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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  January 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> there will be a my advice is to engage but beware. ♪ who can turn the world on with her smile ♪ >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. it's been another weekend of demonstrations after a dizzying first week of executive action under president trump. overnight crowds gathering at airports across the country in response to the president's order signed friday temporarily banning the entry of immigrants to the united states from seven countries and suspending the country's refugee program all together for four months. then a late-night victory in court for the opposition after a
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lawsuit by the aclu. we will sift through it all with a live report and chuck todd in just a moment. later, tom brokaw takes us through his 50 years at nbc news. and leslie mann, the star of some of the biggest comedies in the last two decades, on life on the big screen and how her husband, judd apatow saw her in an audition, knew she was the one. >> she did say to ben there goes the future mrs. an pay tow, but i think he may have said that about heather locklear and j. lo too. >> our conversation with leslie later in the show. let's begin with president trump's executive order suspending the united states refugee program. confusion about the order for those affected paired with defiance and protests overnight. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live at the white house for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. today the president plans to speak with the leaders of saudi arabia and the uae.
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both countries not on the travel ban list of nations with predominantly muslim populati populations. a senior white house official also reacted to a federal judge stepping in late saturday night telling me it is, quote, a nonevent. that official says the judge's ruling is very narrow and will not stop the trump plan. airports across the country crowded with demonstrators saturday night. >> no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here! >> reporter: huddled around international terminals. challenged in court, a federal judge granted a temporary emergency stay. ♪ this land was made for you and me ♪ to prevent the deportation of specific travelers affected by president trump's new executive order on immigration. after an estimated 375 travelers were stopped. an iraqi interpreter for the u.s. military, was held at jfk
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airport until granted a waiver. >> what do you think of america? >> america is the greatest nation, has the greatest people in the world. >> reporter: president trump's executive order delivers on his campaign promise to confront what he calls radical islamic terrorism. trump's order temporarily holds admission from seven predominantly muslim countries for 90 days and suspends the u.s. refugee program from all countries for 120 days and indefinitely for syrians. trump rejected the characterization that his order is a muslim ban. >> it's not a muslim ban. we are prepared to look at it. you see it at the airports and all over. it's working out very nicely. >> reporter: democratic officials pushed back. senator elizabeth warren at boston logan airport. >> up constitutional and it will be overturned. >> reporter: and some allies deannounced president trump's order including prime minister justin trudeau, who tweeted, "canada welcomes those fleeing persecution, terror, and war."
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britain's theresa may says she does not agree with the ban just a day after her white house visit. for president trump, saturday was a full working day. he signed additional executive orders requiring a new battle plan against isis and limits on future lobbying for white house officials. plus the president held a series of phone calls with world leaders from japan, france, germany, australia, and his first official conversation with russia's vladimir putin. an hour-long call the white house described as congratulatory and positive. also on the schedule today for president trump a conversation with south korea's president and the white house says he'll be hosting a movie screening this afternoon. but so far no reaction from white house officials or the president himself on those protests that are expected to continue today. willie? >> all right. kelly o'donnell at the white house, thanks so much. today is just the tenth day in the white house for president trump. and he's already made his mark
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starting with the debate over crowd size at his inauguration and continuing with a string of executive orders that have reshaped american policy. it's been a whirlwind week. nbc's kasie hunt has more. >> i, donald john trump -- >> reporter: donald trump took the oath of office promising to shake up washington and while actions normally speak louder than words, when you're president of the united states, words are action, and trump stayed true to his in his first frenetic week. last saturday basking in the spotlight only to send his press secretary out with an angry mess about about the size of his inaugural crowd. >> this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration period, both in person and around the globe. >> reporter: by sunday, chaos. >> don't be so overly dramatic about it, chuck. you're saying it's a falsehood and they're giving sean spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that. >> reporter: monday the president telling congressional leaders he lost the popular vote because of voter fraud without any proof that's what's going on
