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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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missing after her car is removed from an east bay creek. the reason why law enforcement left the site quickly. today in the bay starts the now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's a cold start to our morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> put away the rain boots. the north bay of san francisco, i'm sorry. we are tracking a weak disturbance. let's enjoy today. it will be very is sunny. san francisco, 44 degrees. expect to warm up with a high of 53 degrees. across the bay area, some places are seeing 30s. here's a quick look at the radar.
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we'll talk about when the next rain chance will come into the north bay of san francisco. >> vianey, you're like that jedi. >> we have one area still dealing with the rain, though. this is the flooding on highway 37. there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud. today president trump plans to the issue an executive order as well to the start building that border wall.
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one of the central promises and one of the most divisive of the campaign for the white house. today in the bay tracie potts is live in washington with details about what this could mean for immigration. tracie. >> reporter: we're learning today he will order the prioritize those who have committed crimes. but the big one is this border wall and who will pay for it. >> we will build our own pipeline. >> reporter: president trump heads to the department of homeland security this afternoon. he will sign several executive orders, including one on building a wall with mexico. >> who knows what president
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trump will do later in the week. >> 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in the election. >> we continue to maintain that based on studies and evidence people presented to him. >> republicans are frustrated. >> i would urge the president to knock this off. this is going to the erode the ability to govern this country. >> even if it is his republicans colleagues in the house and senate. who is going to pay for it? mexico is what the president has said. but mexico has said no. at least for now they will have to up front that money. >> tracie potts live from washington. thank you very much. closer to home on this wednesday
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morning at 5:03. to a developing story we continue to follow at this hour. seven efforts continue for a missing kayaker in the san francisco bay. as soon as the sun rises, more crews will join in the seven. it is happening in the water near the dumbarton bridge. maldonado disappeared yesterday afternoon after his kayak capsized. an update in the next half hour. a search for a missing 18-year-old whose car plunged into the creek this weekend. her car has been recovered but there is still no sign of her. bob redell has been tracking this story since monday. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. alameda county sheriffs tells us they will decide whether or not to resume this search. they have to make a quick
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decision because they have to reopen the dams that the feed the creek behind me. the water agency did close those dams in the search of 18-year-old jenkins. she lost control of her car on niles cap onroad and plunged into the alameda creek. they found her car upside-down in the creek east of the richmond bridge. when first responders turned over, law enforcement suppressed major disappointment. the seat belt was disconnected, front windows broken out but no sign of jada. the jenkins family vowed to continue to look for their daughter. >> we are still dealing with the fact that we do not have our daughter, our sister and our child home. but we're not stopping here. we're going to continue to search for her.
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>> maybe she's in a hospital. i don't know. i'm holding out that maybe we will find her. >> jenkins was studying psychology in hopes of one day becoming a social is worker. reporting live along the alameda creek, bob redell, today in the bay. 5:06. federal investigating how a rifle was stole weren. our investigative team has been tracking. cruel recall steinle's gun was
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1208en out of a car. and a teen arrested with this gun in fairfield. officers spotted the teen, told him to stop. he ignored the officer, got into a waiting car. the driver ignored the officer as well and took off. they found and stopped that car. the driver and the teen were arrested. calling out the oakland catholic diocese over the closing of schools. the diocese says they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to low enrollment. >> as a nation with the racial divide, you don't expect to be mistreated in the church setting. we feel there is a disconnect.
