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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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border patrol officers and triple the number of ice officers. mr. trump says the construction of the wall makes both the u.s. and mexico safer. and that it will actually improve relations between the two countries. >> we're in the middle of a crisis on our southern border. the unprecedented surge of illegal migrants from central america is harming both mexico and the united states. >> mexico official the aren't buying it, though. the issue of who will pay for the wall is still unsettled. president trump signed another executive action as well, cracking down on sanctuary cities. and soon plans to stop syrian refugees from coming to the u.s. we have a team of reporters covering the bay area impact of president trump's orders. we begin with damian trujillo,
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local immigrant rights groups say they're ready for a fight on immigration. >> they say they are, jessica, a lot of uncertainty tonight for tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants, including the students here on campus known as dreamers. while the program that shields those dreamers was not a target today, they feel this executive order does put a target on their families. >> they watched as the president went after immigration today, most were in disbelief. >> it was pretty difficult to be honest. i shed some tears. >> those stakes are high for erica, her parents are undocumented. she worries they may not return home from work one day. >> still being feared even more, really broke my heart. >> erica watched the president speech with siren, afterwards, the groups leader said their work load just increased dramatically. >> it doubled when he came on
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board, and now definitely our work has tripled. >> siren will reach out to attorneys to consider probono work to handle the increased work load brought on by the president. one thing they will not do is quit the fight. they were joined in that fight today by the mayor and community leaders in a show of solidarity. >> it's a fight that we're willing to take on and we know that we have a big fight ahead of us. >> the president did not mention undocumented college students known as dreamers. those students know they might be next. >> it's unexpected. we have opportunities in this country, but with this president, you just -- they can disappear at any moment. >> those opportunities can disappear? >> yes. >> and at that news conference late this afternoon with
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congresswoman lockran and sam licardo. the mayor says this changes nothing. the city will keep protecting immigrants. we're live on the campus of san jose state, damian trujillo, nbc bay area. >> so a wall to be built along the border. this is video from one of our nbc bay area crews a few days ago. we are there along the border, working on an upcoming story on immigration. not just a wall, we mention the future of sanctuary cities like san francisco. president trump wants to cut millions of dollars in federal funding if these cities continue to refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officers. tom jensen joins us from city hall in san francisco. a lot of questions here, and legalities. what's the mayor's response so far? >> well, raj, at city hall, they're saying the president's order is so vague it gives him
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little guidance on how much money is in play here, they say, regardless of how much money it is, they're going to stand by their sanctuary city status. protesters took their fight to the steps of city hall this afternoon, where the mayor and supervisor said they will stand by undocumented migrant workers and their families. >> we are 100% united from the mayor to every member of this board of supervisors, your local government is with you. >> we are going to remain a sanctuary city precisely because the purpose is to keep everybody safe. >> san francisco is one of the largest sanctuary cities in the u.s. a billion dollars a year in federal funding comes into the city to pay for caring for the homeless and immigration laws. he does not know what money the white house plans to withhold. >> crash down on sanctuary
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cities. >> president trump said communities that don't cooperate will be penalized. >> the city says it's ready to defy the order. san francisco is not alone, berkeley, oakland, san jose and contra costa county are sanctuary communities, and they too said they will honor that status. live in san francisco, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, tom. a reaction is coming in from both sides of the aisle, u.s. senator camilla harris says, these executive orders will harm public safety, tear families apart, and jeopardize national security. so far, only one of california's 14 republican house members has gone on record as favoring the president's executive orders. ken calvert tweeted, the safety of american families will be improved by securing our border and deporting criminal
