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tv   Comunidad del Valle  NBC  January 15, 2017 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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runs :06 ===terry vo=== right now -- fighting to save the affordable care act. the day of action in san francis today -- jusdays cut and run. >> right now, fighting to save the affordable care act. the day of action in san francisco today just days before presidency lets donald trump take office. >> speaking of the inauguration, a different type of protest has different businesses that plan to take a stand on inauguration day. following breaking news after a local sheriff's deputy is arrested in sacramento. >> the news starts right now. thank you for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a sheriff's deputy is under
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arrest. a deputy facing attempted murder charges. >> tom jenson picks up the story live in martinez, tom, what do we know? >> reporter: he was a new recruit, i can tell you that. he was recruited here last year, and he was sworn in just last october, so he was very new at the apartment. he is kyle roland of sacramento, where he lives and is in the jail tonight charged with attempted murder. the sacramento police department arrested the suspect on friday morning after they share ay he into a dispute. roland left that party and came nobody w injured. they also confiscated two guns on the scene, according to sac p.d. roland has been with the department since october. they were able to fire him. we are looking into new
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information as it is still coming in and we'll have the latest for you after the game and again, at 11:00 tonight. for now, we're live in martinez. >> thanks very much and stay with n brks krrks bc bay area fg coverage on the story. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and check for the latest updates. the presidential inauguration is five days away and the u.s. capital was buzzing today for the official dress rehearsal. that's what we're looking at here. crews spent hours going over the route again and again getting different camera angles just right for the parade. there were stand ins for president elect donald trump and vice president elect mike pence. this year's parade will include high school and university marching bands, brigades and first responders and veterans' groups. democrats nationwide are launching a last stand against republican efforts to repeal president obama's affordable health care act. they held rallies including one
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in san francisco. >> bay area laura joining us from city hall in san francisco where lawmakers there activists very concerned about the future of health care. >> reporter: well, that's right, peggy. the rally lasted about an hour and a half and wrapped up a short time ago. democrs pledged to make today their fst stand in what is expected to be a bitter battle against health care. carrying hand made signs and wearing minute tour american flags, hundreds gathered on the steps of san francisco's city hall where lawmakers rallied to save the affordable health care act. >> but donald trump and the republicans and congress want to tear down the aca. destroy medicare and medicaid and defund planned parenthood. their plan is to make america sick again. >> sadly today we find ourselves in a place where we need to
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worry about whether our lowest income residents will have insurance. we have to worry about our moderate income families, who may start forgoing insurance in order to pay for grocery bills. >> reporter: president elect donald trump has vowed to overturn and replace obamacare and republicans have already begun the process. >> the republicans don't have a plan. their plan, you know what their plan is? cut and run. cut the health coverage for working families and run. >> reporter: bernie miller of concord came to show support. >> my steps on three years ago died of leukemia just before obamacare went into effect and had he had obamacare, perhaps he wouldn't have di. >> reporter: a nurse for 35 years says she seen firsthand how obamacare can help. >> it appalls me that we would take away insurance from those who need it.
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insurance for those who -- insurance that actually has saved lives. >> reporter: back out here live at city hall earlier this week, trump said he'll offer a detailed replacement for obamacare as soon as his nominee for health and human services secretary is confirmed. reporting live, laura malpert. >> thank you, laura. senator bernie sanders led a rally to save the affordable care act in michigan today. sanders told the crowd thousands of americans must not let republicans dismantle without having a better alternative in place. >> think for a moment you take away health insurance from 30 million people, how many of them will die. and the answer is many thousands. >> senate my narcotinority lead schumer helped lead the rally. not just members of congress and muni significants boycotting on friday. a small business in san francisco is closing, as well,
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as a form of protest against what donald trump stands for. other avenues is a food co-op. the worker owners say that the decision to close on inauguration day was not easy for them, especially because money is tight. the customers have voiced nothing but support. >> it's all been pretty positive. most people seem to be really into it. they really enjoy that we're so opposed to what we are as a business. >> i'm surprised but at the same tile ni time, nice to see that freedom of speech taking place this way. >> the store is typically open all but just two days per year. we will have much more coverage leading up to the inauguration all this week. raj mathai is heading to washington d.c. to lead coverage there. it is not just also friday's inauguration but we'll stay to cover the women's march the following day. turning to the micro climate forecast. the bay area using this weekend to dry out but won't last for long. a live look outside at the
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gorgeous golden gate bridge. a beautiful sunday drove across it earlier. fantastic view. however, more rain right around the corner. rob miata has the story. >> a beautiful weekend around the bay area and beyond. how about lake tahoe and a gorgeous weekend if you can get through the traffic. you saw san francisco sunny skies and mid 50s into san jose now. we're catching a break that will last for another day or two and we're tracking three storms in the span of the next six days. storm one, two and three none of them individually as strong as last weekend but when you add the totals up shs , we could se another four to six inches of rain and this time around the storms look windier. double impact in terms of the wind causing power outages and downed trees and higher surf on the coast which later in the week will lead to coastal emotion and the potential is there for localized flooding as
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rain rates pick up later in the week. we'll give you the timeline when to expect the three storms and changes ahead coming up in about 12 minutes. >> looking forward to it, thank you. a major trouble spot after last week's storm still trouble today. this is marin county between u.s. 101. the westbound lanes remain closed because of flooding. chp opened all eastbound lanes yesterday. the reason for the closure is the reservoir on the south side of the road way is so high the drains are overflowing on the road way. no estimate when the westbound lanes will open. >> make sure you check in to track the storm as it moves into our area. it's the nbc bay area app and free to download. click on the weather tab to get a forecast for your area. still to come, the ringling brothers ending after 146 years. why they say they can't go on and the role the city of oakland may have played. >> service and honor of dr.