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around the country's true. fellow republicans were not impressed. >> this is going to erode his ability to govern this country if he does not stop. >> reporter: on tuesday the real action began. executive orders resurrecting two controversial pipelines. >> we will build our own pipeline. we will build our own pipes. that's what it has to do with. like we used to, in the old days. >> reporter: then wednesday with the stroke of a pen the first step toward making his key campaign promise -- >> build that wall! >> reporter: -- a reality. >> immediate construction of a border wall. >> reporter: the commander in chief also stepping up immigration enforcement. >> i'm asking all of you to enforce the laws of the united states of america. they will be enforced and enforced strongly. >> reporter: thursday, a firestorm over how to pay for the wall between the u.s. and mexico. the mexican president say nothing way. the administration floating a plan for a 20% tax on mexican imports. >> by doing it that way we could
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do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall. >> reporter: then an immediate reversal, trump's chief of staff calling it simply a buffet of options. friday president trump's first meeting with a foreign leader, the british prime minister, before he signed a controversial order temporarily shutting down imdprags from seven predominantly muslim countries. >> don't want them here. >> reporter: no matter what trump supporters wanted him to change the way washington works. president trump for good or ill, certainly making that happen. kasie hunt, nbc news, washington. >> chuck todd joins us now. good to see you. >> good morning, sir. >> that was obviously a very busy week we can dig into but start with the most recent news, the immigration executive order from president trump, 120-day suspension of the refugee program, a 90-day suspension of immigration from seven different countries and barring syrian refugees indefinitely. a narrow ruling as kelly o'donnell said from a judge here in brooklyn, a federal judge, on part of it. is there any limit on how far
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this can go? the white house has said even in the last 24 hours they may broaden it further depending on how things go. >> i think we'll see. i think there's going to be more legal challenges to this order. i think specifically the idea this applies to green cardholders is going to i think come under some debate in the federal courts because when you get a green card in this country you're supposed to have all the same rights as a citizen has essentially except with the ability to vote and serve on juries and even in some places you can serve on juries. that i think is going to be the next target of legal action here. willie, it's just as likely that somehow in the next couple of weeks just like with some of president obama's executive orders we could see a total stay while this works its way through the court process. it may take the supreme court to decide whether president trump does have this authority on these temp raorary bans because
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there's a lot of confusion which laws apply, especially an old law from 1965. >> green cardholders go through extreme vetting just to get those green cards. they've already been vetted pretty thoroughly. what do you make about the trump white house's posture about all this? they seem to be relishing watching the reaction and the bash lash to it. kellyanne conway saying get used to it, we're just getting started. >> you look at this first week, i'm going to quote this morning, he said the fist week of trump's presidency everything trump supporters wanted it to be and everything trump opponents feared it would be. and i think in that sense kellyanne conway is right. i think get used to it. this could be -- you know, donald trump didn't promise that he was going to be smooth and somehow have a continuum here. he ran as a disrupter and so far the first nine days he's governing as a disrupter. now, the fallout from it at
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times is pretty chaotic, and i think especially when you look at this one, willie, i think he's going to find the federal court system may be his biggest roadblock. >> you're right. as you go down the executive orders of the last week, there's not one in there he didn't mention or promise in the campaign trail. he's doing all the things he said he was going to do. a lot of people just didn't believe him when he said it. more broadly the use of executive action. president obama used it, george bush used it, fdr used it more than 3,000 times. is what we're seeing now unusual or because we're seeing so much of it at once? i think part of it is so much of it at once. i'll be curious to see -- there are a lot of republicans in congress very critical of all the executive action that barack obama used. of course there were a lot of democrats in congress back in the bush years who were very critical of all the executive action of george w. bush and things like that. i'll be curious to see -- i think that if you start to see any growing republican opposition to trump, i do think
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it will start falling under this category where it will be republicans in congress concerned about executive overreach. >> before i let you go, i want to ask you about steve bannon joining the national security council, unusual move for a political adviser, raising some red flags this morning being. >> he's not the first political adviser to be brought into those meetings, but i thought what was more shocking was the decision by president trump to not include the top intelligence officer in this country and the top military officer in this country, chairman of the joint cheechs and director of national intelligence, that those two are only -- are in on an invite-only basis to national security council meeting. that to me was the more shocking development. >> all right. chuck todd, thank you very much. we'll be matching "meet the press," of course. his guests include former vice presidential candidate tim kaine. now to other news this morning. u.s. forces launched a surprise raid in yemen overnight.
