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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 16, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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a "highway shooting"--- that led to the shutdown of an east bay state road for six houd a highway shooting is that led to the shutdown of an east bay state road for six hours on sunday. this as the search continues for whoever fired into that moving car. >> and deputy arrested. the man who swore to protect the people in his bay area community will no longer wear a badge after what he's accused of doing far from home. plus, trump's trip canceled on martin luther king jr. day, the president-elect had promised a trip to a black history museum, but the plug has been pulled. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good monday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. sam brock is back. >> yay! >> all fresh faced. didn't have to deal with the storm. >> you know, i did not.
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actually, i felt horrible seeing all the images coming in from -- >> it was pretty crazy. >> but now things are nice and calm and cool. >> for a little while. >> for now, anyway. >> we'll ramp it back up for you this week, sam. we're going to have some more storms rolling into the bay area, heading in on wednesday. we have a couple of more days to prepare, but it looks like we'll need that time to do that. as we get a look at what's happening now, as you head out early on this monday morning, it's all clear across san jose. we've seen some spots dealing with some fog. especially as you head through the tri-valley, over towards the delta. we've had some very dense fog over the central valley, that's been kind of spilling into parts of the bay area. and in santa rosa, visibility now down to about a half of a mile, dealing with that, also some very chilly temperatures. it's only 34 degrees in fairfield. 38 in santa rosa. and livermore at 40 degrees. so with those temperatures starting out on the cool side, it will be a cool day, but at least we will get some sun. we'll talk about that coming up in about six minutes. now as we head over to sereneny,
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what's it looking like? >> we've got holiday light traffic. the roads are looking pretty clear. overall, we were seeing some slowing in the south bay along the northbound 280. and it was due to a fender bender. it appears to be nothing major, nothing causing slowing, which is great news. if we take a live look right now, over the bridges, the san mateo bridge, a little bit of cars on the road. and out over the golden gate, looking ghostly. not a lot of cars outside there, it's definitely a holiday monday. >> you can already tell. thank you, vianey. to a developing story now. the search is on this morning for a gunman after a highway shooting in concord last night. >> pete joins us with details. this comes amid a string of highway shootings in that area. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, laura and sam. the chp is handling this investigation and there have been more than dozens to have freeway shootings on east bay freeways in the past year.
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let's show you guys some video of right here in concord, where this shooting took place. this was right after that shooting yesterday at 5:00 a.m. north of solano in concord. there were two victims inside of this black mercedes sedan. you can see several bullet holes on the side of this car. we know one victim was hurt, injured, the injuries are nonlife-threatening. one victim was detained, unclear as to why. we know of the shootings we saw over the past year, were targeted and gang-related. chp says the victims aren't exactly forthcoming with investigation on the shooter or shooters or exactly what vehicles those shooters were driving. if you have any information to help with this case, contact chp. we're live in martinez, pete suratos for "today in the bay." a former contra costra sheriff's deputy is behind bars, accused of opening fire inside a party. in his booking photo,
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23-year-old kyle rowland has numerous cuts and bruises that police say he got during the scuffle for his gun. police say rowland was at a party in sacramento friday night when witnesses say he started acting strange and that's when other partygoers asked him to leave. police say a short time later, he pulled out a handgun during an argument with another man. witnesses say they were shocked and horrified at what they saw. >> i just tell everybody, get down, he has a gun. one of my friends was bold enough and brave enough to jump on it and defuse the issue. >> rowland is now facing five counts of attempted murder. he'd only been with the department since october, and because he was still on a standard job probation, the department was able o fire him after his arrest. he is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. emeryville police right now are investigating a weekend double shooting at a popular bay street shopping center. the popular bay street shopping center. police say two people were shot near kristi avenue in shellmont street, right by the high palace hotel.
