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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 23, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we are team coverage to tell you get out the door safely. let's start with forecaster today. >> there's hope in the later part of the week. first let's get to the live radar. we did see a series of cells pass over tonight. expect to see the chance for water out there. we are expecting to see thunderstorms as we head to the evening. holster area getting slammed. we have more rain moving into next half hour or so. we do remain under flash flooding until the evening. we will keep a close eye. this could raise concerns for rising creeks and reservoirs
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well. remain in effect until 7:45 a.m. to include hardest hit. by 5:30 we should be clearing of the early more cells. i'll have a look when you can expect to see some relief. >> behind me, highway 37. what the alternate is for you right now. if you look on the map, there's a portion you cannot travel on. mud slide. 152 we'll talk about as well. section of 137 closure because of the water. atherton is your alternate.
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now alternate for those heading for nevada we're tracking that. >> that's been a real issue. we'll see some improvement. thank you, very much. now to coastline, back to back storms have reeked half half vak. closure look at the aftermath left behind this morning. chris. >> good morning to you, sam. we want to show you the power of the waves here and let you know we are watch from a safe distance. today this waves could get as high of 30 feet.
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that means more emotions. the house you were talking about is now on the enl the cliff. the house was not occupied at the time this happened, according to the times, a ranger was supposed to move in shortly after that. ocean front restaurant, the mere mar restaurant proved too close for comfort for them. >> damaged all the gardens. >> not far from there the storm damaged more than just the garden. it came down through the house through the ceiling. no one was hurt. would you believe they were watching a movie when this
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happened. high surf advisory continues to 3:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see more in the next 24 hours. >> thank you. happening now the search is on for missing 18-year-old whose car plunge into water. sheaf driving a silver honda when crossed the center divide and co lied with another car. she lost control and plunge into water. search crews took to the air but had no luck locating her. they plan to close niles canyon to continue the search. coming up about 25 minutes
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correspondent will join us. the national service weather anyone near the lo bo fire area could be dangerous. there's been no report of injuries. we talk to some people who plan to spend yesterday at the park only to find the park closed. >> we wanted to go hiking to see the water falls but it's closed. >> the rains and flooding have washed out several roads and bridges in the area. let's get to the heavy rain has contributed to flooding in marine county highway 37 is shutdown, a portion of it it because lanes are under water. flood waters are blocking both directions of highway 37 between
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101 and atherton avenue, that's the portion mike was talking about. it was not long after that that a driver had to be rescued. some who live in the area did not expect the storm to have this kind of effect on the the record. >> it was really, there's a lot of it it loud, big drops, a lot of it. i didn't realize it would flood so badly. >> highway 37 is going to be close that portion of it for at least a few days. the last time it flooded this badly it took a week to clear up the water. if that wasn't incredible enough, check out this gushing
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water sent to us by debra den iing the the video, you can tag out on twitter, instagram or post to page. to keep track downloading free app bay area app. microclimate in your area. it is 5:07 right now. today marks first official workday for president trump. it's expected to be busy day tor trump administration. expected to vote on tillerson former ceo of exxonmobil. leader said to be troubling senators in both parties. tillerson is expected to receive 51 votes to being confirmed.
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we'll have more on store for president trump coming up in live report at 5:30 this morning. new police chief set to be sworn in. l.a.p.d. veteran, revising san francisco policy. his change will be biggest challenges. that swearing happen at 3:00 p.m. russian river is expected to crest about now. >> as of the latest, it was about 30 feet just a little over 30 feet. we are still expected the more storms to pass through tonight. -- through the evening. that is something we want to keep a close eye on. heres a live look. we have seen a number of storm
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cells push through the bay area. san francisco seeing a little scattered showers. we are expecting it to stay with us. the storm cell is beginning to move east. off the coast we are seeing a lineup of a few others bringing rainstorm tonight. the winds are lighter. in terms of the reservoir is at 105%. lexington reservoir is at 102%. we'll have an update on that. coming up in just a bit. let's head over to mike. mike, how are the roads looking right now?
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>> the pink and white, don't go to -- that's the warning we give because there's a tough drive in. we're looking over here to the greater south bay commute. we do have one crash that just came in north bound 101. in the middle of the roadway. no injuries. we'll have a tow truck coming to get that cleared out. alameda creek, right now 84 is open. if you can avoid the area, take 680 and -- no problems, no delays. 101. bg and e regarding the role
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the pipeline blast. coming up in business. whiteout continues avalanche that trapped two cars next.
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we remain under a flash flood watch.
