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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  January 22, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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a woman reported missingtonit..p right now at 4:30, breaking news in the east bay. a woman reported missing tonight after her car ended up in a flooded creek. >> the news starts right now. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. this latest storm leading to flooding and mud slides. creeks are rising fast. that's prevented rescue crews from accessing a car that went into the alameda creek. >> marianne favro live with the effort to get the car out of the water and still that search for the driver. >> reporter: take a look at alameda creek and how fast it is running right now. it is simply too dangerous right now for first responders to try to get in and look for that woman. around 11:30 yesterday morning a
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woman crashed her car here into alameda creek. rescue crews have not been able to find her vehicle. and yesterday she is still unaccounted for. now, rescue crews say that, because of this storm, the water is moving so swiftly and the currents are so unpredictable, it is just too dangerous for them to get in there and search for the 18-year-old woman. in addition, there is a mud slide that has shut down niles canyon road, and that is also hampering rescue efforts. the sheriff's department right now is working with the state water resource agency to reduce the amount of water flowing into this creek, but until it's safe, first responders simply can't go in, but they tell me that as soon as the conditions improve, they will try to look for that 18-year-old driver. reporting live in niles, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thanks very much.
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pounding waves, mud slides and flooded roadways. the storm is bringing more problems to the bay area tonightp we have team coverage of the storm starting with carrie hull. >> still dealing with very wet roads, standing water and those rising creeks and rivers like we just saw there. as we get a view of what's happening around the bay area on the radar, a widespread steady rain for many spots, but we're also picking up on some bright reds and yellows here showing the most intense rain for the south bay. that continues up towards the east bay as well. morgan hill and gilroy. then we're seeing that move into the tri-valley with low visibility and also some flooding concerns there as well. san francisco and oakland, a steady rain getting a little bit heavier right now in oakland. and also for parts of the delta,
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all green here as we are seeing it covering the radar also including the north bay where that rain continues. we will still have that chance of some individual cells producing some thunder and lightning. also some gusty winds as we go into tonight. i'll detail that, i'll have another look at the micro climate forecast coming up at about 4:50. >> thank you very much. mud slides continue to make major problems on highway 1. a big rig got caught in the mud on northbound 17 right near vine hill road. the driver actually kept going. he saw that mud slide happening. instead of having his truck pinned in the center median, he drove it slowly to the shoulder and got out. right now we're following this story and have more details on that. what do we have? >> reporter: here in gilroy the rain has been coming down pretty steadily and most of this area
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is washed out. the entrance to this neighborhood has washed out though it has receded a little bit. up in the mountains, the roads are just flat-out dangerous. >> we wanted to see the waterfall. >> reporter: they had a fun day planned at the park. >> hike and explore it. >> reporter: but they quickly saw this. barricades and crime tape blocking the entrance. canyon park is closed due to dangerous conditions. >> going to try and find another trail to explore, i guess. >> reporter: the canyon and other areas destroyed by the loma fire last summer have taken a constant beating by recent heavy rains. and it's not over yet. mud slides like this are a common sight along roads in the area. >> it's pretty crazy up here. the roads should be closed. >> reporter: on the bright side, this man said he hasn't seen this reservoir this full in years. >> it's nice. as long as nobody gets hurt or flooded out, we like it.
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it's a lot of water. ten years ago we had about the same storm, but this is the nicest water we've had in a long time. >> reporter: they agree, but they'll have to find another spot. >> it's a little bit more safe there. >> reporter: a park ranger tells me the park will probably stay closed through wednesday. apparently some roads and even bridges are washed out. but so far there are no reports of any injuries. reporting live from gilroy, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. the heavy rain s contribute to flooding in north bay and highway 37 is once again shut down near 101 because lanes are under water. this is the highway that was closed for much of last week. christie smith along the closed highway with the latest. what's the story now? >> reporter: it's been raining here in novato for about an hour. that hasn't helped the situation here on highway 37 near 101.
