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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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morning--- the rain continues in beleaguered are likehe north bay live look at radar this morning. flash flood watch in effect for entire bay area. search for a women who plunge into creek after co lieding with another car. the russian river remains a threat to those living near by. today in the bay starts now. thanks for joining us. there's flash flood warn.
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>> arial flood warn for the entire area. also parts of the north bay. we are expected it to continue throughout entire day. take a live look at doppler radar. a lot of storms did make their way overnight. you may have notice you caught a lot of heavy downpour on your way to work. we're going to be in the clear after the cells make their way through. we are expecting it to continue. there's a few showers near the gilroy area. they did just past a couple of storms cells. we do remain under a flash flood warning for entire bay area.
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i'll have an update. >> the road is going to be wet. this is familiar to those in the area. let me show you that athens avenue. nevada itself -- highway 101 and at they ton avenue is it has reopened for that action. this section is your closure. back to you. mike, thank you.
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more rains pound the bay area. a car plunge into alameda creek this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. at 10:00 a.m. after the morning commute chp will shutdown fremont. try again to enter the alameda creek of the women from tracy. co lied with another car. witnesses say she continue today lose control and plunge into creek. the car submerge, the sheriff's
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office presumes she drowned. the thought that the creek may slowdown and take it to be for die vers to enter the creek. reporting live. 4:34. people living along the russian river are nervous. say just below flood stage. folks are preparing with supplies. they are prepared to evacuate in needed. one neighbor told us the water was too high for your her yet. >> 8:30 this morning. >> in some areas the water is
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over two feet deeps. some roads are closed for flooding. >> we'll get a better look at just how much the water -- it is now on the edge of a cliff. according to the half-moon day the house is unoccupied. one viewer tells us erosion happened after this week's storm. the state park are revaluating what to do with that house. water starting to reseed there. the area remains flooded. search and rescue went door to door to evacuate people.
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the water is still at flood stage. the alameda county issue decle ration due to flooding. so many videos and pictures. this was shot by barry. you can see the water pouring down the week. that's one look. you can tag us ob twitter, instagram or post it to it at n rain competing for another day. flooding and mood slides remain a concern. >> be careful as you make your way to work. we are tracking scattered
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showers. we'll have an hour by hour outlook. we'll have all of that coming up in just a bit. sfwl we do have flood in the bay bridge. we'll talk about other issues that trifr widrivers will have careful about. a lawsuit is coming forward.
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take a live look at our radar. we are under a micro-climate wet alert. we remain under a flash flood watch. we are expecting scattered showers. i'll have a closure look. mike. >> travel times we do have a lot of different traffic. we'll watch that this morn.
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highway 17. thank you, very much. to national news and a live look from washington, d.c. president trump begins first workday as commander in chief. this live look at white house this morning. he expected to sign more executive orders on first day in office. in the meantime some lawyers plan to see president donald trump in federal court. ethics in washington is group says think are filing lawsuit this morning. they say receiving payments from foreign government. the lawsuit claims that president violated constitution. 4:41 coming up rough travel.
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the air carry stands after shutting down operation for two hours. >> a couple little speckle of rain drops. we are looking at san jose. there's much more rain on the way. many area are in flood, flash flood watch in the whole bay area. more coming up.
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welcome back.
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4:44. rain from a very wet weekend. >> unfortunately, it looks like rain all day. we're still expected rain which is why we're under a microclimate watch. we did have a few cells moving into the area. that's is expected to remain for the next half hour then it pushes through. throughout day we're expected pour scattered showers. over the next half hour to an hour. this is going to remain all day long which is why flash flood watch is expected.
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of course, there's a huge concern with the rising creeks and reser voirs. we're also seeing a flash flood warning in areas of holster. we want to keep a close eye on that as well. also in effect is a high surf advisory. we saw somes waves this weekend. about 5:00 a.m. it did reach about 30 feet. that's something we are going to want to keep an eye out for. napa river is 60.8 feet below
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monitor stage. we are seeing the scat terrify showers throughout day. at of now 4.6 feet. it is a lot higher than what folks are used to seeing around this time of year. with that we are monitor a lot of activities over the road. >> some folks heard about the vine hill that did catch some e debris but not others. highway 17. spin out reported. a note about what road around the day. north of there we have a closure between at heton avenue.
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water from the roadway because it comes right back. that's the problem. it may be with number of days like it was a week ago. 101. so you may see a little traffic for the freeway. so far bridges no delay. as we know weather sometimes cause trees to fall. we'll let you know. water kicking up on the freeway. back to you. thank you. it's 4:48. samsung -- live cbs head
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kwauters. good morning. >> wall street could start week under pressure. on investors concern following president trump's inaugural address. the markets were lower this week. we also get data on housing, goods, and fourth quarter gdp. meantime samsung says faulty t batter cause the fire on the phone. 8.battery check system.
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amazon had had something special for everyone. it will cost 18 bucks to get a box of the treat. the program you can still -- back over to you. >> thank you. a follow up on a story we brought you is breaking news. rough travel flight. airlines were grounded due to computer problems. this is cell phone sent by viewers. the company that provides way and balance had a computer outage. the ground stop had ripple effects. united warns there could be more
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delays today as well. working to set themselves above and beyond. tesla announced. new battery can hold a charge for 20 miles longer than the previous which was 315 miles. but that into context, gm has a range of 238, bmw, 114. factory outside of reno. 4:51 major rerecall from sierra nevada beer. a packaging flaw could cause a piece of glass to break off into
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bottle. the 28 recall does not include california. rely on creative resource to safe people stranded after waters here there. microclimate alert remains in effect. you can go to app for weather update throughout morning and get a look at realtime yourself. go to twitter page surrounding the recent rainfall. back after this. ♪ music
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. welcome to monday morning. taking a live look outside. wet roadways remain. another run in the forecast we'll get the full forecast coming up. 4:55. wind sat waited grounds leaving down trees. lafayette on to several cars nobody was in the cars at the time. but a lot of diner where it could take crews a couple of days to clean up the mess. we're not the only one dealing with the wicked weather. during a very dangerous water
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rescue fire fights responding to a car stranded. wash areas often flood when it rains hard. a driver tried to keep going. the good news everyone made it out safely. scots valley unrelenting rains continue to cause problem. this road washed away stranding dozens in the process. more of the road will continue to crumble. one stranded residents had to talk to reporters by phone to let them know what's going on. >> there's nothing we can do with the road. i hope prevent up from losing power. >> santa cruz say at the will
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work on the problem today. when will we get a chance to dry out from the storm. >> judging by this live radar we are not expecting a lot of drying throughout day. a look at the reservoirs plus the times of the storm. stick roadways. we'll talk about what to watch and what to avoid. weather alert this morning...
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. we are under a microclimate weather alert this morning. as a string of storms takes a dangerous turn. a missing woman whose car plujed into creek. today in the bay starts right now. good monday morning. thank you for joining us. it's been a rough couples day for the bay area.
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we are team coverage to tell you get out the door safely. let's start with forecaster today. >> there's hope in the later part of the week. first let's get to the live radar. we did see a series of cells pass over tonight. expect to see the chance for water out there. we are expecting to see thunderstorms as we head to the evening. holster area getting slammed. we have more rain moving into next half hour or so. we do remain under flash flooding until the evening. we will keep a close eye. this could raise concerns for


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