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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 26, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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presence in sunnyvale at a 24-hour fitness. except it's not sunnyvale breaking news. a heavy police presence outside 24-hour fitness. except it's not sunny veil police but santa clara police surrounding the season. kris sanchez will bring us a live report in moments. the state of the city address. the question looms, how much will the policy cost? >> pg&e sentencing could finally come down today. they are only facing a few million dollar fine. the symbolism could make a far greater impact. today in the bay starts now. and a good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock.
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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. kari is back with the forecast, all sunshiny. >> the afternoon will be bright and sunny. we're tracking a few spotty showers here and there for parts of the peninsula. 45 degrees in san francisco. i want to show you the radar. that's what i'm talking about. a little bit of green there with a last bit of disturbance rolling on through. it will bring in a chance of rain across parts of the north bay and into the city the next couple of hours. mike is is still the tracking rain in the north bay. >> we talk about the continuing saga for highway 37. most of the bay, no real problems. westbound 37, only that
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direction is closed. eastbound has reopened. atherton is your alternate. there's a lot of water in that area. transit is not in that area but bart will travel. no delays. in the south bay, police are surrounding a 24-hour fitness at this hour. >> kris sanchez with what we know so far. kris? >> reporter: we know officers have been out here on scene for a while in sunny veil. this officer blocked our view from the investigation that's happening in this parking lot. but take a look at the video. it is the santa clara police miles outside the city limit. it is unusual to see them so far
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from the city limits. now, we know that officers are looking at something on the ground in the parking lot here at this 24-hour fitness. several bags on the ground. at one point it did seem in the video that officers are looking at something that looks like a blowtorch. whatever crime they are investigating seems unrelated to the 24-hour fitness where we are. we have seen an officer escort gymgoers back into the gym. neither police department has had anything to say at this point. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you. 4:33. overnight crash involving an emt workerer. this happened just after midnight 237 in san jose. officers say the worker was in uniform driving a supervisor's
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vehicle when the crash happened. you see him on a stretcher. he is expected to be okay. >> tensions rise in philly as hundreds of protesters take to streets outside the lowe's hotel where the president is expected. the president outlines his vision for america that. includes pulling federal funding from cities that protect undocumented immigrants. >> including this one in san francisco. pete suratos joining us live from is the city, a sanctuary city. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. of course marilee will touch on a number of topics. we can expect him to touch on the city's sanctuary city status after president trump issued that executive order to strip federal funding from such cities. sanctuary city will limit the cooperation between lawen poresment and federal immigration officials.
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right now they receive a billion dollars paying for homeless services and enforcing federal immigration. here's the mayor addressing this specific topic yesterday. >> they used the word streams of federal grants. we're not sure what that means. >> reporter: the mayor is kind of vague when it comes to this executive order by president trump. it has been a source of conko o controversy for the killing of kate steinle when she was killed by an undocumented citizen. the police chief was sworn in this last week. the address will take place at 11:00 a.m. at hibernia bank in san francisco. pete suratos, today in the bay. one we will continue to follow.
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4:35. new this morning. after shy ya la buff is facing a charge after his unusual demonstration in new york city. >> you will not divide us. >> you will not divide us. >> you will not divide us. >> this is video of them being handcuffed and taken the away. he got into a scuffle and the man was pushed to the ground on inauguration day. he started his dental the station against president trump in queens. pg and he e is expected to finally be sentenced for its role in the deadly pipeline explosion. they faced six different felonies.
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the judge is expected to order a monday tore to oversee their operations. earlier this week he he delayed sentencing saying details still needed to work out. the weather shifted for now. but for how long, kari? >> it's very chilly out there, too. we're dealing with another cold morning with patchy frost. ahead, i'll let you know when we see more rain coming up in the microclimate forecast. and a nice look for 580 westbound. we have a good number of cars. no problems in the off-ramp. it had a chance to fully dry out. >> mike, thank you. a missing kayaker whose search has ended. why officials have given up, at least for now, trying to find a san jose man who capsized near the dumbarton bridge.
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good thursday morning. time is 6:40. we get a live look outside. partly cloudy skies and a couple spotty showers. couper tino in the mid-50s by early afternoon. slightly cooler than average but a lot of sunshine. i'll let you know where we may see spotty rain coming up in the microclimate forecast at 4:46.
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north bay, no delays reported. heading towards 101, you have to take act orrer ton avenue. flooding on the westbound side. an easy drive out of the altamonte. that's a great start. good to hear that, mike. thank you very much. 4:41 on your thursday morning. heartbreaking news in the search for a missing kayaker from san jose. crews from called off the formal search after rescuers combed the bay for hours in ideal conditions, low tide, no winds, and no success in finding the missing man. 32-year-old kenneth maldonado's kayak capsized near the dumbarton bridge and he has not been seen since. if the coast guard receives any new leads about his whereabouts, they will resume their search. 18-year-old jade da jenkins
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remains missing after her car plunged into the alameda creek this weekend. crews recovered her car and belongings but they have yet to the find jada. they will conduct a much broader seven of that area this coming weekend on saturday. coming up next, elon musk is going underground. his new plan will have many people wondering what's in the future, what it holds for the c he eo tesla and spacex.