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one u.s. service member was killed. three others were wounded. three alleged al qaeda leaders reportedly killed in the raid as well. fighting lasting about 45 minutes. just over week ago suspected u.s. drone strikes killed three other members of al qaeda there. a state and federal investigation is under way this morning after a texas mosque was destroyed in a fire over the weekend. authorities say it's too early to speculate on what caused the islamic center of victoria, texas, to go up in flames saturday morning, but the mosque has been the target of a series of crimes. officials say it was burglarized a week ago and vandalized several years back. and score one for the old guys. roger feld rderer won his 18th d slam this morning knocking off rafael nadal. it's the 35-year-old's first win at a major since wimbledon in 2012.
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dylan is out on maternity leave. how about 35 making you an old guy? that's tennis for you. >> exactly. i'm not okay with that at all by any means. across the country it's been mild over the last week or so but we have some action out there. we'll have to go right in towards the lake seeing heavy lake-effect snow, 1 to 2 feet, in total by the time the weekend is over, especially off erie and ontario. off the mid-atlantic we're seeing a hint of a coastal low starting to develop. some 41 degrees right now in san francisco. with an expected high of 60 degrees. we're seeing mostly clear skies, which is why parts of the bay area are waking up to cold 30s. san jose right now at 38 degrees. santa rosa, 31 degrees. out near half moon bay, 40 degrees, and oakland, 44. we should be warming up into the upper 50s, lower 60s, on this sunday.
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i think we've proved 35 is young. had a supermodel 85 years old on the runway this week. >> makes me feel better. >> plenty of time. some people are sworn into office with a hand on the lincoln bible. others holding a captain america shield. we all have our heroes. and the moment that will haunt your dreams tonight. an alligator leaps into a boat full of people. we'll show you how this one ended. and harry smith with chris kimable with a new initiative to make cooking easier for us amateurs. all that plus tom brokaw. as we go to break, our "photo of the week." a stunning volcanic eruption in mexico made even more stunning when a lightning bolt joins the show. reason the good times are great. and the reason the tough times are easier. because she's your best friend... and your true love.
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ingra is with me to whip through the highs and lows of the week and the first high goes to the swearing in game of one city councilman in california. he is a brand new councilman and self-described comic book geek. >> i do solemnly swear. >> i do solemnly swear. >> that ilsupport a will suppor defend. >> he said he wanted to shine a ray of levity to the proceedings. i say give me a full captain america costume. >> i could see you as a superman fur first goes to the briefly horrifying video that became the viral clip of the week. hey, this is cool. look how close we are to this chill alligator, thought a missouri tourist on vacation in florida, as he streamed on
6:19 am
facebook live. he and his wife were on an airboat ride in the florida everglades when they floated in close to see the majestic beast resting on the bank. but the gator is not up for the whole thing. suddenly jumps into the boat. the people on board scramble as their lives flash before their eyes. the alligator then gets stuck in the railing before wiggling his way out and returning to the water. oh my god. this is e tither the best or th worst vacation home video after all time. about two or three seconds you're sure it's over. >> where do you go? can't go in the water. >> our next to a pair of los angeles neighbors turned roommates. over the last four years 31-year-old actor chris salvatore and 89-year-old norma have become friend, living off the hall from each other in an apartment xlix. they talk over champagne, vld birthday parties and celebrated new year's eve together. norma got seriously sick with leukemia recently and had no
6:20 am
family nearby to help her. doctors said she wouldn't make it through the holidays so chris decided it was time for her to move in with him. he since has raised $50,000 to help care for her. his job is to make her comfortable and make her feel good. >> chris is such a big help to me. >> because i love you. >> and i love you. >> the two of them are so sweet together. watch the full story online. it's incredible. >> he'll make a good husband. >> yes, he will. a manager and employee were arrested this week at a burger king caught dealing wield alongside the whoppers and chicken fries. the operation went like this. for those looking for extra leafy xwreens with their meal they'd drive up, ask for nasty boy so they were talking to the right guy, then order crispy fries. when the customers pulled up to the window, they got it their way all right. the marijuana was separate from the food and the franchise owner did not know his manager was running weed out of the drive-through.
