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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:31pm PST

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a new round of rain pushed a levee to the breaking point. right now at 6:30, water as far as the eye can see. a new round of rain pushed a levee to the breaking point. for the second i'm in a week, an evacuation is under way for the south of the bay area. protesters take to the streets across the country and the bay area sending a message as president donald trump is sworn into office. the news at 6:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. the transfer of power is official. >> reporter: and i'm raj mathai. we're live in washington, d.c. it's ban day filled with pomp and circumstance and tradition. but tonight here nighttime now in washington, it's all about
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the glitz and glamour. we're going to show you where president trump is expected to be at any minute now. this is the liberty ball. he's expected to be at his three balls and have his first dance with the first lady in a few minutes from now. just an hour ago president obama's first executive order, limiting obamacare. we're not sure about the um pact but it's significant and symbolic. among the first things he said he was going do when he took the office and that's what he did. barack obama is now in california but he had some trouble getting back to california, to palm springs for and extended vacation. we'll explain those stories but first we want to get back to the bay area and check in with our weather. guys back to you. we have seen it all today, talking rain, wind ablightening. we're looking at the live
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doppler radar night now. >> we begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> we're seeing a little bit of rain around downtown san jose and a wet 580 commute through dublin, tri-valley and san jose looking at scattered showers. but the more intense showers have moved oftf to the east. scattered shows in the knot bno bay. we await storm three taking shape into the weekend. familiar headlines once again as we look at gusty winds. the potential for flooding though with the third storm more wide spread and an ongoing threats of thunder and waves on the coast approaching 25 feet. sonoma county had some flooding today. check this out. for the santa cruz mountains, areas in southeastern santa clara county could pick up 3 to 4 inches of rain.
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we have flash flood watches in effect bay area wide for the weekend. a flood warning in southeastern santa clara county into the region today and into santa cruz and san bonita counties. that flooding will continue through monday afternoon as heavier rains arrive for the weekend. let's go to that area right now, holster we're talking about. h levee broke along the same creek that forced people out of their homes last week. dayian trujillo was there last week and now he's back in holster with more on the ev evacuatio evacuations. >> reporter: this is the reason for the evacuations. the creek is now flowing through lover's lane. this is the same thing that happened one week ago here in this same location. aerial foot j shows the magnitude of today's floods. and like last week, 21 people had to be rescued by the swift
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water rescue team. some farm animals also had to be rescued. what happened today, the county says there was a breach in the levee along the creek. i asked why that live vevee was inspected after last week's flood. the county tells me it was inspected and felt the levee was okay. what makes them more difficult is that the levee is on private county. san bonita county did declare a local emergency last week and the county did not mince words for blasting the governor's office. >> really frustrated that we have not had a response from the governor's office. zero response from the state that has been helpful with financial resources. we need somebody to come down here and acknowledge there's a problem. we understand there are problems elsewhere in the state. but we're a small county that's rural. we have very limited resources. >> reporter: local leaders say there is another spillway that worries them on the santa clara
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side and they worry with more rain that spillway from the river will come pouring into southern santa clara county and into the northern part of san bonita county where we are. these folks say they've learned their lesson from the floods of last week, putting the sandbags around the perimeter of their home. that prevented today's flood waters from going into their home. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. be sure to download our app. back now the inauguration coverage. the white house has a new commander in chief tonight. mr. trump, now the 45th president of the united states. and festivities are just beginning. >> raj mathai is live in washington, d.c. where three official inauguration balls are taking place right now, raj. >> reporter: and this town is buzzing again after the inauguration of president trump. and let's be clear now, he's
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taken the inauguration, taken the oath of office and now it's party time. celebrating with his family, his closest advisers and of course his biggest supporters. let's take you live now just across town to the liberty ball. here he is now, president trump and first lady melania trump at the liberty ball. they just entered a few minutes ago and now he's addressing the crowd. people waiting. they were expected there about 45 minutes ago. he's running a little behind schedule. but they went to the white house, changed and now here he is, newly nag rated president donald j. trump speaking at the liberty ball. a lot of people from the bay area attending these balls. it was pretty iconic, the moments we saw earlier this morning when we started this day. donald trump meeting with former president barack obama. this was at the white house, really nice the see this transfer of power, a tradition in american politics, the
