. he allegedly stole her car with a 4-year-old inside. this man, 44 years old, now
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facing kidnapping charges. the mother is dropping the child off in san leandro and left the car running with the 4-year-old inside they found the car abandoned with the child inside. a recent stream of home burglaries is prompting a community meeting in menlo park. it take place 6:30 tonight at laurel school on elliott drive. the police chief will be there. according to the almanac, 12 of the 15 homes burglarized in the last year in menlo park were all in the willows. that was september through december. a board of supervisors approved $9 million in funding for the program but unlikely the money will be you've as intended. they planned to use fund from a
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real estate transfer tax the. the mayor released the budget plan month and proposed spending $4 million to go to the program the next two fiscal years. the urban shield training program can continue in alameda county despite several activists groups. the board of supervisors voted unanimously to keep funding. 100 people voiced their concerns yesterday. the event increases the militarization of law enforcement officers. board members say they shared those concerns. they believe there were enough safeguards in place to prevent major issues. it will address the community's concerns about urban shield. in business and tech news,
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awaiting donald trump's news conference later this month. it seems is like he is probably going to focus more on russia and conflicts of interest after very strange reports yesterday and this morning. markets may be showing jitters. the dollar had been rising on hopes the new administration would boost the economy. the nasdaq rose 20. >> volkswagen just reached a tent active settlement with the justice department over the emissions cheating scandal. they paid a $4.3 billion fine and face oversight from an independent monitor the next three years. volkswagen set aside $19 billion to pay for the scandal.
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global supplies of farmed salmon fell. there had been an outbreak of parasites and deadly algae. it will force stores and restaurants to pass the cost on to you or make the fish smaller or use cod. >> parts of lake tahoe their 10 feet of snow after this latest storm. this is video from heavenly. we're told the wind at the "top of the mountain" this week have reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. blizzard-like conditions closed many ski resorts. and a high avalanche warning will remain in effect at least through today. if you're headed to tahoe, be careful. sunny skies will prevail. >> assuming the roads open. >> i don't know how you're going to get there.
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it will be treacherous. as we look at what's happening out now, our temperatures are in the low 50s. milder weather now. in the north bay, down to 48 degrees. and at times rain still falling. you can see that golden gate bridge camera. we have yellows and reds indicating heavier rain. just a few spots we will see throughout the morning. redwood city, 101, dunbar ton bridge, rain falling there. farther east around union city, some rain falling near whipple road, moving east of 238. still tracking rain moving in. coastal flood advisory in effect as we will see the water levels coming up near the coast and the inner bay shortly before noon but reaching the peak right about 10:00 this morning.
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we will have also flood warnings in effect for the russian river and the napa river downtown area. the napa river has already crested and still be above the flood stage until early afternoon. the guerneville, russian river there, we will see water levels above flood stage early tomorrow morning. some additional rainfall possible throughout this afternoon, into the evening. but there will be many more breaks in between. more hit or miss showers we will see through the the day. make sure you're compared. keep your umbrella handy. there may be wet roads as we try to get a chance to try out. there still may be showers moving through. lingering showers and then dryer conditions as we go through the day. the estimated rain for the next several rounds of light rain moving in could bring an additional half an inch for the south bay.
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temperaturewise, we will see cooler air moving behind the system for san francisco highs in the low 50s. inland areas, more of the same. warming up as we head into the weekend. mike tracking some of the road closures and also what's happening on the rails. that's right, kari. the weather is calming down. the rain still coming down from redwood city from 92 to 84. easy flow of traffic except for highway 17 around vineville. that's the issue for the south bay. the tree is blocking the northbound side. that will continue until they can clear. here highway 84 continues that closure. again, we have that mud covering the highway. the track has been cleared.
