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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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women marching across the country, the message of unity from the bay area to washington. the news at six starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> it is president trump first full day in office and women across the country or sending him a powerful message. >> reporter: good evening. we are here in the nation's capital all the talked to not necessarily about donald trump at all but, in fact, about the women around the country and around the world tuning in to see what's happening here. so many people energized now. but first, perhaps it's going across the country now. let's check in at san francisco. our nbc chopper over the scene in san francisco, people gathering on this cold and rainy saturday night. unlike the marches around the country, the one in san francisco just getting started
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so people perhaps seeing what's been seen around the country and they want to take part in this historic movement and it's not just women here, a lot of men and children are involved as well. we'll tell you what's happening in san francisco in just a few minutes. let's come back here to washington, d.c. and how this day all started. a big rally at the nation's capitol. they weren't expecting thm people. they had perhaps over a million. we'll get some final numbers as early as tomorrow. some big names took the stage, ma doona, and then after the rally, it turned into a march. a march so big in size that it bled through the streets here in washington, d.c. their voices were heard loud and clear as they march past the
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white house and in the shadows of the washington monument. this was not a protest. it was a national statement. >> i am so happy and everybody you talk to is happy to be here because we're united with a need to hear a woman's voice. >> it's overwhelming after what we saw yesterday and then to see this today -- yeah, it's encouraging and it's hopeful and it's beautiful. >> it is so nice to find out that everybody's on the same page. it's just peace. it's just respect. it's just acceptance. it's just a voice. it's been great. >> reporter: very emotional here in washington, d.c. and really around the country as well. what i in theed in marching and walking along with all the
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people here, not much anger, not much hate it was delivering a message and wanting voices to be heard. like we said loud and clear these voices were hurd. let's go back to san francisco. over the scene now in the city and you can see tens of thousands of people in the city as well and this march just now getting started. let's bring in sharon on the street level. >> reporter: the rain is still coming down right now and as you can see it's definitely has thinned out since the last time we spoke to you. a huge wave, we estimate about 10,000 marchers took off about a half hour ago. we're starting to see people come back. they're pretty soaked. they were holding signs that said, love trumps hate. my body, my choice. we are all immigrants in this country. signs like that just to get their message across and you can see behind me that the city has turned on pink lights in honor
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of women. women's march even got started at civic center plaza. a small group lined the streets to protest the pro life group. both groups seemed a bit surprised that the rallies were taking place about the same time. >> i think the numbers speak for themselves. i saw how many people were at the pro life march. they can believe what they want to believe but they cannot tell us what to do with our bodies and the law protects us. >> reporter: >> change something's is slow. we're going to be on the right side of history and i think we're showing new president trump that. >> at the pro-life rally groups came on buses from fresno and all along the west coast expressing new hope for their cause. >> i think the administration might pretend that people's hearts are open now a little bit more to protecting life and recognizing the sanctity of all
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life. >> reporter: so far this women's march in san francisco has been very peaceful for the latest on the women's march in washington, d.c. let's go to raj mathai. >> reporter: thank you. interrogatory see what's happening now hours after what we saw in washington, d.c. now translating in san francisco. it wasn't just san francisco. all major points and smaller points in the bay area also getting involved. take a look. oakland had a huge crowd earlier today. san jose had a sizable crowd but what makes this interesting we see plenty of rallies and marches and protests in oakland and san jose to a certain degree, but redwood city getting involved and santa rosa. so the question now what did president trump react? how did he react to all of this and what did he do today in his
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first full day of office? for now we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks very much. we're under a mike kroe climate weather alert. this is the third storm of the week. right over the bay area right now. this is from pacifica. this is earlier today. the swells here as you can see, boy, they are huge. in fact, they're expected to reach up to about 28 feet. >> tonight we have team coverage. rob mayeda. >> saying 30 feet breakers today, briefly up to 50 feet so dangerous surf. for the overnight hours tonight went gusts about up to 60 miles per hour and the potential for heading into tomorrow of severe thunderstorms. this means thunderstorms that could pack an extra punch in terms of wind gusts, slightly larger hail and more intense and frequent lightning. we're seeing a briefly moderate rain around downtown jan
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secretary of state. the main event with this storm will roll in around midnight tonight. so we got flash flood watches up throughout the bay area but a flood warning we're watching. as weather model wills are indicating the places that will get the most rain out of this it santa cruz mountains. thanks. more rain moving in more concern. a levy broke yesterday flooding homes and people there are bracing for this next round of rain. nbc bay area. >> reporter: we're just off pacheco creek that rob was talking about and this is what you see out here in this area, just water everywhere as my photographer and i were coming in. we had to cross a couple of
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roads that were fairly deep in water. a lot of the people here were evacuated yesterday just getting back into their homes and then more storms on the way. they're preparing to leave again with this stormy weather that rob was talking about. a break in the levy like rob was talking about gave out twice in two weeks flooding this entire area for a second time on friday. that caused mandatory evacuations and 21 people had to be rescued by boats. a spokesman for the county says the levy is especially weak now and will likely go again. >> the original levy widened in size, doubled in size to 140 feet, so that additional damage obviously was caused by the flooding so if there's additional rain, there's a very strong likelihood that there will be additional damage to that already damaged levy. >> reporter: now this is a culvert the other end of a culvert right on lover's lane.