6:21 am
i think the first thing you pull up to the drive through and say i'd like to talk to nasty boy. >> he's an entrepreneur. just saying. >> really. >> yeah. good entrepreneur. >> a different take on that story. our final high goes to the next generation of firefighting technology. really cool, maybe a little impractical. dubai's civil defense department rolled out what it's calling an innovative early response firefighting service. they use jet packs. yes. jet packs. introductory video looking like it was produced by jerry bruckheimer shows a firefighter racing to a call on his waverunner, connecting his jet pack and rising dramatically above the water like a spider man villain to extinguish the flames on a burning truck. definitely feels like the fire truck on the road would have arrived a long time ago, when the guy was underwater hooking up his jet pack. i'm sure there's a practical use for this. >> this is dubai being eccentric, right? i could watch the video over and over again but -- >> too much cash flow.
6:22 am
our final low goes to the number of points you'll score in your roim this valuen type's day if your xwift is to name a madagascar hissing cockroach after your sweetheart. ♪ let's talk about you let's talk about me ♪ >> the tongue-in-cheek fund raying campaign from the bronx zoo. the slogan is nothing lasts longer than a roach. for ten bucks you get the certificate naming the roach. at the top end 50 bucks gets you a box of chocolates and a plush cockroach toy. also good for one you don't like. your fantastic husband jake is here today. how would you feel if he got you a hissing cockroach name? >> i was going to say i'm torn because you're supporting the zoo, but honey, don't do that. >> just write a check to the zoo. >> hissing is not my thing. >> good tip. coming up next, my conversation with one of the
6:23 am
funniest women in hollywood, leslie mann on an unexpected career in comedy, her movie with de niro and her husband judd apatow's strange talents. and tom brokaw walks us through a half-century of covering the news from the era of civil rights to the era of trump. head over the facebook live for a chat with me and edra. fl. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. make earning bonus cash back so why do scomplicated?k cards they limit where you can earn bonus cash back
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let's give you a live look outside right now at the bay bridge. lit up, absolutely beautiful. clear out there, but quite chilly. good sunday morning, and thank you so much for waking up with us. let's get a quick check of your microclimate forecast. and we woke up this morning, got outside and was reminded we're still in the middle of winter. >> exactly, which is why we're still seeing 30s and 40s for the bay area. before we warm up. here's a quick glanls at what you're seeing as you make your way out the door. south bay at 38 degrees. peninsula, 48 degrees. the tri-valley, 34 degrees and we're keeping the nice clear skies. so we're starting clear and then throughout your sunday, expect to see a lot more of that sunshine. east bay, 44 degrees right now.
6:27 am
san francisco, 46. and actually, san francisco yesterday did hit a high of 60 degrees. the north bay right now at a cold, cold 31 degrees. so over the next couple hours, you're going to see an increase in the temps, though. by lunch hour, you should be climbing into the 50s for the san jose area. topping out yet again at 64, 65 for san jose. another good sunny day to enjoy the outdoors. >> great. a lot of people outside celebrating the lunar new year, too. >> exactly. and the fireworks. >> thank you so much. well, an emergency intervention. a judge steps in and halts part of president trump's executive order banning immigrants from several middle eastern countries. this as people are detained at airports nationwide, including sfo. last night's ruling is a temporary stay. it applies to immigrants with a green card who just arrived in the u.s. or were already in transit. the state prevents the trump administration from sending them out of the country.
