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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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back on the "travel ban" for a third straight day. back again and ready to push back on the travel ban for a third straight date. protests are going to flood san franscisco all over the country. >> trump responds putting out a statement against compassion. >> no more waiting after years of delay the trial starts for man accused. today in the bay starts right now. good monday morning. >> we will find good in monday
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morning. forecast good morning. >> the weather is all good. we're going to be a beautiful day. lots of sunshine. we do start out with chilly temperatures. take a look at the tri-valley some upper 40s but look at the highs today. 64 in san franscisco. we will talk how long this continue and next chance of rain coming up. as we head over to mike a bolder on road. >> that's what we heard. this is south bay. the only thing i have. i will check on that. we do have this a tree reported
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east on 42. we'll get more detail on exactly what happened. we have trains on time. no delays. back to you. >> there's that tree that's blocking lane of highway 24. the tree is currently blocking two eastbound lanes. it crashed through a power line. motorcycles hit the tree no one was injured. both suspects involved in deadly rampage are in custody. that attack happened last night during evening prayers at the mosque. six killed, and eight injured.
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leaders called the shooting "an act of terror." this is said to be first ever mass shooting targeting house of worship in america. chaos continue. today another day of action is planned over president trump's travel ban. entering that country. last night protests filled up sfo making their voices heard. all five passengers detained have since been release. hundreds of protesters stood in -- >> to see if somebody going to be detained or not. so probably to be reasonable we need to make sure that they have
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had enough time to clear customs. >> one flight from turkish airline had passengers cleared. crowd started to thin out more protests are expected this morning. >> they took over airport across the country, president issued a response. >> freezing part of the executive order. loren has the details. >> reporter: public reaction because of stories like this. >> i have a daughter stuck with four children that cannot get here. >> the protection of the nation. >> reporter: executive order impose 90-day ban. all of them majority muslims.
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>> the countries chosen to protect americans from terrorists were the country that have been identify by congress and the obama administration. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. >> reporter: late last night the new head of homeland security tried to clear up confusion in the executive order on green card orders insisting they will not be blocked returning to the u.s. >> i think we need to be careful. we don't have religious in this country. >> deportation of those granted permission to be in the country. edward lawrence nbc news, washington. >> we will continue to follow
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this. happening today today is the trial for the man accused of murdering lamar is expected to begin. >> where only a few hours court proceedings are expected to start of the it's been a long time coming. good morning. >> good morning to you, it feels like a long time for those covering it. sierra he mar disappeared fiefr years ago this is the first step towards getting some of the answers. her suspected killer has been in court several times since 2012. sources to be close to the case telling nbc news bay area there
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will be no delays. >> this jury is going to hear damaging evidence against mr. garcia tor res. hang on to as this case moving forward. >> reporter: district attorney will try to prove with dna that he killed 16-year-old lamar. the trial begins at 9:00 this morning. we'll have continuing coverage. >> thank you, very much. 4:37 right now. sunshine for monday morning. we have to get through the cold star, carry. >> we have temperatures in the mid 30s in the tri-valley.
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chance of rain coming up. a live look in the toll plaza. so far reports are clear for this one. thank you. putting principles aheard of business. lyft responds to the travel ban at the same time putting uber directly under the spotlight. ♪
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good monday morning. it's 4:40. all clear skis and chilly temperatures. at lunchtime 58 degrees. high today 60s. i'm tracking some midweek rain. coming up at 4:46. at the bay bridge we have back up there's a toll tickets not open. we'll check up on that. 4:41. banning immigrants from countries. >> lyft is in opposition to the
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order. lyft says banning people of particular faith runs opposite to the company's core value. there's a huge online backlash against the uber. u ber ceo is facing criticism. when they went on to protest immigration policy. #delete uber. fold that advice. for those who work for uber hope to think twice. trump's executive order could impact drivers who may nobody the able to get back into the country. all right a big week ahead. super bowl coming up. a grab bag if you will how much
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visit today.
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. a driver is in custody aftealle right now we're following breaking news this morning. this is live look in santa clara a driver in custody after ramming deputy vehicle in the south bay. here look at police presence. you see half dozen police cars following the pursue. it started 4:00 this morning
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when deputy chased a car. the driver led them on the lawrence express way. again, this all started at 4:00 this morning. we're trying to learn started the pursuit. we'll have more information. >> 4:46. i here we'll going to have sunny -- >> it's so nice not to have to worry about rain. there's rain in the forecast ahead. >> it was 70 and sunny. >> i can see where we had the mud slide and the trees. that's still an issue. we'll be watching that once again as we head through the week. with return of rain. right now live look at san jose.
