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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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david trujillo is live in the south bay. dami damian. >> reporter: there is actually one big rally tomorrow. these are the organize nicrs at big immigration rally. this is one of the signs they're making for tomorrow's rally in san jose. police say they will be ready. the anti-trump protests in san jose in june made national headlines for turnl violent. san jose police say this will not happen again. >> we're not going to tolerate violence. that is something that's not going to happen. >> reporter: they're working with organizers of two scheduled protests during inauguration weekend. they realize that people not affiliated with the groups could
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show up and cause trouble. police say they'll be ready. >> there are lessons we did learn and we're implementing some of those in your training. i cannot share those details with you. >> reporter: on inauguration day, the say credit heart community services agency will be holding a so-called teach-in, training people how to fight for the rights of the undocumented and underserved but the agency says it will not tolerate the violence we saw son june 2 nd in san jose. >> we need to be strong but we can't use violence. >> reporter: sacred heart vows to be peaceful but vocal during the four years of the trump presidency. the other big bay area cities are preparing for anti-trump rally during the inauguration. this big immigration march tomorrow begins at 11:00 a.m. at city hall. nbc bay area news.
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it's not just protesters getting ready for the next president. in 30 minutes we'll show you the steps san francisco is taking to protect undocumented immigrants. a deadly crash involving an amtrak train and a car. take a look. we're going to show you the middle of your screen there, you can see a car after crews pulled it off of the tracks. the driver of that car was killed. this was in santa clara, the corner of agnew and lay fayette. no one on the train was hurt. the train was headed to san jose. an amtrak ended up bussing the passengers to their destination. two members of the band tower of power remain in the hospital after they were hit by a train. this happened last night where they were scheduled to perform. there are a lot of questions about the track safety there. jodi hernandez is at the scene
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with the latest. >> reporter: raj, i talked to pete es ka veto who has been at the hospital with his two friends. he says they've suffered serious injuries but they're doing better. the two musicians were supposed to play here at yoshis with their band tower of power but they never made it here. they were hit by a train while crossing this street outside the club. this percussionist has been at the hospital keeping close tabs on two f 0 his fellow musicians and friends after they were hit by a train last night. two members of tower of bow ere the drummer and bass player were hit by an amtrak train as they cross through a jack london intersection on their way to perform to a sold out crowd at yoshis last night.
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>> i don't know if you know the intersection there. it's very dangerous. and even when i play, i'm playing there next week, it's also dangerous crossing the treat. >> reporter: union pacific which owns and maintains the track says the freight train had just passed when the men tried crossing even though the warning lights and crossing guards were down rmgs as they came across, they did not realize there was a southbound amtrak train coming on the adjacent track. >> reporter: we've learned that rail companies are required by law to activate lights and gates 20 seconds before the train comes into the intersection. we timed the intersection, a full 35 seconds past before the trains go by there. well wishes are coming in from all over the count friday for the injured musicians >> we travel. we live a fast pace. and sometimes maybe they weren't
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paying attention as they should have been. >> reporter: we're back here live again. union pacific says the crossing gates were down and the warning lights were on when the men were hit. they say video taken from a camera on the front of the amtrak train shows that to be the case. again, the two men are in critical but stable condition. the bass player, we're told, underwent surgery for internal bleeding and is doing better. he also tells us that the bass player does not have medical insurance. and so they have aet set up a gofundme game. you can find information on our web page on how you can help. nbc bay area news. coincidentally, the department of transportation launched a new safety campaign for railroad crossings today. this is the clip from the new
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psa. the feds say california has some of the most dangerous crossings in the country. cleanup is the task at hand for the people hit by the storms. robert handa joins frus tus fro santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: it's been a hectic day for the people here in the santa cruz mountains, racing to make repairs and finding new damage along the way. trees came down on homes during the storm. today it was time to get the trees off. paula kern says she's still stunned. a 100-year-old oak crashed down on her house. they're removing the tree today but can't restore her peace of mind. >> it's a heritage oak tree. it's pretty devastating. and the noise was deafening.
