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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  January 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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santa clara police are investigating a scene in sunnyvale. we'll tell you one of the things they're looking at is. is and laying out his plan for the country. that includes ripping funding from sanctuary city. the impact it could have on the bay area. sentencing this morning for pg&e in t tkpw skg and the san explosion. today in the bay starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. let us get straight to the weather. as we kick off your thursday, we
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saw breath from the live shots of our reporters. it will be a cold start. >> it will be cold. as we get ready to step out the door heading to the stop this morning, here's a look at your bus stop forecast. we will see chilly temperatures as the kids head out. looking at buses there. our temperatures will be cool and seeing spotty light showers. what's happening on the roadways. >> a crash reported on the san mateo bridge cleared. speed sensors were orange but it has cleared dumbarton all cleared of the speed sensors. that's great. he we had a crash reported on one of your fast track lanes. a little build but no lanes are having any problems with the traffic flow. just a couple more cars are hitting that incline, so speeds are just below the speed limit. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike.
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breaking news in the south bay we're following this morning. right now the parking lot of a 24-hour fitness has been turned into a crime scene. kris sanchez live in sunnyvale. it is is santa clara police that are out there. what are you learning? >> reporter: police are inside is sunnyvale city limits. you can see the crime scene tape and officers here. but there are gymgoers being escorted back into the gym. we want to show you the video that we got earlier this morning. because it does show something that you don't see every day. that is the santa clara police crime truck is miles outside the city limits. it is is their right to do that. they're allowed to investigate a crime anywhere that originated in the city o santa clara. but here we are in sunnyvale. officers are looking at things on the ground in the parking lot of the 24-hour fitness.
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at one point we see the officers appear to be looking at something that looks like a blowtorch. whatever crime they're investigating it seems unrelated to the 24-hour fitness. officers are escorting gymgoers back to the gym we asked police if they could tell us anything different but we have no official word. when we confirm what we know we will bring it to you. kris, so much. later today, president trump will take his first trip on air force one. right now you are looking at a live shot at the city of brotherly love, philadelphia. republicans and lawmakers are coming together to figure out a strategy moving forward as it pertains to funding for sanctuary city. this is after he laid out his plan for the future of america, including defunding sanctuary cities and building a wall.
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three of them at least here in the bay area. now republicans are coming together to line out their policy follows for the year. it is an annual event for the gop. president trump is is expected to speak 9:00 our time this morning. that event started yesterday and it runs through tomorrow. in the meantime, here in the bay area, advocates for immigrants and refugees are speaking out against president trump's executive orders. >> our president is trying to break that support. >> the crowd of about 50 people in san jose consisted of latino immigrants and muslims banding together against the policies. local representatives stepping in to assure people that they are safe to be here. >> if you don't feel safe, you can come into the doors of the county of santa clara or city
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hall of san jose and we will ensure you are safe, we will ensure you are protected. >> house democrats are planning for a fight when congress reconvenes on monday. new this morning, actor shy ya la buff is arrested. >> you will not divide us. >> you will not divide us. >> you will not divide us. >> this is a video released by demonstrators showing police handcuffing the actor and leading him away. he got into a scuffle with a 25-year-old man. the man was pushed to the ground. on inauguration day, the actor started his demonstration against president trump outside the museum of the moving image in queens. happening today here at home, three years, pg&e will finally be sentenced for its
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role in the deadly san bruno explosion. the maximum penalty the utility company could face. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. later at 10:00, a federal judge in san francisco is expected to sentence pg&e to the maximum $3 million fine for its role in that pipeline explosion that leveled the crestmoore neighborhood. you can see behind me six years later and there are still a couple of empty lots where people died and homes used to stand. they convict the utility of five felony pipeline. they were convicted of one felony count of obstructing the follow-up investigation. the prosecution wants to order that the utility restructure its bonus program for employees and advertise its conviction to the public. the utility says it is prepared
