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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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dumbarton bridge. and a missing south bay man whose kai yak overturned as well. a new developing in the search for an 18-year-old driver whose car crashed into a creek. president trump expected to fulfill one of the campaign promises today. his plan for cracking down on immigration. today in the bay continues right now. a very good wednesday morning to you. and thanks so much for joining us. it's a cold start to our morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> sam brock has the day off. so is kari hall. so we'll check in with vianey. >> i prefer iced bay. but in the south bay it is 36 degrees. it is cold. peninsula also 48 degrees. tri-valley, look at that.
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30 degrees. the only good thing, though, is we are expecting to have clear skies which will make way for a lot of sunshine. it will warm up into the 50s. san francisco, 43 degrees. east bay, 4 degrees. and the north bay, 33 degrees right now. now, we will be drying out for today. but of the next couple of hours, 10:30, 11:00, we will start to see more cloud cover. we are tracking a weak disturbance bringing the chance to the north bay and san francisco. a look ahead at your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. how are the roads look something. >> a couple disturbances. most of the bay looks good. dumbarton bridge. southbound 680. reports of an earlier crash leaving one vehicle in the middle of the roadway. chp has yet to get through that drive to let us know whether or not that vehicle is still there.
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we'll track that. that is an issue northbound 880 three lanes blocked. jamming up the drive north. a distraction to the southbound side as well. it will take you 35 minutes through that mess. 580 an easy drive. no delays for mass tran. bart is good if you're traveling on of oakland and san leandro as well. i heard there may be a fender-bender near the bay bridge. thank you very much. 6:02 right now. now to a developing story we continue to follow at this hour. search efforts for a missing kayaker in the san francisco bay. soon more crews will help out. this is a live look near the dumbarton bridge. the search has been going on for hours. the kayaker who since has been
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identified as maldonado disappeared after his kayak capsized. pete suratos is at the scene for us this morning gathering information. he will join taos bring us an update in the next half hour. meanwhile, still no sign an 18-year-old woman who crashed into the creek on niles canyon road. crews have pulled her car out of the water but she was not inside. we have learned crews may have found something else. bob redell is live at the scene this morning. bob, we understand there's a development. >> reporter: good morning. you are correct, scott. a source tells us that downstream from this wreck, deputies did find some clothing matching the description of what this 18-year-old driver was wearing at the time of her crash. later today, alameda county sheriff department will decide whether or not to continue to search for her in the alameda creek.
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it has got to be a quick decision because water agencies have to reopen the dam that they shut down upstream to help in the search she is a college student from tracy who lost control of her car is and plunged into the alameda creek. they found her car upside-down in the creek east of the richmond bridge. when they turned the car over, law enforcement expressed disappointment as they found the seat belt had been disconnected and front windows broken out. >> we don't have our sister, daughter home. we are going to the continue to search for her. >> it is likely she unfastened
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the seat belt and tried to get out. >> my daughters are my life. so i have hope that we may find her. maybe she's in a hospital. i'm not sure. but i'ming out th holding out t find her. >> she was studying psychology in rockland hoping to one day be a social worker. president trump expected to sign more executive orders. not clear what the orders will cover. but we do believe they will deal with the southern border and immigration. mr. trump tweeted last night and said it would be a big deal on national security he said we will build the wall. the president is expected to sign executive orders while at the department of homeland security. so far president trump signed 10 executive orders, including five yesterday we'll check in with
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today in the bay's tracie potts at 6:30. as we wait for president trump to sign the next rounds of orders. breaking news out of pennsylvania. a huge sinkhole. you see the truck almost falling in. no reports of injury or what caused it. east bay parents angry over the closing of several schools. st. lawrence o'toole elementary voiced their on opposition. the die the sees says they are thousands of dollars in debt due to low enrollment. >> as a nation in a racial divide, you don't expect to be mistreated in the church setting. it feels like somehow there is a disconnect. >> we certainly hope they are able to find a place in of the
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other seven schools in the oakland diocese. the diocese says it has room to accommodate the more than 600 students who will will need a new school in the fall. new details now on the mysterious death of two people in a berkeley apartment. we're learning more a married couple found dead inside their home. there are no signs of foul play. but neighbors are giving notable clues. holly said the two were quiet but always smiling. she said for quite a while she smelled fumes like burning rubber from a generator but she didn't know what it was used for. >> i didn't know the fumes that was coming through the walls, so that was concerning to me. >> police have ruled out carbon
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monoxide. they even tested for radiation. squaw valley ski resort will reopen one day after a patrolman was killed. he was working with explosives to clear areas with explosives. one may have detonated while the patrolman was holding it. friends and co-workers set up a go fund me page to help his family with some of the funeral expenses. pounding waves have caused an array of damage in the last couple of weeks. congresswoman jackie spear will talk about local, and federal efforts to stop that erosion. this is from inside the moonraker restaurant.