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reminded me of the earthquake. >> reporter: paula is not the only one in this situation. we saw two other homes with large fallen trees, including one that split a fence and crushed a boat. >> thank you. we really needed that because we've been doing it in the rain, people are getting sick. we're still out here doing it. >> reporter: what are you seeing overall? >> a lot of havoc. >> reporter: another big repair project ahead is the collapsed bear creek road being examined by the i'm afraid that the road might deteriorate further and further. >> reporter: does it look worse? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the emergency center at valley churches united says that people are scrambling. >> we've gone through over 60 tons of sand and over 2,000 sandbags at this point and that's us precedented for us. >> reporter: with that welcomed
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sunshine disappearing and the darkness setting in, many will resume repairs and the race against the storm this weekend. robert handa nbc bay area news. let's take you to the north bay now where people who live and work in the town of guerneville are happy to see the flood waters recede. now on wednesday the russian river surged to its highest level in a decade. today, lots of mud, lots of debris and a lot of standing water in homes and on the roads, too. >> 12 inches of mud, pushed it all to the back yard with the backhoe. and then now we're just pressure washing all of the mud out of there. >> lots of people in guerneville says flooding comes with the territory of living there but admit it's the worse they've seen in years. another storm is forecasted next week and that could send hundreds of people packing for higher ground again and potentially wiping out the work
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that's been done for this weekend's cleanup. the rain here means snow in the sierra mountains. this is an epic week for skiers and borders. everyone knows about it. if you're heading to tahoe, get ready for a lot of traffic on 80 and 50. this is a good sign here because traffic is moving. this is i-80 on your way to tahoe. this shot an hour ago. scott budman joins us from a local ski shot in cupertino. >> reporter: people are ready to go and they're going to have a big weekend. even though we saw a lot of people gearing up here in the bay area to head to the mountains, the ski resorts say be patient. it may be a day until you can hit the slopes. the big storm was good for business here at the ski renter in cupertino as big crowds got ready for the big kree weekeski.
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we follow the snow reports. we get snow reports every day. we knew when it was 20 inches, 30 inches. i think y'all got 40 inches one day. >> reporter: and that's good for business? >> it's wonderful for business. >> reporter: lots of people have been waiting for snow like this. alex malina is among those renting skis. >> i'm going to tahoe this weekend with friends. we rented a cabin. this will be the fist time this year. >> reporter: be patient. tahoe ski resorts tell us they're skill working to clear things out. >> slow it down, roads are slick. this is unprecedented. 10 feet of snow, 72 hours. there's a lot of digging out to do. >> reporter: yeah, i spoke to a few tahoe resorts just this afternoon. they said come on up. obviously there's plenty of snow but they're still digging many of the lifts out. the earliest you'll be able to
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hit the slopes is sometime tomorrow. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. looking natural with the snowboard there. if you want to stay up to date with the latest ski conditions, download our free nbc bay area app. you can also check the traffic on your way to lake tahoe. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri i'll have a look at the tahoe forecast tomorrow and how much snow has stacked up. right now in san francisco, 51 and clear skis. we'll track your weekend forecast and when the next storm system could move in. a deadly shooting at an elementary school in san jose. the reason the superintendent said he felt comfortable keeping the school open today. a bacterial meningitis scare after a man dies from the infection. i'm lora mallford, i'll show you more about the victim and who's possibly at risk.
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an update now on the traffic issue on 101 near sfo. since the 5 o'clock newscast we've learned that the stratraf alert has been lifted. it started when the rf caught fire shortly after 3:00. a viewer posted that video on twitter. highway patrol says the scene is clear now. no word if anyone was injured or what started the fire to begin
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with. hundreds of people in more rin county learning they may have been excused to a bacterial meningitis. a north bay man died. lawrie mall pert joins us now. >> reporter: doctors aren't too concerned about the people here at soul cycle who took class with the cyclist because they say the chances of contracting bacterial meningitis are extremely low. cyclists tell me they're not worried either. they're sad they lost a member of their community. >> i'm sad, really sad. he was one of the best guys. >> reporter: cyclists remember 48-year-old seven phillips, a husband, father and cycle therapist. this video taken from his website. he was an avid rider who often took class at soul cycle. >> during the class he would be
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vibrant and smiling. skblr health officials learned tuesday that phillips died of contracting bacterial meningitis and they're contacting people who may have been exposed >> it's devastating for the community. people died when it was announced that he passed away. he thought he had the flu and went to the doctor for flu meditation. >> reporter: doctors say meningitis is spread through spit and saliva. chances of contracting the illness are relatively low. >> in a case like this we worry about people who have had very close contact. >> reporter: a statement reads in part, while the rider did not contract the infection at our studio, we have nonetheless been in constant communication with the department of health which has emphasized that there's no evidence of any health risk to our riders. cyclists who frequent soul cycle say they're not concerned. >> it's been a while since it's happened. we've cleaned the bikes.