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traditional tea at the white house and after they had tea and met with each other and exchanged a present, they then went, president trump went to the capitol for the inauguration. a lot of pomp and circumstance and a lot of good feelings in washington. but there with two sides to the story. you've seen throughout the day whether it's on television or social media the protests. we're going to show you the protesting now. and this continues around town even at night. this was earlier today though. a lot of protesters, about 100 informal and formal protests around washington, d.c. but the federal and local police were able to contain them for the most part. but a lot of people upset on both sides of the coin here. >> i'm being kind to people but at the same time there's like this underlying anxiety that i don't know what's going to happen. we don't know what's going to happen. and i'm scared. i think a lot of people are scared. >> reporter: and we did see that
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here at the national mall. a lot of people in tears, kind of in fear about a donald trump presidency. but it's happening now. now one thing that people are awaiting around the country and maybe around the world to see if his speech today perhaps united this country. a lot of opinions on that. and perhaps his link to the silicon valley. will president trump be active in the bay area. for that, let's bring in scott budman back in the bay area. >> reporter: well good evening. in his inaugural address the president spoke about jobs, about industry and i quote the energies and technology of tomorrow. and that was enough to get some here in silicon valley buzzing. as he took the oath of office, president trump spoke largely to his supporters -- >> because this moment is your moment. it belongs to you. >> reporter: -- but he also spoke to business people in silicon valley, promising not
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just more jobs but jobs in tech, energy and infrastructure. >> we will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation. >> reporter: good news to many executives here in an area not known for trump support. >> at this point the words are encouraging. i think we need to see what actions follow them. >> reporter: this is the chief financial officer of salaria, a silicon valley solar company in an industry that has grown and hired every year for the last with decade. >> i think if he's actually -- makes action to deliver on job creation and looking at industries that both deliver on clean energy and energy independence as well as providing americans jobs in america, i think solarari could benefit. >> reporter: a promise of growth -- >> when america is united,
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america is totally unstoppable. >> reporter: to a tech industry ready to do just that. the first half of last year a new solar installation went up somewhere in america every 82 seconds. the company would like to see that again for 2017 when the sun comes back. that's scene here. let's send it back to the nation's capital and raj mathai. >> reporter: okay. thank you, scott. we'll see if president trump takes an active role in the bay area and the silicon valley. let's go back now to the liberty ball just across town from where i'm standing here. president trump and the first lady melania trump with their first dance. let's listen in just for a few seconds. ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: okay. the band there playing "may we" by frank sinatra. a nice moment there for president trump and the first lady melania trump and all of his supporters. and you get the classic trump fist bump for all supporters and advisers. the party is just getting into high gear here in washington, d.c. we'll check in later with former president barack obama and his plans and his comments to his supporters before he left town. it's something that you probably haven't heard about on the network coverage quite yet. we'll see you in a few minutes. back the you in the bay area. well not just in d.c., a busy day in the bay area as well. inauguration protests continuing into the night.
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we'll take you laive to oakland our doppler radar still tracking scattered showers and a few hours ago thunderstorms roll through the area. a powerful storm number three is on the approach for the weekend. what to expect hour by hour when we come right back. our raj mathai is in our
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nation's capitol covering theinn celebration in washington, d.c. and some protests in the
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bay area. raj mathai is in the nation's capital covering the inauguration of donald trump. >> let's check in with nbc bay area's jodi hernandez live in oakland. >> reporter: oakland has been the epicenter for the protesters. you can see the police running by. hundreds are still in the street and police are keeping a very close eye on things. ♪ >> he's not my president. i don't recognize that man as the president. >> reporter: hundreds are gather in downtown oakland to express how they feel about the inauguration of president donald trump. carrying signs that carry a wide range of concern. people are making it clear. they're not happy. >> he represents the 1%. that is his only claim to fame. >> i watched the inauguration today and all i see is old white men cheering. i don't see anybody there that
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represents -- >> reporter: folks say they're feeling anxiety, anger and fear. >> i am scared, i am sad and i am totally fired up to resist -- >> reporter: as many marched through the streets, others talk it out with trained listeners from a group called sidewalk talk. >> offering three listening because people have a lot of strong emotions today and all feelings are welcome, all people are welcome. >> reporter: people say this is just the start of what some call the anyone of resistance. they're ready to organize and protest for as long as it takes. >> today, tonight, tomorrow every day until he's gone. >> reporter: people are worried on so many levels. this mom has a message for the president. and we're back here live. you're taking a live look at the scene at city hall. hundreds of protesters have gathered right at the edge of city hall. police are out here in force.
