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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the rain is right on your doorstep. >> this time we have to contend with a lot of wind, too. >> that's the big point. we're going to be talking about wind gusts tomorrow that could get above 50 miles an hour. the rain we're seeing right here across coastal sonoma, we te'll continue the see the rain tonight and tomorrow morning. what this storm has going for it is the atmospheric river, a connection to a rainfall burst that as the first system comes through on wednesday, another one to follow on friday, and the weekend could bring the potential for lateralized flooding. look at the wave heights by saturday, could get up to 20 to 25 feet. unt so the timeline of how these three storms will impact the bay area, localized flooding, wind
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damage and power outages very likely, especially in the coastal hilltops and the high surf towards the weekend. i'll have a look at rainfall projections and when the strongest win and heaviest rain will arrive coming up in ten minutes. >> a lot of check mark to keep our eyes on. da damage from last week's storm is still ef devident. elyce kirchner is live tonight. we could see some problems. >> absolutely. we saw so many problems last week. there are so many massive trees like this throughout the area and we spoke to a tree expert who said she hasn't seen this much damage in more than 15 years. with the next storm moving in -- >> a little intrusion here. >> reporter: scott points to the
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2 tree in his house. the massive tree came down, narrowly missing his father and brother inside the home. there isn't time to remove the tree. >> tomorrow they're talking rain and so we don't want to open it up and then have the rain -- >> it's a 1986ford pickup, f-150. >> reporter: karl evans is cleaning up after a tree fell last night crushing his vintage pickup truck. arborists john trusso runs a tree removal service. he says his crews are racing time. >> this is kind of the perfect storm right now, we're coming out of five years of drought and the soils are saturated already. >> right now scott knows there isn't much he can do.
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>> you have to work around the weather. >> reporter: even with the next storm coming, you still have time. see if the trunk has sunk down or if part of the tree is leaning over. if you see any of those warning signs try to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. nbc noouz. crews spent part of the day installing a safety net to help prevent landslides. you may recall last week 17 was closed or paublly shut down several times. caltrans reopened all northbound lanes after putting up what it refers to as a rock wall net. and it's designed to keep rocks and debris from making it to the road. and a crumbling apartment complex in pacifica is now days away from being demolished.
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cement trucks were on site today as interior work began. the building is a public safety hazard. it was red tagged and evacuated last winter because the cliff it sets on is eroding. demolition work won't begin until next week. our free nbc bay area app will help you track the storm, even have it alert you when the rain is 30 minutes away from your location. janet napolitano is in the hospital tonight dealing with side effects from cancer treatment. he was diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer last summer but that wasn't made public until today. her treatment is nearly complete. her doctors say he's doing well and expect to release her this week. this is the second time nep napolitano has battled cancer.
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well after years of frustration and court delays a jury has been seated in the sierra lamar murder trial. the 12-person jury will decide whether torres is guilty of killing the morgan hill teen. mary and favro joins us. >> reporter: there are five women and seven men on this jury panel but this high profile murder trial was supposed to start tomorrow. now it's been delayed again until january 30th. sierra lamar was 15 when she disappeared in march of 2012 on her way to a school bus stop. her body was never found but antonin torres was charged with killing her based on dna evidence discovereden on her
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clothes found in the field. the judge postponed the trial for two weeks to give defense lawyers more time to analyze more information on the crime lab's dna procedures. one of the critical dna tests is now inconclusive. ams today both the prosecution and defense finally decided on a jury. >> obviously to the prosecution they need to get jurors ready to return a verdict of guilt. >> the defense team is looking for a much different jury pool. >> defense is looking for independent thinkers, people willing to state their opinions and hold their ground. the defense only needs one voor to hold out and there cannot be a conviction under those circumstances. >> reporter: opening stams are now scheduled for january 30th. >> it's critical for the defense to get up in their opening statement and not only go after the prosecution's forensic case but give the jury an alternative theory that it's possible that
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sierra lamar ran away, she could still be alive. >> reporter: the prosecution and defense still need to select alternate jurors before opening statements can begin. reporting live in san jose, mary anne favro, nbc bay area news. knew at 6:00, less than two hours from now a benefit concert will get under bway to help a legendary band tower of power. the group will perform at 8:00 at yoshi's. the guitar player and bass player were hit by an amtrak train on their way to play a show at yoshis. one remains in intensive care. we have new video of the president-elect arriving in washington, d.c. this is less than two hours ago, mr. trump arriving in the
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nation's capitol to attend a dinner honoring a long time friend. after the dinner he'll fly back to new york before returning to washington on thursday. the myselist for friday's inauguration is growing. more than 50 democrats are turning their back to the president-elect. scott budman spoke to local lawmakers on both sides of the boycott and joins us tonight from fremont. >> reporter: good evening. several local democrat lawmakers tell us they feel it's important to boycott the inauguration on friday. others told us it's important they attend. each gave different reasons why. >> we need to regroup. >> reporter: bay area democrats were united as an ohmlaakland e to support labor. but when it comes to the upcoming inauguration, some will stay away in protest. >> inauguration is a celebration.