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immigrants. our investigative unit uncovered federal data, which shows that several bay area counties are withholding immigration hold requests. santa clara county refused more requests than any other county in the nation, over 1800. alameda, contra costa and san francisco counties are near the top 6 that list. sending a message to president trump high in the sky. a san francisco woman is one of several greenpeace activists who flew this banner atop a construction crane right near the white house. they scaled that 300 foot crane at that site, and unfurled a large sign that says resist. pretty clear to see right near the white house. karen streamed her protest on facebook live from atop this crane. >> i'm sure if the president were at work today and looked
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out the window, he could see this sign over his head. he also, we're sending this message to the people in the united states and around the world. people who don't want this government to push us backwards in time. >> we should add at this hour, those protesters are still on that crane. another executive order might be on the way. it already is raising fears in the muslim community. a draft of that order hints that the u.s. may be ready to temporarily close its borders to thousands of refugees and make it difficult for many muslims to enter this country. elise kirschner joins us this evening with more details. >> reporter: a cal professor says he's very worried that more muslim americans will be targeted. that's something he's experienced firsthand. inside of his office here behind us, he showed us a folder of hateful letters like this from a trump supporter telling him he
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is not welcome in this country. >> these i reported to the police. >> with donald trump now in the oval office, this doctor says his fear is growing. >> people feeling at ease to use islam phobic discourse. >> the council professor who teaches islam phobia studies found the latest hate. this letter in his mailbox telling him he's not welcome in america. >> it seems we have a president that is setting policy in 140 characters. >> reporter: an executive order obtained by the associated press shows that president trump instep tends to stop accepting syrian refugees and plan to suspend issuing visas from libya, iran, iraq, syria, yemen for at least 30 days. >> it seems like it's against their religion. >> reporter: last december, an apparent supporter of donald trump was arrested for planning
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a violent attack here, by changing immigration policies in mostly predominantly muslim countries. he's worried he's being targeted again. >> it seems like it's against their religion, one group of people i happen to be a part of, that's where it's very concerning. >> now we're building a wall on one side. and in every airport we're build willing a metaphorical wall to say immigrants are not welcome. >> reporter: the cal professor is worried about innovation in the bay area, saying the majority of tech workers in silicon valley are from outside of the u.s. it's unclear if there will be any changes to that proposed executive order and when president trump would sign it. reporting live from berkeley tonight, i'm elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elise. our coverage of this controversial executive order continues on our website, you can find the latest updates and
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hear more from president trump's announcement today. at nbc bay president trump is getting some of today's credit for a milestone on wall street, where the dow hit and then ripped through the 20,000 mark for the first time. scott bud man is here to show us local factors that were in play here, as well, scott. >> over the last few weeks, we've seen several runs to dow 20,000. and we've seen many records set on the tech heavy nasdaq. it should be no surprise as the dow crested a 20,000 level. we saw another high. and bay area tech stocks towering hire from yahoo and seagate to younger companies like facebook, splunk. tech spending has been on a roll lately lifting our overall economy. >> when we look at key tech regions like austin, boston, seattle, southern california and
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the behemoth that we called silicon valley. the innovation is amazing, and it's only growing stronger. >> the dow helped by long time stall warts like boeing and ibm. not to mention optimism among construction companies about president trump's plan to build that wall. they may see less regulation and lower taxes going-forward. raj, we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, scott. a little help for the crumbling cliffs. the big federal boost tonight for the coastal community battered by our recent storms. there were intense searches going on in and arrange freemont today for two people who vanished on different waterways, we'll show you the big effort behind those searches and the results. a mix of clouds and also some clear skies throughout the south bay. 50 degrees right now, we are tracking an active pacific.
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when the next set of storms is set to roll in. they are still missing...
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more can be done. -- nothing intense searches - and dap they are still missing and rescuers fear nothing more can be done. intense searches and disappointing results in freemont. crews searching two different waterways for people who vanished in two separate accidents, one for a missing kay kayaker, the other for a teenaged driver who crashed into a freemont creek.