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they're hoping to keep things peaceful. so far so good. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez nbc bay area news. >> well that is a good sign. today not just about demonstrations, also a big day for the first family and the former first family. >> yes, raj mathai is live in washington, d.c. for us. let's talk about those final moments of eight years of president obama and then it's done. >> reporter: i think earlier in the newscast i said president obama's executive order. it's obviously president trump's executive order. they are so much a part of our lives and a part of this country but now it's going to be different. it was emotional here leaving when president obama did, former president obama. but also a little problematic. he's saying good-bye on air force one here in d.c., headed to california, palm springs to be exact.
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he's an avid golfer. he said he wanted to go to california and golf a little bit. but about an hour ago his flight was diverted, president obama's flight diverted from palm springs to an air force base in riverside. he's in california now but this weather played havoc on all of us, even the former president. now one flight that was right on skenl and was iconic in itself was marine one, the helicopter flight leaving here where we are in the national mall after the inauguration and then taking barack obama and mr. mrs. obama over to andrew's air force base. that was emotional as he left. and then when he got to andrews air force base, he then addressed his supporters and closest friends. >> i could not be prouder. this has been the privilege of my life and i know i speak for michelle as well.
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and we look forward to continuing this journey with all of you. and i can't wait to see what you do next. >> reporter: relatively young from a former president. so we'll see a lot from mr. obama in the years to come. this is a nice photo here by his official white house photographer pete sousa looking over the white house. he flew marine one over the white house. tonight in the white house will be president trump and melania trump, their first night in the white house. now they are dancing the night away as we showed you a few minutes ago at the various inaugural balls. they have three official balls to attend and they just got to their first one. this will be a long night of celebration for all of the trump supporters in washington, d.c. and across the country. we'll see you later on in the forecast and we'll talk about the members of congress in the bay area that boycotted today's inauguration and from those who did attend. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> thank you, raj.
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it's such a drastic change he goes from being president to being mr. obama, marine one becomes executive one. there are so many changes quickly and then he can't get to his destination. >> storms affecting us, diverting flights away. today we're seeing active weather but not nearly as active as this morning. we've seen amazing pictures and videos sent in from you this morning. this is from 4:30 this morning. lightning striking the top of the building downtown. that was the view this morning. right now in san francisco we can show you the transamerica pyramid is just fine outside. the lights are on there. passing showers moving into emeryville, a slow soggy commute at times. san jose we have light rain falling. offshore, still little bands of
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showers which will come through and the cooler air will drop snow, close to 3500 feet tomorrow morning. and over my shoulder, that is the third and final storm on the way. wave heights 25 to 30 feet approaching the coast as things get started tomorrow morning. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. scattered showers during the day saturday. decreasing showers for a brief time and the rainmakers a comeback an saturday night. notice showers decreasing a little bit through 3:00 and then after 7:00 in the evening into sunday morning, that rain intensity picks up again, especially from about 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. like we had this morning and the ongoing chance of thunder sunday afternoon with flash flood watches in effect bay area wide as we head through the midpoint of the weekend. we'll show you when we think the heaviest rain will arrive and finally a drier pattern in the seven-day forecast. back to you.
