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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on the run for more than 18 hours -- the searchontinues thik on the run for more than 18 hours. and the search continues this morning for an armed bank robber in the south bay. new developments from overnight. it is scary to hear a shooter is nearby and now the school is in lockdown and you can't get to your son. building a safety net. creating a suicide barrier on the iconic golden gate bridge. a warming trend over the bay area as we head into your weekend. today in the bay starts the right now. and that is right. you heard those words correctly.
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the weekend is a special occasion. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain or shine. >> it is going to be a great weekend. i am so looking forward to this because last weekend was so sloppy. i'm off this weekend. sunshine and warming temperatures all around the bay area. looking like a great way to start friday morning. and it is freezing in the tri-valley. 31 degrees as you step out the door. very cold with clear skies. we also have temperatures in the upper 30s for the peninsula and in the south bay, it is 38 degrees. we will talk about what to expect as we head through the forecast that's coming up. mike tracking a big rig fire
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from overnight. >> 680 on, only the right lane is open. this happened during the 6:00 hour yesterday. we have video of this a few minutes ago. there's still crews on the scene. heather, one of our folks in production, said they would open things by 4:30. this could last into the commute. this is a developing story. another one we are following. the search continues for a bank robber in the santa cruz mountains. >> we first brought you this story as breaking news in our mid newscast. the suspect has been on the run ever since. >> good morning, kris.
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>> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura. good morning to you, sam. it's hard to believe we have been talking about this since the midday newscast yesterday. with the temperatures being as cold as they are, i don't know how the suspect is still at large. the active search at this point is now over. but the suspect did surface between the robbery that we brought you yesterday and the this morning. this is a van he stole from the area. a woman found a hispanic man with a 6 to 8 inch knife in the house. he changed his clothes, took the van, and then took off. deputies were able to stop the van with spike strips near lexington reservoir. that's where he escaped on foot after robbing a bank of america in scotts valley hours before. he led police on a chase on highway 17 to the disbelief of
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drivers. and then to the disbelief of neighbors hours later. even the streets are steep. i can't believe the endurance of this guy without a car. >> now here's the is surveillance. he was wearing a mask at the time. now he may have changed. he he may be wearing dark jeans and blue gloves. if you see him or you see anything suspicious, you should call 911. kris sanchez, today in the bay. thank you very much. construction is going the start on a safety net for the golden gate bridge. that much we know. it is is hoping the net will stop and deter future suicides. but the project has been slowed
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by increasing costs and concerns where the money will come from. the $192 million project is expected to take four years to complete. investigators are hoping clues will help crack the case in an east bay homicide. sheriff deputies released grainy surveillance images to help track him down. >> she's a mother, grandmother. two daughters are really grieving bad for her. >> the person of interest drove a silver toyota corolla, perhaps a 2012 model. authorities have not reveal
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exactly how st. john was killed. a march and a vigil for a man shot and killed by a vallejo police officer responding to a party. ramos was holding a knife and a 16-year-old was on top of him. his family said he was defending his brother during a fight and police didn't have to the shoot. a follow-up on a story we have been following for weeks. the pg&e criminal case following the deadly blast. the utility was sentenced to pay the maximum fine of $3 million. they were ordered to run a three-month advertising campaign publicizing its criminal convictions.
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>> the judgment was strong. it's never enough, because i can never get my family back. >> the utility needs to perform 10,000 hours of community service as well. and the public utilities commission should be noted a record $1.6 penalty in pg&e in 2015. the weekend is just around the corner. clear conditions will condition right into saturday. right, kari? >> that's right. it will be chilly in the early hours. it warms up nicely for the afternoon. so we'll talk about the next chance of rain in the microclimate forecast. we have this big backup approaching the dublin interchange i have improvement and push back as well. the on campus visit that will go on for now. a lightning rod for controversy who is still set to come to cal.
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a sold-out appearance at the cal campus by a controversial far-right writer.e place next week. ==vo== 'milo yiannopoulos' ya-knop-alous -- an editor at "breitbart" -- has been invited by a group of campusepublicanto speek next wednesday. a similar event two weeks ago at u-c davis sparked heated protests, one arrest and the eventual cancellation of the event -- before it ever started. in an open letter -- cal's chancellor reaffirmed the right for yiannopoulos to appear on campus - even if it means tighter security. ==laura//vo== a follow up now: the university of california tuition pproved its first increase in seven-years. the board of regents voted in san francisco yesterday -- for a 2-point-5 percent hike. u-c president, janet napolitano, says the 282-dollar annual increase for in-state
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students -- will takefft this fall. =sam/vo= californians may soon be able tn when filling out government documents. state lawmakers say the 'gender recognition act' -- could take effect as early as next year if passed. ==sam/rail== the battle in richmond over rent control heads to a courtroom today. the contra costa county court will hear arguments for an injunction .. to halt a new rent control mease the battle enrichment over r heads to a courtroom. they will hear arguments over an injunction to halt the rent control measure supposed to take affect is september 30th. good morning bay area --
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a live look at emeryvilleatthis- grab a jacket, mittens, and a sca good morning, bay area. a live look at emeryville this early hour. it is cold. grab a jacket, mittens, scarves.
