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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 24, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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of water -- crews confirm right now at 11:00 buried underneath 2 1/2 feet of water, crews confirm that they found a missing car. now, the search is on for the 18-year-old woman who drove it into that creek. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm chris sanchez t. has been an intense search so nar. officials had to stop water from nearby reservoirs from slowing down to the search area. it has been an agonizing wait for that young woman's family, but recovery crews had to consider their own safety as well with those rushing waters and debris swirling around the search site. nbc bay area's bob redell is near the canyon. bob werks know there was a press conference at 10:00. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: good morning to you, chris and sam. within the past hour, chp has
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again shut down nielz canyon road which is above me. you can see below me, there the creek law enforcement tells us they have seen a drastic reduction in the amount of water flowing here in the alameda creek. yesterday they couldn't see this young woman's car. compare that to right now in this live look from chopper where you can clearly see her silver honda accord sticking 0 out of the creek. the sedan is upside down in 2 1/2 feet of water located a quarter mile east of the richmond bridge on nile s canyon road. very soon first responders will attach cables, up right it then try to get it to the shoreline. her family has made a point of being out here during the search and during this morning's recovery. the sheriff's office tell us they plan to hold a moment of silence and vigil if they confirm the 18-year-old daughter is still inside the vehicle. >> they are very, very focused, the family, on this recovery effort. this means a lot to them.
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this is the beginning of some closure for them. and families have a way of holding on to hope until the last second that their loved one may not be their loved one. and we can all agree that that's how we would all feel if was our family member in there. >> reporter: the sheriff's office, the alameda sheriff's office credit the family for finding the daughter's vehicle. yesterday 30 members of the family were on the scene when one member spotted what looked like a tire barely sticking out of the water. a law enforcement drone flew overhead and confirmed the discovery. at around 11:00 last night the state and san francisco water department shut down the dams and respective reservoirs. this to reduce the flow of water here in the creek. this is a move that authorities say is highly unusual, but a show of cooperation, unity for this woman's family. the 18-year-old driver lost
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control of her vehicle saturday morning on her way to visit family on the peninsula. she had just started college, studying to become a social worker. law enforcement believes that she did have her seat belt on and if that is the case, that she is still stuck inside that car that you saw live. and a live look at nile s canyon road, you can see a utility vehicle driving by. they have, as i mentioned, shut this road down. law enforcement tells us they have until 3:00 which would be the evening commute to get this recovery process done and reopen that road in time for the drive home tonight for people trying to get back to work. they believe the recovery, once they start, should take about an hour. reporting live here along the alameda creek in free mopt, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> okay, bob, no doubt breathless minutes for that family. thank you very much. this is new video of the powerful waves in pacifica. as an example, look at that. those are waves crashing through the window there. they broke open the glass at moon rakers.
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that was in the bottom floor of the banquet hall at that restaurant locate ed in pacifica. while this happened about 5:15 saturday morning, the restaurant is open for business somehow today. >> i mean, when you see those waves at the beach, it's one thing. when you see them crashing through the windows nearby, that is really scary. three back to back storms that drenched the bay area and left many communities under water, we're finally getting a chance to dry out. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. blue sky. the last couple times we had a little dry spell how long is it going to last, 15 minutes? >> well, it's definitely going to last longer than that, but we do have a little bit of moisture heading our way over the next couple of days. but before we get to that let's talk about the good news. 49 degrees in the south bay, warming up nicely, 43 did he he grizzlies for the peninsula and tril valley seeing periods of sunshine. clouds expecting to climb into the.50 for san francisco. now, here is a quick check as you can see the radar right now looking very dry compared to what we've seen.