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martin luther king junior. why these high schoolers picked this specific spot for their project. bros and barnum and bailey.. has
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announced they will close later after 146 years the most famous circus of all, ringling brothers barnum and bailey, they struggled to attract a new generation of fans. dan has the details. >> reporter: the big top will coal down for good after 146 years of performances, the k circus will close in may. the company that operates says tickets sales in decline for years dropped off dramatically after elephants were removed from the show. that decision followed lodge and
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cost l -- long and costly battles that believe the end is long over due. >> for 14 decades, we are so glad this is finally coming to an end. >> reporter: changing taste hurt the circus. nick who comes from a long line of performers said rin gling brothers didn't keep up with the times. >> i believe rin gling didn't make the adadjustments. >> reporter: in miami, parents and children lined up for a final trip. >> i have great memories going with my family and it's another thing they don't get to experience from our childhood we did. >> reporter: the greatest show on earth will not go on. nbc news. here in the bay area, a history of tensions between the owners of rin gling brothers and oakland city leaders after the city banned bull hooks, which the circus used to control
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performing elephants it was passed in 2014. the tool and the way it was used on elephants tortured them. representatives for the circus said the bull hook long used in the show was necessary to keep everyone safe when the elephants were used at the circus. as a result of the 2014 decision. they threatened to pull the show from oakland. city council members said they didn't want to ban the circus all together so they made an amendment to phase the bull hook back in. it was given a three-year leeway so it would have gone back into effect this year. as the country prepares to honor the life of the martin luther king tomorrow, more than 100 volunteers were sprucing up the sports field on broadway near the over crossing at highway 24. volunteers say the golfs to clean up the area to prevent forest fires. many volunteers were high school students who were told about the devastating oakland hills fire
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back in 1991. >> i saw how devastating it was and it was something that could have been prevented where you see it's all people volunteers to help out. so we're coming out here and 120 of us and really trying to make sure to prevent any up cocoming forest fires. >> they were from a church of god in high ward taking place this weekend leading up to martin luther king junior day, which is tomorrow. still to come, a good idea is behind a facility opening up in san francisco. >> and it was the first time that i really, really got it, that not every good idea gets, you know, out there. >> how a local non-profit is using hair to clean up the environment. it is today's bay area proud when we come back. right now enjoying sunshine around san jose. short term concerns tomorrow morning, patchy areas of dense fog and through the week, timing the three storms ahead over the next six days. i'll have a look at that in the
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forecast when we come back. can be used just about anywhere
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really. =terry///2-shot= the company uses a resource that a a product that can be used anyway. >> the company uses a resource that all of us have and they put it to good use. nbc garvin thomas has a look at today's bay area proud. >> lisa says it was a hairdresser many years ago in alabama who first had the moment that hair would be the perfect material to clean up oil spills. she, however is the one taking that great idea to greater heights. spend enough time in san francisco and you begin to think there is nothing that could happen on the streets of this famously unconventional city that could surprise you. but then a tractor trailer pulls up on howard street and begins to unload box after box of -- of, well, let's let lisa the
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woman whose been waiting for this delivery fill you in. >> so it's hair. and fur. >> 20,000 pounds of hair, fur and fleece to be more or less, exact. to understand what is going on here, you have to go back about 20 years when lisa started a non-profit called matter of trust. simply put, they specialize in connecting people with too much of one resource with those who could make good use of it so it doesn't go to waste. the resource in this case is the hair. collected from salons, barbershops and pet groomers. >> so ready? >> it's been woven together into mats, mats that are terrific at soaking up oil. >> you see it just starts to soak up the oil really fast. >> it's the rean after all you regularly shampoo your hair.