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i don't believe that i can clap and be happy about what is taking place in terms of the agenda of this next president. >> he said he was going to -- he and his attorney were going to decide what the ethics rules were. i thought that was a real message that he continue to think rules don't apply to him. >> reporter: as for president-elect trump, other local lawmakers say going to his inauguration is step one in fighting to make sure their constituents are heard. >> i want the president-elect to know that when it comes to what happened with russia, that's not going away. zw >> reporter: they're all planning to make a statement, some in d.c., some at home. >> i know that some really bad and dangerous things are coming our way soon with this man and this presidency. i had to think about what kind of message i wanted to send. i cannot in good conscience sit and politely clap and pretend
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everything is fine. >> reporter: representative lee told us she will be in d.c. the day after the inauguration were the big women's march. representative huffman says he will attend an interfaith religious service. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> we have a team heading to washington, d.c. as well. i'll be leading the live kom coverage from the inauguration and covering the women's march on saturday. coverage begins on thursday. the warriors start construction on that new san francisco arena. wait until you see. and while there are lots of people still not celebrating. the bay area woman charged in the deadly orlando nightclub shooting make her first federal court appearance. prosecutors say she knew about the attack ahead of time. jodi hernandez live in oakland.
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things are dry in downtown san jose. the calm before the storm. as we go up to the north bay, light raun is approach in the first of three storms aim in on the bay area, wind and rain and the potential of huge surf out on the coast. the latest when we come back.
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and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. that was the debate today, as the wife of omar mateen appeared in an east bay courtroom. federal prosecutors say noor salman knew her . so was she a victim or an
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aco aaccomplice. prosecutors say that noor salman knew her husband was going to the club to kill people. really there are two different pictures of this woman appearing, jodi. >> reporter: two very different pictures indeed painted here in federal court. noor salman's uncle says his niece is a kind and gentle young woman who wouldn't hurt anybody. but federal prosecutors say she helped her husband pull off a deadly attack. >> she's very soft, sweet girl. >> reporter: that's all al salman describes his 30-year-old niece. but noor salman is accused of helping her husband pull off one of the deadliest shootings in history. federal prosecutors claim salman knew her husband, omar mateen, was going to carry out the mass
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shooting at the orlando nightclub but did nothing to stop it. >> she would not hurt a fly. >> reporter: du her uncle says salman is a victim of an abusive controlling husband. she explain why she was in contact with mateen during the attack. >> he call her, wake her up early in the morning. where's omar. she said, he's not hear. let me call him. i call him to find out. she called him, called him or text him. don't you know what's happened? she don't know. >> reporter: sal mabmasalman's d they had no idea she was going to be arrested and they were terrified yesterday when the fbi showed up. >> the right person who did this crime -- don't take an nntd person. she has no idea. >> reporter: an attorney who's represented salman in the past
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is on his way from texas here to the bay area. he'll appear in court tomorrow with salman. he told me we can except she may enter please to the charges and we can expect to hear discussion about bond. an attorney indicated that they will be seeking her release as the case makes its way through court. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. well a new twist tonight in the battle over the sink l millennium tower. the building developer is refusing to reveal how it plans to fix it. nabs b san francisco's supervisors want to know how much more developers believe the tower may sink and what they intend to do about it. but the developer says it will not give the city that information because it's part of an ongoing arbitration and litigation with the tenant.