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robert honda was at both searches and joins us from the alameda creek with the latest. >> that's right. no news is not necessarily good news in this case another disappointing day for family and friends of both possible victims. search crews used a lot of resources, in the end they could not find either one. >> the freemont fire department has been coordinating two major search efforts virtually around the clock. along with the coast guard and numerous bay area agencies. search crews comb the waters, where a rescued friend of kenneth maldonado saw his kayak capsize tuesday afternoon. this is video from that search, but at 2:00 this afternoon freemont fires incident commander ended the search. >> completely due to the favorable conditions with no wind, high tide, we're able to cover and grid the best we could the entire south bay. >> the search for jada jenkins
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around the alameda creek crash site was largely led by the missing driver's family and community volunteers today. the freemont fire rescue team followed alameda creek into the bay and ended up searching for maldonado. >> we're going to fly the flood control canal pretty much up to mission boulevard. see how much of that ground we can cover with jerome. >> again, that search wrapped up a little while ago. we're told that the alameda county sheriff's department will rejoin the jenkins family for another search on saturday, with its volunteer search and rescue teams. live at alameda creek, robert honda, nbc bay area news. several devastating storms, city leaders are welcoming much needed help. state and federal dollars will soon begin to pour in to help repair and learn about the erosion along the coast. michelle roberts joins us live from one of the most vulnerable
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areas there, and just pacifica has gotten a pounding every single day. >> they really have, it's been incredible to see and devastating for so many. we're here looking at two empty lots where two apartment buildings used to stand. those were ripped out last year. >> come here for the big waves, that's why we come here. >> those big waves that draw tourists from all over the world have created an urgent financial situation for city leaders who are scrambling to pay for the erosion damage. >> crews repaired a fence that was destroyed by waves over the weekend. >> the total estimated cost of repairs is estimated at $3.6 million. >> today city and state leaders announced that pacifica will pay for the damage with a million dollars in state disaster assistance, 2 million from insurance coverage as well as city money. >> mother nature will continue to challenge the beautiful coastal town.
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>> jackie speer also announced the army core of engineers will formally study several of the most vulnerable locations. including the board walk and the cliff along -- the goal of the study will be focusing on identifying a solution to protect infrastructure beneath the road and the homes along the cliff. >> here is another example of how government does work. >> many pacifica natives welcome the state and federal aid. >> i think it's fabulous. we need to have something down here in pacifica. >> others fear the erosion will move faster than the repair projects. >> what i'm asking for is that the city reinforce that wall at the very least. just so we can get through these next couple, two or three years. >> city money will be used to tear down the apartment complex behind me after the property owner failed to do so. reporting live in pacifica, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. let's bring in jeff ranieri,
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it's beautiful sunshine, but yes. really chilly as you were suggesting throughout the week. >> we were out there trying to enjoy that sun as it came in today, and the wind kicked up a little bit. you can feel that chilly air, we got a lot of folks sending us in photos today. let's check out one of them. this is from redwood city and douglas. he got a look at the cumulus clouds streaming across the sky. a beautiful shot here, thanks again, douglas, if you want to send us your photos, you can send them to ic at nbc bay let's bring it right now to redwood city, you can see the current temperature is 50 degrees and we'll gradually see temperatures drop off tonight down to 44 at 11:00 p.m. we are setting ourselves up for a cold morning again as we start off on thursday. by the afternoon, temperatures staying just about near average, beautiful day, very similar no matter where you're headed. 57 in santa rosa, 55 in oakland,
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57 expected in san jose, and a mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky for the afternoon hours. we want to let you know there's no big storm system expected for the next six days, we will start to see our rain and snow averages beginning to drop. right now, central sierra snow pack at 90% of normal. down to 176 by next tuesday. san jose rain is at 134, that will drop to 122 by next tuesday. it does look like we will get more wet weather in here. the way we see it now, we'll stay dry all the way through next tuesday, by next wednesday it looks like we could see a stormy pattern return, not only rain for next wednesday, possibly next thursday and friday. i'm taking a look at the exact totals on what we could have coming our way, that's at 6:48 tonight. >> we will see you shortly, thank you, jeff. new plan to fight the raiders move to las vegas. the rough and tumble raider nation is ramping things up.