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>> this is the best part about the winter months. 48 degrees in the east bay. we're reaching into the upper 50s. a lot of sunshine. it will be cold at recess. there will be lots of sun. chilly by 1:00, still warming up. look at the bigger picture here to see what's going on across the region. a lot of dry air.
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we see this cluster that moves through the pacific. just a little bit closer east bay. so we will still have several days of dry weather. until next wednesday or thursday, enjoy all the sunshine and warming temperatures too. follow me on facebook and twitter. as we head into the weekend for lake tahoe, in monterey, temperatures reaching into the mid-60s. here we have upper 50s on the map as we go into the next few days. in san francisco, right about 60 degrees on monday. 60 sunday is and monday.
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the rain moves in late wednesday into thursday. westbound approaching 680. we have all of this slowing. this is a live picture right now. two lanes right now west 580 over at the dublin interchange. i will show you how very slow it is. the commute comes off the altamonte pass. starting to hit the brakes.
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some folks still cut through. no word on injuries. it may affect the area. back approximate to you. thank you very much. 4:49 now. live to the nation's capital where anti-abortion protesters will hold their annual march for life dental the station. the march in san francisco happened last weekend. mike pence will be the guest speaker. president trump is hosting theresa may today. >> the two leaders will discuss nato, trade. they spoke at the republican retreat in philly. the first foreign leader hosted by president trump.
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. another round of earnings points. consumer sentiment. and the first report on fourth quarter gdp. 32 points to 20,100. the nasdaq one point to 5655.
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it created a mobile app. now people are stuck in long lines and some are leaving in frustration without buying anything. >> google maps can-can tell you how hard it is to find a parking space before you leave your house. the parking difficulty icon is in 25 u.s. cities including san francisco. it isn't real-time. they will use a similar method for local businesses. back over to you. >> not bad. >> if there were actually parking spots available in san francisco. thank you very much. >> americans love chicken wings. we are expect to go consumer more than 1.3 billion chicken wings for super bowl li. to put that into perspective, if all of those wings were laid end to end or wing to wing they
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would stretch from gillette stadium in foxborough to the georgia dome in atlanta almost 80 times over. so the entire length of the east coast. >> you were a chick weren wing connoisseur. >> i like spicy kick. >> honoring your icon. images will make forever great britain and david bowie fans. when you can get your hands on them next. first happening now, covering a story breaking news since yesterday and continuing into your friday. a massive search for a robber in the santa cruz mountains. at one point the search closed highway 17 for hours yesterday. we continue to talk to police and sheriff's deputies. kris sanchez tweeting new updates as she gets information. now that the storms moved out, how much rain fell this month thanks to nasa.
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a live look atgolden gate ge at this hour -- welcome back. 4:55. a gorgeous shot of the undulating golden gate bridge. >> stop showing off. the bay area is slowly waking you. mike is going to update you at the top of the hour. >> we love our sam brock here. 4:55. you see this? helicopter rescue crew releasing video of what turned out to be a very busy wednesday. they made two rescues including
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a pair glider. he suffered nonlife threatening injuries. a hiker injured her foot in a rugged part of the state and safely was transported to the hospital. >> santa clara county is extending hours for shelters. more beds will be added as well. we have talked about how bitter some of the cold temperatures are this morning. the shelters will be open through sunday. all right. i love this question. can you feel it? we are almost in february. almost time for spring training. baseball season right around the corner. >> little league for this weekend. we're all excited around here. they have to start somewhere, right? pitchers and catchers report to spring training in a little more than two weeks. they hold their annual fan fest at the coliseum. a great way to meet the players and is see where the team is headed this year. those scheduled to attend the
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fest, sonny gray, trevor paougt and marcus. >> they have a whole slew. be checking it for fans of singer david bowie will will love this. david bowie is set to appear on a series of postage stamps. he he died of cancer at the age of 59. they will honor him as the first ever individual mu is seugz. the beatles are previously been honored on the stamps. it's the first time an individual has been honored. >> 4:57. coming up, a cold start. very nice finish to our friday. a dry weekend ahead, kari? >> it will be a dry weekend. a live look outside at oakland. things are getting started this friday morning with chill temperatures. those numbers in two minutes.
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dublin, the better news, the big rig fire from last night has finally been cleared. we'll show you the ripple effect. suicide prevention will be installed later this year. it could involve more costs. details coming up in a live report. the search continues this
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morning for an armed bank robber in the south bay. ==sot== "scary for a parent to hear the on the run for more than 18
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hours. the search continues for the arranged bank robber in the south bay. >> very scary to hear there was a shooter nearby and now the school is in lockdown and you can't get to your son. building a safety net. the next step to creating a suicide barrier on the iconic golden gate bridge. and how about temperatures in the upper 60s in parts of the bay area? we'll look at that complete microclimate forecast. "today in the bay" starts right now. and good friday. should we say a golden friday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. should be a golden afternoon after a cold start to the morning. >> yeah. a lot of sun. something that has been really rare this -- >> yes. >> once we see it, we're like, wow, what is that? sunshine, we will see that again today. all throughout the afternoon and this weekend so it does look really good.
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