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i'm not worried about any spread of illness. >> reporter: public health officials are contacting anyone who may have been exposed to this case between december 31st and january 7 president. they say so far there have been no reports of any additional cases. laura mall pert, nbc bay area news. san jose is investigating its latest kill. this one happening right across the street from an elementary school. a man was shot and killed, found in his car right across the street from the school. it happened at 6:30 in the morning. luckily no students were in class at that point. the district school superintendent sent a message to the parents saying she spoke with the police and it was safe for the school to open. investigators are checking security systems in the area with cameras to see if they caught everything. >> it's very important more so now than ever that the police department and our community band together to try to come up with solutions on how we can go
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ahead and address the issues of violence in your communities. once we do that then hopefully we'll see the decreases start to happen. >> police are not revealing the victim's identity and have not given us a description of a suspect. this is where a police chase and ended. police say they got a call about a ran rum imagining through a garage, when they showed up, he took off. one officer fired at the man but missed. ultimately that man was found hiding in a yard and arrested. the police have not explained why the officer decided to use his gun a follow-up now to the mid-air flight scare from san jose airport. alaska airlines say tonight that dried deicer is to blame for sickening a flight attendant. it happened yesterday as the plane was on its way to sjc from seattle. three flight attendants started feeling sick and one had to be taken to a local hospital after landing.
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alaska airlines say a strange white powder found on board was dried deicer. the plane's ventilation system is being cleaned and the flight attendants are feeling much better today. a mess of mud, flood water and the failing levees. all of the rain that we've had and three days of king tide left the area waterlogged. several areas did have breaches north of pittsburgh. you can see that some places are only accessible by boat. things will get better this weekend but then there's the issue of the next storm predicted for tuesday. a reminder of how dangerous too much snow can be. this video posted yesterday by the alpine county sheriff's office. that an an avalanche crashing through the wall of a home in kirk wood. thankfully no one was inside the home at the time. >> that is a lot of snow and it
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keeps piling up in if sierra too. today we're learning at the start of the year the snow pack was 670% of normal. tow 160% of normal. as we told you yesterday, the storm puts an end to the drought in northern california. >> yeah, that's exactly right. there's a little section of the bay area still in a slight drought but we've seen marked improvements which is good news. i have another look at the sierra snow totals. just over the past seven days. and we hear they've been able to get the roadways ploued. if you're headed on saturday, we're not measuring in inches but in feet. 9.5 feet at sugar bowl, mt. rose 10 feet, squaw valley 8, northstar 10 and heavenly at 11.
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remember to bundle up. wear the layers. alpine me dows 3, bear valley at 37. back here across the bay area we had some clearing. 52 right now, 53% humidity. but it will drop down to 42. once we get past the cool morning we'll have a beautiful day. it will be dry, mostly sunny skies. go as warm as 60 in napa, 53 in san francisco and san jose expected 59. now in terms of the extended forecast, for those of you heading up to lake tahoe, we'll stay dry all the way through tuesday and more snow wednesday, thursday, friday. back here at home we'll also look at dry weather all the way through tuesday's forecast. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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next storm is wednesday and thursday, bricking an estimated 1 to 2 inches of rainfall. i'm tracking the next seven days and all the way out to 14 days. well another change for the chargers. one day after announcing they're moving to los angeles, the team is making another switch. a german hunter found a fox
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frozen in a block of ice. the fox fell through thin ice on the danube river and happening now, we just
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retweeted a german hunter found a fox frozen in a block of ice. the fox fell through the thin ice at the river and drown. now the hunter wants to warn dwess at his hotel to be careful. and the king tide brought water levels enough to cover the pier but it didn't stop kids from splashing around. we've got the video on twitter. covered california. h it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today.
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it's the announcement thousands of local students have been waiting to here. the accreditation has been reaffirm for the next seven years. huge victory and ends a five-year battle to keep the college from closing its door. saying city college was so poorly run it needed to be shut done. the reversal came after the private commission heard testimony from college officials during meetings in sacramento. the good news went out in a letter to campus community today. napa's bottle rock festival
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has a new owner. this will be the festival's fifth year. it's expected to sell out with head looish eliners to include the foo fighters with, tom petty and maroon 5. day to day operations will be conducted by latitude 38. a lot of people in san diego are upset about losing their football team. the chargers are moving to l.a. and they're receiving a lot of criticism about their new logo. in fact one day after their new logo logo, they're changing it. thousands 0 people have been blasting the original new logo which was released yesterday, on the left side of your screen. some say it's nothing more than a ripoff of the dodgers logo. the new logo uses the team's
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original colors. one step closer to get rid of obamacare. and fran mayor ed lee announces additional funding for the immigrant community. coming up, how much funding and why some believe it may not go far enough. as ceo of exxonmobile...