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we did see a few of the lingering cells. we have seen those carry out to the coast as that storm system makes its exit. and we were looking at videos of very strong waves that hit in the pacifica. they did see waves of up to 35 plus feet this weekend. and we are expecting the possibility of some -- seeing some breakers between 20 to 25 which is why the national weather service did reinstate this high surf advisory that will remain in effect until 4:00 p.m. today so it's still not going to be a good beach day but we have sun in the forecast. chris? >> i'll take it from here. thank you so much. obviously a little bit calmer today, but the deluge of recent rainfall has led to tens of millions of dollars worth of damage. in every single county, not just in the bay area, but all across the state of california which is why 50 counties right now are in a state of emergency. governor brown made that announcement last night. each of the counties were heavily damaged by the recent storms. you see that chunk of road missing there. that's one of the hardest hit
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spots. that is in the loem a burn area in the santa cruz mountains. >> i mean, it takes us out sometimes. nothing you can do but try to be prepared. >> the mountains have faced mudslides and downed trees. right now even a little bit more rain could trigger more problems. >> a gaping sink hole in oakland is getting smaller gradually, but it could still stick around a few more hours. the chp in oakland which had some fun updating drivers on what they called steve, the sink hole, the pothole's life is now nearing an end and should be gone by the evening commute. a sink hole on southbound 13 grew to about 5 feet wide, 10 feet deep at its peak. two lanes of southbound 13 near broadway terrace were shut down along with the connector ramp from eastbound highway 24. steve formed yesterday during the morning rains and is flattened some people's tires. >> all right, chris, steve might be seeing his ends, but the makeshift swamps that you would find on highway 37 right now is
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here to stay. at least a few more days. a portion of 37 is still blocked because of flooding in marin county. that driver found out the hard way. all lanes remain closed between highway 101 and agtder ton avenue. chp says a bigger pump has been brought in to try and slush out all that water. the last time this area flooded badly, it took a week to clear up all of the water. as of this morning the chp said it still does not have a time estimate of when the lanes are going to open back up. officers there are going to be direct egg traffic in the meentd. >> as we mentioned, the weather conditions created a state of emergency in california which is one topic governor jerry brown touched on as he delivered his annual state of the address, state of the state address just wrapping up now. today's dress comes amidst a shift in national leadership led by the newly minted president donald trump. governor brown said he will
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defend california. when we defend america, we defend, quote, america. >> new at 11:00, fighting for women's rights, saturday's rally, san francisco leader are taking a step to denounce president trump and announced a commitment to protecting women's health care. nbc pete sa ran, they reinforce support for women's health care in the city. hi, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. there's about a dozen or so of san francisco's women elected officials making it clear they're not going to be intimidated by the trump administration and they told us they're going to introduce a resolution during this afternoon's board of supervisors meeting to make sure they are protecting women's health care rights in the city. let's go ahead and show you some video from when this all took place. you had all those elected officials up there taking turns speaking at the podium and they're really just unhappy with the recent decisions by the trump administration, specifically most recently the global gag rule which the president reinstated that blocks
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foreign aid for family planning services. now, san francisco has a multitude of affordable and free health care services for women around the city and want to make sure it stays that way. >> the resolution is the board of supervisors's proactively saying that they're going to fight to continue to support access contra exception, access to health care to make sure no matter what happens the city of san francisco is standing firm for women and girls. >> reporter: the folks i spoke to feel they have momentum on their side. coming off the heels of that successful women's march in san francisco over the weekend, and i also point out today this is the first time in 22 years a majority of the board of supervisors here in san francisco are women. as for that resolution, they plan introduce it during this afternoon's board of supervisors meeting that is going to take place at 2:30 p.m. we're live in san francisco, piece suranos nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you very much. new this morning, a man's body
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has been found floating in the water near the treasure island marin a. san francisco police discovered the body about 3:00 this morning after police officers were called to the area to check on the well-being of a man. it's not clear if the police officers were searching for was the person they found in the water. we'll continue to follow this investigation and bring you the very latest on air and online at >> six people on board an italian rescue helicopter were killed this morning when that chopper crashed into a mountain side. this happened about 60 miles from where a hotel was buried by an avalanche last week killing 15 people. that chopper was scare carrying an injured skier. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> a man right now is in critical condition after he was hit by an uber driver earlier this morning in the south bay. that crash happened this morning in san jose at center and tuly road. the driver did remain opt scene. he told san jose police he just
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didn't see the person walking. the victim was crossing outside the crosswalk which is the length of a football field away. if he crossed in the crosswalk, police say this could have been a very different out come. >> yeah, you can tell it's pretty dark where the pedestrian was crossing. had he crossed at the proper spot in the crosswalk, it certainly lit up a little bit better. the driver may have been able to see him. >> police say the driver was headed to pickup a passenger at the time. neither alcohol nor drugs appear to be a factor in this crash. >> now a developing story out of hayward this morning where deputies are investigating the death of a 16-year-old boy. he was shot and killed. the alameda county sheriff's office said he was shot around 7:00 last night in an unincorporated part of hayward. it is just down the street from city hall on the corner of princeton street and smally avenue. witnesses reported hearing gunshots and authorities are looking to see if this is a drive by shooting. they believe it is. so far no suspects in custody.