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>> we hope they are able to find one of the other seven schools in the oakland area diocese. >> they have accommodated the 600 students who will will start school in the fall, says the diocese. pounding waves have caused an array of damage in the last couple of weeks. congresswoman jackie spear will talk about local, and federal efforts to stop that erosion. this is from inside the moonraker restaurant. it over a retaining wall and through the window of the restaurant. >> you can see the waves splashing way up onto the sidewalk i was surprised when i heard the window broke. >> they contributed to huge
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waves, sinkholes, eroding coastline. the city estimates it will cost $3 million to fix all that taj. the state park service not taking any chances, not wasting time. crews will tear down this park ranger's home teetering on the edge of a cliff at miramar state beach. a pretty somber mood at one of the he premier ski resorts. squaw valley will will reopen after a ski patrolman was killed yesterday during avalanche patrol work. he was working with explosives to clear areas of the resort that could be dangerous to skiers and snowboarders. one of the explosives may have detonated while he was actually holding it. friends and co-workers set up a go fund me page to help his family with some of the funeral expenses. it is 5:09. time for a look at the forecast. a very cold start. vianey is in for kari this
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morning. a live look outside san francisco. >> good morning. that's right. we are seeing 30s and 40s across the bay area. at least we're not seeing any rain. a lot of folks have been tweeting me when is it going to end? it will be a good day to enjoy the outdoors. we should be warming up into the 50s for the majority of the bay area. a high of 55. doppler radar not showing too much activity which is a nice change. other areas including the south bay, san jose, palo alto as well. 38. 37 degrees. santa rosa, 33 degrees. it is is definitely a chilly morning. here's a look what you can expect as you plan your wednesday early morning and afternoon. we will be climbing into the 50s. it is definitely going to be a day to enjoy with family and friends. finally beginning to dry out after all of this rain, mike. how are the roads enjoying this drying spell. >> they are taking a break.
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much better commute, vianey. we have a new crash. we just heard about this as we were ready to come to set. northbound 880, marina, in san leandro, it just happens that sensors have not yet recalculated. three lanes are reported blocked. chp let us know if it is past 238. it will affect the bottom route. so far they're maintaining good speed. i'll let you know. chp will give us the latest. coming up, calls for tighter restrictions put in place following samsung's massive phone recall. we're learning about the mysterious death of a couple in the east bay.
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we are expecting into warm up for a pleasant and cool
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wednesday. we'll talk about the next rain chance in minutes. mike? no delays for mass transit. that's a good idea. take 880. consider bart heading north through oakland. right now watching the bottom of your screen, the travel for 880 starts to build. more on that coming up. thank you very much, mike and vianey. new details on the mysterious death of two people in a berkeley apartment. we're learning more about a married couple found dead inside their home. authorities say there were signs of foul play. holly says the two were quiet but always smiling. >> i didn't know the fumes that were coming through the walls.
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so that was concerning to me. >> authorities found the couple, along with their two cats dead in different areas of their apartment. but what killed them remained a mystery. they have ruled out carbon monoxide. they even tested radiation. santa cruz county sheriff's office will move forward with its use of body cameras. it will issue body cameras to the all enforcement staff this month. yesterday the county transportation authority announced it will add five new lines to help areas with lots of traffic. with these new additions they will have 38 shuttle routes funded by the transportation authority. there is a plan for a sixth new route in august. new subscription service for
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parents by amazon. they will focus on on s.t.e.m. >> kate rogers is live at cnbc world headquarters. kate? good morning to you, scott and laura. the dow moving towards the all important 20,000 mark. digesting president trump's latest executive orders clearing the way for the keystone xl and dakota oil pipelines. dow rising to 19912. nasdaq up 48 to 5,600.
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overheating is and fires with the manufacturing and design. the tech industry needs to modernize safety standards for consumer electronics. >> we have lost -- >> our satellite. they are issuing its own mobile price system there. >> we need to pay our satellite bill. >> you better get your checkbook out. hey, did you see this? pretty odd appearance at san jose council meeting. captain america he was officially sworn into office. he is a comic nerd. he said he takes his job seriously but takes himself less seriously. he said he wanted to do something food. >> it embodies the ideals of america. those are the kind of things i
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am hoping to strive for. >> he says he's looking for new ways to get people interested in city government. >> if clark kent wants to fly in. >> we are watching a little bit of break from the rain. first let's get right to what you're waking up to on this early wednesday morning. south bay, 38 depress. grab a sweater. peninsula, 48 degrees. tri-valley, 33 degrees.