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the ground is saturated, marshland around it is saturated. nowhere for it to drain. the highway is flooded. floodwater blocks both directions or highway 37 in novato near o101. before a closure was in place a driver had to be rescued and with more rain coming, it's just not passable. >> as of right now, it appears that this closure will be in place for at least a couple of days if not longer. last time when this happened we saw that it took us approximately a week to get all of this water out of there. >> reporter: in sonoma county highway 121 near 12 it's flooded again, closed. while drivers are advised not to, some try to clear the intersection. elizabeth miller says the series of storms have been nonstop. >> it was really, really like, yeah, pounding is a good word. there's a lot of it, really
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loud, really big drops. just a lot of it. i didn't realize it was going to flood so badly, though. >> reporter: nearby at anaba wines, it's been quieter than usual with road closures making it a challenge. >> we don't really see, in terms of agricultural land, a negative impact. in terms, again, of just the visitor side, the hospitality side, the weather's having a predictable effect on us seeing fewer people. >> reporter: in san francisco, long avenue was closed due to a fallen tree. the ground is soaked. back here live, i wanted to show you that car. of course, there will be efforts to clear this water out of here and get that car towed out. meantime, detours are up and also the chp is updating their facebook page on the chp marin about the detours thatner place. reporting live in novato, christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. that pictures says it all, not to drive into standing water. certainly this storm wreaking hawreak ing havoc along the coast. the wind and the rain pounding the california shoreline. >> reporter: along the water this half moon bay proved chaotic for employees at this restaurant. >> heck of a storm. huge one. >> reporter: the high surf from the coastal weekend storm leaving a path of damage. >> i started to record the waves and i got a huge one that hit the front of the restaurant and damaged all the garden. >> reporter: across the street, the high winds knocked this tree over slamming it into this house full of people inside enjoying a movie. >> we were watching "the shining" actually and all of a sudden we heard a big boom. >> reporter: no one was hurt but it's a storm they soon won't forget. >> the branch probably punctured part of the roof and popped out part of the inside ceiling and
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then water started dripping down. >> reporter: further up the coast in pacifica, aggressive waves pound this sea wall overflowing into the street. we found out that the hard way during our live reports on "today in the bay" earlier this morning. >> oh, boy. >> reporter: more concern for an area already in cleanup mode from a series of storms over the past few days, now neighbors are wondering when will it all be over? along the coast, rick boone, nbc bay area news. some of the best images we've seen throughout this stormy winter come from you, our viewers. like this picture from nathan stahlhut, about a tree that fell in berkeley, so big it shut down the entire street. damian romard took this picture of a tree that came down on calabasas boulevard. and isra ahmad sent us this
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picture in malpitas just brushing that honda. you can tag us on twitter, instagram or post to our facebook page. you can also e-mail them to the secretary gave alternative facts. >> and off it went. alternative facts taking on a whole new terminology today. a tense exchange on nbc's "meet the press" with kellyanne conway. the phrase that is now trending on social media after this interview. >> and snow in the sierra. the storm bringing near whiteout conditions. up next, in ten minutes, we'll take another live look at the radar where the heaviest rain has shifted into the south bay and parts of the south county over towards the tri-valley. we'll take a closer look coming up.
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news. we investigate. well, the controversy continues to grow over white house press secretary sean spicer's statement, his very first one as secretary, that the inauguration crowd for president donald trump was the largest crowd in history. "meet the press" chuck todd had a contentious interview with kellyanne conway. it came when he pressed conway. >> secretary spicer gave alternative facts to that. >> wait a minute. alternative facts? alternative facts, four of the five facts he uttered were just not true. alternative facts are not facts. they're falsehoods. >> there's no way to really quantify crowds. you can laugh at me all you want. >> i'm not laughing. i'm just befuddled. >> but you are, and i think it's actually symbolic of the way we're treated by the press, the way you just laughed at me.
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>> the phrase "alternative facts" immediately caught fire on social media. later in the day, off camera, conway told members of the white house press corps that she is working on setting up some media dinners as a way to get to know reporters. she said the president would be reaching out to members of congress this week. president donald trump attended the swearing in of white house senior staff today including his son-in-law jared kushner. and mr. trump promised his staff would do great things over the next eight years. he said eight. meanwhile, the administration is angry that only two of the 21 cabinet picks have been confirmed so far. senate democrats have held up mike pompeo's appointment as senior director over his support of waterboarding. >> to have a discussion in a few days when this man will have enormous power and be in office maybe up to four years makes imminent sense. >> pompeo joined the president at cia headquarters yesterday where trump expressed strong support for the very same agency
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that he criticized for reports of russian hacking during the election. tomorrow mr. trump is expected the announce that he is moving the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to vurm. the palestinians are among many who see that as a threat to middle east peace. the council on american islamic relations is calling on police tonight to investigate vandalism at the islamic center in davis. leaders say a glass door was smashed early this morning and what appeared to be bacon was left on the door handle. muslims are forbidden to eat pork. surveillance video appears to show a woman near that door. they're offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. a cal transworker giving us a look at the whiteout conditions in the sierra. as we take a live look outside at palo alto, wet roads on 101, standing water and we'll take a look at the radar and what to expect as we go into the next couple of days. a live look right now at the bay
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bridge toll plaza in oakland.