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we're keeping an eye on rising creeks and reservoirs. a look ahead of tracking sunshine in the forecast. >> possible slick roadways are a concern. richmond center alternate highway 37 we'll talk about that closure. thank you. it's 8:14 right now. a judge -- san bruno. that killed 8 people. a maximum fine of $3 million. the cpus fined them $1.6 billion
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the largest against a company. bg and e operation. feds lawn j investigation into yahoo!. >> it sold to verz in the mist of a big scandal over hacking. one of them more than a billion account put them in the book as the biggest hack. when yahoo! said it had been hacked back in 2014. in documents filed with fcc it indicate they knew but did not tell investors or users. if you know something damaging about your company you have to
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tell investors. california law tough on companies who don't tell users in a timely manner. united airlines is back over a big delay on sunday. nobody was in any danger but it was a big problem for travelers. no delays so far, but weather is lousy today. >> what will wall street due. good morning. >> good morning. wall street would start under pressure. president trump's inago ral address. the markets were lower for the week. earnings could be front and
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center this week. s&p 500 results. the -- back over to you. the chinese company blue go go will hold a press conference responding business model. you may be familiar with company that does this. this one blue go go doesn't use a bike rack. it it leaves them where ever and city -- they are locked. when you're done with them, you lean them up against the post for another person. it's sitting there on the street
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side and the city leaders are worried it's -- >> we done have a problem with stolen property. >> a lot of cleaning up going on right now. thank you. two cars caught in avalanche overnight. it happened on state road 89 about 2:00 in the morning. nobody was injured. the car covered in snow top to bottom. the road was closed down when no estimate when the drivers are allowed to go through. they made announcement at 3:00 in the morning that interstate 80 is open in both directions. they could not keep up with the snow. it believed to be the heaviest in 20 years. >> yes. that's why i'm here today.
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i cancelled a trip. we knew, we were paying attention. >> it wasn't worth it getting stuck. if you're from california, you definitely put them to good use. southern california has been seeing rain. this helped with the drought condition. the bay area is tree from the drought. we did see heavy downpours overnight. we are expecting scattered showers to make their way through. san francisco could see spotty showers. take take an hour by hour outlook. over the next half hour to 20 minutes, the majority are moving
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to the east. walnut area expecting to see. fast-forward to 7:30 we are seeing cell block to the crows. we get another round in -- lunchtime you could see showers. about 1:00, 2:00. fast-forward to 3:00 and 4:00. not much rain. but off the cost ast we are exeg to see more showers. gusty continues at about 17 miles per hour. when we expecting to see sun
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shy. we can start seeing that early in the week. starting see simply, sun. what about that. >> i like that. we're looking over here towards the roadway. we have a spots to watch for. one in the south bay. i'll talk about that in a second. full closure for highway 37. because atherton avenue and 101 because of the flooding that will take a few days. atherton avenue is alternate. south of there. that is connection where you see north bay and east bay. toll plaza, there's no problem. we're going to stick with the map for the rest of the report.
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south bay, 101 still slow. the earlier crash in the middle of the roadway. there's no concern. no major injuries reported. >> thank you, very much. 8:22. getting your money back. samsung -- >> you're money is going. consumer report coming up next. many viewers who fall for
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don't get duped. nbc bay area foreign lottery, buying a bogus item online. >> all might not be lost. >> this half billion dollar announcement from washington. it was genuine game changer. the scamming like the lottery, stranded relatives overseas. now that company is paying a
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hefty settle because western union ignored warning signs and allowed schemes to happen. western union of turning a blind eye to rampant fraud. they settled the case. 260,000 in which people lost $300 million. company did little to connect the dots to shutdown companies. in a statement western union said it worked with the fcc to settle the case. now spend approximately $200 million dollars concompliance. western union plans to beef up to stop scam.
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the ftc says $550 million will be available to compensate the victims of the fraud. how? you need to reply on justice victim website. just about everyone i have met feels embarrassed about the scam. speak up and apply for compensation. there's no sense of letting your pride stand in the way of recovering your money that scams took from you. call. thank you, very much. 5:37. a lot of people -- we're seeing another lines of showers. 47 degrees.