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5 and 7 trains will be coming in shortly, one after the other. interstate 680 through pleasanton. only niles canyon has the closure. soupy conditions north of 92. golden gate bridge shows there's still rain on our lens. there may be issues for visibility as the sun comes up. >> thank you, mike. there might be changes to the monopoly game. >> plus, nbc bay area responds. the airline checked his carry-on bag against his will and then the stuff inside is damaged. i'm consumer investigator chris qaa mora. nbc bay area responds. save you money-- but how much
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you save depends on welcome back. raising your deductible on your auto insurance could save you money. but how much depends where you live. drivers in california can save 10.9% by increasing their deductible from $500 to $1,000. you can save as much as 15% by raising it from $500 to $2,000. >> changes are coming to the iconic monopoly board game. hasbro is letting you vote on
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the next tokens that will be used. there are 64 tokens in the running. none are safe. voting runs through january 31st. they plan to announce the results on world monopoly day. it is is march 19th. >> the only one i didn't like was the iron. it's boring. >> i had to explain to my kids a thimble is. a south bay man says an airline insisted on checking his bags and then his things were damaged. good morning. edward was flying home to san jose on united with his wife who has a disability. he packed her medicine and his
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dlr camera. a flight attendant told him the overhead bins were full and he had to check his bag. she was going to take it for him. he said he asked more than once not to check his bag pause there were expensive items. fortunately his wife did not need the medication during the flight. had they reclaimed the luggage, he found his camera was damaged. the lens was shattered. the airline said it doesn't cover losses for cameras. frustrated, edward reached out to us about this situation and we reached out to united. when we got a response it told him it would cost him a $750 check for the lens as well as give him and his wife 20,000 united miles. in a statement, united said we look forward to welcoming ed back on barred in the future and providing the exceptional service he held us to for the past 40 years he has flown with
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united. now, this situation was out of edwards control. it is important to remember many items airlines simply do not cover in luggage. that includes cameras, electronics, jewelry and cash. if you're in a situation where you have to check your bag, tell the airline you need to remove these valuables before they take that bag. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips. or tomorrow, the free trial that ends up costing $237. i'll see you then. thank you, chris. 6:26. coming up next, team coverage tracking the bay area this morning. our microclimate weather alert continues. still scattered showers moving through and some heavy rain still possible today. i'll you know how much rain to expect coming up. the storm battered the city of benicia.
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the unusual circumstances to declare a local state of emergency. the flooding continues around parts of guerneville as the levels continue to rise. how the county is staying prepared.
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the bay area. ==scott/boxes== and taking a live look outside a live look at our radar and
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another round of rain hitting our radar. bridging all were getting wet. it will be a tough commute. >> the dryout is coming by the weekend. >> team coverage. monitoring the damage left behind. kari hall and mike inouye. >> we still see some of the rain moving in as you head out for the commute. still slick spots on the roadways also a lot going on. we'll check in with mike. we see some of the light rain moving through. showers moving through san francisco and a little bit of heavier rain moving through palo alto, menlo park. >> we have a coastal flood
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advisory. coming up. how much flooding we can see and how much additional rain is in the forecast. mike is tracking rain, floods, and a tree. >> we will take them in opposite order. nowhere on the santa cruz side. that's where the traffic is flowing. again, traffic droll. highway 84, closure here because of mud. they have been approved to come through. that will be okay. 680, 880, light volume there.