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past week has done more than 9 million dollars in damage.. and that's just in contra costa county. the near constant rain over the past week has done more than $9 million in damage and that's just in contra costa county. the series of storms led to mudslid mudslides, sinkholes, property damage. it prompted counties to declare emergencies. and with more wet weather moving in crews face major challenges. >> we can't get out there and do repairs. right now we're trying to keep the roads safe where we have to do closures, we're doing closures and that's really for public safety. >> the most significant damage happened here where the entire roadway collapsed. repairs are estimated at $3 million and it could take up to a year before that road reopens. you heard rob mayeda talk
6:56 pm
about a lightning storm. it's from emily porter in san francisco. watch. it shows the lightning storm overnight illuminating the city's downtown skyline. the storm sent more snu to the sierra mountains as well. the snow is almost up to the roof. and leave it to college students to come up with this idea. emily cruz sent us a video with the caption, four college girls in san francisco who used red solo cups to clean out the flooded downstairs room. you can tag us on twitter, instagram or post it to our facebook page. we could end up showing your pictures of red solo cups on our newscast too. flooding concerns in the santa cruz mountains, rising rivers lead to evacuations. we have a live report coming up. and i'm raj mathai, we continue to lead our coverage here in washington, d.c. a local congressman from the bay
6:57 pm
area decides to boycott today's inauguration. we'll check in with our new senator. stay with us.
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we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless america. >> donald trump sworn in as america's 45th president. we are live in washington with his inaugural message to the country. >> we're extending our newscast
7:00 pm
until 7:30 this evening. we want to take you back to washington, d.c. raj mathai is in the nation's capital. raj? >> reporter: the parties are in full swing now. three inaugural balls. we showed you a short while ago president trump and the first lady dancing at the first of the inaugural balls. they're on their way to ball number two and after that their third and final ball. the night is still young here in washington. throughout the last 12 months we said a lot about donald trump, now president trump doubling down with a lot of his positions. the same can be said with a lot of people in washington, in the bay area and members of congress. a lot of local members of congress decide not just to speak out against president trump but also to boycott today's inauguration. this suicide congressman jarod huffman represents part of the north bay. he considers president trump dangerous. rather than coming here, he helped clean up the flood damage along the russian river in guerneville. >> i believe today is the
7:01 pm
beginning of potentially a very dark chapter for our country politically. i wanted to send a positive message. >> reporter: representative huffman says he has several more days planned which he calls service and engagement. we talked to familiar faces of the people who did attend today's inauguration, lena pelosi was here shaking the hand actually of president trump, not just lena, but we also saw east bay congressman eric swalwell, ro can that and california's newest senator camilla harris so says she's moving guard with a bit of skepticism. >> this is going to be a moment in time where we're each going to be challenged to stand up and speak up when we see something happening that is wrong and unfair. >> reporter: so we've seen protests here in washington, d.c. we're also seeing our share of protests back in the bay area. for that let's bring in christy
7:02 pm
smith who joins us from san francisco. what's it looking like tonight going into this friday night? >> reporter: well, raj, even now people are coming up to us here wondering how they can catch up with the demonstrators, a large group took off maybe 45 minutes ago down market street. many of them carrying signs. here? san francisco it with us a day of resistance against the new president. >> people united. >> reporter: bundled up for the rain demonstrators if san francisco tell us they felt empowered to stand with those opposed to president donald trump. >> honestly it just feels so real. it's just like how is this even possible. it seems like with all of the progress that we've made -- >> reporter: earlier in the day protesters blocked call train tracks. a transit spokesperson says 11 people were arrested. >> this is the people's inauguration. we decided we did not want to
7:03 pm
support that one. he is not our president. >> reporter: a coalition march by corporations they felt might be in line with the administration's policies. and urged tech companies not to comply with the muslim registry and voiced other concerns. >> the last 50 years of progress on rights for a whole host of people, people of color, women, immigrants, all of that could be erased. >> reporter: a rally brought a diverse crowd to the streets where demonstrators say trump has 30% ownership in a build. >> i have a lot of friends who are, you know, undocumented. it's something that's really important to me and everybody around me. i feel like i got to stand up for my community. >> reporter: the san francisco police told us earlier that throughout the entire day there had been more than two dozen arrests in the city. but what we saw was largely peaceful throughout the day.