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rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests. aimed at helping the immigrant community... right now at 6:30, a new campaign in san francisco aimed at helping undocumented immigrants.
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mayor ed lee announced the launch of a campaign aumd at giving more legal services to undocumented immigrants. >> the timing is no coincidence. many people are worried about the changes in the immigration poll licy by president-elect dod trump. christie smith joins us to explain what the plan is. >> reporter: his goal is to help calm fearance protect immigrants. but we also spoke with some people who said they're not sure how this plan is laid out. >> it's all about getting rid of and reducing fear in our city. >> reporter: at the islamic society of san francisco, mayor ed lee announced the equity and immigrants services campaign. >> in addition to the $3.8 million a year that we're spending to protect immigrants rights, to enhance them, to get citizenship forward -- >> reporter: the idea is for known community organization to
6:31 pm
help provide additional support, legal services to help ease fears under a new trump amount. >> no matter what potential attacks there might be coming from the federal authorities, we are going to be the city of r refuge and sang rare for everyone. >> this does not address what our proposal sought to do, which is to proid provied representation to all of the people here who could not be here today because they're behind bars facing immigration proceedings. >> reporter: opposerers oppose this program all together. >> reporter: the mayor did discuss the concerns of undocumented immigrants but he also mentioned a resolution is forthcoming, that no department in the city will comply with any effort to create a federal
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registry. nbc bay area news. so one week from today donald trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the united states. there's a lot happening in washington, d.c. today fbi director james comey went to capitol hill for a classified talk about russian hacking. democrats say they can't get the answers they wanted. they're wondering why in-coming national security adviser michael flynn called russia's ambassador the same day sanctions were announced. and tempers flard over whether comey tilted the race by commenting on hillary clinton's e-mails >> i can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is that the fbi director has no credibility. >> in a flurry of tweets, mr. trump says he'll have his own people write up a full report on hacking within 90 days. the secretary of homeland security saying today that special precautions will be taken so the swearing in will not be disrupted next friday during the inauguration. protesters are expected to flock washington, d.c.
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speaking of the inauguration, the porta-potty company being used for the event has a name that's triggering more than just a few chuckles. don's johns has been supplying portables to events for years. someone has been taping over the name on dozens of the porta-potties. the owner says he wants the tape taken off noting it's always been the business's name. i'll be leading our coverage live from washington, d.c. next week. we'll cover the women's march following the inauguration that weekend. house of represents passed a bill starting the repeal process and the bill passed easily despite some concern among republicans that there's no plan in place to replace the law and zero support from democrats. president-elect trump tweeted that the unaffordsable act will
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soon be history. two house and two senate committees must reconcile to repeal obamacare. the joint be will need to be passed before the law can be scrapped. what was president obama think his legacy will be? find out if you watch lester holt's exclusive interview with president obama tonight on date line. you may hear him talk about that. the primetime special, "barack obama the reality of hope" begins at 10:00. in a scathing report released today, chicago police force was labeled a department lacking supervision with abuse of officers who target minorities. a federal investigation was launched more than a year ago. it happened after a white officer shot a black teenager. >> we found constitutional violations in the use of force, including deadly force across lines. >> chicago's police superintendent says his
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department has already started to initiate reforms in an effort to be more transparent the officers will wear body cameras by the end of the year. >> takata agreed to a guilty plea deal today. takata sparked the largest recall in government history. they issued the recall after discovering that the air bags have the potential to explode even in minor accidents. it will now pay $1 billion in fines and three executives will be criminally charged. >> admitted to a scheme to defraud its committees by manipulating test data. >> it's believed one in six cars may have defective air bags, including models of honda, ford and toyota. it's estimated to take two years to get the air bags off of the street. patients in antioch had a big change to their normal treatment routine. a fire forced staff to evacuate
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more than a dozen patients and their equipment. you see it here. they treated those patients right there in the parking lot. the fire happened this morning in the clinic's break area. there were 13 patients undergoing treatment at that time. >> teaching students the difference between fake news and the real thing could become a mandatory part of california's education curriculum. they will require teaching students 7 through 12 how to vet information online. he found out that many young people can't tell the difference between a story that's real and something that isn't. >> some sites publish a little bit of real news, propaganda, paid and then some stuff that's lies. when you're starting to see that occurring, it becomes very problematic for our citizens and our public to have any trust.