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we are expecting to see some of the early patchy fog along the north bay and into san francisco in the morning. san francisco 43 degrees. 42 for the east bay. north bay, 33 degrees. here's a look at what the radar is showing. not much activity. a few stragglers off the coast. that's not anything major that will bring us any rain. today we are expecting mostly clear skies. of course all the rivers that we were monitoring the past couple of days. half moon bay topping out at 56 degrees. san francisco, 53 degrees. let's talk about this up and coming drying trend. as i mentioned, today mostly clear. we have a weak upper level disturb answer heading off to the coast. it is is expected to bring the chance for a few scattered showers for parts of the north bay, san francisco. for the most part, it looks like it will be staying off the coast. fast forward through friday,
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saturday, sunday. we begin to see high pressure dominating in the forecast bringing with it much more pleasant conditions. and maybe even 60s for this weekend's forecast. i'm already looking forward to that i know most of you are. it looks like we may be in for more upper level disturbances into next week. >> all right, vianey. we're looking at most of the bay getting a chance to the dry. drying out highway 37 in novato with the closure. northbound 880, marina boulevard, reports that three lanes are blocked by a crash. no. the three lanes are blocked. two lanes getting by from north 238. that's when you start to hit the brakes. past the coliseum you're looking a little better.
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more at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll show you what these are like there. one of those lanes is not yet opened. hopefully it will be open at 5:30. we'll track this over here. no delays for the rails. back to you. >> sounds g. thanks, mike. 5:22. the grade california is received. plus, need help finding lost items? do you think there might be an app for that? of course there's an app for that. issuing gradetoach state for
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their tobacco welcome back to you on this wednesday morning. new this morning the american lung association issued grades to each state for their tobacco control laws and policies. california became the second state after hawaii to raise the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. >> they had a banner year this year as far as tobacco is concerned. >> the lung association released grade for each state. no state received all as. it is is the leading cause of early death. 95% of smokers try their first
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cigarette before the age of 21. nearly 9,000 scooters being ripped off shelves because of a fall hazard. they were sold exclusively at target. take a look at them there. they were manufactured between september 10th and october 11th. it joins the wheel to the axle can break causing a fall hazard. consumers should polling performance products for a full refund. need help finding lost items? don't worry. >> pixie technology will find your lost valuables. pixie point. you place pixie points on everything from your keys to wallets, your lights, your pets. you open this up with an ios device. it starts today. if you're not an iphone user, go
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to android devices later this year. i wonder what the range is on that. my dog runs away all the time. maybe that's saying something. 5:27. hitting the streets once again. the reason uber's self-driving cars may be returning to san francisco streets today. tuition hikes. the rally happening today as we consider raising rates for students. >> the search for a missing kayaker continues in the bay. how local agencies are working together to find her.
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=laura/4shot= ood morning and thank you forjo i'm laura garcia-cannon. =scott/4shot= sam mcgrew -- in for =4shot= ad lib toss to weather =kari/cu= =mike/ck= ck traffic maps crash and slog in saleandro
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=laura/anim= this is the only issue for the bay right now. chp called a sig alert. that's a half hour. northbound 880, marina boulevard. west bound 580 is a good
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alternate. no backup at the bottom of your screen. 26 minutes. this should actually be orange. it is is about 10 minutes longer to go 880 than 580 towards downtown oakland. thank you very much, mike. to this developing story, the ongoing search under way. it is is day break. more crews will dive into the dumbarton bridge looking for a missing kayaker to disappeared yesterday afternoon. pete suratos live where that search is happening. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. we have moved through the county park in san jose where crews met up yesterday as they continued their search for kenneth maldonado. we can confirm the u.s. coast guard is out there. we can show you video from
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overnight. crews were there searching for mold tph maldona maldonado. they were in the bay near the dumbarton bridge heading towards fremont he said the kayak had capsized with a location device inside and phamaldonado was or be found. >> it is is very dark. we don't have a moon. the tides are coming in, so that means it's flooding, which means it will only get deeper and thicker. and our temperatures are dropping. we are expecting temperatures in the 50s, the 40s. and the ambient temperature of the water being 50 degrees. >> cold water indeed. he is described as hispanic male in his 30s, 5'9", afternoon weight, bald, goatee.