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one of the tenants calls the claim yous ray jous. >> question have a right to know about what the facts are. and a mediation can't be the excuse to keep that information from homeowners. >> the supervisor is fuming. he told nbc bay area that he plans on getting the plans. take a look. have you ever seen dancing es ka varie es ka varts? take a look. the ground breaking of the warrior's new waterfront arena, yes they're leaving oakland. mark matthews is in mission bay this evening. some blixted feelings realmixed >> reporter: we're hearing complaints about one of the primary contractors on this job, specifically clark construction.
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at today's ground breaking acrobats hung from heavy equipment, they bounced on tamp leans. fireworks exploded behind them. the team's ceo rick welch promise had the arena would be a great neighbor. but outside the big tent local contractor charlie walker told me clark construction doesn't deliver. >> he said we're going to give you guys to put the fence up. okay. and we'll get in touch with you. well, the fence is up, they never called. >> reporter: at the san francisco's lawyer committee for civil rights today, art douglas blackshire said she was slow paid and stiffed by clark for years while working at a highhand hospital. >> every contractor of color, black, was dismissed up there throw whatever reason clark decided to make up. >> today the team's owner said we would have to ask the ceo
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about the construction questions. >> we have confidence that the city's guide lyons are going to be completely focused. >> reporter: so we put the question to the mayor. >> this is privately financed but we're going to be implementing a lot of programs, especially with the announcem t announcements that chase made. >> reporter: kevin durant was at the ground breaking but he ducked out of questions from the media. and a spokeswoman for clark construction said she would get back to me. and we are still waiting for her to do that. i did get a chance to talk to the giants' co-owner larry bare who said, you know, he just built that stadium right up the street a while back, said they had quotas for hiring minority and women subcontractors. he made sure they exceeded those quotas. this is a story we'll continue to follow. >> if you would like to watch the raw video from today's
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event, head to our website. we posted various clips on our home panel. >> and the controversy is whether they'll keep the name of the golden state warriors. >> a good day for ground breaking today. tomorrow we're looking at a lot of rain, gusty winds. in san francisco increasing clouds, 51 degrees. golden gate right now looks dry. that will be changing later on tonight and light rain is on approach in the north bay. we'll see rain on approach as we head through mid morning tomorrow. dublin 45 degrees where this morning began with a lot of patchy fog, cool temperatures around the east bay. we won't have as much fog during the day tomorrow obviously as the winds pick up. we did have a spare the air day today. not the case tomorrow as the winds pick up during the morning
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and the rain increases through the day into the evening. highs tomorrow mid to upper 50s throughout the day. the wind forecast tomorrow morning, 10 to 20-mile-per-hour winds, gusts approaching 40 miles an her plus on the coast. by 7:00, 50-mile-per-hour winds on the coast and 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts on the inland. wind speeds drop off late tomorrow night. the time line for the storm, rain increasing in the north bay then by 6:00, the middle of it coming through for the evening commute. 11:00 we sea te the heavy rain e off and then the rain will pick up again thursday evening and thursday night. just for round one, we're looking at two to four inches op rain in the santa cruz mountains and localized flooding in the north bay. in the second half-hour we'll
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add up the rainfall totals through the three storms and have a lack at the surf rising this weekend. well the new details about president-elect trump's inauguration including some bay area connections. on our homepage:
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the jamaican bobsled team is making a comeback at the 2018 winter olympics in pyeongchang south korea. happening on the home page, the jamaican bobsled is taking a come back. they're using a panel to come up
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with the money for a new coach. lowe's has announced more than 2,000 layoffs. executives say they'll provide receive reince play and help displaced workers find new jobs. in on friday -- he'll take the
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oath using two bibles. the bible is a symbolic part of this inauguration. when donald trump is sworn in on friday, he'll take the oath using two bibles. one will be the bible that approximately abraham lincoln used, the other a bible given to him by his moth when he graduated from sunday school. president obama used the lincoln bible at both of his inaugurations. the bay area the heavily democratic but not when it comes to wine. take a look at the menu for the inaugural luncheon. three wines with local connections. jay lord will be pairing a chardonnay. the beef course will be paired
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with a black stallion cab from the napa valley and for dessert, guerneville's natural. they'll be joined by families and members of the supreme court and their future cabinet secretaries for that luncheon. >> president obama and his family will not be at that luncheon. the president and his family will leave for palm springs immediately after the inauguration. the president vowed to take his family to a destination that is warmer than washington. ironically the forecast for palm springs includes rain friday and saturday with the temperatures in the 50s. even though they're headed for paul springs, the first family won't leigh washington for good. large moving trucks were outside this d.c. home. nine bedroom, eight bathroom home is in the kalorama neighborhood. mr. obama is the first president since woodrow wilson the say in
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dak after leaving office. the strong allegations that vladimir putin has for the outgoing administration. and a new title for the nation's first ordained transgender lutheran pastor. her role with the san francisco police department. right now at 6-30: donald trump
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landed in washington dc tonight... right now at 6:30, see it here, donald trump landing in washington, d.c. tonight for a special dinner.