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that's pretty good news as you travel the rest of the bay. the conditions are very slow off the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:32. we continue to follow breaking news near holster this morning where water rescues are going on right now in san benino county. we understand more than 20 people have already been rescued from their home. >> massive flooding has taken over the neighborhood. more than two teeth feet of water in some places. more homes need to be rescued. we'll bring you a live report. we have team coverage of the storm and the damage left behind
6:33 am
as well. >> a local state of emergency overnight because of flooding and high tide. what are the conditions like now, bob? >> reporter: well, some roads have been shut down. you can see the water behind us. it is already starting to recede. a police officer tells us at one point this water was three to four feet team. you can see the car in the middle of the road. it doesn't have any power. that was a car that installed trying to the get through this water sometime overnight or yesterday. the driver gave up. you can see the headlights coming at us. it has since reopened. the water is receding slowly. it tells us that storm drains had been overwhelmed. in our drive around town, checking out some of the other roads that were shut down, the
6:34 am
waters did recede. it was so overwhelmed the city couldn't keep up. they were trying to drain some of it. itted up going over the spillway. they declared high tide at 1:00 a.m. ben nearby that does have a waterfront. there was concern of flooding there. we didn't see any major impact. bob redell, today in the bay. bob, thanks. a close eye on the russian river in guerneville. pete suratos joins us live. you have been all week long. you could see flooding today, though. >> that's correct. we could see flooding today. the russian river could hit 38
6:35 am
feet. they have been told to evacuate. i want to show you where we were at. we were just here yesterday. the levels are affecting this area. the water is about halfway up this building here. we do know as far as the river levels go, 46 feet. it is is expected to rise two more feet later on today. as a result, we have had evacuations along the russian river for folks who live in those areas. we have seen the past couple days to and from their destinations. in the event of a water rescue, make sure they're in the right spot. here is the sheriff's department explaining how that is going to work. >> we're taking it serious is. we have the national guard out here. we have emergency operations set
6:36 am
up. we are taking all precautions on this one. >> now, transportation is being provided residents in this area to the get nearby shelters. we are expect issing the river to crest at 38 feet. that would make it six feet. we could see more flooding later today. pete suratos, today in the bay. people were out of their homes. these were mandatory evacuations. here's a look at why. look at all that rain. the creek continues to rise dangerously fast. the emergency alert sounded last night. city officials warned everybody out west of town. the creek nearly took over a bridge, threatening nearby homes. no word when evacuations will be lifted. still no word if weather caused a water main break.
6:37 am
the water main is now off. firefighters have been help to go pump out all the excess water. an update on the ongoing weather problems along highway 17. this is video from overnight from the backups caused by the closure of northbound 17. they will be single lanes in alternate directions until crews can clear up the problem which we're told is a fallen tree. compounding the problem this morning, highway nine is closed south of santa cruz due to a mudslide. crews are not expected to remove that debris until later. a new round of weather-related problems between the bay area and lake tahoe. take a look at this. interstate 80 still closed in both directions.
6:38 am
now it is from blizzard-like conditions and large amounts of snow. one from a mudslide and another from down power lines. still no word when interstate is 80 might reopen. >> for the first time in months, donald trump today is expected to hold a news. it come in the wake of new allegation russia has compromising information about the president-elect. donald trump is to take face the media at trump tower in mid-december but that event was canceled. he held his last news conference in july. the news conference will take place at 8:00 a.m. if you can't watch on television, we will carry it live at president obama is back in the white house after saying good-bye to the nation focusing heavily on race, economic in equality. >> today in the bay tracie potts
6:39 am
joins us live with a recap of the president's final farewell. good morning, tracie. reporter: laura, good morning. his last words before leaving office a week from now. the tone of the speech reminiscent of some of his campaign and election night speeches. the crowd enthusiastic about the man the junior senator they supported and took a chance on eight years ago. struggling to begin amid wild applause. >> i can't do that. president obama said good-bye to 18,000 supporters and the nation. >> america is a better, stronger place than it was when we started. >> he hit on major accomplishments, the financial and auto bailouts, health care, killing osama bin laden, immigration, climate change, and race. >> if we don't create
6:40 am
opportunity for all people, the division that has stalled our progress will only strengthen in years to come. >> if you're disappointed by your elected officials, tpwrab a clipboard, get some signatures and run for office yourself. >> the president got choked up talking about his staff, vice president biden, and the first lady. >> you have made me proud, and you have made the country proud. >> america's first african-american president. >> i'm asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change but in yours. yes, we can. yes, we can. thank you. god bless you. >> ending his term the way he began. so before the speech the president stopped by his favorite chicago restaurant. one of them. he and the first lady spent time
6:41 am
working the crowd. they were talking to people. even taking some selfies. live from washington, tracie potts, today in the bay. >> still wet roads and rain falling as we continue to track lighter rain. at times heavier rain. hour by hour, still rain possible throughout the day also into the afternoon and evening hours. more of a hit or miss variety. at times it will be just enough to make the roads wet. we'll still have rain possible through tonight. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. >> you can just turn them on. you can leave the headlights off. you have to keep the headlights on. that's california law. >> easy drive right now.