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>> fake and misleading news stories are increasingly under the microscope especially after accusations that fake stories may have influenced the presidential election. up ahead, need directions, grab your phone. but that's not allowed inside this san francisco store. a baby kidnapped in the hospital, found 18 years later. how detectives pieced together that mystery.
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take a look at this photograph. firefighters climbed on to the roof of a popular japanese restaurant in alameda. this is a fire that started at
6:40 pm
4:00 a.m. we don't know exactly what led to the fire. who is exactly in charge here. a bizarre tug of war at a landmark restaurant in san francisco. we first reported left that leftyleft y 0 dools will find a new home. but tonight the owner of the building says left ys isn't closing at all. the people running the restaurant say they own the restaurant and the new name and they're opening in a new location. this is similar to the old train but muni says this will be more comfortable. this is the first of four trains that will hit the tracks by the end of the year. so how about this, six hours of hard work but the view was certainly worth it. two astronauts, the
6:41 pm
international space station took a space walk to help fix the aging station today. they're replacing old batteries on a solar power system. nasa says the upgrade was necessary to keep the station running into the next decade. she's been found 18 years after she was kidnapped from a florida hospital. authorities tracked a teenager down in south carolina. a woman posing as a nurse took kamiyah mobley from the hospital eight hours after he was born. today the girl has been found living in south carolina under another name with a woman she thought was her mother. mobley's biological family is overjoyed. how and when to reconnect is left up to mobley who is understandably overwhelmed by the news. the woman she thought was her mother has been charged with kidnapping and interfering with custody. let's turn it over to jeff ranieri. we head into the holiday weekend. we finally made it. >> a life look at downtown san
6:42 pm
jose right now. we're currently under clear skies. as we look at the hour by hour forecast, temperatures dropping tonight down to 43 degrees by midnight. i'll have details on the weekend and the next chance of rain coming up in five minutes. and put your phones down. you won't find these maps on your smartphone. we'll take you inside a san francisco store specializing in antique maps.
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it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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okay. do you know how to get anywhere now without using your navigation system on your car or your smartphone? >> remember when we used to use old fashioned paper maps? there's a store in san francisco that's old school.
6:45 pm
here's nbc bay area's joe regatta jr. >> starting route through san rafael. >> you probably consult your phone at one point or another. but jimmy prefers something a little more hands on. >> good stuff. >> reporter: at his antique map shop, schein and scein the world of mod der niern nigh zags end door. as the rest of the tie heck mapping world heads forward, schein lives in the past. despite what we may think, old maps are more than just a snapshot of a place. >> this is following the 1906 earthquake and fire. traveller's map to the
6:46 pm
renaissance fair. >> reporter: there are maps that chart history. >> 624 commercial street is where emperor norton live zplr some maps contain interesting information -- >> a pension for getting pickled. that's what it says right there. >> reporter: so do not. >> some of the most interesting maps are maps that are wrong. california used to be document as an island. >> reporter: the second schein is jimmy's wife marti. >> it's hard for him to turn a map down. >> reporter: there are others who suffer the same map collecting affliction as schein. >> yeah, i do. >> reporter: thus san francisco city and county surveyor bruce story is a frequenter of schein's shop. they have their own collection
6:47 pm
of old maps, sometimes schein comes and tells the surveyors about the maps >> he has a presentation that goes about 45 minutes. >> reporter: which may be torture for those who don't care about maps, heaven for those who do. >> throwing blood in the water when sharks are around. >> reporter: the maps can be colorful and open to interpretation, kind of like people. >> the real thing, there's age, scars of its travel in life. ultimately just navigating your phone -- >> reporter: except these devices don't need batteries or satellites. just someone who knows just where to look. nbc bay area news. >> remember in your glo compartment you had all of the maps and you had to look through it. >> somebody else had to tell you how to use the map, turn right, turn left. >> remember those trip tick things from aaa. >> yeah, we did it all. >> i did a cross country trip
6:48 pm
from florida to oregon with one of those things. we could bring it back, you guys. >> let's do it. this weekend a good weekend for a road trip. we've cleared out from the rainfall and we've got sunnier weather coming our way. i want to give us an update on the russian river at guerneville. this was the last river to reach below flood stage throughout this week and it continues below flood stage at 23.82 feet. as we saw in earlier reports, dramatic dropoff in the water but still so much to clean up from this storm system. we're looking ahead towards more rainfall. but as you'll see, we're not expecting any here tomorrow morning. south bay stays dry, 38 degrees, 41 in the peninsula, tri-valley 35. it will be in the 30s here for the north bay, starting off at 34 and san francisco beginning at 43. the number one reason why we get sunny weather on saturday's forecast, staying dry through