6:28 am
most of president trump's immigration ban remains in place. on friday, he issued an executive order temporarily banning all refugees and denying entry for people from these seven countries, all are predominantly muslim. since then, protests and rallies have erupted at airports across the country and here in the bay area. inside the airports, people are being detained and questioned. >> hundreds chanted and cheers as words spread of a stay against trump's executive order. gavin newsom and other lawmakers and several rights activists also showed up at sfo to show their support. they have vowed to make sure everyone was helped and accounted for. >> people are happy to see me and people are pissed because they want me to go in there and get the folks out and there's certain things i can do and certain i can't do. >> we have been heartened during all of this to see hundreds of
6:29 am
protesters come out and make very clear that they stand with their muslim neighbors, they relwoman refugees to their community. >> san francisco mayor ed lee commended the decision. said in part, as the son of chinese immigrants, i am disgusted by the president's executive order to target the muslim community and ban immigrants from entering the united states. our country was built by immigrants in search of religious freedom and a life free of persecution and violence. these actions are a direct betrayal of those american values. >> stay with us. coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay, we'll take you to the kickoff of the lunar new year.
6:30 am
where do babies come from? >> where do you think they come from? >> i think a stork, he drops it down and then a hole goes in your body and there's blood everywhere coming out of your head, and then you push your belly button and your butt falls off, and then you hold your butt and you have to dig to find the little baby. >> that's exactly right. >> leslie mann with a parenting moment we all dread in the 2007 movie "knocked up." mann has starred in some of the most popular comedies of the past 20 years, often teaming up with a writer-director who also happens to be her husband of nearly 20 years, judd apatow. through a series of hit roles, mann has made herself one of the leading faces in hollywood, a
6:31 am
role she never imagined when she first started as a very serious classically trained actress. i caught up with leslie am loin angeles where she was briefly ponderring a new direction for her career. >> i would like to do some kind of, like, action movie. wouldn't that be fun? >> with blood? >> yeah. i feel like that would just feel good to hurt people. >> wow. this got dark fast. hurting people as an action star certainly would be a departure for leslie mann, who spent the last two decades making them laugh in hits like "big daddy." it's not doctor stuff, stupid, it's common sense. >> the 40-year-old virgin," "knocked up." >> okay, bring 'em back. >> and "this is 40." >> you look like a miniature tom
6:32 am
petty. it looks like you put your justin bieber hat on backwards. >> you kind of fell backwards into being a comedic actress? >> yes, i studied at this place called j.w. barron. people take themselves very seriously. i would go in for auditions doing, like, accents with, like, wigs, the whole thing. and i'm so bad with accents, too, just the worst. i remember people kind of giggling, like, when i would do very serious scenes, and it really threw me, and then, you know, i just slowly kind of found my road. >> that road began a bit south of hollywood in newport beach, california, where mann was raised by her single mother, a real estate agent. >> when did you get the idea, i want to be an actress?
6:33 am
>> well, i was very shy as a kid, so acting is my place to, you know, just be open. >> mann's first gigs were in tv commercials. her first movie role was in the raunchy 1991 teen flick "virgin high." but it was a part in the jim r carrey movie, "cable guy" that changed everything for mann personally and professionally. it was during the audition for that part that leslie met her future husband, star writer and director judd apatow. this year the couple celebrates a 20th wedding anniversary. can you confirm the story that's been told now for 20 years that when you walked out of the audition judd turned to the other producers and said, there goes the future mrs. apatow? >> yes. sort of. he was doing rewrites on "the cable guy."
6:34 am
so he was reading jim carrey's part with all the actresses. it kind of makes it sound like he gave me the job when people repeat that story, and i'm always like, that's not the way it went. he was a writer and -- >> he wasn't hiring the actors. >> exactly. that always kind of annoys me, but yes, he did say to ben, there goes the future mrs. apatow. but i think he may have said that about heather locklear and j.lo, too. when i first met him, he used to look at my mouth when he was talking to me, so he would just st stare at my mouth like this. i was like, what are you doing? where are you looking? he's like, i thought i was supposed to look at your mouth to see, like, what you're saying. he was such a weird -- yeah, and now he's like a fully formed man. >> it took you to make that happen. >> it did.