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>> horrible news. up next at 11:00 a war over water. the reason an entire south bay housing community is being told to leave. >> plus a delay for brexit, the new ruling that could put the uk's pull out of the european union on hold. >> plus in an update for injury phone very important. we'll tell you about it coming up in business and tech.
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=kris/ 2 shot= ine white house maintains this tul meentd >> we've been talking about the fact the markets were in a bit of a funk. things are surging today. the nasdaq, the s&p 500 and the dow jones up 31 points in trading. >> the white house maintains this morning donald trump's inauguration was the most watched inauguration ever. >> they are not backing down off of that point. scott, they are including online streaming in that number.
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>> yeah, which is certainly a very 2017 way of measuring an audience, right? the problem is, guys, streams are hard to measure. nonetheless, white house press secretary sean spicer yesterday doubled down on his claim that the trump inauguration was the most watched inauguration ever. thanks to views on tablets and other internet devices. now, we're getting some of the data on that. we can't count individual views, but we can measure data. the inauguration accounted for nearly nine terra bites a second of data. that number probably means nothing to you, but we can use it to compare. the euro soccer tournament was about 7.3, the women's jim nas tiks porzingis of the olympics 4 1/2, the royal wedding beinged for 1.1 terra bites per second worth of data. as for tv, kneel son says fewer viewer tuned in who watched obama, but more than watched bush or clinton. apple has pushed out an update
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for its ios. you're going to want to update this one right away actually. if you've done this before, you know exactly what to do. but go to settings then general then software update. you're either going to want to have injury phone plugged in or have a really good charge on it. now, guys, when you do update your phone, you're not going to get any emojis, but you'll get new security software that will protect you from hackers. it's important to do t. back to you. >> always looking out for us. britain's supreme court ruled that the government has to get parliamentary approval before starting the process of leaving the european union, potentially delaying theresa may's plans to trigger negotiations by the end of march. lucy reports from london. >> the supreme court rules the government cannot trigger article 50 without an act of parliament authorizing it to do. >> reporter: this was a set back for the government, but it's one that they were prepared for and quite frankly it's not going to change much when it comes to brexit. now, just to be clear, this
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ruling wasn't about whether or not brexit will happen. it will. but rather about the legal process of how britain will leave the european union. can theresa may, the prime minister begin this on her own or will she need to get approval from parliament? the court ruled by a majority of 8 to 3 that parliament has to weigh in. lawmakers will have to vote on whether or not to trigger something called article 50 at the lisbon treaty. this kicks off a two-year process of effectively negotiating the uk's divorce from europe. theresa may said she wants to do this by march. this morning she said that they are sticking to that timetable. they'll have to submit a bill to parliament. the expectation is that it will pass. remember there was a public vote on whether or not to leave the e.u. and that makes it difficult for lawmakers to go against the tide. now, most of may's conservative party at this point supports leaving and the opposition labor party has said that it won't block article 50, although of course there is always a chance that individual lawmakers may rebel. it may slow things down a bit in
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the long run. they'll certainly be more public discussion of the brexit process, but it's not by any means derailed. lucy, nbc news, london. >> all right, providing some context for us. thank you very much. now to an investigative unit exclusively, san francisco restaurants caught with what some customers have described as pretty disgusting violation are getting the chance to pay to have their low health score replaced with a brand-new one. tonight at 11:00 we're going to show you how some businesses are getting to buy their way to a new inspection where they have a chance to earn a better health score. san francisco says the new program helps to educate restaurant owners on how to clean up their business, but the move is already being called a huge mistake by the review site y elp. the company posts health scores right into its site, but letting restaurants pay for a new inspection which would not come as a new surprise, but instead would be scheduled, gives customers misleading information. >> how is that information even useful? of course they're going to clean up their act when they know
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someone is coming. what i want to know is what do they do when no one is watching. a >> reporter: does president this undermine transparency allowing them to get a brand-new score? >> i don't how it does at all. it doesn't reduce transparency. it helps the consumer to make an evaluated decision on where they want to eat. >> so when does san francisco plan on expanding that program and how is y elp fighting back? you can catch our full investigation tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-# 96-tips. or just send us an e-mail to the unit at >> residents of a remote south bay housing community are now reportedly being told to leave within three weeks in a dispute over water. this is happening at a small former resort called twin creeks on the backside of the almaden reservoir. the problem started last fall when the well water there became contaminated with e. coli and the property was condemned. many tenants moved on but according to the mercury news
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about two dozen remained and they have determined the landlord is illegally tapping into a nearby spring. the landlord claims it's all legal, remaining residents have been ordered to move by february 18th. >> chris, in the sierra, there is so much snow that walls of white are forming on the sides of roads and houses. while some might think that looks like a picturesque scene out of a fairy tail, it has plenty of dangers. the avalanche center says all the layers of snow are capable of breaking free without warning and we've already seen one example of that just in the last week. >> right. but we've also seen a lot of folks, our facebook and instagram feeds, to illustrate how high that snow is. and it's deep. >> it's very deep. but as far as the rain goes and the snow, well, the snow has come down a bit. we aren't expecting too much to fall the next couple days. we're also not expecting much more rain. look at those beautiful skies in the south bay, 49 degrees mostly clear, peninsula also looking pretty good.