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i'll tell you what they say the team can't take with them if they move. happening now on our homepage:
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==reveal== the bay area tops the list of most expensive areas to rent. san francisco takes the top spot with a one-bedro the bay area tops the list of most expensive places to rent. san francisco taking the top spot with a one bedroom apartment renting for an average of $3500. san jose in third is most expensive. and only in san francisco, foodies get ready, magic cookies and bloody mary cashews.
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but a group of fans and business owners -- are ready to fig. the raiders have one foot out the door, the group of fans and business owners in the east bay are ready to fight. if the team ends up moving to las vegas, they want the raiders name to stay in oakland. >> jodi hernandez spoke to the committee that has filed an application to block the move. >> the fight is on. they say they do not want an ugly custody battle. but they're ready for one. >> the one thing we know how to do really well is fight. >> these die 45rd oakland raiders fans say they're geared up to do just that. friends representing fruit veil to 106th avenue, the heart of the raider nation, say they're
6:25 pm
ready to take off the gloves and fight to keep the team in oakland. >> the raider fans do not plan on burning jerseys at the entrance to the coliseum. we plan on fighting for our team. >> among their possible tactics, lawsuits and boycotts. they say the raider nation is oakland. even the team's name comes from oakland fans. >> it makes me upset, as a fan and as a resident. being they left us before. and now it's an opportunity they might leave us again. >> it leaves us empty. >> only this time fans say they won't watch it happen, they say a move to las vegas will have a lasting imfact on families, businesses and the community. >> this could devastate the community for years, we don't know how long it would take to get out of it. it could do some real damage. >> the owner has hosted raiders draft parties and radio broadcasts in the past.
6:26 pm
walls are covered in raiders memorabilia. if the team leads, businesses like hers will suffer. >> we would be as business owners devastated. >> fans say if the team leads the raider nation stays. they plan to team up with save oakland sports in the coming weeks. they are considering possible legal options. reporting live in oakland, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. cold case solved, how vacaville investigators suspect the disappearance of a teen. of course they're going to clean up their act when someone's coming. >> san francisco restaurants with a history of dirty conditions can now pay for a chance to get a clean record. coming up, the investigation every food lover needs to watch. with the swipe of his pen today,
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president trump took the first step towards one of his biggest right now at 6:30, with the swipe of his pen today, president trump took a step toward one of his biggest campaign promises. he signed two executive orders aimed at stopping immigration. >> those orders call for america to build a wall along the mexico border. the president was asked what can be more important than enhancing public safety.
6:30 pm
in an interview that airs this evening, the president says mexico will pay one way or another. but didn't exactly explain what that meant. also tonight, the published reports that mexico's president is reconsidering an upcoming visit on the united states with president trump. we'll bring it to you as soon as that happens. other stories right now, is it possible to pay your way to a better health score? many san francisco restaurants are getting a chance to pay for a new inspection. >> the program is leaving some people with a bad taste. >> we're continuing our series dirty secrets. chances are you've noticed health scorecards in restaurants in san francisco. they're supposed to give customers an idea of how clean
6:31 pm
or dirty that restaurant is. restaurants live with that score for up to a year, until their next surprise inspection we're learning some restaurants can pay to get new scores. >> in a city known for its cuisine, earning a poor scar can be a scarlet letter a little known program is allowing some restaurants to wipe away their score. >> the whole process breaks down and the consumers lose that information. >> until san francisco, yelp posts current health scores for restaurants, which is why the company says it urged san francisco to cancel its new pilot program, that allows some of the cities worst rated
6:32 pm
restaurants to pay for a brand new health score and inspection. >> when they didn't think anyone was paying attention, they weren't following the proper hygiene. >> that's what consumers really want to know. >> they're roughly 7400 restaurants and caterers in san francisco. health scores are given out to each one once or twice a year. >> there's still stuck with that same health score until their next surprise inspection restaurants have to wait anywhere from six months to a year. the city's pilot program allows restaurants to order up a doover within 30 days. they pay $191, and their new score is replaced with a new one. >> it's not so simple, they're going to pay a fee, and try to get a better score. this is about changing bad
