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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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more on the efforts this morning to fill them up. today in the bay starts right now. and, yes, the chp did name that sinkhole c affectionately. >> i think everybody was getting
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wacky with all that rain. a chance to dry out? >> finally. but the radar is showing scattered showers. if you have an early morning commute, you may still want to take a little bit of extra time because any type of rain out on the roads could potentially be dangerous. for the most part the north bay is expected to see showers at least through the middle of the evening. for the rest of us along the peninsula, in the south bay, we should be drying out by 3:00 or 4:00. here is a quick check of the doppler radar. a few scattered showers moving in the next half hour. be prepared for that. as far as your temperatures, get ready for scattered showers in the early morning. yet again we are waking up to 30s and 40s across the bay area. we will be warming to the 50s and possibly drying out in time for your dinner plans. we have a couple lane closures.
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>> this is after the rains and the storms getting a chance for the road crews to get out. we have some closures to talk about this map. highway 13 continues with that closure southbound. down to one lane because of a sink hole. pete will be out to talk about the latest in oakland hills. altamonte pass, this is yesterday morning they had potholes being repaired. a problem out of the alamonte. we have a big slowdown all the way at the altamonte pass. thank you very much, mike. the aftermath left behind after relentless back-to-back storms. governor brown declared a state of emergency for every county in the bay area, along with 40 other counties across the state. all of them heavily damaged from the recent rainfall. the storms are moving out.
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any amount of rain could trigger more problems for waterlogged communities. >> that video is simply incredible. this morning we're watching your roadways. that is a trouble spot for sure on highway 13 in oakland where a growing sinkhole opened up. >> pete, have crews made any progress filling it up? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. crews were here through the night and into the morning. we are here on highway 13 north of broadway terrace. there it is behind me. let's go ahead and show you the aerials from the nbc bay area chopper. sinkhole 5 feet wide, 10 feet deep. it popped up on highway 13
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yesterday morning. from a traffic issue, it is is closing the connector ramp. to get around it, we did it this morning. rerouted from 24 to highway 13. chp didn't provide a specific time when this is going to be wrapped up. crews will be here throughout the morning. it should be wrapped up sometime later today. pete suratos, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. the recent storms making for incredible pictures and video. some of the best stuff we get for you. like this rainbow after the storm that robert burnett sent to us. accepted them to i s see breaking news. and a decision that may slow britain's brexit plans. only hours ago the united
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kingdom ruled british lawmakers cannot trigger plans without approval from the parliament. of course this morning they rule there is no need to consult with any u can k members about triggering article 50. >> now to a developing story out of hayward. a killing of a 16-year-old boy. alameda county sheriff's office said they were shot in an unincorporated part of hayward on the corner of princeton and smalley avenue. witnesses reported hearing gunshots. now authorities are looking to see if this was a drive-by shooting. so far no suspects are in custody. residents of a remote south bay housing community are now reportedly being told to leave in the next three weeks in a dispute over the water there at a small resort called twin
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creeks. the problem started last fall when the water was contaminated with e. coli. the landlord claims it's all legal. at 4:36 this morning, no more warnings and advisories in effect today. calm i conditions, vianey? >> definitely, laura. but we are still seeing a few stragglers on the radar. a live look right now. expect a few scattered showers through the morning. but i may be having good news in the next few minutes. we're hoping for that. right now the san mateo bridge. a nice clear view. the details behind a new report released by lawyers for stunning claims about the
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"ghost ship" fire. a new report released by the building's manager meant to absolve him from responsibility.
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>> today you may be waking up to a few scattered showers. these are the remnants of what has been a series of storms across the bay area. temps in the 40s and the 30s. warming up into the 50s. i'll have a closer look at the
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timeline across the bay area. >> even though it's not rain, look at the travel time. altamonte pass. there's a big slowdown. we'll talk about why this travel time for highway 37 is not entirely accurate. all right. mike, vianey, thank you very much. surprising new claims surrounding last month's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. >> they suggest the deadly fire started from faulty wiring next door. attorneys refuse further comment. but they believe one way or the other he is responsible. >> he is the one who allowed this event, didn't have a permit for it.
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stairs made out of wood pallets. >> 36 people died in the fire. as for an official cause, they are stilling investigating along the with atf. the wife apologizing for what happened and she is angry about what she called pretty terrible treatment by the neighbors. al son was at last night's city council meeting. she said she was sorry for what happened on the night of the fire and said she wishes more had been done before. hoping to rev up jobs in the u.s. what could the new commander in chief provide for as incentives for the automakers. could we get out today and, dare, you say it, even watch the car?
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no more rain. >> you'll find a way to sing. i love that about you. our cars are sparkling clean right now. >> at least they should be. >> all these yucky conditions make for the best in terms of cleaning your car, sam. but you may have a chance to get
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the car clean this week. here's a quick check of that good morning weather. we could still see a few scattered showers. temps right now in san francisco 44 degrees. santa rosa in the 30s. and los gatos in the 30s. as well. we will warm up into the 50s. here it is is. a few remnants left behind, a few stragglers. and of course yesterday we did see a few thunderstorms and even hail across parts of the bay area, including half moon bay and areas of san francisco. we will begin to see a few of these cells move through the area, mainly the north bay expecting to see showers through the early afternoon. and the south bay. a strong storm cell moving through the north bay.