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to pay $3 million fine but objects to the other two demands. the judge could appoint a monday tore. last year they fined $1.6 billion in connection with this pipeline explosion. it was supposed to be the sentencing hearing on monday, family members are presented emotional testimony about their loved ones who were killed in the inferno. the judge delayed sentencing until today, indicating details needed to be worked out. jackson van der becken will be there as this is a story he has been covering since the beginning. thank you very much for that update. happening at 5:07, the uc system could raise its tuition for the first time in about seven years. for in-state students, the yearly tuition would rise by roughly 300 bucks. about $320. out of state, it would be nearly
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2,000. there's been a freeze since 2011 with the uc system. they are meeting in san francisco. janet napolitano said it is necessary to the make up for reduced state funding. according to the mercury news, supervisors on tuesday unanimously approved body cameras on patrol. 1,100 members will wear the devices. the sheriff's department plans to slowly roll out the cameras over the next year. when it comes to commuter satisfaction, bart is set to be riding at an all time low. they just released their customer satisfaction survey marking 20 years since bart first conducted the survey. 69% of riders say they are satisfied. but before this year, those numbers had never been lower than 74%. dissatisfied riders say they are
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most bothered by delays, breakdowns and less seats due to more crowded. the school day forecast at 7:00 will be chill. make sure the kids are all bundled up. spotty light rain especially in the north bay and along the peninsula. at recess, it will be clearing with cool temperatures and getting off the bus. it will be very nice. this is what you're facing walking on it the door now. only 39 degrees in livermore. 36 in santa rosa. that's where we have seen dense fog in spots. elsewhere, it is is all mostly clear. we'll talk about a clear forecast for the weekend and a look at the squaw valley alpine meadows report at 5:15. our typical slowing in the tri-valley. >> that's right. it includes your gateway to or from the sierra. look over here, a little bit of
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slowing for west 580 out of the altamonte. no problem for livermore, south bay. look at all that speed. it's a great flow of traffic right now. no major problems for the north bay as far as traffic incidents. traffic is stopped at atherton. we'll continue to show that over the course of the morning. no problems towards the bay bridge as far as these travel times. just 14 minutes. highway 4 to the berkeley curve. the toll plaza moves very well. thank you very much, mike. jumping into action. several local dispatchers that saved the life of suicidal woman in a different time zone. new clues in a cold case they believe he killed can a bay area teenager more than three decades ago.
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good thursday morning. the time is 5:13. sierra will be chilly but warming up to 39 degrees. a lot of snow on the ground. it will be a beautiful weekend heading out there. we will talk about what to expect in the bay area. if you plan on stag at home. that's coming up in a few moments. >> i had a feeling there was snow up there. here, no problems and no snow. moving very well. bart is moving on time under the bay. and the bay bridge and dumbarton a little slowing. no problems.
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just a couple more cars. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. this is an interesting story. 34 years after a vavaville teenager was killed , they believe they have solved the case. deanna went to a party in vacaville and never came home. her body was found the next day. he had long been considered a suspect but was never charged. in 2013 he was arrested and convicted on of another murder. new evidence links him to deanna's death. >> we are encouraged that the truth will prevail and finally justice will be done. >> that poor family he is serving 80 years for the other murder that happened in butte county. quick thinking by alameda
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county dispatchers helped save the life of a woman who was attempting suicide on facebook live. these are the workers who stepped in to help out. a woman began live industrialing her suicide attempt from her car in new york. crisis center workers thought she was in alameda county and called her dispatch. they obtained pings from the phone and sent new york police to the scene who were able to intervene in time. modern technology, we are seeing more of this. swedish police are investigating a sexual assault broadcast live on facebook. >> scott mcgrew continues our coverage. >> swedish police arrested three men for the assault carried out on facebook live. the broadcast was sent to a special groupon facebook. but they are not being very specific as to what that group was. a much lighter note, the dow will open for the first time above 20,000 today. we'll take the a closer look how