6:33 pm
behavior. >> websites like yelp have made it easy for consumers to find a bad health score. which is why restaurant owners pushed san francisco to get a rescore i rescoring. >> they earned that score, and we do not tell them when we're coming, we don't call them and say, we'll be here at 2:00 on a friday. we don't do that. it's a surprise inspection. >> they do know it's within 30 days of them paying? >> it's an approximate max. >> it's different than saying it's going to be twice a year? >> it is different. >> but -- >> it's more notice. >> it's within a 30 daytime period. >> it can be? >> san francisco plans to expand the program in the coming wyches, but so far only four restaurants have taken part. all earned higher health scores
6:34 pm
after paying for their reinspection. that includes m.y. china, which went from a 63 to a 93. that's a 30 point increase, farmer brown a soul food restaurant went from a 79 to a 90, it earned the original 79 after inspectors found rodent droppings throughout the restaurant. we reached out to both restaurants for comments but have yet to hear back. >> of course they're going to clean up their act. what are they doing when no one's watching. >> doesn't this undermine transparency by allowing these restaurants to get a brand new score? >> i don't agree, no. >> it helps the consumer to make an evaluated decision on where they want to eat. >> the city sees this as a way to be more transparent, not less. >> i'm not sure how that would be, we have a situation where businesses are trying to pay to avoid being tarred with a bad score. >> yelp is using its own
6:35 pm
platform to wage a food fight against san francisco. the company already posts alerts on the lowest scoring restaurants. yelp will keep those alerts up for six months, even if a restaurant pays to get a new score. yelp is also urging its users to call the department of health to complain about the program. and the company alert now says we understand the city recently caved. and now allows restaurants to essentially buy new scores. >> that's their opinion. we want to protect public health. uphold the public's trust. we do that through enforcement and education. >> over at yelp head quarters, san francisco's stance is pretty hard to swallow. >> we think the city should be siding with consumers and not allowing businesses a do over. when i was in school, if i failed a pop quiz, i didn't get a second chance the next day, that was my grade. >> yelp new alert system is officially live. and we have a lot more for you
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on our website, you can watch all our investigations in this series and learn about other loopholes we uncovered that are allowing restaurants to keep their past violations and dirty conditions secret. that's all at nbc bay guys? back to you. >> if you have a tip regarding this story or any other story for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or 34 years ago, someone killed a vacaville teenager after she went to a party. police believe they have finally identified her murderer. deanna vanished as she was heading to a party at a neighbor's house, her body was found the next day. s demarco had long been considered a suspect but was never charged. there is new evidence linking him to deanna's death.
6:37 pm
>> it's been a long hard and emotional struggle to face each day of the 34 years while deanna's murderer has walked free and lived life. >> that's deanna's mother who said she never lost hope of finding and convicting her killer. >> marco is already serving an 80 year prison sentence for the other murder in buk county. the sentencing of a san francisco political consultant who pleaded guilty to possessing child porn has been delayed. the sheriff's department told a judge the san francisco sheriff's department told a judge that enrique pierce is not suitable f home detention. the judge planned to sentence pierce to six months of county jail, which could be served in home detention. defense attorneys are looking for an alternative monitoring program. pierce has worked on political
6:38 pm
campaigns for barbara lee and ed lee among others. it is an unusual guarantee. a woman in san jose who says her contractor couldn't follow through on a promise. the back-up continues at this
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hour in solano county... after the tires of a big rig caught fire around 2 this a tough evening commute for a lot of people. the backup continues after the tires of a big rig caught fire, this happened around 2:00 this afternoon, this was highway 37. video from our nbc chopper just an hour ago. you can see the big rig completely charred and the top burned off. one lane of 37 remains closed at this hour, no word on when it's expected to reopen.