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and crossing a lot of the roads here, you can see that this is already very high and the storm just as we've been here the rain has started to come again. if this keeps coming this is going to go over lovers lane again and this home is going to be flooded again and more evacuations. it's going to get worse we're live in holster. >> do keep track of our changing weather by downloading the nbc area app. tailored for cash for your area. >> reporter: we continue our live coverage here from washington, d.c., what president trump did in his first full day of office and the scolding from the white house. we'll explain next. >> we're live at city hall where 25,000 people converged here for a march.
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coming up what was unique about this protest. chief began on a traditional
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note -- and then veered into president trump first full day as commander in chief began on a traditional note but then it went to unconventional territory causing a lot of controversy. >> let's go back now to raj mathai with more. >> reporter: good evening.
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we're used to it from candidate trump we saw a lot of attacks on the media and lots of chaos and controversy and now we're seeing it in the last couple hours here in washington, d.c. from president trump. now let's start with some of the pop and circumstances some of the tradition that goes along with it. last night we had the inaugural balls and today here's how president trump began its day. it's not sunday but it's the traditional church service. the day after the inauguration for the president. all sorts of faiths were represented here. really nice to see everyone coming together inside of church. so that's what started out in church after that the president then went across is town and visited cia head quarters so that was the business part of the day. as for the women's march here in washington, this was all happening keep in mind as the president was attending church and visiting the cia. hundreds of thousands of women and men around the streets of washington, d.c. now, the president and his spokesperson did not address
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what was happening with this women's march, instead they had a blistering attack on the media and how we reported the attendance of yesterday's inauguration. >> photographs of the inaugural proceedings were potentially framed to minimize the enormous support that it gathered on the national mall. inaccurate numbers -- no one had numbers. >> reporter: it is interesting, the spokesperson for the white house really a blistering attack. we went on for a few minutes and took know questions just walk right off. that happened just about 90 minutes ago. you saw some comparisons of president obama, his inauguration compared to yesterday's inauguration. here's what we saw first hand. there was a lot of empty space. we were at the inauguration on the mall throughout the day. this was during the
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inauguration. a lot of empty space for president trump as he addressed the country. now in interprets of what's happening with the women's march across the country. we saw so many people here in washington and we saw it nearly 30,000 people in san jose for that. let's bring in nbc bay area mary yan. >> reporter: organizers say the turnout was much bigger than they expected it. they expected ten thousand and it turned out to be 25,000 people who showed up here for today's march believed to be the largest in san jose's history and it all started history at city hall. thousands of protesters hope this will be the count down to change shouting yes, we can, women, men and children join the women's march in san jose. together they're protesting president trump on his first full day in office. their reasons for marching as diverse as the protesters
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themselves. many here are concerned about the future of reproductive rights. no one should have a -- >> reporter: others feel the change the new president will make on immigration. >> we'll be defending the rights to be here with our families. >> reporter: still others felt compelled to protest mr. trump's stand on climate change. >> i'm worried he's going to roll back any gains that we've might have made over the last eight years and that the health of the climate, the health of the planet is just going to detroit past the point of saving. >> reporter: ranging in age from 5 weeks to 95, so much marchers packed it took them an hour to wind their way from city hall to plaza where the attended a rally. many hoping this march is a step forward in fighting for change for thepss and their kids.
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today's march was peaceful and many of the marchers i spoke with today said this was the first protest that they had ever participated in. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. peaceful here in the march in washington, d.c. as well. we hope we can say the same for the march that's happening in san francisco. that's going to do it from the nation's capital. >> thank you. we do want to see your pictures and video. take a look at the reality of attending some of these marches. a lot of people there. in fact, transit was jammed pack today. this is from and this one from the march in san jose. you can send us your videos or photoses, tag us on twitter or instagram or you can e-mail them to us.