6:42 am
light volume of traffic considering it is the commute time for the south bay. highway 17 by the summit, very slow because of the traffic control we told you about. over here the closure for 84 continues. niles canyon at 680 and mission boulevard. the trains have been approved to drive. water on the roadways. keep that in mind. the metering lights are on. >> 6:42. coming up, we continue to follow breaking news to our south. floodwaters surround issing a neighborhood forcing firefighters to help stranded residents this morning. the rescue still under way at this hour. we live in a pick and choose world.
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good wednesday morning. time is 6:45. we continue our microclimate weather alert. we have measured quite a bit of rain the past several days. a big storm system manufacturing in. san rafael, 11 inches. morgan hill, over 5 inches. details coming up in five minutes. and of here, 880, 20 minutes. that is mild. still closure at niles canyon.
6:46 am
and the south bay does have a build. 14 minutes from 85 to 101 via highway 87. we continue to follow breaking news near holster. live pictures now from the scene where water rescued from been going on. >> massive flooding taking over a neighborhood. more than two feet of water in some places. five to seven homes evacuated. people in five more need to be rescued. a crew is on the scene now. vallejo police releasing surveillance of a deadly pawnshop robbery. two men stormed in, shot and killed the dog, the owner, and wounded an employee.
6:47 am
pge and are urging the judge to impose a series of conditions on the utility. they include rewarding executives for safety rather than profits. also requiring $10,000 of community service by managers and appointing a monday tore to oversee national gas safety. sentencing is in two. a jury has convicted the utility back in august of six felony counts in 2010 which killed eight people. the fallout from last month's deadly warehouse fire in oakland is prompting new discussions across the bay in san francisco. later, the city's fire commission will lead. reports from the fire marshall on the scope of new inspections
6:48 am
for san francisco warehouses. they will discuss harassment prevention training. today marks 15 years since the united states guantanamo bay prison to detain terror suspects. in that time, 800 detainees have been held there. many never have been charged. critics claim some have been tortured. they plan to gather in san francisco to follow president obama's campaign promise which he never carried out to shut it down. president obama sat down with lester holt for an exit interview of sorts. he asked about new reports of the russian compromising intel on president-elect donald trump. the president said he was not aware of the report but he has a message for the trump administration about russian hacking. >> my expectation and hope is this work will continue after i leave. congress in possession of classified is and unclassified
6:49 am
reports, that the president-elect in possession of classified and unclassified reports will take it seriously and get to work reinforcing those mechanisms that we can use to protect our democracy. >> you can watch the full interview with the president on "dateline" after nbc bay area on friday. a popular south bay restaurant that has been an institution is closing. la foret is closing after 40 years. it opened back in 1978 and quickly became a favorite receivering its famous buffalo steak and wild game entre of the day. owner posting a touching message saying they will serve their last meal march 26th. we have to get back the our storm coverage this morning. what makes this storm so rare? widespread similar damage across the bay area. fallen trees are a common sight.
6:50 am
yesterday a 200 foot tree crashed down in lafayette. there was a lot of damage left behind. >> we heard a crack. he said it sounded like a bomb going off. >> take a look at this one. a massive heritage oak crashed down in danville yesterday afternoon. it is 6:50. so much damage from the storm. the ground is saturated. it would be nice if we got a break. >> spotty showers. but tomorrow breaks in between. so it is looking a little bit better as we move ahead in the forecast. and definitely this weekend. it is all clear. as we get a live look, all our microclimates showing temperatures in the lower 50s as you head out. still wet roads. 38 in the north bay. cooler air moving in behind this
6:51 am
storm system. we're still left with times of rain especially in marin county. reports south and east. san francisco 6th now and then. you see sprinkles coming down. near mountain views where some of the showers are clearing out there. also heading toward the tri-valley, slight showers have been moving through. and we're alsoing an eye on the area rivers and the potential of flooding there. the russian river still above flood stage. and also the napa river above flood stage for a little while longer. looking at the time frame, it has already crested and will be falling below the monstered stage this evening and then much lower levels the next several days. the russian river will take a little bit longer. it won't be below flood stage until 5:00 tomorrow morning. still a lot of flooding for the guerneville area. spotty showers once again in the forecast for today the.