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a rogue wave broke over a retaining wall and then through the window of the restaurant. good morning. it is cold in parts of the bay area i want to say all the bay area. half moon bay, 46. san francisco 42 degrees. palo alto and san jose in the 30s. 36 in san jose. livermore, a chilly, biting 30 degrees. and santa rosa, 33 degrees. we will be warming up with a lot of sunshine come with it. into the 50s. half moon bay, expect 55 degrees los gatos, high of 56. it will be a nice, cool day. we are in for a trend and warming trend as well. we are expecting a chance to be 50s to warm up into the 60s into the weekend, which is going to bring a chance to enjoy the outdoors finally.
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a chance of early morning showers to the north bay in san francisco. take a look at that. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, even tuesday we are seeing sunshine in the forecast. by next wednesday we could see another storm move to the bay area. more details in a few minutes. how are the roads? >> a quick look at the bay bridge. one lane right there. below our camera, not getting a lot of detail. the picture tells the tale. the bay bridge has a minor issue. the big problem is here north 880. that crash blocked three lanes. hp does not know when it will be cleared. there are seven vehicles involved in the crash. take 580 is an option for you, definitely take that.
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6:10. a fallout over the samsung galaxy note 7 recall. it has been a week since an avalanche buried a hotel in italy. the desperate search for survivors continue. the new services designed to the ease congestion on the roadways.
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>> and if you don't have to the work too late today, take a chance to head outdoors and enjoy what will be a lovely wednesday afternoon. highs in the 50s on the cool side 56 for san jose. 53 degrees in palo alto. i will have a look at what you can expect if you're planning to head out to tahoe. a minute delay for northbound 880. i'm tracking that and the bay bridge. thank you, vianey and mike. breaking news to tell you about just into our newsroom. take a look at these live pictures out of washington, d.c. anti trump protesters have climbed a crane in downtown d.c. they're refuse to go get down. apologize the video is moving. the live picture is moving just a bit. happening just a few blocks away from the white house.
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the protesters were reportedly trying to hang a resist banner. part of the demonstration by greenpeace, an environmental protection group. we will give you updates as soon as they are available to us. >> 6:15 right now. moving on to italy. that town was struck by an avalanche over the weekend. they found more bodies overnight bringing the death toll to 21. eight people are still unaccounted for. rescue workers are mourning some of their own killed in a helicopter crash. happening today, the department will teach deputies about the new technology. it will issue body cameras to
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all staff this month. no shuttle routes coming to san mateo. the transportation authority announced it will add five new lines. with these new additions, they will have 38 shuttle routes funded by the transportation authority. san francisco leaders are limiting indoor agricultural businesses, namely marijuana growing operations. it will allow the city to think of the potential impacts. californians voted to legalize it during the election. in business and tech news, wall street will try to build on tuesday's gains. the dow is moving very close to 20,000 investors are digesting
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the latest from president trump. >> the consumer product safety commission is calling for safer lithium batteries following the samsung galaxy note 7. they blame overheating on problems with manufacture and design of those batteries. the tech industry needs to modernize safety standards. target allows customers to pay for stuff with an app on their phone. target would join a small but crowded market including apple, samsung, google wallet. mcdonald's is giving away some of its special sauce. they will hand out 10,000 bottles of special sauce at
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participating locations tomorrow. they are offering the big mac and two additional sizes if the big mac is not big enough for you. or not too big. the mack junior has a single patty. and the grand mac has a larger patty. >> the big mac is a bigger one. >> i never had a big mac in my life. >> challenge accepted! >> i kind of like that record. >> let's check in with vianey. >> well i have had a big mac in my life. right now if you're waking up, you may want to bundle up. san francisco is looking beautiful out there. 42 degrees. there's a live look. 44 degrees right now in oakland. and we are expecting a chance of
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seeing a few scattered showers. sunshine. if you haven't taken your days on a walk, my dog might get a treat today. half moon bay, 55. 56 near palo alto. the next couple of hours, here's a look at what we can expect. we're tracking cloudy conditions the next half hour. we could still see fog in the santa rosa area. san francisco also. but if we fast forward through tonight into later hours about 10:30, 11:00. we do see this very weak disturbance off the coast. san francisco, early scattered showers are expected to make an exit.