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officials were out here assisting with this. they as of 10:00 p.m. back out here when daylight hits. expect on to see a small search boat and were chopper from the coast guard. as i mentioned here at the marina, crews met up yesterday. we're expecting more of the same. of course any updates throughout the morning we will bring them to you in the newsroom. live in san jose, pete suratos, today in the bay. ? let's go to our nation's capital. president trump will make his pick for the supreme court next thursday. this comes after he signed five orders yesterday, including one on the dakota pipeline. the keystone pipeline had been blocked by the obama administration following weeks of demonstration. mr. trump has given that the green light as well.
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that was the scene in seattle. native american groups, along with environmental groups, came together in protest of trump's executive order. happening today, the university of california begins a two-day meeting to discuss a potential hike in tuition. a proposal was made by the uc president. she says the college system needs to new faculty and build new dorms and classrooms. students and state legislators will be at the state capital to demonstrate against the proposed tuition hike. the board of regents is set to vote tomorrow. the new hike would cost in-state student $350 more per year. a political consultant from san francisco is expected to be sentenced today he was arrested in 2015 when police found thousands of pictures and videos of child pornography.
5:36 am
last month he pleaded guilty to those charges and is expected to be sentence to six months in jail. 5:35. a water polo player accused of sexual assault will not face charges. they don't have enough evidence to pursue him. he could face sanctions including expulsion under the university policy. the student's name has not been made public. he is an international student and is believed to have left the country. 5:36. hoping to get some relief for the new flood control plan. council met last night. they had to evacuate downtown mid-january after all the
5:37 am
massive storms we have been having. it was so much it threatened homes and businesses. now council is considering its options including a proposal of a new basin in fairfax. >> that's what makes detention basins attractive. you can keep more water in the creek that you've got left because you have detained it in a detention basin. >> san selma residents voted down the project in a different location back in 2015. the proposal agreed on last night now goes to marin county board of supervisors. steve the pothole did pretty big damage to their cars. you may not be able to get money if your car has some damage from steve. there are always ways to get damage from damage if they have been there for a while.
5:38 am
it is possible to file against caltrans. uber will only be allowed to drive with the technology completely off. the cars will be used for mapping purposes only. and you're volvos here. but ford fusion would actually do the mapping. state regulators revoked registration when uber refused to get necessary permits. the company claimed it was exempt from requirements because its cars had a human in the driver's seat. out to the rock. a new ferry system alcatraz. it includes possible four locations for the new ferry with pier 31 as the top choice. right now the way to get to the alcatraz is through the ferry
5:39 am
service, alcatraz cruises. pretty cold. we are going to see -- a decrease in the heights in terms of the waves. i know we saw tall breakers this weekend. it looks like we aren't under any warnings watches, which is nice to see after a day of storms. peninsula, 48 degrees. south bay, 38. tri-valley, 33 degrees. it is chilly out there. we did see early morning patchy fog on your windshield. take a couple extra minutes before make your way outdoors. we will be warming into the 50s. it will be one of those days where a light sweater will definitely be needed. here is your expected high. 56 degrees in los gatos. the next rain chance coming up
5:40 am
in a few minutes. how are the roads look something. >> we have the one issue. the big issue. the rest of the bay moves well. no surprises. 101, san jose, that one is there. north 238 shows the slowing. jammed up north 880 towards marina. three left lanes blocked by the crash 580 is a good option for you. let me show you the difference between 880 and 580. if it's an option, take 580 because it's much clearer. no problems fort bay bridge as well. we'll send it back to you. make your improvements that were many commuters will like. that's coming up next.