6:52 am
some spots will completely take a break at least for a couple of hours. at point today we could see some of the rain moving through. just be prepared for that. even during this afternoon and into the evening commute. we still see pockets of heavy rain possible. and another round of rain moving through late tonight, into tomorrow morning's commute before the system moves off to the east. and then we will get drying and sunshine in the forecast. rainfall totals on top of what we have already had on this wet ground may reach half an inch. temperatures reaching into the low 50s for san francisco. for the inland area, highs in the 50s as we head into the start of next week. right now tracking delays for highway 17 drivers. >> it sounds like a repeat message. live tv. looking at highway 17. a tree instead of mud across the
6:53 am
roadway. delays south of the summit. there's the summit at the top of your screen. watching for standing water all over the bay. wet conditions especially this band here. and mud across highway 84. keep the section closed. it has been approved through the area. 680 and mission are your alternates. look at the conditions. san mateo. no problems on the peninsula side, though. the bay bridge to the oakland side. metering lights are on. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, back out to san benito county. dozens of people rescued from their homes as water rushes into their homes. a live report coming up. >> but first happening now, more wet weather on the way to the area.
6:54 am
download our nbc bay area app to stay informed. tag us on twitter or post to facebook. we will work to put them on air. and president obama's emotional farewell speech. many heartfelt feelings on twitter. you can gather several comments and posted them to our home page. back to you. bay area...
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==laura/boxes== we begin in san benito county -- that's were today in the bays kr sanchez is- kris dozensof people are being rescued from their homes right now. . we begin in san benito county. dozens of people being rescued from their home. you're at 152 and lovers lane. >> reporter: we are at shore and san felipe, which is where the county office of emergency services set up a command center. the rain stopped falling from the sky, but there is enough still on the ground that the swift water rescue crew is going door to door to 152. these are some of the folks taken out. 29 caress cued. but they are at the still going door to door making sure there is no one else inside. the good news, no one has any
6:58 am
injuries. one person has a pre-existing conditions not related to this. we'll update as you we can. and in ben nearby that, i'm bob redell. this city declared a local state of emergency. at one point 11 streets were shut down. this is the industrial part of the city. police had told us at one point, this was three to four feet were deep. the car stuck in the middle of traffic. that stalled as the driver tried to get through this area. there was concern about 1:00 a.m. high tide.
6:59 am
check anything with kari. >> still scattered showers but a few more breaks as we go into today. a chance for some to clean up. we will be keeping an eye on the russian river as we stay above flood stage today. and it looks like we will slowly start to see those waters recede between this evening and early tomorrow morning. coastal flood advisories at 0bg this morning for the coast and inner bay. high water levels that flood during king tide. >> it adds to more flooding in the north bay. >> they are closing 84 and niles canyon. >> good to know. >> as always, stay up to date with our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab.
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you get the forecast for your area. >> back with another local news update in a half hon our. busy days here in the bay area. thank you so much for joining us. ♪ good morning. breaking overnight. a stunning report that the russian government may have gathered potentially salacious information about donald trump. the damaging but unverdict allegations reportedly part of intelligence abbreviation given to the president elect and the president last week. trump quickly calling it fake news and a political witch hunt. this morning reaction from president obama and trump's incoming chief of staff, who joins us live. emotional goodbye. >> yes, we can. yes, we did! >> president obama uses his farewell address to take some veiled swipes at donald trump.


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