6:41 pm
tomorrow the uc system could raise tuition for the first time in several years. for in state students the yearly tuition would rise by about $300. out of state students nearly $2,000 tuition hike. you see regents are meeting in san francisco. and janet nepapolitano says a tuition increase is necessary with reduced state funding. she was a tv legend and inspiration for women across the country. sadly, mary tyler moore has died at the age of 80. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> spokesperson says moore passed away today in a connecticut hospital. her husband of 30 plus years was by her side. mary tyler moore rose to stardom on the dick van dyke show. she won multiple emmys for her mary tyler moore show.
6:42 pm
a large wreath of roeszs were placed on her star at the hollywood walk of fame today. she died from cardiopulmonary arrest after contracting pneumonia. >> she was an inspiration to so many women who are journalists today. you saw her on tv, you were like that's who i want to be. >> wjmtv is where she worked. we're going to see some changes ahead in terms of rainfall, we're looking at drying in the near term right now, 52 in oakland. temperatures drop down to a cool 55 by 11:00 p.m. how much rain we could get next week in about four minutes. a contractor offers her a guarantee that's quite unusual and difficult to claim.
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an unusual promise froan electrician. ==je/2 nbc bay area responds to a woman in san jose. >> she couldn't get him to follow through leaving more than $5,000 on the line. consumer investigator is here with that story. chris? >> good evening. this electrician promised to stand behind his pricing, and that's common. here's the part of the promise we've never seen before. he offered to refund whatever amount the customers insurance didn't pay. as it turns out, that refund wasn't so easy to get. >> all the power has gone out. >> when the power went out. she called mike council electric. it sent an electrician, who inspected her electrical box and told her it caught fire. he called it an emergency. and wrote on the job order that her home was unlivable.
6:46 pm
she was panicked and agreed to the work. >> the electrician eased her mind about the money. >> since there was a fire your insurance company will handle the claim, they will pay everything. >> pat said the electrician offered her a deal, though not in writing, if she paid for all the work, he'd help her file a claim with her homeowner's insurance company, whatever amount insurance didn't pay. the company would refund. >> he said, it's a win win situation, there's no down side for you. >> pat agreed. she paid mike $9800 to fix her electrical box. later, her insurance company concluded mike council's pricing was out of line. >> when my insurance company came up and said, this bill is way out of proportion to what they actually did. >> state farm hired an independent contractor to inspect pat's electrical box.
6:47 pm
the electrical panel did not catch fire, he estimated the repair job would cost $4100. remember, pat paid 9800. >> and then i started to get really concerned. >> pat didn't care whether or not there had been a fire. she just wanted mike council to honor its promise and refund her. yet after eight months of asking, no refund. >> it seemed to me that they were just stalling, waiting for me to let it go. >> we contacted mike council and within a week, they refunded pat her $5700. however, the company said our involvement had nothing to do with the refund. >> i would probably feel like i was being taken advantage of. >> he said pat's refund was delayed because he appealed state farm's decision to pay less than what he charged.