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and the tri-valley 44 degrees right now. now, we are expecting to warm up to enjoy a nice cool, mostly clear tuesday across the entire bay area. right now beautiful shot over san francisco. 46 degrees, nice breezy conditions. will stick around through tonight. north bay at a nice 52 and the east bay 50 degrees. here's a quick check of doppler radar. that system is finally away from the coast line and it is gone. but down in l.a. this is the same system that has brought several showers down there as well. unfortunately southern california is still expecting a chance of thunderstorms today. and a few scattered showers. but here for the bay area, we are all for the most part in the clear, still seeing a couple but mostly sunny skies. however, we are still seeing a little bit of that instability up the coast which is why the national weather service did reissue a high surf advisory that will remain in effect until 4:00 p.m. tonight just to play it safe, i would say not the best beach day just yet.
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but you will have another chance and definitely a good chance for this weekend to head to the beach. here is a quick check of the water update. santa rose a 194% of normal. oakland 149. san francisco 151% of normal. these three storms have made for very impressive rain totals just in the past week alone. now, our highs for today will remain in those 50s across the bay area. morgan hill a high of about 53. san jose topping out at about 56 degrees. as we make our way to the east bay also expect 50s. walnut creek 52, oakland a high of 56. fremont 53. daily city, 51 degrees, half moon bay 53 and san francisco is expected to enjoy a nice 54, 55 degree mark. also looking at some pretty good conditions as well over the next cup many of hours, you'll notice sunshine in the trend and we'll be drying up tonight through wednesday. as we look ahead to thursday i have been saying don't wash your vehicle because we are seeing this weak disturbance off the
11:23 am
coast that will bring the better chance for the north bay and san francisco of seeing a few scattered showers early thursday morning. but by thursday night, once that disappears, we are finally in for a drying trend that will start on friday, clearing out for saturday and sunday and, yes, 60s are in the forecast across the bay area for this weekend. so, really this is going to be a very nice, very california winter-like weekend in the bay area. i'm looking forward to it. what about you guys? >> finally friday. put those two things together. thank you very much. >> it's only tuesday. >> i know. >> all right. holding your horses. coming up, two people, two cats found dead in an east bay apartment. the other tenants are evacuated. the key piece of evidence police had to collect before they could let anybody go back home. >> but first, happening right now governor jerry brown just finished delivering his state of the state address. before he started the governor swore in california's next attorney general javier bacera. full state of the state address
11:24 am
on a black out at the epa also known as a gag order. and freezes new contracts. the epa has not responded or commented yet. trump's pick for epa director has frequently challenged previous agency policies in court. you can read more about that on our twitter page. we're back with more news in just two minutes.