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the dow industrials are calculated. for now let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters with the dow above 20k. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi, scott. it is a milestone day. it could be higher after the dow closed above the 20 mark for the first time ever. this is the second fastest one-point move taking 24 trading sessions. it is is up 9% on hopes for economic growth under the trump administration with more spending on infrastructure and repeal of regulation ss and tax cuts. the index is made up of 30 stocks, but it is is the index that the individual investors most easily identify with. the broader market tracked by the s&p 500 and the nasdaq has taken part in this post election rally. the dow was 148% during president obama's time in office
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has the u.s. economy recovered from the financial crisis helped by stimulus from the federal reserve. dow to 20068. >> the head of the trump organization says he's considering an expansion of the chain of hotels. that might include san francisco. the trump organization co owns one of the tallest buildings, home to goldman sachs. they are thinking about expanding in dallas and denver. >> lyft says it wants to be in 100 more cities by the end of the year. they're adding 40 like altoona, pennsylvania and logan, utah. this comes as lyft wants to give your elderly parents a ride. it is helping senior citizens
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get a lift where they want to go. they can call lyft using their phone instead of an app. so many interesting things that are great for seniors. door dash and lyft. but they are not all that great at apps. if they could just make a phone call, that's tremendous. 5:18. may rain county down back safe and sound after she wandered off and ended up two hours ar. betty's owner reported her missing. that's when marin county sheriff's deputies decided to lend a helping hand. they spread the word, made flyers. they discovered the black lab was in tracy at someone's house. don't you wish your dog could talk, sam. they were able to confirm that dog was in fact, bet where.
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she was reunited with her owner. she is now safely sleeping off all that excitement is and fun. >> something you can relate to. your dog has run dozens of miles. >> from morgan hill to los gatos. >> just a quick little trip there. >> a trip through the week. already thursday, we have seen nice clear weather. >> it is good dog walk weather. >> the dog was hitch hiking. >> i don't think my dog wants to live with me anymore. >> a live look at san jose is. we start out with a chilly morning again. it is is only 40 degrees. patchy dew and frost on cars and the grass. you are seeing them on the elevated surface. breezy and a little bit warmer than today the. nice weather will head us into the weekend. make some outdoor plans. in oak land, 44 degrees.
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napa, 38 degrees. 36 in santa rosa. morgan hill, 34 degrees. be sure to bundle up. this weak disturbance rolling through quickly will only affect the bay area the next couple of hours before it moves out. we are seeing light rain near novato, san rafael. 59 in morgan hill. 57 in danville. a lot of sunshine. san francisco up to 56 on the embarcadero north bay in santa rosa, 59 degrees. a look at what we may see more rain. at least this weekend is all dry. showers moving back into the forecast by wednesday of next week.
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follow me on facebook and twitter you have some flooding still happening there in the north bay. >> leftovers from the rain. good thing as your forecast shows more days of dry out options up there. looking at the roadways in the south bay. no major problems. just a buildout of the altamonte pass. there's that flooding. westbound 37 still closed. eastbound novato towards the raceway and vallejo. it is open again. westbound lanes still closed. atherton is your alternate. you mentioned sprinkles and fog. this is what we see. visibility may be an issue in petaluma. a bay bridge toll plaza slight backup. travel times down to the bay bridge, no delays.
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and no problems for rails. here's the south bay. and there are the rails. wait for it. no delays. 5:22 right now. coming up, a new twist in a restaurant battle. it could affect the future of lefty o'doul's. vw is supposed to buyback his car but months go by with nothing. nbc bay area responds next.
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over san francisco's ==vo==ic lefty o-doul's. 5:25 right now. a new twist in the legal brawl over san francisco's lefty o'doul's. a judge last friday issued a temporary restraining order barring the restaurant managers from removing any more memorabilia following a lawsuit by the landlord. the two sides are in a dispute over who owns the property. the lord plans to refurbish and reopen it. the managers hope to the move lefty's to another location. the saga continues. nbc bay area responds to a peninsula man who had tribble with a sroebg buy volkswagen buy
5:26 am
back. >> he claimed he hit a brick wall trying to get vw to buyback his sport wagon tdi. vw agreed to buy back because of the emissions scandal last year. he filed an application in october, but it was never processed. vw says it takes 20 business days. chuck said he waited 60 business days and it became clear his case was stalled. he wrote in a letter to our team he had i've made about 17 phone calls and nothing has changed. so we contacted vw corporate for him. vw researched and found its system somehow had two claims in chuck's name. next it told us to pucks this confusing issue one claim was canceled so he could proceed. after that, chuck conveyed some very good news.
