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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 22, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the storm wreaking havoc across the bay area. ==peggy/wsi2== rising creeks, pounding waves, and falling trees. the storm wreaking havoc across the bay area. >> and on this sunday night, we're going to show you exactly where the rain is headed, if it's in your direction. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. >> we're going to get to our weather komplg in a moment. but first, breaking news to tell you about. all domestic united airlines planes across the country are on a ground stop and have been for a couple of hours. international flights and flights to hawaii and alaska are not affected. it's because of a computer issue. this is affecting about 50 flights in and out of sfo.
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reliable source tells us there was a computer outage. it's not clear how long this will last. >> a lot of trouble there. also a lot of trouble out there on our roads. this storm bringing in heavy rain and plenty of problems out there. let's take a look at our traffic camera. this is in richmond. if you look at the streets there, ponding on the sides and making for dangerous conditions. we have team coverage for you tonight. let's begin with carry hall. >> we are still seeing the lightning and thunder across the state, but not a lot of that lightning here. a lot of the rain has shifted over towards the central valley. light rain moving into marin county, as well as san francisco and approaching the coast as well. but we're catching a break in parts of the south bay and east
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bay, as well. so this is kind of what we are expecting. more waves of rain moving in. some breaks in between. we only get a little bit of time before we see the next round of rain moving in. and even as we go through the tri valley right now, starting to get clearing around pleasanton. but it's still raining in livermore, moving off towards the east. as you go through the delta, some light showers there that will continue as we start to see the next round of that rain moving in. there's still a lot of energy here, so expecting more waves of rain, not only tonight, but throughout the day tomorrow. we'll talk more about this timeline and what else we can expect coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> thank you very much. slick roads and some terrible accidents out there. we continue with marianne favro. >> she's along the alameda creek where there's a search for an 18-year-old who hasn't been seen
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since yesterday. >> reporter: take a look at how fast the creek is running tonight. so fast that it's just too dangerous for rescue crews to get in there and search for that missing driver. yesterday morning, around 10:45, the chp says a silver honda accord was driving on niles canyon road when it crossed the center divide, hit another car and went into the creek. rescue crews did not find the car, and the 18-year-old woman driving it is still missing tonight. today, because of the storm, the currents are so unpredictable, it's just too dangerous for them to go in and look for the car and the woman. a mudslide has forced niles canyon road to shut down. and that is also hampering rescue efforts. the sheriff's department has asked the state water resource agency to reduce the amount of water flowing into the creek, but right now, the conditions here are just simply too
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dangerous. now, the hope is, when these conditions improve, the sheriff's department will be able to send a dive team in so look for the women and her vehicle. reporting live, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for the latest. voluntary evacuations in hollister are under way in the lover's lane area. this is a look here at the flooding that's happened on friday after the levy broke. the creek is expected to rise to the same levels tonight. search and rescue teams are going door to door, warning residents to get out. highway 37 in nevado shut down because a section of 101 is under water. christy smith has the latest on that. i see the water right behind you. >> reporter: that's right. terry, the rain has stopped, but that doesn't mean the situation
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has necessarily improved on this portion of highway 37 near 101. what we're told is that efforts fully under way to remove the water, but at this point, the ground is saturated, and the highway is flooded. flood water blocks both directions of highway 37 near 101. the chp says they were monitoring and this morning water started to rise. before a closure was in place, a driver had to be rescued. and with more rain coming, it's just not passable. >> as of right now, this closure is going to be in place for at least a couple of days, if not longer. the last time this happened, it took us approximately a week to get all of this water out there. >> reporter: in sonoma county, highway 121 near 12 is flooded again, closed. while drivers are warned not to, some tried to clear the intersection. elizabeth miller says the series of storms have been nonstop. >> it was really, really, like,
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yeah, there was a lot of it really loud, really big drops, just a lot of it. i didn't realize it was going to flood so badly, though. >> reporter: nearby, it's been quieter than usual with rail closures making it a challenge. >> we don't really see in terms of thing e agricultural end a negative impact. in terms of the hospitality side, the weather is having a predictable effect. >> reporter: in san francisco, long avenue was closed due to a fallen streep. the ground was soaked. detours are up to get around this and the chp has been updating this situation on their facebook page. but it looks like this isn't going away any time soon. christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for that. mudslides continue to cause
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major problems on highway 17. a big rig got caught in the mud here. the driver kept the situation from being worse. he saw that mudslide happening and instead of having it pin his truck, he drove the truck onto the shoulder and got out of the way. one north bound lane remains closed. the storm is wreaking havoc on the coast, as well. half moon bay, restaurants along the water had to contend with pounding waves. >> i started recording the waves and i got a huge one that damaged all the garden. >> also in half moon bay, this came down on a house with people, punching through the roof. homeowners are keeping a close eye on the area ravaged by
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the loma fire. after all the rain there, the conditions are so bad. here's the latest. >> reporter: here in gilroy, the area nearby is flooded out, and earlier, the entrance to this neighborhood was blocked out. it's even worse up in the mountains. those roads are flat out dangerous. amanda and friends had a fun-filled day planned at the park. >> just hiking. >> reporter: but they quickly saw this. barricades and crime tape blocking the entrance. the park is closed due to dangerous conditions. >> we're going to try to find another trail to explore. >> reporter: the canyon and other areas destroyed by the loma fire last summer have taken a beaten by heavy rains.