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what to expect going into tonig tonight. soon divers trying to retrieve body from the creek. with the rain coming down right now, folks are keeping an eye on the russian river. a string of storms wreaks havoc
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across the bay area... this morning we've got a closer . 5:30 a string of storms reek havoc. when the sunshine might finally start to peak through. we are tracking. we're going to get to the weather. we are looking at a search at niles canyon. we're looking for a 18-year-old woman after a car crashed into the creek. >> water continues to inch dangerously into homes. coastline are getting battered. a home teetering on the edge of
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a cliff. rain coming through. time line of the latest storm. >> good morning. as of now we are starting see few more scat tred hours. the showers will be in the 40s. we'll be climing into the 50s throughout day. overnight we saw heavy downpour. seeing rain in richmond area. as we begin to see clearing this afternoon, we won't be in the clear. the flash flood warning to in effect until 6:00. which, of course, is going to raise concern. under high surf warning.
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we have seeing 25 to 30 feet waves. let's go over to mike. he tracking accident. >> highway 101. bob ro dell is report after this report. i want it show you the slowing we had at 101. cleared from the roadway crash -- we're talking about the north bay closing. atherton avenue is theali altere you need to take. back to you. >> thank you, very much. let's get back to the tragedy you were talking about that unfold this weekend.
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rescue operations are about to get underway for a missing woman. >> reporter: they have not found her since. >> they are going to resume the search for her at around 10:00. they will shutdown highway 84 so divers can try to find the woman from tracy. they crossed center divide and co lied to another car. the car submerge. the sheriff's office presumes see drowned. it was too difficult to recover her body to enter the creek. the family who reported her missing, searched the creek
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banks for her and did not find her. the creek may slow to make it so the die vers can enter the creek. >> bob, thank you, very much. 5:35. will will river crest and flood. forecasters announce river should crest sometime 5:00 hour. pete, joins us. >> reporter: good morning. we are near the russian river right now. at 5:00 a.m. they expect it to crest. it would be after minor flood
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areas. i want to show you where we're at. at about 30 feet. it's starting resend. just driving around you did not see much major flooding in the area. folks are concerned when you think about the things we saw a couple of week ago folks using canoes to get to and from their designation. >> we have supplies and stuff, i have eaten -- music has battery back up. >> we're going to switch to higher vehicle this morning. >> reporter: as i mentioned, the rivers are starting to reseed. the good news, you should be in the clear as far as flooding
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goes throughout morning and throughout day. pete for today in the bay. >> we are tracking the storm has reeks on our coastline. this half-moon bay where dangerous surfs continues: this how is on the edge of a cliff. a significant amount of erosion happened after this weeks end's storm. the house is unoccupied right now. >> this is tricky one, right on the edge. thank you. submitting your videos. water pouring down a creek. if you want to send videos, you
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can tag us or post them directly to the facebook page or e-mail it to ic bay today first official workday of the white house. president trump is preparing for a busy day. expecting to sign more executive orders and meet with congressional leaders. good morning, tracy. >> good morning. with busy leaders with the white house foreign payments to the trump organization because the president is still expected to the business. congress takes another look at nominees for cia chief.
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today congress is expected to spend hours before voting on nomination of cia director. concerns on water boarding -- >> there's issues that have been vexing to the congress. >> veking the white house, reports of inauguration crowd counts is lower than president obama. >> the point remains -- >> alternative facts. >> reporter: white house staffers sworn in get to work today. the president expected to sign executive orders on trade, immigration, health care, but not supporting children brought to u.s. illegally.
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expected to meet with republicans and can democrats tonight. >> then a phone call some point soon with russian president vladimir putin. he has been on the phone, president trump has, with israel prime minister and is apparently according to the white house is considering moving our embassy to tell avif to jerusalem. it's a controversial move they have avoided for decades. live from washington, tracy pots. 5:40. we're in weather alert. more rain coming through. >> here's a live look.
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you can see weather to the coast. that's going to continue to push the scattered showers throughout monday. 6:00 a. 6:00 a.m. marx, we -- fast toward to 7:00 a.m. that could be hitting south bay area. fast-forward to 7:30 we keep an close eye on that. plus update on reservoirs. >> slick conditions because the rain it maybe easing off where you are. it's still slick. 1 o 1 for the valley. here this closure we did see a couple of week ago. 37 is closed between atherton avenue and 101. we expect more traffic heading
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down toward richmond center. there's no delays for the transit system. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:42. helping people find a home. people being forced from home due to code violence. in wall street with rally survive trump. coming up.