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good morning. the time now is 4:44. and we have some cloudy skies. we're watching out for a chance. we could see a couple spotty showers moving through, especially this morning. right now as you head out, it is 44 degrees, breezy, mostly cloudy skies heading up to 56. 41 in san jose, palo alto. 40 in napa with very cold temperatures in morgan hill. into today, expect the high to 56 degrees. going to see some clearing and 55 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco, 56 degrees. while the east bay sees some sunshine and 54 degrees. there's very weak disturbance sliding down the coast. it is is bringing light rain across parts of the north bay. as we get a closer look, not seeing much activity out of this. it won't be a disturbance for many of us as you head out this
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morning. just a couple of sprinkles here and there, and then it all clears out. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. we are sharing what's happening around the bay area. send me some pictures if you see something happening. right now not a whole lot happening the next few days. we are watching out for the chance of our next rain maker. but it doesn't happen this weekend. we will have a nice, calm weekend to get outside. warm temperatures. as we go into the middle of next week, starting to see the showers return, especially from north to south. we'll see some of that rain moving in between wednesday and thursday. you can see that in the seven-day forecast. seeing mostly cloudy skies starting to return for the middle of next week. and temperatures warming up into the upper 50s for san francisco. even some lower 60s by early next week. once the showers come back, it will be chilly. highs in the low 50s for the inland areas. expect a slight chance once again for a few of the spotty
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showers but clearing out and warming up for the start of next week. heading over to mike now. a crash reported on san mateo bridge. >> we threw this camera into the beginning of the report. right around the high rise. i looked at this very carefully. i don't see any slowing for the lights. the flat section is starting to bunch up. it is on the approach to the high rise. one car reportedly in a crash. track this. the map doesn't show any slowing just yet. the sensors change even as we speak. there you go for real-time traffic. take the dumbarton bridge, a much lighter drive. clearing towards dublin, livermore, pleasanton. the commutes approaching the bay bridge are just fine. you're at speed. the camera looked clear, i will check and chp will find out
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exactly what is going on as well. >> thank you very much. yesterday the dow hit that milestone, 20,000 points. but will it continue? things are looking up for the time being on wall street. >> trying to keep the rally going. we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. hi, landon. >> reporter: good morning. it could move higher into uncharted territory after the dow closed above 20,000 for the first time. this is the second fastest 1,000 point move by the dow, taking 42 trading sessions. the dow is up 9% since the election on hopes for economic growth under the trump administration with more on infrastructure and tax cuts. people say it is more psychological than meaningful as it is made up of just 30 stocks. but it is the stocks investors
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most easily identify with. the nasdaq has taken part in this post-election rally. however, don't forget the dow 148% during president obama's time in office as the u.s. recovered from the financial crisis supported by a stimulus from the federal reserve. dow raising 155 points to 20,068. nasdaq up to 5,656. oprah is teaming up with kraft for a new line of food. he oprah owns 10% of weight watchers which it has its own line of packaged meals. and tostitos bag has sensors to detect you had anything to drink. it turns from green to red with a sign don't drink is and drive.
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and you can tap with your phone to get an uber which is offering a $10 credit from mothers against drunk driving. >> that is the a high-tech bag. if you are hosting a party and you don't want to go on a run you can get a six pack delivered in 25 minutes or less. they will check your i.d. if po ifyou're a postmates subscriber, delivery is free. >> sure beats waiting in the long lines. he elon musk has already gone high. now he's going low, so to speak. spacex and tesla founder says he plans to begin digging a tunnel. just last month he he tweeted about his frustration with all
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the traffic in los angeles. >> so there's been talk of this, but could we ever see a president zuckerberg? facebook boss says no he said he's focused on building the community of facebook rather than becoming a politician. he he wanted to meet new people in all 50 states. that sparked speculation that he could be interested in running for office. all right. still absorbing a huge loss in hollywood. america's beloved working girl. remember mary tyler moore's influence on women in the workplace and making the world a little brighter. but first happening right now, following breaking news out of sunny veil where police have been called to a parking lot of a 24-hour fitness facility. kris sanchez is on the scene talking with investigators and
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tweeting out information as soon as she gets it. it is is not sunny veil police but santa clara police miles outside their jurisdiction. >> is and mayor ed lee putting his final touches on the state of the city address. we're back in two minutes.
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women across the country has died.. at 4:54 now. tv legend and inspiration to women across the country has died. this morning the world is mourning the loss of mary tyler moore, dead at the age of 80. ♪ who can turn the world on with a smile ♪ she won multiple emi'e emmy
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the "mary tyler moore show". no official cause of her death. seven protesters from greenpeace to climbed a 300-foot-high crane finally climbed back down last night more than 12 hours later. we first brought this yesterday morning on today in the bay. the dental traitors scaled the crane and unfurled a large crane that says resist. one anti-trump protesters is from san francisco. >> people who don't want this government to push us backwards in time. >> well, d.c. police say they are going to be consulting with prosecutors about possible charges. the oakland raiders, for
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now, have one foot out the door towards las vegas. but one group of fans is not going down without a fight. they are exploring every opportunity to keep the raiders in oakland. that includes anything from lawsuits to the boy cotts. they said growing up in oakland has prepared them to do whatever it takes to save the raiders. >> they do not plan on burning jerseys is and wiping each other's tears. we plan on fighting for our team. the nfl owners could approve in late march. 4:56. it is nice to s sunshine in the afternoon, kari. >> yes. it will be nice and sunny today. getting ready for milder temperatures heading into the weekend you want to make some outdoor plans. i'll talk about that. a look ahead when we could see
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more rain in the microclimate forecast. and we're seeing a few more cars in this westbound commute. that's away from us. san mateo, the crash cleared from the high rise. we'll see what's going on the bay bridge as well. mike, thank you very much. plus, we are following breaking news out of sunnyvale where santa clara police have surrounded a 24-hour fitness. a live report coming up on what officers are looking for.
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santa clara police are investigating a scene in sunnyvale. we'll tell you one of the things they're looking at is. is and laying out his plan for the country. that includes ripping funding from sanctuary city. the impact it could have on the bay area. sentencing this morning for pg&e in t tkpw skg and the san explosion. today in the bay starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. let us get straight to the weather. as we kick off your th


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