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it's 38 degrees. high today of 67. warming with sunshine. still warm and dry. through the rest of the week weal see return of wet weather. 43 oak lands and san francisco. as you take the kids to the bus stop it will be 30s, 40s. later on today high in the 640s. up to 66 in east san jose. in east bay, 62. in the peninsula 64 san franscisco. ne evade do up to 61 degrees. we see a large slop of clouds. here center of the storm.
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low pressure system. we'll have couple of days of rain starting on wednesday continuing to thursday and friday ask wrapping up before we -- looking at the possibility of 1 to 3 inches of rain. for the santa cruz there maybe another 2 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. what else to skpekt as we go through the rest of the forecast. nice warm today and tomorrow. san franscisco up to 64. this weekend is nice and mild. no bolder on the freeway now. >> that's correct there's no bolder. that's good news.
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peninsula no problems getting over the water. east on 24 still slow. we showed video two lanes. we don't have much of a commute. that's oakland in toward or ren da area. live shot at bay ridge toll plaza itself. two of them being used. a couple on the other side too. one or two are closed there. no delays on travel time. back to you. >> thank you, very much. from mass transit to mass flying. delta back in the air after being grounded for most of the day. cbs world headquarters. good morning.
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>> good morning to you both. wall street begin in the red. above 20,000 for the first time. the dow and s&p snapping two week losing streak. apple and facebook plus job reports on fell 20 points. meantime delta airline is experiencing more dedelays and cancellation. the airline is canceling 80 flights today. delta said it system failed and it took until eastern time to restore services back to normal. united was suspend for hours. >> $2 million in em ploe --
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google largest fund ever. ceo objected to travel ban. protests in san franscisco. back over to you. >> thank you, very much. >> i can't help to notice you're wearing falcon's ready. >> the week is early. some call super bowl sunday unofficial national holiday. retail survey finds more than half going to do something somewhere other than their own home as a result fewer new tvs are being purchased this year. federation game average about $75 per percent. >> on food and decorations as well apair relevant.
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>> going rate is $5 million for 30 seconds of air time during the super bowl. there's some bang for the buck at least one-third plan to watch the super bowl. evan musking is developing solution to traffic road. a theory suggest he maybe serious. matter of weeks and months. the tunnel will connect lax. musk buygrapher says salk should be taken seriously. >> dismiss is as completely nuts. he has a track record of making sop of these insane ideas come
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true. >> nbc show will dig deeper in the story. the count down for the oscars going on. sag awards took center stage last night. we're keeping close eye in washington, d.c. across the country this morning. president trump's controversial executive order following the. deadly shooting at mosque in canada. suspects are in custody. we have latest. back in two minutes with more news. san francisco health leaders are
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reportedly making strides in developing a new "rig to diepol.
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==vo== san franscisco house leaders are making strides in developing policy of their own. the city pub health department working to establish policy for patients and doctors wishing to opt into new program. allowing doctors to prescribe live ending medication. another boycott inspired by donald trump will not attend academy awards because of the travel ban. he directed movie for best foreign language this year, even if he was grand he will not attend for what he sees executive action. >> good evening. members and
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everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> this story is of ununity, this story is about what happened when we put our difference aside and come together as a human race. we win. >> hollywood actors showing their might, when it comes to social justices. the stars took opportunity to blast the president's immigration order. several other winners following suit there. >> here other top awards. best actor denzel washington. emma stone. tv orange is the new black took home honors.
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>> 4:57. a nice day acouple more days of dry warm weather before the storm systems moves in. expect this if you're paying cash, back up at bay bridge. we'll talk about what's different on your monday and how to get around it. plus expect more protests in the bay area and across the country. what protesters plan to do for third day in a row. ♪
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most protests expected over president trump's travel ban. impact it will have. taking a stand on capitol hill as this issue is moving across the country. the local lawmakers coming together in response to president trump's travel ban. >> deadly attack terrorism. today in the bay starts now. good monday morning to you. i'm lara. >> monday is tough day to get things started. but, i'm bring a little carry ti


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