5:27 am
he received a written offer to finally get rid of his sport wagon td the i. they will pay him 32 grand for it. in a statement volkswagen said, we are pleased that confusion regarding mr. lebo's claim has been resolved. if you have a consumer complaint, please call our consumer investigative center at 888-996-tips. or visit tomorrow, we'll look at trends at our consumer he e-mail center. 5:27 right now. coming up, breaking news we have been following all morning in the south bay. a police investigation going on. kris sanchez on scene with an update. police officers on one side of this parking lot.
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gymgoers allowed on the other sigh of the parking lot. san francisco mayor ed lee will hold his state of the city address later this morning. how the trump administration is affecting you.
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bridge 5:30 right now on the dot on your thursday morning as we start today in the bay with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. positive developments. one, the roads are dry, as you can see.
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and we can actually see the golden gate bridge. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> it is a cold start to morning. the is sun has been making an appearance which has been a nice finish to our day. kari hall has a look at the forecast. >> good morning. a chance of spotty showers in san francisco is and along the peninsula. other than that, it is going to be a very nice day. 40 degrees in the peninsula and south bay. 37 in the north bay. looking at today's high temperatures, mid to upper 50s. filed and a lot of sunshine for the afternoon. expect it to continue to warm up. we'll take a look at the numbers and that to expect further down the road with our next chance of rain. a report of a car into the water. it is in niles canyon.
5:32 am
let me show you the light volume of traffic. we had the search. and the recovery continues. we don't have any closures right now. a car did go off the roadway. the driver is okay. more detail on what we're told is going to have to happen i want to make sure i show you this report. the backup is forming. metering lights right on schedule. i'll give you more coming up. so that's a new driver that went in, mike. but he is said to be okay some he is okay. a heavy police presence in the parking lot of 24-hour fitness in sunnyvale that turbd into a cri turned into a crime scene. >> kris sanchez at the scene trying to figure out what's going on out there kris. >> reporter: this is a tight-lipped investigation. officers are taking pretty specific measurements of things
5:33 am
they're finding in the parking lot 24-hour fitness in sun have veil. whatever they're investigating appears to be completely unrelated to what's happening inside the gym. we'll show you the video, because it's something you don't see every day. santa clara crime scene investigators outside the city limits. it is curious to see them outside their city limits. officers have been looking at things on the ground, bags, other items. an officer was looking at something that appeared to be something like a blowtorch. whatever crime they're investigating seems unrelated to what is happening inside the gym. we have reached out to santa clara police department and sunnyvale police department because this is their jurisdiction. we have not gotten any official word from either police
5:34 am
department. we are still waiting for some information. we're still waiting to confirm information that we know. of course we don't want to give it to you until it is is confirmed from an official source. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >>, thank you very much. an overnight crash involving an emt worker. you will see him being carried away on a stretcher following that this happened just after midnight at the zanker off-ramp. they see he was in uniform driving a supervisor's car when it crashed. the worker was eventually transported to a nearby hospital. we're told he is expected to be okay. >> tensions rising in philly overnight as hundreds of protesters take to the streets outside the lowe's hotel. gop and lawmakers are discussing
5:35 am
strategy and the executive order to build a wall along the mexico border. president trump said mexico will pay for the wall many but mexico's president insists his country will not be paying for it. >> there are a lot of different ways of getting mexico to contribute to doing this. >> meantime, that was house speaker paul ryan. demonstrations were held in sanctuary cities across the country, including san francisco, new york, and seattle. president trump is pledge to go cut funding for cities protect undocumented immigrants. san francisco stands to lose up to $1 billion. straight to pete is suratos live in san francisco, also a sanctuary city. a preview of mayor ed lee's state of the city address that will come this morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. the mayor will hold the annual address later at the hibernia
5:36 am