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he'll be returning to new york later this evening. russia president vladimir putin has found a way to include himself in this process. >> as nbc's steve handelsman reports, putin is denying russia hacked the u.s. election and instead calls mr. trump a victim. >> the president-elect got support from moscow as he tried to build enthuse yaciasm for hiz den. . enter vladimir putin again, alleging a political struggle, calling the leaker os f urn verified information about trump worse than prostitutes. john brennan insisted this is not intelligence information. trump reignited his feud with congressman john lewis who
6:31 pm
alleging that trump got help from putin called trump's election illegitimate, saying he'll boycott friday missing his first inauguration was a congressm congressman. wrong or lie, president-elect trump tweeted, he boy costed bush in '83. >> we did not attend the first bush inauguration. that is fact. >> another fact, general motors announced plans to create or save 7,000 u.s. jobs. tru >> i think mr. trump's engagement with industry is going to help us grow manufacturing jobs in this country. >> trump bragged americans are seeing big stuff. but not on friday. the president-elect is pairing back inauguration day celebrations to just a 90-minute parade and three inaugural balls. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news
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at the white house. >> steve we'll also be there. i'll will leading the live coverage in washington, d.c. start thursday night, in addition to friday's inauguration with we'll also be covering the women's march on saturday. a staggering new estimate of how many people could be left without health care in republicans follow through on a plan to repeal the affordable care act. the office estimates that a partial repeal of obamacare would increase the number of uninsured americans to 18 million. they warn that a full repeal could increase the number to a whopping 32 million within 10 years. without a replacement plan, the nonpartisan group says overall health care costs would continue to increase and individual premiums would double in some cases. the court does not address insurance based insurance plans. the repeal effort comes as obamacare is more popular than
6:33 pm
it has ever been. 45% of americans believe the health care law is a good idea. that's the highest percentage since nbc started asking the question. 50% have no confidence that republican idea to replace it will make things any better. just last week republicans in the house and senate passed legislation that begins the process of repealing the affordable care act. mr. obama shortened hundreds of sentences and granted dozens of pardons today. he pardoned a legendary member of the giants and chelsea manning. he's currently serving 35 years in prison for leaking classified information. he was then known as bradley manning, took 700,000 military files and gave them to wikileaks. president obama also expunged the record of giants legend willie mccove vi. he has been forgiven for his
6:34 pm
conviction on tax fraud. he's grateful to the president and wishes him well in the future. after years of a thankless job, white house secretary josh earnest was thanked today by his boss. >> this guy ranks as high as anybody i've worked with. he's not only a great press secretary but more importantly he is a really, really good man and i'm really proud of him. >> the president made a surprise appearance as earnest wrapped up his final press briefing. we have an update to a story about a controversial painting that was hang in the u.s. capitol. it's been removed again. the painting which depicted police officers as a pig pointing his gun at a black
6:35 pm
panther was removed this morning. the piece of art was part of an art competition. congressman duncan hunter of san diego county pulled the painting down because he thought it was offensive. it was then put back up because the congressman has no authority to remove it. this time the architect of the capitol has removed it. take a look at this picture posted on oakland chp's facebook page. it's a burned out car after it crashed on 580. tonight three chp officers pulled a man from that car. that's what we're learning, just as it caught fire. one of the officers tell us he was just doing his job >> we're tried to respond to these kind of accidents. our main concern is serving the public, making sure they come first. >> the man taken to the hospital is being treated for minor
6:36 pm
injuries. owners of the build that houses lefty o'douls have filed a lawsuit against the family that owns it. property owners say they own the build and all of that classic sports memorabilia inside. but the managers of lefty' duels said the memorabilia belongs to them. the current lefty o'douls will serve its last meal on february 3rd. san francisco police swore in the newest member of its force today. this member will never carry a fun or make an arrest. >> i came out in south dakota around the time matthew shepherd was killed. >> pastor megan roar is used to lighting new paths. she made headlines years ago back becoming the nation's
6:37 pm
openerly transgender lutheran pastor. >> it was important for people to see me on both sides of the alter. >> she's been a fixture for years, feeding the tender loins homele homeless, painting the community gardens. >> to support people who are literally the most vulnerable in our community taught me a lot. >> at grace evangelical lutheran church, laura slips on the robes each week to lead a diverse congregation. but soon she'll suit up in a different uniform, becoming the san francisco police department's first ever transgender chaplain. >> my role will be to support police officers who decide the that they want care. >> this is a very diverse