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south bay at capacity. so this rain the past couple of days definitely helped us out with that drought. but if you're planning on heading out to the tahoe the next couple of days, you may see a few snow showers today and early tomorrow. by sunday and monday, you might have pretty good skiing and snowboarding conditions as well. here's a look what you can expect. across the bay area, a drying trend -- actually thursday night into friday. a nice break from all that rain. how are the roads look something. >> highway 13 the big sinkhole. over here the rest of the bay looks pretty good. really good. except for a couple of key spots over the tri-valley continues to recover. a minor distraction.
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but you only have five minutes of delays. no problems dublin interchange. north 80, seven-vehicle crash. chp does not know when they will clear that. coming off 238. that's for the northbound commute. bart an option heading in that direction. but not the southbound side. a quick look at the bay bridge. a disabled vehicle. not a major impact. there you go for the bridges. slow for the san mateo. back to you. coming up next, it could cost more. bay area athletes fighting
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for social change. the new program at san jose state using force to create that change. ==laura/vidbox==
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amazon has a new subscription st parents. "stem club" will deliver educational toys to your home for $19.99 a month. amazon will hand pick the toys, and make sure they're amazon has a new subscription service aimed at parents. amazon will hand pick toys age appropriate.
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the s.t.e.m. toys will be focused on science, technology, engineering and math. something parents and teachers are very familiar with. governor schwarzenegger attending the weekly audience at the vatican. he listened from the front row as pope francis attended the audience. he talks about how mankind is responsible for global warming. a new sports institute at san jose state university. they spoke on panels about sports, finance, and social
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justice. each will lend their voices to the school's new institute. >> they're interested in what they're interested in. just by being curious what the athletes they admire are doing, a lot of young people find their way to social activism. >> bay area athletes have longer fought for social change. >> president trump facing criticism for assisting millions of voters were casting illegal votes in the election. the reason other republicans are unhappy with those comments. >> uber's self-driving cars may return to the bay area a month after uber got in trouble for using them without permits. the new rules uber will have to follow. the search for the missing kayaker will in the san
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francisco bay. the resources that local agencies will use today. and a live look outside. looks like the morning commute is back. metering lights are on at the toll plaza. mike and vianey are monitoring the commute across the area. we're waking up to cold
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temperature a very good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside downtown san jose. a at the sky, pretty clear out
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there. but that very cold as well. we're expecting to see sunshine today. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. sam has the day off, as does kari so we turn to vianey. >> kari left me a note and said you cannily get rid of the rain boots for now. we have a little bit of rain that may be hitting next week. mount diablo, 30 degrees. we will be warming up quite nicely into the 50s. high of about 56 degrees in san jose. half moon bay, mid-50s. we aren't tracking any major weather today. don't miss out on the chance to travel. here's a look at the next three takes. you may want to check road conditions as you make your way up. as we head into the next couple of days and the weekend, we will
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be dry. making way for pretty nice temps. i'm assuming nice snowboarding and skiing conditions as well. i understand we are still tracking the big crash in san leandro. >> big problem for the nimitz. lighter volume of traffic wednesday. we are following 880. nimitz is jammed solid out of hayward. northbound 238 which is back to the line, all of this traffic up towards marina bailiff. still three lanes blocked. seven vehicles still have to be cleared completely from the scene. we're hearing about stalls or other issues in the backup. this will be a complication. 580 a much better drive. look at the travel times. 30 minutes now. much better than five minutes ago. still about 20 minutes longer for 880 than 580. the improvement at the mom of the screen may indicate lanes open. back to you. thanks so much, mike.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of washington, d.c. these are live pictures where antibiotic trump protesters climbed a crane and are refusing to get down. ly making a little bit of progress there. we brought you live pictures just about 20 minutes ago or so. they are trying to unfurl a banner there. we understand it says resist. >> greenpeace trying to do this. we are streaming this live at as well. you can watch the progress on this. of course we will continue to watch the progress and bring you any updates as they come. at 6:32, another developing story this morning where the search is on for a san jose man in the fremont after his kayak overturned yesterday. as the sun rises, more crews will be on the water. >> pete suratos is live to bring you some updates.