6:48 pm
after several months, state farm wouldn't budge. >> we've never ever had had a claim with this kind of difference, never happened. this is the first one we've looked at and said, wow! >> glover and his boss stand by their work. they accuse insurance companies of fraud. pat's happy she got her money back, and she's convinced calling us changed the outcome. >> the contractor's state licensing board said the promise mike council made to pat is not unusual. some advice, as pat learned, get a promise like that in writing. it's also a good idea to get at least three estimates, and be sure the contract you sign clearly outlines the scope of any work and time lines. mike council by the way has changed its name and is now doing business as pacific coast electricians. if you have a consumer complaint, please call us like
6:49 pm
pat did. 888-996-tips. have a great evening. >> okay, chris, thank you very much. i have to say, the sunshine was so nice to see it today. >> i'll take some of the credit for that. >> you know, i've been taking your request for weeks and it finally paid off with that sun today. we are expecting still several more days of some blue skies, and then eventually more rainfall coming our way. check out the active pacific pattern right now, the 1500 miles out here in the pacific. we are seeing quite a bit of storm activity, we're going to get some of this moving into the bay area, remember, we have the scrolling 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to see when we do expect more storms to hit the bay area. >> right now we have a cool front just off to the north. it's producing spotty drizzle near the north bay in san francisco. as predicted, we'll have a better chance of spotty drizzle
6:50 pm
tomorrow morning, especially near the peninsula and 42. a mix of sun and clouds for the trivalley. clouds on the increase for tomorrow morning and 39. a little bit of drizzle here for san francisco and 45 degrees. let's take you into the micro climate forecast as we throughout thursday, we'll have sunshine by the afternoon, winds pick up a little bit. still feels like a chilly day here, 55 in morgan hill, and 55 in millipede as. throughout contra costa and alameda counties, concord 57 over to heyward, 56. in the peninsula, it's going to be a relatively comfortable day in belmont. san francisco 52 for the embarcadero, outer sun set 53 and expecting sunshine by the afternoon, and in the north bay, 56 in movado and 58 expected in sonoma. do note, point raze will be a
6:51 pm
lot cooler here. we have a chance of rainfall coming our way as we head throughout next week, it's very early, but i want to show the possible rain estimates we could see next wednesday through friday. it does not look nearly as large as the storm systems we have had in the past, but we still could get anywhere from 1 to 2 inches from santa rosa to gurnville, that's that area in red. a lot of orange from san francisco and the east bay, three quarters of an inch to one inch possible. and yellow for the south bay means we're pretty good for a half inch. we could see the timing and intensity change on that, that's our early look at that right now. we'll have sunny weather into tuesday next week, by wednesday that stormier weather pattern looks to develop. san francisco stays in the 50s for highs. note the interior valleys, cold morningings the next few days, and we have plenty of sunshine through this weekend. it looks like your bottling of the sunshine, looks like you saved us up a lot, i'll say.
6:52 pm
>> i'll try to hang on to it. >> thanks. >> two local flag football teams are heading to florida, and getting help from some bay area pros too. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. just in to our newsroom:
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statement in response tong a . just in to our newsroom right now. mexico's president is making a statement in response to president trump's executive order to build a border war. this just coming out across his twitter page. the president of mexico saying mexico is not paying for that wall. however, he is scheduled to arrive here january 21st, the president not mentioning whether
6:55 pm
he'll continue with that trip to washington or whether he will cancel that trip, again, under intense pressure by the mexican people to respond strongly to mr. trump's executive order. this is an odd time for the oakland raiders, all this talk about going to las vegas. for now they're here. >> and they're helping two flag football teams, colin remember has more. >> the nfl pro bowl happened sunday in orlando, and the raiders will be well represented on the field and in the stands with this group of raiders cheering them on. i'll let david amerson explain. >> congratulations on your season. >> that is how the 13 and 14-year-old east bay flag football boys team they found out they would be competing for a national title. they leave thursday, play friday and saturday.
6:56 pm
and they'll have company. >> the girls cried, when they won the regional tournament. >> unlike the boys team, there was an at large invite by the raiders, the east bay 13 and 14-year-old girls team qualified by winning the san diego regional. east bay flag football has never sent a team to the national tournament. now two are going, and they'll get there with funds provided by the raiders and the nfl. >> we're very lucky to be going to orlando. and truly appreciate the raiders giving us this opportunity to go and represent them. >> both teams are confident, especially the girls. >> the girls dominate the boys. >> girl power. >> we're going to give it our best effort. we'll be able to play loose, because we haven't been there, and there's no expectations, we'll see. >> just win, baby. >> in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> even for the flag football teams, just win. >> that's going to do it for us. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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the death of tv icon mary tyler moore. >> her final hours, our favorite memories, now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra america says good-bye to sitcom legend mary tyler moore. her family's good-bye at a connecticut hospital as we remember our best moments with mary through the years. >> let's do this. new photos. brad pitt's secret all-night party. is he celebrating a settlement with angelina? plus, another star divorce, why scarlett johansson's two-year marriage is over. trump aide kellyanne conway, the comedienne, lost video of her stand-up comedy


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