5:41 am
sidewalk is and trees sink anything one san francisco neighborhood. but who will be left with picking up the tab on that problem. it's all coming up next.
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you may need to layer up if you're just waking up and have an early morning commute. 30s and 40s across the bay area.
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38 in san jose. palo alto, 37. san francisco, 44. oakland, 43. livermore, 43 degrees. expect a nice cool day across the bay area. we're tracking plenty of sunshine. i'll have a closer look at maybe what you can expect heading into the weekend. mike? as you approach the bay bridge, look at the bottom of your screen. jammed up because of a crash in san leandro. take 580 as an alternate. thank you very much. 5:44 right now. a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. a man either fell or jumped off the mcbride overcross into 880 and he was struck by a car. he didn't survive. chp said the driver, however, did not stop. here's what the vehicle looks like. a 2006-2014 bmw.
5:45 am
it most likely has front end damage. police say this man robbed a subway on monday night. employees believe e he had a gun. he was able to get away with some of the cash from registers. several groups will gather to show the economic importance of keeping the raiders in oakland. it is called the oakland coliseum economic impact and action committee. they will hold a news conference in oakland at 10:30 highlighting irreparable damage to the community if the raiders leave for las vegas. >> also today, a state senator will announce his bill to lower the amount a company can
5:46 am
garnished from students. >> happening now nbc bay area investigation. one of san francisco's newest neighborhoods are sinking. businesses could be on the hook for fixing it. weeks ago nbc bay area jackson exposed the problem in the mission bay area. public works inspectors were there back in the neighborhood looking for issues. in each they were issued citations to building owners who will have to pay for the fix. >> this is a brand-new area. sit puzzling something so new could have this type of situation. yeah. so we're going to make sure our program, when we're in this neighborhood, what we can fix that we fix. which is trip and fall issues. that's what we're going to do. >> it doesn't appear the buildings are sinking. unlike the sidewalks, those
5:47 am
buildings were constructed on piles driven deep into the ground. a light rail station will be at a stand still the next three months. montague will be redone. the epa will require aoff for the great mall transit city. >> san jose is is an age friendly city. today the mayor will share the importance of being an age friendly city joined by county supervisor cortese. according to the cdc, children diagnosed with adh account for 6 million doctor visits every year. the rate was twice as high for boys and girls. about one-third of patients had an additional mental health disorder. switching gears now. just how violent crashes can be.
5:48 am
it is dashcam video taken over the weekend in salt lake city you can see a fedex truck crossing railroad tracks when a train, watch that, slams right into it. notice the crossing arms weren't down and the warning lights weren't flashing. quite violent there. luckily no one was seriously hurt. more dramatic video. weather creaking havoc across the plains states. things are not expected to improve much. in idaho, volunteers help to get a stranded horse buried in the snow off the mountains. helicopters dropped rope to rescuers on the ground who had to attach it to the likewised horse. the horse was able to make a
5:49 am
full recovery. in southern californqacalif neighborhood surrounded by a river of mud. triggered by all the recent rains of course. a tough few weeks for the state. look for the silver lining. check it out. a beautiful rainbow. thanks an. tag us on twitter, instagram, post it to facebook page. you can e-mail them to us at i see vianey is in for kari. you've got one.
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>> we have searching for potholes. a lot of people searching for sunshine. i found it for you guys. right now in the san francisco area, we are looking at 44 degrees. a high of about 53 is expected for today. and out near the open area, also seeing some 40s in the 40s. an expected of 55 degrees. expecting to see a weak disturbance could bring a chance for a scattered shower within the next 24 hours. nothing too major. 38 degrees in south bay. waking up in the chilly, chilly 30s. by 9:00, 10:00 a.m., we should
5:51 am
be warming into the upper 40s. 53 degrees by 12:00. patchy fog in santa rosa. and into tonight as well. be out there and be careful on the roads. push to go thursday, look ahead. if you pay attention off the coast, a veshowers off the coas. don't wash your vehicles just yet. thursday afternoon, finally, finally, clear your car of mud. mine isn't looking to pretty as of now.