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it happened on saturday, a little after 9:00 at night. and we're told the victims are in stable condition. we have a developing story. overseas, dozens are dead after a turkish cargo plane crashed into a village in kyrgyzstan. the jet reportedly destroyed up to 50 homes and several buildings. right now reports put the death toll at 37, but that's not confirmed by the government. the boeing 747 originally took off from hong kong. the plane was scheduled to stop in the country's capital before going on to istanbul. right now officials are blaming poor visibility from thick fog for that crash. politics now. donald trump is calling off a trip to washington, d.c. today, ahead of the inauguration. he was supposed to visit the national african-american history museum today. that visit was planned, of course, in honor of martin luther king jr. day. but now officials for the president-elect say hays going to visit the museum some time after assuming office. there was no specific reason provided for why the change in
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schedule. it does come on the heels of critical remarks exchanged between trump and civil rights icon, congressman john lewis. political analysts say that the trip would have given the president-elect a chance to gain back some goodwill after his weekend twitter rant. well, president-elect trump's inauguration now only days away, and we're learning, it's not just members of congress and musicians who are boycotting the ceremony on friday. >> a small business in san francisco is closing as a form of protest against trump. other avenues is a food co-op in the outer sunset. the owner says the decision to close on inauguration day was not easy, especially because money is tight. but customers have voiced nothing but support. >> it's all been pretty positive. most people seem to be really into it. they really enjoy that we're taking a stance against someone who is so diametrically opposed to who we are as a business. >> kind of surprised, but at the same time, it's kind of nice to see that kind of freedom of speech taking place this way. >> the store is typically open
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all but two days a year, martin luther king jr. day and may day. we will have much more coverage leading up to the inauguration this week. raj mathai heading to washington, d.c. to lead our coverage. and it's not just friday's inauguration. we'll also be covering the women's march on washington the following day. all right. right now, coming up, a dry start so far to your week. we are preparing for more rain in a few days. >> yes, we will see that rain moving in, but now as you head out the door in san francisco, very chilly. the temperature only 46 degrees and heading to 57. a lot of sunshine today. we'll talk about the daily planner for willow glen, that's coming up in three minutes. and no major accidents to report yet on this early monday morning. here's a quick look over the bay bridge. seeing some light traffic. i'll have a look at your drive times coming up in just a bit. and rallies ripping efforts to take apart obamacare. this afternoon, san francisco sound itself in the spotlight, at the center of efforts to rebuke congress and the president-elect.
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good monday morning. it is 4:40 as we get a live look outside at san jose. mostly clear conditions and dry weather as we start out this workweek. in willow glen, it will be very chilly at 8:00 at 39 degrees. the normal high is 58. we'll stay just below that as we go through this afternoon, with sun mixing with clouds. we will talk about the timeline of this incoming storm coming up at 4:44.
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and a quick check of your bridge drive times. westbound 80 towards bay bridge, about eight minutes. westbound 92 towards san mateo, about 12 minutes. and west on 84 towards the dumbarton bridge, about 11 minutes. an update on any accidents coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you very much, vianey. it's 4:41. concerns about the coverage of health coverage brought hundreds to san francisco city hall yesterday. >> their plan is to make america sick again. >> bay area leaders, including house minority leader, nancy pelosi, rallied for the affordable care act. president-elect trump is planning to dismantle obamacare and replace it with a new system that so far has not been specifically spelled out. protesters fear millions of americans will lose coverage in the process. >> my stepson, three years ago, died of leukemia, just before obamacare went into effect. and had he had obamacare,
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perhaps we wouldn't have died. >> similar rallies will help yesterday and at least a half a dozen other new york cities including newark, new jersey, and boston. coming up next, a tradition that's not quite as old as our democracy, but it's pretty darned old. 146 years in business, and now the greatest show on earth is no more. what was a tradition for so many is over. where? why? and what's next? a close call for one kansas
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highway patrol trooper... and it's caught on ca.
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a close call for a kansas highway patrol trooper and it's all caught on camera. the officer was traveling on an interstate yesterday when the driver of a semi lost control. the highway patrol says the truck driver was going too fast for the icy conditions. no one was injured, but the crash could have ended up, we know, much differently. >> it's like the whole lane. i will say, people do crazy things in slick, wet, dangerous weather. >> i think they just -- they forget that, you know, you've got to be extra careful. >> or, you know, you're still in a hurry and you try to make up for time, especially some of the drivers, and that's definitely not the smart thing to do. now, as we go into the next couple of days, we'll not only have some fog, but we'll have some more rain moving in. and it's nice and dry, as you head out the door right now. here's a live look outside at emeryville, and at least the visibility is clear. but we could start to see some fog moving into parts of the bay area, as we go through the day. right now, it's 41 degrees on the peninsula. 40 in the tri-valley. where we've seen that dense fog.
