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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the news at six starts right now. good evening to you and thank you for joining us on this busy night. >> these protests unfold right now. the crowd so big san francisco police have shut down. >> temporarily banning refugees predominantly muslim countries. today dozens of people are now being detained at several airports. >> we have team coverage for you on this breaking story. the growing demonstration at sfo. christie. >> reporter: the hundreds of demonstrators who gathered outside of the international terminal over by arieflgz. they marched inside about 40 minutes ago and they're standing at an area where they believe a handsful of people are being detained on the other side of the wall. they're chanting things like let the lawyers in because what we're hearing is that family
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members have been notified through customs and border patrols that a relative is being held after president trump's executive order. now volunteer attorneys came here to sfo earlier today. there are several of them. they say what they're trying to do is help the family members that they say are from at least, they believe, four people they believe iranian citizens with visas may be being held here. they say that at this point it's kind of difficult to confirm because they're getting very little information. for some people here the situation is rather unclear. >> she's on a flight from due buy coming back. i talked to her when she lanltded but we don't know if she can make it or not. >> reporter: she's being told that he should not get on a plane because if he does he may be detained or if he is not
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detained or turned around and sent back. >> reporter: now what a number of attorneys told us is that immigrants instant's group did put out a request for attorney's to show up. one told us that she came out of retirement over this. at this point what we're hearing still is let the lawyers in. there are many signs here, hundreds of people here hard to tell exactly how many. we are selves did also reach out to customs and border protection but haven't heard back. these folks arrived here at 3:00. it doesn't look like they're going anywhere. reporting live at sfo. >> here's a closer look at the protest happening at the sfo right now from inside the crowd. this one was sent in by steve spinner showing a 12-year-old boy participating in that
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protest and here's another, this one came to us via twitter. we want to see your videos and photos. you can also e-mail them to ic at >> protest and rallies are also happening at other airports across the country. take a look at two of them. the crowd size is very large. one at o'hare in chicago and jfk. a stamford student was one of the people detained at jfk. these are live pictures right now. you see there the sign there terminal 4. obviously just a major international hub jfk. what do we know so far about the student who attends stamford that's been detained. >> we can tell you that the graduate student who is from sudan on her way back to the bay area is still in new york tonight getting some rest. that's from a university spokes
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wom. that jfk international where the executive order drew 300 protesters the stamford student was detained today for five hours. the university is not releasing her name but says she is a legal u.s. resident and holds a green card. students in the countries listed in the executive order have been notified by the university not to plan travel in the immediate future. at least a dozen refugees were detained in new york a 12-year-old girl was blocked from joining her family in the central -- the girl and her father and american citizen were stopped at the airport in the west african republic at 6:00 a.m. california time this morning. families attorney calls the executive order unfair and oversweeping. >> i think the order is extraordinarily overbroad. it's drawing lines based on national origin and religion and it's so sweeping that it's effecting people like a
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12-year-old child who's trying to join her family in the united states. >> the girl who has an immigrant visa was hoping to arrive at lax. the family attorney both her parents and two siblings are american. the father manages a strip mall. >> thanks very much. temporary ban of refugees also prompting an emotional response from silicon valley ceos. the executive order has impacted nearly 200 of his employees traveling overseas. they were urged to return immediately. the company's first order of business is to help the employees effected. microsoft ceo also spoke out about the executive order. the company will provide legal assistance to employees impacted. >> meanwhile president trump is keeping very busy today. he had his first official conversation with vladimir putin by phone. he also spoke with the german
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chancellor. he signed 3 executive orders today. it also allows current lobbyist to join the trump administration. another bill pushes for the reorganization of the national security council and the homeland security council to better respond to new threats against the united states. the last order was a new one from president trump and it's a big one. he is asking his joint chiefs of staff to come up with a plan within 30 days to defeat isis. our presidential coverage continues on air and online with these protests. our cruise as you can see here are staying at sfo for these protests. find out what's happening to the people that are being detained there. >> a large search party out again today looking for a missing 18-year-old who's car plunged into this east bay creek. today we've got a new twist. a recovery teamed pulled another
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car out of the water after it crashed in the same spot just a few days ago. the family of that woman now calling for cal transto make some changes in that road. >> reporter: that's right. that his daughter probably did overcorrect when she missed that curve so she wouldn't hit another car but he said he knows that curve because he travels this highway all the time and he says that curve where her car went off and where that other car went off just two days ago needs some serious safety improvements. you can get caught off guard very easily by how sharp the turn is. he won't quit the search for his daughter until she's found. even as searchers look for jay da a vehicle recover team pulls another car from the same creek. the 27-year-old of that driver escaped with minor injuries after plunging into the creek thursday in the same spot where jayda went off the road.