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we remain under a
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microclimate alert across the bay area. get read for another round pushing through. mike. >> we're getting into the morning commute. 101 slowing. that's why you have a lot of travel time. 85 to 85. no delays on the transit system. mike, thank you, very much. we do have crews out all over the bay today. spanning the area, tracking conditions. we'll have live reports coming up in 15 minutes. it is quarter to 6:00. oakland residents fazing
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evictions. deadly ghostship warehouse fire. more money should be give ton those forced to move. city leaders are going to be discussing plans for a remembrance for the victims of the fire. state new attorney general this position left vacant when she was elected to the u.s. senate. sara is vowing to dethreat possessed by the new trump administration. national news plan to sue president donald trump. the citizens the committee ethics is filing suit. the suit claims president
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violated constitution the minute he was sworn in. it would be up to federal job to decide if the case moves forward. sean spicer is holding first daily briefing and it comes as he faces questions about saturday's briefing. refuse today take any questions and walked off. spicer called accurate quotes called is shameful and left the podium. trump rally but you say that may not last. >> this is where politics and business intersects. i cannot interpret what's going on in wall street, the general opinion about his inaugural
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address is negative. people who think trade is good for business are concerned this morning. trump has had an opportunity to bring the nation together and has not addressed the idea of unity. the rally was supposed to spend thousands of trillions of dollars on -- borrowing a trillion dollars and that speech did not build a lot of bridges with congress. oil price over the week end plap get another chance to take iraq's oil. he did not expand what he meant by taking the oil. to investors make one hand and another when president of the united states says it.
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samsung held conferences which it said combinations of called fire in samsung galaxy 7. >> over the weekend, they announced they would give $100 million to the -- sits on the board at santa clara, this is largest gift sfu it's largest to university ever. i would give money to santa clara but not as much as $100 million. >> i'm sorry. i didn't mean that. i was going to talk about saint mar ra.
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5:49. the bay area is not the only region getting hammered. 18 people killed in the south this weekend. south of the georgia was the hardest hit. relentless in california. one man had to be pulled out of his truck after it got struck in rushing water. also interstate -- too much -- you can see a car completely merged in water. rushing water took a big chunk out of -- >> on coast large waves damaging. you can see huge waves have been striking the coast.
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we expect the waves to continue to be strong today. >> we remain under high surf advisory, we are expected 12 to 15 feet. we expect -- incredibly dangerous out there. we are footage. avoid that area if you can. dangerous surf are expected to carry over to tuesday to 5:00 a.m. which they did extend high advisory on tuesday. definitely not assal as what we saw yesterday. the 25 to 30 feet could be dangerous. so pod today is not a good beac
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day. roadways are slick. >> despite slick conditions, we don't have a lot of spin-outs. smooth flow of traffic. north bound 101. this we have not -- we did have it before, highway 37 closed from atherton avenue to 101 due to flooding. it should take a few days. a smooth flow of traffic. bay bridge show you a toll plaza, back up. still slick conditions. we'll talk about the flow of
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traffic elsewhere. the bay area -- most of the south bay. now that's easing up. we have a slowing coming down off highway 87. no major problems. 87 shows a little more slowing. no delays. no problems for the trains. >> thank you. long weather week here. we are preparing for tax season. some important dates you need to know. happening now, microclimate weather remains in effect. you can use your app for weather updates through the morning. get look at realtime interactive
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radar. parts of the bay area received more than they have in past 630 years. held to twitter feed to learn the recent rainfall. back in a moment. we're in a microclimate weather
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5:56 welcome back to you. wo we are under microclimate alert. let's take a peak outside. showing you some slick conditions along the golden gate bridge. >> crews in southern california are back out it morning searching for a toddler who may have falling into flood waters. the search efforts -- the current has been too strong, so res crews have not been able to pull the body out of the water. they're asking people to report
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any missing children. at 1:00 yesterday morning 1,500 anningage report. they returned several calls about a shooting. officers noticed car speeding away. followed the car and later crashed. four people tried to run away. they were between ages of 16 and 20. no words on motive for the shooting. if you carpool beginning today bart station can use app called scoop are guaranteed parking spot. bart hoping the new partnership will solve the parking problem commuters face.
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it's part of a pilot programs and plans to expand if it works out well. as we mentioned, tax season begins today. irs going to start accepting electronic tax returns. 150 million are expected to be filed this year. the irs expects more are going to be prepared electronically. deadline is april 15. since the 15th falls on 17th. >> a little extra time for procrastinators. here is a live look at the radar. we are tracking scattered showers. when will we catch a break.
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coming up in just a bit another look at the rain. this is what happens as big waves pound the coastline. we'll tell you where the louse is and how long the advisory is in effect. search rescue looking for a young woman whose car went into the creek. at good monday morning. 6:00 on the dot. more rain move across the bay area. you see the scattered pockets of green. give yourself plenty of extra time this morning: we do have team coverage. we


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