7:04 pm
the group took off from here heading toward the castro and the mission and then planned to gather back here near civic center. raj, i'll end it back to you. >> reporter: so much energy and passion across the country with the election and inauguration of donald trump. in fact let's look in now at the second ball he's supposed to atte attend. this is the freedom ball. we showed you earlier the liberty ball in which he danced with the first lady to the song "my way." this is the freedom ball right here in washington, d.c. stop number two of three for president donald trump. we're in the national mall here. it's empty now. but tomorrow again this place will be filled with women. it's the women's march on washington. this should be very interesting because there could be reports of more than 200,000 women here. we'll see how many women show
7:05 pm
up. i know that on our flight from san francisco here it was packed. in fact when you walk around in d.c. tonight, you see groups of women excited about the march on washington here tomorrow. we'll check in with some of them later. thousands of demonstrators also gathered at the iconic bay area landmark today to send a message to president trump. chopper was overhead as an estimated 3,000 people joined hands to create a human chain across the golden gate bridge. many of them we spoke to said they hope the new president hears their message. >> i want to believe that love will trump hate. i don't think we have enough time. we have to fight. >> that event today peaceful, no issues, no arrests, just a lot of hand holding. ba . back to our wet weather. problems in the screws mountain,
7:06 pm
an area saturated by heavy rains. we're live tonight where people were evaluated earlier today. >> reporter: i'm by the san lorenzo river and it's high today but nothing compared to earlier today. the problem sit's going to rise again and residents tell me they're ready to leave at a moment's notice. >> this area is buried with sandbags. >> reporter: it's been a busy day for richard schafer and his neighbors who were forced to leave their homes early this morning due to possible flooding. >> there's also the sign of pooling and sort of flooding. but when the san lorenzo comes up, then it gets more serious. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened. the san lorenzo river nearby rises quickly and can spill over its bank within minutes >> a couple of feet in 45 minutes this morning. my wife told me about that. and we anticipate that that will happen again saturday. >> reporter: schafer isn't
7:07 pm
taking any chances. sandbags sit by the front door. the ground level windows and garage boarded up. >> the front door the same way. >> reporter: next door, elaine remains relatively high and dry. >> i don't feel worried about it. almost every house in the area is lifted up. >> reporter: but that didn't stop her from moving her washer and drur up from her basement to the first floor. >> now we have a washer and dryer underneath here. it's all fine. >> reporter: residents tell me most homes are built for floods. most of them take the warnings very seriously. laura mall pert nbc bay area news. there was also a dangerous situation in santa clara. look at this. the county fire posted this picture on twitter. a mud slide toppled a tree which knock over a propane tank this morning. firefighters had to evacuate two homes nearby until the crews were able to contain the propane
7:08 pm
tank. the san francisco fbi field saufs says this happened in the overnight hours of january 8th and 9th when the agent was working and twork i ing. the fbi is not confirming whether the stolen items were secured in the vehicle. california saw by the way says all law enforcement must secure their hand guns or be subject to a fine. we weren't given a great chance but we knew -- >> want to show you mr. trump and the first lady at the inaugural ball. this is the second of two balls. this is the freedom ball right now mr. trump is addressing his supporters. >> so we were at number one and we stayed there the entire route during the primaries and then boy did i work those last four weeks i worked -- >> milelaniilan -- we're going
7:09 pm
covering this. we'll bring in our political analyst who is going to give us insight into today's inaugurations. back in a moment.
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in santa clara county. health the public well the flu season has turned deadly in santa clara county. one person under the anyone of 65 has died from the flu. county says there are another 17 serious cases. people are being encouraged to still get vaccinated. new details tonight in the dustup over lefty o'douls restaurant in san francisco. we first told you that the restaurant is closing down because of a landlord dispute. the people managing the pub are suing the building's owner. the lawsuit challenges that the
7:12 pm
families claim that sports memorabilia is part of the property and must stay with the landlord. late today the judge ordered the restaurant's manager to stop taking the memorabilia off of the walls until the case makes it through the courts. rob, less rain tomorrow but then more rain again on sunday? >> less widely scattered showers. right now still seeing some rain in san jose but our attention is starting to turn to the next storm system on approach as we get into the weekend that is causing flash flood watches for the entire bay area. an hour by hour outlook when we come back. it's report card day. i'm consumer investigator chris ka more ro. a new tally from the nbc bay area responds team that is working for you. next.
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e-mails from you. call us at 888-96. tips or log on to nbc bay ar a a we want to take you back to the inauguration coverage. a live look at the freedom ball. just moments ago on this stage we saw president trump with the first lady melania trump and the families, vice president make pence and his wife karen and their three children, all of the trump children were there dancing at the ball. two inaugural balls here at the washington convention center and then they'll head over to another invitation only inaugural ball that's held in downtown washington, d.c. his election night remarks argued for reclaiming the american dream. saying he wants to make america great again.