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and it's now 43 degrees in san francisco. and into this afternoon, it will feel much nicer, as that sun breaks out from behind those clouds. we'll be up to 57 degrees in the peninsula. tri-valley, 58 degrees. and 57 today in san francisco, with a cool sunshine in the north bay and 54 degrees. now we look just to the west of us, to see what's going on. and there is a large cluster of clouds. this will be here on wednesday, starting to bring us some rain, also some gusty winds. so as we get a look at the timeline for this system moving in, we will start to see that rain by late wednesday morning, into the afternoon. starting out with some lighter showers, but it does look to get heavier as we go through the day and by late wednesday night, we could have some very heavy downpours, moving in once again. the ground is already wet sw, s then when we add some additional rainfall on top of that, we could be dealing with quite a few problems, even into friday. we still have some rain moving through and opening up the picture to see what will be
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happening. as we head into the weekend, still a couple of more storm systems moving in. we are expecting three storms just this week. and looking ahead to how much rain we could see with the first round of rain moving in, this is by thursday afternoon. we could have anywhere from about an inch to possibly an inch and a half of rain. and then we start to see the next round, bringing over 2 inches of rain. this is altogether the storm total. and up to 3 inches of rain, possibly more, up to 4.5 inches of rain for parts of the north bay. and keep in mind, once again, that ground is already wet. so make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter. i'll, of course, keep you ahead of what's happening with our weather. and you will want to make sure you keep an eye on this. also, a lot of events going on here today. here's one of them, the martin luther king day of service happening in san francisco at golden gate national park. it will be 56 degrees. i'll have a look at that complete microclimate forecast, coming up. now let's head over to vianey to see how the roads are looking. >> good morning, kari. i have a feeling those folks got
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the day off today are still in bed, because the roads are looking pretty clear out there right now. nothing major. there was that slowing in the south bay, thanks to a minor fender bender along northbound 280 in san jose. but it isn't causing any backup and those two vehicles have moved over to the side, according to the chp. let's get a quick check of your drive times. northbound 101, about 13 minutes. highway 87 towards highway 101, about ten minutes. and northbound 17 towards highway 101, about 8 minutes. over to the east bay, also looking very light in traffic. southbound 680, about ten minutes. a quick update, back to you. >> vianey, thanks so much. a major trouble spot after last week's storm is still a problem this morning. here's some video of highway 37 in marin county, between annerton avenue and highway 101. the westbound lanes of 37 are still closed because of flooding. the chp opened up all eastbound lanes this weekend. the reservoir on the south side of the road is so high, that the
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drains are actually overflowing on to the highway still. there's no estimate on when those westbound lanes are going to be back home. you want to get away? a lot of people may be asking themselves that question after this last week. if you need a reason to visit yosemite today, it's actually free. >> it's funny, because people couldn't even get up there last week. the national park service isn't charging entrance fees at any of its parks today in honor of martin luther king jr. day. it is one of only a handful of free days today. there are some great plays including muir woods. >> if you can get out there, imagine how beautiful it is today. journalists who cover the white house as part of the press corps have announced a formal objection to the trump transition team's idea to relocate the white house briefing room. vice president-elect mike pence and chief of staff reince priebus floated that idea over
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the weekend. they said moving it to a larger location outside the white house would help accommodate what they call extraordinary interest from the media. critics, on the other hand, call this an eviction, pure and simple. a bombshell from ringling bros. the bigtop will be coming down for good this spring. over the weekend, ringling bros. owners informed circus employees that after 146 years, the greatest show on earth will not go on. the reason is money and a steep drop in ticket sales. circus producers say the real decline started last spring after the elephants were retired to a conservation center. fans seeing the circus in florida yesterday reacted to the news. >> it's very disappointing. this is something i grew up on and my parents are here. we have three generations. >> animal rights groups, meanwhile, are calling it a victory and a sign of changing times. the gap between the rich and the poor appears to be widening. just eight men, including two local tech leaders, have as much
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wealth as the world's poorest half. among those eight men, facebook founder, mark zuckerberg, oracle ceo and cofounder, larry ellison. the study coincided with the world economic forum in switzerland. the weekend box office results are in, and "hidden figures" is still in first place. the drama about three african-american women who excelled in their careers at nasa brought in more than $20 million this weekend. that number could move upwards to $25 million if you include the martin luther king jr. holiday. >> "la la land" is in second place with $14.5 million. ryan gosling and emmastone star in that musical, which cleaned up at the golden globe. >> third place, animated film "sing." it's been hanging in the top ten since it was reduced ton december 21st. >> i wish i contributed to "la la land." have you seen that? >> i still want to. >> we've got a date.