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it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. a puzzling case, what caused
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the death of two people and their cats. all of them were found dead in an apartment complex in berkeley. police say there is no sign of forced entry there, and there is no sign of violence. so, the question is what happened? nbc bay area's rick boone has
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>> reporter: attorney mary alexander is representing people -- >> he is the one who allowed this event, that didn't have a permit for it. he's the one that built out this with all the second floor and the stairs made out of wood
11:34 am
pallets. >> reporter: tonight the legal team is releasing the scientific report that shows the fire didn't start in the ghost shipbuilding. the attorneys say faulty wiring in an adjacent building likely he caused the fire. so, he shouldn't face criminal charges. those attorneys aren't answering questions about the report. a document prepared by an investigator, not an electrician. >> mr. almina is still responsible. >> reporter: alexander believe the legal team is trying to create doubt in the court of public opinion. but she says she has no doubt he is responsible for the conditions inside the building that trapped 36 people. >> once the fire started, whatever the cause, these people couldn't get out. >> in a statement yesterday, the city of oakland says the fire department and the atf are officially still conducting an investigation. >> and the wife of derek is apologizing for what happened, but she says she is also angry about what she calls, pretty
11:35 am
terrible treatment by the media and former neighbor. she says she wished more had been done before. meantime, the council a -- for tenants who are displaced for code compliance repairs. also expanding the eligibility window to receive those payments and the city council also passed a resolution that declares december 2nd ghost ship remembrance day. >> san francisco news now, and it is big one at that. today is the city police chief's first full day on the job. chief william scott was sworn in yesterday amid protests the trio of demonstrated tried to disrupt the ceremony. one man began shouting on the balcony when chief scott was giving his speech. you see him being taken away right there. it's no secret many people have been displeased with the
11:36 am
s.f.p.d. and its policies. a couple of contentious issues, officer involved shooltings and police worn body cameras. those are both issues the new chief spoke about during his speech. >> we have to be thoughtful on getting to a place where we are consistent with the release of body cams. i don't know that we he would ever change to just a blanket release, but we do have to be consistent. >> chief scott was selected by mayor ed lee last month, the long-time veteran from the l.a.p.d. says he's going to be an advocate for the community and most importantly a good listener. all right, other news right now, a very scary moment during minnesota's state of the state address. >> this was -- >> get him to the ground, get him to the ground, please. >> tough to watch there.
11:37 am
you see governor day ton hit his head and needs help getting down. lawmakers rushing to his aid. as minnesota governor mark day ton after he collapsed at the pulpit during his speech. he office says he briefly fainted but regained consciousness. governor day ton who turned 70 on thursday said he plan to go back to work as normal this earn monthing. >> hope he checks with his doctors first. that's scary. donald trump welcomed congressional leaders to the white house last night and stirred up controversy repeating widely debunked claims about the presidential election. the lawmakers begin confirming his cabinet nominees. here's nbc's peter alexander. >> president trump opening his house to congressional leaders demd and republicans. food and drink served. but during that bipartisan reception, sources tell nbc news the president spent the first ten minutes revisiting the
11:38 am
campaign. falsely claiming between 3 and 5 million undocumented immigrants who the president called illegals voted in the election. causing him to lose the popular vote to hillary clinton. it's a widely debunked claim but one the new president has made before, just weeks after the election tweeting, in addition to winning the electoral college in a land slide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. the evening punctuating a care sell of white house visits. lawmakers in the state dining room, ceos in the roosevelt room, union leaders in the oval office. >> i'm very happy with the meeting we just had. what do you think? >> excellent. >> after campaigning on more than 20-day one promises. >> in my first day in office, i am going to ask a republican congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. on day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable,
11:39 am
physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall. >> reporter: a more modest opening day. just three executive orders, instituting a hiring freeze for federal workers not including the military, reinstating the policy to ban recipients of u.s. foreign aid from providing or promoting abortions. and most notably, pulling out of the pacific trade deal. obama had project to intend to check china. >> great thing for the american worker we just did. >> reporter: the move triggering a political role reversal, praised by bernie sanders but blasted by john mccain. calling it a serious mistake with lasting consequences. after a combative weekend debut in the briefing room, aides described as alternative facts, spicer tried to smooth things over. >> i think sometimes we can disagree with the facts. our intention is never to lie to you. >> reporter: again complained about media koshlg. >> it's a little demoralizing to
