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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 11, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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you there. we have the new storm system developing and it should ramp things up in the pacific at 11:30 tonight. we will talk about the morning commute in about 15 mondays. >> one of the most dramatic and dangerous things is in holster. look at this. 100 people evacuated and 30 rescued after the pacheco creek overflowed on the streets and homes. you see the animals there as well. damian trujillo is there and so many people flushed out. any progress there tonight? >> the fact that it's not raining helps a lot. i'm in the middle of lover's lane and it feels like in pacheco creek. over to my right, your left, trying to be evacuated.
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it seems to be since floodwaters have receded. it was a county wide emergency. ariel video shows residents on lover's lane being rescued. the office of emergency services had to call the swift water rescue team of the fire department. margie alvarez was one of those rescued. >> she got rescued by boat. she had to go with her two kids and stuff. >> crews used a drone looking for any people or farm animals that might be stuck in the flood. >> devastation. devastation. there is cars that were pushed into other cars and fences wiped out. so far all the animals look good. there are more cattle out there, but they are on high ground. >> pickup trucks abandoned with water marks reaching the door handles. the headquarters are also flooded and rain water pouring through the center of the facility. in all, 108 people were evacuate
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and almost half with the help of rescue crews. >> the goal is to get residents out and get business back up and running as quickly as possible. health and safety are addressed and make sure the places have power and water. make sure that travel from the locations is safe and efficient. >> this is a live picture now. the office of emergency services and the sheriffs office in san benito county driving along lover's lane. they are back home there. they have to check out the homes first to make sure they can return. i did hear that the sheriff traveled over to the san luis reservoir to see if someone released any of the water from there on to the creek. we haven't heard back if that may have. live in san benito county. nbc bay area. >> incredible to see.
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we want to show you what's happening there. you can see how widespread the flooding is. the flooding and damage in 1998. that year you might recall, the bay area and central coast hit hard by these storms. >> we have been watching the river rise since we went on the air on sunday morning. a little over four hours ago, the russian river finally crested. jodi hernandez went to see what happened. what is the situation right now? >> reporter: we have the russian river at the highest level it has been at since the storm started. the highest level in more than a decade. take a look here at the pee wee golf and arcade center. it is flooded and you can see the folk who is live in the neighborhood getting around by canoe. we have seen unbelievable pictures. things like this all over town. folks here are doing their best to ride it out.
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sections of the river can only be navigated by boat today. the russian river has come close to cresting and some people woke up to find their homes surrounded by water. >> i literally floated out from my back yard. my basement and garage got flooded. i figured i would take the kayak. >> it has been more than a decade since people have seen flooding like this. neighbors are pulling together. most have been through it before. >> we are making the most of it. they get down the road to his car. we cope. >> one neighbor can't help that california national guard is standing by to pitch in. they are using the high water vehicle to evacuate residents and bring needed supplies to those who are stranded. >> we can stand by and help out any way we can.
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we are back here live and you are looking at this golf center covered in about six feet of water. if you can pan over, you can see the golf structures here are also under water. the folks who run this business say the downstairs is flooded and the upstairs is not. the living quarters are okay and have a very positive attitude about all of this. believe it or not, they will be ready to open in the spring. things like this all over town. about 1900 people received evacuation notices and advice to leave their homes. we are told hundreds of houses are impacted. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez. >> what a tough way to start the new year. thank you. now perspective on how they rose from the north bay. we are showing you a time lapse video. it's one of the fire departments
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live cameras that sits at the creek. you can see that water is just rising and rising. >> for the last few days, we have seen plenty of toppled trees and mudslides. today road collapses. take a look at how big this is and the water is rushing through. what now? we are covering the damage in the east bay and joins us tonight along the banks of walnut creek. >> crews can't get fast enough to all of these different locations. here is what they are dealing with. a lot of this muddy mess and downed trees and rising water levels. the bottom line, the rain may have stopped, but the clean up is just beginning. with clear skies. >> martinez could not avoid the damage left behind. >> i thought the storm was like nothing too bad. now it seems like a real big
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storm. >> the big storm caused parts of the road to collapse. >> this road for me is dvc. a 22-mile commute is 13 miles. that's crazy. >> closed indefinitely, drivers will have to use alternate routes to martinez. >> a portion of this pavement is hanging over mid-air. >> in orinda, the crews can't work quickly enough. >> we have to triage the lower priority items to the following day right now. >> workers are focusing on trouble spots like this sinkhole after heavy rain washed away the culvert. >> they take up to 6,000 cars a day. >> in be nisia, declared a local state of emergency. they seep into businesses and homes. all while homeowners are digging