6:35 am
>> mann and apatow's teenage daughters maude and iris have dipped their toes in the family business, too. >> where do babies come from? >> has it been fun to incorporate your kids in this ride? >> be nice to your sister. you guys will cherish each other someday. >> it was judd's idea years ago. he said, what do you think about the girls playing your kids? and i said, i don't know if that's a good idea. he kind of distracted me, like, two weeks before shooting. he's like, so we're going to use the kids and it's going to be great, and i'm like -- it was like i had to go along with it, and then it turned out to be waffle. >> what's it like to have maude off to college? >> don't do that. you'll make me cry. let's change the subject. >> oh, no! mann's latest movie is a dark comedy called "the comedian" in
6:36 am
which she stars alongside some of the biggest names in hollywood. she finds a kin dread spirit in robert deniro's stand-up comedy. >> when you look at my daughter in the way she's looking at you -- >> i'm not looking at him. what are you talking about? i have a whole story -- maybe i shouldn't tell you this story. he plays my father in the movie, he's a marine, and he thought my dad was a marine. he was like, i want to talk to your dad because he's a marine, too. and then i told my mom, and she said, no, he's not a marine, he was a merchant marine for like one summer, and maybe not even a merchant marine, he may have just, like, cleaned the boats for the merchant marines or something, so every time i saw harvey after that, i'm like, i have to tell him, because he
6:37 am
would bring it up every time, your dad, marine. he gave me this special coin, like this marine corps coin that he's had for like 30 years, and i'm, like, feeling so guilty and wanting to tell him -- yeah, i still haven't told him. >> you didn't tell him? >> yeah, i didn't tell him. i'm scared. now he might -- >> now he knows. yeah. and you kept the coin. >> i kept the coin. >> which is good. even as an established star of comedy, mann insists she's ready next for that big action role with the thespian's flare. >> if you wanted to punch it up, you could do it as one of your favorite actors, too. >> wouldn't that be great? it's so good! get ready! i'm coming with my accent. >> thespian action star leslie mann. judd apatow says she's a great
6:38 am
editor of his scripts, making her female character stronger and rounder over the years. i asked him about staring at her mouth in those first dates. leslie mann is in theaters everywhere this friday. and next week, ruby rose, one of the stars of "orange is newt black" and about to earn full household name status with four big movies this year. she got me to drink charcoal. i'll explain next week on "sunday today." indra peterson is back with the weather. have you ever drank charcoal. >> i'm surprised that didn't come from me. >> she also brushes her teeth with car choeharcoal. >> it's good. temperatures have been well above normal out there. just keep in mind as we go to the next several days, as we end january and go into february, we are going to see this pattern
6:39 am
change a little bit. 10, 15 degrees above normal temperatures, and in the middle of the country, we'll start to slide down southeast a good morning. the bay area is waking up to yet another cold day across the area. south bay right now in the 30s. a chilly 38 degrees. the peninsula, 48 degrees. and the tri-valley, 34 degrees. now, we will be warming up as those hours go by. 46 degrees in those clear skies will be adorning the skies of the bay area. north bay right now at 31 degrees. expected high will be in the 50s and lower 60s. >> we didn't actually get your verdict, though. did the charcoal taste good? >> the charcoal drink was good. i'm not one to brush my teeth with charcoal, but she swears it's good. harry smith is cooking with
6:40 am
chris kimball, a master in the kitchen with a new neil lane designs jewelry for hollywood's biggest stars. and at kay jewelers, he designs them for you, too. you know the saying, "they don't make 'em like they used to"" i still do. kay the number-one jewelry store for...
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6:42 am
magazines about cooking. the chef left his test kitchen in 2015, and in something of a bad breakup, he's opening a competing shop at milk street kitchen. kimball is helping americans along as they try to eat healthier and be a little more adventurous in their choices. harry smith put on an apron and visited kimball in his new spot. >> reporter: chris kimball can teach you a few things in his kitchen. he's been the maestro at making the seemingly difficult doable. >> put your hand here and you just move this, and you pivot. >> reporter: but after decades of cooking one way with strict rules and complicated techniques, kimball is changing all that. >> we're trying to rethink how to cook. and by that i mean, most of what we were doing is very french. everything has basically the same texture. so it all sort of melds together. if you look around the world, it's opposite. >> reporter: do you think i'm trainable?