11:40 am
turn on the tv day after this, captain do this, this guy is not going to get confirm. >> reporter: also raising eyebrows, spicer refusing to say what the unemployment rate is almost a year after this trump claim. >> the numbers probably 28, 29 as high as 35, in fact, i even heard recently 42%. >> reporter: spicer's take? >> i think for too often in washington we get our heads wrapped around a number and a statistic. >> we should mention that republican senator lindsey graham did ask the president to either provide proof that there were illegal voting or to stop saying that because it, quote, undermines our democracy. that was peter alexander reporting there. trump aides insist they are going to keep their foot on the gas swearing in cabinet picks at home land security and defense this week, and joining congressional republicans for an out of town retreat. >> all right. this is just the first two days on the job. a lot more action. >> we're going to be busy. >> coming up next we've seen our storm systems here peter out a little bit, but severe weather
11:41 am
is slamming much of the country from nor'easter to twisters. there's no hiding from it. a look at the he damage plus nbc bay area responds. >> a robo call from almost six years ago could put $500 in your pocket, thanks to a court case. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds with a tool to look up your number. next. >> if you hadn't had a chance be to hit the slopes, the next two days will be per he fekt for it. this is a live look with our underground cam. we are seeing several folks in lake tahoe. 18 degrees. right now we'll have a look at what we're expecting over the next couple of days. we're talking maybe sunshine in the forecast coming up. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. round of severe weather across
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the country. nearly two dozen reported deaths so far in this latest round of severe weather across the country. a fierce storm hit the northeast last night causing havoc. >> of course, in the south they're still picking up the pieces as well after multiple tornadoes. nbc's kristen is in cape cod and albany, ga go with updates. >> reporter: hello from cape cod. as you can see still some rain coming down, still these high gusty winds causing a lot of treacherous travel conditions. about 23 million people in the path of this nor'easter, it's been causing problems through yesterday and into today as it continues to move north. >> it's really bad. i was standing up by the jetty and i was getting blown forward. i was getting scared. >> reporter: a lot of downed
11:45 am
power lines, a lot of downed trees. one man was actually killed in philadelphia when a sign blew off a car dealership and pinned him to a car. so, really a dangerous storm out there. this is part of the same system that caused so many problems well to our south. so, we want to go now to chris hopper in georgia to talk more about what is going on there. chris? >> reporter: we're in albany, georgia in the southern part of the state where four people are confirmed dead after a tornado ripped through this area sunday afternoon. statewide 15 people are dead after a weekend of severe storms, and local officials here in albany say their numbers could go up because so many people are still missing, including a 2-year-old boy. i'm chris hopper for nbc news. >> you hate to hear that, but we certainly have gotten our own round of storms. getting a little bit of a break, though, and that's welcome. >> yeah, we had three storms with impressive rain totals, but it did help us clear from the
11:46 am
drought, which is great. here's a live look right now. if you didn't get a chance to it had the slopes, you may want to after this shot. you can see this is a live picture. these are actually folks that are out there right now enjoying what's going to be a very good couple of days of snow out there. now, we are seeing some chilly temps and if we make our way over to another weather underground camera, dee ablow also looking gorgeous. we are seeing a couple of cloudy skies. 44 degrees right now. but we should be drying out as that storm system finally made its exit off the coast leaving behind gorgeous skies just like this one, the outer sunset in san francisco, 48 degrees right now. now, i do want to thank our viewers. they did send some awesome shots especially of those rainbows. right now across the bay area, nice temps, san jose 49 degrees, 48 degrees for san francisco, and here it is. there is a quick check of that system finally he off the coast. however, southern california area is still expecting a chance of seeing some thunderstorms today. for us, though, we are drying out into tonight and into wednesday. we are expecting some nice clear
11:47 am
conditions. although i do want to remind folks we are still on high surf advisory. that will remain in effect until 4:00 p.m. tonight and that is because we are still seeing a pretty big swell along the coast with a chance of seeing some waves and pretty tall breakers out there. highs for today will be in the lower 50s, 53 degrees in morgan hill topping out at 56 degrees in san jose. heading over to the east bay, 52 degrees for walnut creek, 56 for oakland, 52 for livermore. up near the peninsula la, rather, 56 for san mateo. belmont at 55. and make our way to the embarcadero, 54 degrees. so, we are clearing out nicely. i think folks are really enjoying a lot of this sunshine the next couple of days. we aren't expecting a lot of weather except for thrs. if we fast forward ahead to tonight and wednesday we see a weak storm system sitting off the coast by thursday. the biggest threat is going to be for areas near the north bay and maybe along san francisco as well. we do have a chance of seeing