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and mudslides like this are a common sight. >> it's crazien here. the roads should be closed. >> reporter: on the bright side, the reservoir hasn't been this full in years. >> as long as nobody gets hurt or flooded out, we like it. ten years ago, we had about the same storm. but this is the nicest in a long time. >> reporter: but now they have to come up with a plan b. >> we're going to go to another spot. >> reporter: a park ranger tells me the park will probably stay closed through wednesday. apparently some roads and even bridges are washed out. reporting from gilroy, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> keep track of our changing weather by downloading our app. coming up at 6:15, we'll talk about the timeline of when this storm system will be winding down. a look at sierra snow, and the
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seven-day forecast in the microclimate association. an fired up between kellyanne conway and chuck todd. >> and just two words, but they are the center of this controversy and they have caught fire. the controversy continues to
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grow over white house press secretary sean spicer's statemes secretary, that the inauguration c the controversy continues to
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grow over white house secretary sean spicer's statement, that the inauguration crowd was the largest in history. the host of "meet the press" chuck todd had a contentious interview with kellyanne conway. >> our press secretary gave alternative facts over that. >> alternative facts? >> hey, chuck -- >> the others were not true. alternative facts are not facts. they're falsehoods. >> there's no way to quantify crowds, we all know that. you can laugh all you want, but i'm very glad -- >> i'm just befuddled. >> i think it's symbolic of the way we're treated by the press and the way you just laughed at me. >> well, the phrase "alternative facts" caught fire on social media. later in the day off camera, conway told members of the white house press corps she's working onseting up some media dinners for a chance to get to know reporters and the president will
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be reaching out to members of the congress this week. president trump attended the swearing in of senior staff today, including his son-in-law, jared kushner. mr. trump promised the staff would go great things. but the administration is angry that only 2 of 21 cabinet picks have been confirmed. the rain has been relentless. in the north bay, people are again watching the russian river. after the last storms cause sod much flooding there. tom jensen has more. we can see behind you that river looks like -- oh, looks like we've lost tom there. hopefully we'll get him back. but you can see the backdrop there. a lot of water. also the storms bringing snow and whiteout conditions. take a look at this video. a caltrans worker posted this video on twitter. he's getting blown around by the storm wind there. more video on twitter from caltrans shows intense wind was
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blowing up there on i-80. so much high winds that the summit is closed. caltrans says there's no estimated time for it to reopen. carrie hall joining us now. more snow going that way. >> that's the problem. you've had this snow continuously coming down in the sierra with a lot of waves of rain moving through. we'll still see this in the forecast from tonight as well as all day today wrapping up on tuesday. here's a live look outside at san jose. everything is just sloppy wet. and looking outside at dublin, the drivers are making it through with standing water on the roadways, and you have that risk of hydroplaning. if you're driving too fast and you sit standing water, it's really cool out there, only 46 degrees. the rain has been off and on, in the north bay, getting a little
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more of a break around santa rosa. in marin county, rain moving in, continuing to move off north and east. san francisco, a light showers. the south bay is seeing the heaviest rain moving through morgan hill and gilroy. so you'll catch a break for a little while. as we look at that rain moving through off to the east, livernor and pleasanton, still some water standing on the roadway. light showers moving through berkeley and hercules. the next round of rain moving into nevado and san rafael, approaching sonoma. so a lot of this moisture is streaming through. the good news is, we haven't seen a lot of the intense lightning they have seen over the central valley. it kind of skipped through the bay area and we saw that lightning lighting up once again
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on the radar once that got into the central valley. still that storm system is sitting well to the north and west of here. and there is a lot more energy to have to rotate into the bay area before we see all of this rain winding down over the next couple of days. a look at the timeline, when we can see some of the heavier rain moving through by 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. still some rain moving through san francisco and oakland. and then slowly moving off to the east. the peninsula getting hit with heavy rain, moving into the south bay at 10:30 tonight. 11:30 as that moves off to the east as well. you may be awakened by some of that rain hitting the roof. we've had such high amounts of rain. we are close to 200% of average for the water year. santa rosa, over 37 inches of rain since october 1. san francisco, you've had close to 18 inches of rain, and we are
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seeing those rainfall totals at about 10, maybe up to 15 inches of rain for the south bay over towards the try valley and the east bay. see yar ae snow well above average, reaching 197% of average for the south sierra. compare this to last year with el nino. we didn't have nearly this amount of snow. record snowfall for the month of january, and another two feet possible as we go through the forecast, getting some cleerg starting on tuesday afternoon, and the rest of next week is looking very nice. and slowly warming up. >> i know one person that's happy about that. >> thank you. all right. we'll be right back. told you at the top of the show.