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out. in lafayette, a tree crashed into the family room. this 88-year-old father was in the kitchen. >> this is much worse than the weekend. it's unbelievable. >> much worse. amazingly that man was not injured when the tree fell into his home. we learned that many people are still without power. pge said about 1,000 customers still have no power. live in walnut creek, bay area news. >> more problems in the south bay. this is highway 17. new video from the nbc chopper. a lot of people stuck in traffic. this video just within the hour now. southbound 17 you see the back up there. before you even get to los gatos. the problem is a rock slide on sugar loaf road in scotts valley. traffic is open, but one lane of
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17 is closed, causing the sluggish traffic. >> after being closed for most of the day, highway 84 was opened within the past hour. a section of that highway was closed until 4:00 because of mudslides. video into our newsroom a short time ago. if you remember, crews hoped to have it reopened by noon. police said to drive slow through the area and rocks may continue to fall because there is so much moisture on the ground. firefighters rescued two people from the car last night. they were on 84 when water closed in on the vehicle. people got out and they were okay. the car was nearly submerged with muddy water. >> stay indoors. that's the warning on lake tahoe's north shore. avalanche concerns. so far none have been reported and leaders said in the past, they had avalanches big enough
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to break trees and move cars. here's a live look on the way to tahoe. they got at least four feet of snow at lake level and feet at the summit. the weather is supposed to be sunny this weekend making it one of the most anticipated weekends for years for skiers and snowboarders. >> during the height of the storm, a giant tree fell on this house and they were inside the house when it happened. nbc bay area joins us from pacifica where a neighborhood got hit a few times and four people in the house at that time? >> reporter: yeah, four people. you remember how windy and rainy it was last night. this happened about 24 hours ago in pacifica. a tree from a hillside coming down almost splitting this house in half. they are trying to trim the
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branches right now just to take the weight off of the house. everybody out and everybody was out safely. that's the good news right now. the pg&e crews are here and i want to show you house away, this power pole came down at the same time nearly crushing the side of a car. this neighborhood really got it bad. what can i tell you. the best news is everyone is safe and nobody is hurt. damage to a couple of cars and this house coming up tonight at 6:00, you will hear from the people inside the house and neighbors. they say it sounded like an earthquake and fireworks going off at the same time. a lot of what they heard is a giant tree and power lines popping from house to house down the street. reporting live in pacifica, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. from the coast, let's go back to the south. giving us this footage a few minutes ago. this was the lexington reservoir that has been overflowing for 48
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hours. you see it here. that spill way and the water is rushing through. this is near the border from the nbc chopper. footage from the lexington reservoir. we have more weather coverage ahead. you can also get updates and watches in terms of warnings for your specific neighborhood. that forecast by downloading the free nbc bay area app. >> i'm jeff ranieri. a few spotty showers moving into the north bay. things will be picking up again when we hit tomorrow morning's forecast. we are tracking your commute and we'll let you know how much rainfall we will get out of it and when things finally dry out. we will be back after this. >> also, did you see it in donald trump's first news conference in many months. it got a bit combative. we are fact checking his message.
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>> talk about must see tv, president-elect donald trump held a news conference today for the first time in six months and much like the campaign trail, he did not hold back. he talked about a variety of
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issues in the ruckus gathering. he criticized intelligence officials and went back and forth with reporters over fake news and refused to take some questions from reporters and admitted that russia was probably behind the hacking of the democratic party. mr. trump had a message for putin. >> he shouldn't be doing it. russia will have much greater respect for our country when i lead it than when other people lead it. you will see it. >> he will turn over his assets and hiss will run his company, but he will not divest himself. >> the president-elect made a lot of claims and our unit fact checks some of them. he had a lot to say about the russian hack during primary season. he said the hacked e-mails said hillary clinton received questions ahead of the primary
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debate. that is partly true. mrs. clinton did receive an e-mail that included one debate question. that question was for a debate against bernie sanders and not mr. trump. the question was about whether states should abolish the death penalty. at 6:00, we will look at more claims coming from today's trump news conference. >> nine days until mr. trump is inaugurated. washington, d.c. will be buzzing with supporters and protesters. this is a video from president obama's past inauguration. the secret service said right now there is no evidence of any credible threats for inauguration day which is january 20th. we will be there. i will be leading the coverage live from washington, d.c. next week. we will be covering the women's march the following day. >> a break in the storm showing how extensive the damage is. roadways caved in and trees
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toppled. that's really just a little bit. live on the direction. we have another storm that is just about to roll in as well. a short respite for the folks there. >> that's right. a lot of potential problems that can occur. for example, we have a lot of dangerous situations here. the collapse of bear creek road where half the road is missing. the storm impact gets a lot closer to home. the storm was knocking down trees, but one oak tree landed on this home in the bear creek area of boulder creek now being removed by professionals. branches punctured the house and the peace of mind of john oli r oliver. >> this is our bonus room and laundry closet. this branch came through the roof and through the wall.