bank in san francisco. of course it takes the on a whole new meeting by president trump to strip funding from sanctuary cities like san francisco. the mayor addressed this briefly saying this all seemed vague as far as how he will go forward with the executive order. that means that the cities cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials. as mentioned, san francisco receives a billion dollars paying for things such as taking care of the homeless and enforcing immigration laws. here's the addressing this topic yesterday. >> they used the word streams of federal grants. we're not sure what that means. >> reporter: now the sanctuary city has been a source of controversy here in san francisco specifically following the death of kate steinle who was shot and killed at pier 14 by a mexican citizen. in fact, her family tried to sue
5:37 am
the city over this but was unsuccessful. they are expected to address housing around the city and the new police chief sworn in earlier this week. it will take place at hibernia bank at 11:00 a.m. live in san francisco, pete suratos for today bay. pete, thank you very much. so many local governments wondering how this is going to affect them and their budgets. on that note, happening today, alameda the supervisor to play out possible impacts from the executives orders. pete just told you about san francisco and other leaders around the bay area concerned about the fallout from president trump's immigration order. that is one of a they have signed since the first six days the he has taken office. dozens of pay area voters are searching for the most effective way to voice their
5:38 am
opposition to the agenda. >> it was standing room only in pacifica. jackie told the crowd mr. trump is the president and it is now their job to communicate with them. phone calls and letter writing have the most impact in washington, d.c. people in the crowd expressed from supreme court nominees to health care reform. >> because of those bills we could have gone into bankruptcy. we have obamacare it literally saved my family. >> she plans to fight to have it reopened. we'll be staying on top of the next move all morning long. stay with today in the bay on air and online for continuing coverage. good thursday morning. it is 5:38. we're tracking some spotty showers that may affect you as you head out the door this morning, especially in the north bay and in san francisco.
5:39 am
a little bit of green on the maps. mist and drizzle. this will not have major impact on the entire day. the next couple of hours, late rain rolling through. then it clears out for the rest of the day. and the next several days too. 44 oakland. san jose in fairfield. we have had cold temperatures in the north bay. as we look ahead, it will be a dry weekend. so that's definitely great news go ahead and make plans to get out there. a chance of rain in the microclimate forecast. coming up at 5:43, i'll have a look at the planner for today for willow glen. more on that coming up. more on that creek that car into the creek. >> that's right. this is niles canyon i was telling you highway 84 is open. i just word let's consider it closed because there is a closure on the fremont side. i imagine they will drop the other side. most of the bay is just fine.
5:40 am
but this car went off the roadway. a new car off the roadway here. the driver is already. reports that no one else is in that car. they have closed highway 84 at mission. that will cause you to have to use the longer route around towards 680. keep that in mind. avoid this area because of the issue with the car that has gone off the roadway. meanwhile, the rest is moving well. pretty busy out there. thank you, mike. a famous knot is stopping by a bay area school. i'll show you who, where, why. all of those questions. plus, the dow 30 industrial is above 20,000 coming up in business and tech. plus, her smile lit up televisions across america in the '60s and '70s. she taught you women could be strong, single and career
5:41 am
driven. >> i would like to know why the last associate producer before me made $50 a week more than i do. >> he was a man. >> the life of mary tyler moore. she passed away yes at the age of 80.
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5:43 am
good thursday morning. time is 5:43. a live look outside at san jose.
5:44 am
all cloudy skies and a few clear spots. very chilly temperatures. willow glen, as he we go through the day, temperatures reaching the mid to upper 50s. average high, 59 degrees. we'll be right at about that point. over the next several days, warming temperatures. if wondering what all of this rain has done to the bay area throughout, don't miss the forecast and the drought monitor at 548. a crash westbound mill valley road. we'll track that one give you an update on another car in niles canyon. mike, we'll get back to that in just a moment. thank you very much. in the meantime, an update on the charitable efforts in the wake of the traffic warehouse fire in oakland last month. one group raised a significant amount of money through donations. let's get you caught up.