5:52 am
patchy fog along the coast for early tomorrow morning. be careful on the roads. as always, a major concern, low visibility could be an issue. i will have a look ahead at the reservoirs and where they're at in terms of capacity. but first let's go ahead and send things over to mike and get an update on the roads. a crash in san leandro. two spots with unusual slowing. the rest of the bay looks good. very light commute. southbound 680. an earlier crash left one in the middle of a roadway. a hit and run crash. people say we saw a crash. have call chp. look at your screen. eight minutes more for the drive for 680 than we typically see this time. there's your additional delay for the tri-valley. of in the bay, northbound 880 holds at 36 minutes.
5:53 am
the bulk on 238 up to marina. 20 minutes for 580. and this crash was blocked. crews heading to the scene as far as the tow trucks go. north of there no problem toward the bay bridge. back to you. a night after scoring four goals, shark patrick marleau got it rolling last night. >> he will shoot it. they score! patrick marleau! >> that is the game-winning goal in the final minutes against the winnipeg jets. 498 for his career. 500 is a big deal or, and he's almost there. sharks are back in san jose tomorrow night. i think it's the oilers. still ahead, outrage over catholic school closures in the east bay.
5:54 am
the reason school officials say they simply cannot keep the schools open. but first happening now, president trump launching an investigation into voter fraud. the president saying millions were cast illegally and cost him the popular vote. no evidence of widespread voter fraud. check out and saved from a hoarder. 90 yorkshire terriers rescued from a northern california home. we'll be back here in two minutes. the worst thing about toilet germs?
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...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they kill 99.9% of germs including e. coli. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... ...lysol that. san francisco. it's going to be chilly across the bay area-- with temperatures in the 30's and 40's. good morning to you. a powerful look at san francisco right now. pretty chilly across the bay area. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. mostly sunny after all the recent rain we have had. vianey is in for kari hall. restaurants who flunked their health inspections are allowed to buy a new score. >> it is a program the city is testing out. investigative reporters have that story for us.
5:58 am
>> reporter: good morning. we're continuing our series dirty secrets. chances are you have noticed the health score cards hanging up in restaurants across san francisco. the grade 1 to 100 is supposed to give customers an idea how clean or dirty that restaurant was when health inspectors popped in for a surprise visit. they live with that for up to a year before their next surprise inspection. we are learning some restaurants are paying to get new scores. traditionally restaurants in san francisco have been told that unannounced inspections could come every six months to a year which would mean a new health score. but the pilot program allows restaurants to order a do-over within 30 days and just pay $191 and their low score is replaced with a brand-new one. yelp is urging its hometown of san francisco to stop the new program arguing it allows restaurants to hide dirty health
5:59 am
scores from consumers. it is featuring a new alert urging customers to call the city to complain. but health officials say the new program isn't hiding any information as restaurants have to make improvements in order to earn their new score. it officially goes live later today is will impact 60 of the worst rated restaurants. watch all our investigations in the series and learn about other loopholes allows restaurants to keep their past violations secret. thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative, give them a call. 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to thethe unit the coast guard crews are scouring the area near the
6:00 am
dumbarton bridge. and a missing south bay man whose kai yak overturned as well. a new developing in the search for an 18-year-old driver whose car crashed into a creek. president trump expected to fulfill one of the campaign promises today. his plan for cracking down on immigration. today in the bay continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. it's a cold start to our morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> sam brock has the day off. so is kari hall. so we'll check in with vianey. >> i prefer iced bay. but in the south bay it is 36 degrees. it is cold. peninsula also 48 degrees. tri-valley,


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