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the nationwide united airlinesg. it affected flights at all u.s. airports the airline flies out the nationwide united airlines ground stop has been lifted. it affected flights at all u.s. airports. the airline flies out of including sfo. it lasted for about two hours. about 50 flights in and out of sfo were delayed. the computer issue that caused that ground stop has been fixed. >> thank you to everyone who is sending in all your pictures. we've been inundated with videos and photos. this is sent by d.j. reyes, this is strong currents in the alameda creek. in fremont, the rain just pelting down and in pittsburg, the rain is just hammering down. and then a large free that fell in santa clara.
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we love to get these photos from you and your videos. tag us in twitter or instagram or just e-mail them to us directly. a major recall from the sierra nevada brewing company to tell you about. the company is warning consumers about eight kinds of its beer, including pale ale and others. a packaging flaw could cause a piece of glass to break off into the bottle. tonight, samsung is announcing the cause behind the fires on their smartphones. samsung made the announcement saying the failures were due to an electrode defect in one battery and abnormal weld in another battery. samsung recalled it and discontinued the galaxy note 7 last year after numerous reports of it overheating and bursting
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into flames. the problems resulted in a $5 billion loss for the company and obviously an embarrassing fiasco. >> all right. coming up next, we'll talk sports including the warriors who played a matinee game tonight. >> allen smith joins us with the highlights coming up next.
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the warriors game was
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breakfast basketball in orlando. it took them a little while to wake up. warriors wrapping up a great week. 9:00 a.m. tipoff and the warriors were snoozing early. steph curry with the bad pass. and the finish. they start to wake up. curry in the corner. game tied at 47-47. klay thompson getting in on the action from the other corner. nothing but net. warriors are wide awake. curry drains the long ball. then the next possession, curry from oakland. you betcha. warriors outscore the magic 42-24 in the third. curry led the way with 27 points, including seven from long range. the warriors win 118-98 the final. >> feel like over 48 minutes we
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can impose our will most to nights and it might take a minute to take hold, but we found our energy and execution. we stopped turning the ball over, and after that, we get stops and our talent is able to take over on the offensive end. nfc championship game. packers/falcons. ludacris performing. the falcons came to play all day. matt ryan to julio jones, breaking a tackle with a stiff arm and he is in pay dirt. flag on the play, but it's on green bay, so atlanta with the touchdown. falcons headed to the super bowl. they steam roll green bay 44-21 the final. and the offensive coordinator kyle shanahan is slated for a
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second interview to become the team's head coach after the super bowl includes. but chip kelly, he could wind up taking shanahan's place in atlanta, as their offensive coordinator. right now the afc championship game is under way. the patriots hosting big ben roethlisberger and the steelers. who will be headed to super bowl li? highlights at 11. kari)
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thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. carey hall to tell us when this storm is going to get out of dodge. >> and when the sunshine is coming. >> it's hit or miss. the weather just changes so quickly. one minute it's all clear and the next, you see the dark clouds rolling in. we do still have some rain moving through marin county, moving off to the east. some light rain in san francisco. but parts of the east bay and the south bay taking a break from the rain as of now. but there will be some more downpours moving through tonight, and even throughout the day tomorrow you still see some waves of rain in the forecast. and this is what we'll expect -- what we can expect before this all wraps up on tuesday. until then, more potential of some flooding rain. >> so look out and take it easy out there. thank you so much. and thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. >> see you back here tonight at 11:00, we hope.
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