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good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and laura. we are hear at the marina in san jose where crews met up yesterday. soon they will meet up here again once daylight hits. kenneth maldonado of san jose. guys, you can see crews there. we did confirm there is a cutter in the water. this is called in 4:30 p.m. a friend is out there in a nearby raft in the bay. they were heading towards fremont. as he turned around he saw maldonado's kayak was upside-down in the water with only a flotation device. and maldonado was nowhere to be found. here they are explaining some of the difficulties they had with the search. here they are. >> it is very dark. we don't have a moon. the tides are coming in. so that means it's flooding,
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which means the water is only going to get deeper and thicker. our temperatures are dropping. i believe we are expecting temperatures in the 50s to the 40s and ambient temperature of the water being 50 degrees >> reporter: very cold water indeed. now for a description of maldonado, a hispanic male, 5'9", bald, goatee, hispanic man in his 30s. they are expected to be back out here once daylight hits. a chopper will be here later this morning. of course we will bring you any updates as they come in we will bring them to you in the newsroom. pete suratos for today in the bay. we have brand-new news into the newsroom as well. a live look at the big board. right there behind time and temperature, which is always an important thing to know, there we go. 20,000 on the dow.
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20,016. nasdaq and s&p opening at records. but never before has the dow been of 20. uber receive-driving cars will be allowed on the roads but they will only be allowed with the technology turned off. they will be used for uber's were mapping purposes only. and you're seeing volvos here. but ford fusion would actually do the mapping. state regulators revoked registration when uber refused to get necessary permits. the company claimed it was exempt from requirements because its cars had a human in the driver's seat. happening today the university of california begins a three-day meeting to discuss a potential hike in tuition. the proposal was made by the president of the uc. they said they need to raise tuition to build new dorms and classrooms and hire new teachers.
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the uc board of regents is expected to vote on the issue tomorrow. the new hike would cost in-state students $350 per year more. happening now, president trump tweeting he is launching an education into is what he called voter fraud. he claims millions of votes were cast illegally and it cost him the popular vote. there is no evidence of any widespread voter fraud. today president trump plans to the issue an executive order as well to the start building that border wall. one of the central promises and one of the most divisive of the campaign for the white house. today in the bay tracie potts is live in washington with details about what this could mean for immigration. tracie. >> reporter: we're learning today he will order the prioritize those who have committed crimes.
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but the big one is this border wall and who will pay for it. >> we will build our own pipeline. >> reporter: president trump heads to the department of homeland security this afternoon. he will sign several executive orders, including one on building a wall with mexico. white house chief of staff said he will hold off onners, children brought to the country illegally. >> today i have a permit. but who knows what president trump will do later in the week. >> reporter: mr. trump insists 3 million undocumented immigrants voted in the presidential election. >> we continue to maintain that based on studies and evidence people presented to him. >> republicans are frustrated. >> i would urge the president to knock this off. this is going to the erode the ability to govern this country.
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>> we're challenging him to join us. even if it is his republicans colleagues in the house and senate. he is set to sign off on an order for immigrants who committed crimes. >> tracie potts live from washington. thank you very much. a new ferry system alcatraz. it includes possible four locations for the new ferry with pier 31 as the top choice. right now the way to get to the alcatraz is through the ferry service, alcatraz cruises. >> san selma residents voted down the project in a different
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location back in 2015. the proposal agreed on last night now goes to marin county board of supervisors. >> that's what makes detention basins attractive. you can hold water back is and do improvements in the creek that keep more water in the creek but you've got less because you have detained it in a detention basin. >> san selma residents voted down the project in a different location back in 2015. the proposal agreed on last night now goes to marin county board of supervisors. it may have been amusing to hear about a pothole named steve. but for a lot of people that pothole did damage to their cars. you may not be able to get money if your car has some damage from steve. there are always ways to get damage from damage if they have been there for a while. it is possible to file against caltrans.