5:45 am
through they have raised $900,000. they plan to distribute that money to people injured in the fires. relief for parents of juveniles in santa clara county. the board of supervisors has died to no longer require administrative fees. the board voted unanimously for that waiver last after a year-long moratorium on collecting fees. today the volunteers across several bay area communities will fan out and count people living on the streets. san mateo and contra costa participating in the national homeless one-day count. they will be on the lookout for homeless individuals, families and encampments. it is required by the u.s. department of housing and urban
5:46 am
development. flood protection work for the francisquito creek. they will consider designs for the next phase. the meeting is open to the public. the creek caused extensive flooding especially during the 97-98 el nino season construction started last june. a real treat for students at sun terrace elementary school. scott kelly will swing by the school. he completed a year-long mission aboard the station. his twin brother, mark kelly, is also an knot, and married to former congresswoman gabby giffords. a lot of kids dreaming about being astronauts. they went to astronomical hots. >> the dow opens above the
5:47 am
20,000 mark for the first time in history. >> it tells us it will go even higher. the markets have moved higher you can chalk it up to enthusiasm. there's your 20,000 on the dow. but keep in mind, the nasdaq and the s&p have hit all time highs as well. really the dow actually tells you the least. that's because the dow 30 industrial is only measuring 30 stocks. the move of one stock can affect the whole index. it gives stocks with higher prices more weight. gold man sacks is and apple are both measured on the dow the. apple is the more important company. it is worth more. it employs more people. but goldman's share price is higher. because of the way they calculate the dow index, goldman gets a lot of influence on the dow based on its price. >> elon musk supports rex
5:48 am
tillerson as secretary of state and is is defending that opinion pointing out he did a good job running exxon. musk defended his relation donald trump saying attacking trump will achieve nothing. better there are open channels of communication. all right, guys, here's a weird story. francis ford coppola who made apocalypse now wants to turn the movie into a video game. he and a number of video game programmers are starting it. i would say of all the you would make into a video game this seems the most peck. >> yeah. i would have to agree. >> i do as well. just the idea of the apocalypse now. >> we won't be playing that one. >> how about this. two sisters at it again.
5:49 am
they are sending tennis into uncharted and historic territory. serena and vie each won their semifinal matches at the australian open which means it sets up for another all williams grand slam final. this would be their niningth. serena has thelong edge by a considerable margin. this is the first time they have squared off in eight years. their combined ages of 36 and 35. so 71 years between them, make them the oldest women's grand slam finalists sense at least 1968, the start of what's called the open era. >> that is so cool, isn't it? >> very talented. hey, kari, we're in a grand slam day for the weather today. >> yes, we are. it is is going to be very nice. as you step out now, a heavier jacket needed. tri-valley, 39 degrees. we have had patchy frost in the tri-valley and the north bay.