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jayda's dad is holding out hope that she's still alive. that curve needs to be safer. >> it'll catch you off guard. it'll -- you'll turn because there's a previous right-hand turn going into it and then it -- it's a tighter turn. >> he wants improvements like a new guard ray and nbc bay area news has obtained a study that calls for safety improvements at that curve. >> something should be done about it. it should at least be looked at with a real heavy concern. >> reporter: that work is supposed to start next year. the improvements include completely reconstructing that curve which includes widening the curve and the lanes and also widening the shoulder adding some new reflectors on the center line and putting down pavement that's called friction pavement. we're live in fremont. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a march and a vig ilin the north bay to protest the shooting of a
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21 year old man. when officers responded to a fight at a house party. police say ray mose was holding a 9/11 and attacking a 16-year-old boy when officers got there. ramose's family says he was defending his family and police didn't have to shoot. >> all i know i loved my son and i can't understand why it happened. he didn't have a knife on him. they're saying that he was -- i cannot talk. i'm sorry. >> the family joins demonstrators in march and also a vigil. their investigation into the shooting is under way. >> another health scare, governor brown reveals he's being treated again for cancer. >> a highway that's been closed for a week because of all of that rain, all of that flooding
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left behind by our recent stores. why some cleanups so long? >> and as the sun sets 57 degrees right now for the average. we are going from warm to cool but how chilly will we be tomorrow morning. i'll have all those details in a few minutes.
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>> new information tonight about the three men arrested in
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san jose yesterday in connection with the dramatic chase and bank robbery investigation. the sheriff's officer says investigators worked through the night sorting through evidence but it is still not certain any of the men in custody are the bank robbery suspect. our chopper brought you the breaking news yesterday as police and swat teams chased down a suspect and arrested him. this all happening after a bank robbery in scotts vale on thursday. the after math consisted of a search that shut down the highway for hours. investigators say any further information will not be released until monday. >> some pretty scary moments inside a taco bell last night. police say a men walked into that restaurant with a gun asking for money. it happened about 10:30. the restaurant still opened full of customer. several people jumped into action, wrestling the gunman to
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the ground. one officer says he did suffer a gun shot wound during the struggle but unclear how he was shot. the suspect was taken to the hospital before going to jail. no one else was hurt. take a look at this early morning wakeup for firefighters. it wasn't a fire. about 2:30 in the morning when this crash happened outside of their station. this is at the time scene they found a crumbled mangled car. philadelphia crashed through the fence. the driver was inside had to be cut out from the car. firefighters say he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the crash is under investigation. >> finally back open today the chp getting the clear to open all lanes of highway 37 after they were closed for nearly a week because of flooding. the biggest problem spot was between u.s. 101 and atherton avenue. it took a while to pump all that water out. the places they wanted to pump it to were flooded as well.
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37 completely reopened. >> just a reminder of how much rain we got. it really impacted the areas. >> we saw very impressive rain totallies especially for the month of january. we still have a couple of more of those left. if you haven't had a chance to head outdoors you still got a couple more days to do so. gorgeous shot overlooking the water. it is beautiful out there and it really was just a very pleasantville day across the area. south bay right now at 56 degrees. we woke up to some chilly 30s and 40s. peninsula 48 degrees right now and the try valley a nice 50 degrees. even at this hour so we did manage to see a bit of a warming trend across the bay area. we saw some 60s in the south bay. morgan hill 62 degrees, san jose
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64 degrees. 62 degrees near oakland, along the peninsula that we're talking upper 50s, lower 60s and as we make our way over to san francisco upper 50s maybe even a 60 for the san francisco mark. north bay also expecting to see those upper 50s and mill vale so this high pressure is going to dominate. we've got this dry air mass that's sitting right over the bay area in southern california also catching a break from the rain they saw so we're really expected to keep this high pressure. that's going to keep the sunshine around and those warming temps. if we fast forward through wednesday, long range models are showing a weaker system than what we have seen. that could bring the potential for seeing close to a quarter to a half inch by wednesday and thursday and then you fast forward through friday the majority of those rain totals
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will be sitting more off to the san rosa scene. so not as crazy in terms of the rain totals but still we are expecting to see some more rain in the forecast. now if you are going to be traveling to lake tahoe here's the chance of what you can expect. we saw the 30s today. by tomorrow we should be at 44 degrees. by monday 45 degrees and those overnight lows dropping to about 15 degrees. sunday also expecting to see a high about 26 in monterey. and let's plan out your sunday and your saturday across the bay area is also looking pretty good here's a quick check of the sext seven days. and by wednesday that rain makes a return which means it could arrive as early as midday but thursday is when we're really looking at the chance of seeing a slick commute if you're having to wake up for an early morning drive on thursday. for now we got three more days
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left of sunshine. let's keep on enjoying that. >> absolutely. thank you. >> still to come celebrating the year of the rooster. how san francisco's china town kicking off the luner new year this year. we're following breaking news at
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sfo -- about a thoand peoplhave let's take you back live to sfo right now. airport protest underway around the country today. huge protest here at san francisco. the international terminal, these protesters they believe are on the other side of a wall where different refugees are from various countries, seven countries that have had a ban, a refugee ban placed on them by president trump and this is a scene right now.