6:43 am
>> this is about giving people recipes that are simple and bold and get them to where they want to be easily and quickly, and give them confidence quickly. here's what it is. take the fear out of cooking. >> reporter: in a spanking new studio in boston, kimball and company have started a new enterprise called milk stream with shows on pbs and on line. and a beautiful new magazine. >> i've been cooking essentially northern european food all this time. that's fine, but if you look around the world, there's so many different ways of not just cooking but thinking about food. milk stream is about let's go around the world and learn from other people and bring it back here and then create something new. >> reporter: so what's for lunch? >> this is a lamb stew. >> reporter: a stew whose origins were african-american or middle eastern. no matter. it was ridiculously delicious
6:44 am
and dare we say, ridiculously easy to make. >> the secret of this stew, you do not saute the meat. >> reporter: kimball was for years the star of "america's test kitchen" and editor of "cook's illustrated." since his departure about a year ago, he and his employer have been in a messy food fight. they sued, claiming kimball ripped off the idea for his new venture, and he's countersued saying their claims are baseless and that he's being defamed. kimball wants nothing more than to keep cooking. >> i feel like i spent a lot of years doing this much, but then there's this other part. i want to do the other part now because i'm a better cook because of it. >> reporter: so milk street is less about technique and more about bigger, bolder flavors. >> put in two cups of cilantro and i'm going, wait a minute, i'm used to about two tablespoons. >> reporter: and at the same time giving us the tools to enjoy ourselves in the kitchen. >> most people can't fix anything this their house
6:45 am
anymore. if they can cook, they feel better about themselves and they're good cooks. >> reporter: kimball know says certain foods, certain aromas trigger certain memories. >> all taste is about smell, right? it gets communicated to the brain. part of what goes into the brain is emotion and memory and sensing flavor all happen at the same place. that's why it's so incredibly powerful. >> reporter: there's also the not so small matter in this hectic world of bringing people together. >> that's why cooking has become such a big deal right now, because it's the one thing you can latch onto that we no longer have and we should not lose. this is a tart harry made. >> this is so good. >> harry smith reporting from the kitchen. next on "sunday today," tom brokaw, eyewitness to half a century of history. tom will walk us through his tom will walk us through his if you want to sell your car carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through
6:46 am
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move along. come join us...during season of the force. now at the disneyland resort. and right now you can save on premium rooms at a disneyland resort hotel. for those of us privileged enough to work at rockefeller center for nbc news, there are daily reminders of the history of the place. from this, today show studio, to one across the street at "saturday night live." but i can tell you there is no bigger thrill for a journalist
6:49 am
here than to share the screen with tom brokaw. for 50 years now, tom has been guiding nbc news and the country through history. this morning he takes a look back. >> in 50 years as an nbc news correspondent, i reported on some of the most momentous events of our time. >> the soviet union as we've known it for most of the 20th century is breaking up now. >> reporter: gorbachev who took over the country and realized it had to change to survive. he promoted a new economy, and glasnost, a new openness. he even gave me an exclusive prime time interview in 1987. i confronted him about a cold war flashpoint. there is no uglier symbol in the world of the division of the east and west other than the berlin wall. why don't you use your considerable influence with the east germans just to have them
6:50 am
take it down? as the interview continued, the tone changed. >> we regard as a very important phase in our relations. >> by late 1989, the soviet empire began to collapse in positi poland, czechoslovakia, romania. in november 1989, the final piece. east germany, the berlin wall. i was there reporting on unrest, not knowing the wall would come down. nbc news would have a worldwide exclusive. good evening, live from the berlin wall on the most extraordinary night in this wall's history. the first time since the wall was was ie erected in 1961, people will be able to move freely. people ask me, what was the biggest story of all time? i was on air not knowing what
6:51 am