6:49 pm
sunday is high pressure. it's pushed in just in time offshore and it's going to act like a shield to keep rainfall away at least until next tuesday's forecast. let's go ahead and take it one step at a time. we'll git you into the microclimate forecast. sunny skies in the south bay, relatively light wind. perfect day outside. 59 in san jose, 60 expected in east san jose. through alameda county, 56 in antioch, 59 in danville and 56 expected in oakland. for the coastline, should even have sunny skies in half moon bay and 55 degrees, palo alto, atherton expected upper 50s. san francisco a light wind and 52 degrees along the embarcadero. engelside 54 and up towards wine country in napa and sonoma, plenty of damage to sclaclean u from. we've had a lot of questions
6:50 pm
about the long range outlook with so much rainfall this week and the damage we've been through. the counter long range outlook continue to show that the la nina may enhance the wet weather this month. an above average of possibly some rainfall. the long range forecast shows five possible storms in the next 14 days. what i want to do next is take you through what we could see throughout next week, which is two potential storms. now it's going to be dry all the way through tuesday, as we mentioned. looks like by wednesday's forecast we could get a new storm arriving by 5:30. that will be a wednesday and thursday event. and then a second storm system back behind that once we hit friday's forecast. so looks like two storms possible as we head throughout next week. the extended forecast, you can see sunny weather all the way through tuesday, mostly sunny, and wednesday and thursday one to two inches as that wet weather rolls through. temperatures in the 50s here for
6:51 pm
san francisco. for the interior valleys it will be a mix of 50s and 60s. temperatures in the 30s to start and that rainfall returning throughout next week. it's still very early out. but obviously we have so much cleanup to do that we're going to keep a close eye on any possible storms coming our way. >> that's a lot of storms coming possibly. >> we had el nino last week, just an average rainfall season. now it's la nina which typically doesn't give us ap much and we're above average. mother nature always in control. up next, counting on the kindness of sharks. how team teal, yes, san jose sharks is helping a bay area veteran in need. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies,
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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okay. are the warriors going to change their name? that might happen. with the team relocated to a new arena on the waterfront in san francisco in 2019, there's growing speculation they could drop golden state and replace it with san francisco like they had when they first came to the bay area. the team's president says not quite yet, though. they haven't made any brand changes yet. january is military appreciation month for the sharks. >> tomorrow night's game will be special for one veteran in patrol. here's colin resh >>. >> reporter: on average the shark foundation sponsors 15 projects per year. each project has its own story. what's happening inside and outside of this san jose home is one of those stories.
6:55 pm
>> they pronounced me dead. i was in a coma, i'm not dead. i'm still here. >> reporter: imwas okinawa more than 90 years ago. he was charging a hill >> we got caught out in the open from there. it was hard. they hit us hard. >> reporter: despite bleeding out, he pulled through. he returned to the states, bought this house in 1950 and started a family. >> me and my wife, we raised eight kids in the house. a lot of history. >> reporter: history in need of some tlc. he applied for assistance and they joined forces with the shark foundation and now his home of 67 years is being rejuvenated. >> a world war ii vet, it was a slam dunk. we wanted to come out with the sharks foundation and help this man. >> they've worked hard for what they have.
6:56 pm
isaiah's service was no small feet. the family has made a sacrifice as well as isaiah. this is our special way of honoring him. >> reporter: the treatment doesn't conclude with his home. he'll drop the ceremonial first puck prior to saturday's game against the blue >> i might be a little nervous out there, you know. as long as i don't slip and fall. >> reporter: in san jose, colin resh, nbc bay area. coming up tonight at 11:00, a long time symbol is gone. tonight at 11:00 after a special one hour dateline with president obama. one more check with jeff ranieri as we head into the three-day weekend. >> dry weather saturday and sunday, rain on wednesday, could be another one or two inches of rain. thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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new video as his backyard literal lly collapses. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra mario's landslide nightmare after l.a.'s pummelled with rainstorms. >> thank god my kids weren't playing in the yard. >> his video diry as emergency crews raced to his hillside home. paula patton versus robin thicke. the custody war gets ugly. patton's explosive new claims thicke spanked and punched their young son. is she out for revenge after she wasn't invited to robin's father's funeral? president obama revealing what it


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