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roadways across the bay area are slick with all this rain. a live look for you now at the bay bridge toll plaza in oakland. not much traffic out there. that's probably a good thing. bay area roadways slick with all this rain we've been having. >> well, the storm brought near whiteout conditions here to sierra this morning. take a look at this. really poor visibility here. this is something that caltrans posted on twitter. you see this worker getting blown around as he tries to talk into the camera. this was taken on i-80. the intense wind here blowing the snow. part of that camera shot taken over donner summit. high winds, snow drifts right there, i-80 over the summit is closed. caltrans says there's no estimated time to reopen at this point and you can see why. >> one fashion -- i just wanted to mention the cowboy hat with the caltrans logo, that's a very nice look. back to the topic we go with kari hull here to talk about the
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snow. >> we've got a lot going on here. that snow will continue for them. we will still have scattered showers across the bay area. we track the heaviest rain as it continues to move through. and this is what the roads look like now in san jose, very wet. and the good news is that we are not seeing a lot of people out there. now is just a good time to stay at home and watch tv. you're doing that now. as we get a look now at some of the storms that are continuing to move off to the east. now we've seen this activity just off shore. it moved through the bay area. then once it got over parts of the central valley, it just blew up again with a lot of lightning. the good news is that we didn't see a lot of that lightning moving through, but still some pockets of heavy rain moving through south san jose and extending down 101 and then farther off to the east as well. free mont, pleasanton, livermore, pockets of steady rain then getting heavier at times. san francisco and oakland just covered with some rain and then it's getting heavier for you in concord, but will get lighter,
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but still this is pretty much covering a large area. and so we will see this continuing for quite a while. at least the next hour or two. and that raises that flood concern as we get hours on hours of steady rain moving through and the ground is already saturated. as far as these icons here, you're seeing the live lightning. our radar can pick up on that. and it's not picking up on any lightning at this point, but we will still have that chance as the center of the low pressure this storm system rolls through and there's still a lot that has to roll around with this for the next 24 hours. so let's get a look at the timeline. here we are at fi5:00. 5:30, 6:30, but when you see the rain moving in, it will be heavy just briefly with some gusty winds and once again there may be some thunder and lightning in there as well. 3:00 in the morning we still
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have rain passing through the bay area. early tomorrow morning we'll have still a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast and this activity continues into tomorrow afternoon. we finally see this all tapering off on tuesday morning by 9:30 we get some drying conditions and cooler air moving in. we've already had 2 to possibly 5 inches of rain especially in the santa cruz mountains. there may be another half inch of rain in some sierra. it is still coming down there. northstar, this is a live camera. it takes a shot every five minutes. heavy amounts of snow still coming down from south lake tahoe. and we've had such high amounts of rain and snow. a look at how much snow we've had. we're at 197% of average for the southern sierra and also over 100% of average for the entire sierra. as we go into the next couple of days still looking at a chance
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of one to two feet of snow there. so it's not done just yet. and then as we see this activity winding down, they will as well just to the east of us. and temperatures holding stead ed in the 50s for san francisco getting a little bit warmer and boy, do we need that sunshine. we'll finally see it in all of its glory on tuesday afternoon, and it will stick around for a while. we'll be done with all of this rain for a few days. we just have to get through tonight and tomorrow. >> and we sure needed it. we always keep that in mind. we sure needed the rain. >> i remember sunny days. >> yes. >> i remember them. they're wonderful things. >> they're on their way back. still to come tonight, the tracks and tunnels are done and the parking structure is up, so why is the warm spring b.a.r.t. station not up and running? >> we're betting whether we feel the system is fully functional and ready to operate. >> our investigative unit uncovers why the $900 million fremont station is still closed. ed
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station is finished. got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or male at we investigate. station is finished.
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the tracks and tunnels are ne well, the distinctive glass roof station is finished. you can see the tracks and tunnels the all done. there are 2,000 spaces in the new parking structure. the big question why isn't b.a.r.t.'s warm springs station up and running? >> we're told that software mistakes could keep the $900 million fremont station closed until spring. >> this b.a.r.t. video shows the centerpiece of the $900 million warm springs project as viewed from the field near the tesla plant in south fremont. but instead of bustling with
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riders as planned last year, its distinctive glass ceiling rotunda will likely be empty for months to come. the 5.4-mile project has been dogged by delays including getting enough money to finish the tunnelling underneath a major park and lake in fremont. then last year, there was another hiccup. >> we were in the testing phase and all of a sudden the electric power that serves the third rail burnt up. >> tom blaylock serves on the b.a.r.t. governing board for fremont. he says overhauling the aging power supply was a major setback. >> so then we stopped the testing again and had to go back to that. so that was all very frustrating for us. >> the project got back on track last september, but not for long. that's when there was a breakdown between the old computer system and the new train control system. >> it's a myriad of issues. it's not one thing and then
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another thing. it's software. >> b.a.r.t. spokeswoman molly macarthur compares it to linking an early generation cell phone to a current generation smartphone. the problem was particularly frustrating because the contractor had already assured b.a.r.t. that the software system was ready. >> they did certify the program, but that said, we have a role to play in certification, too. >> but the system misreported vital data in virtual tests including something critical. the true speed of a train crossing a key junction. the contractor says the problem is fixed but now b.a.r.t. has to run more tests to make sure. >> we are vetting whether we feel the system is fully functional and ready to operate. but if we find something, then that's going to add some time. >> once the problem is officially solved, b.a.r.t. will spend another month on testing using real train cars. state regulators will also have to give
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blaylock says impatient riders regularly press him for an opening date. >> when is warm springs going to open? and i said, it's just a mysterious thing that, until they know they've got the old technology from 40 years ago married up with the new technology, it's hard to predict anything. >> reporting for nbc bay area news. a woman crashes her car in alameda creek, but now conditions are so dangerous first responders can't go in to look for her. i'm marianne favro. i'll have the new developments coming up in a live report near niles. and highway 37 near 101 in novato closed again due to flooding. there was even a car caught up in all this. coming up we'll tell you how long the closure might last.
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