5:50 am
san francisco and the east bay at 44 degrees. also spotty showers moving through from parts of southern sonoma to marin county. green showing up here on the map as a weak disturbance rolls through. watch out for the light rain. it clears out the next couple of hours. all sunshine all day long. 57 in east san jose. 57 for concord, danville and fremont. east bay up to 56 degrees. san francisco, low 50s there. outer sunset. 53 in mill valley. 54 degrees. we have choppy wave conditions. still a high is surf advisory. it moves down the coastline and creates breakers to about 20 feet. so dangerous conditions there. this is a look at the current drought monitor. now, we have been talking about how all of this rain has affected the drought. we need several years to
5:51 am
replenish the deep groundwater. but we have made major improvement as far as the drought. right now no one in the whole state is still within an exceptional drought. still extreme just to the north of l.a. here bay area we have been taken out of t the drought status. extending into the sacramento and central valley. but for us we are seeing much proved conditions. follow me on facebook and twitter. ask me whatever you have. we will see very chilly temperatures for the next several. look at lake tahoe. you'll enjoy a lot of fresh powder on the ground. and sunshine too. if you want to get sun, heading to monterey and warmer temperatures, it will be in the lower 60s there this weekend. in san francisco, up to 58
5:52 am
degrees on saturday. 59 on sunday. and for the inland areas, into the upper 60s. it will be very nice. the rain returns next wednesday. now, mike, what are you talk building as far as how it looks for the morning commute? >> we live in a great area. we can hit all the wonderful spots you talked about. it is is looking great as far as the inner bay. we have a couple of crashes to still following the crash off niles canyon. avoid the area. west out of fremont still closed. car went off the roadway into the creek. driver is reported okay. that's the good news. consider it closed they have crews headed out there another crash westbound, one lane blocked. a quick backup forming in the area. it adds another 10 minutes on your commute longer than we had before. 25, 30 minutes from highway 4.
5:53 am
westbound 37 at novato. under 30 minutes for the drive. you're not alone for highway 101. a little bit of slowing at 680. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you very much. it is is still sinking in this morning. a tv legend and inspiration to so many women across the country is have died. >> the world is mourning the loss of mary tyler moore at 80 years old. ♪ who can turn the world on with smile ♪ >> everybody has been singing that in the newsroom. she started on the dick van dyke show and won multiple emmys for the "mary tyler moore show". she died of a heart attack after coming down with pneumonia. coming up next, looking for a weekend venture, caltrans has
5:54 am
ideas for you. helping you explore bay area's hidden gems along its route. >> but first happening now, we are following breaking news out of of sunnyvale where police have been called to the parking lot of a 24-hour fitness facility. kris sanchez is on the scene talking with investigators. she is tweeting out information as well. as soon as she gets it, we will join her live. >> and the san francisco state of the city address at 11:00. we will stream live on back here live in two minutes.
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our at&t park camera-- showing san francisco... it's going tob morning across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall will have the full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. ==sam/cu== six people are recovering after taking a live look outside on this thursday morning. our at&t park camera shows san francisco, another cold start across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall is back. the full forecast coming up in couple of minutes. in other news across the country, harrowing news at that. six people recovering. another shooting victim in chicago. the shooting happened last night one day after president trump threatened to send in the feds if chicago leaders cannot get their act together and can't end the seemingly never-ending gun violence in that city. the mother of the person who was
5:58 am
being memorialized and a 12-year-old girl. at least two people hospital indeed serious conditions. no arrested so far have been made. two firefighters are injured a massive apartment fire in a seattle suburb. they are expected to make a full recovery. no word yet what started that fire. 5:58 right now. back here at home. east bay looking for a gunman in a late night shooting at 7th and castro near interstate 980 and 880. police received reports of a shooting shortly after:30 p.m. at least one person was injured. no arrests have been made. looking for something to do? a new website with fun places to go along caltrain route. it is called
5:59 am
it list farmers markets, museum events, and events. it is is replacing track the fun. a 10-year-old surfer had a chosen counter with a shark, all of this caught on video. >> don't go in the water. the boy's father was actually taking pictures of son surfing when something caught his eye. he took a picture of a shark just below the surface. >> i was shocked but i wasn't too scared. if i saw it i probably would have freaked out and fall off. i was lucky i couldn't fall off. >> shark experts them it was a juvenile great white shark. >> oh, that makes you feel better.
6:00 am
>> they don't bite as hard. i don't know. it is eight feet long. he wasn't injured. big smile all around. bet you he will be back on the water. >> better to find out after the fact. >> 5:59. breaking news out of the south bay where 24-hour fitness is is turned into a crime scene. crews are on the scene talk to go investigators. we'll bring you the very latest on what we found happened coming up in a live report. sentencing this morning for pg is and e for role in the pipeline explosion. the punishments, the utility is and not willing to accept. actor shia labeouf gets into a fight is and is now facing charges. good thursday morning. thank you


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