7:17 pm
hads he pa hads he paved the way? a lot of critics say that speech was divisive than it was unifying. >> the theme was to make america great again and the crowd took to it. the people there believed in him. to that end the speech focused on yes, taking back our sense of economic privacy, security and lost jobs. >> okay. what about those jobs themselves? restoring those jobs? >> now it gets interesting. he talked about those who are left out. and some people who have lost their jobs during the great recession have been left out. that said, unemployment during the great recession rose to 10%. today it stands at 4.7%. still the new president is correct when he cites a loss of u.s. manufacturing jobs, 5 million since 2000. but while he blames the losses on bad trade deals, studies show that 85%, 85% of those lost jobs are because of automation. so the bottom line here is that
7:18 pm
the president painted a somewhat biassed picture, incomplete. >> there were pointed remarks to so-called washington insiders saying he wanted to drain the swamp, deny the economic success to the people. what did you make of that in. >> you're right. trump claimed the need for a fresh start with anti-establishment leaders who would look out for the people. and that may be. but a close look at many cabinet nominees finds extraordinarily wealthy people, billionaires from the various industries that they will be regulating, such as finance, the environment, labor, agriculture to name a few. whatever their merits, these aren't fresh faces. in fact they're among the people he criticized during the campaign. >> lots of inaugural addresses have gone down in history for what the president said, kenny, lincoln. is there anything you heard in this one that you think will stick? >> let's start with the beginning. the speech seemed like a
7:19 pm
campaign speech rather than an inspiration for national unity. now the president, sometime, sooner rather than later, he's got to move from campaigning to governing. he's got to fill in the gaps, show us exactly how he will make america great again. so on that note the jury is still out. we're going to learn a lot more in the months to come. >> history will have to be the junl. thank you. well the new president wants to ramp up the u.s. military. our investigative unit took a look at the military numbers. president obama shrunk the militarily 80,000 troops. president george w. bush added 33,000 troops in response to the 9/11 terror attack. and president clinton decreased military membership by over 300,000 troops. department of defense data shows that president lyndon johnson was the last president to significantly increase the number of troops, adding over 750,000 active duty members during his presidency which took
7:20 pm
place during the vietnam war. back to our stormy weather, what a mess. we first showed you this video on today in the bay this morning, at the mission neighborhood. rainwater and sewage rushing into a dozen homes flooding them. homeowners complain this is a problem. >> city sclugss has been sandbag, elevate your belongings and get flood insurance. unfortunately when the sewer is failing and sawer water is coming up from insood your home's drains and toilets, there's really not much the residents can do. >> city workers helped the homeowners vacuum out the sludge the morning. they're preparing for more flooding when the next storm moves through this weekend. our nbc chopper took footage of morgan hill. overnight rain led to flooded fields. you can see the pools of water taking over the farm land there. the creek in morgan hill is
7:21 pm
swelling and approaching flood level. >> to the coast, some dangerous conditions there. you're looking at the surf at pacifica. we're seeing 20-foot swells at beaches including half moon bay and monterey. dangerous conditions at the beach and basically for the bay area again this weekend with the warning. >> these storms are overlapping each other and we're still seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms. perhaps it woke you up with the wind or the thunderstorms that came rolling through the bay area. some of our viewers submitted video. downtown san francisco, lightning striking the tap of the transamerica pyramid, also sutro tower taking a couple of hits from the lightning. right around 4:13 this morning as the rain and heavy winds blasted through the bay area. a few now of the same pyramid. the lights are on.
