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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 12, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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our battle with rain continues. road to collapse in the cause a east bay. scott/vo plus massive flooding in hollister.. as pacheco creek overruns its banks. our battle with rain continues. massive flood anything holster. people and animals flee to high ground. nearby residents worried about all that water. the reason there is a bright spot in their forecast. today in the bay starts right now. very good morning to you. >> the rain finally moving out, but the damage has been done. we continue to track the aftermath left behind across the bay area after back-to-back storms. >> meteorologist kari hall
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kicking off our coverage on an update on when we will finally see clear skies. >> it may not be until tomorrow. there may also still be spotty leftover showers as the systems winds up and moves east. we had heavy rain a few minutes ago in parts of the south county. that is what we could see in short bursts throughout the day. moisture streaming across the bay area. we will dry out tonight with cool air moving in. we will look ahead to chilly temperatures and more rain in the forecast farther down the line. that's coming up. there is a crash? >> that's right. leading to the a closure on 880. this area. it has reopened. we'll talk about that.
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84, niles canyon, that is open for business. but not open north 880 to mission. overnight, just before 1:00 in the morning, a car -- or a truck crashed and spilled pool cleaning chemicals on the roadway. that's the problem. it's a hazmat situation. 880 to auto mall is your workaround. we are seeing a lot of damage this morning. here's some of the major stories we're following. >> a massive road collapse in the east bay still causing problems this morning. you can see why. this is alhambra road. it happened yesterday morning. fortunately no one was on the road at the time. >> highway 17 is back open after this traffic nightmare.
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a mudslide blocked the southbound lane. caltrans worked overnight. everything is clear for now for the morning commute. cleanup continues in holster where massive flooding sent a hundred people fleeing from their homes on 52 just south of gilroy. 50 homes remain flooded. people living near the russian river are feeling the damage left behind. >> this is where the water is normally. this is our yard. i didn't think it would come up this far. >> even with a break in the rain, the swollen russian river keeps rising. she's worried about her neighbors who don't have an elevated home. >> right here in front.
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>> that neighbor has water up past her window sills sent us pictures kayaking in her living room, moving belongings out of harm's way. just west of the guerneville, the creek has taken over several blocks, trapping residents in their homes. >> just kind of getting a little stir crazy in the house. >> she said she is well stocked with supplies but isn't looking forward to a soggy cleanup in a flooded garage. >> do you have anything in the garage? >> oh, yeah. it's like a cocktail in there right now. >> stirred with floodwaters filled with debris.
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a problem for drivers doing a re sreverse commute. the mission of course is the primary link to 680. the driver was not hurt. but the truck carried pool cleaning supplies and crews are dealing with cleaning up the spilled fluids. it happened at 1:00 this morning. no word when the ramp will reopen. a scare for a family in pacifica during the storms. the family home at 6:00 when a tree came crashing through the roof. shortly after that, a power pole came down. >> there's the tree halfway down the wall. it's in the room. everyone got out safely. nobody was hurt. here is the unusual king
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tides. they happen several times a year. they are tied to the full moon. we are keeping a close eye on today's king tide. we'll have a live report from san francisco in our next hour. we have seen pretty compelling images the past few days. how about this video from san ramon. otters in the east alamo creek. it was sent to us from michael djx. you can post your pictures and videos to our facebook page. >> especially otters. coming up, the rainy start once again. kari will have our microclimate forecast. >> right here, right now. >> a wet warning commute across the bay area. we will finally start to see this weather system winding
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down. more of this and what else we expect is coming up in a few minutes. a live look at san jose. i'll talk about a continue thing closure in the north bay. >> a major raid uncovers illegal drugs, gambling and prostitution. that is not all that's found. the startling discovery that has many concerned.
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good thursday morning. 4:39. into the main morning commute, waves of rain moving through. and some scattered showers into this afternoon before some cooler is and dryer air moves in. we'll talk more about this and a look at how much rain we have had coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> these drive times slowing for 584. highw highway. a discovery of guns, drugs, and illegal gambling at 66th and bancroft.
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alameda county sheriff's office arrested 20 people in that raid. a 5-year-old child was taken into protective custody. police officers say the building was no place for that child. >> we pulled out eight slot machines, plus ava right of other gambling operations going on, drugs, word of prostitution activity, and weapons, and then illegal dwellings. it is is all a big recipe for disaster. >> the building has been red tagged. nobody is allowed in. 4:41. suspected of robbing the same bank twice. police believe they have a serial robber in custody. he is responsible for holding up chase bank twice in the last two months. he only lived one block away from the bank he robbed. snow in the mountains. the best weekend ever. well, in six years, they said. here's some good news...
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this is being described as the most epic weekend for skiing -- in 6 years. skiers and boarders -- wasting well, there's some good news for you. look at this. this is described as the most epic weekend for skiing in six years. skiers and boarders wasting no time hitting the slopes in lake tahoe. sunshine is expected this weekend. an excellent mix. you just have to get there somehow. >> another day in utah.