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>> rob mayeda joining us now for the most part, for the marches the weather held off but we're looking at pictures of pacifica those waves are incredible. >> we're watching on the coast as more rain starts to come on in. we'll show you some of the views along the coastline and many folks saying they haven't seen waves like this in a long time. the power of the ocean there. you can see some roads she was mentioning in the area were also closed due to the flooding. here's another picture. the site was the biggest he's ever seen it and even down by monterey bay aquarium. you got wave heights off shore still 25 to 30 feet high. high surf warning will continue through the day on sunday. that warning may get extended jond the 3:00 a.m. deadline set right now. light to moderate rain into
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fremont. moderate showers in try valley as this is just the outer fringe of a powerful storm. as that moves up the north coast wind speeds will be accelerating. southern california will get more rain. as the front comes up, you may get thunder before dawn. during the day scattered showers but the potential is there for some pretty intense thunderstorms. strongest winds hour by hour. 11:00 on the coast. you're beginning to see those wind speeds. not so much inland but as we head towards 1:00 a.m. now, east bay hills by 4:00 notice the north bay wind speed starting to come will down. then once that moves on will begin to see those wind speeds come down. rainfall estimates in terms of the intensity. heavy rain from 3:00 a.m. till about 6:00 a.m. and then skies
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briefly clear but don't let your guard down because after around lunchtime batches of thunderstorms, some that could be locally strong with larger hail and gusty winds rolling in for the early afternoon. as we head into monday we'll eventually see the intenties of these showers back off. four to six feet of snow expected by monday night in the high country. a long-term pattern shift. we've seen no sign of high pressure blocking storms. that's changing for the second half of the week as the storm track now heads back up to british column bea. very stormy 36 hours ahead. the potential is there for some localized flooding. strong thunder. also a be possibility through sunday even and as we head toward tuesday, skies clear and a much dryer forecast and we'll meet it after 3 powerful storms that have brought the seasonal
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averages. >> so the end is coming in terms of the rain. >> bring on the sunshine. we're ready. coming up a storm gaining strength over the bay area. the deadly turn the weather took along the coast. ==take vo==
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witnesses say a para-glider was a terrifying and deadly scene off the coast. witnesses say a para glider pulled from the ocean about 10:30 this morning. we don't know, if any, witnessed the craft going into the water, police say witnesses did attempt to give that man cpr before paramedics could get there. the man died. >> spent the day trying to improve relations between the community and police. san jose's independent police auditor was one of the
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organizers behind the community trusting policing forum at the mexican her taj this morning. so today organizers released a guide that they say will help people give officers better feedback. >> our goal with this guide is to explain constitutional rights to young people at the same time help dispel some of the misconceptions they may have about policing. >> if you want more information on that you can find the guide on our website. we have a link to the police auditor's office website there. >> coming up the sharks at home tonight. >> team teal looking for a fourth straight win against the mavs. coming up next. >> we're driven by one phrase, we investigate. >> we investigate the powerful and hold them accountable for you. >> four years, 400 investigations and counting. count on the bay area's biggest
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investigative team to tackle big problems that effect you. >> we've investigated billions in public money through your tips and our investigations we've changed numerous laws and policies and we've lover -- recovered millions of dollars. >> you know what we're most proud of, you. >> us. >> together we're making the bay area and beyond a better place. we investigate.
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and home ice is treating the sharks very well. it could just be that the avalanche are that bad.
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the worse record in nhl. either way, san jose has won 14 of the last 16 against colorado and they're looking to add on. >> for me this is more of a mind set game that we've been playing some very solid hockey the last few games. >> they've got some very good players, some top end skill up front so we know it's going to be a tough game. they can create a lot off the rush. it's going to be a challenge. >> puck dropped at 7:30. the warriors took down lebron james. >> i think this is our best week of the season because we've gotten better each time we stepped on the floor this week
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and that's what's most important. it's not about blasting these three teams it's about getting better and trying to reach our end goal and in order to do that you have to get better each and every type we step on the floor. that's the most important thing. that's why it's been a good week. not because of the margins. >> the warriors will be back on the court 9:00 a.m. pacific time. we'll have more news after the break. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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>> the women's march in san francisco going full steam right now and you can see it right there. this is near market. tens of thousands of people marching. this is san francisco's version of what happened in washington and all over the country. >> they're on the move. san jose assembled a bit earlier. they're in the city very much underway. hopefully we won't get too many it will rain drops there. >> thanks very much. see you back here tonight at 11:00. >> have a great night. >> announcer: tonight nbc bay area news responds. >> they really had us over the barrel. we felt like we had no choice. >> a little known airline fee that could cost you thousands. we scrutinized the fine print so you can avoid it on your next
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