was going to happen in the next nanosecond. when the second tower went down i looked in the camera and said, the magnitude of this will go on for some time. this is a national tragedy. we are at war. this country has suffered a devastating attack. as this tragedy of epic proportions played out in new york, washington and shanksville, pennsylvania, i was drawn to the families, their grief, bewilderment, their loss. for me it was the story of mrs. francis swift. >> who are you looking for? >> my son, thomas swift. >> she said, has anybody seen tommy swift? she was holding this sign. and i remember thinking, that's the emblematic mother. that's the mother of all of us. america has been attacked, and it has been changed. this is the first great test of
6:52 am
the new century for this nation. >> i will never forget tom's voice on that morning of september 11. you can see much more on tom's career tonight in a two-hour nbc special, "tom brokaw at nbc news: the first 50 years" at 9:00 p.m. central. tom will be joined by tom hanks, among others. this week we highlight another life lived. ♪ you're going to make it after all ♪ >> what seems routine today was revolutionary in 1970 when mary tyler moore introduced a character who was a single working woman in a man's business, fighting for equal pay and open about her sexual independence. moore's cultural impact can be measured in the tributes she received this week from the women she inspired, like oprah
6:53 am
winfrey who said of her hero, she was a symbol of what couldn't be done. tina fey said she developed her show "30 rock" by watching episodes of "mary tyler moore." and our own andrea mitchell of nbc news said moore influenced her career more than any other tv model. moore won seven emmys for her tv work. she was nominated for a best oscar in her film "ordinary people." she was the face of the juvenile diabetes research foundation. she had lived with diabetes since her diagnosis in 1970. mary tyler moore, a cultural icon whose influence reached through the television screen and around the world, died this week in connecticut. she was 80 years old. >> it does seem that you've been asking a lot of very personal questions that don't have a thing to do with my qualifications for this job. >> you know what? you've got spunk.
6:54 am
>> well, yes. >> i hate neil lane designs jewelry for hollywood's biggest stars. and at kay jewelers, he designs them for you, too. you know the saying, "they don't make 'em like they used to"" i still do. kay the number-one jewelry store for... (with love and joy) yes. ♪ every kiss begins with kay. guys, if you're looking for the perfect ring at the perfect price... ...come to kay today... ...where you'll save 20% off all engagement and wedding rings. the time is now. the place is kay. the number-one jewelry store for... yes! ♪ cottonelle asked real people their what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much."
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indra is back as we close this morning with some predictions for the week ahead. the super bowl between the patriots and falcons is next sunday, so that means tonight we get the pro bowl, cnn's all-star game in a low stakes, intensity free game of, let's just not get anybody hurt out here. we predict more hits in your madden game than the pro bowl. who are you going for, indra? >> i got it --
6:58 am
>> nfc. >> nfc. thursday is groundhog day where they look to see if the groundhog sees his own shadow to predict the rest of the season. what's the thing, shadow is more winter, less? >> we get six more weeks of winter. what's the point? donald trump has announced his choice to fill the supreme court justice seat of anthony scalia. there are several candidates in the running for that seat but they're all in second place. president trump's pick, you guessed it, justice gary busey who requested to be in a big red chair so he can turn around and hit a button when asked. justice busey. thank you, indra. thank you for spending part of your morning with us.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. your time now is 7:00. we'll give you a live look outside from our camera on communications hill. absolutely gorgeous. clear skies. we were looking at some pinks in the sky there, as the sun rises. good morning. it's sunday, january 29th. thank you so much for waking up with us. we're going to get a check of the microclimate forecast. it's very cold. that's because it's clear. no cloud cover. >> exactly. >> maybe a warmup? >> we are, we're going to be warmer than yesterday. so if you enjoyed yesterday, you're going to enjoy today even more. if you like the warmer temps. we're catching a nice break from the winter temps, but we are waking up still to those 30s. if you're getting ready to head out, please make sure to bring a nice


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