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>> there you go. a heart-warming story this morning. a 5-year-old boy in ft. bragg gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> dad in a box. >> his dad in a box. tears, hugs wi, and the human element. his mother told him he had a special present at the front door to unwrap. inside, his dad, home unexpectedly from deployment. he and his dad are very close, as you can tell from the emotion. needless to say the surprise was a huge success. >> that's so loving. 4:52 right now. a mystery at the end of the line. a woman found dead in a san francisco muni bus, but it's how and why she died that has investigators troubled this morning. first, happening right now, we're staying on top of that developing story out of kyrgyzstan, where a 747 cargo jet has gone down, leaving dozens dead. as nbc news works to confirm new information, we'll update you on our twitter feed. plus, is this the definition
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of man's best friend or what? a man slips and falls and loyal canine helps keep him alive for 20 hours while they waited for help to arrive. we link up to that story on our facebook page. more of this morning's top stories coming up in two minutes.
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welcome back, everyone. it's 4:55. medical experts are now trying to determine if a woman found dead last week in the back of a muni bus died from meningitis. relatives of 53-year-old laura robson say a muni bus driver found her deceased at the end of the line in daly city last tuesday. according to her brother, the coroner's preliminary investigation found she died
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from a highly contagious disease, but it could be weeks before doctors know for sure. >> she was sitting upright and she was deceased at the time. >> if lab tests do confirm meningitis, this would be the second person in the bay area to die from the disease in the past two weeks after the death of a san rafael man in larksburg. 4:56 right now on your monday. some sad news to report this morning. the man who knew california at its history perhaps better than anyone has died. former state librarian, kevin starr passed away. starr's wife says he died of a heart attack at a san francisco hospital on saturday night. governor brown issued a statement saying in part, quote, kevin starr chronicled the history of california as no one else. he captured the spirit of our state. the san francisco native was appointed state librarian by governor pete wilson back in '94 and served in that role for ten years. he was deemed the preeminent historian of the golden state for writing a series of books called americans and the californian dream. starr was 76 years old.
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there's a new police chief in marin. interim police chief michael norton will now lead the central police authority, permanently. norton was appointed acting chief back in august, after a former chief left to take a position with the town of cord madera. the 42-year-old is a native of san insell moe. it's a clear holiday forecast today, but kari has a look of what's booming in our future. >> as we get a look at those temperatures at 4:57, it's only 41 right now in oakland and palo alto as well as napa. we're also looking at patchy dense fog and yes that incoming storm in the microclimate forecast, coming up. >> and a quick check of your peninsula drive times. southbound 101 towards sfo, about 12 minutes. southbound 101 towards highway 92, about 6 minutes, and southbound 101 towards bowers avenue, about 19 minutes. i'll have an update on a fender bender in oakland coming up in just a bit. plus, rolling through. the celebration train takes off in just a few hours.
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a look at the history behind the yearly tradition. pete tease
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=laura/vo= plus-- the countdown is on... yet another shooting in the east bay. this in concord on state route 242. pete suratos is live on the scene as we follow up on the search for the shooter. we'll have more on that. >> pete will join us with the
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very latest coming up, obviously, in a live report. plus, the doucountdown is o. we're four days away from the inauguration of donald trump. preparations underway this morning and the protests already starting ahead of friday's ceremony. >> reporter: and it is dr. martin luther king jr. day. we'll tell you how the celebration train now called the celebration train is rolling from san jose to san francisco. you're watching "today in the bay." monday morning, sometimes -- good morning to you! hey, thanks for joining us. >> hey, there, buddy. >> hey. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. kris, looked like she was kind of cold out there. i'm willing to bet she would taken that any day of the week over the downpour we saw a few days ago. >> she just told me she was tired of wearing all the rain gear and unfortunately, she'll have to roll that back out


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