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>> it snows a lot there? >> oh, yeah. >> we have it all. it looks like the system is going to be winding down as we head into the next 24 hours. still wet roads this morning, standing water. and also a little bit of flooding here and there. we still see rounds of rain moving through. he we cannot shake the storm system. still some rain in the forecast. as we get a closer look at some of the pockets of heavier rain, now moving through portollo valley. we have light rain moving through newark. and moving closer to fremont. hayward, you have a light shower moving through. and san leandro, 45 degrees.
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so temperatures are cooler this morning compared to the last several mornings. it will be cooler as we go through the day. we are still the watching the russian river. still pretty good coverage of some rain throughout the morning. you see the spin of the clouds and the rain as the system winds up and moves to the east. but we're still dealing with the after effects of this storm system and lingering showers throughout today and even into tonight. we're not looking at the widespread heavy rain. we're looking at how much rain we have had and how it has built up our reservoirs across the state. most of them are 33% to 86%. in the north bay, the reservoirs are 100%. east bay, anywhere from 72% to
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103%. and 52% to 108% capacity. and the water year update. we have had all the bay area getting 117% of average. so we are well above average. the last drought was last thursday. it comes out later on this morning. expect to see changes here. but we still have that normally dry conditions for parts of the north bay to the east bay, as well as the peninsula. you head to the south bay, still a severe drought the. as we look to see how much more rain is in the forecast, we dry out this weekend, into the start of next week. next tuesday we'll be watching another storm system moving in. it looks to be pretty heavy next wednesday and thursday. the forecast for the near term shows we will still have cool temperatures, very cool air
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moving behind the system as the rain winds down, a lot of sunshine, warming up. once again, tracking more rain early next week. >> we were talking about the reports here as far as highway 101 and 37. we show you the wet roadways. ponding and puddling down here. watch the santa cruz mountains. highway 17, 101, they are open for business. we are talk building this stretch of 37 between athens avenue and 101. all day yesterday we had flooding across the roadway. i don't have confirmation that it's closed, but i also don't have the confirmation that it's open. a little bit north 101 it will take you longer but get you there safely. follow the directions. i'll let you know when we get confirmation what exactly is going on for the area.
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slick roadways. we'll give you a chance to refresh. back to the maps and we'll talk about the rest of the day moving pretty much at speed except for right here. this connector from north 880, mission boulevard, an overnight crash. connectors closed. stay all the way to the left to get out of the cleanup area. back to you. thank you, mike. we are following breaking news out of baltimore. a woman and three children are injured. but here's the thing. six children still unaccounted for after a house fire here. new video from the scene from the northeast part of that city. the fire broke out in a three-story home. the third floor of that home collapsed. the second floor partially collapsed. investigators have not been able to get in the building because it is unsafe. 4:49. nbc bay area responds to a north bay woman who was supposed to
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to prevent tragedies like the ghostship warehouse fire.
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welcome back. 4:54. new rules here to prevent tragedies like the ghost ship warehouse fire. an executive order was issued this week. it outlines new inspection protocols for warehouses and industrial buildings. five tasks are kwrould ensuring the inspections are thorough. they are asking for reinspections of properties every 60 days. buildings in oakland should be safe places to live. but she wants to avoid displacing vulnerable communities. the department will host a townhall in the city's ocean view neighborhood. that's where friday officers responded for a restraining order violation and shot is a man during the struggle. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. he barricaded himself into the home. former san francisco police chief greg sir has a new job with warriors.
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he is a security adviser to the team. he was named san francisco police chief in 2011 but resigned last may. the nfl owners met yesterday in new york, including raiders owner mark davis. art rooney jr. said the raiders could move to las vegas. the san diego chargers are expected to announce they are going to l.a. and share a new stadium with the rams. coming up, a microclimate weather alert. >> we're still dealing with rain
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across parts of the bay area as we head out the door, pockets of heavy rain still possible. we'll talk about this. the king tide. and looking ahead in the microclimate forecast. and this live look at the san mateo bridge, still soupy slick there. and the bay bridge has a little bit of a backup. plus, traffic is not making it across the road in contra costa county. a live report from the scene coming up. the strength of the storm on
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full display. this road brought down by the rain and water. a further look at the damage. =laura/vo= plus-- still underwater... after days of nonstop rain-- communities in guerneville e this road brought down by the rain and the water. we'll look at the damage. still under water. communities hoping for sunshine as the floodwaters start to recede, we are getting a better glimpse of some of the damage. and families uprooted. 100 people were forced out of their home. so the storms finally passing through. the damage certainly remains. the aftermath is becoming more
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evident. from collapsed roads to flooded neighborhoods, we're staying on top of several developing stories at this hour. there will be a last minute look at rainfall. an update for when we are in the clear stphrfplt it won't be until late this evening when all of this rain rolls out of here. we see coverage on the radar here. mostly light rain. there have been pockets of heavy rain. the heaviest moving through the peninsula and towards mountain view. we will still see rain come down and cause more standing water on the roadways during that drive. rain approaching newark. farther north near hayward, san leandro, 880 wet again. coastal flooding with king tides


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