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if you think your car was damaged from some sort of inaction on their part. >> good morning, bay area waking up to 30s and 40s. we are finally starting to see peeks of sunshine. the south bay seeing, clear skies. 36 degrees in the south bay. 30 in the tri-valley. 48 in the peninsula. 44 for east bay, 43 san francisco, 33 for north bay. we have cooling in terms of the temps. we will warm up into the 50s. we are expecting highs in san francisco for your wednesday. 56 degrees. san francisco, 53. san jose, 56. >> how are the roads look
6:41 am
something. >> look at the bay. overall traffic is great. hayward northbound up towards san leandro. the backup, although it has improved, jammed up off 92 all the way up to marina boulevard. solid for northbound 238 through the area. 580. a much clearer route through oakland. more traffic heading towards the san mateo bridge. no delays for mass transit. back to you. there you go. thanks so much. 6:41. coming up, a station about to close for months. the major improvements that are in store that commuters may like. >> where are you when the dow
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crossed 20,000. you're right where you aring right now. the dow did it for the first time today. we're watching it sink a little bit. it may cross back again. i can show you the world
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent
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an early chance of rain. heading towards the weekend, drying and warming conditions for san francisco, the inland area as well. we could be climbing into the 50s. a closer look at daytimer coming up. travel time at the bottom of your screen. much improved. i'll tell you why you are not completely out of of a mess. >> thank you very much, vianey and mike. 6:45. investigatorsing for a driver involved in a deadly hit and run. a man either fell or jumped is off the mcbride overcross near 880. he didn't survive. the driver didn't. and here's what the suspect's vehicle looked like. i bmw 3 series from 2006 to 2014. it should have front end damage.
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san bruno police are hoping someone will recognize this man. he robbed a subbe way restaurant on el camino monday night. employees believed he had a gun. he was able to get away with cash from the registers. several groups getting together to show the importance of keeping together the raiders. it is called the oakland coliseum economic impact and action committee. they will hold a news conference in oakland at 10:30 highlighting irreparable damage to the community if the raiders leave for las vegas. >> also today, a state senator will announce his bill to lower the amount a company can garnished from students. lenders right now can garnish 25%. the proposed cap is 15%. a light rail station will be at a stand still the next three
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months starting january 30th. the motague will be redone preparation for the bart extension. >> san jose is is an age friendly city. today the mayor will share the importance of being an age friendly city joined by county supervisor cortese. this is an odd appearance there. a caption america shield was officially worn into office. a self described comic nerd. he said he takes his job seriously but takes himself less seriously. he said he wanted to do something food. >> it embodies the ideals of america. those are the kind of things i am hoping to strive for.
6:48 am
people, justice, fair play, democracy. >> more power to you. he says he's looking for new ways to get people interested in city government. >> he should join the police department. he could protect and serve there. there is a virus hitting communities across the country right now. >> tom costello reports on the brutal stomach bug known as norovirus. good morning, scott and laura and good morning san jose. it is different from the flu virus. if you got the flu shot, it will not protect you you. but the symptoms may similar. it is is not pleasant to talk in the morning at breakfast time. stomach aches, diarrhea, vomiting, the chills. can send you to bed for a coup of days. it is is incredibly contagious. if one kid in the family gets
6:49 am
it, it can quickly spread to the second and the third kid and the parents can get it. it can quickly move through the family. it could live on services you may not think would be a breeding ground for the norovirus. bed linens, sheets, for example, the towels in the bathroom, services of course in a bathroom. in the kitchen, dirty dishes, all of that can be a breeding ground. so if somebody gets it, you need to clean everything with hot water and bleach-based cleaner as quickly as possible. be very careful if somebody around you is sick. protect yourself. if you're sick, don't go back to work. wash everything as quickly as you can. >> all right, tom. catch the full report on the "today" show right after today in the bay. >> makes me want to go home and bleach everything right now. 6:49. switching gears for you, we have video showing how violent crashes can be.