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>> every ageets it. every age gets it because hair collects oil is the most spa ba -- basic thing. >> they began collecting hair all over the country and began processing it in new mexico. the first big break came not long after with the oil spill in san francisco bay in 2007 when matter of trust got to see their product in action. then, they responded to the bp deep water horizon oil disaster in the gulf of mexico in 2010. so what does that have to do with this base in san francisco? well, lisa this time is thinking small, rather than big. she believes turning hair into mats could be a great cottage industry with factories like this one will soon be in cities all over the country. >> we want to have, you know, this be a discussion point about what can every city do for clean
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water in their area. >> reporter: it made lisa realize seem like a crazy idea to some at first, but like so many unconventional ideas that start in the city, like your hair, it will only grow. lisa is not only excited about the benefits for the environment, she says these small businesses will provide great employment for low-skilled workers and has a dream that students, ones who had newspaper routes could now travel the city on their bikes checking hair as a part time job. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. dangerous conditions on the coast today. take a look at the scene at pacificia earlier. a beach hazard remains in effect this evening because of dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves still that didn't stop surfers especially on a clear day with the sun out. >> it was great. can't beat it. it's really nice after the rain. got some waves and chilly out
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there but nothing you can't -- nothing this won't fix. >> rip currents are stronger in inlets and piers and if you go fishing, stay away from the rocks. >> chilly water, too, for sure. >> wave heights we're watching as the storms come rolling in will get higher, double or triple the height possibly later this week as we show you a view. it's a nice sunday afternoon as you see outside, white water out there and wave heights six to eight feet. look at the satellite. these storms will have a lot of wind as they roll across the gulf of alaska and you'll see in yellow, that's a large long period of northwesterly swell we think later this week that could push the wave heights closer to 15 feet possibly 20-foot breakers. you will have rain and windnd a high surf back to the coast. we have 50 degrees right now. and san francisco golden gate bridge, mostly sunny and
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pleasant right now. 52 taking you into san jose. numbers around san jose climbing into the mid to upper 50s in south bay temperatures close to 60 but earlier today warmest temperatures we saw around the bay area today in the south bay but a different story out of the east bay. check out brenwood. this is air conditioning winds out of the east in dublin and please santon and patchy dense rolling in through the straight and maybe through the pass. i'll be watching that as we head towards tomorrow morning. no rain or wind to talk about. patchy dense fog could slow you down and you could have patchy frost. lows for tomorrow morning coastal of 30s and one into the creek and upper 30s around san jose and 40s around san francisco and oakland. high temperatures for monday close to 60 in downtown and 50s elsewhere but we'll call ate
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foggy air conditioning effect towards the tri-valley and east bay inland locations, low to mid 50s for highs as the fog takes longer to break up. peninsula to san francisco temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and north bay patchy fog, chilly start to the morning and mid 50 highs and we'll probably see a few 60s showing up on tuesday. so things will be dry through tuesday and check out wednesday here. here is the first storm, tropical moisture which given how fast this is moving, even though we'll see heavy rain, wide-spread flooding not expected. we'll catch a break on thursday and friday another system drops in as you can see clearly friday also colder air aloft. could see snow levels down to 3500 feet late on friday. so saturday here comes another break and you can kind of see how the timing is working out. wednesday, friday, and sunday round number three, this system here as had two preceding it may see localized flooding as the
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third system dropping in will have the most rain out of the series. the projections now, cities in the valleys probably about an inch or two of rain and coastal hill tops as we add everything up in the north bay may see another four to six inches of rain once you add up all three storms. how it will time out in the seven-day forecast, storm one, two and three across the board starting up on wednesday. wind gusts at times could get up to 50 miles per hour so we may have to contend with more wind issues. friday looks gusty, as well. colder system there may drop snow on mount hamilton and mount diablo and friday to sunday, that one bears watching. each of the storms individually wouldn't cause flooding but by the time the third system rolls in, things saturated could have issues again for next weekend. >> all right. rob, thanks very much. still to come, a special meet andreat witthe sharks. >> a special honor for a world war ii veteran this weekend.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. to meet several san jose sharks players following last
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a thrill for a local veteran. 93-year-old isaiah bro got to meet san jose sharks players. he received a huge honor. >> he sure did. he got to drop the puck as part of military appreciation night. the sharks' foundation helped remodel his home. he's lived in that house since 1950. >> there he was in front of 17,000 fans or something. >> yeah, decked to the nines. >> great stuff. >> great, for sure. also, just ahead tonight. >> tonight watching for patchy fog. no worries of rain-wise at least for now. maybe a little chilly tomorrow morning with patchy frost and cool start. 30s and 40s and close to 60 highs tomorrow. pacificia is turning active again as you see across the board. tr three storms, windy, rainy, high surf on the coast and again, we could be looking at another four to six inches of rain in the hills and correspondingly, maybe three to four feet of snow.
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>> boy. >> thanks very much. football night in america up next. we'll see you after the game for a special edition of nbc bay area news. >> see you then. ♪ life. you never really know what's coming. life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going, sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else. and that's why covered california is here.
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