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the majority of that pushes off yet again for the coast. then we are pretty much in the clear. livermore, showers. look at that. by 9:00 a.m., still within breakfast time, no more rain on the radar. could it be? yeah. we're expecting to see partly cloudy skies move in by 10:30, 11:00. we completely see the remainder pushing off the coast. that leaves room for sunshine. we're not expecting any showers. so let's get a quick check of the next seven days. topping out at 52. by tomorrow, we should be drying out. by thursday, don't wash your car just yet. weak stim bringing slight showers to the bay area.
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so far the radar is looking nice and dry. hold on one more day on on that car wash. how is it looking on the roads? >> i wasn't going to wash the car. i never wash the car. the roadways are damp but not going to be he really wet. watch the key areas talking about closures. highway 37 which is your cut through between 37 and 101. the flooding continues to be the problem. it has been an issue a couple of weeks ago. san rafael is an alternate. but then you have to pay two bridges. keep that in mind. i will continue to follow the issue. no metering lights just yet. no backup at the toll plaza. southbound highway 13 and broadway terrace.
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this is what pete is suratos continues to talk about. it will be helping repair work all day today. he's going to give us the latest in oakland. back to the live shot. this is just south of highway 24. it also affects the off-ramp over to highway 15. they have to take a clearly marked detour. be prepared. also, if you're heading to livermore, that's fine unless you're coming out of the altamonte pass. it may continue until 6:00 a.m. south bay, no problems. no delays. you can ride the rails without any problem. back to you. >> sounds fun. thanks. 4:48. president donald trump set to
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meet with several auto ceos to put the pressure to bring bajob to the u.s. >> he we go full speed ahead to landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. landon, good morning. >> reporter: wall street will try to rebound from monday. futures flat. the dow falling for the sixth time in seven sessions yesterday on continued uncertainty by investors over president trump's policies. looking for economic data on home sales and earnings from five dow components. the dow is up 27 points to 19,799. the nasdaq down two. ford, chrysler will meet with president trump today. ford scrapped plans to build a new plant in mexico.
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although it will make some cars at an existing factory. this is the first time the heads of the beg three have met jointly with the u.s. president since 2011. ford is making a bid for a piece of the fast growing auto market. it is creating a new brand called omni craft to the send parts. it could offer an opportunity to convince customers to check out a new car on the showroom floor. back over to you. >> there you have it. thanks a lot. star wars fans, time to listen up right now. i see laura moving her ears ever so closely. certainly your kids are. disney announced the title of episode viii. you see it on your screen. it is is going to be called -- >> something about yoda?
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>> no. the last jedi. >> there's something about mary. >> when harry met sally. it features mark hamill and carrie fisher. it is is set to be released december 15th. and no more movie names. >> you know what's coming up today? the academy award nominations. >> that's 5:45 i believe. >> later this morning they will be announced by bree larson and singer jennifer hudson. it is still a healthy tkdose of
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suspense in every single race. have you seen "la la land" yet? >> i tried to. the sentencing expecting yesterday isn't coming until later this week. why and what the utilities could face. >> we're keeping a close eye on the breaking thus over brexit. parliament need to vote is and approve any measure going forward. we're going to post updates on your twitter page as well. the warriors could not take the heat. the seven-game winning streak ended by the heat last night. steph curry lose 105-102. we're back in two minutes.
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-- we've just confirmed thatpedr welcome back at 4:55. following breaking news, we have just confirmed a pedestrian has been hit by a car in the south bay. it happened in san jose on center tully road. this is a serious situation. we have a crew headed to the scene right now. kris sanchez is on her way. we'll bring you a live report. we will continue to discuss violations getsing the chance to have earn a better health score.
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it helps educate restaurant owners how to clean up their business. the move is being called a huge mistake by the review site yelp. they said letting restaurants pay for new instructions is hardly a surprise. >> how is that even useful? of course they're going to clean up their act when someone is coming. i want to know what they're doing when no one is watching. >> it helps the consumer to make an evaluated decision on where they want to eat. >>. >> after a full investigation tonight at 11:00. give us a call 888-996-tips. or accepted an e-mail to the
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unit @ nbc bay area. we'll have to wait until friday to determine what punishment pg&e will will receive. yesterday they decided to delay until thursday. it is is expected they will be fined $3 million and could be required to make changes to its employee bonus program. they will require a federal safety monitor to watch over the utility. at least one victim at yesterday's hearing. coming up, a chance to the dry out. vianey arrives in for kari hall many finally getting some is sunshine? >> finally. although you may see a few straggling showers during your morning commute. a look at your golden gate bridge. we'll talk about the timeline
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when we can finally expect to enjoy at least two days in a row of more sunshine in the bay area. >> i have a clear shot of a clogged westbound 80. we'll talk about what's going on back at the toll plaza. thank you, mike. plus, the search continues this morning for a missing driver. the reason officials need to stop water flowing from bay area reservoirs to do it. the rain is moving out-- but you
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could still be in for a dicey all right. just some lingering showers left this morning. vianey is calling them stragglers. but the rain generally speaking is moving out. slick roadways you might find when you head out this morning. and as the storm clouds clear, the damage left behind. governor brown declares a state of emergency. first responders believe they found an 18-year-old driver's car here in the alameda creek. the impact it will have on drives. you're watching todayed in the bay. tuesday morning. you made it through your monday, rainy morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. how about change the tempo tuesday.


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