6:50 am
this is dar cam video. see the fedex truck crashing the tracks. the crossing arm wasn't down and the lights were not even flashing. 15 people across georgia were called. $100 million worth of damage as well. the storms hit florida and mississippi where five people were killed. >> more drama video from the weather wreaking havoc across the plains states. drivers couldn't find the road in many cases due to whiteout conditions. things are not expected to improve much today. in idaho, volunteers helped to get a stranded horse buried in snow off the mountain. they had to bring in helicopter to rescuers on the ground who
6:51 am
attached it to the a tranquilized horse and eventually lifted off. that horse luckily is expected to make a full recovery. check this out. southern california, it's not snow but mud that slowed down the hillside covering everything path and homes as well, the pool. the governor declared a state of emergency. >> that's a lot of mud. here's a lot of rain for you. a rainbow at the end of the storm. this is over the park. a picture from lee ann baker. >> send us pictures. our photographers thank you. >> a cool start to this morning. >> yeah. we still have the cold air mass. all that in stability may affect the coast for at least today.
6:52 am
enjoy today. mostly clear skies. a beautiful shot. 30 degrees right now out there. the city begins to wake up. 42 degrees. lake tahoe looking at three degrees. i hope everybody is someplace with the fireplace on. it is is cold. waking up to the 30s and 40s. we will be or warming up into the 50s. in san jose, 36 right now. by 11:00 or 12:00, we should climb into the 50s. 57 by 2:00 in the afternoon. that is our expected high for the day. san francisco, by 11:00, 12:00, in the 50s. expected to top out 55 for the san francisco area. i will have a closer look at expect in terms of the next seven days in a few.
6:53 am
i know now this is what you can expect with the hour-by-hour outlook. tonight into early thursday morning. more rain. srp no fear. the north bay in san francisco will be the only ones that may see a few scattered showers. the next couple of hours, the high pressure will begin to dominate once the system makes its way through on thursday leaving behind a lot of cooling but also or warming trend. we clear out by thursday night. heading into friday morning, a high of 54 degrees. look at your weekend. less time for that already. 56 in san francisco on saturday. sunday, 57. for the inland areas, expect to be climbing into the 60s for this weekend. today is going to be a gorgeous day. how are the roads looking to the commuters? >> first of all, let's linger on the nice forecast for a second. okay. now linger over here to the east bay. south bay starts your typical
6:54 am
pattern. we're recovering through hayward. crash cleared 20 minutes ago. still jammed. slow up to 880. they are recovering there. now, a really good drive. we still have the closure. highway 37 in novato between as salesperson and 101. you can see the backup. another fender gender reported there. no delays for the mass transit. so so bart can take the you under all of that. coming up, top bay area headlines we have been following all morning, including the search for the missing kayaker in the san francisco bay. take you out there live. as the sun begins to rise and rescue crews resume looking for a man missing since last night.
6:55 am
>> president trump tweeting he is launching an investigation into voter fraud despite the evidence of no widespread fraud. more on and saved from hoarders. 90 yorkshire terriers rescued from a couple. see the amazing transformation after they were cleaned up. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories ontoda in the bay. . == anim== ==laura/live== we head out live to emt -- near the dumbarton bridge. it's a story ' we have your top stories for today in the bay. near the dumbarton bridge, a story we have been covering all morning long. crews ready to launch a helicopter to look for a kayaker that went missing last night. kenneth maldonado of san jose, 32 years of age. his friend said he turned around and saw his kayak upside-down. >> bob redell is in niles canyon as a search for a missing woman heads into its fourth day. >> the car has been found but still no sign of her. >> reporter: downstream they found clothing matching the
6:59 am
description of what 18-year-old jenkins was lost control of her car on niles canyon and plunged into the alameda creek. yesterday responders removed the car. a major disappointment for law enforcement, they did not find jenkins inside the car. they will decide today later this morning whether or not to search for her. bob redell, today in the bay. >> we'll continue to follow that. >> let's get a quick check of what the next seven days is is going to the look like. topping out in the 50s. >> meanwhile, as you get out the door. >> we have a big crash. it is recovering. south bay, no problems. hayward heading north for 238. >> all right. sounds g. back with a local news update in a half hour and every
7:00 am
half hour after that. >> we'll see you at 11:00. have is a great day. good morning. breaking news. president trump calls for a major investigation on voting fraud after doubling down on false claims that millions took part in the election illegally. this as he gets set to sign an executive order today on building the wall. >> we will build the wall. >> the president also moving to temporarily ban immigration from several muslim countries. we're live at the white house. supreme contenders. president trump is narrowing his choices for the supreme cour


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