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also huge protest at o'hare and jfk. >> i'm seeing reports that part of the mood is changed there. they've gone from trying to battle a ban to winning a victory in court. news that a federal judge has issued a national stay ordered on the president's executive order banning refugees from seven countries. so apparently people who they're waiting for on the other side of that wall, they may be coming out very shortly and the people that are waiting there to greet them and i heard there's been quite a bit of cheering in just the last few minutes since the federal judge lifted that ban on refugees. >> we are watching this closely and of course we'll bring you updates both on the air and online. we're estimating over one thousand people there at this protest. >> health concern for governor jerry brown. his office announced this morning that we will undergo treatment for prostate cancer. he'll be treated at ucsf. a short course of radiation
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therapy. the treatments will take place in a month. the governor will continue his work schedule throughout. >> it is the start of the lunar new year which means celebrations are underway in san francisco. the mayor was there. we are showing you the rooster. >> it's the year of the rooster. cock-a-doodle-doo. >> they are getting festivities underway there. take a look. >> i'm just going to say, sunday -- >> here's some of that really cool entertainment. lots of kids taking part as well and just that beautiful scenery everywhere in china town. celebrations will continue for the next two weekends in san francisco. >> let's check in with mindy. she's got sports for us. what's going on? >> i was born in the year of the rooster. i'm looking forward to this
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year. it was the csn third annual game changer awards. we have a preview of the big night. grab your tissues. come on back. never knew they could reach.
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it's the reason coaching corp coaches have the ability to push kids to heights they never knew they could reach. it's one of the reasons coaching core was founed and the reason top athletes honor those that push them at the game changer award. >> he couldn't hold back the emotion as he honored the late nick lynch. the high school football coach responsible for pushing bowman to the potential he never knew he had. >> i had the honor of winning his first state championship for him and i know, i know it meant so much to him.
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i just wish that he was here to see what i'm doing now. >> he meant so much to him. nine years later. he's still a part of him and he's still doing what the coach asked him to do. >> the game changer awards recognizes those who impact the lives of young people in positive ways through coaching. it also raises awareness that thousands of kids who do not become professional athletes benefit from coaching core volunteers. >> that's what we see with the kids in the low income communities that we get kids to volunteers as coaches for us. they have incredible impact on the kids' lives helping them believe in themselves and this event helps us to get more and more people volunteers coaches. >> dra mon green says tom izo was tougher on him than his own mother. warriors fan can see the impact on green every time he takes the court. >> the work ethic but most
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importantly i think the leadership. i think it's a little bit of both and definitely the part -- >> the giants george contoes never believed he would get pass high school if not for his freshman coach. >> to learn there's more to life than just themselves and it's important to learn how to work with one another and remember how your conduct, your behavior always effects everyone around you. >> some of the same lessons she passes on to her kids. >> in san francisco, csn. >> the raiders and more joined at the third annual game
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changers awards. you can watch the premier presentation on csn sunday night at 9:00 right after warriors postgame live. they're up 12 in the second quarter over the clippers right now. right now more news after the break. directv now! the future of tv is now. [ now echos ] 'now' does not mean now. 'future' is a relative term. nfl sunday ticket, red zone and the nfl network are not included. cbs and showtime, again, not included. most live local stations only available in select markets - fingers crossed. streaming to more than two devices at once is a subject we'd rather not talk about. dvr and downloading on the go, yeah, good luck with that. all other terms and frustrations apply. so why wait? call now. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. choose xfinity and get more to stream to any screen.
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>> let's take you back live right now. this is the international terminal at sfo. the crowds, the signs, the chanting here. protests have grown as we've been following this story this
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response in president trump's executive order to temporarily ban immigrants. we also know a dozen attorneys are there now trying to help out. >> and a federal judge according to reuters has granted emergency stay to temporarily allow people who landed in the u.s. with valid visa to remain, so what they're protesting in favor of is happening on a temporary basis right now. >> a quick check here. >> we've got sunshine for the next four days before rain arrives. >> that's all i need to hear. thank you. see you at 11:00. tonight, "nbc bay area responds." renee rosato: us post office would give a total stranger my mail. announcer: we expose a postal service security lapse that allows thieves to pick up your mail and steal your identity. sondra halperin: it was very surprising to me, and it was scary.
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announcer: we investigate why san francisco homeowners are on the hook for thousands of dollars in fines for something they didn't do. ron phelps: there's no oversight. announcer: we follow the cash flowing into crowdfunding campaigns, and scrutinize where the money goes when big ideas go bust. lonnie lebin: just honor it. announcer: we trace the paper trail of a business that changed hands, then ignored customers' prepaid purchases. cheri wells: they didn't expect nobody to come and raise hell. announcer: and we scrutinize the contractor who painted a house pink, then tried to put thousands on the owner's property tax bill. here's consumer investigator chris chmura. chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our "nbc bay area responds" special. we launched early this summer with one promise to our viewers, to respond to every call and every email. we do just that. our first story tonight started with a call to us, and poses a serious question. is the post office putting people at risk for identity theft?


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