6:38 pm
department. it's wornt thimportant that we t representative as well. >> as chaplain, she's eel respond to crime scenes or be available to officers who need someone to talk to. >> as a transgender pastor, i know how lonely and hard it can be to be a professional in that professional role. >> raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> and so this afternoon roar once again crossed into new territory. this time trading flowing robes for chris. blues. roar becomes one of several chaplains in the department but perhaps the big ers trail blazer. >> someone like me can exist, maybe their life can be okay too, then i've done enough. >> nbc bay area news. a mysterious thousand dollar call. nbc bay area responds to a woman on the peninsula and clears up
6:39 pm
the confusion over a very pricey phone bill. also a familiar face in court. mark zuckerberg. why facebook's ceo was testifying in texas. stay with us. over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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get another area code. ==vo== if you don't know the current the booming east bay is about to get another area code. if you don't know the current 510 area code covers most of alameda. but last fall state regulators say they'll run out of numbers within a number of years and a new area code will be needed. today they held meetings to explain the change. no one with the current area code will have to change but starting in a matter of month bs, all new customers will get a
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new area code. it's not been revealed yet what that new area code will be. mark zuckerberg spent hours in side of a tax courtroom today. facebook is being sued for their virtual head set. the plaintiff is seeking $2 billion in damages. on the stand zuckerberg tested that they did not use stolen technology. rob mayeda joining us now. what are we talking about in toer terms of intensity? >> speaking of the first of three storms, rain dropping into the north bay. we'll let you know when the heaviest rain and the gustiest winds will be here. a phone call that lasted longer than a full work day at a
6:43 pm
cost of four figures. nbc bay area responds next. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing.
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and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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she says -- she never made. nbc bay area resp. well how about this, a $1,000 phone call she says she never made. nbc bay area responds to a woman on the pa anyone la who is just a little bit upset. >> a little upset? chris ka muir ro is here with her story. how can the call be that expensive. she was shocked to find a 9-hour call to africa on her verizon bill. she does not call africa. so she called verizon right away to try to clear things up yet she could not get a refund. she was simply denied by verizon. so she called us and we called verizon. it credited bee trees's account with $1,000 for that phone call she said she did not make. now we wanted to know what went
6:46 pm
wrong here. we're still not sure. but verizon didn't tell us. in a statement all the company would say is that we're grateful for the opportunity to do the right thing for our customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused. if you have a consumer complaint you can call us, 888-996. tips. no toll charges there. not long distance. that call will be free. >> it won't take nine hours. >> yeah. and online you can do it for three too, nbc bay area >> that's a long conversation. thank you, chris. get ready for fast cars. the legendary ford mustang is getting a makeover. looks good. ford unveiled its brand-new 2018 mustang. improved performance and high-tech options including
6:47 pm
apple car play, all sorts of connectivity with our smartphone, all digital lct screen in the dash. some parents are cutting into a popular teething toy to see if there's mold inside. a pediatric dentist opened up this toy and found it filled with mold. the company based in france said the instructions must be followed carefully to make sure that no water gets in the hole. if you bought milk or milk products, you may be able to get some money back. the payouts vary on the number of submitted claims. some days you just feel like you're going round and round in sishlg. >> what is that? >> this is an otter at a zoo in japan. he just hangs there and spins
6:48 pm
which requires some really good core strength. it really does. and this goes on for a while. we sped up the video of the otter spinning for more than five consecutive minutes. again, this is spaed-up video. his nickname, dynamic tornado. core strength, rob. you're a workout guy. can you do all of this. >> that's amazing. >> that's the oddest thing i've ever seen. >> an od otter in japan. take it away. we're watching rain coming back into the forecast. in a month that's only halfway down and the numbers you're about to see, renaming the month ranuary. we've had five to 11 inches of rain in santa rosa. that's more than seven inches more than the monthly average and that trend continues into the south bay. maybe not as much by percentage but it's beenen an amazing sta.