7:22 pm
san jose you're seeing a little bit of moderate rain and rain totals with the second storm pretty impressive, close to an inch in san francisco, 2 inches around san rafael and more rain in san jose compared to wednesday, three-fau hfthree-qu inch. three inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. san jose you're seeing some rain passing by, rain in the tri-valley and scattered moderate showers from san francisco to berkeley. that's the saturday forecast, a little bit of a decrease in showers. but here comes storm number three, packing a big punch tomorrow night. during the day slightly decreasing showers. not a dry forecast but drier than what we saw this afternoon and evening. highs in the upper mid 50s, 50s toward the peninsula and san francisco. not much change in temperatures around the tri-valley. cold enough tonight that i think
7:23 pm
if we get enough breaks in the clouds tomorrow, elevations 3500 to 4,000 feet will have a dusting or an inch of two or snow. here's the wind watch area. notice the time stamp, 8:00 tomorrow evening into sunday morning. 3:00 a.m., 40 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts possible, out to livermore and half moon bay. wind speeds drop off around :00 on sunday. flash flood watches in effect from saturday night through sunday afternoon as we watch some of the heaviest rain coming in, similar to what we saw this morning. notice saturday, a little less in the way of showers. if you need to make a grocery run, maybe 3:00 is not that bad. storm three, a bit of an earlier arrival time now. looks like 10:00 the rain begins to fill in. 4:00 a.m. blast of heavy rain, embedded thunderstorms and during the heating of the day, you see that line of showers which may include thunder and
7:24 pm
hail, 2:30 to 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday. we should see a change in the weather pattern as we begin to see high pressure building late monday into tuesday and that should set up a prolonged drying trend. showers decreasing on monday and tuesday. more thrnd, potential of wind damage and gusts up to 50 miles an hour on sunday. if you're traveling to the sierra, 4 to 6 feet of snow expected above 5,000 feet. interstate 80 has been shut down tonight. check ahead if you're traveling to the high country this weekend. >> not a good time to travel. >> thanks, rob. back in a moment. take one. directv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada.
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green bay packer executive"briad . another setback in the search for new 49ers general manager. green bay packers executive has announced his withdrawal from the gm race today saying he will stay with the packers. he was considered a favorite for the 9ers position. all signs point to atlanta falcons offensive coordinator kyle shanahan becoming the 9ers next head coach. back to washington, d.c. raj, i don't know if you've heard but ivanka drunk and melania are wearing tcatalina herrera's dresses this evening. >> reporter: and it was ralph lauren earlier today. a lot of talk about the ballance what everyone is wearing. a lot of talk not just about the inauguration but tomorrow another big event, the women's march on washington. the airports now, dulles airport
7:28 pm
here in washington and reagan international also, you see teams of women from all over the country, including so many from san francisco even on our flight coming here to washington not for the inauguration but for tomorrow's big march. now, what's happening tonight with these women? well, some poster making parties, getting ready for all of the posters that they're going to be displaying tomorrow. this is the scene for bay area women and girls, yes, women of all ages taking part, having some fun here. we also spoke with donald trump supporters here in washington, d.c. who have traveled from the bay area. they say, you know what? they understand the woman's march. they don't get it but they do understand. >> it's absolutely surreal. this is just an amazing experience. i feel literally like i've been walking on cloud nine ever since november 8th. >> a lot of my friends are democrats but it didn't divide us. and so i just tell them when they do get upsets at times, i
7:29 pm
say, give him a chance. every single president that we've had, democrat to republican, give them a chance. >> reporter: okay. so a lot happening tomorrow and of course later tonight. we'll see you back here at 11:00 pacific time, 2:00 a.m. washington, d.c. time. we'll still be up. >> we'll see you in a few hours from now. >> and don't go to any balls without us. we'll see you at 11:00. hello, everybody. >> president of the united states. >> a new era begins. i'm natalie morales with our complete inauguration day coverage. melania's gift to michelle and a national anthem analysis by jackie herself. >> freezing cold. >> out-of-control protests. i'm scott evans in the thick of it, though not every anti-trump citizen chose chaos. >> i've been standing out here in the freezing cold.
7:30 pm
>> trump revolutionary wear. >> fashion statements of all kinds. we break down todays looks, who first lady melania is being compared to. and eight years of impeccable style from our former first lady. >> what are you going to wear? >> i have to figure out how i feel. plus more of my conversation we have. married life, whether she plans on having kids, and was it love at first sight with pepe? >> i was like who is that? the trumps take washington, d.c. welcome to "access hollywood." the 45th president of the united states, donald trump, told the american people "i will never let you down" and promised to put america first. time will tell if he delivered on his populist message of change and whether he can unite the country. scott evans was there for it all and he joins us now from the nation's capital. hey, scott. >> just as it happened from the transition of power from washington to adams back in 1797,


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