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kind of took out a door right there. a bot where the branch snapped off and knocked a bunch of boxes and nothing is going through there, but we have water pouring in. >> his wife and kids are coming in and he came back from work. >> another few degrees this way and the bulk of that. >> there is so much rain, the ground couldn't soak it up and the big trees don't have enough root systems. >> at least they got good news about the water smi. they finished installing a pipeline in case the main pipeline is damaged. the one that runs under bear
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creek road. anything can happen. live in the santa cruz mountains. >> not just our reporterings, b viewers have been providing us with pictures. this is the jogging trail under water. this is popular for hikers and joggers. a beautiful picture of the rainbow over holster. the craziest video we have seen is otters swimming in the creek near doherty valley high school. this was sent to us on twitter from@michael d.j. x. we will show many of your clips right here on television. >> storms caused a levy to breech here in sacramento. footage shows the scene over the
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river north of thornton near the san joaquin county line. they are emphasizing this is only a breech and not a break. this is much better. they are inspecting to see if there are any holes, but it's difficult to know how much more of the water a lot of these infrastructures can take. >> yes. the good news is we are expecting drying in the forecast friday, saturday, sunday, and into monday. let's get that out of the way. i know a lot of us whether you are here are concerned about not getting additional water. all of the rain we had over the past six days, nearly seven inches in santa rosa. walnut creek got 8 to 15 inches
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over the past six days in our tremendous rainfall. a few spotty showers and still producing a lot of water on the roadways right now. this is not nearly as strong as the past two storms. 11:30 and the bulk is offshore. we will see it starting to move in near the coastline and once we hit 6:00 in the morning, widespread moderate and light rain. and in terms of temperatures, we will start off colder. 47 in the south bay and 43 in the valley. we will begin with 45 in the east bay and san francisco at 47 degrees. we will go back to the timeline and scattered rainfall tomorrow morning at 9:00. then we will start to undergo a break by 1:00 in the afternoon
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and this will really be the last leg of our wet weather after 1:00 on thursday. we will really on the drying side of all of this activity thankfully. how much rainfall? not a huge one thankfully. this blue and green color is about a quarter to a half inch. the areas in yellow near napa could get .75 of an inch of rainfall. we are tracking the russian river. this is the largest concern. all of the other rivers have crest and are going down. this one may crest tonight and then we see it drop off by friday's forecast. sierra snow measured in feet. two to five feet at lake level and possibly another foot in the next 24 hours. on the extended forecast, here's the drying we promised. saturday, sunday, and monday and into tuesday, but wednesday we
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could have more wet weather coming our way. it may be a wetter pattern next week. it's too early to call. i want people to focus on the drying ahead for the upcoming weekend. a lot of people are focussing on that. >> back in a moment.
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happening now, oakland police raided an illegal casino arresting 20 people who live in the building. taco bell has come up with a tortilla made entirely out of fried chicken. you can see it on our facebook page. back in a moment with more news. it's just a date.
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volkswagen agreed to a guilty plea. they made some of the cars fall past and they will pay a $4.3 billion fine. six volkswagen executives will be indicted as well. >> staying in oakland or leaving for las vegas, updates with the future of the raiders, the owners met in new york including raiders owner mark davis. after the meeting, steelers
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we will have more storm coverage at 6:00. now it's lester holt and nightly news. the fiery donald trump comes out swinging. his first news conference in six months. combative exchanges over his business conflicts, russian hacking, u.s. intelligence and slamming the circulation of unverified allegations against him. tonight, what nbc has learned that the president-elect was and was not told. hot seat. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson facing incoming fire over his ties to vladimir putin and russia. a key republican senator relentless. pure chaos. a record-breaking storm emergency, roads into rivers, houses under water and tonight a new threat is moving in. and to the rescue, a heart transplant for batman, a bandage for fido and an x-ray for elmo. a doctor who is inspiring


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