6:49 pm
right now san francisco, golden gate is dry. 51 degrees. dry in san jose too, also at 50. but rain is on approach around the north bay. some of the south bay microclimates, currently 50 in morgan hill. there's the radar. right on the coast you're beginning to see the light rain to start approaching guerneville. tomorrow morning we think most of the substantial rain will be in the north bay around 9:00 a.m. evening commutes looks like a mess when you see the band and the cold front sweeping from the north bay from 3:00 to 6:00. look how quickly the system moves through which is good news. it may limit some flooding. 11:00 looking at scattered showers and a trend at least after storm one rolls through, through mid day on thursday, looking at scattered showers through the day. watch these wind speeds too, for the morning 20 to 30 miles an
6:50 pm
hour. wind speeds will gust close to 40. and then by 7:00, half moon pay bay up to 50 miles an hour. the wind speeds back off by 9:00 tomorrow night. tomorrow, gusty winds at times, we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 50s out there through the day. and as we watch the storms roll in, you'll notice that the rain projections here could go as high as two to four inches of rain across the mountain areas. for storm two, this is friday, maybe after of the expected rainfall. but between storm one and two, you're looking at wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. our weekend storm we think has the potential for the highest rainfall totals in the series, especially for the valleys which could add two 1/2 to four 1/2 inches of rain. thursday and friday is the second storm, saturday we catch
6:51 pm
a little bit of a break. notice the snow level down to 3500 feet. sunday and monday, the final storm of the series comes through. one thing we'll be watching to see is how high the rain rates will be. and if all of the wind involved with the storms, check out the wave heights by saturday. they could be approaching 25-foot swells there approaching the coast which could be breakers up to 25 feet on saturday. quite a spread of weather conditions we'll see over the next seven days. the storms timed out wednesday, thursday night into friday and again sunday into monday. all three bringing the potential for gusty winds getting up to about 50 miles per hour or higher on the coast and hills. a lot more wind damage we think this time around a and it will be interesting to see how big the waves get on the coast. >> and maybe some airport delays as well. >> thanks, rob. okay. we have a new football coach in
6:52 pm
the bay area and he comes from a hall of fame family. colin resh joins us next. take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. and now -- he's trying to blaze
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his own path in football. cal's well his dad is a 49ers legend. >> he's been here before and cal needs his help fen. colin resch has more. >> reporter: the post news conference meet and greet was short and sweet. the new coach had place to go and people to see. i say that literally. because the firing happens more than a month after the bears played their regular game of the
6:55 pm
season, wilcox comes to berkeley poised to hit the ground running. >> time as we speak is our most valuable resource. we have three priorities, getting to know the football team and the players, hiring a great staff and it's recruiting. >> reporter: as for incoming players, wilcox has a clear vision rnls we're looking for guys who value an education, who value the competitiveness of playing in the best conference in college football and value the social experience of living in a place like berkeley which is maybe the most dynamic place in the country. >> wilcox says it because he believes in it. he has history here from 2003 to 2005 he was cal's linebacker's coach. >> he's an excellent football coach, learned a taun from him and will be indebted to him for giving me an opportunity to come here. >> reporter: after cal, a defensive coordinator with boys
6:56 pm
state, tennessee, washington, usc and this past season wisconsin. this will be his first head coaching job. >> i never set out in the end game to be a head coach. i know the nair tiff out there that sometimes this is all it's about. for me it's not. for me it's can you leave a lasting influence op people. i think talking to the administration we share the same visions. >> reporter: in berkeley, colin resch. tonight it's being called revolutionary, the new medical device promising to ease the pain that many breast cancer patients experience after a double ma stektmy. >> we hope you have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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> the designer battle to dress melania and ivanka. every last-minute secret from trump's $200 million inauguration. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra final countdown to trump's swearing-in as president from the fashion fight over the first lady and first daughter. >> would you dress her? >> to the star performers. did "dreamgirls" legend jennifer holliday really drop out over death threats? >> it is the secret service super bowl. >> the shocking biggest danger revealed today. plus trump supporter stephen baldwin today on brother alec's


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