11:48 am
early morning showers. also late into wednesday night, but by thursday evening fast forward until about 6 o'clock, we are expecting to finally clear out and that's when we start a drying trend in the border land and i know it's only tuesday, chris, but i think everybody is ready for the sunshine. am i right? >> we're ready for the sunshine. i hate fast forwarding. >> chris wants to live in the moment and i appreciate that about you. >> every moment is precious. nbc bay area responds to people who receive robo call. >> this is not just living in the moment because some of these calls came in years ago. consumer investigator chris chmura says you could still be entitled to hundreds of dollars thanks to a lawsuit targeting robo call. chris? >> the pot set aside is sizeable. at least $56 million. here's what's happening. a group of travel companies is settling a lawsuit that they are accused of dialing, auto dialing calls back in 2011 and 2012. what was really a time share sales pitch masqueraded as a political survey offering free
11:49 am
cruise. presumably because political calls are auto dialled are legal. if you are eligible for the settlement, this is what you heard. >> hello, this is john from politico opinions of america. you have been carefully selected to participate in a short 30-second research survey. >> people who heard that message between august 2011 and august 2012 could be eligible for $500 per call they received. now, i know, you can't remember whether you got a call that long ago, more than five years ago, and neither can i. but there is an easy to use database online that will help you determine whether they dialed your phone way back when. you simply punch in your phone number and it tells you whether they called. the web address is free cruise call class i would encourage you to input your phone number as soon as possible on that site. the deadline to file a claim is february 1st, which is next wednesday. remember, each robo call could
11:50 am
get you $500. if you have a consumer complaint you can call us. the number is 888-996 tips. or online at >> all right. we appreciate that. thank you very much, chris. >> all right. everyone is gaga over la la. the hollywood musical topping records at the oscar nominations. we go overall the movies that are the talk of hollywood today. morning's academy award
11:51 am
11:52 am
the momentum that powered "la la land" to seven winds carried into this morning's academy award nominations as they cleaned up again. >> the musical about making it big in hollywood garnered 14 nominations including best picture. mark has the details about the biggest night in show biz. >> reporter: "la la land" danced its way into hello hollywood territory this morning, a record tying 14 academy award nominations. it joins titanic and all about
11:53 am
eve as the most nominated films ever. >> fasten your seat belts. going to be a bumpy night. >> reporter: along with best picture, it also grabbed this for emma stone and ryan gossling, the film's music and for the writer director damien shazel. moonlight will compete against "la la land." it earned eight nominations as did arrival. the western hill or high water is also vying for oscar's top prize along with indiana dopgs story, lion. >> women handled that. >> reporter: the space program drama "hidden figures" is also among the nine best picture nominees as are the war saga hack saw ridge and two family dramas, fences and manchester by the sea. that film star and golden globe winner is up for best actor. "la la land's" gossling is among his rivals. so is denzel washington and morton son for captain
11:54 am
fantastic. it was also a record setting morning for meryl streep e her best actress nomination, the most for any performer. street's competition includes stone. natalie portman is another contender for jackie as is ruth for loving. overall, actors of color were nominated. nbc news. >> i think i've been living under a rock. i haven't seen any of those. >> i'm embarrass today say i have not seen a single one. that is part of the problem. february 26th is the oscars. you have one month to binge now. >> we'll be busy the next couple days. all right. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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well, hello, friends. we are saying something we haven't in a little while behind us. >> look at that. >> sunlight. >> it's a mix of clouds and sun, but that will do for me because the next seven days we have another shot of cool and sun. today we will be topping 50s. thursday a little chance for scattered early morning showers but by friday we do start a drying/warming trend, 60s in the weekend. >> everything dry out, that's for sure. >> we're going to be kicking it outside this weekend. i look forward to that. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
11:58 am
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we're live from new york in five, four, three, two, one. >> yeah. >> look at that weather right there. nor'easter natalie still in full force, as natalie morales has swept into the city. taking over the "today" show, delivering big. >> i almost blew you away last night. i had to hold kit down at one point during the stormy conditions. >> we really. >> we'll tell you all about that coming up. meanwhile we're celebrating the oscar nominations today. we have our good friend dave carter here. we will run it all down with you. what we love is first of all "la la land," 14 nominations, tying for the all-time record wit


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